4.Aranya  Kandam

(The book  of forest)


 (Rama and Lakshmana and Sita    as per the advice  of Sage Agasthya  decide to shift to Panchavati.  There    they met an Asura called Viradha, whom the brothers kill.  While they were staying   there   Soorpanakha    the sister of Ravana   is attracted by Rama , who refuses her. When Soorpanakha   tries to carry away Sita  , Lakshmana cuts off her nose , ears   and breasts. Her Cousin Khara comes with a huge army to fight   with Rama. Rama alone kills Khara and his huge army.  Soorpanakha goes   and tells Ravana that  Sita was extremely pretty and when she was trying to bring her to Lanka, Lakshmana  ,

Cuts her nose and ears. Ravana falls in love with Sita.  He makes Mareecha his  uncle  to become a golden deer and tempt   Sita. When Sita wants the golden deer to play  , Rama goes behind it  . The deer dies but calls  Lakshmana for help. Sita compels  Lakshmana  to go to the help of Rama.  Ravana coming in the garb of a sage  kidnaps her. Jatayu , who tries to prevent  it is killed.  Rama and Ravana go in search of Sita. On the way a Rakshasi called  Ayomukhi kidnaps Lakshmana    who disfigures her   and escapes. Later they meet with a Rakshasa    called Kabandha  . On killing him Kabandha  gets rid of his curse and  advises  Rama to  seek help of Sugreeva the monkey who is the  son of Sun God and also meet a  sage called Sabari  .Rama meets Sabari and gives her salvation.)


Kadavul Vaazzthu

Prayer to God


2516.Would I with my  little   wisdom understand   that primeval God,

Who  could not be understood by the  four Vedas , which,

Never  altered from its high view point  , which   did  not,

Differ from the various forms originating from it  and which gives ,

An understanding of the true feeling  when it is read several times,

And by  the Brahmins  learned those Vedas  , by Brahma   and other devas.


1.Viradhan Vadhai padalam

The chapter on killing of Viradha.


    (Rama  and Lakshmana meet sage Athri and his   wife Anasooya and then enter the Dandaka   forest. There they are attacked by an ignorant  Asura called   Viradha. Viradha informs them    that he cannot be killed and takes Sita away. Rama   and Lakshmana attack Viradha, cut his hands off and   bury him deep   in to the earth. Viradha assumes his Gandharwa form amd praises Rama and goes to heavens

  In Valmiki Ramayana Viradha   tells Rama and Lakshmana    to go and meet sage  Sarabhanga)


2517. Those lads who carried those pretty   bent bows along with Sita,

Who had teeth  which resembled  the arrangement of collected pearls  ,

Reached   the hermitage of a great saint Called Athri   which  was,

Having  dense gardens full of    trees   with leaves   as well   fruits.


2518.Those Rama and Lakshmana  who were like  small eyed   elephants,

Who were carrying the burden of earth on all directions  and ,

Were having  big   pretty tusks, after   entering the hermitage  ,

Saluted   that sage of great penance  who had completely ,

Got rid of passion , anger  and illusion   and that saint with joy told them.


2519.That sage who became   as happy as if his relatives have come  ,

Said, with a melting mind “Sons of Dasaratha  , is it easy for  people like  us to see  you,

Who have come and visited us? It  is like   all the worlds   and ,

All the devas    have  paid a visit  . It looks like   we have ,

Done more  penance    than everybody  in the world.”


2520.After   spending that day with that great saint , as per the order  ,

Of his wife Anasuya  who was a  lady of great virtue  , who presented,

Pretty ornaments   and great dresses    to the daughter of Janaka,

They  left that place   and entered   the great  Dandaka forest.


2521- 2532. Carrying  in his  powerful trident  the bodies of sixteen elephants,

Thirty two lions   and  sixteen   Yalis which had cruel round eyes,

Which were living in the forest  which were   densely placed ,

By his one powerful hand , Viradha    who had  red lustrous curly hair,

Looked like a  mountain of poison  walked  speedily  on the floor   inside   that forest,

Driving  the clouds  away  like cotton    by the movement of his  legs ,

With fire sparks coming out of his eye like the  twitching of wounds,

Making   the sky with clouds shiver  , making the mountains shiver  ,

Making the sun who saw him loose    his  luster  ,

Making the earth surrounded by water    tremble  ,

Making the very strong God   of death  depressed in mind,

With  fire sparks    entering    the ears of great lions,

With  the gem studded top of Meru mountain  becoming cold  ,

With the coating of blood  from those fallen warriors who came against him,

Making him look like a reddish sky   ,

Wearing  several type of  garlands   which wave on his   broad shoulders made of,

Well armed men , huge   elephants in rut  , chariots  ,

Tigers whose job seemed to be killing   people  ,

And all other things that    reached near him,

Who after    putting     large number of elephants in rut,

Stacked   them one  over  another  by using his huge hands 

In his cave like mouth   and munching   them,

Who in spite of eating them was   looking hungry and searching food,

Whose  chest was decorated  by garland of pythons with sound  on which,

The gems  from great serpents like Vasuki   were taken out and studded,

And the nine planets    of the sky  and the planes   used by the devas,

Were hung  here  and there ,  Who had red hairs  like  the broad  red sky,

Who had  shoulder rings made  of  the huge decorative shield  hung  ,

On  the   huge tusks   of the huge Airavatha elephant of   king Indra,

 With the dark black colour shining on him, the great cruelty  which rises,

Rising up  , with the   great sin that      does   very great harm,

And looking like the kali age   which is a mixture of fire and poison  ,

And which is drowned in dark  night  , with the hides  of  very powerful,

Cruel and huge tigers    rolling  on his   very huge chest as upper cloth ,

With hides of  many elephants tied around his    hips,

With a  shining  belt   of a huge   python   which has gems  ,

From those  eight guardians  which stand around the world  ,

With huge armlets   made from the red eyed   long   serpents,

As well as  invaluable gems  worn round   his    cruel arms,

With   the  chalanchala conches which were produced  with difficulty by other  conches,

Decorating his conch bangles  with his     legs  pushing  ,

The silver mountain and the golden mountain  like balls  ,

Was walking  and walking  around the mountain path,

And though he was living  on earth  , he was,

Living in the   minds   as well as the eyes of devas.


2533. He had a  new form like a single great element made by all  the five elements together,

He had a voice like thunder   and had   the power   of  exactly twenty five thousand  ,

Elephants  in rut   , created   by Lord   Brahma with great  love.


2534, That  Viradha who had very scary eyes and had the job like very cruel thunder,

Was uprooting many trees and powdering many mountains by his speedy walk,

And came and stood  before Rama and Lakshmana  ,

Who had bows which had very huge size   but had not participated  in any war.


2535.Opening the big cave like mouth   with the long white teeth

Huge protruding teeth    which had eaten flesh he shouted,

“Stop, stop”  and immediately  lifted Sita   who was  like a swan,

Sitting on an open lotus flower ,by his hands  and proceeded on the sky.


2536-2537.Those lads who were like young bulls   got very angry  ,

And holding the cruel bow which they had  hung on their shoulders,

And the lustrous arrows in their right hand   , followed that Virada .

And told him, “Hey silly one , this is  cheating  , turn ,

Where are you going? And then that   Rakshasa said,

“By the boon given by Brahma to me , I cannot die,

Even if I do not have any weapon   and even if  ,

I am opposed  by  people   of all the world .

Silly ones , I have given your  souls as charity  to you,

And so leave this girl with  and proceed.”


2538-2540. Rama smiled  like   the silvery moon light   understanding,

That Virada did  not know war fare  and that his  strength  ,

And joy would soon get faded and when he twanged  his bow,

And that Rama who had the blue colour of rich cloud  ,

Who held a very sharp spear  ,twanged  the long string his bow   so that,

The earth surrounded by water of the sea with tides  and mountains,

,The king heavens and the land of the serpents  trembled and echoed

As if hit by a great thunder  and then that Viradha  leaving Sita,

Who was  shouting like a  suffering  caged macaw

Caught   by a cruel cheating huge   cat  and stood depressed,

And after thinking  , came and stood with great anger in front of  Rama .


2541-2553 .When he  threw  the trident   which had a tip  which was,

Dipped  willingly in the blood of his enemies for the sake of quenching,

The thirst of ghosts,  Which was very heavy and which  had   the form,

Of the burning mare   which  had the  fire   which wanted   to drink ,

The water  of the ocean  of the northern side  with  its  face and mouth,

And while it was   coming like a lustrous poison   shaking  ,

The eight directions, the devas   who were  protecting those directions,

The eight elephants  in those eight directions   and the world ,

Rama  from his bow   which was    stronger than   the faultless ,

Seven mountains like Meru,  sent an arrow   at him, thinking,

That   this crown of Rakshasas would be  destroyed today  ,

And cut  in to two that  trident   which had   the luster,

Of   big   stars  with great luster  falling from the empty sky  in day time  ,

And threw it  to the end of the direction   and then that giant  ,

Seeing that his    cruel trident was cut  in to   two pieces ,

Without getting any tiresomeness   in the war  ,

Assuming valorous  behavior  , using his   huge hands,

Which could destroy the heaven  ,  then  he started  picking ,

Up huge mountains one  by one  and throwing them at Rama,

And due to  Rama sending huge lustrous   arrows ,

Breaking those  lustrous   mountains thrown at him by Viradha,

And then they broke    the  mountains  and   went with great speed .

And hit all over  the body of Viradha   and when   all the parts ,

Of the body thus    hit became wounded , and then he uprooted  ,

A huge maramara  and was rushing to beat Rama  . who is the form of “Om”.

Who had the name     which could  be understood by only great learned elders ,

Who had left his bed of Adhi Sesha   and took an incarnation in  this earth,

To establish Dharma  , That Rama whose culture  increased   by days,

Using four arrows  and cut in to  many pieces  those Maramaras ,

Which were coming  against  him   and then he shot twelve ,

Cruel  arrows with   great  speed and when he hit his chest ,

Then  when that giant like a boar  troubled   with very many  arrows,

On  his body which is dejected   and trying   to get them out,

Shook   his body  , Rama sent on him more    fire like arrows,

 And  without hitting anywhere   else   when all those arrows,

Pierced  on his body, that giant  who was greatly cruel but without wisdom,,

Looked like a mountain with several streams   and like this,

When he lost his    strength   and   wisdom,

Those Rama and Lakshmana who had    great shoulders ,

Which helped them    fight   without getting tired ,

And knowing well that   this Viradha who had  got the boon of no destruction,

By  hitting him with arrows  , with great anger  took their swords  ,

And with the  thought that   they would    cut off his arms    with that  ,

And when the climbed on his   broad shoulders, that giant Viradha,

He who had fallen on the earth with    great flow of blood  and lost his senses,

Again got  up , regained his sensations  and lfted Rama and Lakshmana,

With his shoulders which were   like Dhandayudha  hugged them ,

And rose up  and walked with ten more times  more vigour   than earlier,

 And  with that Rama and Lakshmana who were shining   like sun and  moon,

Which go round the   Meru mountain  hit him on the top of the sky with force ,

And when he  was rotating like a top, , he who was having   ,

On his shoulders    Rama and Lakshmana   and was  walking,

Touching the sky  looked like Garuda the personification of  Dharma,

And the great king , flying round carrying Krishna and Balarama. 


2554.Then Sita who was born in a great clan   seeing   that  the  very merciful,

Rama was being  put under his strength    and being carried  by that cheat

Was greatly disturbed and faded and was like a  female swan,

Which saw her mate   being imprisoned and being carried out by others.

Fell   on the dust   with   her hair  like a flowering branch.


2555.Again  Sita not getting help from any where  and no one to console her,

Followed Viradha with her   streak of lightning like waist   getting tired,

Telling him that  “Please leave those  followers of Dharma , who love  ,

Others like mother    , and   take  and eat me  “ and fell before him.


2356.Seeing her   with  a stammering mouth crying   , becoming extremely sad,

And understanding the sorrowful state of her who was like   a picture  ,

Lakshmana   , after saluting Rama   and asked him  , “should you watch  ,

The Goddess,  sorrowing and keep quite playfully .It is not proper?”   and ,

Rama who created   the world after   final deluge replied.


2557-2561.”Oh matchless  one,  I thought it is better   to sweetly cross   this forest  ,

In comfort riding   on this person’s shoulders  though it is  not at all,

Difficult   to kill him “ . Saying this   in jest , Rama  ,

Kicked that   Giant by his leg wearing heroic anklet,

And  Rama and Lakshmana  , who had   huge shoulders , getting very angry,

With a sharp sword   cut   both the shoulders   of that giant  ,

And like  Rahu   the serpent planet   neared  the shining sun and moon   ,

And both of them saw   that in spite of  the large amount of blood  that flowed from his body ,

That there  was no    change in him    and still he was going   along  ,

That Rama  who was great in thought   said ,” Oh brother ,

I think except   burying him swiftly in the earth  ,

There seems to be no alternative” and that pure   Rama  with his reddish feet  ,

Which  has eaten   the sweet smelling   pure ghee  poured  in the pit made   by a plough,

Made of Athi wood  and which   fulfills    the desires    of all the devotees  ,

Kicked and made   that  Asura   fall on earth  and  then,

Buried him   in a pit made by Lakshmana, near the  west flowing river,

And that giant realizing that    he has   been buried deep in the earth,

Remembered the earlier curse  of Khubera   which turned  him,

In to a cruel Asura  , And after  getting  out of the   cruel hateful body,

Like Lord Brahma    , the primeval god coming out of   the egg called HIranya Garbha,

Appeared   before them    in his    former form of  a Gandharwa.


 2562.Having got imprisoned by the net of five senses   , with the soul  ,

Wandering   in the  materialistic view outside    But by his   remembering,

That he was involved earlier   in holy acts   which  were  beyond thought,

And also due to his having great devotion  leading him to unification with God earlier,

He  started   praying Rama   due to the help of the realized   true wisdom.


2563.”If these are your holy feet   that is spread    in all the worlds chanting Vedas  ,

How would your other parts of body other than the  feet look like?

Apart from  living in the sea with water  , if you are   also ,

Living   in all the contradictory beings that pervade  ,

How are   they   able to bear   you within them?”


2564,”When the very angry   crocodile   caught   hold   of  the legs,

Of the elephant   and when that elephant lifting its trunks  upward,

And getting exhausted   shouted  making all directions hear him,

“Oh great God who lives in all beings , oh great god”,

Are you not the one  who asked  him “Why?”   and removed his sorrow.


2565.”Oh lord  with lotus like eyes having    sight of grace  without any bias,

For protecting Dharma  , you are spread inside   and outside  of everything  ,

Though there   is no one to help you   in  your divine   endeavor.

And are you the only  one to rotate  like a fan for doing this duty?”


2566,”Oh Lord who is well involved   with joy  in the sports  that are called birth and death,

  Even if the  wise ones who have  cut off all attachments, by chance are born in this world,

Would they forget their nature   and if it is  not possible   would they take birth,

And  even for those  , the great luck they get    is some thing very   rare.”


2567.When all the people of all other   religion  say that   their God,

Is the only  one  who is a     boat that helps one cross the fearsome  sea of birth,

Because  you are the form of that matchless   form of    real truth,

What would those Gods who  come from now onwards   try to do?


2568.”Oh Rama    who is the matchless   form of Dharma   to  the,

Lord Brahma    who is sitting on that restless     lotus flower,

To the devas who do not have death   and   to all the beings,

Who are not the devas , you are the primeval  ,   father and ,

You are   also their mother   who gave them birth   as per law.


2569.”You are the primeval God   and all the worlds belong to you   ,

And  even   other religions   who are not able to think and understand you  ,

Attain you and no one else  and in spite   of that  ,

Why are you hiding like a cheat , Why are  appealing publicly?,

And is there   any necessity   for  this great sport of illusion of yours?”


2570.”Oh God who can appear before your devotees as one who is weak,

There is no calf that   cannot recognize its mother   and so also  there is no cow,

That cannot recognize  its calf   and since you are  mother  of all,

You know about every being  and those   beings are  not able  ,

To recognize you and I am not able to understand this wheel of illusion?


2571.The people of the world for praying   would consider very many Gods,

And  thinking that   there is a God superior to you  is not the nature of very wise people,

Is it not true that  the  Brahmins   who originate    from Lord Brahma  ,

Who rides  on a   swan  think of you as greatest God and no one else?”

Would this not be thought out by people following  many religions?


2572.”Oh Lord who has a chest lived by Goddess  Lakshmi  ,

Those Gods   specially mentioned   by  the matchless  other religions  ,

Are  like  the ignorant people    who think about bad and good action,

And perform matchless  penance? Where is the need  of penance for you?

Oh Lord who does not sleep and is always awake,

You are   always sleeping as if there  is no other work for you.”


2573. “You bore   the  lady earth    as  the  serpent called Adhisesha ,

You have lifted her using your teeth as   a wild boar  ,

At the time of deluge   you swallowed the same world by your mouth,

You measured and hid her by one step, Would not Goddess Lakshmi  ,

Who stays in your chest wearing  perfumed  garland of Thulasi .

Get very much angry with you , if she  knows about it?”


2574.”Oh Lord , would it not be possible     for the beings that  you created,

To know about this truth   and can they not get   salvation?

If they do   what problems   would you  face by that?

Due to the alms given to  Lord Shiva    who is armed with an axe ,

There are devas  and men whose doubt as  to who is the greatest truth has been removed?”


2575.Oh Rama   who is a boar  unearthed the earth by your horn,

Taking  the shape of a swan , you taught   Vedas  to Lord Brahma,

Who taught you that Vedas before? Were they all dead at that time?

If those which separated from a thing  , join together   to form  ,

That same thing, does it mean they are    the same thing  or,

Does it mean they have not come by division,

I am not able    to understand   this  illusion.”


2576.Oh Lord Who cannot be compared   with any other thing,

Due to your leaving  the place you normally stay on the milk ocean,

And   appeared before me due to the great penance  I did  ,

I have  left the sea of the  inferior form of mine and I will not be born again,

And you have removed all my good and  bad fate  by your ,

Red feet    which is of the    colour   of the coral gem.

2577.When   he stopped after   telling all these  words ,

Rama told him “Please tell me the   story  about,

Your taking the   form of Asura” and he ,

Who had achieved victory   started   telling.


2578.”Long  live , Oh Rama  , who has the divine feet granting eternal wisdom,

So this life filled with stealing   and deceiving   goes away and

Who is very charitable  , Please hear” and then,

He started   telling  Rama   about his story.


2579.Oh valorous one who holds a cruel bow  in his hand  ,

I was  born in this world   and later became an Asura ,

My name was Dumburu   and I was  ,

A subject   of  Khubera  in the   heavens.”


2580.Due to  the criminal  passion  which  came to me,

To hide my wisdom  , he cursed me  to become an Asura   ,

Without any mercy and I was born in an Asura clan.


2581.When I got the curse  , I asked him,

When will I get   freedom from this curse ,

And the   very great thinker  Khubera told,

That, “ it will go when your feet touches me.”


2582.”Oh primeval one   from that   time,

Till today  , as I had no wisdom , I did not ,

Differentiate between good and bad ,

And by eating all beings  I accumulated bad fate.


2583.”It was the good Karma that is within me   that made me,

To stand before you with liking to do it   and when  your ,

Pretty feet that wears  Vedas  touched me  ,

I got rid   of the curse  and became my former self.


2584. He said “Oh Lord who keeps himself alive even  at deluge,

Please pardon this fool   who came  as per my karma

And did lot of harmful acts    to you    and

Viradha   assumed  his Gandharwa form and went to heaven.


2585After knowing that  Viradha  ,

Who was loved  by the devas   left his soul,

Rama and Lakshmana went along with the flower decorated  lady  ,

Away from that     horrible place.


2586.They who were   holding spears.,

Which were like God   of death  .

Went to the garden where   sages,

Who were  personification of Vedas lived,

And the   lord  of the day also went to his home.


2.Sarabangan  pirappu neengu padalam

(The chapter  on death of  Sarabanga)


( Rama   then goes to meet Sarabanga. At that time Indra had come to take Sarabanga to the   land of Brahma. The sage refused as he   only wanted to attain salvation by merging with God.  Rama enters there at that time. Indra prays to Rama  .Sarabhanga and his wife enter the fire     and get salvation.

   In Valmiki Ramayana , Sarabanga did not want to go to Brahmaloka  because he wants to meet Rama.  After meeting Rama he directs    him to the hermitage  of Sutheeshna   and attains salvation. There is no mention of Sarabanga ‘s wife in Valmiki Ramayana  )


2587.Along with Sita who was like a flowering branch  of Kurava  flowers ,

And Folded  Kongu buds , they reached   the place   where  ,

Sage Sarabhanga was doing penance  in the  forest  ,

With a smell of honey   from  the well grown maramara  plants

And reached that  place   when the night    was about to fall.


2588.When  those two holding a red spear   walked that way ,

And reached   that place ,  Indra with thousand eyes  ,

Which were looking like a fully open flowers   even  at that night time,

Reached   that hermitage    in that forest.


2589.That Indra   was greatly   lustrous   like   the combination,

Of  the light radiating from the  ornaments   of  Deva maidens,

Who walked  like swan   and  the spread  of the streaks of lightning.


2590.Indra was one  whose eyes   which were  like bees   enjoyed ,

The prettiness    of   the  flower like eyes   of  peacock like  deva maidens,

And whose ears   enjoyed   the  honey like   music,

Which flowed from the   Veena of Narada   called   the Mahathi.


2591.He had the fame of performing  one hundred  Aswamedha,

Sacrifices  as per the rules   given in the scriptures ,

And one who wears the golden heroic anklets  which is  saluted,

By all the devas   except Lord Vishnu, Shiva   and Lord Brahma.


2592.That  Indra   with his wife who was like Goddess  Lakshmi,

Sitting on a red lotus  rode  on the white  tall  elephant Iravatha ,

 Who  creates scare  and has great   rut flow  from three   different spots  ,

And is similar   to Lord Shiva  who sits on the great mountain spread  like silver.


2593.That Indra   had the white Royal  umbrella   which appeared,

To be the huge   lustrous heaven  taking the shape  of an umbrella  ,

And made the moon  whose cool   rays  spread  and shine everywhere, shy and ,

Loose its luster  feeling  that,  there was no need of him any  more?


2594. That Indra who   was near     to  the huge elephants  in eight directions,

Which   had the clear   gum of rut    and who   in very many close battles,

 Defeated   the  Asuras   who have lost their   speed  and determination

  And had  obtained and  great  fame   and had the white  chowries looking up.


2595. That Indra who was   similar to Goddess  Lakshmi, who lives,

In the  very famous   chest of Lord Vishnu  who holds the  holy wheel,

Who is an expert in war, and who  is having a very lustrous crown ,

Which gives   a place to stay   of  the sun god  travelling,

On a chariot with one   wheel   and has  red coloured rays.


2596.Indra was one who wore  armlets which shine  like  the,

White teeth of  cool smile of   Goddess  Vijayalakshmi  .

And  who had   greatly  lustrous   shirt    which  shines,

Like the red Manikhya  gems   which   shine  by its rays.


2597.Indra  who shines   like a rainbow    which shines  like  ,

Luster   of several thousand    very good quality Manikhya gems  ,

And the luster   emanating    from the collection of old ornaments ,

Which  all join together   and rises  up together.


2598. Indra   was  the one  with a sword   which  were like the,

Eyes of Deva maidens  , which had  fought with fishes   and became  victorious,

And  had  a   flower  garland which had  the  divine  scent of honey  ,

Which did   not have any  match in the entire  world.


2599.Indra has the weapon called  Vajrayudha   which has  a small tip,

Similar to the end of paddy   and which  could not   be destroyed,

By Ravana   who was wearing  gem garlands   which shine,

Like the very    lustrous  sun ,  when it was thrown at   him for gaining  victory.


  2600.Indra went and stood before  Sarabhanga’s hermitage   and there,

He was received by the sage of great penance  and taken inside,

And did all that  was necessary to be done to a guest and asked,

“Why have you come here?” and  that Indra   ,

Who was wearing the non spilt golden anklets    spoke as follows.


2601.”Oh sage of great penance who has a golden colour matted  hair,

Realizing that  the  great penance done   by you is greatly rare  ,

Lord Brahma has summoned you to go to his   world ,

And so please  depart so that you can go to that land.”


2602.”Oh sage   who is like my father   , that Lord Brahma  ,

Who  has created all the living beings of the world  ,

Has given you the   great chance of living in his   land,

And that land has been attained only by the penance which cannot be destroyed,

And if you come   there. Lord Brahma   would receive you.”


2603,”You are greatly old and know    that , the Sathya loka  ,

The land of Brahma is better than all  other worlds ,

Even  without   my telling you and so  please .

Come there with your wife  “ and when Indra told like this,

The great sage  said, “I cannot    agree   for that.”


2604.”oh lord whose fame cannot be   described properly by words ,

Would I attain  the positions  which  are not stable   due to,

The temporary karma ?I do not like to attain   that inferior position,

As you know that  the rare penance  that I did  has passed through many eons.”


2605.”Oh Lord who wears sturdy anklets, What you have   said ,

Is not something   that should be talked about

And is a state  t hough achieved is considered as not achieved, What is the need to talk more?

And I understand  that because you have come  my life has come to  an end.”


2606.”Oh Indra   who owns the heaven, I would attain that salvation,

Which is not for a short period, which  does not shift  me from one place  to another,

That which does not reduce over time, which does not go on increasing,

Whose form does not change  and that   which cannot,

Be destroyed   even if all the five elements perish.”


2607. When the sage     was telling like this , those valorous  ones,

Who hold  a strong and great bow  , knowing the reason  ,

For the tumultuous   sound there , stood there and thought ,

“What are the things   that   are  happening   here”?”


2608-2609.Having   seen  the rocking Iravatha elephant  with,

Four tusks  which shine like big diamonds   and ,

By that ,  understanding   that  the king  of devas,

Has come   to this world and is    with  the sage of great penance,

Rama made   the Sita who is like  a deer and his younger  brother ,

To wait in that garden which is full of flowers  , and ,

Reached inside the hermitage  like a bull  and like a big lion.


2610.That   king of the devas   seeing the fruit of all Vedas  ,

Standing on this earth   who has eyes  which were like lotus  ,

And was  looking like a black sun   and  looked at him,

With great depth    using all his one thousand eyes,


2611.Seeing him he was  pained to see him  in that forest,

And saluted   that leader of men  , leader  of all Brahmins,

By his head  which regularly saluted him  ,

By falling   on the earth  and catching his  feet with his long arms.


2612. Seeing Rama  who by destroying  his enemies in the battles filled with flags  ,

By teaching him  meaning of the  limitless words   of the  sea of Vedas 

By  daily leading  in the very good path   of great Dharma daily,

By giving  wealth, by  granting salvation  , by becoming   an armour,

Without others realizing  it  , by becoming the soul  , by becoming the eyes,

By becoming true penance  , by becoming the  endless  true wisdom,

He forgot himself  , stood near him   and like  one,

Who did not know    his greatness   started   praying to him.


2613.”Oh light which stands   mixed and not mixed   in everything,

Oh Lord who is the friend   of all sages   who have got rid of all attachments,

Oh Lord who is the store house  of all graces   which helps one to cross this life,

Oh Lord   who can be understood   by the proper behavior as per the Vedas,

Oh Our father  who has come here   as per your assurance  to us,

When we came    and prayed your holy feet  for protecting from our enemies,

Is it proper   that your lotus like soft feet  is touching this rough earth of the forest?”


2614. “Oh god   of all devas  who sleeps in the big ocean of milk  ,

You do not have enemies nor friends  , no difference   between ,

Light and darkness nor have you  anything above or below you  ,

You do not have youth nor old age, you do not have beginning  , middle and end,

By  time you do not have anything   before you or after  you.

When your old state is like that  , if you do not carry the big bow  ,

And do not   walk giving pain to your red  feet  and not protect us,

Will bad name   come to you? Is there   anything  that ,

You get out of    doing  these  acts? Nothing,  is it not?”


2614.”Even if   the four faced Brahma born in the lotus  from your belly,

Who measures   all these   faultless   worlds  , measures you ,

For several eons without stopping  , your greatness cannot be measured.

Oh Lord whose great good characters    never  diminish over time,

In the earlier days  making the earth as the pot , the sea water  as the cool curd,

The big Mandhara   mountain as the churner   you churned ,

Making your lotus like hands pain  and gave the nectar  ,

Which came out of it to all the devas  , and were  not,

The asuras who   churned    with us your slaves?”


2615.”Oh Lord   who was one  in the beginning  , split from that to several later,

Became   intelligence  , soul and the body   and  becoming  that,

Which is   to suit the conditions    at the time of the final   deluge,

Later  taking the form of various worlds  you  became  ,

The matchless  new growth   of  the very  great wisdom  ,

Oh Lord who    completely solves the  problems of people like us,

You save   the people who do good acts   and destroy  ,

Those who do sinful deeds  , Is it not true  that ,

Even those ever unstable sins were   also created by you?


2617.”Oh  Lord  , who is our father   , in earlier days   due to the trick played ,

By   the very strong   limitless  illusion  ,  mixing with  those whose wisdom was jaded ,

Losing  the normal wisdom  we said  to you, “That you are not the ultimate God”,

And also , “You are God” , when we were  suffering with sorrow,

And due to the our past good karma  , Those seven primeval sages  ,

Crossed the fire and took an oath  that, “all the worlds   were,

Situated within you”   and you   cleared  our doubt ,

Who were not knowing    who was the ultimate god.”


2618.That Indra who had the long golden crown  after praying ,

Rama in this way and many other ways   , saluted him,

And understanding clearly    what was happening there  ,

He looked at the sage who was equal to him   and told,

“Please be kind enough to give leave for me  to go  “.


2619. Understand the state  of the mind of Indra by  his divine eyes,

The sage  received   the God of all devas Rama  and that Rama  who came like that,

Saluted his feet  , the sage shed tears of love   and  ,

They all entered   the hermitage of that   great   saint.


2620.After   welcoming both Sita   as well as Lakshmana and  ,

Wishing  long life    To Rama   whom   Sarabanga   understood ,

As  That God  who does yogic sleep   on the ocean of milk,

After visiting that sages home , just before the deluge.


2621.And there   Rama   as well his lady  , with the eye of the deer,

Listened to the  words of Dharma   as told by Sarabanga,

And they stayed   awake till   that night came to an end.


2622.That Sun   who had blowing luster  and the light which shines,

For the sake of spreading his  light   in to all the four directions,

Spread   countless  rays   which were like the sharp  swords,

Exposed   to sun light  and using that collection of his rays  ,

Started   removing   the blanket of darkness  covering the world.


2623,At that time   that sage Sarabanga took a clear decision   to give up,

His life in front of Rama by entering in to the fire  , and as per Sastras,

Built up a   burning fire   and asked Rama , “Please give me leave.”


2624. That Rama who held the strong bow   seeing   that  able ,

Cultivator of Vedas  asked, “what do you want  to do?,

Please tell me”  that sage said  “Oh consort of Lakshmi ,

I wanted to enter the fire so that I get salvation ,

And so please   give me leave “ , then Rama told.


2625.”Oh sage who is   wearing the matchless hide of a deer on his chest.

Why are leaving   your soul as soon as  I reached  here?” , then

That sage who due to his strength of penance    destroyed,

The power of God of love who has   a fish flag,

Due to the joy in leaving his body  told the following words.


2626,”Oh heroic one  , I am one    who has done  various ,

Types of penances   and I knew that   you would be coming to this place ,

And as per my fate   both types of my karma   has vanished and due to that,

You came here   to give your blessings to me  ,Now I have nothing more left.”


2627. “Oh strong one  ,  Indra came here   and told me ,

“I have given you,  life in Brahma loka till  it is destroyed ,

And so please stay there.” But I did not want to live there ,

And I would try my best  to attain that salvation which never ends.”


2628. That sage   who knew the Vedas which did not talk  of rules ,

And  had the  highest  knowledge   of that   ultimate  God,

Said, Because of that    grant me   that salvation”  and then,

Along with his wife  entered  the burning fire and attained salvation.


2629.Lord Brahma who sits on the scented   lotus flower  ,

Devas, sages    and others  who were   able to know ,

What is  going to happen in future  , were  able  to,

Understand the   good and bad Karma   by their wisdom,

And   were able to attain the salvation they want   at the end.


2630. if we know that   the amount of greatness  one attains,

Just  by thinking about Rama   who was the one   who swallowed,

All  globes   and all the words without any one knowing it   ,

Is beyond the possibility of estimation ,can any one  ,

Say how much greatness   that person attains  ,

Who is able to see   that God himself  before his death?


3.Agathiya   Padalam

The chapter  on Agasthya


(Rama goes to the hermitage  of Agasthya  . Agasthya  presents Rama with many  divine weapons. Rama decides to move south from where the Rakshasas are coming. Sage Agasthya   advices    them to go and stay in the hermitage  at Panchavati.

  The chapters in Valmiki Ramayana   on Sita’s advice to Rama against  indiscriminate attack of Rakshasas  and his reply to her  is not found here)



2631.Those sweet lads   who had big   bent bows ,

After seeing   the end of the sage  Sharabanga,

Became   sad and with a sorrowing mind  ,

Along with Sita who was   like a flowering branch,

Went away from the hermitage  of that   saint  with great sorrow.


2632. They with joy    crossed   several trees  , Several places  ,

With big  pretty  stones , several rivers  which had   waves  ,

Several  mountain with streams   flowing from it  ,

Several gardens   with lots of leaves and several  sweet places.


2633.Those  sages  of the Dandaka forest  like  ,

The Valkilyas   who were  created by Brahma  ,

Saints with  shaved heads and saints who do not talk  ,

And other saints , saw Rama and mentally became  happy.


2634.Those sages   who were   suffering   because   the asuras,

Who had anger which was like fire  ,  troubled  them,

And they did  not have any  method to control them,

Became like trees in a  burning  forest  which got,

Water mixed with nectar  made them all put new leaf.


2635, .Those sages   who were even greatly scared  to tell,

Even the  names  of  those Asuras  who were  growing  ,

More and more powerful   and were very strong,

Were like young calves   in the burning   forest  ,

Who saw   their matchless  mother cow returning.


2636.Those sages   who were suffering   due to enmity,

With the asuras   with very cruel acts  , since ,

They did not have  capacity to fight with them ,

Had become greatly worried   and they ,

Who were   all drowning   in the sea of asuras,

Seeing Rama, felt that   they have got a ship now  and became happy.


2637. Those   saints who  saw Lord Rama  properly  ,

Making the penance done by them with effort  giving  results  difficult to get,

And with their great wisdom helping them   ,felt as if  ,

That they have got freedom from   the  big prison of  sorrow due  to their  cruel birth .


2638.They who were   doing great penance    so that,

They can  give  whatever  is desired to those   who  need it ,

Due to  their strength  of patience  , had  completely  ,

Uprooted   the anger  which  comes up and up,

And due to that  they got in to trouble due  to those asuras.


2639.When those sages departed   and reached that  valorous Rama,

Who resembled   the flakes of black cloud  , with great   ebbing love,

They saluted  Rama individually   and  blessed him  while  saluting him.


2640 .All those sages   took Rama and others   to a hermitage,

Which was  sweet to live   and told them, “You please  live ,

Happily here  and  made all needed arrangements  ,

And went back   to their residences   and   then ,

Came again to tell Rama , the problems   they were  facing by those asuras.


2641.Rama saluted those   sages who had come   to see him,

He praised them with love   and asked them, “What  orders are  ,

You giving me now.” And they said  .”oh son of Dasaratha  ,

Who is an expert in protecting the   worlds, be pleased to hear,

The very cruel things    which happened   to us.”


2642.”There  exist   the asuras   who do not  have something,

Called mercy and   who have  gone far away    from Dharma.

Due to their troubling us , we have been forced to leave ,

Good behavior   and slip to bad behavior   and ,

Due to this    we have moved  far  away from the path of penance.”


2643.”Oh Rama   who is an expert in  archery, like   the deer,

Which  live  in the forest  with very many tigers  ,

We are sorrowing in our mind , day and night 

And we have been forced   to move away from good,

Would we  able   to get freedom this sorrow at any time?”


2644.We are not following  the ritual of penance properly  ,

We are not chanting   the  Vedas  , we are not doing our  duty,

To   those students who want to learn Vedas , we are  not,

Lighting   the very old fire  for Yagnas  and we have ,

Moved away from proper behavior  and so  ,

We have slipped    away  being Brahmins.”


2645.”As for Indra  , he is obeying the orders of those asuras,

Taking  it on his mind and head   and is behaving like their servant  ,

And so  oh lord  , So who are there ,   who can remove .

Our sorrows except you  and you  have come  here,

Due to the    power  of the penance we did earlier.”


2646. “Oh son of  the king who ruled   and protected the entire earth by his power ,

Oh merciful  and valorous  one  ,  due to that  sorrow that cannot be removed ,

We are spending all our days  in darkness and now  you have come  .

Just like  Sun   and all of us   are   under your protection.”


2647  . That Rama who was born in the clan of the sun said,

“If those asuras do not promise not   to trouble    you   and,

Surrender to me  , even if they run away to a world outside earth,

They would die  due to my arrow and so   please  remove,

This  unsuitable sorrow” and further   told.


2648.” It is due  to the good deeds   done by me  , that I came to the  forest,

After  the death of Dasaratha  , after mother Kausalya becoming sad   ,

After my younger brother  Bharata   becoming sad   and,

After all the   citizens   of my city attaining matchless  sorrow”


2649.”If I am not able   to destroy the power of those  base Asuras,

Who are troubling   the sages who do not   move away from Dharma,

Being killed by those Asuras   would be better   for me  ,

And what type of birth do I have ,If I am not useful to this good work.”


2650.”You who are cultured  Brahmins   who recite   the Vedas ,

Would see the many headless  body of those    asuras*   dance  ,

And my  tiredness  in carrying    this very heavy  bow,

As well as the completely   filled up  quiver would get reduced.”

        *One headless body would dance if 1000 soldiers are killed.


2651. “Those who protect the cows, Those who protect the Brahmans,

Those   who protect poor people and those who protect  any one  ,

And who die  when they are doing that   are  the only ones,

Who are saluted    by those  Devas ,    who live in heaven.”


2652.”Even if Lord Subrahamanya who killed  Soorapadma  ,

Or Lord Vishnu   who killed enemies   with lustrous wheel,

Or  Lord Shiva who destroyed the three cities  are guarding them,

If they   are moving in sinful path  and not following Dharma  ,

I would   uproot them all  and so do not be scared” . he  said.


2653. When they heard   these  words of protection   from Rama,

With ebbing joy , they    who were   having great love,

Lost all their sorrow  and they who  were having a rotating staff,

And   who  were experts  in singing Vedas  danced with joy and told.


2654.”Oh Lord  , If you become angry   , even if  thirty   crore worlds,

Which are like these worlds come and oppose you   all together  ,

They are not equal to you and for that our wisdom is   the witness.”


2655 “.Because it is like that  for   all the time    that you spent  in this forest,

You will see to it that  no sorrow whatsoever approaches   us ,

And please live here happily “  and when they said  this,

That great one who is the son of   the great  king Dasaratha

 saluted the feet of   all those sages  and continued to live there.”


2656. Those sons  stayed     there without any   sorrow  ,

For another ten years   with great satisfaction of the mind,

And when those  sages after great thought   told them,

“Please go and meet the great sage Agasthya  , they,

Departed from there  With Sita having crescent like forehead.

    (Some versions call the above portions   as  Dandakaranya  Padalam 

      And the rest   as Agathiya Padalam)


2657.Walking through pits in mountains   and  high  bamboo forests,

Through  continuously going small paths   slowly and slowly,

They reached   the garden  without sorrow of    the lustrous  Sutheeshna.


2658. Those Rama and Lakshmana    who had no pride in their mind ,

Saluted the  sun like lustrous   soft feet of the sage  Sutheeshna,

And he said to them,  “please stay here.”    And obeying it ,

All the three  of them  stayed in that garden full of flower scent.


2659. When they were saying there, that sage  after  performing ,

All hospitalities    to Lord Rama   told him  “oh great one  ,

What an amount of penance I have done   , for making you,”

Stay here   and Rama with love replied to that great sage.


2660.” Among  the first sages who were born in the clan of Brahma  ,

Who else    is there like  you who have   succeeded  in penance .

And who are   there like me  who  lead a life of a householder,

Who   have  got the blessings and grace  from a sage like you?”


2661.To the words   of Rama who was an expert  in usage of simile,

As reply that sage   who had done penance    from earlier days  told,

“Becoming   my   great guest  who has not been wasted ,

You have become one who can take  the results of all my penance  .”


2662. Rama then told Sutheeshna    who was an expert in all Vedas ,

“Oh leader, how easy   is to get   your mercy by simple penance.

I have only to tell you   that  I have   a shortcoming in my mind.

That   so far   I have not  been able to see   the great sage Agasthya.”


2663.”Oh great one, You have thought  of only something good,

For even earlier  I wanted   to tell  you  about the same thing .

So please go to hermitage  of Agasthya   and meet him ,

And after  meeting him , there  would be no more wants  in your mind.”


2664.”Also   he   would be wanting   you to pay a visit  ,

And would become happy   by your visit  and so,

You please go and reach Agasthya   and oh great one,

Meeting Agasthya  is good for the devas  and good for  all others to.”


2665.”He then told him clearly the    way to go to  the hermitage ,

Of sage Agasthya    and told him his limitless  blessings  ,

Rama saluted the  lotus like feet   of that   sage   crowded  by bees,

And from that hermitage which had streams of honey flowing  from hives,

Rama and others  went speedily   towards  Agasthya ’s hermitage  .


2666.Sage Agasthya   who had measured the world like  Lord Vishnu  ,

Who measured the   three  worlds   using language of tamil ,

Understanding    that  Rama and others   have reached   that place ,

Like the sea ebbing   with joy attaining the  fourteen worlds ,

Received   Rama who can grant any boon and he saluted  him.


2667.”The  devas once upon a time , when the asuras   hid themselves  in the sea,

Thinking that they will never  get destroyed the devas   called

“Oh sage  You did very great penance  , Please shower your  grace on us. 

And when they begged you like this  and knowing their sorrow  ,

You took   all the waters  of all the seas     and just drank it  ,

And later  when those   devas requested    you,

To release the water again   and you again filled up the sea.”


2668.That sage  took   all the pure    water   of the sea  .

And later  released them all  and due  to  that  became a dwarf,

And was called by others  as dwarf sage  and  he  with joy  ,

Ate all the body  of a cheating Asura called  Vatapi ,

And  destroyed the problem  of all  the people of the world.


2669.”He was the one who saw to it that    the sages  of the world,

Who practice Yoga   are not disturbed   and when asked by the devas ,

As to the path to cross Vindhya  mountains  , stood   on the top of that mountain,

Which was    surrounded   by long series of clouds   and was touching  the sky.

Like an elephant and pressed  it so that  the mountain   went down to Patala.


2670.Once upon a time when the northern side   of the world tilted down,

As per    the direction of Lord Shiva     who wears many a serpents,

Which told, “Oh Agasthya who in spite   of growing old  .

Has not got tired  , you   go and stand   in the southern side”

Went to the south   and reached  the Malaya mountain,

Which was touching the sky  , and remained there,

He being equal   to lord Shiva, the world attained  its balance.


2671. And he  took the Tamil language    from Lord Shiva 

Who holds the axe   and  who had  on his   forehead  ,

An eye that spits   fire  , learned   it painstakingly,

And split it in to that which can   be learned with great difficulty  ,

And that which   is used by highly placed  people  of society  ,

And gave it  to   the world   in the   form of Wisdom,

Poems ,  usual usage   and by  the ritualistic roots


2672.That   sage thinking    that   he would be able to see Rama,

Who has been thought as that  thing   which is in sky  , in land  ,

In several other worlds   and in Vedas  , with his own eyes  ,

That same day   and became one with a very happy mind.


2673,  After grinding  the other books   which are equal   to the Vedas 

which are chanted loud, in the  mortar   of best knowledge  ,

And   searching it   as the  knowledge  of that  ultimate  God,

Whose   greatness  cannot   be even understood by  Lord Brahma,

Would  stand before him and talk     with him   and he became happy.


2674.Thinking that Rama       who is the doctor who is going   to uproot  .

The poison of Asuras who like bad Karma    never  go away,

Has already come   there   ,  which would   make  ,

The devas   survive  ,  the great sages survive   and  ensure,

That   all Brahmins   would stand steadfast  in Dharma  ,

And that   Agasthya    became  bold   to face everything.


2675.Those   Asuras   , whenever they  need     food  ,

Used to boil the trees which are  also beings   and  eat them,

And Agasthya    who was anxious     to see   Rama  ,

Who he knew   would use   his thunder   and great anger 

Put out     the  forest fire  like    Rakshasas,

And has come like rain    which   is coming  from  clouds .


2676.Agasthya   who brought  the river in his water pot,

For    the good of   eight directions  ,  seven worlds   ,

And all living  beings   seeing that Rama was coming towards him,

Shed tears   of joy  from his lustrous    lotus like  eyes.


2677.The   Rama who came there   fell at his feet  and saluted  him,

And  that Agasthya     who got great fame  by telling grammar of Tamil,

With   tears of joy  flowing  his eyes   hugged  with love  Rama  ,

And told  him sweet words  like, “Your coming has been good.”


2678.With Brahmins   reciting   various type  of Vedic chants,

With saints   of great penance   with love  surrounding  ,

And sprinkling   water   from their   pretty water pot  ,

And   with   flowers   being showered on them,

Agasthya took Rama and others to his cool garden.


2679.Rama after   entering with the pleased mind   in to the garden,

Participated  in the feast given by the sage    and then Agasthya  ,

Joyfully told  “Oh lord of mercy  , having come to my home  ,

Where great penance has been done  , You have made my penance fruitful.”


2680.Rama saluted the sage  who told like that   and said,

Your grace has not been received   by the devas, by persons ,

Who have  done the penance that   needs to be done by them  ,

And by great   sages, but I have received     your grace  ,

And so I have become one who has   won over   all the world,

And   I do not think that   there is anything   that I have to achieve.


2681.And then sage Agasthya who was similar to Lord    Shiva   ,

Who wears the crescent on his high head  ,   Started telling,

“Oh Rama who has good characters which are liked by all  ,

Having heard that you have   come to Dandakaranya  ,

I  was   happily thinking that one day you will visit here.”


2682.”Oh Lord , please stay here   for if you are here ,

You would be able to complete    the great penance that you wanted to do,

And if   the asuras    with greater cruelty    were to come here  holding a sword,

You would destroy them and make them fall and  

The sorrow of the sages   like me who are living here  would vanish.”


2683.”Oh son of Dasaratha    who ruled all over the earth,

Now Vedas would get revived, the laws   of  Manu would be established,

All  type   of Dharmas would get established, The devas ,

Who were in bad times   due to cruelty of Asuras would become great ,

The Asuras   would go down  , The seven worlds   would leave well,

There is no doubt about these and  so you live here”  Agasthya told.


2684.Rama said  .” Oh Sage   who follows Vedas , I have decided   to destroy,

 All the Asuras    who do cruel acts   and make all others happy  ,

And so I feel that my going   to south wherefrom they come  ,

Would help me destroy them.  What is your desire?”


2685.Then   Agasthya told ,”you have told what is appropriate  ,

The bow that is here   with me was once used by Lord Vishnu  ,

And is being worshipped   by me    and all the three worlds  ,

Take this bow for me  as well as  sharp arrows   and matchless quiver.


2686.He also gave him a  rare sword   , which   is  greater than,

All the three  worlds    in a plate   of balance   and also gave him,

The matchless   bow    which was  used by Lord  Shiva,

Who had the form of fire   and bent  the Meru  in to a bow.


2687.  “Oh son, there   is  a place called   Panchavati   ,

With tall trees going straight  with huge mountains ,

With  tall heaps of sand hills  , With  cool gardens,

With large number of bunches    of flowers  ,

And surrounded by   rivers   with jumping waves  ,

And on a small   hill   , and there is a residence  there.”


2688. In Panchavati   there are Banana trees giving sweet fruits,

There are   red paddy   plants  , with  lustrous   tips,

There  are flowers from which honey flows  ,

There   are divine rivers   there  like river Cauvery,

And there huge stroks to play with this   gold like Sita.


2689.Agasthya said,”Now   you go there   and live there   

And Rama of the colour of cloud   saluted Agasthya   and,

Took leave     from him  followed by  Sita   who spoke  ,

Like Sugar syrup   and his younger   brother  Lakshmana,

And walked speedily with mind of  Agasthya  following him.


4.Chadayu   kaan Padalam

Chapter  on seeing   of Jatayu.


(On the way to Panchavati they meet  Jatayu, the king of hawks  , the son of Aruna and very  close friend  of Dasaratha. As soon as Jatayu   heard that  Dasaratha is no more , he wanted to give up his life.  And at the request of Rama   decided to live and protect    them   while they are there. They go and start  living in a hermitage  near Godavari river,

    In Valmiki Ramayana , Jatayu tells them how  all the different  type of beings were   created  in this world.  There is also a very detailed description of Dandaka forest in winter in that Ramayana.)


2690.Then they   walked   several  Kadhams.(1.16 km) ,

The way was dense with several rivers   as well as,

Continuous    mountain ranges which appeared like relations,

They crossed several forests   with such mountains  ,

And then they  saw  Jatayu  , the king of vultures.


2691.Jatayu was like   the gold melted   in fire  ,like

The Sun rising from Udaya mountain   which lights  .

All the directions of the entire   world   using  .

Dense   lustrous rays  spreading like wings.


2692.Jatayu   was like   the Mandhara  mountain  , which

 Was once established by the devas   in the  limitless sea of milk,

And   was  the shining moon light   sitting   on huge  ,

Black mountain    , long , long ago.


2693.With  prettiness   of black sky fading away  , emitting red  colour  ,

From   his gem like legs , Jatayu   was sitting   on the   ,

Huge blue mountain    like  a very  long chain    of corals.


2694Jatayu  was  one with a pure heart  , was one   with  ,

A great knowledge  which consisted of great  education ,

As well as great boldness , He was personification of truth  ,

He was extremely  sharp  and intelligent  , was like ,

A minister    who was like a wise  minister in a council,

And had a very small  eyes which could see great distance.


2695. Jatayu   had a sharp nose   which   was like a goad  ,

Held by Indra   sitting on the small eyed  Iravatha  ,

Which had been sharpened by   rubbing it on trees,

With which he used to dismember   the cruel  asuras ,

Holding a sword  which would be eaten   by Yama like a feast,

And he himself would the   left over   after he  eats.


2696.That Jatayu   was like  the sun god    who rules over,

The nine planets  and was   shining like    a holy wheel,

And  he had   a  necklace of nine gems   and had   a crown,

Which shined like Sun atop  the top of  mount Meru.


2697.Jatayu was like   the cluster   of fame   which cannot be described by words.

 Was the son of Aruna   who comes for destruction of night  ,

And one  who has spent several eons  just like a  day time  which passes quickly.


2698. Seeing Jatayu sitting on a huge mountain   and seeing   that mountain,

Has  crashed deep in to the earth unable to bear     his weight  ,

And who appeared   as very strong and valorous  , those brothers ,

Approached and neared    him with mind    full of doubt.


2699.  Those two brothers   who were wearing  heroic anklets  ,

Decided that  he was  an ignorant Asura   who had come,

There  in search of his own death   and if he is not an Asura,

They suspected  he    should be the very powerful Garuda  .


2700.And that Jatayu  , seeing   them  with huge   bows  ,

And wearing heroic anklets   , understood   that they,

Were not sages who have cut of the two types of Karmas ,

And as they were holding   bow and having matted hair  ,

 He thought  that  they were devas  and had a doubt.


2701.He thought , I often see    Indra    and other devas  ,

Lord Vishnu, the boon  giver Brahma   and Lord Shiva with an axe,

Would   not hide themselves from me   as I see them always.


2702.”I have seen  the god of love endowed with prettiness ,

And I   do not think  that   God of love is comparable  ,

These  heroes with red eyes  like   lotus flower  petals,

And endowed with long arms   , with dust ,

Attached   on their  lotus  like soft   feet.”


2703.  And further thinking   that  , these  lads   are both having 

The measure less  proper  signs of masculinity  ,  and appear  ,

To have the ability   to own  the entire world  ,

And have come along  with a lady who is comparable  ,

To  Goddess  Lakshmi  and further  thought  ,

“I am not able to guess    who they are.”


2704.He further  thought  , They who are like   blue and gold,

Mountains , have a chest where   the Goddess  of victory  lives  ,

And   those valorous  ones   look like my friend Dasaratha  ,

Who was   blessed with all     rare good qualities.


2705.Then  that Jatayu   who was  thinking  various things  in  his mind,

And who was greatly liking those valorous  ones  with  cruel weapons,

Asked them “ Oh bull like lads   who hold a huge powerful bow, who are you both?

Please   reply me in a fashion that , That  I would understand   it clearly  .”


2706.When he asked them like that  , they   who do not   speak,

Anything but the truth   said    that they were   sons of Dasaratha,

Who was ruler     of all the earth     which   is surrounded  by the sea,

And who was    wearing    the heroic anklets.


2707.As soon as they told   him like that   that Jatayu   who had,

Ocean like joy  , came down from that mountain top   wanting  to hug them,

And asked, “ Do   both great shoulders of Dasaratha   who wears  .

A scented   and big garland  , continue to be healthy?”


2708.When Rama       said that Dasaratha had  attained heaven   protecting the oath,

That cannot be forgotten  , Jatayu  became greatly disappointed    that  ,

Dasaratha was no more   and   just like being sleepy lost his conscience  .


2709.Those     two who were hugged and lifted    by that great one  ,

Washed his face by their tears  and that   king of   vultures,

Who got back his  soul  that seemed to  have   gone out  ,

Became very depressed     and rambled   as   follows.


2710.”Oh king of kings  , Oh enemy      of all lies  , Oh ornament for truth,

Oh Home   of fame ,  your charity that      that  merits praise  ,

Your white royal umbrella  , your patience  to your  Karpaga tree,

With changed character  of  not  denying   charity   to any one   who asks  ,

, The moon the lord of stars  , the world that is surrounded  by the sea  ,

The great charity   that you gave  to all  those who beg you   and me 

Have all   been left alone  . Where have    you gone?”


2711.  “Oh leader  , who has  a white umbrella which gave  ,

Nectar like grace  and   prettiness   to all beings   to earth,

Having  the  security   to the earth surrounded by  sea getting stopped

Did you  leave the world ,see  the friendly heart of me who does not have stability,

And I am still alive  because I have been born as   an animal,

Due to sins committed in early births  and am not following the Dharma of friendship.”


2712.”Oh Dasaratha  who has a pretty mind   without   any guilt  ,

When you like the churner which breaks the curd   killed  Sambarasura  ,

Who was giving sorrow to the beings    of the world  , you said ,

Making the   world  scattered with soft dust  and surrounded by the sea that,

“You are the body and I am the soul”, and your words will not change  ,

But  with soul lying here ,  the ignorant Yama  has   taken the body to the heaven.”


2713.”Instead   of   immediately falling in fire   and dying  , as soon as I heard  his death,

Making my great fame increase , like the innocent women  if  I fall  on earth and cry,

Would that be proper”  saying this  Jatayu got up from his faint  like one who got knowledge,

Looking at  Rama and Lakshmana   told,  “oh   sons    who own ,

All the    seven worlds  , please   hear”  and then he  started talking in sequence.


2714.”oh young lustrous   lads  , I am the son of Aruna   and   have the ability  ,

To go to all the world   that  he goes   and I am great  sweet friend of Dasaratha,

Who using   his kingship   weakened   the darkness   of enmity from everywhere ,

I was born at the time when the devas   and others    were being created,

And I am the younger   brother of Sampathi   who was the king of vultures.


2715. When Jatayu told this story of his    those  Rama and Lakshmana  ,

Who had  famous   and strong shoulders equal to   mountains  ,

With hands folded in salutation   due  to their love and sorrow ,

Had their lotus like    eyes   filled with tears    and felt like  seeing ,

Their  father , Who had gone to heaven, due to  them.


2716.He hugged using his  wings , the sweet   to hug lads   and said,

“Oh sons, please perform the after    rites    for me,

Because I find it difficult to  sweetly carry this body of mine  ,

After  my friend  who along with me was   like the same soul in two bodies  

And if   I do not enter  the fire now itself  and die  ,

I cannot   bear    this sorrow  of mine forever .


2717.”You  who  are capable of protecting   us all from danger,

And one who would be willing to help us  , without  desiring,

To sacrifice    truth , want to die  If our leader   would die  leaving us,

Who would be there  whom we can request for   support.”


2718.”OH sir, Who never   moves away from the  laws of Dharma ,

Leaving our parents with whom we have never parted ,

Leaving the city of Ayodhya with plenty of cool water  and prosperity  ,

When we have come and   got out of the sorrow  due to meeting you,

Would you leave us in this state   and embrace death?”


2719.When they told him like this  , That Jatayu whose  mind was,

Disintegrating   , looking at   those valorous ones standing before him,

Said, “If my entering the fire is not agreeable   for you,

Then, after you reach back Ayodhya  I would reach Dasaratha in heaven.”


2720.Then that Jatayu asked them, “If   the king has gone   to heaven,

Why is it that your valorous  have come here   without  protecting  your kingdom?

What  other  sad  things happened to you? Since my  mind is burning  ,

Without any stability  , Please tell about it clearly  and in sequence.”


2721”Oh heroic ones holding well sharpened   lustrous   spears,

If sorrow has been caused to you by either devas, asuras  ,

Or the people of serpent world  , I would kill them,

Get back  your kingdom  and then give it back to you.”


2722.As soon  as the father like Jatayu   told them like this ,

Rama the husband of Sita,   looked at   his younger brother  ,

And he told Jatayu that  these happened due   to,

Their step mother who was a lady  and told in detail,

Without leaving anything, the sad news,

Which was like  the huge ocean with  limitless sound.


2723.Hearing that  Jatayu looking    at Rama told  ,

“Oh  greatly  charitable one who established  ,

The truthfulness   of your father , obeyed  ,

The orders of your step mother    with respect  ,

And who helped your brother  with wealth of kingdom,

Who in the world   can do all these except you , who are my father?”


2724. Then Jatayu   hugged with love  Rama   with lotus like eyes ,

Smelled his head, and  shedding tears   and told  him,

“Oh son  You gave me and your father limitless   fame  ,

And so you are   one    who is really able.”


2725.Again that great Jatayu  seeing the fawn like divine Sita  wearing bangles,

Asked , “oh son of the emperor   , please tell me ,

Who is this pretty lady with a very lustrous forehead.”


2726.Then Lakshmana who was born after   Rama  told him,

Events staring from  killing the Thataka    who was  like darkness,

To the  breaking of the bow, Rama’s marriage with Sita ,

Reaching of the forest and her sleeping  on the grass  and completed.


2727.That Jatayu with a shining hair  became happy on hearing that  ,

And asked , “Oh princes who wear garland made  of petals of flowers ,

You have come away from a prosperous kingdom  and  all of you,

With good qualities along with Sita live  happily in this forest. I would protect you.”


2728.Rama who lives   in the mind of all beings   looking at Jatayu  told,

“Oh leader , There  is a pretty place near the banks  of river  Godavari,

Which flows with sound  and has been told by Agasthya as suitable residence ,

For us  and so we would reach that  place    and  live there.”


2729.Jatayu said, “What that great one told is very  good. You please ,

Stay near the watering place   and do great   penance  and,

So come with me  , I will show you that place  and made them,

Walk comfortably   in the shade   created by his well spread wings.


2730. After   reaching  that place as guided  by   the pure hearted  Jatayu,

Who is a sinless  one  and after  he left , those  two lads  ,

With very huge   bows  ready for battle became  happy on reaching that   garden.


2731.Jatayu who knew well about   the greatness  of asuras   living there ,

After  deep thought , started   guarding his daughter  in law with a cloth ,

Tied breasts   as well as his sons, like  a bird protecting its little ones in the nest.


5.Soorpankai padalam

Chapter   on Soorpanakha


(Soorpanakha   the sister of Ravana   who happened to  see Rama , falls in love with him. Rama refuses   to marry her. She happens to see the pretty Sita.   Thinking   she was the reason   for Rama not marrying her, Soorpanakha   tries to carry away Sita  when Rama had gone to his morning ablations. Lakshmana who was guarding Sita , catches her  and cuts off her nose , ears and tips of breast  . Soorpanakha again appeals to Rama  to marry her. Rama and Lakshmana drive away Soorpanakha   who goes to meet her cousin Khara .

In Valmiki Ramayana   Rama tells Soorpanakha that he is with his wife and asks  her to approach Lakshmana  , who cuts off her nose etc.)


2732.That river Godavari  which  added   beauty to earth like ornament,

Used to  bring great   things and make the land  feel fertile,

And  with many watering  centers  which were spread   over  ,

On the   five types of land , was   with clear water ,

Was with running cool water   and   was like  the 

Poems of with very wise and great people,

And was   seen by those  valorous heroes.


2733. That very divine Godavari   with   fully open lotus flowers over which bees stayed ,

Looked like a smiling , welcoming  and lustrous face  , with blue lotus flowers ,

Which used to spread perfume  , seeing with its lustrous  eyes and face   and

With   moving  clear tides  of  the river  resembling the hands   appeared  ,

To offer   these flowers at the divine  feet of Rama   and saluting him .


2734.That river Godavari with its  moving and running   waters    seeing ,

The sorry state  of  the faultless  and truthful   sons suffering,

Due to great love for them looked like    taking  deep tortured breath,

And  looked like shedding tears   from the eyes of the  just opened  blue flowers and crying.


2735. That Rama with   a long bow   saw  the Chakravaka birds  with closed eyes

Living   on the bed of lotus flowers   with stalks , Rama saw the breasts  of Sita ,

And she who was wearing suitable and proper ornaments   looked   at,

The  shoulders of Rama   who was elder  and the best among men  ,

And felt like she was seeing  hills made of blue gem stones  ,.


2736. The great  Rama who saw the swans walking , looked  at,

The walking  of Sita and slightly smiled  and she who saw the walk  ,

Of the male elephant returning after drinking water ,

Also   broke    to a new type    of  sweet smile.


2737.  That valorous  Rama  with long arms who was   a great  expert in archery  ,

  Seeing the waving  flags   on the Godavari river   with   great deal of water  ,

Looked at the   waist  of Sita  ,  that  Sita   seeing  the well flowered  lotus flower,

With large number of petals   in the middle of dark  row  of blue flowers ,

Looked   again on the   dark   body   of  her great lord.


2738.Near   that pretty  big  Godavari river   which   ran like  a filled  up stream,

They  reached   the cool  divine Panchavati  which was a perennial garden ,

And a matchless  place   and  started  staying   in  the,

Very pretty  and sweet  hermitage    which   was built by Lakshmana.


2739-2741.A Rakshasi called  Soorpanakha   who had the   strength  of  uprooting ,

And destroying   Ravana who was black like a blue gem    by  her vile tricks,

Who was  like    the cruel disease   which was born earlier   with life  ,

And was with the soul waiting   for the proper time   to  destroy that soul,

Who was  having dense hair on her head with the red colour  of copper,

Who had   a  huge  fat body  which has limitless  growth  and full of passion,

Who was capable of causing  unparalleled   destruction   to the devas ,

And to those sages    who had  done great penance 

And who was  having   a cruel cause   for revenge   and was living,

Alone in the forest   because  of that   and had the strength  ,

To move around  al the world    with great speed.

Reached   the garden in Panchavati where  Rama was staying  .


2742.That Soorpanakha   who would be the cause  of   the destruction  ,

Of all  her relatives   saw Rama ,   who when  the  great devas  ,

Who were troubled greatly  troubled   by  the asuras,

Approached   him ,  left of his yogic sleep   on the  serpent,

Called Adhisesha    and   had taken an  incarnation in  this  earth.


2743.She thought”The form of  the God of love   who is in the mind  of all is no more there,

Indra has  one thousand eyes  , Lord Shiva has three   lotus like    eyes  and

Vishnu   who created all the worlds out of his  belly has four  hands and so he is none  of  them.”


2744.Then she   thought  that  the god of love   who  was destroyed ,

By Lord Shiva   with pretty matted hair   using  this  eyes on his forehead,

Possibly   did  great penance from the time    he lost his body   ,

Till the present time    had got a pretty body, and he is that one.


2745.She thought that his long arms reaching up to  his knee ,

Are  very pretty  , trees are not comparable to them ,

Mountains  are inferior to them  and only  the tusks  ,

Of the very strong elephants which carry earth were  comparable.


2746. “The mountains made of mere   stones   were not comparable,

To  the  heroic shoulders of this one  who is an expert in battle with bows ,

And only an old  pretty mountain made of blue gems  can be compared  to it,

And definitely not   the Meru mountain which is golden in colour.”


2747.”He has lustrous eyes   which are comparable   to the petals ,

Of lotus flower standing out of the   pond due to  its long stalk,

And he resembles a mountain  and if we see continuously ,

From one of his shoulders   to other, my eyes are  not long,

And also   my chest is  wide  and flat” she said.


2748.”Is   the  face   of the pretty one , which shines    due to excessive light  ,

Comparable  to the lotus flower that has  just opened   out   of its bud?

IWE cannot compare it to the moon with light because ,

The light  of moon diminishes daily and  still  if we compare ,

We see it is not comparable  because there is a stain on  face of moon.”


2749.”For what purpose  is he doing  penance   when he   has a beauty,

That  gives pleasure, making his body suffer   unnecessarily  ?

And what type of penance    was done by his ancestors  so that ,

He has eyes  which   are like lotus flower  and creates newness?


2750.”The  femaleness   of lady earth   who has a pretty form   and,

The gait of a female elephant  and who is  dressed in water  of the ocean,

Is indeed great  because   the  the grasses grown on her  ,

Due to the touch of his feet stands  erect  as if she  has horripilation.”


2751.She   said with sarcasm “it appears that  Sun the lord of light,

Has not seen the light  of the body of his, who has teeth  like lustrous moon light?

For from very large distance he is emitting some little light ,

And without any sense of shame ,moving about in the sky?”


2752. “It there  any thing in this world   which can be compared ,

To the  beautiful lips of his, who has  huge  shoulders .

Which are taller than the   difficult to cross   big mountains?

And I would say   that   they are greatly superior   to  corals.”


2753.She thought , “Possibly the bark of wood   which    goes round,

The waist of this male  , who shines similar    to the full moon  ,

Has done great penance and possibly   the faultless ,

Golden cloth has not been able to do   this much penance.”


2754”.If he had not worn his black matted hair   which are  comparable ,

To the row  of groups of  rain bearing clouds which have come down,

Then  the souls   of all the ladies    would be completely   destroyed.”


2755. ”If   good looking  lustrous ornaments   are worn over  his body,

Would his prettiness  increase?”  and she further   thought  ,

“Would the greatness   of Kausthuba   which is the best among gems,

If it wears   yet another gem, would  its luster   increase   further?”


2756.”That four headed   one  who has   placed   in his body  ,

The best of everything  has been berated   because  ,

The Devendra  who wanted to have the greatness ,

Of the holy dust of the   feet  is ruling over   the  three  worlds?”


2757.With her  flood of love ,  making  the sky as well as  water   of the  ocean,

Look small  and making her   wisdom getting drowned in that  ,

Like the fame   of one   who does not give charity   when the people   who want it praise  him,

And  continue to protect his wealth , she was  having a diminishing chastity.


2758.With a  faded and jaded mind  like  a  picture  of a lady   whose  picture ,

Has   been drawn  on the sky  , she  fixed  her eyes   on the lustrous  ,

And very pretty  shoulders   of Rama  and had   lost her usual   strength.


2759.That Soorpanakha who was staring at   shoulders   of Rama  thought,

”I would go and embrace      the great flat chest   of Rama   and if  I am not,

Able to do that  , even if I eat the  nectar  of devas  , I would die,

And there is no other go for me “ and started   thinking,

How she could  go   near   him   and stand before  him.


2760-2761. That Rakshasi who had cruel protruding teeth  and  who also  had ,

A pot like belly filled   with all types of beings  , thinking  that  he may not  ,

Accept her with that  form  , thinking that  if she can take a form like  a peacock  ,

With a voice that lisps like Koel and having red  lips  like  the Kovvai fruit,

And try to hug him  , it would be better,  she meditated  on Goddess Lakshmi,

Who sits   of a lotus flower  and  chanted  her root chant   which she knew,

And due to that  assumed  a  pretty form   with a face   that was better looking than the moon,

And   came out   like a shining   form that descended  from the sky.


2762. She had small feet  which made the red cotton  and  the best among  new growth of leaves,

Shy    in its beauty   and tenderness and was  like   the pretty  and young   peacock  ,

Like the vanchi creeper and  like the swan   and that  deceiving cruel Soorpanakha  ,

Came before   Rama   like   a very cruel   poison.


2763.She had the prettiness  of Goddess Lakshmi  who lives in a golden lotus flower,

She had a   pretty flower  like face with her eyes shining alternately  like swords  ,

Which were less prettier  than her  face   and was  having the beauty   of a young girl  ,

And came down on a well   decorated chariot   with screens    from the sky.


2764.She had  a body like  the Kamavalli creeper   produced   by the   scented Karpaga tree,

Developed   a well perfumed  honey like   sweet voice, which were  more and more passionate  ,

Assumed a beauty   which was sweet to the eyes, had a matchless sight  of a deer ,

And came walking  like  a peacock  and looking  like   a peacock.


2765With the  sound of anklets, the sound produced  by ornaments  of the waist ,

With  sound of  ornaments   threaded in a chain   and   the humming of   bees which  hovered  round ,

The flowers which decorate   the black  sand hair  of hers   heralding   the arrival of a lady,

That son of  a king   looked at that direction from which   the sound was coming.


2766. Like the matchless sweet   nectar   given by the land of devas  ,

When she  was coming near him with   waist getting tired due to  the heaviness   of her  breasts  ,

Rama    who was the incarnation  of Lord Vishnu   who  using his grace removes   the ignorance  ,

In the mind of his devotees  , Looked   at her with both his eyes.


2767.Seeing   that   tender   matchless  female form  which cannot  be found ,

In the  land of the great serpents  , in the heaven as well as in entire earth,

Rama thought “Where can one see this beauty?  Is there a limit to her beauty?.

And who among the females   of this world   can match her   beauty?”


2768.That Soorpanakha   with great  desire    for Rama in  her mind  ,

Seeing the handsome face of Rama  , saluted  his holy feet  by her pretty hands,

Threw   her cruel glances from her  long spear   like  eyes ,

Slightly moved on one side  like a deer   and with   shyness stood there .


2769.Then Rama the root of all Vedas  told her  , “Oh Goddess  like lady,

Who is red in colour  , Let your visit became an auspicious  one  ,

Your coming  is an auspicious one  for me .Which is your  place?

What is your name?  Who are   your relatives?”


2770.She said ,”I am the daughter   of the  son of the son of  Lord Brahma,

I am the sister   of Khubera  with red hands ,

Who is the friend   of  Lord Shiva who  drives a bull   and   burnt the three  cities,

I am the younger sister   of Ravana   who  could   uproot  ,

The silvery Kailsasa mountain   and who has   the power

To protect  the three  worlds and I am a maid    called Kamavalli.”


2771.Hearing  those   words  the mind of valorous one was  filled with doubt ,

And believing  that her words were not stain less and thought  that it is proper,

To ask her and know more about it   and   asked her  , “If you are the sister  ,

Of the cruel Ravana    with red eyes, be pleased  to tell me , how you got  this pretty form.”


2772. When Rama with a pure  conduct ,    asked   her like this , tirelessly ,

She replied, “Since I did not respect   their  habits of illusion  and cruelty,

And due to having a thoughtful mind  , wanting   to travel in path of Dharma ,

Did penance to get over my sins and due to the grace  of Gods became like this.”


2773.”Oh lady, If  you are the  younger sister  of the ruler  of the three  worlds ,

Under whom   the king of Indra is doing a menial job  , You are  not to be seen ,

With the pride  of great wealth   and  what is   the reason  for you to come without assistants?”


2774.As soon as that valorous one told these  words, That lady who was not truthful,

Said, “Oh faultless one  , I do not join  with those Rakshasas  without culture ,

But have joined with  best of the  sages   and devas, and I have come to see  you,

I have  a business to be completed    with your  help.”


2775,As soon as   she told like this  the lord  thinking   that “The thoughts  of ladies  ,

With pretty foreheads do not go in the right  path  and

They are difficult  to be understood by males and they may  know about   it later ”

Asked her , “oh lady who wears bangles on shoulders, For what   purpose  have you approached me?

Please tell me about it   and if it is proper   for me to do it , I would do it.”


2776.Then she said , “it is not proper    for ladies    of good families,

To tell about  the nature    of their  passion , themselves   to others,

But  as my   soul is paining   and since   I have nobody to tell to others,

About it  , Please  stop the cruelty of God of  love towards me   and save me.”


2777.After  that lady   whose vision   travelled to a long distance  ,

And had returned back  ,  with    her sword like  eyes  which had,

Turned in to various shades and assumed the black colour   of night  ,

And were filled with red lines  and with a  well ornamented   chest 

Told like this  ,  Rama concluded that  she   is shameless , very base and not a good  one.”


2778,Not understanding Rama   who was silent  , That lady   who had assumed,

A false form   with bees  humming   around  her black hair  ,

 Started    swinging   with thoughts   as to ,whether he had a desire in her  by seeing her eyes

Or   whether  he feels  that I should not have a desire for him , again told him.


2779.”Oh lord  who has prettiness   which cannot   be made in to a picture ,

Since I did  not  know   that you have come here  and since I was  completing  ,

The jobs requested by sages    who knew everything   and due   to the fact ,

That  my faultless  feminine qualities   and    youth    was   being wasted,

My days   were  passing   without  achieving  any purpose .”


2780.Hearing that,  Rama concluded   that she is  a despicable  Rakshasi,

And one who does not have just behavior and  felt that   she had come ,

There to do another bad act   and told her  “oh pretty one  ,

I am born in a royal family   and you are  a girl from a Brahmin family  ,

And this alliance  is against   the normal ancient   rules of marriage.”


2781.”Oh Lord,  whose job is fighting are and who has a   pretty spear  ,

My father   is  a Brahmin learned in Vedas  and my mother  is a lady,

Who has virtue like  Arundathi   and  is   the daughter  of Sala Sadanga,

A king who ruled the world  and if this is the only reason   ,

For your not accepting me  , then  my soul will not go  and I would  not live” Said Soorpanakha


2782.When she who desired him told like this, with a smile arising in his pure mind  ,

That Rama  who was like the rain bearing cloud  wanted  to play   a game  ,

“Oh lady,  the learned and wise people   say that  a  human being  ,

Getting married   to a Rakshasa clan who do not have  sorrow is not proper.”


2783.”Oh Lord , who is like  Lord  Vishnu sleeping  on the   serpent  ,

Not  understanding  my good aspects    due to absence of devotion     with sincerity  , indicating,

That you would not marry me because  I   am the sister   Of Ravana,

Has happened because of your ignorance,    for due to my penance   to devas ,

I have got rid of   the   degradable birth in   Rakshasa   clan ,

And I had informed   about this    earlier also to you.”


2784.”Oh best among ladies, one of  your brothers   is the undisputed  king,

Of all the three  worlds , another great one   is  Khubera  , the lord of wealth,

And if one of them gives you  to me I would accept you but,

If you yourself    choose  me , then I would   scared.”  Said he and  she told again,


  2785. “ Oh Lord , who has shoulders  like golden mountain  , for   the man  and woman,

Who are passionately  in love with each other   there  is marriage method called  Gandharva,

And it is a marriage method  formulated  by Vedas and  if this marriage  happens between us,

It would be   agreeable to my elder   brothers also   and there is also another news.”


2786. “My brothers have great enmity   towards all sages  and are not bothered,

About justice and Dharma  and you are   living   alone in this   forest   and ,

This would be a trick   for you to get friendship of those  Rakshasas,

And once you marry me   you can set up your kingdom   in the land of devas,

And then  they  would start loving you   and obey all  your orders”,  said Soorpanakha.


2787.Then that Rama with a shoulder  carrying a   huge bow   said   to her ,

“I have got grace of Asuras and I am also getting the pleasure  of getting you ,

And along with you I will get   the wealth   which   will never go from me at any time  ,

And not only that  , by the penance I did  after  leaving Ayodhya  ,

It looks like   I am getting all   these ,” saying this he  laughed  showing his lustrous teeth.


2788.At that time   from the   scent wafting  hermitage,  near Rama  , who was ,

Like the light   of eye  to people in the heaven and earth   as well  as Gods like Brahma  ,

And who had a lustrous eyes  , Sita   who was   like the queen  among all ladies ,

And one who looked like   the vanchi creeper   from the gems  born in this world,

Came out   for the sake of fulfilling   the boons given by  Lord Vishnu to devas.


2789.That Large mouthed  Soorpanakha   whose  body has faded  ,

Due to the  fire of passion  , noticed    the huge  lustrous light,

That emerged   from the   form which came  out of the hermitage

And realized   that  she is the   fire like chastity    which has come out ,

To destroy the forest   of Rakshasas who fought  ,

With everyone   in the  land of devas   as well as those in earth.


2790.She thought  , “He would nor bring this lady with   scented hair to forest,

There are   no ladies   here   who are   as pretty as her  , and perhaps,

She is Goddess  Lakshmi   who left  her   lotus  in heaven,

And has come to earth   and standing    with both legs  here,”

And then she stood perplexed    at that  same spot.


2791 Soorpanakha     after staring well as Sita    for quite some time and thought,

“She is   an example  to those   who create  beauty , there is no limit  of the prettiness  they can create

Once an eye  sees her, it will not see  anybody else   ,

And even if it is mind  , it would not go searching any one else.

If this  is my thought  , what would some body who is born as a male think?”


2792. Soorpanakha who was greatly astonished   on seeing Sita  ,

Looked at Rama , who was  an expert  in war   and thought  ,

“There  is no further need   to think about it  and the God sitting on the lotus  ,

Must have  matchlessly thought deeply   about the matching  person  ,

For  a male and female  , and this is the   real ultimate result of his efforts.”


2794. “Oh valorous one    with good conduct , this lady is an expert in illusion,

And she is a Rakshasi   who is an expert  in cheating   and her thoughts  cannot be understood,

It is not proper  for you think that  she is  a good lady   for her prettiness  is not truth,

I am  scared   at seeing her  who eats flesh and lives and so,

Drive her away from here   and prevent her  from coming near you.” She said.


2795.”oh lady who is like streak of lightning  , Your intelligence  is very bright  ,

Who can deceive you and disappear? It is surprising to know    that  ,

She is a thief   and a cruel Rakshasa   girl, Please see  her carefully.”

Saying this he laughed showing out his  pearl  like white teeth.


2796.At that time  , she who has come out like nectar  with  ,

The great chastity  of Arundathi  , sweet words and pretty bamboo like   shoulders,

And  Soorpanakha  asked , “Oh  Rakshasi lady  , why did you    come in between us  ?”

And   that  enraged   Soorpanakha   who had cheating thoughts like fire.


2797.Seeing her coming near her  Sita  was greatly   scared ,

That  scared one   like a swan with  her lightning streak like waists rocking,

Shivering due to the pain her cotton like feet paining  ,

And like the  red coral creeper   in between the dark black clouds  ,

She   hugged   the shoulders   of Rama who was like a valorous elephant.


2798.Rama realizing   that a sport of teasing   with   Rakshasas.

With bent cruel teeth   would only    lead to evil and said to her,

“Do not do anything which causes   sorrow to us   for  if he knows,

My younger   brother will get angry at you and so ogh lady, go away quickly.”


2799. Then that   Rakshasi who had assumed    a pretty   form told ,

“Those   who  live  on lotus  , sea of milk    as  well  as on Kailasa  mountain,

As well as God of love and other Devas   are doing penance to marry me.

What is the reason  that you are   desiring   this Rakshasi,

Who does not have  , good and bad in mind and berating me?”


2800. Rama thought  , “Though   I do not have any relation   with ,

This hard  hearted lady, she is capable of telling further  cheating cruel words .”

And that  pure hearted Rama  like the cloud   going  ahead of  lightning  ,

Along   with the gold like daughter of the king of Mithila  ,

Went inside   his  hermitage   in that very pretty garden.


2801.After they left , She who did not have knowledge  that” it is gone”,

She who had the soul that   has gone   of the body  , stood breathless,

Thinking, “He  has got angry with me  , who loved him   and has ,

Not done any help to me and he  has firm love with the  lady with black kajal like hair.”


2802.Without standing there   , she thought   about her sweet life  ,

With Rama and deciding that, “If I do not  hug his chest today,

I would leave my life  “ She crossed  the garden with densely planted,

Devadaru trees and reached a garden with a crystal rock  ,

And at that time the sun set and the   sky turned   red,


2803.Like the cruel poison   flowing from  the  lustrous  poison fang ,

Of   the serpent climbing up to her head, from  a destroyed   mind ,

The tired Soorpanakha  The passion mentioned earlier   burnt in flames  furiously.


2804.Like   the sharp arrow   of Rama who was the king of men  

Piercing  the   big chest of the very cruel Rakshasi Thadaga

The arrows of   the god of love  went and pierced  the mind of Soorpanakha,

In that war   of passion   and she   became   scared   and  very sad.


2805.Soorpanakha    wanted to eat    that  God of love with  a great bow,

With the full moon with sixteen crescents   as the    side dish,

But when the southern breeze from Podigai mountain hit her,

Like the very long spear of the   God of death , she became still.


2806.When   the body which gave her pain   became pacified  without sound,

She  had an idea of drying the mountain clusters     using her palms 

But when the full moon appeared   in the sky   gave   a widely,

Scattered   cool moon light  , became weak  and started   sorrowing.


2807.She became angry and decided    that  I would break,  

All the  gardens in this earth   and make all the flowers  in them  dry  in to dust,

But  Hearing   the happy sound  of Andril bird living with its mate  ,

Her strength   diminished and    she   started    shivering.


2808.Becoming very angry she decided to run and bring Rahu and Kethu  ,

The serpents so that   they would completely swallow the full moon,

But when the cool breeze wafts   over her thick , tender  and sweet breasts

Her   dear soul would  bake in the  fire of her passion   and she would be sad.


2809.She   using her two hands   picked the very cold pieces   of ice  and placed  it,

On her lustrous young breasts to sate    her  fire of passion,

But due to power of the spreading  strong fire of passion,

They  were destroyed like  putting butter   on a very hot stone.


2810.Getting  scared  seeing the fire that  burnt  her   body ,

Which was protected by love with her  , she started  taking  bath,

In cold water   but that water started boiling   and she became shy,

And decided that it was a proper place to hide the God of love.


2811.That Soorpanakha  whose   body was so hot due  to ,

The fire of passion  made the cool big   moon stone   break,

Started saluting  if she sees  a pillar   of  blue  gem,

Or a black cloud   on the sky   with folded  hands.


2812.She   went and reached  mountain cave   where  a poisonous,

Cruel serpent lives    so that   the pretty full moon , the cool winds  ,

Or  the god   of love cannot reach there  and recognize her.


2813.At that time   the southern breeze blew    with   great  heat ,

And made her suffer   three times   more than earlier ,

And due to that   when her   breasts became hot and was emitting fire,

Without knowing what to do, she rolled on young golden coloured  leaves.


2814. When she thought  about   the  form of Rama    in her mind  ,

The Cruel Rakshasi feeling as if she   was seeing   his black   cloud like body,

Would become  shy  and suddenly shiver,

But when the form disappears  she would be caught  in fire of  passion.


2815.Thinking that black cloud was the body   of Rama  ,

She would catch it and hug them to her breasts.

And when she sees the clouds  being destroyed ,

Due to the heat of her body   she would wail.

Is there   any end   to the sickness   of passion?


2816.Due to passion she   felt as if she was in middle of fire of deluge,

And with the desire   that she could live   with Rama of the colour of the sea,

And this  medicine of hope  , people    said  , kept her alive.


2817.Her body shivered like the one who licked poison   with toungue,

And  imagining Rama said,  “Oh mountain of black  , please take mercy on me,

And enter  in to  my cruel and cheating mind   and  destroy my danger.”


2818.That lady who was not prepared  to leave the love  on Rama ,

Even if  she  suffers  death  thought  that “ his wife    whose eyes are ,

Like blue flower  or Kayal fish   is  more pretty than Goddess Lakshmi  .

And so  he would never look at me    who is a sinner.”


2819.She  further thought  that  that pretty  lady   is  the very chaste,

Goddess Lakshmi who sits   on the lotus flower   and that  the  if  we love,

A man  then that sickness   of desire    would destroy  ,

And it has  mingled    with our  body and makes it  hot like  burning fire.


2820.When  that lady was  suffering    due to excessive love she had  ,

The  Sun rose  like  the birth of Rama  for   removing    the great  darkness,

Created    by the   Rakshasas , who could  close  down all the  three worlds.

     Some writers feel that Soorpanakai Padalam ends   with this,

     And a new chapter called Mookari (cutting of nose.) padalam starts   from her)


2821. AS  soon as it became dawn   Soorpanakha     saw   her own body  and her soul,

And thought   that till that matchless  lady   is near him  , he would not see me,

And so  I would run quickly lift her    up and then hide   her with speed,

Then the best thing would be to live with her darling happily.


2822.She came and searched   for Sita   in the hermitage and saw that,

Rama had gone from there  to the river  and was doing   his morning rituals,

But   did not see   his younger brother  who had a crescent like   forehead,

Guarding Sita  in the  sweet scented   garden filled   with great darkness.


2823,Thinking that Sita is alone   and her  thought  has achieved victory,

And there was no need for any more delay and thinking of some other   way,

And that  cruel , hateful angry   Soorpanakha   followed   to catch,

The peacock like Sita and this was   seen by Lakshmana from ,

That garden which was amply   laden with    fruits.


2824 That Lakshmana shouted, “Hey stop there”  and speedily  ,

Approached   her thinking   that    she is a lady  and without ,

Taking his bow  pulled her   by catching    the red hair  on her head,

By his red hands  , kicked her   and made   her fall down  ,

And took   his lustrous    sword  from his scabbard .


2825. But Soorpanakha thought    that   with great ease, she could ,

Take him also and fly in the sky  and rose up but Lakshmana  pushed her  down,

Easily  , said to her “do not do this cruel deed” and    cut  off her ,

Nose ears and the   cruel big  tips   of her breasts  , one after  another ,

And then after  leaving his anger  , left  her   hairs also.


2826.The wail that was  made by Soorpanakha  at that time   spread,

In all directions and also went   in to ears   of   Devas   in the heaven,

Now    what else  need   to be told   about what happened   there?

The  blood that flowed  from her nasal holes made the  entire world wet.


2827.That good   time   when   with   luster full cruel sword  , the  breasts,

Where cut    and her raised up nose    was cut   which was  like  cutting  ,

The tips of huge mountains   and was   like  the inaugural ceremony  ,

For cutting ten heads of Ravana wearing gem studded   crowns.


2828.That  Rakshasi   when she kept her shaking feet   with  alarm,

And wailed  , it  looked like  that  the asuras like Khara,

 Who had   shining   spear wealth  , like the God of death 

Were preparing for their death   in the   cruel    angry war  ,

And  Soorpanakha  stood erect   and  it looked like,

The black   dark clouds    were  giving rise  to rain of  blood.


2829.That Soorpanakha  born in an ancient asura clan  , which has ,

Never  been approached   by sorrow , raised   up in the sky,

Due to great sorrow, fell  on the earth  , and cried lying there,

Became tired,   crushed  her  palms and then rotated ,

Fainted  ,  woke  up   from that   faint  after some time,

And muttered  , ”This  sorrow  is because I was born as a girl.”


2830.. She rubbed  the nose that   was bleeding  , let out  hot breath,

Like that from the bellows  of the black smith  , beat  with her hand on earth,

Caught  her  very big breasts and stare at it  , sweat all over,

Ran around    with her powerful  legs   and after running,

And then due   to too much of bleeding  got    tired.


2831. That Soorpanakha who was wandering in the  blood slushy mud   created by,

The blood which was   flowing like a stream from her, being unable   to bear the pain,

Shouted  and wailed  hearing which even devas  were scared and    started  running away,

And she started   calling   the names of people    for her clan, whom even God of death  were scared.


2832. “oh mountain like elder brother who lifted  Kailasa which  is  the   abode of Shiva,

Who holds the fire in his hand, when you exist in this world with  the stable fame,

Is it not insult to your fame that  people who do penance carry the  bow and walk?

Is it proper for you to stand scared   without lifting your head  before Devas. Please see me.”


2833. “Oh  mighty Ravana   who is  more powerful  than the trinity  who do not get weakened ,

At the deluge   as well  as  all devas   as well as Asuras, Is the saying that ” when the   mother tiger

 Is nearby Its tiger calf cannot   be caught  by others   and tormented”  which the people.

Of this earth , surrounded by the sea , false?.Would you not come to see my present suffering?”


2834.”Oh Ravana  , who fought with Indra   who came   to war driving  his   elephant,

And came shouting helped by all devas   , you  destroyed him in war   and made him,

Run away showing his back to you   becoming greatly jittery and scared?

Would you not come to see my present suffering?”


2835.”Oh Ravana, who took   the sword Chandra hasa  when it   was given by hands of  Shiva,

You made   the God of wind , the god of water , the  God of fire, the cruel God of time Yama,

Sky  , the planets   doo menial jobs    for you as per your order. Have you become  ,

Powerless   to fight with these two men  and have changed    your strength?”


2836.”Oh Ravana who could keep  his  twenty shoulders erect and have a strength  ,

To fight  war , who produced   streaks of fire when  he is walking  ,

Who broke the tusks of the eight elephants carrying  the world  and who could ,

Powder   the mountains, even if a person  is like God of love   who lost ,

His body due to the    anger of Lord Shiva , they are  like the dust  below   your sandals,

Would you not get angry    at such people?”


2837.”Has  the  Ravana  and his brothers   who are  blessed with the power  of destruction,

Of the devas  who wear  the Karpaga   flower garland with the scent of honey ,

Lost that power and has that power   gone and settled   down among  men,

Who have blood running in their body  and are feed for the Rakshasas. This is strange.”


2838.”Does this indicate   the power and strength  of the sages   who live  hiding,

In this dense   forest scared  of Rakshasas or   does it indicate   the weakening ,

Of the power   of Rakshasas?.Is he lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu   or  Lord Brahma ?

Oh Khara    who is always powerful, would you  not  bother   about my sorrow?”


2839. “In your palace   where Indra  and Lord Brahma    and all devas ,

Are obeying your orders and attending to menial jobs , Where  ,

The consort of Indra is singing  “Long live song”  , Where  all people ,

On earth salute you and praise   you and where   you  are   sitting,

Under royal   white Umbrella  , how can I come   without shame ,

And show you my face  in which the nose and ears have been cut off.”


2840.”Oh Brother who uprooted the mountain on which Lord Shiva sits.

Is it proper for  me crying because that man pushed   me down,

Making my chest crush  and roll  and   has cut off  my nose   ,

And  is proudly looking at his  own shoulders  making me ,

Support less and lonely  ?  Is this    not the forest where.

Khara  rules? Is it proper    for me to attain   this state  ?”


2841.Oh Ravana  , who  has waged a  restless war against the elephants  ,

That  are  in the  eight directions   and has broken their  tusk,

Oh Ravana   who has a shoulders which are   shining with   your fame ,

When I  have lost  my nose due to passion  and have   attained ,

Shamelessly bad name  , Would  not   your fame  also get stained?”


2842. Oh my nephew   Indrajit  who destroyed  with roots the  Vidhyadharas,

Who imprisoned  Indra who conducted   one hundred Aswamedha  Yagnas,

And    who made   the devas do his menial jobs, when in these forest  two men ,

Have cut off   my ears as well as nose together  , Is it all right,

That  I who am a sinner   should die here alone   due to shame?”


2843. Oh  Indrajit   ,  once upon a time when   all the    seven worlds together 

 Waged a war against you , you drove all  of them in all  directions by your single bow,

And chained  their king Indra   on both his legs  ,

Would you not come to see the  strength of these  men?”


2844.Oh Khara and Dhooshana   who were born in the  clan of Rakshasas,

Who wear  Gems which removes darkness  , who are  strong  and have long hand,

And who have weapons which can even break a stone , are you also  sleeping,

Like Kumbhakarna   who has weapons sharpened   by black smiths,

And due to that  are   you not able to hear me when I call?


2845.When that   Rakshasi  was  crying and wailing  in various ways,

And rolling on the dusty    floors  of the hermitage   in various ways 

Rama holding a huge bow  , who had huge shoulders   and  ,

Who was like an emerald mountain  , after   completing   ,

The rituals in river Godavari came walking back to the hermitage.


2846.When he came there , Soorpanakha   beat her  stomach with her hands,

Making the   mud slushy    with the tears  she shed and the blood flowing out  from her,

Said, “Oh Lord  , oh sir   for the crime   of my desiring your pretty body,

See what has   happened to me , and then fell   before him.


2847.Rama with his matchless  great  heart understood that   she who had ,

Kept her hair scattered  all around   has    done some cruel deed,

And also understood that  only  his younger brother   had cut off  ,

Her long nose   and ears  and he  asked her  “Who are you?”


2848.Hearing that she asked , “do you  not know me  ? I am the sister ,

Of Ravana  , who has abolished  enemy talk from all the three  worlds,

Who  is short tempered and carries a   cruel spear   which is  like  a leaf.”


2849.And then Rama   asked her , “Why did you leave the famous place of Rakshasas

And have come here   where we have  come to do penance   after  walking a long distance?

And for doing what activity have you come here ?” and then she replied,

“Oh Lord who is the medicine  for cruel  passion like the coal burning    in the fire,

And makes us all suffer? Did I not come yesterday   also “


2850. When Rama asked her “were you the person with long   black eyes ,

Resembling the kayal fish   looking like Goddess  Lakshmi,

Sitting on lotus flower    with the scent   of honey  ,

Who came yesterday    to see me  ? and she replied  ,

“If the breasts  , the ear wearing  ear globes  and the flag like nose  ,

Are cut off, Oh king of beauty   who has    very pretty eyes,

Would not any great   beauty   be destroyed  ,oh king.”


2851,That Lord Rama  , after  breaking  in to a smile , looking  at the face ,

Of his heroic brother  asked, “Oh valorous one, What crime did she commit,

So that you have cut off  her dropping ear   and   long nose” and then

That  valorous Lakshmana saluted    the   holy feet  of Rama and started telling.


2852, “ I do not know whether   she was searching for eating   something with her long teeth,

Or whether  a group of cruel Rakshasas  were near her but I knew not the reason why,

She  with her   evil eyes   spitting fire  and with an anger   which others cannot realize,

She came running   looking at    Sita     told Lakshmana.


2853.Before Lakshmana   with a big curved   bow   could   complete ,

What he was saying , That Rakshasi who had   enmity    with him,

Said, “Oh lord   who has   watering places   in his kingdom,

In which a pregnant she frog   seeing her  mate   sitting on a conch,

Developed  a great love tiff   and was    stirring violently the water ,

If a lady sees the other wife of her   husband   would not her  mind burn?”


2854.Hearing her words  Rama told her  “We came here searching

For the cowardly Rakshasas who were experts  in wars of illusion,

By which   they were   able to search and destroy   huge   complex of people,

And so do not tell these cruel words and march towards   destruction,

And run away from this forest where   sages of truth   are living  ,”

And hearing all thrse words  of Rama , she started  replying.


2855.’If I tell  that the devas   like Lord Brahma   who do not   develop  ,

White  hairs and folded skin , who are  very many in number  ,

Are  paying tribute to my brother   and are citizens   under his rule

It would not be proper  ,  as  any action done in haste  is not good.

If you have sufficient wisdom    to keep on staying alive ,

I have some thing   to be told    to you individually.”


2856. Ravana who has   ten heads   would cut  off the tongues,

Of those   who tell him that , “the nose of your sister  has been cut  “,

Is not one who is very modern and would say . “ by cutting the nose ,

You have cut  off your clan  and so there  is no way for you to escape.

Have you not   made the forests   wet by  dropping  of blood there.”


2857. If  you protect me and save my life  , I would save you   from Ravana,

And  if you do not do so , my brother    Ravana would completely eliminate you .

And there  is no  one   among devas who protect the heavens ,

Or among those   kings who protect  the earth   or  the kings who  protect 

The serpents for they would    only to try  to protect their  head  being cut  ,

And would not   protect  your body and would try  not to die.”


2858.”Normally    those   ladies who are  imprisoned   in the fence,

Of  chastity     would not   say about their greatness  themselves,

In spite of that  I am telling it  to you , because my love towards  you,

I am the sister of Ravana    who is much stronger   than  devas,

And I am stronger than every one in this world  ,Would  you not tell  this to your brother”


2859.”I would protect you in big wars.I would  be able to carry you  ,

Through  the path of sky to any place   that   you would desire to go,

I am capable of bringing   many types    of fruits   which are   as tasty as meat,

Why  do   you hate and want to  destroy  ,all those   who guard   you,

I would be able to give you  anything that   you desire  by mind,

And I am not able to understand how this  flower like lady would be useful to you.”


2860.”Due to birth in a high clan , due to culture of doing good,

Due to my ability to bring    anything that is wanted   by you ,

Due to intelligence , Due to innocence  and due to my beauty,

All the people of earth as well as heaven , would  not be able    ,

Tell any other   lady   that they know   as one  equal to me  .”


2861.”You have cut off my nose , what did I lose by that  ?

If you accept me   within a second    I would be able to remake it ,

I would also gain lot of beauty and I would also get  your merciful habit,

After that    would  there be any     short coming to my feminineness,

Is it not true   that high and long nose   is common to ladies?”


2862. “Is it not true    that those who are  needed   are not liked,

And if your mind loves me   , would not   my soul become yours?

Is not the beauty   which  is desired by all  , a type   of poison ?

Would you not accept me  ,when I take the form which is liked by my husband?”


2863.Oh Lord  who was    formed  by the joining  of Shiva, Brahma who sits on the lotus  ,

 The great Vishnu   and the Indra with Vajrayudha   and has a  very pretty form.

Because   the God of love   is troubling the souls  of every one  ,

Using his flower  arrows   and is not merciful  ,

Like your younger brother  , is he also your younger brother?”


2864 . “Oh Lord who wears   heroic anklets    made   of gold  ,

Is there any reason for cutting off my nose   and making it in to a big hole?

I would take the sweet and pretty form that  I had   before,

My nose   was cut and then go away from there  .and if you  had cut  my nose  ,

Thinking   that  I would not go anywhere   and no body  would look at me  ,

You have done a great mistake   and It is due to my knowing the truth  ,

My love to you got   doubled. Am I one  who is not wise enough?”


2865. When those Rakshasas   who are boiling with anger   and having a long spear  ,

Come to know of this cruelty done to me   and look at   you with anger ,

And due to that    would    completely    destroy all   the world   and so,

Remembering   your Dharma   the people   who are with  great families .

Please   do not  do any deed   that   would   bring bad name to them,

And so avoid doing this act which will bring bad name to you  ,

And  be kind enough   to live with me.”   Said Soorpanakha  and saluted him,


2866.”Oh cruel Rakshasi  , I am still having the   arrow   which killed Thadaga ,

Who  is   the mother   of your mother   and you being  one who caused ,

The world unbearable   harm also  , know that I have been born in this    world  ,

To do penance  and destroy the Rakshasas who have great strength ,

Of shoulders and densely formed   flower garlands   and who have ,

Enmity with me   and so leave these cruel habits and run away  .”


2867.Rama again told ,  “We are the sons of Dasaratha who ruled the world,

And have come  in obedience  to the    words  of my step mother 

To this  forest which is scented and as per the desire   of those ,

Who chant the Vedas  and those    who do great  penance  ,

We want to completely uproot    all the Rakshasas  along  ,

With their big army  and  would go back to the   city of Ayodhya,

Which has  houses  which are similar   to the great mountains ,

Please  think about of all these    and understand it properly.


2868.”Without standing in front of Rakshasas   who do not follow good habits,

The devas who lived for a long time  were  all defeated   and ran away ,

If you are intelligent do not consider    both of us as after all   only   men,

If you  bring  , those Rakshasas  wearing garlands     and  holding     spears ,

Those Rakshasas who have won victory  over Yakshas   and others  ,

And all those   whom you consider as  strong  , we  would kill them in front of you.”


2869.Then she said, “Oh person of Kosala country  which produces lot of paddy,

Due to its having good water   resources  , Without   finding fault  on  me   as one,

Whose teeth of upper palate     are long and protruding outside  and one having a large  mouth,

Please show   your grace    and mercy on me  and then you can kill Rakshasas,

You can understand  their   acts of illusion  even before ,  you can win over all the  kings,

You can get over the   black magic acts   of theirs   and    you can get over,

All the cheating acts of Rakshasas with my help . “  said that Rakshasi called  Soorpanakha.


  2870. “I understand that you would not part   with your wife ,

Who has bamboo like shoulders  and  would I also be a great burden,

If you are interested   in fighting a war with the  strong  Rakshasas  who cheat  ,

I would   understand their tricks  that they use by their five sense   organs  ,

Which are cheating which lead to senselessness   and prevent them,

After all  they say the feet   of one serpent   is only known to another.


2871.  “If you say that you have  one lady who likes you and  want to marry you,

And if you think of waging   a war against Asuras  , Me , you and your brother  ,

Would fight with them   and make   that battle field in to a tank of blood,

And gain victory  and if you think that  this event is not likely   to happen,

Then make me live with your brother “ said   the sister of Ravana,

Who once   waged a war  and imprisoned  the sun and moon.


2872.”On the day that  you all go back to    Ayodhya  , the city of festivities,

I would assume a form you like   and even if your brother  is one  ,

Who has anger that never goes away   and even if  he tells,

That I would  not  live with one who has a cut nose and ears  ,

Oh Lord,  Have you not lived    for a long time with one  who has no waist.”


2873.Looking at that  Soorpanakha     who told like this, Lakshmana  ,

After looking at   his spear  with a shape of a leaf   and asked Rama

“If I do not kill her  here itself then she    would   greatly sorrow,

What is your order regarding this?”  Rama said,

“The words   you said are  proper   and if she does not   go away,

Do accordingly “ And Soorpanakha   understood that  , they would,

Not agree to her proposals   and that  she would lose her life.


2874.”Would I  patiently    continue to live   with  my long nose  ,

Two ears   and my two breasts  which were  making me pretty  being cut off ?

What I have been doing here   was only an act   of   cheating  , to make you understand,

I would  now itself  bring Khara   who is  more powerful than  wind as well as fire  ,

Who is very cruel   and who is the  God   of  death   who is going to kill you  all”

Saying like this   with  great anger  which had not cooled down , She went away.



6.Kharan   Vadha Padalam

The chapter of killing of Khara


(Soorpanakha then goes    and complains to her Cousin Khara as to what has happened . He then  sent fourteen chiefs to kill Rama. In spite of Lakshmana wanting to fight the battle  , Rama prevents him for doing it and  kills all the fourteen chiefs. Hearing this Khara  comes along with his army . All of them including Trisiras and Dhooshana are killed by Rama  . In the war with Khara, the bow of Rama breaks and Varuna gives the bow of Lord Vishnu to Rama.


    Valmiki mentions only about 14000 soldiers with Khara. There is no mention of the breaking of the bow of Rama  and Varuna giving a new bow   in Valmiki Ramayana.)


2875.That lady (Soorpanakha)  who was with flowing blood, With loose hair,

With  watershed  hole like nose  and   a very   broad     mouth  ,

Like the cloud spread   on the reddish sky   fell on  both feet of the  great Khara.


2876.It wasa the day   when those   Rakshasas    would   face   destruction,

And like drum which is being played  as per the orders   of God of death,

Soorpanakha made    great sound by her wailing  and  like   the struggling snake ,

Which was hit by  fire like   thunder   from the clouds , rolled  on the earth.


2877.That Khara    whose    eyes were drowned   by blood  oozing out of her nose  ,

And  one who has a mouth from which   smoke  comes out as and when a word  was uttered,

Looking at her asked ,” Who are  those  shameless  people  ,

Who have brought you to this state  . Please tell me who they are?”


2878.Hearing that she replied , “They are   two human beings who are   sages,

And were seen holding  a huge  bow and a great sword  in their hands,

They had a  body of the god of love  who travel in the   path of Dharma,

They are the sons of Dasaratha   and are  the  ones who are searching Rakshasas  for fighting.”


2879.”They are least bothered   about your strength   and they   both want ,

To establish Dharma after   examining    various   paths  leading to Dharma,

And as a  policy they have decided  that they will  kill all asuras who hold the spear.”


2880.”THe young lady with them  has prettiness  that cannot be seen on this earth  ,

AS well as   in the difficult to see heavens   or in patala   and thinking about it,

She does not have any one else     who is equal    to her in  her  beauty  ,

And though  I have seen her with my eyes I cannot describe her by my mouth.”


2881.”After seeing    such a lady  who  had beauty beyond  imagination  ,

I decided that  I will take her    to Ravana   who is the king  of Lanka,

And  when I was   preparing to jump at her  ,  those men got angry  ,

And completely cut   off my nose    She said to them.


2882.That  Khara  who used   to make the beings of the    world   shiver  ,

And made the eyes of those who looked at him   burn down,

After hearing these   words , saw her nose which was like ,

The unearthed    fruit of the palmyrah  palm   , with his  eye,

Jumped up and told her  , “ show me those  people” and started from there.


2883.After  telling this Khara stood up  with fire  of anger  coming  out of his eyes,

Which could make  all the seven worlds   burn and turn in to powder  ,

And that Khara whose mind was   boiling  said  “now all humans are no more”,

And he further said, “would those  who   make the bad  name to us not  get destroyed.”


2884.And then when he summoned his chariot  his fourteen army chiefs,

Who were   sitting by  his side  , who were like fourteen mountains each with two hands  ,

Who were  each capable   of lifting    the earth   just   by their one hand,

Said to him,  “Please  allot this job of war   only     to us,”


2885.Those Rakshasas   were  having arms   that could fight    with trident   , sword  ,

Axe  , iron rod, and wheel  , who could  make all   beings   of this    earth  ,

Scared   by their sound   and had   bodies like Halahala poison.


2886.Those Rakshasas   who were    boiling   with  anger of fire   addressing Khara told,

“Oh great chief  , are you going to fight with  anger with devas  and we say  that,

“our job as slaves is good.”,  if it is  “no”, “if you go to fight with this men,

How can we continue  to live in this world with respect “ and stopped him.


2887.  Khara said , “well said   , if I go and fight   against these  human lads,

Devas  will laugh at us   and so you please   go  and   fight with   them,

And   then drink their blood  , destroy   their principles , and come back,

With the tender  girl who is with them”,  Ordered  he to them,


2888.As soon as Khara ordered like this , with joy they saluted him  ,

And along with the shameless  lady who told the   news  and went as if,

They are emissaries   of God of death  , went behind her  ,

And reached   the place where  sons of Dasaratha   was staying.


2889.Soorpanakha  pointed   out  with  her  hand ,

That lotus eyed  Rama   who was meditating  on the faultless,

And divine feet of that Lord Vishnu   who has one thousand

Ancient  names  to them who were   experts in tumultuous war fare .


2890.With one saying  “we will catch   and crush them”  , another   saying,

“we will catch them by hand “ and yet others saying  , “we would ,

Tie both of them with long rope”  , they decided   that  they  would,

Complete   the job  as per the words of their leader  ,and surrounded Rama,

Just like   fourteen mountains   have   surrounded   him.


2891.That Rama who had the truth  which is praised   by all,

Told Lakshmana to protect Sita   and using his   big hands  ,

Which were like the flowering Karpaga   tree  , took

A mountain like  bow whose strings were  attached already.


2892.That Rama who had pretty eyes   resembling the red lotus flowers .,

Took hold of the bow   along with a sword   , tied   his quiver  ,

Moved away from   the hermitage  said, “Hey come to the  war”,

And with  a very joyful shoulders   started   that fight.


2893.Then Rama  cut and made to fall down    the axe  , sword  , the shining 

Tridents  and the   pillar like   twenty eight hands   of  those Rakshasas,

Who were looking like    the fire    at the   final deluge  by his arrows which never miss their aim.


2894.Though their long sword  bearing   hands   were   cut like trees and had fallen down,

Those army chief continue to fight with    the power  of their chests  ,

And due to the powerful arrows of Rama    hitting them, 

Their heads were   cut off   and fell down    and that  bad one ran away from there.


2895.That Soorpanakha    who was  like a she   elephant  , seeing all the male elephants,

Being killed by an  angry  and cruel lion , running  holding its trunk above    her,

Went    to Khara    who was armed with a  lustrous spear   and told the news.


2896. That  cruel Rakshasa  named Khara  who by his valour  cannot be prevented by,

Lord Shiva   riding   on his bull, as soon as he heard   that his army chiefs  have been killed ,

Became   so angry that   the blood within him   seem to come out  of his eyes.


2897.Khara who could shout and make    the lions   living in the caves  ,

Shiver   with fear   said, “Please  bring    my chariot   here  and arrange ,

For all my weapons to be brought   and let   my servants   go

Speedily  and within a second  play the war drums   so that,

The noise like   the  thunder falling  on the elephants   is heard.”


2898. AS soon as the war drums were  played  , the Rakshasa  army  ,

Which had chariots assembled there   like the numberless  ,

Clouds  bearing rain   coming together   and due to this,

The land of devas    as  well as the land of serpents  became sad.


2899.As soon those war drums    raised   a very huge sound “bom”,

The  army of asuras   rose   for the war   like the   waves of the ocean,

Along with its huge shoulders   and  endless   tumult  ,

Resembling  the black sea   resembling the cloud rising  at deluge .


2900. The entire forest was filled up densely   and hid the sky  ,

And the flags of chariots  which were   long as well as high  ,

Were waving and  looked like ghosts   telling the world,

Soon all   the hunger    that we have     would come to an end.


2901.Those Rakshasas   who were like the crowd of elephants  in rut,

With two trunks  , which had  just broken from its ties   and ,

Which were   not bothered    by any one  ,

With one sword   rubbing against another  giving rise    to fire sparks  ,

Made   the entire   forest look as if it was  covered by fire  ,


2902.With the   sound created   by playing of war drums  on both sides  ,

Getting mute due to the sound of   the rolling of wheels of umpteen chariots,

And appeared  like darkness swallowing   Sun God  who is personification of mercy.


2903.Similar  to all the huge  mountains    from all over ,

The  endless seven worlds  coming together   and  the earth,

Which is carried by   the   serpent called   Adhisesha  ,

Was  not able to stand   with  balance due to  the heavy burden,

And making its back bend and  become unstable. .


2904.The  number   of the Rakshasas in that army was like  ,

Crowd of tigers, crowd of clouds, tall standing mountains,

And not all this ,  but that  army of lions and could be  ,

Counted  as   several  times    ten thousands,


2905. Yaalis were tied  , Lions were tied  , Ghosts were tied,

Tigers   were tied  , dogs were tied  , foxes were tied  ,

Devils were   tied  and   Horses  were  tied to the chariots.


2906 .Bulls were  tied  , pigs  were tied  , wind like  ghosts were tied

Donkeys were also   tied   to the chariots    and

 There were   those tied with eagles ,

And they were  all capable   of    going round the earth  ,

As soon as mind thinks about them   and  The conches boomed.


2907.The crowds of chariots neared  , Elephants   with small eyes,

And red faces   which were like   clouds  neared,

The horse army which can travel like wind neared,

The huge army of  Rakshasa army   which were like,

 The God of death  were  also marching.


2908-2909.They were  carrying    arms like axe  , spears  ,

Strong swords  , pointed weapons  , throw spears  ,

Huge spears  , Huge stones  , small  knives called Musundi  ,

The iron staff  ,  the trident  , pestles , the rope of death,

Small spears , Vajrayudha  , sticks  , Bindipalas  ,

Countless arrows  , Wheels  , the cruel round weapon,

The White conches  , Fire  Sticks , Kappanas and ropes .


2910.All these   which were  lustrous  and made  the Sun,

And the    Fire scared  and were    filled   with blood and flesh  ,

And had   caused great sorrow   in previous battles  ,

And wore the garland of Vagai flowers  and were all near each other.


2911. The commanders of the   Rakshasa   army   had  the strength,

Of   several thousand elephants  , had mouths    which  could,

Swallow the earth itself  ,  had eyes   which burnt like    fire,

And these were   under the control   of fourteen chiefs.


2912.One army   division consisted   of sixty  lakhs  soldiers

And the entire     army consisted    of fourteen such divisions  .

This is how the   strength    of the army was enumerated.


2913. They all possessed great strength  , had a voice like thunder ,

Had weapons   that could be thrown by hand  ,

They all had got several boons by the God   who sits on lotus,

They were  so tall that   clouds thinking   they are  mountains,

Used to take rest on    their heads, they had lot of pride,

And   they had    come there   with the thought  of killing  their enemy.


2914.They had bodies   which measured  the sky    and could be seen,

Only if we stand erect  , they had chests   which cannot be measured  by eye ,

They were so strong that   they could measure   the earth with their feet,

And  they had won over devas   in several wars and were   famous due to that.


2915. They had such strong shoulders    that   the weapons,

Which were thrown at them by devas  as well as Indra  ,

Were  ejected  without wounding them   and later got powdered,

They had that much power that even God of death saluted them,

And  obeyed   their commands and   they had a form,

Which looked as  if the burning fire has taken their forms and had come there.


2916.They  were   holding the spear    and the   rope  ,

And had red   fluffy hair  , fearlessness  and long upper teeth.

They   were so black that   even the poison was whiter  compared to them,

And    due to their   power  , It could be doubted  whether they are indeed God of death.


2917. Those who wore  anklets  , those who wore garlands  ,

Those  who wore   armour over   their chests ,

Those who lustrous ornaments  , Those  who lift their forehead due to anger

Those who has red hair resembling fire  , those had  enthusiasm  in mind,

To participate in war   and they   who had  achieved  unity within.


2918.Even  the Indra  , the king of devas  who had  a elephant in rut  ,

With unbreakable    tusks   , if he happen to see them without intention  ,

Would show   his back and run away   and they who    did not have anyone,

To face them in all the three  worlds   to oppose   those,

Rakshasas    were with    shoulders like    the   top of mountains.


2919.   They with faces  of  Elephants , horses, devils  , monkeys .

Big lions  .the cruel  bear with great anger  ,dogs  . tigers   , Yalis 

Making those who see   them scared   had   faces  like fire,

And  they were like the poison that got collected   in the ocean of milk.


2920.Among them very large   number   of Rakshasas   were with eight hands  ,

Or With seven hands    or  with seven or eight    fire   spark emitting eyes,

Or With  strong legs , or those   who get joy  by   catching  all beings ,

Whom they see   by   their strong powerful hands  

And putting   them in their mouth and eating them  .


2921-2922.Those  which were robbed    from Yakshas, those  left by Asuras ,

When they   were   defeated  , those   they usurped    from devas ,

After making them faint by their illusion   by their   power  ,

Those they got   by chasing away Gandharwas    who never become tired,

And those they got from saints  by making them suffer  , were  those flags,

Peacock feathers  , big    hangings  , the  big flags   which were kept on  elephants,

Several type of gems, and  all these   were  spread   everywhere  ,

And since they were    densely there  in the sky  , the sun light became dim.


2923.  Those   fourteen leaders   of the divisions  were those   ,

Who got victory    in all the    fourteen worlds  , and they commanded a huge army  ,

They also had axes  , lifting  big swords  , possessed  lustrous    spears  ,

And had an anger like lion and tiger and used to make others   suffer.


2924.  They  had   the bow  , had   the   sword, had   teeth   with which,

They pressed    their teeth , had the power   to uproot even Mahameru mountain,

Had   chariots    drawn by   horses , had a strong  mind which made   them,

Capable of doing anything  exactly   as they  desire   and had   strong minds  ,

And   those  people    surrounded    Rama   from all the directions.


2925 Army chiefs like   Dhooshana   and Trisiras   who can,

Take out the soul from the body of valorous heroes,

And who   wore victory garlands   and other army chiefs ,

Came and surrounded  Khara along with  armies  with,

The huge sound    raised   by  their war drums.


2926.With a huge sea of soldiers   capable  of hurting the  enemy  ,

Surrounding him like they  surround the  Meru mountain touching the sky  ,

Khara   who rode  in a   stable chariot  , who has   high shoulders,

And one  appeared  scary    to all others, appeared   there.


2927. When  Elephants     whose    water   of rut flows   like a stream , horses,

Chariots   with golden kalasa   and  the Rakshasas   of four types of army ,

Walked on earth   , the dust that   rose   reached    sky   and  because of that,

The green horses  of Sun God  and his golden chariot  became   white.


2928.When that very angry army  which was  like an ocean,

Started from there , due to  the   great dust   that  rose ,

All the forests were covered with dust   and also ,

Mountains  growing up to the sky  and the clouds  on them,

Were  also covered by this dust  , the ocean was filled up  ,

What else    needs to be told    after   this?


2929.Due to  earth and sky becoming    densely   crowded  ,

Those   cruel Rakshasas  who had chosen to  kill in war  ,

Whose  mind was boiling  , resembling   mountains ,

Travelling on mountains  , jumped from one mountain to  another mountain.


2930. Soorpanakha  like   the diseases   which  are  within the body,

And cannot be  cured and had   the capacity to kill     all beings,

And give them to God of death   and which cannot   be avoided ,

Even by very wise people who have got rid  of  all attachments  ,

Walked in front   and   that  army   which was  like the sea ,

Reached   near   the place    where  the charitable   Rama was there.


2931.The   Rakshasa Army   came  with playing   of instruments   and drums,

That made  the clouds in the sky scared, with twang of their long  bows,

Making thunders   scared   and confused   and With their shouting  ,

Making  the oceans scared  and shivering   and reached  ,

The hermitage in the   forest where  those   experts in war were  staying.


2932. The birds and animals of that  forest   seeing   that  huge army  ,

Became confused , developed dry mouth  , had  pain in their body 

Did not take    rest any where  on the way  , were  looking up,

And taking deep breath   , developed dim eye sight   and rushed ,

Looking like  spies   who  wanted to tell Rama   ,

The arrival of the huge army   before any body else  .


2933.The rising dust came     in front of the army and settled down,

The trees  and bushes broke   due to being trampled   by the feet,

Of those Asuras   making   a sound “Chada, chada”  ,

The lions and Yalis in the forest ran helter-skelter ,

Due to great fear    and hearing the  great sound  ,

Due to all these  ,Those two with big shoulders ,

Thought   that   the Rakshasa  army has come to fight with them.


2934.Rama  Looked   at,   his younger brother   who was  holding,

A bow   shining like lightning , who had tied  on his hips  ,

Who had a quiver   full of sharp pretty looking   arrows 

Who was greatly angry  , who was telling   him,

“Stop   and be pleased to see  my skill in war”

And was ready for  war and standing before him,  and told.


2935.”Oh valorous one  , I have a request to you .

Please  with great attention take care  of the safety of Sita  ,

Who is wearing flowers    that have maddening   scent  and

I would  protect  my word given   to the sages  who are doing great penance  ,

Which was given earlier that  ,”I would myself kill the Rakshasas”.


2936.Seeing   that army which was   occupying   all the area of the forest  ,

And thinking that  it is the army of Khara  ,Rama who was  black in colour,

And had  lotus  flower like eyes  , tied the quiver , which was full of arrows,

On his shoulder   and wore an unbreakable    armour  and tied the sword.


2937.Then  Lakshmana said  , “Oh Brother   who is as strong as Yali,

Even if   all the beings of heaven and earth come before   me,

To fight a war   where there is no return ,  would not the life time,

Of all those beings    end that   day itself? Is there   a need,

For me to tell you about that ?   So please  give me  this war,

And see to it that the laziness   of my shoulders is removed?”


2938.Though Lakshmana told like this , Rama did not agree  to that,

Though he  understood in his mind the greatness   of the valour of his shoulders,

And Lakshmana unable  not to obey the command   of his brother  ,

Saluted him by folding his pretty hands   and with tears dropping down,

Went near the    sorrowing Sita    and stood guard    for her.


2939. With Sita who was like a branch having flowers similar to   the moon ,

Wearing ear studs  , becoming  weak and sad , Rama emerged  out of,

That hut with leaves as  roof   carrying a huge bow  which was like,

The Meru mountain   and came in to the sight  of those   Rakshasas,

Who were shouting like clouds   and who had   very sharp teeth  ,

Like   a huge male line emerging   out of its  mountain cave , with great anger.


2940 . That Soorpanakha  , who was like the cruel fire  produced  ,

By the rubbing of  Bamboo plants   touching the sky  , getting ,

Ready to completely destroy the   clan of   her birth,

Pointed out Rama who came out of the hut   and told  ,

“This  one   who is ready  for war,  is the valorous hero 

Who has enmity   with us and he is called   Rama..”


2941.That  victorious Rakshasa warrior  Khara   who had mountain like shoulders,

And who was   standing   with enmity on a golden chariot   which was   shining ,

And making even the sun god depressed ,  saw  Rama    and looking at  his soldiers,

Told  that “I  would myself fight   this great   war alone, destroy

The power of this man and would    wear    the garland of victory today.”


2942.Khara further told “If people say   “He is only one man  and for   the powerful  army,

Of Rakshasas  which is very powerful  , there  is no place to stand in this forest  ,

.It  is surprising”, What would be the use   of victory that   we will get,

And so   all of you   stand watching   and I would alone,

Make this man who sis our flesh food   and drink his soul.”


2943.One  very leared Asura   called Akampana   after   hearing  these words  told.

“Oh sir  , who has  the greatest valour among those   having   very great valour  ,

It  is great   to be  harsh and cruel in a battle  ,but I am seeing many ill omens here,”

And then he  started    describing   them in detail.


2944.”Oh valorous one  , After   the booming of clouds there  is rain of blood,

The  Sun is surrounded  by a circle  , the crowd of crows   after  fighting  ,

Sitting on your flag are    falling down  and rolling in the ground” think  about them.


2945.”Flies are circling the wounds made by the swords  , the left eyes,

And shoulders of your  soldiers are twitching  ,

The horses   of  the great army chiefs   are  sleeping   and falling down  .

Dogs join with  the foxes   and are   making   peculiar   sound.”


2946. “The female elephants    are  letting out water   of rut and  in case,

Oh huge male elephants    , their   huge tusks are    breaking and falling down,

The earth is trembling and shaking  , Thunders  are falling from the sky ,

The   great directions are catching fire and burning   and the  garlands,

Worn over the  head of Rakshasas are  having the bad smell of rotten flesh.”


2947.”Since such ill omens are happening   judging him as a weak man is not proper  ,

OH lord who knows justice  , even if you can take   all the efforts  for a war,

He does not seem to be  one who can be defeated   easily  .

Oh Lord   with the victory garland ,please  pardon my words, “Said Akampana.


2948.As soon as   he heard these words,  Khara laughed making all ,

The world shake   and said, “My shoulders   which like  mortar  ,

Have made the devas in to a paste   and which are shaking ,

Are now very happy  demanding me to  fight   the war,

Would we submit to a man? Our valour  seems to be good.”


2949.As soon as this was told   , like many  angry  elephants   encircling  a lion,

Which had pure lustrous mane , that Rakshasa army  encircled the  son,

Of the king of kings   and that crowd of   very angry Raksasas,

Throwing very many types of weapons surrounded  Rama with sound like thunder.


2950.When the Rakshasa army encircled him like that  , the huge   bow,

In the hands of Rama started  bending   and let  us now tell,

About the war that happened   at that time   and also its result 

Due to the arrows of Rama  making hole in to them the swiftly moving,

Horses   fell down and rolled   and  the elephants   with red dots  in their face ,

Suffered and fell down like huge mountains  , as if thunder has struck them.


2951. The spears were broken , the lustrous axe  were  cut in to pieces,

The swords   were uprooted  , The Iron rod weapons     were broke,

Bindi palas    were broken  , arrows were broken  , the spears  ,

Which had the mouth that split were broken   and bows   and Opalla arrows were broken.


2952.The heroic anklets    were broken in to pieces  , Along with arms  ,

The  huge iron rods were broken  , the legs of elephants in rut were cut off  ,

The flags   as well as axils   of huge chariots were   cut  ,

Horses    were   cut in to pieces  , the heads  of animals were cut  ,

The Pestles   along with huge   iron rods   were also broken.


2953.The cruel arrows     that were   sent by Rama   went  through  ,

The  horses and the seatsWhen Rama   , the black elephants    in rut   and speedily  ,

Went towards   all directions  . The  stream like   blood,

Was standing here and there, The chests  of several  asuras ,

Were broken and   their  head   also was cut off.


2954. When Rama  , who was born in the clan of Raghu  sent rows   of arrows

 Like one , ten , hundred   , thousand and crore   and innumerable   numbers 

Which killed   his enemies and pierced   the heads  of many mountains,

The  heaps of corpses  of those  Rakshasas were  lying in several rows.


2955. When   the branches of black  luxurious trees   caught   fire,

Due  to  the burning   of that fire  , the  bodies without heads  ,

Being heated  , with blood   flowing on them twitched  and shook.

And those sharp  arrows  of Rama after  cutting the Rakshasas,

Which went speedily on to the sky  , not being satisfied,

With cutting the bodies are going to kill their souls in the heavens.


2956. The cruel arrows of Rama    which were like the long eyes of ladies,

Caused scare    to the Rakshasas  cut off  their  hands , holding the sword  ,

Cut off their neck   , broke open their bodies   wearing armour  ,

Cut off their legs   and   made their red heads   scatter  ,

And went away   to   see the boundaries  of  different directions.


2957.Those arrows   of Rama showering constantly   were like rain,

Cut off the mountain like  bodies of Asuras   and heaped them,

And they looked like   big banks of  lakes   and rivers,

And filled   those   rest of the areas    with blood  ,

And this made  the look of the forests   very much  different.


2958.Then the blood rose  giving    rise to waves   and looked ,

Like a ocean of blood  and in that sea the cut heads ,

Of the Asuras floated  , big flesh pieces floated,

Elephants with trunks   floated  , The horses ,

Which jumped    floated  , The big bows   floated ,

And the chariots   along with    the flags   floated.


2959. At that time   some very strong   Rakshasas,
Looking at this,  with  fire   coming   of their eyes,

After  greatly shouting  , like a huge  mountain,

Surrounded by clouds   showering white rain drops,

Threw at Rama   cruel long arrows  , and also  ,

Several powerful weapons   which are  capable of cutting the enemy.


2960.Rama  using   his arrows  cut off all the weapons   that were,

Showered on him by the Rakshasas and made them scatter in all directions,

And cut  off several heads  of Rakshasas , made them in to a mountain heap,

And made the earth twitch due to great load and filled up the forest.


2961.At that time  the bodies without   head danced  , the dead elephants,

Got drowned   in that stream of hot and red   blood , huge ghosts  ,

Due to great anger  ate the bodies of Rakshasas  with great fat content  ,

And   the heavens also not  able to bear the  load , twitched its body.


2962.  Looking at Rama    who is an expert archer   and who  was like the Sun God,

Who  shined  and broke open and removed   several  thousand darknesses  

Very many   Rakshasas got very angry   and stared   at him  sharply,

And like the lustrous   spear   , Similar to the   huge clouds   causing ,

Rain of stones    at the time of final deluge   attacked him,

By sending    various    types of arrows   continuously.


2963. That Rama who was holding the bow    killed   the  Rakshasas who came in groups,

Those who came separately  ,  who came with enmity  and with very great anger  ,

And who ran away from war  and came gain to fight  after  identifying   those ,

Who threw at  him a particular weapon, after identifying   those who shot him with arrows,

After identifying those who intended   to shoot a particular   weapon   and 

After identifying  those who dared to attack him , by using his very sharp arrows.


2965. The  heads that were    cut and pushed   by Rama   were  those  ,

Wearing ear globes   and some of them    reached   the place of clouds,

Some reached   the boundary of the oceans  , some  went and reached,

The  stars surrounding the moon  , some went   and reached   the cruel forests,

Some went and reached the  mountains  and some reached  the elephants  of the eight   directions.


2966.Rama’s arrows   which pierced   the body   of  the very strong    Rakshasas  , from whom,

Blood was flowing   like   river from their wounds   and who thought   that ,

Their strong chests     were   much more   powerful than  the Meru mountain,

Exited from their body   and   some fell on the earth  , some on the top of mountains,

Some  went above the clouds   , some went to the sky   where  moon was there  ,

And   some went below   the   huge and tumultuous    oceans.


2967.Some Rakshasas   wearing flower garland  and had eyes which emit   sparks of fire  ,

Some were    sending powerful , sharp  and cruel  weapons   at  Rama   and 

All those Rakshasas died due    to the rain of arrows  that Rama sent  ,

And the bodies of those who died like that  went and joined   the ocean,

And they got   the deva body which cannot be destroyed and those ,

Beings who move    at night   happily  shouted  that “Rakshasas have been destroyed.”


2968.With  the livers of those dead Rakshasas  looking  like  lotus flowers  ,

The  destroyed chariots   becoming    sand dunes  ,

The  crowd  of floating dead  elephants   becoming   the crowd of   crocodiles ,

Their  thick intestines   becoming    the lotus   leaves,  

There   were   several lakes    of blood there  and in which the ghosts took bath.


2969. When those   fatal arrows   like torrential rain hit them,

Some people shouted   for help  , some   fell down greatly tired,

Some of them died  , some  ran away for a very long distance ,

Some greatly sorrowed  , some took deep breath  ,

Some rolled on the  ground  , some were caught  in the slushy mud ,

Of the lakes  of blood  , Some fell on earth and died  and some broke down.


2970. Those fourteen  Rakshasa chiefs   who were   as cruel as the poison  ,

That emerged   when  the milk ocean  when it  was churned

 Made fun of those  who retreated  and ran away before their eyes,

And rode in chariots with very strong wheels  , were armed  with sword and spear  ,

Were surrounded  by an army  which was  like ocean ,

And were  also having a very huge bow   and together reached place  of Rama.


2971. They like the  Rakshasas   of Tripura who once surrounded  Lord Shiva  

Who held a    a bow like Meru mountain, in  the sky  , surrounded Rama,

Without bothering about him  and  the fire of anger   from their body,

Coming  out through their eyes, and attacked  him with anger  ,

And surrounded the great archer Rama  and waged a war at him.


2972. At that  time  many Rakshasas who had crescent shaped long ,

Protruding teeth   sent Arrows    against Rama  , Many threw  spears at him,

Some hit him with  axes, some hit him with round metallic staff,

Many beat him with weapons  , many fought   and neared him ,

Some of them uprooted mountains and rained   them on him.

Some threw fire on him, some shouted   bad words at him 

Some chastised and shouted at him   and surrounded him like mountain.


2973.From the killing arrows that emanated   from the bow of Rama ,

The beasts that  were attached to all their  chariots   died and reached the earth,

The   huge   elephants    which were in rut     were all given in sacrifice,

The  head of  horses with jingling bells  did not fit on their body,

And thus those Rakshasas lost all their accompaniments  ,

And because   of that  lost their confidence   and shivered   for their life.


2974.The rain of arrows pierced   the bodies  of that cruel Asuras  who had fainted,

And the blood that  flowed from their wounds   were like river and hid the earth,

The   crowd of Devas   who had assembled   in the sky  closed their eyes,

And the emissaries of God of death  came speedily  like storm and took away soul of Asuras.


2975. On the  mountain cave like  mouth  of the mad Rakshasas,                             

Who like to fight war   and  are the reason for ghosts   coming together,

Several  dogs climbed inside  ,  also many jackals  came and climbed  on their head,

And those Rakshasas   who were like fire , who were like huge  male lions  ,

And who were like  thunder  appearing on clouds  came and crowded there ,

And they   were killed by  the sharp , fire spitting arrows of Rama  and reached heaven.


2976.The heads of Asuras   were broken  ,their eyes which spit fire   were torn down,

The elephants  which were tied  broke  in to pieces like  mountains on earth,

The   arrows of Rama which were like  rain from clouds   scattered  and fell everywhere,

And in all those  places   they spit fire like the fire place of black smith  and many asuras died.


2977.All others other than those great  fourteen army chiefs   , their chariots 

 And  big war  weapons  that they carried , who were very angry and neared  Rama,

Were killed by the   arrows  of Valorous Rama   and drowned ,

In the evil smelling   cruel sea of blood     and died.


2978.Those fourteen chiefs   looked all around  and were  not able to see,

Even a single soldier   in the great army that  came surrounding them,

With their head   attached    to their body , and  crashed  their  teeth  ,

And with great anger , came in   speedy chariots and surrounded  Rama.


2979.Rama cut    those   fourteen chariots   which came near him,

And surrounded   him   within the time of battling    of the eyes,

By his arrows   and destroyed them  and having lost    their  .

Wheels ,  horses and driver   they resembled,

The mountains which were    thrown by  terrible cyclone.


2980.Once   their chariots were destroyed   those  fourteen chiefs,

Got down making the earth split   and they who had   huge bows  ,

Did not retire   and with eyes    giving out      sparks of fire  ,

They sent arrows resembling thunder continuously  .


2981.Rama  then destroyed   all those   destructive    arrows  .

By  his own arrows   and then Rama cut in to pieces  ,

The bows of those fourteen chiefs by using fourteen arrows,

And  completely   destroyed their power  to fight in the war.


2982.Since all those  chiefs   had  lost their bows  , with great  anger,

They uprooted    mountains made   of stones   and   rose  up ,

In the sky carrying them    and threw   those mountains,

At Rama   with sparks of fire   flying   everywhere.


2983.That  very knowledgeable  Rama who had mastered   all arts ,

Took fourteen arrows which had the shape of leaves   and ,

Using his bow which did the job of killing  ,  sent them,

After   arching   his   eye brows   and those  mountains,

AS well their heads   became   in to pieces   and fell on earth.


2984, AS soon as those   army chiefs who were    the best among the army died,

All other   Rakshasas came   waving their various    weapons   and with  fire like eyes  ,

Reached  in front of Rama   and spread  all over the sky,

And all the directions   and  hid themselves   and devas were  scared seeing this.


2985,The strong   big elephants  , like the huge war drums, shouted loudly,

All the big strong     bows  with newly attached   strings  twanged,

The conches   and horses  ,made great sound and the   roar ,

Of those  Rakshasas which resembled  the  thunder boomed.


2986.Those weapons    that were thrown by the Rakshasas  covered the sky  ,

And expecting   that   they would be   cut by the arrows of Rama   in to pieces,

And fall down upon them,  the greatly scared   devas    ran away from there,

All other   worlds   tottered and lost their spirit   and the elephants ,

Which were carrying the world  like pillars  , closed their eyes   due to fear.


2987. That chief of that  great army   was having measureless  power  ,

Wore  golden crown on all his three   heads   and was   an expert,

In causing a rain of  very sharp arrows    from his great bow,

And had   the form of the trident   Of Lord Shiva   with  three eyes.


2988.Then  that one called  Trisiras     standing in their   middle,

Surrounded  by an army    which resembled the sea   at deluge,

Which  were producing    great tumultuous       roars ,

Came to  fight with Rama   , who did not have any comparison,

Standing alone    and holding a bow   and appeared .

Like a bright lamp   in the middle  of that pitch darkness.


2989 Trisiras     was   standing    with a big   shining   sword,

He had a voice like thunder  , wore    a very huge armour  ,

Had very cruel eyes and to oppose    his   very great Army,

Rama    stood   alone surrounded    by the army of his   arrows.


2990. Due to arrows of Rama  , the legs   of Rakshasas    were cut  in the middle,

Their head was   cut off  , their shoulders  were    cut off  ,

Their thighs    were   cut off   , several   swords    were broken,

Several   axe weapons were broken  , their power reduced and their  umbrellas were  cut.


2991.The flags of chariots were cut off . the kodinji (a part of chariot)  was broken ,

The groups   of horses   were  killed , big chariots     fell on the ground,

The  huge big sized elephants in rut    fell like   mountains,   hit   by   thunder

Falling on their head,  fell down   and rolled  on the    earth.


2992.The valorous  Rakshasas  who did  not realize   that  their head  ,

Has been cut   were   trying to   send arrows    from bows expected  to give victory,

And those   whose head has not been cut    were   throwing weapons  ,

Just like     the torrential rain falling      from the sky.


2993. The bodies    without heads   holding   the shield in their  long hands .

Who have the form similar to the mountain  , wearing   an armour made of gold,

Were shivering and twitching   and  moving about  , making the dancing girls  ,

Of heaven who were wearing sandals   by imitating   several type of dance forms.


2994.In the rivers of blood  that were flowing  the  umbrellas were floating ,

Giving the appearance of foam, the bodies   of dead elephants became the walls for these  rivers,

The headless bodies   became deep whorls , in the cool watering places  ,

Very many types of jewels were    brought    by this river and they dashed the sea.


2995.Due to being hit and    being killed   by the   cruel and powerful arrows of Rama  ,

Some asuras   who had great strength   and had     bent long  upper teeth protruding out,

Went to heaven    were able to  see   the dance  with their handicaps  of  ,

Dancing  girls of heaven    with  long tresses   which are   visited by  honeybees.


2996. Some asuras  after  being killed in the war    and after  joining   the deva group.

Along with   deva maidens who were wearing    great bangles   saw ,

Their shoulders   which were cut off by arrows of Rama  being   dragged,

By ghosts on one side  and by the dogs  which never leave  anything   

Caught by their mouth  on the other side    and with joy laughed.


2997.Some Asuras    whose chest   has been split    by the chosen arrows of Rama ,

With  their bad and good Karmas   disappearing    reached   the heavens, thought

“The  army of those Asuras    was very long and Rama was fighting alone “ and were scared


2998.The scene of   the    arrows  of Rama     who had   hands  which were similar,

To the tusk of the male elephant  , cutting  and uprooting   the crowd of cruel Rakshasas,

 Was similar   to,  a deceiver who was not cultured  telling false  witness of cruel words.


2999. Like a wasp with pretty wings  , converting    to its looks  ,

Those worms which came seeking protection    with it,

The  charitable   Rama surrounded the asuras  who were full of cheating,

 And with    his best arrows     , he made    them all  devas.


3000. Some of those   Rakshasas   who   were doing war of illusion  thought.
“Let us go and  meet Ravana    who carries a spear   and wears   a garland,

That  one strong human being   who is a great man   ,

Has killed very many Rakshasas   only by his strength,

And let us   carry some dead bodies of Rakshasas   from this sea of blood    to Lanka.”


3001.Thinking that due to Rama’a arrows   have rounded up  and  split them,

And killed the huge army that   was surrounding him  and when they  ,

Fell on earth and rolled  , The army chief  called Trisiras   got very angry  ,

And without any    delay , drove   his chariot  drowned    in to   the sky.


3002.That Trisiras who stopped    his chariot   in front    of Rama  ,

Who was a the model of truth for every one   and   son of Dasaratha.

Who never at any time    slipped away from Dharma   sent ,

Thunder like arrows at him  just like   non stop rain  ,

And hid   the    form of Rama  by covering him.


3003.Rama then sent cruel arrows   and cut off   all the arrows sent,

And with   fourteen   great looking arrows destroyed his chariot ,

Killed his cruel charioteer   and changed   the  path of war.


3004.Not only that   at the same  time, making    the devas    shout with joy  ,

Using golden arrows    which had a very sharp tip  ,  he cut off .

Two out of the three   heads   wearing golden crown   of Trisiras 

Who is a very cruel  Rakshasa  who committed great sins.


3005.That Rakshasa  whose chariot     was destroyed   and his name

Trisiras(three  headed )  no more suitable, not loosing his valour,

 From the bow that  could send arrows  of smaller length  ,

Standing on the sly   made   a rain of arrows fall on Rama.


3006.The  Rama due to his great anger bent  his eye brows on the forehead.

Along with hs bow which was  like     dark   rain bearing clouds,

Continued the war without letting off   and nearing his enemy   .

Like the wind entering in between  clouds   and scattering it  ,

Cut the bow of Trisiras   with  his very indomitable bow.


3007Though he had lost his bow  , he did not  loose   the luster  ,

Of his  face  that stares , he did not loose his cruel anger  ,

He did not loose  his words that were like thunder,

He did not loose    the strength of his shoulders ,

He did not stop the stones    that  he was showering on Rama ,

And he   did not stop  his turning  like wind fan.


3008.When Trisiras was standing alone   and was fighting   the cruel war  ,

Like two hundred people   due to his magical powers ,  Rama cut off his two feet  .

Using   two ferocious thick arrows and   with another  two arrows cut off  his shoulders.


3009.After his legs and hands   were cut off  , opening his mouth   ,

Like a mountain cave  which was giving a smell of flesh,

 And showing his teeth  , when he was coming   to Swallow Rama,

Rama looked at hm mercifully   and using   a long  victorious arrow  .

He cut off the one more    head    that  was  remaining.


3010,When those peaks of the mountain  called Trisiras   fell on the earth,

In spite  of the   Army chief Dhooshana trying to stop them,

Not stopping    other  Rakshasas   who   were having sword with luster of Sun,

Holding in their hands the  big shields  , started   running  away .,

Through the blood   wearing the   fat livers   of the dead ones.


3011.Seeing the legs of running   Rakshasas getting entangled in  Livers lying on battle field,

The devas  standing as a crowd in the sky    clapped   their hands in teasing  at those Rakshasas,

Some other Rakshasas  ran   swiftly  on the earth carried by the serpent head  making holes on the earth

Some slipped on the fat     ejected from the bodies of Rakshasas  and

Went deeply in to that   slush   and some   while running    away to save their lives,

Slipped and fell down on the corpses  which were  like hill lying   on  that  battle  field.


3012.   Some others who were running away  being cut in their  feet  ,

By the swords and spears lying about became extremely    run down ,

Some others   while trying to jump over the    river of blood  ,

Fell in to it     and got drowned and others    try to swim   ,

In that blood   and reaching   somewhere became helpless   to stand there.


3013.Some others who ran speedily   entered in to    the big holes ,

Created by arrows of Rama  in the stomach   of very huge elephants,

Along with their swords   and seeing there  the  bodies   without necks,

Said, “Oh friend  , you   would say that   you have not   seen us 

And later lifted their hands over their heads and saluted  that incomplete body.


3014.Some others   without realizing  that  their own sword   which had  fallen down,

Was cutting their feet  by encircling them  , assuming that Arrows of Rama were cutting them,

Became scared   and fell dead there itself  due to fear  coming  there taking a  single form,

And some of them seeing  that chest of all Asuras lying there   was filled ,

With only   arrows sent   by   Rama  , did not proceed in that path.


3015. Looking at those Asuras   who were running away losing their maleness  ,

And who   were   not trying   to do any further  methods    of Survival,  Dhooshana  ,

Who was    riding on a chariot  to which  speedily jumping   and running horses   were attached  Exhorted, “Do not get scared  , I have    something to tell you   in this place”


3016.”Those men  who are  dilapidated    and ladies  who wear  bangles,

 Who  manage to  live with   the  fear   in their mind that  they    would  get a bad name  ,

Would never get scared  for only    courage of the mind   is the only armour  ,

That can protect your soul   in war for,  how can the characteristic of fear  ,

And how can fear   provide     protection  to our life?”


3017.  “Oh  perplexed Rakshasas , in the war with Devendra    who holds a sharp spear,

And those   Trinity  who never can die , where    you fought   with them  in front,

How many Rakshasas ran  scared ?Did you learn to run away showing your back,

From those    devas    who in earlier days     used to get scared  by us?”


3018”,Here just before a single human being   so many of you   who are valorous  ,

Are running away showing your back and along with    the sword in your hand ,

You are   trying to go back to your places and would you go there  and hug,

Your wives   who had  passionate   eyes  with their  breasts pressing you?”


3019.”The   eyes    which turned very red   in the war   due to your great anger  ,

Has now  turned  pale   and is   white  like milk and would you    show  ,

The wounds in your back caused by tree branches  , while you,

Are running   through   harsh forests    to your wives or show,

The wounds    caused      by arrows   on    your broad chests?”


3020.”This man who has enmity towards  us   ,  fighting a very harsh battle , with great ability ,

Is perhaps not there    to all devas  but  having seen  the nose being cut   off,

Of the sister  of our great lord Ravana    who has  the strength  which  makes it,

Impossible for  others   to fight with him   and  added to the fact   that,

You are running away showing your back to the enemy,

Would bring  such a bad name   to our Lord  , Is there  a worse act than this?”


3021.”Oh Rakshasas   who have adopted life   of   war  with emotion  ,

Who due to their valour   the swords    from the   hands  of devas  in war,

And are holding them, , after  leaving this life    would you become  ,

Businessmen    who see gems like pearls    or are you   going to use ,

Your sharp spear  and strong sword   as ploughs   and  cultivate?

Please   tell me how you are  going to live further ?”


3022.Then he further told them  “You please   wait here   for sometime,

And watch the strength   of my great bow and after  that,

He along with his army which was similar to the ocean with waves  ,

Went and fought     with Rama and seeing  its ferociousness ,

Even Devas were greatly perplexed and startled and Rama,

Told him “Protect your army “   and walked  against him.


3023.By the arrows of Rama , the  war weapons carried by  elephants,

Were cut off including  their trunks   and very highly showing up   tusks,

The chariots   which travel like wind   along with KOdinji   and collection of flags  ,

Were cut off   and  the neck of  horses    were cut like red paddy   with awns.


3004.The  cruel arrows sent by Rama  speedily    went in search  of places  ,

Where still life was remaining    and because  the waist belt and armour ,

Of the   Rakshasas got untied   , those weapons speedily entered in side them,

And the  blood from their body flowed like mountain streams,

And these arrows pierced the shield held by  them as well as their body.


3025.The arrow called Gangabadra which was    chosen   with care by Rama,

Went inside the body of the Rakshasas and pressed    their chest 

And  the crescent arrows   which did not enter their body  , cut the head of some of them,

And some of the cruel arrows sent by Rama   went  inside  their chests,

Through the armour that they were   wearing   and  some,

Other arrows   went and  made  the chest of those cruel Rakshasas in to pieces.


3026.When all the cruel arrows which were sent by Dhooshana   were  cut off,

When the   various weapons thrown by Asuras  near him were  destroyed,

Rama who was interested in fighting the war  ,dried   up the sea ,

Of tumultuous  assembled Asuras   who were all  matchlessly valorous  strong


3027.Seeing that the Devas    shouted  with great joy  and the great rivers  of blood,

Dragged    the  trees and mountains that need to be destroyed  and the arrows  ,

Sent by Rama  went to al directions   filled up  those directions  ,

And made fall   all the angry asuras   who were there   and rolled them on  the earth.


3028. All those Asuras who had wanted to fight   were standing there   were killed,

The God of death taking away their sweet   souls , which emerged  out .

Continuously  became tired  and worn out. What is there   to tell about ,

Those ghosts which went on eating  and filling up  their  useless belly   with the  slushy  mud  created  ,

By the continuous flow of blood    and fat  from  the mountain heap  of dead Rakshasas?


3029. Then Dhooshana   seeing   the elephants, chariots, the angry Rakshasas with

Golden crown on their heads ,  their trunk  , the  bodies  of army chieftains  ,

Belonging to his clan  holding several shining    weapons  , their   white fat  which had come out,

Heaped  like mountains   drove  speedily his   chariot which was  creating    great  sound  ,

Over  that mountain   and  developed   a great  sense of anger.


3030. The mountains of the heaps  of  bodies of Asuras  placed one over another ,

Was innumerable and so  the very speedily travelling  chariot  of Dhooshana,

Though it was like a fan when it  went in to a depression  in the forest of corpses ,

Climbed up  in elevations , and what   can we say about problem created by it?


3031.Drawn by   twenty five horses  whose   manes   have been trimmed  in a pretty manner,

Travelling   in the matchless chariot   which had rolling    wheels  .

He  reached  with great difficulty before Rama , who was like the moon  

Which removes  the darkness at night ,

 In front  of his clear long arrows , like the soul  reaching before Yama .


3032.Rama after  seeing   the chariot before  him and Dhooshana  sitting in it,

Like a mountain holding a bow, thought, Your determination appears good”

And saw  him with little mercy and at   that time,

That cruel one   kept three  arrows   on his bow  and sent them.


3033.  Along   with the eight elephants  which separately lift the earth,

From the different directions   which  are formed like circles  over circles,

The Adhi Sesha  and Adhi Varaha   are  the two who lift the earth,

And Rama had   sent back his sandals    which were representative ,

Of   Adhisesha   to rule the earth   and   those three  arrows,

Making the devas   scared , hit on the heroic  plate   worn  by Rama  on his forehead,

Which was like   the  ornamental Metallic plate  worn by elephants,


3034.Rama   with a lustrous smile thinking    that   the time , aim and strength  ,

Of that arrow  was good  , searched    for very cruel arrows  and sent  them,

With great speed   destroyed the  speedily going chariot of that asura chief,

Cut the cruel bow that he was holding   and also destroyed his armour by splitting it.


3035. With the devas making great sound  of joy  and saints  standing on  all sides ,

And without stopping    went on telling the messages of greetings  ,

And entire thing looking like   the huge uproar   of   the black ocean ,

And then Rama told  “If you are strong   stop this   arrow   and save yourselves”,

And then sent  an arrow   and that Dhooshana  lost his  horrible head with tusks.


3036.Then  the victorious  Khara    who had tusks     firmly on his face  , who   was like,

An elephant expert in killing   and  Who held in his hands  powerful and cruel   weapons 

Seeing that the head   of his younger brother    was cut  by the  arrow of Rama,

And also  having  seen   that arrows of the son of Dasaratha   cut  off his army , became furious.


3037. That very angry Khara  , making even God of death scared came  along with his Rakshasa army,

With elephants  , big horses   and  chariots   and spread  all of them   in different directions,

And like the crowd of clouds  surrounding    the  moon  , Surrounded  Rama  ,

Who was like an elephant in rut   and was holding a huge strong bow.


3038. The Rakshasas who were   engaged in cruel craft  who were in unlimited number,

Drove  elephants in rut  , chariots  and horses in large  number tearing the hood of adhi Sesha ,

And  got engaged in doing different    types of war fare

And the cultured Rama  speedily hit them  with cruel arrows.


3039. Due to his arrows ,  the  elephants with rut   shivered and fell down,

The chariots     drawn  by horses, jumped up and down and fell down,

Many of the heads wearing golden crowns   dropped down  with a shiver.

The   shoulders of Rakshasas wearing an armlet called Thodi twitched.

Their small intestines twitched  , their skin attached  to their   flesh twitched,

Their   both legs   twitched and their  left shoulders  also twitched.


3040.Rama with the  forest of arrows  which  were  pretty and  .

Strong forest  of killing  , destroyed  , the forest of sword bearing  soldiers  ,

The forest  of bow bearing soldiers   and  the forest of soldiers  with,

Strong soldiers which surrounded  the  army of  forest of Rakshasas.


3041.  When the chosen arrow of  Rama   who was   the personification of Dharma ,

Went through the stars  , speedily pierced     the Meru mountain,

Went through the sky    and  went piercing the earth   and is it necessary ,

For us to mention  that it went through soldiers bearing swords and killed them.


3042.When Rama selected   with thought   the arrows    and sent them  ,

For  destroying the Asuras   along with their groups , like the wealth,

Usurped   by the strong    after   causing trouble to the weak,

Which would destroy the strong ones, they quickly proceeded and killed them.


3043. The Cruel  hero Khara    who was wearing    the anklet of heroes,

Seeing that all Asuras are getting destroyed and Khara was standing

In the  huge  blood and fat collection  like Mandhara  mountain in the sea.


3044.That  Khara within whose mind the fire of anger was burning,

With his red eyes   throwing  out sparks of fire ,

With his huge bow    throwing out arrows, with   crows  and hawks,

Coming near   the rising sea of blood   came  like, 

A speedy  ship  travelling on the sea   in his chariot.


3045, Even before Khara became   ferocious   like the fire     

At the  final deluge  , who was incomparable   in cruelty    and enmity  ,

Approached  Rama who  had broken the bow  of Lord    Shiva  .

Who had a  neck like black gem  , searched  ,

For   cruel arrows    and kept them ready.


3046.The chief of Rakshasas   sent  sharp arrows with cruel mouth  

With a form like burning fire  and  with  the speed of wind  on Rama.

And  Rama by sending  thousand arrows with form of fire , which had speed of wind  ,

And which had sharp tips ,  cut off    all those arrows.


3047.Rama, the lord of the seven worlds  ,then sent nine arrows ,

 Which were fiercer than the   fire    at the time of deluge  ,

And which went flying   and that Khara who had a round bow  ,

Taking nine   lustrous arrows   against them   and cut them off.


3048.That Khara diue to the power his learning   then started,

Indulging in magical war   which was cheating   and by using his arrows,

He completely blocked    the vision of Rama   and seeing that ,

The devas trembled and ran  away and hid themselves and  ,

That valorous Rama  became   greatly enraged by biting his lips with his white teeth.


3049.Deciding in his mind, that   with one of my arrows  , I will kill him,

Rama took an arrow   , kept it on his bow , bent his  high shoulders,

 And pulled  the string of the bow  and at that time  the strong bow  ,

That he was holding  broke making a   sound like thunder of the white sky.


3050.The devas who were  praising the victory of Rama  at that time  ,

Seeing that the bow held by Rama had broken  became scared and sad,

And since Rama did not have another bow with him  , they,

Felt as if they have  lost all their strength     anfd got scared.


3051. AS soon as the bow of Rama broke  , that   son of the king of kings,

Understanding his bow has broken down  and realizing that he was alone  ,

As per the practice of old was , extended his arm to his back.


3052.Varuna who was seeing the war   from the sky  seeing that Rama,

Has extended his hands and understanding the thought   of that Lord,

 At that time taking out the Vishnu bow   which   he had   taken,

AS a right from Parasurama  , because he was using an axe , gave it,

In  to the  long hands of the   Lord   of Devas,    Rama.


3053.Rama who had the colour of clouds enriched with water took ,

The bow given by Varuna ,  when  he bent it by his strength,

And held it on his left hand ,  the left eyes and  Shoulders of all asuras  twitched.


3054, Within the time  for battling the eye ,  Rama   held that bow  , bent it,

Making even the god of death scared and tied the string   and using  ,

One hundred arrows   broke  in to dust    the  pretty chariot,

With huge wheels    on which that Rakshasa   came for fighting.


3055.And that Rakshasa who lost that strong chariot with big wheels,

Making great   sound    climbed up in to the sky  , and rained   ,

All his arrows on the Mandhara  mountain  like Shoulders of  Rama ,

Who was    holding the   pretty   matchless   bow.


3056.Rama the son of Dasaratha       who prevented   those arrows falling on him,

Took from the quiver which was tied on him   took some hot and red arrows ,

And with one  arrow   cut the right   hand and  a shoulder of Khara  and,

Made   them both    fall on the earth below.


3057. When  his right hand   fell down    he took a heroic   pestle  ,

On his left hand  and like the thunder that   is formed in the sky,

Threw it on Rama   and  Rama   who was born before Lakshmana ,

With an arrow which had cruel luster  made it not fall on him.


3058. Like the sepent hissing      after it had lost   its white teeth,

With poison , he uprooted  a Maramara   and   came near Rama,

And at   that time Rama shot   a separate    arrow on him.


3059.Due to his having received boons , due to his knowing magic,

And due to his being very strong   And due to his tormenting  ,

All the beings of the seven worlds  , it appeared   as if ,

He had lost his  right hand  and similarly   Rama cut  away  the neck of Khara.


3060, Devas   with  glee stood up and shouted with joy ,

And singing and dancing rained the holy Karpaga flowers on Rama.

And that  pure Rama   looked like   God Sun who has removed the mist.


3061. With   sages after sages  coming     and joining and surrounding him,

That  Rama of sweet thoughts  went to the place   of Sita  ,

Who was like a body without soul  as Rama  was her soul  ,

Had gone away to fight the terrible   battle with  the Rakshasas.


3062.That heroic   elder brother  was received  by Lakshmana ,

And Sita   and they with their tears    removed  the dust  ,

And blood of  those  Rakshasas who had gone  to heaven, from the feet of Rama


3063.Within a muhurtha(about one hour)  that huge   blood flow  ,

Had  reached the end of directions  and  With  devas loudly  ,

Praying him like a   roar of the ocean  having  stitched waves,

Rama stayed with sweetness.


3064. The story is stopped  here   and  now we will  tell  ,

Other happenings.  The sister   of Ravana   almost ,

Split her belly by beating it with her hands,

And she hugged her black brother   Khara  and rolled,

In the warm  blood that     was mixed  with water.


3065 I nurtured the love towards   Rama   in my mind  ,

And that wrong desire would have   ended up with loss of my nose  ,

But I did not stop there and the cruel me    has  ,

Also put an end  to your life as   well as life span of Khara,

And wailing like this she went away from there.


3066. Soorpanakha    with   a aim of bringing out  the complete   destruction

Along with their clan of all asuras, who hold a spear and wear a  garland of victory,

Very much like   the huge cyclone which leads   beings of the world die ,

Travelled with great speed    and reached    the great town of Lanka.


7.Soorpanakai  Choozhchi padalam

(The chapter of conspiracy of  Soorpanakha


(Soorpanakha with wounds    and blood flowing all over reach   Lanka. The ladies of Lanka are sadto her like this. When asked about the reason    for her wounds  , She tells Ravana about Rama   and his great beauty   and strength.  She then tells about how Rama  killed  Khara and his great army. When asked why they cut   her  nose and ears, she tells Ravana   about the great  beauty of Sita and how she wanted to bring her as a present to Ravana. Ravana  falls in love with Sita.  A great   description of his love sickness    is then given. After  getting not satisfied   by advice of ministers , Ravana goes to meet Mareecha.

  In Valmiki Ramayana ,  a spy called Akampana reaches  lanka before Soorpanakha.He reports in detail about happenings, He suggests  to kidnap  Sita so that Rama   would die automatically. He gives    suggestion to Ravana to meet Mareecha but  Mareecha who knew Rama sends Ravana  back. Then Soorpanakha   meets him and complains     about  Rama and tells about beauty of Sita. There is no description of his love sickness  .)



3067.Soorpanakha forgot  about the   death  of  Great  Rakshasas army ,

Who tumultuously shouted and with mind being  stolen by the high  mountain like   

Shoulders    of   Rama who did war , the sorrow of which she could not tolerate  ,

She speedily entered   the strong city of Lanka    whose  moat  itself was the sea,

.With the thought, “I would tell him about great beauty  of Sita  and at this  time,

We would describe   Ravana   who  was  sitting in the council hall.


3068.In this world which is temporary in nature  , that   which was difficult   even to  Lord Brahma  ,

Sitting  on the lotus of the belly of Vishnu who  had created  moving and non moving beings to produce,

Which  was produced   by the Deva architect   as  something  difficult  to comprehend,

Matchless  ,which  was  done  like Dharma in such a way   that it would not  cause  ,

Any harm to ourselves and to the others  , which could immediately create any thing one wants,

Using all his knowledge  of Architecture   and which was   the matchless  diamond studded  hall,

And  Ravana  sat      in it  making     that  hall more pretty.

(The last line is told only after   23 such big stanzas and I have  ended   every  stanza   with that  so that

Readers    would not get confused.)


3069. In the world of devas   neither   he who wears the tiger   skin, nor he   who wears ,

Golden  silk and nor he who stays  on the lotus    could   cause  any harm to him   and

In this world  from now  on who   has the strength   to cause him any harm  ?

And he had a  series  of shining  crowns which will not     salute   any lady    with thin waist, stout breasts,

Bamboo like shoulders   and eyes    with red lines   even during their long standing love tiff.


3070. With his  pretty  shoulders touching  the sky   which hit     with great strength,

The very strong elephants   which are in eight directions and   broke their tusks

And whose foreheads   are attracting the bees, which were shining  like  ,

The  mountain of sun rise  , which touches the sky  , and 

Over that the globes that   he wore   in his  ears   was  like   the ,

Twelve Solar   systems   which had shining rays of light   which were    going round,

The great mountain Meru  and were  twenty in number and shined.


3071.With his   huge mountain like    shoulders   with the great luster  of gems  ,

Which spread their light    all around   , looking like the thousand   hoods of the  king of snakes,

Adhi Sesha ,  With   all the famous stars of the sky   standing by his side  ,

And with all the  planets   put   in the   long prison in the ferocious Lanka  ,

Surrounded by water   , The  hall looked   like a complete   garland  of Rathna gems.


3072.The  very great crowns  of the chiefs   of Rakshasas  and others

 Who wear  golden hero anklets ,in which well chosen red lustrous 

Manikhyas    are   studded and  who were  having,
Very great strength  which  cannot   be estimated ,

Were getting thinner  every time   they salute  the Feet of Ravana,

But   were   getting   more and more  luster.


3073.  The  tributes and gifts    brought  by the   chiefs 

 Of  all the places of the three worlds  and their predecessors

Given without rest   collected like heaps  ,

And   the  scented flower showered on him

 By   asuras   and devas  collected   in to another   heap.


3074.The Vidhyadhara  kings who wore  shining crowns  ,

Studded with gems , without  knowing at what time and from

What direction  Ravana would look at them  ,were also saluting,

With their hands  held over their heads  and  ,

Were   standing  in rows all    around that council hall.


3075.The  male  lion like   Sidhas  considering that   whatever ,

Ravana talked    to the   servant  maids was an order to them   ,

With bent heads   , with folded hand in salutation  ,

And with a bent body   were  again crowding  round him.


3076.The greatly   scared  Kinnaras , When Ravana  ,

Talks  a  good  word  to his ministers  , thinking  ,

That   Ravana    had told them to punish him  ,

Get scared and asked him humbly , “What is your  order sir,,”


3077.The kings of serpents around him     as soon they see Ravana,

Behaved as if they have   seen  Yama , the punishing  lord of The South,

Holding a big iron rod  personally   and like  the  people ,

Living  in hell  became depressed    and  started  shivering.


3078. After winning over   the elephants   of the eight    directions  ,

After uprooting the Meru mountain     and getting Lord Shiva a bad name  ,

After waging a great   war against  Indra     and made  the heavens shiver  ,

Ravana made Dumburu sing    along   with  music  of his great fame.


3079.The Sage   Narada   using faultless  tunes  accompanied  ,

By  the  sound created by the strumming  the strings of Veena,

Sang   the  sweet Vedas  in the heavens following  ,

The   great discipline of music    without Mistake   and Ravana was hearing it.


3080. Lord Varuna   , the lord of the sea  which had   sharks,

 Carried  in the water   pump called the clouds and  the pure water  mixed with

The honey showered  by  flowers given by the wish  giving tree   of devas  , 

And the  flowers  of the great tree   of Vidhyadaras    and sprayed  them,

In small drops on the ladies , who were similar to  deer and Peacock , with great fear.


3081 The wind god   cleaned    each and every place   by    collecting,

The honey and  pollen fallen out from perfumed flowers   as well as,

The gems and pearls that fell on the ground by    rubbing of  ,

The crowns   of the very many kings there  and dumped  it in bins .


3082,The Deva Guru Jupiter   and the Asura Guru   venus   holding  ,

A lustrous  golden cane  and wearing  a long black dress covering,

All the hairs of the body  according the order  ,  pointed out  ,

Their assigned    seat to The king Indra    and other devas   and made them sit.


3083.Lord Kala (god of time)  after    forsaking his usual weapons     and tying his mouth,

With the cloth he wears  very tightly  , having red palms  used to stand up,

As and when the big drums are played  and announced the account of time spent already.


3084.The Shining God of fire   made  good perfumed   ghee   to be poured in fire 

And kept   best camphor  on the  wick made    of soft cotton    and lit  lamps that never gets put out  ,

And which looked like   the fully opened     red lotus   flowers,


3085.  The Karpaga trees  which give new   flowers  , the deva gems ,                 

Which emit faultless  light , the    cows    that give milk   and the treasures,

Of the devas waiting for the proper time to please Ravana , who was surprised,

Came   is a queue    to give their   gifts   to him.


3086. The various  ornaments    starting from   the  ear globes,

Due to throwing out light  on their surroundings , made one feel,

Whether   darkness   will ever occur again as ,

No darkness was  seen in all the eight     directions  around the king.


3087.The divine ladies  like Ganga   with their   very stout  breasts,

Being carried by their waists , which were bent slightly due to the heavy weight,

Holding in their hands red flowers    as well auspicious   rice,

Went on telling     auspicious greetings   to    Ravana.


3088.The ladies  born from the thigh of the    saint Narayana   like Urvasi,

Who looked like the pictures brought   alive , performed pretty  dances ,

Like the  joyful  peacocks which have seen the  water rich clouds ,

Keeping  to the beats   of   several musical instruments tied by  leather.


3089. That Ravana   who due to his great  strength   kept the  three  worlds under him,

Which were kept under him due to his performing matchless   penance ,

Was sitting in between the    sight stream of   ladies ,

Who had arched   eye  brows     and very broad eyes.


3090-3091.  At the time the sister   of Ravana , who was holding her red hands,

Above her head  , who had  breasts made red by the flowing    blood from there  ,

Who had lost her nose, who had lost her  ears wearing ear globes,

Who had  open mouth wailing like   the thunder of the   clouds,

Who was shouting  loudly  her problems with  her bad smelling mouth  ,

Whose mind was burning after    shouting like the sound    raised by seven seas,

And who had a red hair   similar     to the western side   when the sun sets

Arrived   at the    northern gate    of that great city  .


3092. Seeing her arriving like this  , the  Rakshasa ladies of noble  families,

Of the   old city of  Lanka    stood before her , beat their bellies with  hands and cried loudly,

And said,  “the younger   sister  of the king of the three   worlds  ,

Has come alone loosing her   nose. Can any of you tolerate  it.”


3093.The Rakshasas    then    saw    her suddenly  and  not knowing what to tell,

Wailed like the sound of thunder, beating   one palm with another  palm,

And with  fire sparks coming out of their eyes  , stood there biting  their lips.


3094.The Rakshasas   then started    doubting    whether   the evil  ,

Would settle on Indra  or on the  great Brahmin who created the world  ,

On Lord Vishnu with the wheel  or on Lord  Shiva wearing crescent on his head  ,

And by  thinking   various such   thinks  made their mind hot.


3095”They thought “who are   the well  noted    enemies   of Ravana,

And that this job cannot be done  by any one living in any of the  planets ,

Which are   in these   three worlds , and who are there  outside it ,

And would it be possible for them to do like  this,”


3096.Some others said  “after she identifies herself    as  “Ravana ’s sister”,

Anybody would have saluted her addressing her as mother   and how can,

Anybody   think of doing harm to her    after   they know about it?

So possibly she herself must have  cut off her organs this way.”


3097.Indra not   able to do war with Ravana   had become his slave  ,

Lord Vishnu who  had the weapon of wheels     with spokes  ,

Losing his strength  is living in side the sea,  Lord   Shiva   who holds,

Fire in his hand   has  started   living on top of   Kailasa mountain,

And when things are  like this,  who else could have  done it”, they thought.


3098. Some other Rakshasas thought  ‘How  can this be done   to the famous ladies,

Belonging to great families? But she   does not have   habits  of ladies   born,

Of good families and she must gone against the    tenets  of virtue?

And possibly Khara getting angry might have done this  to her beauty”


3099.”Did  any of the  Devas with shifting mind who are all  greatly tired ,

Dared  to do  this job of utter madness ?If they had    done so,

They might have lost hope of further living and wanted ,

That all    the three    worlds be destroyed    along with   them.”


3100. Some thought  “Suppose    there   is one more   deluge,

Would there be heroes wearing anklets   and  shining sword,

Who dare to do it .Possibly    this   was done   due to  anger by sages,

Who are doing    faultless great penance   in the fearsome  forests.”


3101.In that great city of Lanka    which had wealthy    beaches  ,

The  Rakshasas  damsels with black eyes  , Rubbing their  soft hands,

Wearing   several bangles   with each other stared  at Soorpanakha,

And with their nature    being damaged like   the  curdled milk,

They started   running speedily    one behind the other .


3102.To that  city of lanka   ,the sweet sound emanating from drums  ,

And Veena   and from the sweet Yaazh , as well the music,

Of Flute,  which makes everyone her slave   and the

Auspicious conch sound    was not heard   ,

At that time  but a   sound of weeping    which was never ,

Heard   there  , filled up all  its nooks an evil  omen.


3103. Those Rakshasas ladies   who had huge eyes full of tears  ,

Which even defeated the oceans  leaving  Drinking goblets,

The bees which hum around those cups   as well as  ,

The mind which was engaged   in alcoholic     drinks  ,

Ran away from there with their  shaking thin waists ,

And they also hugged    each other   while  they were running   away.


3104.Some  other ladies  Wanting    to punish their husbands,

Who were users of sword due to love tiff, with burning mind ,

With red eyes   due to anger  , which further  reddened ,

Due to crying on seeing Soorpanakha  ,

Fell on the feet     of   the younger sister   of the king.


3105.Some of them   who were playing    in the swings   tied,

Between the green Betel nut trees   which had golden fruits  ,

BY  gemmed   strings   and were  busy  dancing and singing  ,

Became sad on seeing Soorpanakha   and ,

Gathered   in the streets ,   giving pain to their thin waists.


3106.Some other   ladies   took away their tender hands    wearing bangles ,

From the  pillar and mountain like  shoulders     of their husbands  ,

And   started   shedding  pearl  like  tears   from both their eyes ,

On their  lotus    flower like    face   and started   sobbing in their minds.


3107Thinking about how   Ravana  , the holder the pretty spear,

Applied with ghee   and one who   does not have any one  opposing him,

Will react when he   comes to know   of this      very cruel act ,

Some ladies   who were shedding tears  like rain    from ,

Their eyes applied   with Kajal   and who had waists 

Which appeared to be lies    ,and fell on the floor   crying.


3108.Some young ladies  , forgetting the slight  pleasure  created,

By dreams  , with their cloud like hair    getting displaced   ,

With disheveled   cloths , with their broad breasts  shaking   ,

Started   walking  and fainting    due to sorrow.


3109”The fate of the younger sister   of lord Ravana   who shook  ,

The mount Kailsa  using his twenty    hands   have become like this?”

Saying this   some  Rakshasas maids born in very noble    families ,

Untied  their hair    and beat their   two breasts with  their red hands  ,

And went and fell at the feet   of   Soorpanakha.


3110.And they stood there with both  their eyes which never have  been   filled    with tears  ,

Thinking  “Due to our victorious king holding spear  in his right hand is there,

In this city of Lanka   at no time even animals had to bear    such cruelty.

Has our greatness   gone away from our hands?” they became   sad.


3111.   When the citizens of that Lanka attained   this great sorrow,

With all those sitting and standing there searching for     ways to run away,

Like a cloud    searching for a mountain  Soorpanakha   fell down and rolled,

At the   black  feet of Ravana    wearing heroic anklets.


3112.  All   the three worlds were covered with darkness  , Adhisesha  ,

Who carries the earth  getting scared   slightly   bent his   one thousand heads  ,

Groups  of mountains   got  displaced   , even Sun God   felt  something  ,

Bad  will come to him   , the   elephants  of directions ran away  and ,

Even    the devas    got very scared    and ran away from there.


3113. With his huge shoulders   wearing shining armlets  raising up,

With his eyes burning like fire   , with his teeth  seen outside  as shining,

And  with eyebrows  arching up   and going up on his   foreheads ,

The entire world got scared   and Devas    forgot their normal duties.


3114.  All devas along with the lord  of south   , The God  of death,

Decided “Our end has come today  “ and heaven and earth shivering ,

With fear   got agitated, took deep breath  , and not able to stand ,

Anywhere constantly    and not able to talk  remained     silent.


3115.With lips   wavering due    to anger  , with smoke   of anger  ,

Coming out of all his ten mouths   , with  his moustaches,

Shivering due    to great anger  getting   burnt  and giving bad smell,

Due to his hot breath  and  with his sword   like sparkling   white teeth shine ,

Like  lightning  ,  in a voice  like thunder  of the clouds he asked , “who did it.?”


3116.She said  , “ Two princes who have come to forest to do the job,

Of protecting the world  , who are   similar to love god  with flag of Makara  fish,

And who have no comparison in earth or heaven   in beauty and valour  ,

Took out their swords   and cut    them off.”


3117.As soon as she told that   it was done by men  , Ravana  felt like laughing,

Shaking all eight    directions  , from his eyes   sparks of    fire   came out  ,

“The  courageous  act of those men is silly  , Is what    you told me ,  true?.

Without lying tell me   and tell me the      truth . he said.”


3118  “Them by the beauty of their gem like body are   like God of love ,

If you  consider the strength of their shoulders , they would beat ,

The beauty of the Meru mountain  of the north. , but   what is the point  ,

In discussing   in detail     about their great capabilities and by their ,

Prowess in the bow  , within the time  of battling of an eye  ,

They are capable   of   destroying   all the strong people of the world.”


3119.”Further , they have the habit   of   saluting the chiefs  of saints,

They have     faces  like   the shining full moon  that is in the sky  .

They have eyes like the lotus flower  with stalk growing   in the ,

Waters   that are moved by the waves and also  their legs and arms,

Are as soft  as the flower. They are the possessors of unlimited  penance

And really who can be quoted     to be like   them?”


3120. They wear  cloths of bark  ,wear long  heroic anklets  ,

Wear the three threaded scared  thread  , are experts in archery  ,

Their  toungues have learnt the Vedas, their beauty is particularly great,

They would not fear for you  and may not even bother about you like a dust,

And   they have quivers that cannot be destroyed like  ,

A great literary work that    is composed     by words.


3121.”Oh Lord  are there two gods of love     who live  on this earth  ?

Are there  any other  great expert in archery     than both   of them?

Are   there   any one like them? And to my mind ,

Each of them is   equal the holy trinity   of Gods.”


3122. When the sages with great  Dharma  went and told them , “our minds,

Which is  under control gets    scared   on seeing those Rakshasas?”,

To those men    they said  , “we  would win over all the worlds  and we  would,

Completely uproot    the Rakshasas along with their clans” and took an oath.


3123. “ They are   the sons of Dasaratha who was ruling  over the   entire   world ,

Who have   so many greatnesses  , whose praise    can never be completed ,

And there are ones whose greatness  cannot be found    fault  ,

And    due to order of Dasaratha  , they are  living in a forest which is difficult to enter  ,

And their names are   respectively   Rama     and Lakshmana”  she said.


3124.Ravana said, “ The ones   who cut off the pretty nose of my nectar like   sister  ,

Using a sharp  knife are  men and even after me   knowing that my sister  has been attacked  ,

They are  still alive  and I  who am Ravana    with a sword   which shines like new  ,

Am still awake   and shamelessly  walking carrying my soul in my body.”


3125.”After gaining victory after   victory  , by my efficiency  I  established,

My rule in Lanka  and was  all this  the result  that I got by  doing all that?

Even if my rule is destroyed   and even if the  heads  of all ,

Heroic chiefs  are all cut off  ,  this  insult to me   is not proper?”


3126.”This insult  was created     and thrown at me   and those    at me  by men,

And they are    still alive  and their sweet soul has not been still destroyed ,

And my sword is simply   with me   without any work   and the  life span,

Given to me by Lord Shiva   who swallowed the poison from sea  is still there,

And  my shoulders    are simply resting, because , I was keeping quiet. Is it not?”


3127.”Oh my mind  , Why are   you feeling  shy that the bad name  has pierced,

My body and has   gone further ? Why are  you jittery ?There is need  for you,

To  be sorry   to carry this  dishonor any further,

For to carry it  my   ten heads    and very many shoulders are  there. Is it not?”


3128.Laughing after tell this  , Ravana    stared   like burning fire  asked

“Did not  Khara  and others who were guarding    the mountain,

Filled forest  kill  with their  sword   those  men who did not have  any help?”


3129.  As soon as Ravana told this , Soorpanakha who was shedding   tears ,

Which was like a  stream from her   eyes, who was hitting her belly,

Fell on the floor   , cried and rolled there    and said, “  Oh Lord,

All our relations    were destroyed speedily  “ and keeping her hand on her  head  ,

Started    telling , how all  of them were      destroyed.


3130. “When Khara    and other   youthful heroes   asked  me,

“Tell us what happened?” They all     went there with  great sound,

Along   the army which was   continuous   and  that Rama  ,

Who had     red eyes like lotus flowers   and who was  a famous hero,

With his   very famous bow killed and  sent  them to heaven within three Nazhigai(More than an hour)”


3131. “In the war    Rama fighting alone    killed  along with ,

The Garlanded army  killed all the three brothers    and even,

Before these words fell   on the ears   of Ravana, In all his eyes  ,

Tears like a falling rain    and   the fire  that was lightning of clouds   shined.


3132,  At that time   due to his great anger   the sorrow  went away   and  ,

Like   the ghee fallen on fire    increasing the     fire  , his anger increased,

And he asked “what was   the reason for them    with great strength  ,

To cut off your noses and ears    like   this? Did you   do any ,

Bad   act   that   you did     towards   them  ?’


3133. Soorpanakha    for that question replied  , “The  fault    of mine   happened ,

Because   of A lady  who came along with Rama  , who looked   like Goddess  Lakshmi  ,

Who has left her seat   of lotus flower  and had the beauty   that not even,

Great artists can portray    in their picture  came   and

Her    waist was as thin as a streak  of lightning  , had thin  shoulders   like bamboos   ,

And had   a body which appeared    to have  been made of pure Gold .”


3134.  Interested   after    hearing that   he asked “Who is that lady?”

And she replied  “Oh lord  , Her hips are   chariots    with wheels   .

Her breasts are like  the  golden    case     for putting Kunkilyam,

And the     earth has done great luck   for her foot to fall on her.

Her name is Sita “  and started   telling more about her beauty.


3135.    “She  has sweet words which  attract  you like    honey,   she has a hair  ,              

Decorated  with sweet flowers   which are   the songs in pretty tune Kamaram,

She is more pretty than deva maidens   and  even Goddess Lakshmi   sitting on lotus ,

Is not suitable even to become her friend and ,

I think my trying to describe her  beauty is sheer  ignorance.”


3136.  “The cloud  like untied hair of hers who possibly selects her pretty words from nectar,

Is long and is like rain bearing cloud  , her   feet are both like red cotton  ,

Fingers are pretty like pieces   of coral   and   though her face is like lotus,

Her eyes   in that  face are   very much bigger     than  the ocean.”


3137.”The God of  love was burnt by the eyes of Lord  Shiva” is a  word of lie,

And the truth is    that he saw  this lady with perfumed hair , fell in love with her,

And not able to carry her away ,  was attacked by the disease   of passion,

Which cannot be told to others  and due   to excess passion  ,

His pretty    form slowly     eroded    away and then he lost it.”


3138.”She has pretty eyes  which in sharpness   have won over   the sword  and spear,

Manufactured   in the  fire of the blacksmith   and I do not know , which world , she is from?,

She has  such a pretty form that  it is is impossible for any one   to  draw it in pictures,

And if you   want to know whether   any other ones are  having her beauty , search for it,

In all your enemy ‘s   worlds , in the world of serpents which carry   their  hood  on their head  ,

And in the    entire    earth  which is surrounded    by the sea on all    sides?”


3139.  “Shall I tell   only about the beauty of  her shoulders?

Or  Should I tell about the beauty of Valai fish like eyes,

Which travel   around her   greatly lustrous face?

Or Shall I only describe     the prettiness of her other organs ?

I am perplexed as  I do not have strength  to describe,

The beauty of each and every organ of hers   separately  ,

And I do not have  any thing   more to tell    to you,

Because     you are going to see her tomorrow, is it not?”


3140. “ If we tell  that  her forehead    is similar    to a bow,

Or tell  that her eyes are   like spears or her   teeth are like pearls,

Or tell that    her lips are like corals , that   descriptive word is suitable,

But since the meaning does not match , are    there   any better ,

Simile word  that we can use “ If we   tell “Paddy is like grass”,

Can we    say that    we have the proper thing to compare  .”


3141.”Oh Lord,  Indra    got Sasi as his wife  ,

The father  of six faced one  got Uma     as his wife, 

Lord Vishnu with lotus like eyes got the   red coloured  Goddess   Lakshmi    as his wife  , 

And you also  get Sita   as wife   and if we compare who is   the best among you,

All the best has only come  only to you as others did   not get  this great blessing.


3142.  Shiva  kept his     wife on the left side and another God  kept,

The golden girl    who lives on lotus    on the toungue    of Lord Brahma,

Oh Hero who has shoulders    which are as high as the sky  , if you get,

Sita  whose thin waist    would   win over lightning  coming    from rainy clouds ,

AS she is better than other divine ladies , Where do you propose    to keep her?


3143.”Oh Lord  ,  After   you get  Sita who  talks as sweet as   the lisp    of babies,

You would not do any more mistakes, Oh Charitable   one  for   due   to,

Your great love for her , you would give all  your robbed     wealth only for her,

And I would be considered good by you , but am I not    doing harm,

To all those    in your  palace , who talk like    parrots?’


3144. That Sita    who has pretty hips   like the chariot  is not   born  in the womb,of  any lady

Who ties her breasts with cloth   in this world and in  heaven,

You know that the milk ocean with plenty of conches   when churned,

By  the proud  devas and asuras  , gave the lady Lakshmi who sits on a lotus  ,

And the earth which wanted to   beat this gift  , has   given Sita  and has become great.


3145. You please get  her and  make  her your wife  That Sita  ,  who is greatly  praised,

By the people of the world which has     the moving ocean with fishes   as waist belt,

Whose   waving hair   with its perfume attracts the bees  , who has a very thin  waist,

And who is like a deer    and  then  lead a happy life and making the   making the    world ,

Surprised at your skill with sword  , get me Rama  , so that  I can be happy with him.


3146.”Oh my father like brother , fate   gives you everything at proper time ,

And due to that ,  even if  someone has done great penance , the good   that has to come  ,

Would not reach him unless    the proper    time has arrived and so  I feel,

That you who has ten faces  , twenty hands  , twenty eyes  , twenty shoulders ,

Valorous chest and body  would attain   the greatness    of your boons,

That    you have  earlier got doing great penance only from now onwards.”


3147.”When I   was trying to get hold   of Sita  with  such great beauty  ,

And bring her to you  , The younger    brother of that  Rama    entered ,

In between    and using his lustrous sword   , cut off my nose  ,

And immediately  I felt my life has come to an end   but I decided ,

To take away my life  myself , after    telling everything      to you.”


3148  Like the greatness   which does not stay  in place where sin stays,

Anger  , valour  , the mental  pain due to loosing of self respect  ,

And all such good cultures  , due to the passion instilled in his mind,

Cut off connections with him  and like saying one lamp    attained another  ,

The sickness  of passion   and worries caused  it got merged   with soul of Ravana.


3149. That one who has not forgotten about the damsel  about whom  he heard,

Due to arrow of love God     which won over even Lord Shiva,

Forgot about Khara  , forgot     about  the strength   of person     who cut off,

The nose off his younger   sister , forgot about bad name he received,

And also forgot the  power of great boons   he got  earlier.


3150.Because the name “ Sita with thin waist”    and his mind, have crossed,

The state  of being two and have   become one, he did not have    another mind,

To remove  “the name of Sita”    from his mind    and think about     anything else.

So there was no method    for    forgetting about   Sita  .  Though one is learned  ,

If he does not have the great  wisdom of good and bad  , one cannot   cross  Passion.


3151.That Lord  of  city of  Lanka  ,  which had   very high    fortified    walls  ,

Even before stealing her  by deceit  who was looking like a peacock

Placed her    in the prison of his    heart   and   because of that,

The mind of Ravana who was armed    with spear  started  melting ,

Due to it   getting gradually hot , like the   butter kept in the sun.


3152.Due to   the power of  fate  , and due to the expected   gains because of it,

Due to    the conditions     which are nearing   for   the destruction  of  city of Lanka,

The cruel  disease of  passion entered stealthily    through    his sense  organs  ,

Like a very   ignorant uneducated man  doing  evil   without knowledge of any one.


3153.Due to the fact that    Sita who was as pretty as gold    has    entered  in   his mind  ,

Has   Ravana  got dilapidated? Due to   the state in which he     forgot  himself  .

The God of love sprayed   arrows  , gave  him sorrow   and he himself became    strong ,

Is it not true that   destruction of a valour  of person   is attached   to passion.”


3154. Ravana got up from his seat   and then beings  of seven worlds ,

Greeted him,  , the sound of conches    were   heard   from everywhere ,

There was rain of flowers   and all outsiders    went away from there,

And   with a very depressed  mind Ravana   entered  his  golden palace.


3155.Ravana who entered   the palace    avoided   the crowd of his wives  ,

And went and laid   down on a  big high bed over which flowers    were  spread,

And as   soon he did that  when , the breasts   and eyes   of  the deer  like Sita,

Who had   hair with perfume of musk  , brought many thoughts  in his mind ,

And   such thoughts   kept on slowly   increasing the  head of his emotions.


3156. That passion which could not be set aside  ,increased   several hundred,

Crores  of times   and those   flowers that were spread on his bed   which ,

Were sprayed with cold water and fanned   by scented air  got blackened  ,

And his shoulders similar to   the eight elephant  of directions  ,

Got thinned, his mind melted   and his soul appeared   baked.


3157.Then , when the maid servants carrying    flowers   which had pollens  ,

Cool sandal paste   and pretty tender new grown leaves   approached  Ravana,

His   body got scalded   as if  is was   anointed   with medicine  of burning fire  ,

And like the bellow of blacksmith pumping hot air  , he breathed and fainted.


3158. That pitiable one  who was not able to stabilize   his mind  , who could not realize ,

The sin he was committing ,  was not able     not to  think   about  her even for a small time ,

 And due to the desire     to see   the body of her  who had eyes ,

Similar to tender  mango  , neithal flower  , spear   as well as blue lotus flower ,

Suffered great sorrow   and became   one who is     very sad.


3159. Ravana who had  fully achieved victory    over   the very strong  elephants,

Which lift the   earth in all eight   directions  and made  their trunk  and tusk break,

Being attacked by arrows of love God  like a bee that   bores in to a tree  continuously,

On his chest  , became very sad  , greatly   tiered  and well famished.


3160. That Ravana  who felt that,”  A  lady who is   like  flower branch  with kondrai like hair,

Had come and  was living in his mind   that he has seen her “ became greatly depressed  ,

AS well as sorrowful  but  when the   southern breeze with   perfume of jasmine  ,

Which was  like the arrow sent by  love god wearing  sweet smelling flower garland  ,

Came     and hit   his body   he  became   greatly furious   on that   breeze.


3161. Then that Ravana with the painful mind, got up to go from there  ,

And without any firm thought    as to what he would like to do  ,

Accompanied   by  golden coloured  servant maids   who could  talk ,

Sweeter than    the music of Palai Yaazh  holding innumerable   row of lamps ,

Which merits  great appreciation  , entered   in to     a garden.


3162. That garden   had  jack trees like Manikhya , Banana trees  like  Emerald,

Mango trees like diamonds  , Vengai   trees  like  pure Gold  ,

Kongu trees like Padmaraga stones   betel nut  trees like blue stones  ,

Which give light   to a    great  distance  , Aacha trees  like  Kuruvinda gems,

Coconut trees   like silver  ,  The Pongamia trees like   crystal  ,

And padiri trees  which   were  like    coral   gems.


3163.Those gem like   trees  which were pretty and touched   the sky,

Were such that  there was difference visible between their flowers   and stars,

And in the middle of that honey dripping garden,  on a golden Mantap,

There was  a white bed which   was   spread  and Ravana reached it  and became sad.


3164The swans after   drinking   the honey dripping   out of fruits and flowers,

And  which have  become drunk  , parrots which talk like  sweet  lisping talk  of ladies,

Koels  , Bees   and many other birds    which can only raise    sweet sound,

Thinking  that the king of Lanka    would get angry at them  ,

Did not make    any sound    and appeared  as if they were   dumb.


3165. Due to that season , the new mist which has come along with breeze from north ,

Went and entered   the wounds caused  by arrows of love God   and vanishes,

And this made Ravana  ask , “What is the  season of friendliness  now?”,

And as soon as he asked   the mist of that end of the season   vanished,

And the   new heat of the spring   started   immediately.


3166.When  the thin  mist that cools down even   branches of huge trees in the garden  ,

 Forest fire    and mountains   was creating  irritation to the body of Ravana,

What can we tell about the heat of the early   summer     on him?

Is there any medicine that can cure those   who have drunk   the poison of passion?

Is not the feelings of the mind     that  lead   to happiness and sorrow?


3167. The passion that rose   in his mind  , went  and touched   the end points of directions,

And spread   and due to that summer    did create much more heat   of sorrow  and then he said,

He asked “what is this season here now , the previous   winter   was better than this,

And remove this summer    and bring back,    the winter season  , speedily , “  he said.


3168. And then when the    winter arrived as     per his wish , and 

The very strong shoulders of Ravana became more hot than before  , and he asked ,

“Would cool climate  of winter cause  heat?  This is indeed   the old   winter  ,  “he said ,

To that   his servants replied  “Oh Lord, we would be    afraid to do  any thing  ,

That is not ordered   by you  “ and he said , “All   seasons appear  ,

To be bad    and so remove     all the seasons immediately.”


3169.As soon as he told this  ,  all seasons went away    from there   and as ,

None of the seasons   did cause their effect   and were staying  ,

Like sages   without any attachments   and after    that  all worlds,

Left off   their   karmic relations   like diseases  and the world ,

Became like    world of salvation  which only   can be got,

By  doing very great penance  , without    any changes whatsoever.


3170.Even though the entire   world   which is surrounded   by the sea ,

Became a place    without heat or cold  , the blue  body  of  Ravana,

Started burning without any oil  , because this has  not come due to seasons ,

And  this fire that burns due to passion   can only be put out by good conduct ,

And it  is well known that   there  is no other way to  put it out.


3171. The Cloud which has absorbed water  , Garland of lotus flowers ,

The  cool sandal paste   mixed with    the powder of musk  ,

The soft pollen   and cool gems were   applied  on his body  ,

And that  Ravana who becomes greatly depressed   due to great heat,

Summoned   servants standing near by  “It is known that moon has coolness,

And so all of you run from here   and get  me the moon.”


3172. When the moon who had no mental strength to go above    that cruel city ,

And was travelling by the side of the city  , the servants searched    and found out ,

The full moon and told him  “Do not get scared ,  the king has summoned  you,”

And that Moon     after   getting rid   of  his  mental worries , rose above that city.”


3173. Like   a   enemy king  ,  when he   was  weak and was   not having anything  ,

To avenge   the stronger  one who defeated him   and  appeared  before him,

The moon who was in the sea   rose  up from   the  sea of  good waters ,

Mixed with sand   and looking like   he has come  with joy

 To give sorrow  to Ravana   and torment him ,became   visible to him..


3174. Due  to spreading  of his rays     which are likable   in all directions,

And having an intention of troubling    Ravana    who was neither  liked in earth,

Or heaven , it appeared   as if it is the wheel of  Lord Vishnu, who sleeps on a serpent  ,

Who had sent   the wheel with    an intention of     destroying   Ravana.


3175.The   soft cool rays of the moon emitted   after    drinking   all the nectar,

From the near by ocean of milk  and which spread   all over the place  ,

Made the Rakshasa who had bent eye brows    as well as    reddish eyes,

 Feel that    just   melted    boiling   silver   in  a burning  fire  was   thrown at him


3176.  Enquiring and coming to know  about   the  prettiness   of the dear daughter   of  Janaka,

The king of Mithila    which had    fields of red paddy    surrounding it,

Who was moving    about in the world  like a streak of lightning  ,

That   ray of the moon   gave   great pain to the mind of Ravana,

Who had lost   his greatness   and all types of welfare  ,

Like  the fame of an  enemy who can never be defeated   scalding his mind.


3177.That king Ravana    who scared   even the God of death wearing  ,

Huge anklets of  heroism  told his assistants  I asked you to  bring here  that moon,

Who has body made of cool rays   and  not this Sun   who is like a destroying fire,

Great anger  , heart full of poison and      hot rays  , So go  and bring him.


3178.When Ravana asked like this  , those   assistants    got scared  and said to him,

“It is impossible for us to bring here  in this way   any one    who has not been,

Approved   by you  . The red sun  does not come   here   except   on his chariot  ,

And though moon is causing  heat    he is travelling   on a plane .


3179. That Ravana   who has never this type  of love sickness  which is ,

Suffered by   those  lovers   who love  ladies with hips   which defeat  the serpents  ,

And   have   a  talk which is cooling  ,  suffering due to    the moon   understood the truth,

That this moon  is the enemy of the cool lotus     flower  and once he  understood    that,

He started    requesting    that moon    to save  his life  and started   talking.


3180. “Oh king of stars  , your body is eroding away  , Your body has  become pale,

You are black inside , Instead of giving coolness     you    are  producing heat.

Did you who is on the top   also like me hear   about  the prettiness    of Sita,

By those who have seen her , Due to no assistants to protect me from     the arrows shot at me,

By   the   flower arrows of God of love  I am standing   tired like this  ,

Please tell me    about who can save  my life  .”


3181,. “You have  been defeated by the   lotus face with blue lotus   like   eyes ,

Of  Sita born in a great family   , who has become god of death   to my soul,

And because of that    your mind(inside) got burnt  , you also started  ,

Producing heat from your body  , your body   has eroded .

If you start worrying about  other people’s  possessions like   this  ,

Is it possible to get victory  ? If you  understand   that  it ,

Is not possible for you   , It is  proper    that     you keep quiet.”


3182.After    talking in various ways like this  , “remove  night   as well  this  moon,

Bring the Sun as well as day time as before    and when Ravana   ordered  like   this  ,

The unimaginable moon as well as the  night     went away   and within a seconds time  ,

The   very famous   Sun and the day time started    spreading  .


3183.With sun   spreading   like molten gold   similar to   the fire   giving pout sparks,

 Due   to the Brahmins who were expert in “Rik” pouring    ghee  in to the  sacrificial fire

  The lotus the best among    flowers  opened   and due to the coming of the Sun,

The lily flowers  due to getting wealth not suitable to it  , became proud  ,

Not living   the peaceful life   , lost   the wealth    that it got  and looked like mean people.


3184.Sun who is the ornament to the world     coming through one path  ,

The moon the lord of the night   became shy  , lost its brilliance  ,

And with   a shivering body    went far away    from there,

And appeared  like  the displaced small king   tottering before his   famous lord.


3185. Several  Rakshasa ladies   wearing many types of    ornaments of the ears,        

On the   bed of flowers  enjoyed  hugging     their wedded   husbands   and ,

Due to love   tiff in between making of love   due to anger  , did not realize ,

That  the night got over (by order of Ravana)  and  did not end  the tiff in their sleep or dream.     


3186. In the mid of the night  , since  their lord  have left them  ,

Feeling as if their soul has gone from their body  ,

 The shivering of  their body did not end   and   like the   well grown  new  blue lotus flowers ,

Dripping   honey   they also had black eyes    dripping   tears.


3187.Some others   , lying on  the  bed of cotton over which flowers  ,

Were spread  ended   their love play  and like the coral  plant climbers,

Hugged tightly    with both hands , their sweet  soul like husbands   and slept.


3188. With  bees   humming in the water   of rut  flowing on their   cheeks,

With   the  light  of the most   lustrous sun entering there  , the elephants,

Which are   in rut   and    had not woken up   properly  resembled ,

The drunkards   who were  rolling  on the sweet bed   without getting sleep.


3189.Like the ladies   of good families    who   were  living  away   from .

Their soul like husbands   who    were   great   in wisdom,

The lamps in various parts    of the city  , though   the ghee  

Poured in them   had not dried  up lost their brilliance   due to coming of the  Sun.


3190.The flowers like  lotus which ought    to open in the  ,

Early  morning  , though the sun rise   leading to their opening  is past,

Did   not open  and were like the long     closed eyes   of ,

The  Rakshasa  ladies   who were lying on   broad beds.


3191.In that city   the eyes  of those   who sleep as they wish  ,

Did not open even after the coming    of day    time   ,

And like the  closed doors  of  big mansions    owned  by misers,

Who never had a  thought , that  they would give  alms to those who ask.


3192. Becoming happy  due to the extended   day time hours  ,

The Chakravaka birds  which suffer  poison like parting   during night  ,

Due to the mercy    of the   suffering going away in day time  ,

Became mentally    happy like    the very good     fated  ones.


3193.The  singing  bees that visit   the flowers  like lily which  open   daily 

 Only   on the rising of moon and  which do not obey the orders of   Sun 

Were looking depressed   like the   musicians     who have reached,

The doors  of those people   who do  not find any use  for such arts.


3194.Even when the  hot sun entered the houses   through   the windows,

On which rare   gems were    studded and woke up   from sweet sleep  ,

The  Rakshasa ladies   ,  did not understand the circumstances  ,

And remained   with faint and  in a  very mentally confused state.


3195. Those    very wise  people  after   doing research   in  astronomy ,

And   those experts    in astrology   as well as   the cock which  heralds the morning  .

Without having the power    to understand   the order   of Ravana,

Continued     in their    state   of sleepy state  .


3196.  When all such things were   happening  all over the world  ,

That  Ravana who wears  heroic anklet  that   makes sound  ,

Saw  the Sun by his own eyes  , thought, that this   Sun,

As fire Is burning the mind of those who think about him

And so he    is also like    the moon.


3197.Those   who heard this  told him,  “Oh    wealthy   one  ,

This is not the moon  , it is indeed the red   sun  and that is the,

Green chariot drawn  by the   horses    with long manes.

The  hot  sun only burns   and the cool moon  ,

When it touches    the   body    only makes it cold.”


3198.The Ravana    who was  like a blue mountain with many peaks,

“That Sun who is standing there   is   more cruel    than poison,

Remove him and also the sea   which is making great   sound.”

After  ordering like this  he said, “call   that  crescent of  the evening moon,

Who came here  before “   he ordered   his servants.


3199. AS soon as Ravana ordered  like this  , that  moon  ,

Who was full on that day ,  came up in another   direction,

As the young crescent of the moon  , Unless   you ,

Perform great penance   is it possible to do such things.


3200.That    evil minded Ravana    seeing   the moon’s  crescent ,

In the west  said  , “this  indeed  is the northern fire   otherwise,

It is  the sharp teeth   of  Adhi sesha  who lifts   the earth,

Or otherwise  “ The evening” getting angry at   me  ,

And is coming to kill me    with a curved   knife.”


3201.”That  Lord Shiva who   swallowed   the cruel poison   ,

That had come out   from the   cool ocean of milk  ,

And hid it in his neck  , Has possibly kept   this crescent  ,

On his head decorated    with kondrai flowers  in this place, is my thought.”


3202. That full moon which ate away my soul    with  ,

The strength of thunder   has possibly ran  away ,

And come out in this form   but is no less cruel,

And is the big form of the poisonous serpent.

Even though  it is small  , it is no less poisonous.”


3203, He ordered, “The sun who came before    appears  ,

To be better . Remove this crescent from the sky, for ,

If it is going to trouble   me who is very strong  ,People  may talk,

Let some one  who suffers   in the seven worlds escape.

Is there a possibility    for them to talk like that   and ,

I think it is better for me to see    the blackest  darkness.


3204. AS soon as the young crescent was removed  , the darkness  which was easy to touch ,

Which   was like   a stone on which    several objects could be rubbed  ,

 Which was like something we can cut off,

By sword if we desire , Was sweet to look at  ,

And was like  several pillars   appearing as  a crowd.


3205.  Is   it necessary to tell that  darkness   was suitable to be cut in pieces  

And   polished  in to a pillar  ? When after  getting    the complete ,

Knowledge   and not allowing the faultless   wealth of questioning  ,

To enter in it    and  light it from inside  and understanding that ,

The real blindness   in this   world    the mental blindness ,

And becoming suitable to that name  with Merciful glances  

And  become dried  up of mercy  then   that darkness  was  darker than   human mind 


3206”.Without   being cut to pieces , densely packed   and without space  ,

Growing even bending the sky   that darkness which did not fit anywhere ,

Completely    covered    the wide spread     world like   the  matchless lord Shiva  ,

Swallowed that poison,  without considering    that   it would 

Destroy   all peoples   and all things  “Said that   Ravana.


3207. “I understood that this poison     which was born in    the ocean of milk,

Which was   called Halahala    and was swallowed by  Lord Shiva by his power 

Cannot  be controlled   by this darkness  and I have understood that  ,

The   fire serpent called the final deluge   which can destroy  the earth,

The sky and every other  thing  by licking them with its toungue  ,

And   trying  so solve my problem  is like treating the blackness    with black colour”


3208,”Before me who is  suffering  great pain   alone  , a coral branch,

To which there   is no proper   comparison  with   the darkness  ,

That cannot be pierced    either by arrow    or fire  ,

Carrying the cloud which has   great darkness     as edge ,

And having    the   collection of    small coconuts  in  it,

And  like the lamp which carries the  moon    ,  is appearing.


3209.”Is it an illusion    due   to the confusion of passion,

Has my brain  altered?  I am now clear,  What is this   form that I see?

Inside  this  darkness   which cannot even   be compared to  the thickened Kajal,

One moon with great light , along with ear globes  on both ears  ,

Along with  very black   curly  hair  is appearing before me.”


3210.”The bridge   that connects  the  breasts  which appears  risen on both sides  ,

With waist   that  is not visible     to my eyes   and except that I am able  to see ,

All its body parts  .This form has  eyes  which have drunk poison   and ,

Slowly and slowly  it has transformed in to the form of a young girl,

And has   completely  occupied   one portion   of my mind.”


3211.Earlier I have seen    several ladies  of the seven worlds ,

But I have not seen a form of a lady   which resembles this form,

And  suppose   this form   is different from   all the ladies  of this world,

I think she is    the same young  lady   with hair    surrounded  by bees,

Who was   described  by my sister   Soorpanakha    to me.”


3212.”Unable  to bear   to know  that I am suffering   from love sickness,

And that I am sorrowing because of it  Sita must have come in search of me  ,

What  recompense  can I do to her?  Please immediately  summon    Soorpanakha   

Who has personally  seen her   who is sweet  so that  I can enquire with her  ?”


3213.As soon as  Ravana ordered like this   and when  they speedily summoned   her  ,

And she   who was  born   to completely uproot   the tribes of  Rakshasas

Who were capable of great efforts and who had  lost her nose and ears   with ear  globes,

Arrived   there      with a mind which was   filled    with  one   sided  love.


3214,That Ravana   whose  sharp  sword was applied    with good   ghee  ,

Looking   at the cruel Soorpanakha   whose mind was filled with lies  ,

Who had come before him   and asked  “Oh lady  , please  look at me deeply.

Is the one   who has lustrous eyes   applied with Kajal   and ,

Who is standing before me  , is she  the one named Sita, Please  tell.”


3215.And she said,  “He with red lotus like    eyes, with lips like red fruit,

With  sandal applied high shoulders  ,  with very long   hands  ,

With a chest   decorated   with a pretty garland    and he who looks like   a blue mountain,

Is That great Rama    who holds     the  great and strong bow.”


3216.Ravana said, “The form that I saw is feminine  , Oh ignorant   one,

And you are   telling about a masculine form  whom I have never thought about,

This is surprising to me . Who are they who  have  played  this illusion on us,

When both of us    have learned  the great art   of making one completely lose their brain.”


3217.Soorpanakha told  him, “this is usual with you  .The passion that has   taken,

A huge form in   you , which  makes attention  not travel from  one place to another  ,

Is heating you up   and   wherever   your eye sees  , you see  only her form.”


3218.  When she told like this   That  Rakshasa told , “let what   you told,

Come true but how is it    that you are   only seeing that Rama   everywhere?”

And she replied “ From the time    that Rama   did this    harm    to me,

From then onwards   I am not    able    forget him at all.”


3219.”True , true    What you   have told  seem to be proper ,

I am suffering because   both my body and mind has been  baked,

Where   is freedom from me from     this cruel fate  ?

When Ravana asked like this    she told  ,  “Oh lord  ,

Why is it  You who are the matchless  leader  of this   world ,

Getting depressed  like this  . You go and steal    that Sita,

Who had   a hair that is decorated  by flowers”   she said.


3220.After   saying this   she went away   and  that  Rakshasa lost  his balance  ,

And he became    one who will not get    wisdom     from anything  ,

With a turbulent   soul   he became   famished   and all  those  ,

Who work for him shivered    and they thought   , if he  manages to ,

Keep himself   alive  . His situation     has become  like     that.


3221 . Just like   the saying, “dead one has  come alive    Ravana  who got his,

Sweet life back  , understanding his strength   addressing   those who were  near by told,

”Please build a   hall  of  Moonstones which drip water  like  milk  coming out when you milk,

Which     is pretty  . Order   this to   be done    by the best of artists.”


3222.” The great architect of devas,   Viswakarma   who understood    the order of Ravana,

Came there  and planned  for a pretty   moon stone hall    with one  thousand  pillars,

Which made   even the Lord of   the lotus shy  and not only that  he   built it.”


3223. He  fixed those  moon stones  from top to bottom    so that  ,

Even when moon is not there  , the drip of nectar like water   was there ,

He  made  small windows so that the   breeze   would come in with scent of flowers ,

He   also created a  cool garden  Karpaga    gardens with gems ,

Which would   fulfill     all   the wishes one has.


3224. Surrounded by    Deva maidens    who   wore pretty ornaments  ,

Who were   carrying   in their hands  which were  ornamented   with golden jewels  ,

The lamps which were   giving out light   on both   sides  ,

With the night     which had spread    all over the sky    ran away  ,

That Ravana with huge soldiers  climbing   on a plane  made  of gems,

Came    to inspect    that great hall    that was made of gems.


3225.Though that place    had darkness   as if thousand   crore  ,

Darkness was kept there  With the cool moon like  faces   ,

Of the deva maidens    and due   to the collection of    several thousand crores  ,

Of  great moon lights   which give out cold   being   collected   there  ,

The   night    that    was in that   hall ran away with great speed.


3226.  The nine  precious   gems  which are  the flowers of Karpaga tree 

Looked like   the day   time rays of the sun   and  the   catch of darkness ,

Got loosened   and the day time     was formed .Is it not    the greatness ,

Of Karpaga tree   that though  Sun was  not visible , the light flows from the tree.


3227.Ravana   who was not able to differentiate   between  tough , sound and other ,

Feelings , who was having a very confused  mind   and   was not   knowing,

‘What to do’ , pulled     by the great desire   entered in to that  moon stone hall,

As if he has    taken another   birth and possessed a    fresh new body.


3228.Like  the  round ocean of milk   in which the  Makara   fishes wandered  ,

Which like mother    used to give   whatever    was requested by the devas,

Who destroyed their desire and did penance , came with a pot of nectar,

Ravana reached the bed  of flowers  and  golden leaves   surrounded   by bees.


3229. The  gentle   breeze   from the south   which arranged   a feast,

To the God  of love  in the sweet smelling   pretty  sweet gardens ,

Which was   filled    the smell of  flowers   from the   hair ,

Of well ornamented  ladies  , which was like the nectar   ,

Willingly given by the   ocean which produced great sound ,

And   which was  capable  of getting back   ,

The soul of the person    even if he   has lost   it.


3230.That Ravana who had eyes     spitting    fire   which looks   with great anger ,

Could not tolerate   the breeze   entering through the   window   and wafting,

Became angry as if he has   seen a python entering   the  home,

Called his    servants   and told   them as follows.


3231.”Just like    the little water    that appeared in the well  has ,

Drowned the entire world  , Wind God   who is one    of the devas ,

Has become capable of causing harm to me   and he asked ,

How  did   this breeze   enter    here   without my order,

Call immediately   those  servants   who guard   this place.”


3232. Then those assistants ran and brought  those guards ,

And Ravana  looked at them with   his    red cruel eyes  ,

And made   them scared    and that Ravana   who was short tempered asked them,

“Did you provide   the way to the breeze to come here?, they said,

“When you came  here  you did not  order  us not to allow  breeze  inside .”


3233. “If the devas can come here    whenever    they  like  ,

Does it mean that    rule of my  law     has already died,

So immediately   search everywhere and go to far off places  ,

Search   and find out wind God  , catch him and put him in the great prison here “ he said.


3234.  Then he again told  “ there  is no point   in getting angry  on wind God.

If I do not attain the true  love   of the   black spear eyed   Sita  ,

The God of death would come   quickly     near me and so ,

Go and bring ministers  who by their strength, know   the future”  ordered  Ravana.


3235.Those assistants that received    this order  before  “A”  is utterered ,

Went and called for the ministers   everywhere and when they called like  that,

The Devas of heaven   and all the  mentally upset    ministers  ,

Riding on chariots with flags   , on horses , on palanquins  ,

And on  elephants which   poured    water  of rut   reached  there.


3236.After discussing faultlessly  with the ministers who came   there,

His mind did not   get clear and  he wanted   only to do what he wished,

Without any  other   help  got in to a plane  travelling in the   sky  ,

Reached the    hermitage   of Mareecha    who was doing penance controlling his senses.


8. Mareechan vadhai padalam

Chapter on killing of Mareecha.


(When Mareecha says he wants to   take revenge on Rama , Mareecha tries to dissuade   him in various. When he understands , that that if he     does not agree   Ravana   would kill him, he agrees. Ravana   then asks him   to go as a golden deer and tempt Sita and remove Rama from that   place. Mareecha goes as an attractive deer  .Sita wants that deer. Lakshmana tries his best to impress on Rama     that the deer was a result of illusion and mot probably Mareecha. When Lakshmana says that he will go   behind the deer, Sita becomes sad and Rama himself goes    asking Lakshmana to    guard Sita.  When Rama realizes    that   the deer is a magical one , he kills it.  The deer shouts in Rama’s voice  “Oh Sita , Oh Lakshmana “ and dies. Rama  is worried.)


3237. As soon as   Ravana  reached there   the Mareecha who was living there ,

Became scared   and with a pained mind as well as   confused   thoughts  ,

Went to the front and received    Ravana  who  was like a   black mountain,

Showered hospitality on him   and seeing the faded face   of Ravana   started    talking.


3238.  The confused Mareecha    told him, “Oh lord     who rules    creating fear ,

To the Indra who rules from shade   of Karpaga    tree and also the God of death,

What   is the  purpose   of your coming  like a poor man    who does not  have anybody,

To  this forest and   that   too   in search of the poor hut of   mine?”


3239.Ravana said, “several things have happened  but I continued to live,

I am further getting   tired  , my   shine    has   gone away  ,

My fame   and  greatness    have  both gone away   and now  ,

How shall I say about    all these    things to you     after telling this  ,

He again told “that is something which will    bring,

Shame   as   well  as    bad name     to all devas.”


3240.”Oh one who holds the spear , the men there  have become   stronger ,

Using their sharp sword   they have cut away   the nose of your niece  Soorpanakha,

And if we see deeply   what  other worse    bad fate     can occur    ,

To your clan as well as my  clan., please tell.”


3241.  “If a man  has   insulted  my sister   and not only that  , he ,

Waged war with a bow    and  drank    the   life   span of   Khara ,

Who is a great warrior    and who   had ebbing great     anger,

 And brought bad name to me who has   so far only won victory .

Is it proper    for you to see   that your nephews holding cruel spears  ,

Are killed   and remain    happy carrying   both your hands?”


3242 “Due to all this   the heat of mind did not reduce,

I  became   depressed and am slowly    wasting away  ,

And since they are  not equal to my strength   ,

I do not want to fight with them but I wanted   to kidnap  ,

That lady with coral like  lips and  I want your help  in this,

For the sake of wiping away  this insult    of mine   and I have   come here.”


3243.Before Ravana  completed all these words   which were  like  melting  iron,

In a burning fire     and pouring    it in  to his ears   , Mareecha   closed  ,

Both his ears   and said “chee, chee    and tottered  and ,

Removing his fear   for Ravana    from his mind  ,

With a mind which was     greatly   angry   and started  telling.”


3244,”oh king  , You have sought and got the   end of your life   ,

You have lost your wisdom  . This has  not happened    due to you  ,

Because  this has happened    due to    the strength   of fate  ,

Though it is not  sweet for you  to hear   , I am telling   this to you,

Taking account your welfare  “he then he started   telling   matters   of courage     to him.


3245 “You    cut off your   heads by   your  own hand   and offered them in Yagna fire  ,

You    tortured your soul    for very many years    by starving    your selves 

And was it not like this  that you got    all this wealth    and if you neglect,

The fruits of your penance   now   , would it  be possible  for  you get them again.”


3246. “Oh king  who is    greatly learned  in Vedas  written by   chosen words  ,

You followed Dharma   and did    great penance    and got  all this wealth  ,

And not by following    the path of Adharma   , please tell after thinking ,

Did you not get everything     through   following good ways  ?   Again ,

Would you now follow the path     of Adharma     and loose  all that  wealth.”


3247.  “They who  steal   the kingdom from those    who show love  ,

Those who collected tax     by tormenting  the  citizens  ,

And  those who take for themselves  the ladies who live  ,

In their homes as    wife  of others  would be completely  ,

Destroyed   by  the God of    Dharma      himself ,

Till now    who among   the cruel ones    have continued to live?”


3248.”The lord of Devas   due  to the beauty of Ahalya  lost his prestige,

And like  that several people    who were    equivalent to that  Indra  ,

Got   bad name  . “Oh Lord     who does not have    any    brain,

Several ladies who are   equivalent  to Goddess Lakshmi   are enjoying   your wealth,

And   you are now  talking    that  which is talked by  those who do not have good advisors?”


3249.”If you do not   follow   and act  you would not get    anything good 

And you would get only sin   and  bad name   out   of it  , and if ,

By chance   you  win  , That Rama    who had created  the world,

Using arrows which are    like the curse   of great saints  ,

Would win over you and destroy   all your clan along with descendents.”


3250.”Even though I advise  like this   you are refusing  to think about   it,

One of the chiefs of your army called Khara   along    with his army   and 

Very strong chariot regiment  was killed By Rama    by one of his bow   and ,

He has decided   to kill   all the Rakshasa clans    and this  is pitiable  .”


3251.  “Among the cruel who is   equal in cruelty    to  Viradha   and ,

Alas by one of the arrows    of Rama  he was killed    and went to heaven  ,

And when that is so   among us who can escape from him alive  ,

Thinking like  this    I have   become   greatly pained   ,

And are    you going    to increase   my   pain   further  more?”


3252. “All those    who have died are   all dead   and do not  take  any  action,

So  that more people     would  die   in future , Please, please do not do it,

If you do that  there  would  be no  way to  escape  .

It is not possible   to tell   how many people   ruled this earth  and 

 It is not possible  for     those   who do not follow Dharma    to  live   with stability ,

Also in this    world   there are  none who did not get destroyed,

And are not all people      those who vanished    without anything?”


3253. “He is the one   who sent one   arrow to kill  my  younger brother Subahu,

And my mother   Thadaga  and my  manliness    went back before    That great archer Rama,

And  his younger   brother who is    very near   him   and

 I became   tired as I lost my valour  and That  Rama    is your enemy ,

And due to that   mind is  shivering like a string.”


3254.  All the moving  and not moving    things   will not be there for ever,

And they would definitely get    destroyed, and

This   truth is known    to you  and so hear my words    and do not do bad acts  ,

And at least from now    always   be our chief   and with great wealth ,

Live   always    happily, “   said  Mareecha


3255.  After    hearing   this  Ravana told, ,” Addressing me    who  lifted by his palm,

The Kailasa  mountain along with  Lord Shiva    who keeps     ganges   on his     head,

And who has  very pretty   Manikhya shoulders   ,  you   have   told    that,

I am weaker than a mere  man     and then he  looked at him  ,

With fire in his very cruel    eyes   , lifted his eye brow like   arch   and with great   anger.


3256.” You did not consider about the insult     that happened to our clan,

And    without any fear    you   made one  without   firmness   of my mind,

You praised that one    who made the    face of my sister    in to a mountain cave  ,

But I have decided    to    pardon you for   this great crime “ said Ravana.


3257.Understanding   that   Ravana    who was angry with him  ,

Who is   valorous    and who does not have    any greatness  in him,

Would further    get    angry with him  , desiring   to get    away  ,

Without giving any further   advice  , he asked  him, “you are getting  ,

Angry with yourself   , you are   getting angry with your clan  ,

But     are   not getting angry      with me  , “why is this?”


3258.”  If    you consider that    carrying  the Kailasa  mountain a great act   ,

When Janaka gave the bow    and told  him  , This a bow    held    by Lord Shiva  ,

And   is  like   a meru mountain  , please bend it”    That  matchless  Rama  ,

Who was equal to a mountain  , held its   string   and broke it in to pieces  ,

That bow which was like  a mountain  Meru   which touches    the sky, is it not?”


3259.”You are one who do not know     the strength  of Rama   completely,

And  even if it is explained    to you  , you refuse   to   understand,

Even  before  That   Rama prepares     for the war   and wears  a Thumbai garland,

All the lives  of his enemies   ,   their   soul would be uprooted    from them,

Due to ignorance    You   consider  Sita  as a   human lady   and   that is not her form,

And it is the form of   the    sin that the Rakshasas   have done.


3260.When I realize    that   you along with your relatives   cannot escape  ,

My mind is beating like a drum  , My soul    is  greatly   shivering  and  you  do not seem to be

 Bothered about it   , A person   who is standing near   one , who is drinking   poison,

If he tells “you are doing a good act “  is   it    good   thing to do?


3261, From Lord Shiva    to the land of devas   and all the lands in between,

The divine arrows that   were  given by sage   Viswamithra , with great   fire,

Within the time of batting    the eye lash   are capable of killing all  lives ,

They never  know defeat , are innumerable   and  are waiting orders  of Rama.


3262.  Due to the increase  of   poison   called passion which is sorrowful ,

You have told very cruel words   , would   this not lead to your   destruction?

Being    your maternal uncle, I was born     in this clan    before    you ,

And that  is why I told these   words  , Please  change your opinion, “Mareecha    said.


3263.Though Mareecha requested  Ravana   to think about all his words ,

Ravana, the king of Rakshasas   berated    him  and started    telling,

“You are   still alive   becoming scared   of the one    who killed   your mother,

And  is it proper    to consider   you as  manly  , when you have  done like this?”


3264.”Did    you tell me   who made    the elephants   guarding the directions  run away ,

Who destroyed    the greatness     of   devas   by entering   their kingdom,

And burnt all their  homes   and who are  ruling    all over the  world  , that  ,

The sons of Dasaratha    are capable   of destroying me?  This strength  is great , great.”


3265. I  have  won over all the  three   worlds  and now  I am going to get ,

More enemies to fight  , Is there anything  more sweeter than that?

Do   carry out   my orders.  . It is not proper for you being  a  minister  ,

Who should think about    and   protect   the country  ,

To take    actions    in a way that   you think is right?


3266.”Even if   you refuse    to obey my order  , using  my sharp knife   ,

I would do what   my mind wants to do?  I would not go away from it  ,

Leave out  telling    these advices   which I hate   and carry out  ,

My desires   and then you can stay alive. Do according to what I want , “ he said to Ravana.


3267.When Ravana    told like that , understanding   his thought process ,

Mareecha thought  “those   who are   greatly proud    would be destroyed,

And    is this not a deep  philosophy” and that   More than the people who believe,

“Arrogance of those people   would destroy relations  .”,Mareecha   thought 

That “where  are  those arrogant people ?”    and started    talking like  ,

Water   sprinkled   on the   melted  copper  .


3268.Mareecha told  , “I told   all this    for   your benefit   only  in a  true manner,       

And I did not  tell them thinking   that   destruction would come to me   and

I did not advice    you because  of fear  . When destruction comes   near us,

Even if some body advices  properly  , it     would as improper,

Oh Ravana   who travels on an improper path, tell me what  I should do?”


3269. As soon as Mareecha told like this   , Ravana    got up and hugged him,

And after   leaving out his anger  towards him told, “Oh Mareecha who has,

Mountain like    shoulders , instead   of dying by the arrows of  love god,

Would not we get    fame if  we die     by the arrows   of Rama?

Please  bring me Sita    who has turned   cool breeze as   enemy  to me,

And give    her   to me”  and thus    he requested   him.


3270.When Ravana    told him like this   Mareecha   replied to him,

“For taking revenge on Rama for killing my mother , once   when I went,

To Dandakaranya  along with two other Rakshasas,  those who came with me died,

From the   arrows which came from the bow of Rama,

I returned back greatly scared. What job should   I   do now?”


3271.When Mareecha told like that , That  Rakshasa chief   Ravana told,

“Sir,  I am standing here ready   to kill him   , who killed    your   mother ,

In a very base manner. Is the question “what can I go    and achieve”,

A  proper question from you  . Should we   not catch that Sita  by  creating illusion?”


3272.Mareecha told  , Now     what else    can I tell you  ?   to attain the   wife of Rama,

By your valour   and ability   would only be proper   and not attain her by cheating?

To get her my cheating would be demeaning    to your position      and status   and 

So Win over   Rama in  war   and increase    your  suitability  for   doing that  ,

Would be suitable     to the     tradition of justice that   we follow?”


3273. When his relative told him like this ,  Ravana  laughed   at it  and said,

“Is the  army necessary to win over    those men? Would not the   sword  ,

Held by my strong hands   be sufficient for that  ?   but if   Rama and Lakshmana ,

Die  , she  who is human  , who would be alone, would prefer to die a nd so,

Because of that   we will catch her   by  using magical     illusion?”


3274.  Mareecha thought  ,”even  before    he touches   that lady  ,

Rama   would cut off the heads   of Ravana  and make them fall down,

But  I am not able to   tell him the proper    way to  do it?

Who would    fully know     the   path of fate and so  except,

Carrying out orders   of Ravana  , I   do not see   any other   option.”


3275 And he asked Ravana  ,”What   type of illusion    should I perform here?

Please tell me,.”  And for that   Ravana    replied  ‘You enter   the forest,

As a golden deer and create   attraction in the mind   of that golden girl”

And Mareecha    agreed to do that and started    from there  . Also ,

That king of Rakshasas  with shining spear    went   in  another direction.”


3276. Due    to knowing    the   strength   of the bow  of those two brothers,

Mareecha   did not    take   this decision    himself and since   he knew ,

The power   of the sword of Ravana   he agreed to obey that   order,

We will now    tell about his thoughts  as well what he did?

3277. He would sorrow greatly   thinking about his close   relatives,

He would think  of that valorous  heroes  , get  scared and fainted.

He  started shivering thinking about    what  will happen   to the fishes,

Once   the deep moat   of water is poisoned fully. And the  pain,

That    he felt in his heart    was  something beyond   tought.


3278.He thought  of how he suffered    during the   Yaga  of Viswamithra,

And when he went as a deer   to the forest.

That  Mareecha  who has never faced the end or death , for the   third time,

Consented for being killed    and travelling on its path,

Went    and reached    the forest where Lord Rama   lived.


3279.Mareecha went   in the form of a golden deer  , which was matchless ,

And which due    to the luster    of its body   gave light    to heaven and earth,

In search  of Sita      who herself was like a deer   and found her.


3280.All the different types   of deer of the forest  , like  the lover  losing his mind  ,

To a prostitute   who has   an unstable mind   and who does not have    real love 

On seeing that    golden deer    surrounded her with  ocean like    desire.


3281.Sita   about whose   waist people    told that  it was a lie  ,

Walked    with    great pain to her waist   and started  plucking flowers ,

In the forest   using    her soft hands    wearing lustrous bangles.


3282.The people     who would definitely   get in to problems ,

Would see   many   unimaginable    weird   forms   in their dream  ,

And like that  Sita   who is going   to undergo   sufferings  ,

Which  will  not be undergone at any time  , Saw that magical deer.


3283. Due to   the  life of Ravana    nearing the end   and   due to fact,

That  Dharma would luxuriously grow   in this earth after  his death,

She  on seeing the golden deer could not recognize    that it is an illusion

And stood there   wanting  that deer  ,  which is something not to be done.


3284, That Sita who had a forehead like the young crescent  ,

When the     golden deer came and stood before her  ,

With  gret desire    decided that “I would ask Rama,

“Please catch and give it to me    ,  with great wish  ,

Reached    that valorous hero   who wins by his bow.


3285. She saluted   Rama and told   him  , “I see a deer made of pure gold  .

Which   shines     due to great light  ,which has long ears and legs  ,

Which  are made of real  red gems   before  me which  is sweet to see .”


3286.Without thinking even a little   that  “ No such deer ,

Was ever seen in this world so far    Rama    , the father of Brahma,

Hearing   the  loving words of deer like Sita  , he also started   desiring  it.


3287. Not telling   that    it is  not a proper desire  because,

Sita was asking for it , when Rama   at that time told,

“Oh lady   wearing ornaments and   who is like a golden creeper  ,

We would see   that deer”  Lakshmana   understanding   ,

The way   of his,    started    the conversation  like this.


3288.”Its   body is of gold colour  , ears , leg are    tail are  like red gems,

And this deer with a nature of moving fast   , is not natural ,

And would it be proper to think    it as   some thing magical  ,

And oh Lord     under no circumstance    can it  be  true”  Lakshmana told


3289.And Rama told him then,  “ Oh younger   brother  all those  ,

Greatly wise people   have not fully   understood    about   the nature,

Of this shifting world and its   beings are  innumerable   crores of types ,

And   so just  based on our knowledge  we cannot   say  it does not exist in this world.


3290. “You hae come to this   conclusion   by thought process   of the mind,

Are we not hearing newer   and newer    type  of news    daily  ,

Have you not heard  about the seven gold coloured    swans?”


3291.  “There are   no rules  to the beings of this world   that,

They should look like    this only.  “Said  Rama to his younger brother,

And  Sita    thought    that when they were   talking like  this,

That golden deer   would go   in several forest paths   and vanish.


3292. That black mountain like    Rama    observing   this sad    thought  ,

Of Sita   Said  “Oh lady who wears great    ornaments  , show it to me.”

And started   to go with her  but that brother who wears   golden anklets  ,

Went behind them and just like fate   that cannot be    side stepped  ,

That     golden deer  came    and stood    before   them.


3293.Rama with his great wisdom  did not properly   examine  ,

That deer   and said, “this deer is indeed pretty”  ,Can we  ,

Think about those words and judge  it   for is he  not  ,

The lord  of the devas    who has    left his serpent bed and has come here.


3294.”Rama said  , “ Oh brother  , see   this deer carefully  , except ,

Saying that it is only like   itself can we compare   it with any other   thing ,

In this world.. Its    teeth    are   like   the smiling   pearls   and it  is,

Like a streak of lightning     walking   over the bed of grass,

And  its body is like  red gold   and the  dots on his body are like   silver.”


3295. “Oh lad   with strong bow   and one learned   in Dhanur   Veda,

Whether it is a man or woman , once they see   it from near by place ,

There  cannot be anyone who does not like it  and you please   see  ,

That  all the beings that   crawl as well as fly   are   surrounding it,

Like the flying insects     rushing   to see the flame of burning    fire.”


3296.When the honourable    Rama told like this    Lakshmana ,

Stared carefully     at that  deer and  made up his mind  that,

 “it is not natural “ and told  “Oh heroic one  who wears  ,

The  scented   flower   garland  , even if it is a   deer ,

Made of gold, what  use it is for us?   And ,

It is only  proper    for us to go away    from it.”


3297.Even before Lakshmana     completed    his words  , that pretty lady,

Told   the  pretty  Rama “Oh son of  the king  , if you speedily   catch,

This deer which is attractive    to the mind  , when we return,

To Ayodhya    from this forest   , this would be    a rare  pet,

Which would be    useful to play  with joy      for me.”


3298.When Sita who had a waist  which is doubtful in existence   told  like this,

Indicating her  wish  , when Rama told with certainty “Just now I will catch and give “,

That Lakshmana who was   clear in his thought   told him , “Oh elder  brother,

, You would in the end    understand that  this  deer   is ,

Only  a    cruel and tricky Rakshasa, with an intention to cheat     .”


3299. That Rama      who has    come    to remove     the sufferings    of the   devas told.

“If it is a magic deer  , it would  die with my arrow   and  by killing it then,

WE would fulfill   our duty of killing     the furious    Rakshasas   but  suppose  ,

It is a pure   deer  , we will catch and bring it  , In both of there  where is evil?”


3300.  “Oh Rama     who has    very powerful golden shoulders , we do not know,

Who has sent this magical deer and   we do not know what type   of  illusion  ,

He has used   and we are not able    to know   what type of deer this   is,

And it is not proper    to indulge   in the job of hunting  ,

Which our   forefathers      hated to  get  indulged   in.” said Lakshmana.


3301.    Leaving   out our determination to kill the   Rakshasas   who  are our enemies.

Saying    that   they are innumerable    and  that the magic and illusion 

 That   they practice    is terrible   is something which would   make,

Others  laugh at us  “ and so there   is nothing wrong    in trying to catch this deer ,

Like this    Rama the father   of Lord Brahma    told his   great    brother.


3302.  Then Lakshmana told , “  Oh Lord   , is it not proper   to a perform,

Any job that we want to do after  clear thought ?  Even if large number of people  ,

Are involved   in sending this deer   and are in hiding , With cruel arrows ,

In my bow I would follow    them  and   speedily  I will pursue and destroy them.

If not   I would catch hold of this    deer   and drag it   to this place.”


3303. Sita   interfered in this   talk of Lakshmana   and that   swan like Sita,

Becoming sad   and   like a parrot   lisped    sweetly   thee words ,

Like nectar   using her red mouth   “Oh Lord, would you yourself  .

Not go and catch this deer and give it to me  “ and with red lines  ,

On her blue lotus   like eyes  which were shedding  pearl like tears, with great anger.


3304. Seeing that love    tiff of Sita who told like this   , Rama   who could protect all,

Said to Lakshmana, “Oh brother who wears garland of golden flowers ,

I would myself go and catch this deer    and return swiftly.

Till then  you please   guard Sita who is like   the peacock of the forest.”

And  then taking arrows     which are  as sharp as   spears  , he started going fast.


3305. Then Lakhmana told  “ In the Yaga conducted    by Viswamithra  ,

One of the three Rakshasas escaped and I have a doubt that  this may be that Mareecha,

Oh Lord  , please think over it again  . Pease   go   and come back without any harm,”

After sayring this he raised both his arms saluted Rama   and    started ,

Guarding the hermitage    in which Sita entered by standing  near   the door.


3306. Without bothering about  the   true words   told by the great thinker   Lakshmana,

That Rama who had pretty shoulders   like mountain   but   only thinking,

About anger of Sita who had a   face  like    full moon  , with a   smile ,

On   his  red lips which were like coral   and Sindhoora  , Rama     Started    following     that   golden deer.


3307.  That magical deer   walked stepping slowly  , stared    as if it was scared  ,

Straightened   its long ears   and then lifting its hooves   up to its breasts.,

Jumped up the sky   and crossing the speed of  lashing wind and mind

Started    running from there   , making  one learn a new name   for its speed.


3308.Rama    took and kept   his feet which measured   the earth   in speedy steps.

Is   there is another   world for him to measure  ? He ran speedily

And he showed the world  his   form  which   is    everywhere  ,

Who can  ever estimate    the speed with which he went?


3309. That deer    would climb   on mountains  , would jump on clouds in the sky,

When one nears it  will run away   and if  you delay to   go near   , it   would,

Come and stand near the  touching   distance   and    if one goes near it  ,

It would  move away far off   and stand there  ,  would love   you as much as you pay,

And Oh mother it went like mind of   prostitutes wearing scented    garlands.


3310.Though    this    has taken the form of   deer   but I feel   that  its acts   

Are very different from that of deer, and it is proper that Lakshmana  ,

Suspected  it earlier to me  .His thoughts seems to be true  and proper  ,

Had I also properly   thought about   it, I would   not have come  over here ,

And after   suffering this pain   I also feel that  is illusion of Rakshasas”  , Rama thought.


3311. Thinking in his mind    that  “Now Rama   would not try to catch me  ,

But he would kill me with    his arrow and  send   to heaven “   that Mareecha,

Who is an expert in illusion  , with great speed  jumped on to the   sky.


3312, In that second   Rama   send   a red arrow    which    was like 

His cruel weapon of wheel , that  cannot be   stopped ,  at that deer  ,

With an order “Wherever that deer goes  , go to all those places  and remove   its soul”    


3313, That arrow     which was looking like a long leaf   went  ,

And hit at the heart   of Mareecha   which was fully filled with deceit  ,

And immediately     using his open mouth   he shouted  ,”Sita,  Lakshmana”,

In the voice of Rama  , so that   it will go in all the eight   directions   

And beyond  that   and   fell like a hill   assuming   his real     form.


3314,  Seeing that cruel one   falling    dead   in his natural form  ,

Understanding that   the deer   is not  a true one   and  Rama thought ,

About his younger brother  “He is  an able one   and he   is like my soul”,

And the   one who  came    to attack me  is very intelligent  .


3315. Then he stared    at the body of the cruel one who died ,

Shouting  so that  his voice reaches   all the directions  ,

And understood    that  he was  the Mareecha  who came ,

During     the faultless     sage    Viswamithra.


3316.”When my arrow which pierces   hit his chest  , by his magic,

He cried for Sita and Lakshmana      imitating my voice   and perhaps,

Hearing that call  Sita who  has eyes    as     cool as    a rain,

Would become sad  “ thought Rama    and got worried.


3317.”My younger brother      as soon as he saw the deer   understood  ,

Earlier itself that he    was Mareecha     who was the master of illusion,

And since he   knows well about    my strength  , he would have  ,

Consoled Sita   and would have told about realty   of that  voice”

Thinking   like this  , he managed to attain clarity   of mind.


3318.”Mareecha does not have  to come here  , only for death,

He has come definitely   with a plan  and due to his shouting  ,

A big harm is going to happen  and so   even before that  happens,

It would be better   for me   to reach my hermitage  , “thinking like this   he started back.


9.Ravanan choozhchi Padalam

Chapter   on Ravana’s trick.


(Ravana appears like a sage before Sita, who hospitably receives him. When he tells that   he had come from Lanka and has a great regard for Ravana,   Sita  says Ravana is a cruel monster, Ravana then takes his original form,  digs the hermitage and keeps it on his chariot and proceeds to Lanka. Sita  cries and prattles.

 In Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana catches hold of   Sita and keeps her in his plane and tries to fly away.  There is no mention of charioteer there.) 


3319. We till now told   what happened   to Rama who was like ,

The matchless    blue sea    with conches when he    went  in chase,

Of  the  golden deer  and now     we will tell  what  happened,

To Sita    who decorated   her hair  with   flowers  which  were  fragrant.


3320. When the  words  shouted   by Mareecha   opening his    cave like mouth,

Which  was sad to hear   reached the ears    of Sita  , she became   as sad as a Koel,

Which slipped from a tree and fell , She beat her belly with hands and  fell down   fainted


3321. Saying  “I who am ignorant   has brought to an end my  happy life  ,

With my husband  by telling him, “You yourself catch this    deer  and give to me,”

And  like a flowering branch catching fire   and like   a long serpent  ,

Losing its strength   on hearing the thunder, she fell down and rolled   on earth.


3322.”My great lord who does not have    any fault  , due to the   cheating,

Done by that  cruel  Rakshasa, has fallen down dead   and even after  hearing it,

You who are his younger brother  is still standing   near me”,    she said.


3323.”In this   world which is simple   , is there any one    who is  more strong,

 And great than Rama?  You have told this due  to feminine   understanding 

Said Lakshmana    who understood it   , in a  manner  that  Sita would understand.


3324.Would the individual valour  Of Rama    in any cruel war  , would be less than,

The small strength    of  all those people in seven seas  ,

 Fourteen worlds  , Seven mountains   ? This would never happen”   said Lakshmana


3325.” All  the   Earth , water   , wind , sky  and    the   fire   and others   besides these ,

Would get agitated    as   soon as   Rama   gets angry  and  why are   you,

Getting    drowned   in this ocean of sorrow  ? What are   you thinking   about,

That Rama who is black like cloud    and   with eyes   like red lotus   flower?”


3326.”Would Rama    become weakened   and call for help  when sorrowing  

 Before another Rakshasa? If perchance he calls    all   the   huge  ,

Universes   would come down and get    destroyed and

The life of Brahma    and other  devas  also would get destroyed?”


3327. “What  more can I tell about   prowess   of Rama?  Is there  ,

Any other    strength which is comparable to his    strength   by which  ,

He stringed   and broke   the huge   bow   of Lord Shiva   who destroyed,

Three cities    and was   praised    by heaven as   well as earth   for it  ?’


3328.”If    Rama has been destroyed     as you think   then by now,

The heavens, earth    and Patala     would have been destroyed  by this time  ,

All the devas   and  sages who were   existing from beginning   as   well as,

The best among people    would have by now  been destroyed.

Also Dharma   would have been destroyed.”


3329.”What else should I tell  in detail ?  When our Lord Rama    shot the arrow  ,

And when it hit that     deer in  that place  , that   Rakshasa   who  must have,

Lost his strength   would have shouted those    words   loudly ?

Please   do not sorrow   , getting worried    by it  ,Please stay calm.”  Lakshmana   told.


3330.  When Lakshmana told like this , with greatly ebbing anger  ,

She who felt sorrow as if she was killed  ,  one with boiling mind  ,

And one  who is not afraid of anything   said,  “After hearing  ,

The bad things that might have   happened to Rama  , your  ,

Not going  there  is not justice”  Said she with great enmity.


3331.”Even if a person has moved    only for one day with another ,

He would   sacrifice    his life and  other one  due   to the other person’s love,

But   you  , though you have heard that   Rama has   been destroyed  ,

Are standing without getting scared?  What other way do I have?

I would now   itself   speedily   fall in the fire and die.”   She said.


3332.Seeing Sita who was like a swan jumping   over the  forest of lotus flowers,

Who was  preparing herself to jump in the huge    fire    with great smoke  ,

Lakshmana who was requested    to guard her   by  Rama,  stopped her,

Touched the space below the lotus like   feet of Sita  and  told.


3333.”Why should you die? I am scared    after   hearing   your words  ,

Please get   rid of your sorrow   and be here itself   , I would go now  ,

Are we ones   who can win over      the    very angry fate “ he said.


3334.” I am going now itself  , a great danger has   come to us by itself,

You want  me to disobey Rama   and want   me   to go,

You are alone without any support  “ saying this   Lakshmana,

Whose heart  was bursting   with great sorrow  , took leave of her.


3335,He was greatly   worried thinking  “If I am here  ,That  Sita,

Would jump in the fire   and if  I go to   Rama who is like a mountain,

The lady    would be left without any guard and evil may come to her.

What should  I who have interest  in my life     do now?”


3336.”Only by Dharma we can prevent any loss of life and if I do not leave here ,

Going against the wish Of Sita  , she would definitely die?   And so,

The only thing   that I dares to do   is    to go from here”

I am an ignorant one who has  attained by my    bad and old fate.”


3337.”I would go   but if something bad were to happen   , to the extent  possible,

Jatayu , the king of hawks    would protect her    saying like this  

That Lakshmana   went by the same route , due to the  penance of devas.

3338.  “As soon as Lakshmana left   , Ravana who had curved   teeth,

And who was expecting   him to go   , to complete the cruel plan of his,

Took the form of a sage holding the  well tied   three bamboo sticks.

Which would destroy   the three ills of  passion, anger  and illusion.”


3339.He had a well dried body appearing as if he has not taken food,

And appeared as if he     has with great difficulty   walked  a long distance,

And   was singing    musical songs   following proper   beats  ,

The Sama Veda   which was like the  music    from Veena.


3340.He was   having a soft walk    like  the petals  of   flowers  have been spread,

And was    taking steps as   if   the entire floor was   full of burning   embers,

And was   having shivering    feet as well as   hand   that cannot be protected ,

And was having    a form of a very old man  , which  would make him hateful to others.


3341.He was wearing a garland of penance    made   of lotus    beads  ,

Appearing as if he was like a tortoise   which has controlled its five senses ,

Had a   bent body , had a great chest   wearing    the sacred   thread  ,

And reached the hermitage  of Sita who had a stainless  mind like  Arundathi.


3342.That Ravana who had   put on a garb of a saint  could even mislead devas ,

And he   reached the doors of    that  faultless   hermitage  , He had  a voice  ,

Which seemed to shiver   and falter    and asked   “Who is living   in this    hermitage  .?”


3343.Sita who was in the  forest , thinking   that he was  one with  faultless mind,

And faultless   penance  , who  had sweet voice   like the honey syrup,

And who was as pretty as the   coral branch  came out,

To receive him and said  “Please   come over here.”


3344. He who had   a body which sweats like  the Kanmadha (viscous rock) of  the mountains,

Who has been   caught up in    the sea of passion due to love   saw her

Who was an ornament to beauty  , who is the seat of fame   and 

Who is the queen  for  virtue    using   his own eyes.


3345.Let us now see    the state   of   the mind of the  thirsting  mind Ravana   who has   seen,

Sita   with  the sweet voice   like that of a koel which is not tired,

And   who had a beauty that   was much greater  that beauty of divine  maidens.

His   arms   which had great valour increased in  size on seeing her   and then became  thin.


3346.What is the use of telling    that   the row of eyes   of Ravana  on seeing Sita,

Who was    having the prettiness   of the  peacocks     that wander in the forest,

Became joyous  like the  crowd  honey bees     which visited   the garden   full of  flowers ,

Filled with honey   and drunk it and were    dancing with joy  ? it is better  ,

To say that   it became   joyous  like   the  mind   of Ravana.


3347.Are   the  twenty eyes    which do not blink sufficient      to see  ,

The  gem like red   body of Sita    who was looking like  goddess Lakshmi,

Who had come there  leaving her seat   of lotus    flowers ? He became ,

Sad that   he did not have    one thousand such non blinking eyes?


3348. Ravana   thought   , Is the life span   of  three and half crore years,

That   I got doing   great  faultless penance   sufficient    to  play  ,

In the shore less    sea   of the beauty of her    who had large  number ,

Of bangles in her  fore arms  and who  was  the best  among ladies.


3349.Ravana thought  , with devas   along with their     wives  ,

Obeying  all the orders   that I put to them   and becoming   slave to her,

For generations   and with this    girl ruling all the  three   worlds,

I would   obey her orders    and live happily with her.


3350.  “Even when her mind    is paining   and she is sorrowing  ,

If    her face shines like this  , when she    breaks  in to a smile,

Like a streak of lightning  , how will  her beauty   be?

To my sister    who saw this lady with the   untied hair  ,

And gave her to me, I would  give her  even my kingship,”


3351.When that   Ravana  , the one without Dharma   was  thinking like this  ,

And staring her  with  greatly increasing desire  , that virtuous  Sita,

Rubbed off the tears from her eye   and then welcomed him,

Saying   “Please    do come     here.”


3352.Sita after  welcoming him   and after   he reached her hermitage  ,

Gave him a seat of cane   and requested    him to sit on it   and that  ,

Famous  cheat   Ravana  kept his  hand  at rest with three   sticks  by

And     sat in the hermitage which was beautified   by flowers.


3353. The mountains and trees   shivered    on  seeing    that Rakshasa,

Of greatly sinful    and cruel deeds  , the birds stopped cooing  ,

The big wild animals     were   scared and the snakes did not open their hood.


3354. Ravana who took his seat    asked   “which is this home ?,

Which great saint lives here? And who are you?”  and  then,

Sita thinking that   he was new to that place  and is  one,

Without  deceit   and she   with long eyes   started talking to him.


3355.”Oh great one  , the son of Dasaratha   belonging to the Ikshuvaku clan,

Along with his younger brother  , as per the orders  of his mother ,

Who was born in the great Kekaya    clan  , is staying here

You might  possibly  be   knowing his name   “ said she.


3356.”I have heard about what  you told    but   I have   not seen him,

I had once gone   to that prosperous kingdom   through    which,

River Ganges   flows. Oh lady with a long eye    which is  like ,

Lotus flower   as well as sword, Whose    daughter are you,

Why   are you spending time in this harsh    forest” , he asked.


3357.That faultless    lady of great  Virtue   Sita after hearing his words,

Said, “Oh saint who is  following    the faultless   Dharma  , Janaka ,

Is one  who thinks about people   like you and not God   and ,

I  am his   darling   daughter  and my name   is Janaki  ,

And I am the   wife of Rama belonging to Kakustha clan.”


3358. Then after    telling about her  story     that Sita   asked him,

“Oh very old man  , you have suffered because   you have  ,

Come through    the harsh path in the forest  and   doing penance  ,

You have wanted to cross  the sins and blessed   deeds.

From where   have    you come here”, she asked.


3359.Ravana told  “He is   the  Lord of Indra    himself  ,

He posseses   the prettiness   of the picture , He was born in clan of Brahma,

And He is  ruling all the  countries including those  in heaven,

And  he has a toungue   on which the manthras of Vedas    reside.”


3360.”He has   the strength       to even uproot    the very big  Kailasa  mountain,

 On Which    the Lord Shiva lives and  he has  great   shoulders  ,

Using which  he had  powdered    the tusks of  elephants,

Which     carry this    world from eight   different directions.”


3361. “All   the people who are crowding   his  entrance door are  Devas,

And all   the assets   of Devas   like   the Karpaga      tree are   with him,

The place where   he lives   in the famous city of Lanka surrounded   by   the sea,

 And while telling about his greatness    the words  lose their power.”


3362.”His  town  is sweeter     than the  golden city   Of Indra  ,

The ancient city of Bhogavathi    which is frequented by the serpents    

 And in fact all cities of this world   and that  of heaven and everything ,

In the city of  his   are    completely without any fault.


3363”.He is   having the  endless life span      as given by Lord Brahma  ,

Who sits on the lotus flower  . He has   a big hand   holding  the great sword   given  ,

By Lord Shiva who has given,   half of himself     to the Goddess ,

He has a prison    in which    all the planets   are  imprisoned,

And in fact  he is  the top most    in each and every good   quality.”


3364,”He  is  one with good qualities    without cruelty   . He is an expert in wide Vedas,

He is unbiased  , He has    the prettiness     wanted    by the God of love  ,

And  he has  all the greatness   of all  the three  Gods,

Who are   considered   as the greatest ones  by all the world.”


3365.There  are many    best among the   prettiest   ladies of the world,

And who are   all thirsting     for his   love   and though they  are,

Pining away for him  , he  is not interested in giving them joy,

But is searching   for a lady     who is sweet   to his heart.”


3366. “Very much liking the great   city from  which he rules  ,

I wanted     to stay there    for   a few days   and  though  I stayed,

There for a long time, with a mind not willing to part with him  .

I came here”   said he    who wanted to kidnap Sita.  


3367.Sita asked, “Oh saint who thinks     that even body is an extra   burden,

Without  liking   Vedas   and    the mercy of those    who have  learnt Vedas

What is the reason for you to stay    in a town of Rakshasa  who does sinful acts ,

And who eats    men who are   rational    and are   stable>’


3368. “You avoided    staying    with sages of great  penance in the forest,

You did not think about   very pretty and prosperous   countries   with  plenty of water ,

And  you have stayed    with a crowd of Rakshasas    who never think about  Dharma,

Oh saint , what type   of  activity   is this  “ Sita   asked.


3369. Having heard    what has been told   by the lady, he who has   got limitless   boons,

“If faultless   people     tell that the Rakshasas    who swing    the sword   are cruel,

We would not get scared and if we really think about   the truth  ,

Oh  lady  with the shining face like full moon  , Are the   Rakshasas  more cruel,

Than the    devas    and  to people like  is  Rakshasas   are good people.”


3370.When Ravana told like that  , Sita who  wore very  good ornaments   thought 

“Those good people who have    friendship     with cruel people   cannot be  pure,

To explain it   more properly   those   who have connection with old   cruel habits,”

And as she was not aware     that   the Rakshasas    who are   expert   in illusion,

 Can  take    any form   which they like   and so she did not think otherwise.


3371.Ravana    who hearing the words   Of Sita    though    she  has,

Started   suspecting him , wanting to avoid       that completely  ,

Started    talking in a different way    in the three worlds  ,

Which does not have    difference  in knowledge  ,

For the Rakshasas   what is the    alternative   except,

 Following    their   own  culture  “.


3372.  As soon as the Cheater    Ravana       who had ability to know   

 The state  of   mind told those    words   , Sita told him that  “ Rama   ,

Who has come to reinstate Dharma   , by the    time he   completes,

The penance    in the forest  , the  Rakshasas   who travel in    cruel   path,

Would be completely   eliminated   along with    their clan   ,

And so there would not be any sorrow    because of them.”


3373. As soon    as the human lady   told like    this  , Ravana told,

“Oh Lady who has shining eyes  like the fishes  ,  If human beings can,

Completely    uproot the population     of Rakshasas       then,

The entire    crowd    of elephants     would be killed   by  small rabbits,

And the crowd of Lions with curved  nails would be killed   by the deer.”


3374.”Viradha who had     red hair which looked like  a bundle of   streaks ,

Of lightning,  , The very angry Khara    who had a  matured   mind  ,

Along    with his innumerable    army   died , which   gave  rise

To sound of great joy    and  possibly     you have   not heard it.”

And the rain      thinking   about   the end   of those shed    tears.”


3375. “Oh faultless  one  , The lion that you told about is Rama   and  the Rakshasas ,

Are comparable to the  crowd of deer   and you are going to see soon  ,

The destruction of all Rakshasas and the joy     of the devas   because of that,

How can Dharma which cannot be forsaken  be   defeated by sin,  Don’t you know , it cannot.”


3376.When the soft words   of Sita  which were like   honey mixed with nectar  ,

Entered    his ears  , Ravana  though he had a    body which expands    with joy,

Due to his self respect being hurt   by the words   that human beings are   strong, became very angry.


3377. That angry Ravana replied  “if you praise Rama   that he gave   an end,

To the silly   persons like  Viradha  , you would know    about its end   tomorrow itself,

When  the  great wind from the twenty shoulders   of Ravana   blows,

And destroys  the small    silk cotton     flower   like   man.


3378. “Oh innocent lady  who babbles some words   Whether  ,

One wants to uproot the     great Meru mountain    or break the sky,

Or    stir the waters of the ocan  , or    destroy the northern fire of Badavagni,

Or   uproot the earth or do    any of those    great   acts  ,

None of them are    difficult      to perform     for Ravana, what do you think of him.”


3379. Then Sita asked  “Just because   one has many  more    big shoulders  ,

Does it mean that   they are powerful? Did not  Parasurama     with his two shoulders  ,

That too in his young age  cut off   the one thousand    stout shoulders    ,

Of Kartha Veeryarjuna   who wore   a heroic anklets   and imprisoned

The king of Lanka   surrounded by   the sea with  the water    crows.”


3380. When she told like that  his eyes  burnt  , his big shoulders  ,

Further   expanded  , his ten crowns     touched     the sky,

The strong twenty hands    clapped against each    other  ,

The row of teeth biting themselves created   the sound of thunder  from clouds,

And due to great anger    the form that he took  due to illusion vanished.


3381. Sita thinking    that this man who has taken this form   is  not a sage  ,

Who has forsaken the   good  and the bad   and getting suspicion,

And when she was standing there   not able to conclude   who he is,

Ravana  looked like the   very poisonous snake   which   had,

Opened its hood    which has   become greatly angry  by itself.


3382.If we think about the sorrow of Sita   who was   already greatly sorrowing  ,

After    she saw Ravana’s real form  , how can there   be more sorrow than that?

There is nothing   in the world     which can be comparable    to it.

She did not do  anything to escape   and    was shivering  like  ,

When the God of death who cannot be stopped    appears   before her.


3383.  Without bothering    to think about my valour   which made  ,

Devas do menial work for me  , you said that   a man who lives  ,

Lke a worm in this world as    strong  , You are alive only because  you are a lady,

Otherwise  I would think of grinding   you with my hand and eating you,

And if I do that  , I would    then take away my   own life”, said Ravana.


3384.“Oh lady who is as tender   as a swan  I would   lift you in each  of my heads,

Which has not bowed before   any one  , separately and in a sweet manner  ,

And make the  deva maidens   wearing  numberless  ornaments   ,

Bow before your feet    and obey you   and then    you can ,

Become   happy   in the wealthy  life of ruling all the fourteen worlds.”Said Ravana.


3385.She then closed   both her  ears  tightly    by   her tender   hands  and said,

“ Without bothering to think  the good conduct   by which I  am protecting the virtue  

For the victorious Rama   who holds the pretty bow, like a    dog wanting ,

To taste the ghee    which is poured by sages   in Yagna   fire ,

What words     did you tell    me , Oh Rakshasa.”


3386.”Would I want    to destroy    the greatness   of being born in a great clan,

Bothering    about losing my life   which is  temporary   like the drop of water  in the tip of grass?

Before   Rama    with arrows which shine   like lightning   and  .

Which hits   like thunder   takes away your life  , for   the sake of protecting your life  ,

Run away    from here     and   hide    yourself”, Sita told.


3387.When Sita told like    this  , The  Rakshasa who was standing before her ,

Devoid of any mercy   told her  , “The    arrow which would be sent by your husband,

Comes to hit my chest which has    destroyed   the tusks  of the elephants,

Which guard   all the eight directions   , it would be  like,

An arrow made of flower    sent to destroy   a   mountain.


3388. That Ravana    who had shoulders   more powerful   than  that  of the mountains,

That   bear this world   said, “Oh divine lady  who is divine for other divine ladies,

I am having a famished   body due  to the disease   of passion that   grew in my   mind  ,

And please save my soul   and give it to me   and accept the  great position   of ,

The divine ladies who wear heavy ear globes  .” Saying this   he    saluted her.


3389.When he fell down to salute    her feet   ,  suffering like   her soul,

Falling on the blood stained   sword  Sita who was personification,

 Of patience    cried   with great sorrow   and wailed, “Oh Lord  ,Oh younger brother 


3390.  Then at that time that bad soul Ravana   ,  recollecting the   curse  ,

Given to him Brahma   , without touching the body of the divine lady,

Due to the power of his shoulders     which were like     stone pillars  ,

Unearthed the hermitage     from a depth   of two miles   below the earth.


3391.He  kept the hermitage he has unearthed     on his chariot   which  ,

Was seen by Sita who wears pretty bangles   but she could not see   her soul like Rama,

 And like a   streak of lightning    falling on earth from the cloud  ,

She   fainted   and   at that time    Ravana wanted to go speedily  by way of sky.


3392.  When Ravana told the charioteer to drive his chariot     with greater    speed,

She   was rolling   like a creeper   which had fallen on the    burning fire,

And when   she was getting flustered  , greatly depressed  and  greatly tired  ,

She was telling  “Oh Dharma  , please save me speedily from    this predicament.”


3393.”Oh mountains  , Oh trees  , Oh peacocks  , Oh Koels  ,

Oh male deer, oh female deer  , oh male   elephants, oh  female elephants,

Please   understand    the state  of my unstable soul  ,

And go and tell about it   to Rama and Lakshmana   who have stable  valour.”


3394.”Oh clouds  , Oh gardens   , Oh Gods   of the forest  , you know ,

The  sad state    of  the honest  and valorous  Rama   , if he loses me,

Please    , if you  console me saying “do not be scared”  , then,

Possibly I would get saved    and If I am saved   is  it   bad for you  ?”


3395.”Oh  Rama , for the sake of completely    uprooting  the Rakshasas,

Would you not come here   and    send rain of arrows  like blue  clouds?

Oh Protector  , Oh brother  , oh    faultless Bharata   ,

Oh Shatrugna     who is a brother ,  would you not come here   and save me?”


3396. “Oh river Godavari  , Oh River     who is cool   who has nature of melting,

Oh    mother like river   who has got   a very clear   mind  , please run,

And inform my husband  who has    learnt all  books without learning them,

About   my     very sorrowful bad fate  , Would you not do it?”


3397.”Oh mountain springs    which appear   before me  , Oh lions ,

Who live in mountain caves  , you would later   laugh   when you   see,

The twenty arms   that unearthed me   as well as his ten heads  ,

Fall    down  here and there   by the powerful arrows   of Rama?”


3398.Seeing Sita who was prattling many such things   and who was   wailing,

With an opened mouth  , Ravana who was unnecessarily    wasting his life  ,

Said,  “Oh lady who is wearing many ornaments    and ear globes  ,

Who has very dense breasts  , Would those human being s defeat me in war,

And free   you from me  ? If they can let    them do it 

And then he clapped    his hands together and loudly laughed.


3399.When that Ravana was telling all these   in words , Sita looked at him,

And told, through illusion you  have  created a deer and you made   Rama,

Who is like the God of death  and who would  kill you  in  some other place,

You came here and are  stealing me   and if you know , the way  ,

By which you can save yourself  , do not drive the chariot any further.


3400”:If you are a true   hero , after you  have heard about  the fact    that a few  men,

Have  killed   all your Rakshasas  in a very short time   and have   cut off  ,

The nose and breasts of your sister ,  your coming  like this   using illusion  ,

Is only due to the deep fear   that you have” she told and further   told,


3401. When Sita told   like this   Ravana looked at    her and told.

“Oh lady , please hear this , If I start    waging   a  war against  ,

The humans with a very weak body  , My shoulders  ,

Which uprooted    the  mountain  of God who has eyes on forehead,

Would get a vey  bad name and this act of cheating    would lead to better results” 


3402.That lady who was  like  a doll after  hearing it   told,

Possibly fighting a war with the enemies   of our clan is wrong  ,.

Possibly    to fight with them holding the sword would shame us ,

And to  steal   the ladies  with virtue in deceit   is only right thing,

To the  Rakshasas who do not have   any mercy  ,

Which is a crime     and which would   bring bad name?


10.Jatayu   uyir neetha   padalam

Chapter    on the  giving up of  Jatayu.


(Jatayu  , the king of hawks   fights a raging battle with Ravana. He breaks his chariot , kils his horses, breaks his armour his bow etc. Ravana taking Chandra hasa   cuts off the wings of Jatayu,. He carries the earth on which Sita was sitting to Lanka   and imprisons her in Asoka Vana in the city of Lanka. Lakshmana meets the worried Rama. They both find that  Sita has been taken by some body    along with the hermitage. They follow the tracks of the chariot    and find  Jatayu.  Jatayu tells them what happened and dies. Rama perform obsequies to  Jatayu .

   In Valmiki    Ramayana,   When  Ravana is taking   Sita , she removes her ornaments, makes it in to a bundle and puts  it in the middle of   five monkeys sitting on the mountain top. After cremating Jatayu Rama kills a deer  , makes balls out of its flesh and offers it to the soul of Jatayu.)


3403. When Sita told him like this    a sound was heard  ‘Hey, Hey  , how can you  ,

Escape from me, stop , stop”   which was told    by the  king of Hawks,

Who had sound like thunder  , who had enraged eyes like   burning fire  ,

Who had huge wings which lashed   like lightning   and who appeared,

Like the golden mountain  Meru coming    flying    in the sky.


3404.     He came    with   the huge    wind raised   by   flapping of his  wings,

Making   very huge mountains    getting uprooted   and   dashing,

Against each other    on the sky    and   getting powdered like dust  and scatter ,

And   the sea  hugely  rising up   making the earth and sea      becoming same  ,

And causing   a huge cruel    wind    storming all  over the world.


3405.   Due to that wind     huge trees   along with their branches  ,

Fell on the ground along with their tops touching the earth  ,

With  all clouds   on the    top of the   sky    going   to one side  ,

And    with serpents closing their hoods   and hiding  themselves  thinking  that ,

The   famous cruel  Garuda is coming  on the paths    of the sky.


3406.  Elephants   , Yaalis and other big animals  , all the  trees   in the forest  ,

Bushes, and stones   due to the speed   of the wind raised   by those two wings,

Went crowded  in to   the sky   and due to this  sky and forest became difficult to make out.


3407. That  very cultured  Jatayu came     spreading his wings  in protection,

And asked  “You have   kept the wife    of that   pure and great one on the chariot  ,

Where are you going  ? Now I will    hide the sky     with all directions with my wings.”


3408.  With an intention   of preventing the going of   the  chariot,

On which engines were fixed   belonging to the uncultured    Ravana  ,

Jatayu   who had  kumkum like   red legs     and head   and neck,

Which   were like the  reddish    sky    and who had a form  similar,

To the Kailasa  mountain   and who was the king of hawks   came before  Ravana.


3409,Then that Jatayu told Sita   , “do not  get scared “   and  understanding,

That Ravana   has   not touched    her  , he kept    his greatly ebbing   anger  ,

Under his control    and started   talking    to   Ravana.


3410.”You have got spoiled along with your relations , you have burnt your  life ,

And destroyed it .  Why did you start    this unsuitable   act?  Assuming that  you are dead,

Leave   Rama’s virtuous    wife   and go and then perhaps you would not die.”


3411.”Oh ignorant fellow   , You have  committed a very big   mistake  ,

In your mind you have     thought Sita     who is like  mother of entire   world,

Oh thoughtless one    , Who is left    there    to support   you now?”


3412. “ Oh sir ,  Do you not know    that  people of your clan like Khara  ,

Fought with him in war and  were not able     to escape  , Rama   gave ,

Their souls as feast    and the God of death   took   armful,

Of their souls    and had a very great feast   for himself.”


3413.  “Did you desire   to throw small balls  made of earth  ,

On the  cruel elephant    which is coming    to kill  you and escape?

Or even without realizing   that   it would cause   your   death,

Perhaps you wanted     to keep on swallowing poison and survive?”


3414,”All the  people   in the three   worlds   , Indra the chief of devas  ,

The   great trinity of Gods   on seeing him    would   shiver ,

Like deer    seeing tiger   and not only that   would any of them,

Be capable    of defeating   that   great   archer    Rama.?”


3415.”In this birth    because    there is nothing  more for you to do,

To cause    the death of yourselves   along     with your relatives   and ,

This would also take you to the huge hell in the next world   ,

Which cannot  be tolerated   and for whose  good   did you this?’


3416.  “ Due to the fact    that     these humans    are    the primeval  ,

Root cause of the great trinity , perhaps you did   not understand,

To which God they should be compared     and because of that  ,

You lost your brain     and did this heinous   crime.”


3417. The boons that   you got   due to the grace of Lord   Shiva  ,

 Who    rides  on the bull  which is expert in war   and

Who made      the three   cities  burn as well other  expertise in war,

Are   only powerful    till Rama  who is  the truth    sends  arrows from his bow.


3418-3420.”If that Rama  , the son of king Dasaratha   who has a bow which is bent ,

Comes personally   , it is extremely    difficult    to prevent his arrows    and so  ,

I would take    this Sita with the pretty forehead    to wherever she was ,

And you go away from here   quickly  “ When Jatayu told like    this,

Ravana    who  was the leader of Rakshasas  , with spark of anger ,

Coming   out of his black  greatly lustrous eyes  and with biting lips ,

Told him with anger”,  Do not talk these   unnecessary words  ,

 You show me    those people quickly  . Oh Hawk who comes against me  ,

Before my arrows   pierce    your chest    and creates there   a big wound,

 Go away from here quickly.  Some times the water   inside the  ,

Steel may come out   but  Sita   who talks sweeter   than,

The juice of Sugarcane    would not go away from me  .Please see that.”


3421.As  soon as   Ravana   told like     this,  Sita ‘s  fear doubled  ,

And seeing the swan like    Sita sorrowing   , Jatayu    told her  ,

“Oh mother  , , now itself the body of this   Rakshasa   ,

Would be made   in to  pieces  ,  do not    sorrow,

That our lord , the  son of the king   has   not come ,

Holding      his      great   bow in his hand .”


3422.  “Do not cry  shedding tears   like the scattering  of pearls  ,

Which fall on your breasts   and do loose   all     hope  , and see  me  ,

Giving as    sacrifice   his ten heads   to all the ten directions   ,

Which are   like      pierced    fruits of Palmyra     tree.”


3423. That Jatayu    who came speedily   flying , flapping his   wings  ,

Making a   great sound   of thunder  , pushed down the series of crowns of Ravana,

And   wanted to cut his    head  in to pieces   by speedy flapping of the    wings,

Bur   broke his    flag which had    the shape   of veena   and got praise    from devas.


3424. That   Rakshasa to whom such a great mishap    has never occurred before  ,Laughed ,

With eyes of the  red colour of   molten lac  and With great anger  making seven worlds,

Along with his eye brows he  also bent    his    mountain like   bow.


3425. When    the rain of arrows    from Ravana who had    crescent like teeth,

Approached  him, Jatayu made    some of them fall   by  the flap of his wings,

Some of them    he broke using   the sharp claws      of his   and using his beak,

Which made even the God of death scared   he cut his bow   in to pieces.


3426.   On the ten  strong heads of Ravana  which were like   numerous   serpents,

With  huge cruel eyes  , Jatayu with   his sharp strong beaks   neared  ,

Even before he took another    bow and was    bending it   ,

And  rose up snatching    his gem studded   ear globes.


3427, Then that Rakshasa   shouted loudly    and sent   fourteen   arrows  ,

Aiming at the chest of Jatayu   who snatched    away his ear globes  ,

And these   did not stop there    and went through the   bird king and Again,

He sent several lustrous arrows at Jatayu   and the devas  took a long breath,

Thinking   that Jatayu   who was greatly valorous in war    has fallen down.


3428.Inspite   of   new blood flowing out   of those wounds  , that the king of the birds,

Who looked like a huge    white cloud  shining    in the sky  which was similar   to,

The  White cloud which drank the    streams of blood    which flowed,

From the body of Khara     and other Asuras thinking   that it is a sea  and later left it all.


3429.   That Jatayu who was like a white cloud  , took a deep breath immediately  .

Became very angry   and  rushed and got up the rows of twenty shoulders  ,

By pecking in his beak  and by scratching by his   nails  , by beating with his wings  ,

Cut off   his armour which he was wearing on chest adorned  with pearl necklace.


3430 That Ravana     then sent   one hundred arrows on  the broad chest of Jatayu,

Who    broke his armour   and seeing  that  Devas   were scared   and perplexed,

And  even before that   the king of the birds   ,  snatched   the bow  of  Ravana ,

By his teeth   , making the crowd of devas   shout    with great joy.


3431. That Jatayu   by snatching   the  bow of Ravana  , who using  his strong shoulders ,

Lifted the shining silver mountain     along with Lord Shiva  , shined   like ,

The rain bow   along with the    huge cloud   and there was no one   who can,

Adequately    describe    the great strength   of shoulders of Jatayu, using mere words.


3432, He broke   the bow  of  Ravana who using his   sword   punished  

And won over   Indra   who had the chest that never retreats   and had   one thousand eyes

By taking it by his moth and breaking    it by legs  and he    was  the friend  ,

Of their father Dasaratha   and   who was the protector of   Rama,

Who broke the bow of Lord shiva   who  was of the red colour of fire.


3433.That Ravana   who brings destruction to the   world   and who ,

Never gets defeated    by the valour of others   seeing the  bow,

Which was suitable to his valour broken  with great anger  ,

Took a   a trident  which was like the arrow that   was sent  by Lord Shiva  ,

Who   has Halahala   poison on his neck   for   destroying the three cities,

 And  making great sound    threw   it at Jatayu.


3434.  That Jatayu who was    the king of hawks   saying  “do not think ,

That  I would not be able to bear this   and   now see   my power”,

Received the trident with three   heads   sent by Ravana on his chest,

And the devas   who were in hiding due to their fear    to Ravana   said

“Who can do such acts  now” and  tapped on their shoulders and shouted with joy.


3435.That trident   , like those starved   of the    five sense  organs,

Visiting the home of prostitutes , like  the guests who have   gone,

To the homes were   cultured  ladies were absent   and like   the ladies,

With soft  and passionate looks    approaching  the matured saints,

Who can see their own souls  , came back  not able to  pierce  Jatayu.


3436. Before that Ravana who lost his trident   , could take    another weapon with speed,

Jatayu   cut of   the charioteer driving   the chariot drawn by tall horses  which hid the sky,

And threw it   on the face  of  Ravana who   had great passion   towards    the Very virtuous Sita,

Making him extremely    sorrowful.


3437.Looking at Jatayu who threw the head  of charioteer   at him    and  understanding  ,

The power of his mind   and becoming angry  , Ravana  took his golden mace  ,

And hit him with it   like the flame   of   fire    rising    up and    ,

Then  the chief of the hawks    fell   like a mountain   on the earth.


3438.As soon as Jatayu fell on the earth, Ravana  very speedily  drove ,

His chariot   which cannot be   even followed by the eye   sight  ,

Rose up on the sky   and when he did that  , the soft natured  Sita,

Struggled like    the hot embers   entered   in to  the existing wound.


3439.Jatayu   seeing   Sita   fading and   struggling   like a new born leaf,

Said to her, “Oh lady who is like a swan  , Do not get drowned   in sorrow  ,

Do not fear  “ and got up leaving   a very deep breath   and shouted,

“Hey , how can you escape    from me  “ and   again   rushed  ,

On the chariot of Ravana    with the devas  making sounds of joy.


3440.That Jatayu  who rushed  on Ravana snatched   his mace    and threw it away,

And   killed   the sixteen   horses   which were    tied to that very speedy chariot  ,

Using   his   powerful beak    which was  like    a very harp sword,

And seeing that  valorous deed , even the God of    death  shivered.


3441.Further Jatayu destroyed his chariot   and due to his not having a bow,

And since    Ravana ’s   arrows were  useless to him like  ,   the  treasure to the miser

Using    his very sharp talons   he plucked    the quiver

Which was  tied  on his   shoulders   which touched    the sky .


3442.And then later   like a Chichily   bird   he   jumped    on the chests ,

As well as shoulders   of Ravana    and beat    him with   his wings  and due to that ,

Ravana   fell down sorrowing   and with a head bent fainted   and Jatayu  said,

With great disdain  “Oh your power    is only   this much .”


3443. As soon as Jatayu told like that  , Ravana   flew in to great rage  ,

And  since    he was not able   to use   his cruel trident    and he did not ,

Have any other weapon with him   Telling “I would kill this Jatayu”,

Took out from its sheath    the sword   called   Chandra hasa,

Which never   failed    to kill   the enemy   and threw   it at him.


3444. Due to the  sword which was   given to him by gods   and  which,

Cannot be stopped   by any one  , which would  without fail cut the heads of all,

And   since his   life span  slowly   decreased    and got completely over  ,

That Jatayu who cannot be defeated  by strength    fell like  a,

A mountain on which    the God    of Devas    threw his powerful Vajrayudha.


3445.  Jatayu fell    on the earth with his    wings  completely   spread  ,

And seeing that the Devas ran away  , the crowd of sages   sorrowed,

Because   Sita had lost her protection    and those living   ,

On the world of Lord Vishnu    rained    golden flowers   on him,

And  the mind and body   of Sita   who saw it started   shivering.


3446.Due to his getting defeated   and then winning  .  that   Rakshasa  felt ashamed ,

And    shouted    with joy   which sound reached   the sky   and  appreciated  his own strength,

And Sita who was depressed like    the deer which was    caught   in the net  ,

Without seeing any way to protect   herself   she went on taking long breath  ,

Get fainted   and like  a   creeper   not having support  because  ,

The branch   on which  it was spreading   had got broken  ,  she fell on the chariot.


3447”.Even Jatayu the king of hawks    who said  , “I am your strong protection”,

Was destroyed  . What   is my fate now?”  thought Sita   and wailed like  ,

The female Andril bird   which was    greatly   sorrowing due to  loss  of its mate.


3448. Sita    was confused    and wailed  “ Is  it proper   for   the good Jatayu,

Who said to me , who had    attained very great sorrow , “Do not get scared” 

To get defeated? Is it proper for this one    from hell to win?

Would sin win?   Would Vedas became a  lie?  Does not Dharma    exist  ? “


3449. She sobbed and wailed    Obeying me    who was shameless ,

You had   gone away, Oh gem amongst males,,.At least please come 

To see  Jatayu   ,   who was   a great friend of your father  ,

Who was like a nail of support to all those   who try to stand  ,

In the right   path of Dharma  .”


3450. “Though  it is my duty   that nothing happens to my chastity   , a bad name  ,

Has come to  the pretty   and  very powerful   bow of Rama  , who is an expert  in war  ,

And  a bad name has  also come   to  the clan in which I was born  “telling like this she  sorrowed.


3451.”Oh Lord Dasaratha     who is ruling over   the lustrous heaven  ,

Would you help this Jatayu   who followed  Dharma as per  books  ,

And who has repaid the debt of a close friend   in a perfect manner”  saying this she sobbed.


3452.  The Rakshasa Ravana seeing  the   state of Jatayu who has  lost his wings  ,

And Sita who is wailing   and her  very unprotected   state  , understanding ,

That there is no one to stop him   , Lifted Sita along    with her hermitage,

  From the chariot    on to  his  shoulders   and started  flying on the sky.


3453.  Due to speed with which Ravana   was going  on the sky  ,

Sita whose   eyes and mind   were rotating  , with the  ,

Consciousness   of the mind   getting   destroyed  ,

Without able to understand any thing  ,

Was lying on the floor  of hermitage  in unconscious state.


3454. After   the  Rakshasa  went away   , the king of hawks  with

The sorrow that  made him loose consciousness   getting slightly reduced  ,

With great thought was staring at the direction   in which Ravana went  ,

And seeing that cheating Rakshasa   was going with great speed  ,

Started telling the following   words to himself.


3455.  “My sons Rama and Lakshmana   have  still not   arrived back,

The fate which did not give the fame    that

I   removed  the sorrow of  my daughter in law  ,

Has broken   the   fence of Dharma    and   What is now going to happen?”


3456. “If only   The victorious  Rama and Lakshmana   were  here  , then to  Sita,

With a thin waist like streak of lightning   and   wearing  several gold bangles 

Such a sad state of affairs could  not have happened. I am not to understand ,

Their state  of affairs ,Is it  c cruel trick played by Rama’s    step mother?


3457.”The blue coloured Rama   is none   but Lord Vishnu   ,

Who sleeps on     the bed   of serpents    called AdhiSesha.

And so   would   it be possible    for the very angry Rakshasa,

To win over him? I think he   has played   a trick with his illusion .”


3458.”My son Rama    would completely   uproot all the Rakshasas,

After completely winning over them   and   reek his cruel   vengeance?

Ravana the Rakshasa due to the unmistakable  curse  of Lord Brahma    who was  born,

Out of the lotus flower  , Would be scared   to touch  the Queen of Rama.”


3459. After telling all these words, Jatayu who had very large wings,

Thought  that Sita had reached   the great prison of Ravana,

And thought that   though my wings by which I do war  have been destroyed,

The great wing called Virtue  of Sita    who speaks sweet words  ,

Would never   get destroyed.   Thinking like this  he lost his sorrow.


3460. With   his pretty wings   getting weak    due to excess flow of blood,