4.Kishkinda Kandam

(Book on Kishkinda)


(The book starts    with the arrival  in Pampa   by Rama   and Lakshmana.  On their way to  Rishya Mooka mountains from there they meet Hanuman, the minister  of Sugreeva.  Rama  then meets Sugreeva    and  signs a treaty   in which he agrees   to kill Vali  , the brother  of Sugreeva , who in  turn promises  to help in finding out  Sita.  Rama clears the doubt about his ability  in the mind of Sugreeva    by sending an arrow through seven Maramara trees  and Lakshmana throwing   the skeleton of Dhundhubhi  by his thumb.Later Rama kills Vali    by  hiding himself and   sending an arrow   to  kill Vali who was fighting   with Sugreeva. Sugreeva is crowned as king of Kishkinda. As rainy season sets in , Rama and Lakshmana live   in a  hut in the nearby mountain.  Seeing no activity     from  Sugreeva , Rama deputes  Lakshmana  to enquire. Tara pacifies  the very furious Lakshmana . The huge army summoned by Sugreeva   arrives   and reports. Rama  becomes happy.  Emissaries to different directions are    sent to search for Sita.  Rama gives his ring as an  identity   to convince Sita   with  Hanuman. He also tells    him  several private incidents that took place between him and Sita. The group lead by Hanuman and Angadha reaches    the Mahendra mountain in the southern sea shore. Sampathi    the elder brother of Jatayu tells them that Sita  is  in Lanka. Hanuman readies   himself to jump over the sea.)


Kadavul Vaazthu

(Prayer to God)


The  primeval god who had three   type of Characters  and also  had    three   forms,

Along with all  principles   evolved by him , gave the first god   a name   and the form,

And  became   properly   created worlds   and the beings   who live in that   worlds

And    also became   the thought  process  of the  wise men and that which is understood  by them.


1.Pambai Vaavi padalam

The chapter on lake at Pambai.


(This chapter   gives a picturesque  description of  Pamba lake  and sorrow of Rama  on seeing 

several  things in that lake .Lakshmana   consoles him. Rama takes bath in Pamba  lake.

  In Valmiki Ramayana , Sugreeva   sees   him on the shores  of this lake.)


3709. That lake  had lot of   flowers    which had honey  , it had   red eyed elephants,

 With strong hands  dipping   themselves  but had clear waters    which reflected  ,

The sky   with stars and clouds  and looked like they  all   were inside   it.


3710.  It had clear    waters   like   the cut crystal sheets which were polished,

And its walls  were   embedded   with several nine varieties  of lustrous gems,

And since the clear    waters were reflecting it  , it took the colours of concerned gems  ,

And it was similar  to  the   mind of those people who  do not  understand,

The truth  in spite  of  their  great learning.


  3711.All over the lake   the   gems in great heaps were  found   and ,

Due to the royal male  swans   with  coral  coloured  long legs    ,

And   very many  female swans , seen together

That lake   looked like   the destruction less   sky  ,

With very many stars    as well  as   countless   full  moons.


3712.It was like   an ocean of pure water  which was created   by the matchless   son of Khadhi*,

 When he wanted to create   the world surrounded by the cool sea  , along with,

The beings that  live in that world  as well sages   who were great expert in Vedas,

 Which seem to win the cool   salt water ocean, created by   the four headed Lord  Brahma.


3713. Though that lake   was  deep  and seemed  to tell

“ This is   the lustrous  habitat  of great serpents,”,

Like the meaning    of words written    by  ,

The great poets   who were like the wish giving tree ,

It looked very clear   till   the end of the nether   world.”


3714.With the greatly echoing sound   of   swan and other birds ,

Which sit on the petals   of the fully opened  lotus flowers,

It was not possible   to differentiate particular  sounds ,

As belonging to any specific bird   and so, it  was,

Similar   to the shopping avenue  of very big towns.


3715. The swans sitting on the  lotus flowers on all sides,

Seem to say  , “We are not aware  of the place  ,

Where Sita with black hair has been taken ,

And so due to this inability  we would   not see,

The face of Rama   but   would prefer to die”

And   looked like    entering   the burning  fire.


3716.Though the clear water  of the lake   was capable,

 Of clearly showing the gems lying at its bottom,

Like the true wisdom getting confused   due to,

The faulty   ignorance   coming  in between and hiding  ,

It had   several fresh leaves   inside  the waters  which  hid that  clarity.


3717.The  lustrous   fishes of that   lake   hid themselves thinking

That  if Rama with a very sorrowing mind  sees them  ,

He may recall the eyes  of  her who is  the symbol of chastity  ,

And had  parrot like voice and shed tears from eyes which never shed tears.


3718.Due to the gems which form inside   the bamboo  and ,

The gems that are formed   inside the tusk   of the  cloud like,

Elephants in rut  spreading the water of rut  flowing like  the mountain streams ,

 Spreading on them , the lake looked  like ,

The face   of pretty maidens wearing gem studded ear studs.


3719.The Elephants with very warm    water of rut  ,

Dipping and playing   in the clear water, making it turbid,

Were like  the  bangle   clad prostitutes engaging   in,

Continuous love play    and  getting  pain in the body and get tired.


3720.Due to  the honey that  was flowing  from sky touching mountains,

And water of rut surrounded   by bees     flowing   from the elephant  ,

Those who drink the water  of that lake   got   great deal of enjoyment,

And that lake  looked like the reddish mouth of  ladies with pretty hair.


3721.Like  those idiots who do not   have   any knowledge  ,

Of the eighteen languages  including Sanskrit  shouting together,

That    lake was surrounded    by  randomly   shouting birds  ,

Whose   voice   cannot   be differentiated   by others.


3722.The male swan  getting separated   from the female swan,

Which was tightly embracing  like the soul getting separated  ,

From the body  , heard   the  honey like sound   of anklets    ,

  Of the deva maidens  coming to take bath   with great concentration.


3723.That lake was   having the luster  of the pail   of sandal paste  ,

Prepared  by the rich people  of the cities because  ,

The mountain streams  were pulling  along with them,

Akil and sandal logs    which get seasoned  in the water of the lakes.


3724. The fishes  in that tank , like the men   who  drink the honey,

From the  lips of ladies  who look like deer  , drank the  honey  ,

From    lily flowers   in that  tank  and used to swoon  due to  joy,

And the water crows  , for proving the true nature  of birth and death,

Along with the fish held in their beaks used to go in and come out of its waters.


3725,  To Rama who used   to eat hand full food  several times  like   the elephant  ,

The swans of the tank   which were depressed    showed   their gait  , possibly  ,

Telling him   that  they were not capable of bringing   back lady Sita,

Who was like Goddess Lakshmi  and would  try to do their  best ,

And   the lily flowers showed the prettiness   of her   eyes,

And   the red lotus flowers  showed the beauty  of her lips.


3726.Scared seeing    the deva maidens wearing ornaments   that give out light  ,

Who used to take   bath in that lake   daily  by dipping   and playing in it  ,

The swans in that lake went and stood   on the flowering branches  ,

And  looked like the maids of ladies carrying   a swan    toy.


3727When the shadows of the crane   fell   in many places  ,

On the crystal like water  of the lake  , the  playing fishes,

Thinking   that the cranes   have  entered   inside the  lake,

To eat all of them   became scared  , while   those,

Cranes were sitting  on the vanchi trees drying  their large wings.


3728.On one side of the lake , there was  the  light   of the blue gem  

And on the other side   the light was given by   the Padmaraga  gems,

And due to this lotus flowers   remained    pretty in day  and night  ,

And the Chakravaka  birds which were  with them  were like breasts of ladies.


3729. With the Valai fishes   rushing like a sword thrown     with great force  ,  

The    water dogs which rolled  and proceeded   in the waves   which make sound 

Appear to dance   with sound of anklets   on those  Valai fishes like the street magicians,

And the frogs   seem to appreciate    that dance by making   cackling sounds.


3730.After reaching the waters   of that   type  of lake   and seeing,

The youthful swans   and   the lotus flowers   Rama , started wailing,

Thinking about Sita who was as soft   as the new leaves,

Leaving out   the wisdom that   is got by    thinking and research.


3731.”Oh Chakravaka    birds having very pretty legs  , oh youthful swans,

 When I am greatly sorrowing  though I know that  Sita who cannot   tolerate  

Parting with me  is not here, is it proper for you  not to show mercy on me  ?

If you show mercy on me who is wilting   due to that, would it not bring fame to you?

If you talk  and console   me , who has never parted   with her till now  ,

Would   it bring   a very bad   name   to all of you?”


3732”Oh lake  , who shows   the   scented lotus flower  and  the newly opened,

Scented lily flowers  just like they are ointments to apply   to my burning mind,

You show her  eyes and face, but can you not show  me her fully    at least once ?

Those who  do not provide help , when they have ability to do it would not become great.”


3733.Rama seeing   the  opened blue lotus flowers , lily flowers  , scented  lotus flowers,

Leaves of Vallai climber, Kondai fishes  , Varal  fishes, tortoises and other things said,

“oh lake  , I am seeing the  different limbs   of  the nectar  like  Sita in you .

Please  tell me  whether   those limbs thought of me  when the great Rakshasa ,

Was carrying   her  through     the sky  .Please    tell.”


3734 “Oh peacock who runs about in joy and who hid   himself because  ,

She was more prettier than you  , Did your mind   get cooled  down,

Because    Sita is not there here? You might have seem her earlier  ,

And now   without  any  mercy  , you are   dancing   with joy,

And is it possible for me to hide from you who has  one thousand eyes?”


3735.”Oh consorts of  male swans  , even if you are  not willing ,

To come near me  , please tell me something  which you know about Sita?

Would not  you talk to me  anything? Would you do  wrong to one who has not done wrong?

If she who has no  waist   defeats  you  in the prettiness of your walk ,

You should have enmity   with her  only   and how can you hate me,

Who thinks    that   your gait   as pretty  as that of Sita.”


3736.”Oh lotus  flower , who is golden shade and  has  scented petals,

Who has pretty pollen  over which  bees  sing around in tamil( sweetly),

Sita is not with me   and she  does not stay any where   else  ,

And if you who are  liked   by her say  , that she is not with you also  .

How can I maintain relation with you  who hides   what is with you?”


3737.”Oh red netti flower which lies near the  red lily plant  ,

Which is like Sita’s mouth, Which lies    without   talking ,

And without helping me in the lake , please   show me the  red fruit like mouth of Sita,

Which without any fear   used to come before me and talk nectar like words,

 And would you not give me  the honey from   that mouth   and the  cool words.”


3738.”Oh Vallai climber  , You become like    the ears like  the innocent Sita,

Who is like a flowering branch   and since nothing else needs to be done  ,

Do not you agree   to help you and when things    are like   that ,

Iyt appears you have come without the golden ear globes  ,

The ear   hangings   studded with pearls  ,

Would you not wear them   and would you still like enmity .”


3739.”oh pretty   blue lotus flower   which is like   the pretty eyes  of Sita,

Who   has  feet which is like   the coral studded  on the lotus flower.

And which has fingers painted with red cotton juice  ,

Who always lives   in my mind which is  like a fully opened lotus flowers ,

And who has   pretty   hair which is like    a cloud,

Would you trouble me like poison which   has spread  on me?”


3740. Wailing like this   and taking torturous   breath that   Rama

Sitting  on the bank of the lake with  Kondrai trees with fully open flowers,

Asked with sorrow   “ Seeing me breaking up due to parting with Sita,

You seem to be not bothered    to console me  , oh strong tree” 


3741.That   Rama who was the place   where “mercy”, took birth,

Saw   male elephants   which had flow of water   of rut  ,

Which is surrounded by black bees   feeding female elephants,

With cool   leaves   and  feeding water  in their mouth  and stood there.


3742.At that time his younger brother who wore    the ornament of love  ,

Looked at Rama   and said  ,” Oh elder one , the time has gone  ,

And now  please take bath in this lake    and salute the holy feet,

Of Lord Vishnu who has    grown up like    your great fame.”


3743.That Rama    went   from that place  , due to the penance done earlier

Making   even a big  mountain like  elephant in rut   ashamed  ,

Took bath   in the  Pamba lake where waves were  lashing  ,

And which was   full  of large  number of very scented  flowers.


3744.As soon as he dipped    himself in that waters  , the burning fire like,

Passion of his body   made   the waters of the lake  , similar   to the  cool water,

In which   the   extremely hot iron staff of the black smith   was dipped.


3745.That Rama   who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu   ,

Who took the form of swan  and taught   the rare Vedas to Brahma,

Took bath there and as per the rules  of old Veda  ,

Saluted the feet of Lord Vishnu  and stayed    in the,

Side  of a garden which was having crowd of sages and ,

The Sun with   burning rays    set for that day.


3746.At the time   the girl called dusk arrived   there  and at that time,

Rama    was sorrowing thinking of Sita who tied a cloth over    pretty breasts  ,

Who was not   with him  , the moon which had the painful cool    rays  ,

Rose  up in the sky  like    the Sun with  his hot rays.


3747.The flowers closed, The  birds   went and stayed in their nests,

Al animals stopped their  activity  , The  trees and leaves  closed  ,

The parrots  stopped talking  , Peacocks stopped dancing,

Koels did   not sing  and    The  elephants   stopped  trumpeting  .


3748. The earth   started sleeping  , the beings on stable  mountains   slept  ,

The faultless watering  place   slept , The  serpents   started sleeping  ,

Those  beings of the sky which are  praised  slept  , the ghosts slept,

But  Rama   and Lakshmana   who   sleep on ocean did not   sleep.


3749.When  the sun with hot rays   rose   from the sea  making  the faultless  Rama ,

Get up from the sorrow  , just like   when matured wisdom   comes ,

The bad karmas   which are like smoke   and slushy mud  ,

Become sad and go away  , the endless night  came to an end  and lotus flowers  opened.


3750.Rama and Lakshmana   who belonged to Kosala  kingdom   with   sugar cane  factories,

Which make great noise  , like the nectar   which arose in the  ocean of milk with great sound,

Went on searching for Sita   who was similar to the female   deer of the forest

In  long paths   where there were ocean like gardens  having mountains ,

IN the forests    and with great speed    travelled a  long distance  .


2.Anuma Padalam

Chapter  on Hanuman.


( Rama and Lakshmana climb the Rishya Mooka mountains and are seen there by Sugreeva  who gets scared .Hanuman reassures Sugreeva   and Mets Rama  taking the   form of a Brahmin. Once they get introduced  fully with each other all misconceptions are removed. Hanuman goes  to bring Sugreeva.

   In Valmiki Ramayana  Rama is sen on shores of Pamba lake and Hanuman gets introduced to them there. There  Rama and Lakshmana   go along with Hanuman to meet Sugreeva.)


3751.  Crossing several forests   and travelling   in the path indicated by Sabari,

They speedily  and easily  climbed the Rishya mooka mountains   and ,

The  very strong king of monkeys    who was living in that mountain,

Fearing that   they may be his enemies  , without knowing what to do,

Ran speedily in to a cave  thnking “We will escape    for  now.”


3752.The monkeys who were ignorant   of the  purpose   of coming,

Of Rama and Lakshmana  thought  “these people    are coming  ,

As per the  orders  of Vali who has enmity with us   and,

They both have   very strong bows   and are  looking,

Like the   blue mountains  . See them and think about them”

And saying   this   they also   ran and hid in the  mountain caves.


3753-3754.When in that cave Sugreeva and others   were standing greatly depressed,

Assuring them not to be scared  Hanuman who   was like   God Shiva  with a low tuft  ,

Who swallowed the Halahala poison when Devas   were standing depressed and scared ,

Who was   the matchless    son of Anjana   told them, “You all please   stay here”,

And   looking like a student   examined   that Rama who was  like a blue mountain,

And concluded  ,  “These people are engaged in cruel war   who have  taken up,

The form of the saints   who are holding   powerful    bows” and with this doubt,

Examined   them deeply   using the  knowledge   that he has earned.


3755.”If we think that   they are  the primeval and  ultimate   leaders   of all the devas,

They  should be three in number   but these   people are   only  two in number ,

And they are  holding bow unlike    those three . Who are  there in this world  ,

Who are equal to   them?  Is there  anything which is impossible   for them to do,

How can I  judge   or understand     easily   about their state  of affairs?”


3756.”They both look  like people who are sorrowing  and  due to that,

They appear     to have a very depressed mind and they  do not  appear,

As persons who get sorrowed    easily  , They are  not devas  of  the heaven,

They are human beings and they  look like  people  who are ,

Searching  a great thing   , which would make their mind dull.”


3757.  “They are the people   of very good character  who follow Dharma,

And they would  consider Dharma  as their  only wealth   and their acts  ,

Also indicate   that  they are  not searching  any  other thing  ,

And I feel that  a problem has   come,  to  their thing which is like  nectar,

And they   are searching for that  rare   thing on both their   sides.”


3758. “They   are people who do not have the thing called “anger”,

They have ocean like mercy  , they do not any act that is bad,

But   do only acts that are  good  , They are   people who have

A form   which would make even  Lord Indra would be scared

They have  good character   which makes  others scared,

They have a look which  makes others scared ,

And they have    a  power which would make  god of death scared.”


3759. That Hanuman   due to his great characteristics   was only  ,

Comparable      to himself  , after thinking    about several aspects,

In several ways  , after   staring at them  , with   a mind  that was ,

Melting in love    for   them  , stood there like  the loving   one   who has seen,

Another   who  left and went away from him.


3760.Even the wild animals   like  Lions and tigers, which had cruel eyes,

Huge mouth   and   teeth which had better luster than   lightning

Were  looking  at them  like they were seeing    their  own children  and   were   following them,

And were staring them with great love   and Hanuman thought,

“Why should   I consider   them as enemies  and   get worried?”


3761.” All birds   like peacock are    getting   sad    because  the Sun,

Was falling on their gem like body  , opened their wings fully  ,

Surrounded   them like boundary walls    and were following them,

And   the crowds of clouds   which were seen densely  ,

Everywhere   were slowly following them sprinkling   water  on them,


3762”.The stones which were giving heat   like the burning fire  ,

Whenever their soft lotus like feet    touches   any   of them  ,

Converted themselves  in to fresh flowers    with honey  ,

Which were extremely   soft   and provided them comfort,

And wherever  they go  the  trees and grass  appeared to salute them,

By bending themselves   and does   this  indicate  ,

That   these   people   were  Gods of Dharma.” He thought


3763.  He further  thought “are these   the gods   who remove the sorrow of birth,  

Who destroy the old Karmas which are   the reasons for such sorrow  , who   grant,

The  salvation  from which there is no  return and not    the   life in the    land of god of death?

My bones are melting, I am getting   more and more  measureless  love towards   them  ,

There seem to be no limit for my love towards them, I  am not able to understand the reason?”


3764. Thinking like this  Hanuman who had a mind of purity  , stood before them  ,

As soon as both of them came   and said, “Let your arrival   wipe away all sorrow”.

And then Rama who was merciful asked him  “Who are you? ,

Where from are    you coming?”  and Hanuman started answering him,


3765.“Oh Lord  who has a pretty  body which is blue like   the cloud , who has   red eyes,

Which shine  like the  lotus flower, which  is open and never fades for  the cool snow  ,

And which is  like poison to   all ladies  , I was born to  Wind God    and Anjana  Devi,

And  I  would tell you  that my name   is Hanuman.”


3766. That Hanuman whose shoulders   are   higher then any  mountain system ,

And which   carries   great fame  told, “I  assist  the son of   the Sun God  ,

With shining hot rays   who is living    in this   mountain   and who  noticing  ,

Your arrival became greatly happy   and    wanted me   to find out  ,

Who you are  and   I have come to fulfill   that   purpose.”


3767.Rama who had a great bow    after   hearing   the reply of Hanuman,

And understanding thay   there is no body who have better qualities  than him,

And  concluding that  ability  , good characters  , the humility  which comes out  of knowledge  ,

And wisdom  were all   completely   merged in him  , started   telling Lakshmana.


3768.”Oh young hero with the bow   on your shoulders   , was it not clear,

From his reply  that  there is no knowledge    which he has not  learnt,

Which lead to increase in his fame  and there is no one   in the world,

Who has not mastered   the ocean of Vedas  like him  ?

Is He who is the master  of words, Lord Brahma   himself  

Or is   he Lord Shiva    who would be able to  answer everything?”


3769-3770.”Oh son,  his form is not the   form of the Brahmachari that we see,

And I have clearly   understood    that  he has very many  specialties  ,

And great ability   which  make him like one who is   the axis of the entire world.

And later   you would understand that  what  I say is true” and after  saying ,

This   to Lakshmana  looking at   Hanuman    he  asked, “Where does ,

Sugreeva , the king of monkeys live? We have come here    with a desire  to meet him,

As well as join with him  in this place   and so please show    us,

That Sugreeva who travels   in the path of Dharma so that we know him.”


3771.Hanuman said,  “who else are there   comparable  to you   who  have shoulders,

Which are like the mountains carrying the earth   in   this entire   earth,

Which is spread limitlessly   within the horizons  and who are divinely pure?

If you have come   to  meet Sugreeva    , with an intention   of supporting him,

Then the penance done controlling the   five senses   is  indeed great.”


3772.”Oh Lord who have   shoulders   bigger   than mountains  , due to ,

The  merciless son  of Indra(Vali) driving out    the son of the Sun God  (Sugreeva),

He became scared   and  has become lonely to bear   the very great sorrow  ,

And is living with me   in this mountain with     great streams  ,

And you have come to facilitate    wealth coming back to him.”


3773.” All the beings  in this world that   does not reduce  , give in charity  ,

Whatever they like  , and  perform  and  complete   the  Yagas  and try to do,

All the rituals done  by wise elders from time immemorial   and is there  ,

A great Dharma   than giving protection   to those   who are greatly scared,

Of the  one who is an enemy   of their clan and who is like God of death.”


3774.”Since  you are the Lord   who has   the power of creation  ,

Of   the devas who do not blink their eyes   to beings ,

Which are fixed as well as moving  And have the capacity   of protecting

The three types of seven worlds  , it is easy to tell   for us  that you would protect,

Only us  as  we who seek protection    from you who are like Lord Subramanya ,

And is there    any  other better benefit    that would   come to us.”


3775.That  Hanuman who was  like a fence guarding truth   looking at them  asked,

“What shall I tell  about who you are  , to my clan leader, Sugreeva. Please tell ?”

And then Lakshmana who was was wearing the long heroic anklets  ,

Without    getting tired  , narrated   every thing about them

 In proper order and with great clarity   so that Hanuman will understand it.


3776-3777.”That king Dasaratha who had the royal umbrella , was born in the clan of Sun,

And had   ruling scepter   which was big and  had great luster   and he was,

The great one who ruled    all over the earth   and that valorous one  who  for the sake of Devas ,

Killed Sambara   and other  Asuras   and   had done several   fire sacrifices,

And was capable   of ruling the earth and heaven and  ,

He had   a view point  which was  personification of mercy,

And he rode  on elephants   with flowing rut  , strong tusks   and dots ,

In their faces   and fought the war along with his great bow  ,

And he further   had great wisdom   and the scepter  ,

And no Kings called  Manu where  equal to him and he was   ruling ,

Over the kingdom of Ayodhya  which had golden palaces and   big boundary walls,:


3778.“This best among the valorous men  is the son of  that great Dasaratha,

And as per the order of his  step mother  , with great sense if responsibility  ,

Gave away   the wealth of kingship   which was   his   to his  younger brother,

And reached    this  big and great  forest and his name   is Rama,

And I am assisting   him who has great ability with the  long bow.”


3779.And then   he told him about the story   from the birth of Rama ,

 Till the base , and cruel cheating done by Ravana   and told  ,

Everything in great detail   without leaving out anything.

Hearing all that   that son of wind god   with great joy   saluted the feet of Rama.


3780.When he saluted him  , Rama asked him, “how is it that you ,

Who are a Brahmin  and who is an expert   has done this act  which is not right,

As it is not  Dharma  “*   and hearing that   that  victorious Hanuman   who had ,

Strong  and very big   shoulders said,  “Oh lord who  has the scepter,

And red eyes like the lotus flower  , I also am born in the clan of monkeys.”

*Brahmins  were not supposed   to salute any other caste.


3781. That  Hanuman who  had come to remove the solitary nature of Dharma(Rama),.

Making Rama and Lakshmana   who were  like a form taken   by lightning  ,

Greatly surprised   took   a   mega form  which was  Making inadequate  ,

The description that   it was a personification   of Vedas and Sastras,

And   Whose shoulders were taller than the golden mountain of Meru  .


3782. That Rama who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu    who had measured  ,

The three worlds by his two steps  , who had lotus  like eyes,

And who was armed with the divine wheel   could not see   the  golden face ,

Of Hanuman who was wearing ear globes   and that huge   form of Hanuman,

Who was taught   all   great books of eternity    by Lord Sun,

Was  like something which cannot be properly described by others.


3783.Rama who had very big eyes resembling the lotus flower without stalk  ,

Told his younger brother,  “Oh lad , He is looking like   the great principle  of God,

Who   was beyond the three  characters  Rajasa, Thamasa and Sathwa  ,

Who has not lost its luster   of wisdom   and   which was beyond   the,

Knowledge of the perennial Vedas   and the    faultless    philosophy  ,

And which had    decided   to  assume the   form of a  monkey.”


3784.He further said,  “we have now seen a good omen as we have  ,

Now got this great Hanuman with us and because of that ,

Sorrow would not be there with us any more  , pleasure has now reached us,

Oh lad who has a bow , If a hero like this one ,  is  doing  jobs,

As per   the orders  of the   Lord of  the monkeys  Sugreeva  ,

Can we  tell  any thing about the status   of the great Sugreeva?”


3785.Looking at   Rama and Lakshmana     who told like  this  ,,

Who had   a very joyful face   and who had mountain  like  shoulders,

That lion of the monkey  said, “Oh  Victorious  ones  , I would now  ,

Go from here and  bring Sugreeva with me  , please wait “

And   then taking their  leave he went away speedily from there.


3.Natpu Kot Padalam

The chapter  on  friendship.


(Hanuman briefs Sugreeva about Rama , when they were talking about the past of Sugreeva,  Rama promised that he would kill all enemies of  Sugreeva “  . But when Rama  enquires    about    the whereabouts of wife of Sugreeva, Hanuman in details tells him about the story of Sugreeva. He also tells   him  Vali will get half the strength  of any enemy fighting with him. Rama in enraged   further  and promises   that he would kill Vali. Ufortunately Sugreeva is not convinced. Hanuman suggests , Sugreeva to test skill of Rama by asking him to send an arrow    through one of the Maramaras.

    In Valmiki Ramayana   Sugreeva tells Rama about the dropping of her ornaments in that mountain  by a lady who was being abducted. Rama identifies those ornaments of Sita. When Rama   gets sad  Sugreeva consoles him. Again the detailed story of enmity   between Vali and Sugreeva is narrated  by Sugreeva Vali while entering the cave in the version to fight Mayavi that   blood will come out of the cave .)


3786.That Hanumnan who was very famous and  had a pretty  shoulders,

Which were  like  Mandhara  mountain , thinking   all the good qualities  of Rama,

Who was  born in the clan of Manu  and thought that  now they were all saved,

And approached  Sugreeva    who had very great rage  which was suitable for  war.


3787.And then he told   Sugreeva   who was   the son of the sun  God that,

“The God of death who can kill Vali  Who wore a scented    garland,

Who had immeasurable strength   Has already   arrived “ and,

Danced like  Lord Shiva   who had swallowed the Halahala poison .


3788.”They (Rama and Lakshmana)  are  like the nectar  to the life in danger,

Of those who live in earth, live in heaven,  ,Live   in other worlds  ,

Live in eight   directions  ,who are in thought ,  who are doing work  ,

Who are talking ,   who are   inside the eye  , who have enemies ,

And who have great wounds  in the body caused by   those  enemies.”


3789.”They are the sons of Dasaratha   who ruled over the entire earth,

Who wore heroic anklets on his feet which was saluted   by ,

All the kings who had an army   of elephants which had  covered  their faces,

And they have great wisdom , great beauty   and  have come  ,

Due to fate  and would easily  help you to get your kingdom.”


3790.”They are just people  , they   have great mercy   , they are  firm,

And stable in their path of justice  , they have greatness  more than every body,

They have earned great wisdom without    any one teaching them  ,

They have   great fame  and they have   many cruel weapons ,

Which was given to  them by sage Viswamithra  who is the son of Khadhi.”


3791.”That Rama  made the Thadaga who was rushing towards them   ,

With a great spear  roll on the ground   and killed her son,

By bending his bow  and he gave Ahalya  , who had a form of a stone,

 Her very pretty form, just by the    dust   of his   feet.”


3792”. When that Rama   who had a perfect  body was  born  first among the children,

  Entered the city of Mithila  and bent   the bow called   Tryambaka  ,

Which was  owned by  Lord Shiva who broke  teeth   of Sun God and  Rama broke it  .”


3793.”He who accepted the kingdom by  one word  of  king Dasaratha ,

Who had an army of horses    with manes but by the order   of his step mother,

Who has great chastity  he gave  the country surrounded  ,

By the ocean with conches   along with all its wealth  ,

To his younger brother  Bharata     and has  come to this forest.”


3794.  “This Rama    destroyed the strength   of Parasurama   ,

Who had the lustrous axe with which  he uprooted  all his enemies,

And  pardoned him, and he also destroyed   Viradha  ,

Who  was like   darkness   and   took him away from this   world.”


3795.”He also   killed Khara   and his Rakshasas  along with their ocean ,

Like army   and  rolled    their heads down on earth by bending his bow ,

He had   reduced  the burden of sorrow   of the  eight   guardians of directions  ,

Like Indra  by killing   all their    enemies   and he has great strength ,

Which makes   even Lord Shiva  and other  devas greatly  surprised>’


3796.”This Rama   who is in the human form  is no one   but Lotd Vishnu,

Who sleeps on the ocean of  milk and   who is saluted by all the devas  ,

And so make friendship with   this very great one   and he   is the one,

Who  became  God of death  to Mareecha who had   unmatched ,

Strength    who came before   him as   a   magical   deer.”


3797. “Even the   great Asura  called Kabandha who had angry shoulders  ,

And long strong hands   and who  used  to kill all beings in all directions  ,

Were killed by him  and  then leaving his body which was  a liability,

And similar to Sabari   attained the great salvation   and became  ,

Respected  by Devas, and these can only be told by people lke me.”


3798. “Oh son of Sun God , the sages and others from the very beginning  ,

And since  limitless  days expecting    that Rama   and Lakshmana  would come to this forest,

Were doing  penances to the best of ability  ,  got freedom from the tie  ,

Of birth and death and attained salvation  and based on that,

I  would not be able  to tell what type of persons   are Rama and Lakshmana.


3799.”Oh Lord  , the ignorant Ravana   who is the king  of Rakshasas,

Using methods of cheating   has  kidnapped  Rama’s wife from the cruel  forest,

And Rama and Lakshmana    who   were searching for , due to the penance  you did,

And due to your having a  pure  mind  want to become friends with you.”


3800.”Oh Lord who is great in wisdom , they   have kept mercy on us ,

And so Vali the son of Indra    would attain destruction immediately  ,

So start  now  and come with me  “ said Hanuman   who knew  the ,

Ways of justice of kings   and who was a counselor   to Sugreeva.


3801.That Sugreeva who understood   all the words  by his intelligence  ,

Said, “Oh Gold like Hanuman  , since I have   you ,  who is greatly wise ,

As my companion  ,  there is   nothing which is impossible to me  .

Come with me” and along with Hanuman   reached  divine  feet of Rama.


3802.  Sugreeva  the son of  Sun God   saw Rama   who was like  an emerald mountain,

Who had a pretty face   without the pretty  ear globes  , with  eyes which looked  with coolness,

And who was like the full moon   embraced by  clouds   and  looked like fully opened lotus flowers.


3803.Sugreeva stood there  for a long time   looking  at  Rama and Lakshmana  ,

Who were looking  like    all the luck   of the creatures  of   this  world  created by,

The  four faced Lord Brahma who was born on a lotus  flower ,

And divided   in to   two divine forms of valorous heroes having huge soldiers.


3804.It became clear   to him that “Lord Vishnu    who is   the God of the Devas ,

Had  changed his form   and has taken this birth   and has  come as a man ,

And so  it appeared that  Lord  Shiva   who had ganges on his head   and Lord Brahma  ,

And various    crowds  of Devas   were defeated  by the Human race,”


3805. Sugreeva   thinking like   this  got drowned   in the tumultuous  ocean of love,

Created   by more  and more ebbing   love from him   but did not try to come up  ,

And was  looking at Rama   with great joy   and   approached  Rama,

And that very great lord  , extended   his long  lotus like   hands,

And received him hospitably  and sweetly said to him, “please  be seated”.


3806.That faultless Rama    who has completely  uprooted  desires from mind,

Joined    with the king  of the monkey clan  for destroying  ,

The Rakshasas  who have never- decreasing   strength   and who were,

The unsuitable    enemies   of darkness   and for   establishing  ,

Various types of Dharmas   at the very proper   and suitable time,

And they also were  like the Sun and moon joining   together on a new moon day.


3807.  Those valorous ones who joined together   for the purpose,

Of succeeding in doing the intended act   were  joined  ,

IN the great penance  done in their    earlier birth   and ,

The efforts they were   taking to achieve  their results  in this  birth,

And for completing   uprooting   the Rakshasas   who were   the bad fate  ,

Joined together   like  the known knowledge   and  philosophy.


3808. When they   were   assembled    there  , The   son of Sun God  ,

Looking at Rama  said, “Oh Lord who has   all  the types of wealth  ,

I have come and joined with you   who is the chief  of all the worlds,

And who has all sort of good qualities   and so   who is  there  ,

Who have done more penance than me for getting rid of bad Karma,

And if fate   itself is going to tell like this, What is there now which  is impossible?”


3809 .Rama   looked  at Sugreeva and told , “Oh sir. That Sabari  ,

Who has  done faultless   penance   told us  , the state   in which,

You have   reached this Rishya Mooka mountain   and we have come  here,

Hoping to get  relieved   of  the great sorrow   which benumbed us “

And when he  told  like this   the king of monkeys      told    the   following .


3810.  “My elder brother Vali  came chasing me ,   who was born after   him,

Extending his large   hand  till we reached   past  this world,

Which place was surrounded by  darkness  and I am alive   because ,

This mountain protected   me  and  protected   my  rare soul and so

I have come     to seek your protection and it is your Dharma to protect me.”


3811. Rama saw with great mercy the monkey king who told   like this,

And gave an oath “In the pleasures and sorrow   that  belonged   to you  ,

Excepting    those which you have experienced    earlier  ,

I would remove all  your sorrows and all the sorrows ,

That come  to you in future are  equal to  me and you.”


3812.  “ What else  need I tell you? All those   who gave sorrow   to you,

In heaven and earth are ones who gave sorrow to me  and even if they are  bad people  ,

All your friends are my friends also. Your relations    are my relations also  ,

And from now onwards   you are a friend who is like   my soul.” Said Rama,


3813.Considering the  words of the faultless   Rama   is the truth   and are,

Greater even more than the Vedic sayings, the crowd    of monkeys cheered,

And the son of Anjana had his hairs stand up   which subsided after wards ,

Devas filled the earth    with flowers and clouds    caused   Rain.


3814.At that time the lion like son of Anjana  stood up    and saluted    Rama  ,

By falling at his feet   and said, “Oh son of Dasaratha who has   pillar  like shoulders,

Let you   and your friend live long  and now both of you   should  ,

Reach your palace   and we desire to see you there.

What is your opinion about it?” “and the valorous Rama said  it is good and agreed to it.


3815.The son of Sun God  , Rama , and Lakshmana and    the lion among the monkeys  ,

Surrounded by the harsh army of monkeys  , followed  and greeted  by the   God of Dharma ,

Reached a flower filled garden   which had Pongamia and citrus   trees  and lotus ponds,

And which was better    than the  heavens   which is the land for  enjoying  pleasures.


3816.In that garden   Sandal and Akil   trees were  densely planted  and it had,

Huge crystal rocks which looked like bed of water , and it had  depressions,

Embedded with nine types of gems  , long banks  with divine trees,

And the deva maids   were playing in the water   and swinging on swings tied on trees.


3817.Like  uneducated people standing before   the ocean of  very wise people  ,

Who had tireless knowledge  not  being noticed  , due   to the great shine,

Of the embedded gems in that garden  sun light and moon light   did not seem important.


3818. In this sweet garden    with all these  specialties Rama and Lakshmana  ,

Along with the king of monkeys  were seen sitting on a seat  of pure flowers,

And   with great camaraderie   started   talking    about several aspects.


3819.The monkeys brought    roots and fruits   which were   all pure  ,

That Rama who is the purest of all  , after taking bath  ,

Took his seat with great pleasure  and became a good guest to Sugreeva.


3820. When they were   sitting with    great love  , Rama   after the feast,

Unable to see the wife of the host , thought for a while   and asked,

“Are you also   separated from your wife who shares the  family life with you?”


  3821.  When Rama asked  Sugreeva like this  , Hanuman stood like a mountain,

And  saluting with his folded hands   addressed   Rama   and told,

“Oh Lord who stands by justice , there is something that I need  to tell you,

And so please   hear it from the beginning   to end.”


3822.”There  is an individual   called Vali who has limitless   strength  ,

Who has the blessing of Lord Shiva    who is the  protecting   fence  ,

For the limitless   ocean of Vedas  and who sits on Kailasa  mountain  .”


3823.”Along with the specially mentioned   devas , standing  before the asuras,

Making the rotating Mandhara mountain making its form   thin

Making  the very angry   huge   serpent   spit out   fire,

He  who has very powerful shoulders   churned   the ocean of milk.”


3824.”He is the one who has the entire power of  the four elements  ,

Water, fire  , earth      and wind   which never get destroyed,

And he had the power to jump from   the  mountain  of horizon,

Surrounded   by the oceans at the border   to this mountain.”


3825. “If one wants   to fight   with him and then face   him for war,

He would get half    of their    great strength   and  he   daily,

Goes to the boundary    of the eight   directions  ,

And salutes    the divine feet of Lord Shiva who has eight forms.”


3826.”Wind cannot travel with the   same speed   as Vali ,

The Spear   of Lord  Subrahamanya     would not enter his chest,

And   the rule of Ravana    and his royal   umbrella,

Cannot enter    any place where  his tail has not entered.”


3827”.If   that Vali   gets   up and takes    his steps  , then,

The mountains like Meru would get completely  uprooted  ,

And   by his   huge  shoulders  , the sky, the cloud  ,

Sun as well as the  Moon would be completely  hidden.”


3828.”He is as  strong as the  angry   boar  which carried   the earth,

By its horn  and the  big tortoise    that supported   the Mandhara  mountain,

And it is doubtful  that even if the Lord Narasimha    who split ,

The chest of Hiranya comes personally  ,   whether   he can subdue him.”


3829. “Adhi Sesha    with     is completely   spread one thousand heads  ,

Finds the earth very difficult to carry due to its  very dense weight  ,

Standing erect   and carries   it lying down    all day long , but,

That Vali who lives  in Kishkinda  mountain   can carry it easily  even while walking.”


3830.”Oh Lord who achieved  victory due   to your great    strength  ,

The property of the   tumultuous  sea   water never climbing   to its shore,

The face why  the very strong  Sun and the Moon   travelling  in chariots,

Are   all because they fear  that Vali would become  angry and  not due to any other reason.”


3831.”He  who has strength    even to push   the Meru mountain 

Has an army of seventy vellam* monkeys   of great shoulder strength  ,

Oh Charitable one,    due to the   great strength    of that Vali  ,

All the beings are living   with great unified mind.”

* one elephant , three  horses  and five   foot soldiers


3832.” Due   to the fear that they would be   destroyed  if Vali gets   angry,

Before the residence  of Vali   the clouds do not produce thunder  ,

The strong wild animals  like lion   do  not roar in their caves  ,

And even the torrential wind  feeling that the thin leaves  ,

Would    shake   there  , does  not come near   his place.”


3833.”On the day when he tied    with his tail   the very strong  Ravana,

With his   twenty shoulders   tightly  , there is   no place that he did not go,

And there is no place that  the blood from body of Ravana did not stain”


3834.”oh strong one  , That  matchless  Vali who is the son of Indra  ,

Is as white   as the full moon   which has sweetness   and cold,

He is one who Orders  , which should be obeyed   even to God of death,

And he was  the first born son of the  mother  of Sugreeva,”


3835.”When Vali who had such a greatness   was our king,

And Sugreeva    was our junior king   and ruling over us ,

One Rakshasa called Mayavi who had clan enmity   with them,

Became    angry and waged    a war against Val.”


3836.”That Rakshasa who fought   with Vali  , fearing to fight ,

Against the great strength of Vali  ,started shivering and ran away with fear,

And he knowing that it is   difficult    for him to live on this earth,

Entered    a  cave   which no one   can ever enter.”


3837. “When that Mayavi entered that cave   Vali was greatly   enraged ,

And looking at Sugreeva he   told, “Oh strong one  , I would enter  in this cave ,

And return after   catching him   and you please guard   this entrance ,

So that   he cannot   escape from here    and entered the cave speedily.”


3838.” After Vali went inside   for the next fourteen seasons  searched,

For that Asura in that   cruel cave  with the aim of desirable victory ,

Against that cruel Asura   and when he was engaged like this,

The younger brother Sugreeva  became sad   and greatly upset.”


3839. “When he was returning wailing from there  , we   saluted him,

With great love   and told him , “oh victorious   one  ,

It is your duty as the junior king    to rule over us  and so,

Please accept the kingship” and that   Sugreeva   who was sorrowing  ,

Said     that doing   so would    be   a great crime.”


3840.”Then he said  that he   would also go inside the cave  and follow the path of Vali,

And search for his    elder   brother  and if he is already dead  , he would fight  ,

With that Mayavi and kill  him   and  if he is not able  to , he would die   and started  entering   the cave.”


3841. “Then the wise ministers who had mastery over speech   prevented   him,

From entering the cave  , consoled him ,  cured his illness   of sorrow  .

And as per   the just method of earlier elders  and as per the wishes  of other monkeys,

Gave   the kingship to him    but he did not   willingly   accept it.”


3842, “On that day when Sugreeva   accepted that  kingship , we fearing that,

The Rakshasa would come out of that cave  , brought all   the mountains except  Meru,

And stacked    them at   the entrance    of that cave and completely closed it .”


3843.”When we had completely   closed the door of the cave   by securing it ,

With mountains  , we brought Sugreeva the son of Sun god with red hot rays,

And when we  were living on Kishkinda mountains, That Vali  killed that Mayavi.”


3844”.After eating the toddy    of the soul of Mayavi   in that cave  ,

Vali was extremely happy   speedily reached     the entrance  of the cave  ,

And from there he called Sugreeva   and since he did  not get any reply  ,

Said, “The  way  my younger brother is guarding the cave  is great.””


3845.”When   Vali speedily   lifted his tail   and   rose like   huge wind towards the sky,

Waved his legs   and kicked  ,, all the mountains   which had closed the cave  ,

Rose up to the top of the blue sky  and  some of them fell   in the ocean.”


3846.” Vali got out  of the cave    and making every one scared,

Screeching   with great anger   reached   the top of the mountain,

 And  Sugreeva the son of  Sun God who did not have any differences ,

And who walked in the path of truth   came forward   and saluted the feet of his brother.”


3847.”After  saluting he  told  “Oh brother  , due to your not coming  out ,

Oou of  the cave for a long time   When I wanted to follow you  ,

The ministers   did not   agree with me   and  said,

“To rule over the  monkey kingdom is your duty.”


3848.”Oh brother whose shoulders   have   waving ornaments  ,

Being scared of   disobeying the order   of all the monkeys  ,

I accepted the kingship  and so please  pardon my crime  ,”

When Sugreeva requested like this  Vali with ,

His mind completely changed    told  several very harsh words.”


3849.”Greatly scared  of Vali  who had won over  his enemies  by his strength,

With  stomach churning  , with our entire clan of monkeys were standing  getting  scared,

He who once churned   the milky ocean , with the same hands  

Attacked   the body of Sugreeva   and Sugreeva became greatly sad.”


3850.”When  Vali caught hold of Sugreeva   and without bothering for bad name,

Using  his very strong   hands   and with   greatly   ebbing  anger  ,

When He  lifted Sugreeva   up with an dashing him  ,

Seeing for an opportune moment    when Vali got   tired,

Sugreeva ran   away from that   place   to save  himself.”


3851.”Oh Lord  , if that Vali gnashes his teeth    and gets greatly angry  ,

Even the God of death   does not have   a safe  place to live  ,

But remembering the curse  given to him   by   sage Mathanga  ,

Sugreeva    came here  and started  living here safely  .”


3852.”Oh our God  , that Vali also made his own the  wife of Sugreeva,

Whose name is Ruma  ,  who is like  the very difficult to get nectar  ,

And Sugreeva   sacrificing his kingly wealth   as well  as Ruma  ,

Lived on this mountain   and these  are what , that happened here .” said Hanuman.


3853.When that Hanuman who did not how to lie , told  in the proper way  ,

About Sugreeva , that Lord  Rama  who has one thousand names,

And is the greatest among Devas  , Rama’s  lips of his  mouth which ,

Swallowed the world at the time of deluge  started   trembling,

And his lotus like    red eyes   became red  like the lily flowers.


3854. That Rama   who had thick shoulders    wearing pearl necklaces  ,

And  who gave away  the kingship    that was his   based  on the  ,

Words of  his step mother ,   whose love  had vanished  as  soon as,

He  heard  that ”One who did not have any love   usurped  ,

The wife of his   younger brother       , will he have patience?


3855. “Even if  all the beings who live   in the fourteen different worlds  .

Come together to save the soul of Vali   and desire   to stop me,

With an arrow in my bow  , I would recover   the kingship of monkeys ,

And your wife   and  give them to you  . Oh wise one ,

Please    show me the place   where he  lives.”Said Rama to Sugreeva,


3856.As son as Rama told these words  the oceans    with very great joy  ,

Along with huge   waves  roared  and Sugreeva  who was like   the  one  who  had  ,

Found the other shore of the sea of sorrow   in which  he was immersed,

Thinking that  “Now the   strength of Vali would fall  “but said   to Rama,

“There   is some important   thing that we have   to think about.”


3857.That son of Sun God  after telling there like   this  started  consulting  ,

All his ministers  including  that of  Hanuman   who   were experts  ,

In justice   and  generating ideas , in another place  ,

And  at that  time Hanuman    the son of wind god told.


3858. “Oh   strong one   , I could guess what is in your mind  and  I think,

You are doubting  that these two valorous ones do not have the matchless strength ,

That is needed to kill  that Vali  who has   very great   strength  , and now,

Please  hear what  I have  to say    and with  faith   follow    them.”


3859”.  On the   hands and feet of Rama   there  are markss of wheel and conch,

And this great sign    has not been seen   on any body else  in this  world  ,

And  He with his red eyes   and hands holding the bow   is  Lord  Vishnu himself,

And he has taken  incarnation in this world to establish Dharma.”


3860. “ That   big golden   and matchless  bow   of  the great Lord Shiva  , who  had the power

To make any one suffer  , who got so angry that   he burnt   the three  cites,

And who by the kick of his feet   killed  the  very angry God of death,

Was broken by him   and is it easy for any one but Lord Vishnu?”


  3861.”Oh Lord   , The God wind who is my father   seeing me   had told  ,

“You be a slave   to the one who produced Lord Brahma    who  created,

All these worlds  and that   would be sufficient penance for you to do,

And that   would also bring great  position to me   who begot you ,”

And this Rama    is that Lord Vishnu  and there is another reason for that also.”


3862.”Oh Lord  , once  I asked my father  “How do I recognize that Lord Vishnu?’

And he said,  “He would be born at a time    when all people are miserable,

And the proof of him is   that   as soon as you see  him you would fall in love with him.”

And as per that , as soon as  I saw this lord my bones start  melting, Is there a need for more proof?”


3863,”Oh great Sugreeva  and in spite of that  , if you want to know   ,

The great strength of Rama  , there   is a method   for that and that  is,

Testing whether   that tall Rama   can send  an arrow with fire sparks ,

Through   one of the seven Maramara trees    that   we encounter on our way “   he  said.


3864.When he heard that  Sugreeva  with joy   told    “well, well”,and then he hugged  ,

Hanuman who was   his matchless   help  and embraced both his,

Shoulders , which would even make   the big mountains ashamed ,

And then went   and met Rama and told  him “I have  some thing,

Top tell you” and  Rama   told him , please tell that.


4.Maramara  Padalam

The chapter on Maramara   trees.


When requested  by Sugreeva   to show his prowess  by putting an arrow    through    one of the Mara mara  trees, Rama by his arrow  pierces    all the seven trees. The doubts in the mind of Sugreeva disappears

     In  Valmiki Ramayana  as pre request  of Sugreeva Rama throws    the skeleton of Dhundhubhi   to a distance of ten Yojanas, Sugreeva then wants hi m to pierce    one of  the seven Sala and trees   then.)


3865.Sugreeva    sweetly lead them saying “This  is   the path we have to go,

And showing them the seven Maramara trees   which by their  height,

Would make the sky shorter   and told him , “If your arrow    goes ,

And pierces   one of these trees , the apprehension in my mind would go”.


3866.When Sugreeva who did not have   any fault  in his mind told like this,

Rama   the lord of all devas  , understanding  the  thought  of Sugreeva,

Smiled   and took  with his  very powerful hands  the bow , stringed it,

And went  near those trees   which cannot be   understood  by wisdom.


3867.Those Maramara trees , even if eons change, do not change themselves ,

And even at the time  when the entire world  is destroyed, they    would not fall down,

And were looking like   the seven mountains   which lift the  earth surrounded by seas,

Have come there   together   and were  standing   in a group.


3868.Those  great  seven Maramaras  made the full moon  and the  Sun,

To  start   doing  great penance    to cross its top  ,

And the Lord Brahma   seeing these  trees would say  I have seen mountains,

As  due to their head  , He was not able   to see  its leaves


3869. Due   to going under the shade   of  those   great trees, which have spread,

On the sky   and all the directions  , the horses of  Sun God never felt tired,

And were not sad that they were   running   in the same way throughout the day  ,

And   in spite of thinking   we were  not  able to find a better reason.


3870.Those seven trees  and the stars  which have existed for a long time,

AS well as planets   which were high up in the sky   appeared on its  sides  ,

And looked shining  more  like the flowers  of these  trees   and the  white moon,

Which had great  luster   had the black area  inside it  possibly because of rubbing  with these  trees.


3871.Due   to the branches of those trees   which never die  growing luxuriantly,

They were suitable to be called as Vedas   and since they were  high  up in the sky  ,

And the swan on which   Lord Brahma who created   the universes   ride,

Which were in his land  along with the  matchless  female   swan,

Preferred to live  on one   side   of   those   trees due to their height.


3872. Due to the fact that  even if the   wind blows  , its    scented   flowers,

Its leaves   and its  fruits   and many others produced by those trees,

Did not fall any where    on the earth   but fell in the river  Akasa Ganga  ,

Of the tumultuous  big heavens  and reach the ocean with big tides .


3873.The trees having grown   above the top of the   head of Lord Vishnu,

In his form when he  measured   the entire world in two steps  Could be ,

Called as   the tall  Lord Vishnu   and they   were  more in girth   than,

The huge  Meru mountain  which is standing    in the middle  of the earth.


3874.Like  the mind of full of enmity   between   the son of  Charitable Indra,

And his younger  brother ,  each of  those   trees were  more hard than,

Any other tree  within themselves  and  their deep roots   went inside ,

The   white   hood of    Adhi  Sesha   who was lifting the earth in the  middle of clear    ocean  .


3875.Those  trees   had grown up   and measured all directions  ,

And they were   standing with damage   over the  passage  of time  ,

They were   being praised by devas  ,  and taller  and stouter  than 

The Meru mountain which is   gone round   by  the sun and moon ,

And each   of them was    equal to the  other   and  ,

There   was several Yojana  (8 miles)  distance  between them.


3876. That faultless Rama  after looking at all those Maramara   trees  ,

Got  a desire to  send his pure  long  arrow  twanged   the string of  his bow,

Making  all the beings   in the far off sky  and directions   deaf  ,

And creating a fear that they have never   felt   among the Devas.


3877 When we know that  the sound of that twang from that   string   spread   exactly  ,
in a similar way  , how can we describe   the  problems  faced by  those   who are near?

All the elephants  of the eight directions swooned  , all directions were  confused ,

And that   sound of placing the arrow  on the thing even startled the land of Brahma.


3878.Due   the extreme sound raised   by  the string of   the bow   of That Rama ,

Who destroys   sin  ,  the devas doubting  that   the end of the  world  has come,

Moved away from the places  of  their normal stay and only  the brother  ,

Who loved  him  stood near Rama   and if  we start   telling,

About   the state  of others  like Sugreeva and Hanuman , they would get bad name.


3879. When Hanuman who is truthful and others   thinking that  they want ,

To see the sending of the arrow    went near and joined Rama   and when they were,

All praising his mastery   in archery , Rama  the  great archer   who  made all beings as his slave,

Pulled the strong string of   his bow  properly, and sent    the arrow    from his bow.


3880. That arrow  pierced  all the seven Maramara   trees   and went further  into ,

The seven underworlds  and since there was no “seven”    afterwards returned,

And even then it would pierce any thing which are  having numer “seven”.


3881. The seven seas, the seven upper worlds  ,  the seven mountains  , seven sages,

The seven horses that draw Sun God , the seven maids   thinking that  this arrow,

Would aim   everything that is seven   shivered with great scare.


3882.Though they were  all scared   , since they knew   that  Rama is a soul like friend  ,

Of Dharma  they all got rid of  their fear    and at that time Sugreeva   took

 The divine feet of Rama wearing heroic anklets and resembling  

The just opened  lotus flower  on his head   and started    telling the   following.


3883.”You are the earth, you are the sky  , You are the other   five great elements  ,

You are  the Lord Brahma on lotus flower  , you are Lord Vishnu holding the   wheel,

You are  Lord Shiva resembling the red fire , you had created   this world earlier,

And you have  come in search of me  who is like a dog to provide help to me.


3884. “Oh king of kings  , the good karma that I did  in my last birth  has  helped me.

By bringing you here and now on everything is easy for me   and nothing  is  difficult,

 I would be the slave to   your devotees   who are like mothers “ said  the faultless  Sugreeva.


3885.  All other monkeys who were suffering for  a long   time due to Vali said,

“We were searching for the God of death to Vali   and now we have got him “

And they all drank sweet toddy , forgot themselves and with joyful shoulders,

Danced    and sang   and   ran here    and there    with great joy.


5.Dundhubhi padalam

Chapter  on Dhundhubhi.


(Dhundhbhi  wanted to  fight Wa with Lord Vishnu  who sends him to Lord Shiva  , Who in turn sends him to Indra  , who sends him to Vali.  Vali kills him and throws the body from him heaven,.  When it makes the hermitage  of sage Mathanga dirty he curses Vali not to enter Rishy Muka mountain again. Lakshmand throws that skeleton to a ten Yojana distance  .

In Valmiki Ramayana Dhundhubhi wants to fight war, with oceans  , Himalayas , who sends him to fight with Vali  .It is Lakshmana    who demonstrates   his strength  by throwing the skull and not  Rama,)


3886. Rama   saw  then the  ocean like   skeleton   of Dhundhubhi  , whose   blood has dried  ,

And was like the universes and  the worlds which have got burnt in ancient   times,

And    which was almost touching the sky , on the Rishya Mooka   mountain, like another mountain.


3887.He wondered , “Is it the skeleton of the buffallo   of Yama   the  lord of the southern direction?

Or is it  the skeleton   of one   of those   strong stone  like  elephants  carrying the  earth?

Or is it the Makara   fish which  has dried?”and asked  “You whose love has not diminished , please tell.”


3888Sugreeva told  .”He who had grown tall  as if to touch the moon  , who has horns   growing up,

Who has the  form like the  Mandara  mountain  , whose name  is Dundhubhi,

And who was Rakshasa   with great anger , breaking the ocean , went in search of Lord Vishnu.”


3889. “At that place when Lord Vishnu came before  him and asked   him,

“What is the   reason for your coming?’  Dhundhubhi told him  “please fight  with me,

In the great war caused by anger”   and he told, “Only the consort  Of Ganga  ,

The Lord Shiva who has a black neck due to swallowing of poison,

Would be able to fight   with you   who have great   strength and anger ,.”


3890.That Asura reached    the Kailasa   of Lord  Shiva    with great speed ,

And  when he was trying   uproot the mountain by his horns  , Lord Shiva  ,

Came before him  and asked “What do you want?”  and he said  ,

“Try to give me   an  endless  , cruel     and  horrible  war.”


3891.”Is it possible    for me to fight   with you  , who has been involved ,

War from the very beginning? And so you please go and fight with devas”

Said lord Shiva and sent him away and when   he went and challenged  ,

The Devas for war  , Indra told him, “If   you want to fight   for  a long time,

You do not come here   but approach Vali  who is an expert  in warfare.”


3892-3893.”Sent by Devendra , that Dundhibi came with joy to Kishkinda and called,

“Oh king of monkeys  , come and fight    with me” and started   destroying,

That mountain in various ways, my elder brother  came  before him  ,

And when  they   were  fighting that war , both of them turned left to right ,

And right to left  and no body was    able to make   who was who among them,

And those   fearless ones  who scared   the entire world fell down  ,

Get up again  and became  unapproachable to devas   as well as asuras.”


3894.” When they changed their steps   fire    rose up  and touched   the sky  ,

The  great    sound of war cry that they made   was head  in all directions  for a long distance,

The smoke of that fire  also spread everywhere  and the   water  in the good sea,

As well   as  the mountain series  lost their   great prettiness.”


3895.”When such a great war   was going on , the  victorious   Vali ,

With the great strength of his shoulders  uprooted  the two horns.

Of that  asura which very stout   and were  spreading to end of directions,

And hit that Asura   with them  and  That Asura  stood there ,

Making very huge    sound which resembled  the thunder,.”

3896.”At that time  Vali punched that Asura  so that   the hit fell on his head,

And he fell down breaking  al his four legs   with blood flowing  like river,

From his open mouth   and that  punch was like thunder  falling on the mountain,

And both  the earth and heaven shivered and  all directions  trembled.”


3897.”At that time   Vali lifted that  Asura   and when he was rotating him like a  fan,

And walking here are there  , whenever   the blood oozed out   of Dhundhbhi  .

It went fell on those elephants   of directions   with closely held tusks  ,

And those big elephants    due to that    blood   became red in colour.”


3898”.That  Vali crossed  the  area of clouds  , crossed the place of Sun God,

Crossed     the lands     where   other   devas   were living   and  with his  ,

Strong hands    threw that Dundhubhi   to places   above that  place  ,

And then the soul of Dhundhubhi went to upper places   and his body fell here.”


3899.”This evil smelling dead body   went and hit the top  of the sky  ,

And when it fell on this place  , the very merciful sage  Mathanga  ,

Cursed him  which curse is now useful to me   and then  ,

He related    in detail    everything     that  happened there.”


3900. That pure one , after   hearing   the complete    story, looked at Lakshmana,

Who was  an expert   in warfare with sword  and said, “Son  , remove this”,

And that  Lakshmana  nudged that skeleton with   the fingers   of  his feet,

And that skeleton went up      to the land of Brahma    and returned back.


6.Kalan Kaan Padalam

Chapter  of seeing Sita’s ornaments.


(Sugreeva shows    the ornaments  thrown out by   Sita and Rama  recognizes them and becomes sad. Sugreeva consoles him by telling   that  they would fight with Vali    after   they find Sita. Rama gets consoled. Hanuman tells    that  unless  Vali is killed   and Sugreeva becomes the king they cannot collect necessary   army to search for Sita  , Rama agrees with   this and proceed to the place of  Vali.

    This portion is mentioned as happening earlier than    the throwing of skeleton of Dhundhbhi in Valmiki Ramayana.)


3901. At that time   the crowd of monkeys   shouted opening   their mouth,

Making even the thunder greatly scared   and at that time ,

When Rama was  staying in that  pretty   garden  , Sugreeva told  Rama,

“Oh Lord  , I have to inform you   about one thing.”


3902. “Some days ago  , when we had   assembled    at this place  ,

That cruel Ravana  brought   some one this way  , and may  be she was  your lady?

He was going far above in the sky   and  she  seeing this forest path  cried out of sorrow.”


3903.Possibly    she  wanted us  to convey    something  like an emissary,

But we did not understand   her who had long eyes which were,  

fighting with her    ear ornaments and in spite of that   she  made her ornaments ,

In to a packet   and with   eyes raining   tears  ,  she put that packet down and we  received  it.


3904. That Sugreeva    who had sweet friendship  which was  like  the mixture,

Of honey and milk   said, “Oh charitable one  , we have   kept that packet    safely  ,

And you would know the truth when we give it to you “ and then he handed over that packet.


3905. Rama carefully looked at   those  Ornaments  which were  worn earlier by Sita,

And we are not able to say that” his body  became like   the wax put inside   the fire  ,”

Neither    we can see  “that he drank them Considering those ornaments as the   nectar  to his soul 

And how can we adequately   describe the   state   which   Rama attained at that time ?


3906,”Those  necklaces   that   she wore around her breasts  ,

Appeared   to Rama as her breasts   and the belt  ,

Which she used to tie    on her hip   became her hips  ,

And similar was the case of ornaments   worn on different body parts.”


3907.Shall I tell that   those ornaments summoned back the wisdom which had gone out  of Rama,

Shall I tell that   it killed his soul  Shall I tell that  it was cool like the poured sandal paste?

Shall I tell that   increased   the sorry   of parting and burnt him? What  should I tell.


3908. Those ornaments   worn by Sita who spoke sweetly like  the Naganavai birds ,

When smelled    resembled    the   scent   of fresh flowers and ,

When they were placed  on the shoulders  , they were  like the upper cloth .,

Due to their luster falling  on Rama  they were  like   the sandal paste  ,

And since     they covered   his body by luster , they were like a pretty shawl.


3909. The flow of water   due to the tears   shed   from both the red eyes  of Rama  ,

Pulled everything and took them away  ., the hair stood erect all over the body,

His  shoulders   increased in size   and should I say that  they gave out sweat,

Should I say that  he faded   due to heat of parting “What shall I say of  that  pure Rama.


3910.When that Rama   who had big eyes  , due   the heat which spread ,

Like poison on his   entire body   , for a long time    was not able  to breath properly,

And  with breath and wisdom  going away from him  fell down   and 

Sugreeva held him by his hands making his  pin like hairs   hurting him.


3911.Sugreeva supported  Rama   and not able  to tolerate  ,

The great sorrow of Rama  , with a greatly  sorrowing mind looking at Rama  told,

“Oh Rama   with stout  shoulders  , “I who had   bad fate   , by giving   these ,

Ornaments    to you have taken away your soul  “ and then he sobbed  and cried.


3912. “Oh expert in Vedas , by searching  carefully for her   even in   universes,

Beyond Brahmanda  , I would show   you my strength   and rejoin with you  ,

Your consort     who has very great fame  and so do not lose heart and get tired.”


3913.”Why bother about   the twenty shoulders   and ten heads  of the cruel Ravana  ,

Who   has done bad  and created scare in the Sita who is like Goddess  Lakshmi ,

Who posses  divine chastity . Will the    seven worlds  together  ,

Be able to bear the   power  of   just one of your  arrows?”


3914.”You please  be here  , I would  go and search   by my strength  ,

All the fourteen worlds    for   the lady Sita  ,cut the heads of that  Rakshasa,

And bring    the lady Sita   here,. Please  see   the efficiency  of my work.”


3915.”Oh best among men ,  we are all your friends   , who  would  obey you ,

And do all your work  and  this Lakshmana   is very strong   and  has,

Great strength  using which he  can destroy and you are  such that ,

All the  three    worlds   dare   not disobey   your orders.”


3916. ‘Though    they are   deservingly great   , they would  not    talk  about their   greatness ,

And they would show  it by their work    and   what else   needs to be   done?

Is there  a Dharma which  is separate    from you  ?Is there anything  impossible for you?

Without thinking all this    would   you get  only immersed   in sorrow?”


3917,”Oh Lord   who talks only words  beyond any doubt , Lord Brahma ,

Lord Shiva  who has on one side  Parvathi who has a soft nature   and ,

Gave us Lord Subramanya   and Lord Vishnu   who has   the wheel  on his big hands ,

Together  may be equal to you  but individually   they cannot be equal to you.”


3918.”Oh lord who holds a pretty bow  , You need not fulfill  my small requirement now

And  you can do it later  and   we   would now go speedily    and   ,

Get   freed Sita with waist like lightning   who is being tortured by  Ravana , immediately.,”


3919.When the son of the Sun god who has hot rays     told like this,

Rama who had the chest on    which Goddess  Lakshmi   lives, became clear,

Got  back his  perception  and opening  his eyes  leaving out tears  like a stream,

Saw   Sugreeva    with great love   and told  him as follows.


3920.”Oh Sugreeva who has mountain like shoulders, That sita removed  her ornaments,

When  I  of very bad fate   still had this   very   strong   bow on my hands,

Among the chaste ladies   who wear   golden ornaments  , there are none who have  done like this.”

    (Married ladies   do not remove all ornaments when husband is alive.)


3921.”When that Sita   with knife like  long eyes is expecting  me  ,

To save her soon , I am spending  my time amidst  high mountains,

Which have valleys  , ponds   and    with the ornaments that  she has removed,

And spending   my time only by wailing   and crying  and

Carrying   the huge bow with its string  and I am indeed a shameless one.”


3922.”When  a person takes along with   him any  lady with a sweet talk  ,

If Some one else    comes and troubles her  , he should  stop it,

And in the  ferocious battle that ensues  , to prevent dangers   for her,

He should    even give away his soul   and when  that is the rule of the world,

I am not having  the power to remove the sorrow  of Sita, who depends only on me.”


3923.” The kings of my clan having several qualities   of greatness  ,

Dug huge oceans , brought ganges from heaven to earth,

Made the warring tigers  drink water along with the deer in the same ghat,

But I who have followed such great kings , am not having   the ability,

To remove the sorrow of a lady who has removed  her  ornaments.”


3924.”My father   removed    the sorrow of Indra   and destroyed  an Asura,

Called Sambara   to oppose whom  even God of death would find it  difficult,

But I  who am born out of him  , am only   carrying a bad name  ,

That gives very great sorrow    and   a bow.”


3925”.If the truth of my father    who has beauty that ever one desires , fails,

Knowing that I would get a bad name out of it  , I did not crown myself  ,

And  now I have got the bad name of  Ravana taking  away Sita  who has a  voice,

 Which  is sweeter  than sugarcane  and how can I get  out   of it?”


3926.  Seeing Rama  who was sorrowing  and was   worrying   telling such words  ,

Due   to the rare sadness  , Sugreeva,   the son of Sun God  who had rays  ,

Which are beyond thought  , Took Rama to the shore from such  an ocean of sorrow.


3927, “oh friend  Only because you consoled me , I have somehow reduced my sorrow,

If not would I still be alive?Is there   anything better   for me than death?

To get rid of this   bad  name   in  this world   I would  definitely die,

But  I would not do it unless I  solve  your problem .


3928,  When Rama told like   this , the very strong Hanuman  saluted Rama,

And said , “Oh Lord having shoulders like big mountain , I have  ,

Something to tell you, Please    hear that carefully.”


3929.”Oh Lord who rules  , Unless you kill Vali with  vary cruel habits,

Make Sugreeva   the  son of Sun God with hot rays  as  the king,

And manage    to collect   a  very huge army  , it would not be,

Possble  to find out   the place of residence  of Ravana,

Who has   an army   which is capable   of destruction.”


3930.”Oh lord who  wears   a flower garland   frequented by bees,

Since we   are human  beings   with flesh  , it would not be possible for us ,

To know  Whether Ravana  is in heaven ? whether   he is in earth?

Or Whether  he  is in between mountains or in the place of serpents ?”


3931.”These Rakshasas can reach all the worlds  by the time  we blink the eye,

And  in all places where  they reach , they would steal everything that they want,

They would come like bad fate and  like  that fate  troubling us and vanishing,

They would also go back. How can we find out where these Asuras reside?”


3932.”This world is  spread limitlessly and searching Rakshasas ,

In one  place after another   there are problems   as to do such a search.

Several years are needed and so at   one particular point of time  .

WE should spread all   over   and search for the place where  Sita is.


3933.” Our   monkey army of seventy vellums  , like the sea at deluge  ,

Is capable   of spreading throughout   the world  and if there is a need,

To drink  the entire water   of the sea   or if there is a need,

To separate  out the Brahmanda by putting hands below it ,

It would obey the order  and successfully    do it.”


3934. “And so  , Oh Lord   who observes  justice , you have   to first kill Vali ,

And then using the mokey army   search for Sita and that    is the proper method,”

Hanuman said,” this is what I think.” And the   expert in archery Rama ,

Said “Your idea is one which can be accepted, and so  let us go  ,

To the place of Vali  “ after this all people   went to Vali’s place.


7.Vali Vadhai  Padalam

Chapter of  killing of Vali


(Rama and others reach  Vali ‘s palace. Rama requests Sugreeva   to challenge Vali for battle and assures him that   he would shoot an arrow  at Vali from hiding.  When Sugreeva shouts   the battle cry,

Tara warns Vali that  , Rama has assured to help Sugreeva.  Vali who knew the fame of Rama  assures Tara, that Rama who is wedded to Dharma   would not do that  . Sugreeva fights with  Vali  but is about to be defeated. He runs back to Rama ,  who tells him that   he did not send the arrow   as   they were similar looking . He ties forest flower garland on Sugreeva   who goes again to fight    with Vali. When Vali lifts Sugreeva with both hands, Rama shoots    the  arrow and Vali falls down. With great difficulty.

He pulls   out the arrow and finds out     that it is shot my Rama. When Rama comes near him, Vali accuses Rama of doing unjust action.  Rama that Vali not only drove out Sugreeva but also possessed   his wife. Vali replies that  they are  not bound by the    rules of men. Rama then tells Vali that   he is not a beast but a very knowledgeable person.  Vali understands and gets resigned to his fate  , He entrusts  Sugreeva  and Angadha   to care  of Rama , Tara comes there and wails  .Angadha does the after-death  rituals of Vali  . Rama  grants  salvation to Vali.

     While Sugrreva and Rama comes to the palace of Valley  , in Valmiki Ramayana  they see the hermitage of seven sages and salute it. This is not mentioned in Kamba Ramayanam . The justification  for killing Vali  for Rama is slightly different in Valmiki Ramayana. Rama says Vali is living   in the kingdom of Bharata and he as representative of Bharata has    every right    to punish him and also since Vali is a beast   , he can be  killed from hiding. When Tara comes to see  the dead Vali , the monkeys of Kishkinda   try to stop her  and say they would continue the fight under Angadha in Valmiki Ramayana In that Ramayana   Tara wants to die along with Vali. Hanuman dissuades her , The cremation of Vali is dealt in great detail  with Brahminical custom in Valmiki  Ramayana unlike here where it is dealt very briefly.)


3935.Sugreeva and others   who were like  male  Yalis with cruel fearsome   eyes ,

The  strong tiger  , the   fast moving elephant   along with two young lions .

Went along   the path   with  densely growing  , stable Aachaa trees  , Moola  trees  , AAthi trees,

THamala trees  , cardamom    and the Surapunnai    trees , which had flowers like  Garlands .


3936.That path had  swings in which deer like   ladies   were  swinging  ,

And wherever there were no swings  , there were sandalwood trees  whose  leaves were waving,

There were  mountain  valleys   and if they are not there  were  the  front of the mountains,

Over which    clouds  were  moving and  in   that places  where there  were ,

Highly scented  CHampaka gardens with   leaves  waving  ,

And in those places   where there was no garden  there  were  golden hills.


3937.When Rama  and Lakshmana    who   were the cause    for starting of Dharma,

Along with   the monkey crowds   were climbing or getting down  ,

From mountain slopes  , due to sound of   their heroic anklets   which by nature  ,

Produce   huge sound  , the clouds which were   sleeping  on mountains  with closed eyes,

Woke up   well and started   travelling     up in the sky.


3938.  With clouds running  by the way   of long  mountains  , with water flowing   from those clouds ,

The serpents dancing with open hood , deers along with elephants   running  ,

the lions also went  along  with them. In those mountain slopes   nearby   ,

Where  Karapunnai trees grow   and in the streams, Valai fishes were running ,

And the water  snakes by nature  get scared  ran away ,

And along with them   black monkeys    and tigers    also   ran.


3939.  Due to the elephant in rut which had  not properly woken  up ,

Hitting with great rage ,   very hard black  Akil trees  and  the sandal trees ,

They broke and fell and when they rolled   and came   down   ,

Making  the honey  that flowed from the   damaged    hives 

Made  wet the   scary  mountain paths   and    greatly   slippery   and they walked ,

With great nervousness    through     those   paths.


3940.Those  mountains which were   climbed by   valorous ones who   were carrying the bow 

Was full of heaps   of lustrous gems  which spread light   like fire spreading light,

And the golden light spread  everywhere as if  it was pouring water   to put out that fire.


3941. In  all those playful ponds   which were  by the side of those mountains  ,

The Ganges   of heaven  would   flow, the bull would rush    in to   the thinai  ,

Fields where the awns   had been harvested  , the mountain streams   would flow, in to it ,

And from those flat lands of the mountain   the elephants would rush in  ,

The sparrow would jump on those Thinai awns   and monkeys  would jump on tree branches.


3942  That mountain     had   the  attractive perfume  of cardamom  which attracts   the  devas ,

And  due to flow of   water  , the mountain  slopes which are  slippery   due to the flow of honey 

Would pull down   the  stars  , otherwise  it would pull the rain bow    appearing on the sky,

Or it would pull the  white  crescent of the moon  or  it would   pull the planets on the sky.


3943.Rama and other valorous ones   who went up the  mountain through  ,

The mountain path   climbed ten yojanas distance     on that mountain,

And reached   the place   which was like   the golden place of Devas  which had come down,

Where Vali lived   and started   talking to each other, “ What they should all do?”


3944.Then that Rama looking at   Sugreeva told   “You challenge   Vali  for a battle  ,

And when that Vali with matchless   cruel poison   is fighting    with  you,

I would stand  in some other place   and  have made up my  mind  ,

To shoot the arrow at him  for only this   would suit this circumstance  “,

And Sugreeva   who wanted to destroy the enemy   and gain victory ,

Thought    about   it and told  “This plan would give good result.”


3945.   After hearing the words of Rama  , the son of,  Sun who without break travels in the sky  , 

Made the water filled   ocean with tides scared , made  the blue clouds   in the sky ashamed,

Made  the people on earth sweat   and run away , Made  the devas  of heaven confused,

Made a  loud war cry  which spread all over  the universe swallowed by Lord Vishnu 


3946.”If you come to war   with me  , I would kill you “ he said  in a commanding voice,

Stamping the earth producing great noise  , folding his  mouth in great anger ,

Patting   his shoulders   which were  shining  , and that   sound of war cry  ,

Was  heard in Kishkinda city   and  entered    the ears  of ,

Sleeping   Vali    whose   left eye twitched  .” they say


3947.That Vali who   was  lying down on a bed which was like the ocean of milk  ,

Like a cruel lion hearing   the trumpeting   of   a huge   elephant   in rut,

Heard   the roaring loud     war cry  of   that  Sugreeva.,


3948. That Vali who had  mountain like shoulders , thinking about  his younger brother,

Who had come to fight war with him   laughed  and  the sound of the laughter,

Crossed   all the fourteen worlds  and made  beings  beyond directions scared  and run away.


3949.He who had pride like   the  ocean with huge tides  rising up at final deluge  ,

He speedily got up   and due to that  speed , the Kishkinda mountain went   down,

And  by   the wind generated  by movement of his shoulders,  nearby huge mountains fell down.


3950.Due   to his anger the sparks   of fire appeared   in the root of every hair  and got scattered,

And his  eyes which rose up due to anger  sprayed out fire which would make  ,

The  eyes  of Badavagni  loose  its sight   if it sees it   and  his hot breath,

Generated    great smoke   which spread in heavens  where  the Devas live.


3951.When Vali   hit one of his palms with the other   in extreme anger  ,

All the eight elephants which support the earth lost their rut    and pride  ,

The collection of thunder   lost their power   and fell down  ,

The land of devas   became bad   and the displaced mountains  broke.


3952.The words, “I have already come, I have already come  “that were said by Vali ,

Was heard from Indra’s east   direction to all the eight    directions,

And due to gem studded   tip of   his crown   hitting the moon,

Many groups of stars   were scattered and fell down.


3953, Due to the wind generated     by his getting up  , mountains   were displaced,

And fell down after reaching   the boundary    of   directions  ,

The hot fire sparks that   appeared in the roots of his white hairs,

Went   and hid the fencing wall of the globe,

 The eyes of god  of death  glittered and devas   had a setback.


3954. The fire sparks that   came out , when he bit his teeth and,

Were   like  the cluster of thunders produced when  clouds dash against each other  ,

And got scattered   all  over   and when he patted    his shoulders   and yelled,

The gems on ornaments   fell down like sparks of lightning.


3955. Vali then started  making every body scared  and was like  the terrible fire at deluge,

Which destroys the heavens , the seas in the four directions  , devas  ,

And the principles  which are the root of everything  and was also like,

The Halahala poison   that   emerged    from the  ocean of milk.


3956.At that time  Tara   who had bamboo like   shoulders,

Which had the  properties of nectar  , whose hair   got burnt,

Due to the   fire that came  out of Vali’s mouth due to anger  ,

Stood   before him and tried to prevent him.


3957.Vali said, “Oh lady who is like    the mountain peacock, do not stop me,

Leave me now, just like  nectar was taken  by churning   the ocean  ,

I would    destroy the strength of Sugreeva  , drink his pretty life  ,

And return back quickly” and then Tara   told.


3958.”oh king,  That Sugreeva   whose strength was destroyed   by your famous strong shoulders ,

With great sorrow  , has not  gained any extra great   strength   and   his coming   to war with you,

And this shows    that    he has   got  a very great   support.”


3959.Vali replied  , “oh lady  . even if   all the limitless   huge worlds,

Which have been divided   in to three  parts  join together  ,

And comes before me as my enemy  , they all would be defeated,

And get destroyed. There are   several proofs for this, please hear.”


3960.”The big   mountain Mandhara   became   the churner , the serpent  Vasuki,

Became the rope of limitless  length  , Lord Vishnu with wheel   became a tortoise  ,

And  sat as  regulating stone   and the   rope was  pulled  ,

From both the sides   by devas like Indra   and   the  Asuras.”


3961.”Oh Tara   who has the look of peacock  and the sweet voice of koel,

When those   very weak asuras   and devas  pulled the Mandhara mountain,

They  became worn up and tired  and  I   churned the ocean like churning  of the curd ,

And gave    them the nectar   which came up .Can this  be forgotten.”


3962. “Those weak devas   and asuras   were all defeated , can any one tell  their number?

Even the God of death    when my name  is uttered   would start shivering ,

So who is that person who has come as help    to support   Sugreeva  ,

Who has  the power   to face me   in  war, please tell me?”


3963. “Those innocent people who do not  knowmy strength  may possibly come to fight with me  ,

But half   the boons that they have received    and half their strength  would become mine.

And so   how can they become my enemies   and fight with me?

Please   remove your sorrow now  “ Said he   consoling   Tara.


3964.Hearing that she told, “oh king  , some people   who have great love,

Towards us have told  a person called  Rama has   become a  friend like life to Sugreeva,

And has come   along with him, so that He can take away your soul.”


3965.”oh sinner  By telling  inappropriate   things about  Lord Rama  ,

Who shows  the path of Dharma   to all those    who are  sorrowing in the world,

Who are  summoning    the God  , not able to find  methods,

To destroy  the good and bad karmas  , you  have   done a great mistake  ,

And due to the ignorance   of you being a female    you told this.”


3966.” To Rama  who   thinks about the results of action here   and in heaven,

Would it   give fame    to do as you told just now? By doing   this,

What benefit   will he get ?Will  that  just Dharma  which stands  ,

AS some thing  not easily reachable   and which protects  ,

The beings on earth  , try to destroy   itself?”


3967.”When he who  got  the kingship  of the entire    world    from his father as his right,

AS soon as  he Was ordered  by his step mother , he   gave  it to her son with great joy,

And instead  of praising that   great  Rama , you have  told  such words finding fault  with him.”


3968. “ Even if   all the established   worlds   join together   and fight with him,

Victory would  be to his  powerful bow and so where  is  the need ,

For any other assistance to him? Would Rama who is equal to  only himself

 Seek for  friendship  with a  monkey which  does only silly things?”


3969.” That  sea of mercy Rama who thinks that   except for his brothers,

He does not have  a separate soul   in this world  ,

Is one who walks united with them and would he  interfere,

In the war between me and my brother   and  send an arrow at me?”


3970”.You  please stay here  for some time  , within the time of batting an eye ,
I would drink the soul of Sugreeva who has come with anger   to me,

And destroy all  those who have come with him  so that their aim cannot succeed,

And come back again,, You please do not  worry” and when he  consoled ,

Tara like this, she who had scented hair was  scared  to talk  against  his ideas.


3971. That Vali  with great speed  desiring to fight , with his  huge shoulders,

Which  were   taller    than the border   of the land of Devas  ,

Like the sun who appeared    on the top of the  mountain of sun rise   ,

Became visible   on the top  of that wealthy mountain.


3972.That Vali   who due to  the strength of his shoulders   was similar  to,

A huge and great mountain , similar to the great Lord Narasimha   coming out ,

Of the pillar pointed out by the cruel Rakshasa , Making all those   who seem,

Greatly scared   came   in between those  mountains.


3973. Than Vali saw   his younger brother   who raised   the war cry  ,

And he also  created huge shout  which made  the  huge thunders  ,

Fall  from the sky sweating with fear  and that  great  noise  ,

Similar   to the feet of  the black  Vishnu as Trivikrama   ,

Which measured all the world  , Covered   all the   worlds.


3974.At that time  Rama told his loving brother Lakshmana  , “oh brother,

Please see  carefully. Who among the devas , asuras , oceans  , clouds,

Winds, the cruel fire   which are   there  in varying  worlds  ,

Would be equal in strength    to the body of these Vali and Sugreeva.”


3975. The younger brother   of the Lord   while replying   told,

“This Sugreeva for stealing the soul of his elder   brother has brought,

The God of death here and has decided to engage   in war ,

Which is hated  by  very many monkeys and when I think about it,

I am pushed in to sorrow and am not able to properly think.”


3976.Unable to calm down his  mind Lakshmana    further  told,

“Oh great hero, it is not good to believe   in those persons  ,

Who go against Dharma   and without clarity   try to do  bad acts,

How can this Sugreeva   who has come here thinking that  his elder brother,

Is his enemy   with an intention of killing him , become a good  help to us?”


3977.Then Rama said  , “Oh brother  , please hear this , Should you talk  ,

About the  proper behavior of these beasts    who are slightly mad and ignorant  ,

Similar to the   behavior   of human   beings? If  all the brothers  who were born afterwards,

In the womb of any other mother   start behaving similarly  ,

 Would  it happen that  , all people praise Bharata  as very   great.”


3978. “Oh Lakshmana   who has pretty shoulders like   the mountain holding a bow,

People who always  follow correct behavior are  only very few  , for most of the people,

Do not care   to follow good behavior and this is the truth   and it is only proper,

To receive   good things from those who   gain our friendship   because ,

Who in this world   can be declared as  one  who does not have any fault.”


3979,When Rama and Lakshmana   who were  valorous and had expertise in war,

Were talking like this ,  Sugreeva the  son of Sun God who roams  round the sky  ,

And Vali who was the son of Indra , who were both  like   the cool , white and big,

Mountains that roam the world , similar   to the  huge strong  ,

Elephants of the different   directions    dashed against each other.


3980.They both fought  like a mountain   fighting against another.

They fought like male lions   who each had the   power to kill,

And also be  victorious , were  fighting   with each other.

They neared to fight  , for a lot of time  circled each other   from left  ,

As well as right   and because of that    the heavens started  rotating,

Like   potter ‘s wheel which was spun by the potter  with strong shoulders.


3981.Due to their shoulders    rubbing against    each other , the heaven,

Was not   able to bear  it and when they rubbed    their legs against each other,

Created   sparks of fire  which with light   , went on  the sky like  lightning.

And they fought each other  closely  like planets fighting  with each other  and became angry.


3982. That Vali    and Sugreeva  who were   great in the strength of their shoulders,

Who  were born to the same mother  , who had started to fight   for sake of a young lady,

Were like  the old Asuras Sundha and Upasundha  who   became enemies  ,

And fought with each other   due  to their Love to Thilothama  who had lustrous eyes.


3983.There were fighting like  two oceans  fighting    with each other  ,

Like the Meru mountain  splitting in to two , which fight   with each other  ,

Like the character  of anger taking up two male forms and fighting with each other ,

And we who have not seen the fight  cannot say any other  comparison to this fight.


3984. Due to the fire  that came  of the    angry eyes  of the monkey lords,

The clouds started  burning  , Mountains started  burning  ,

The elephants of the direction   became  scared and started  trembling,

The four   types   of lands lost their nature, The devas   who had crowded   the sky,

Vanished    from there and went and hid themselves  in safe places.


3985.They   fought   and  roamed   over several places   making people wonder,

“Are they on the sky? Are they on the peaks  of  tall mountains  ?

Are  They at the end of  different   directions? Are they inside our eyes?”

And  they bit   and punched each other   so that  they got wounded  and blood oozed out .


3986,The huge sound that both of them produced was five   times the sound of,

The seven oceans joining together    and lashing    at the   ten  different directions,

Their punching   on the very strong big shoulders  and  on their chest  ,

With  very great speed by their hands, resembled the thunders   at deluge.


3987.Due  to the strong Vali and Sugreeva  leaping on each other ,

And biting each other with the sharp teeth   in their mouth ,

The blood from that places   were  sprinkled  on all directions,

And the very  bright stars resembled planet mars   and ,

The clouds on the sky   resembled   the red sky   at dawn and dusk.


3988.Like    the fire sparks   coming  out of the red hot iron rods  ,

When beaten with big hammers  , the shoulders  of Indra’s  son,

 And that of   the son  of  Sun God   , due to being hit  by huge  hands broke .


3989.Both of them  pushed each other   by   their   chests,

They would kick  by their legs  , hit with their hands  with great speed,

They would bite by their mouths , they would stand  before each other and hit each other,

They would hit with trees  and chide  each other, they would  uproot mountains  ,

And throw on the other’s head, they would  shout and stare at each other like fire.


3990. They would hold   and lift  each other , they would hold each  other,

Tightly and throw them up   and then they would show   their chest to the enemy  ,

And  with clenched fist they will punch on the   chest that   is shown to them,

And  turning swiftly to the right  and the left   with a great speed  like a fan,

They would prevent others from coming    forward, they would step back  .

Stand together    and hugging each other   they would fall down.


3991.They would tie the  chest of the other person with    their tail,

They would pull them making their  bones break . they would pull with their leg ,

The  other  person’s   long  legs  , then they would untie themselves  from  that catch,

Like  throwing   the spear  to pierce  the body  , with their very strong nails  ,

They would  pierce the leather   jacket which the other  person wears.


3992.Due   to their uprooting  mountains  and  trees  on earth  and all other  things,

That they saw  all around   by their very strong hands   and  by throwing them ,

Those broken  mountains and other  things  hid the sky  ,

And they also fell  in the oceans where the tides   were   turning .


3993. In the war that happened   then  , each of them were  not able to  defeat  ,

The  other but  fought  the war and seeing the other  person   is suffering ,

With  the red fire of anger burning from each hair  root  , which was burning  .

Like   the burning of   the  grass in the    forest   they continued the  war,

Seeing the fierceness of the war     the devas   got scared  and got  upset,

And what  else can be told about  the fierceness   of the    war?


3994. When the Vali and Sugreeva    who were like that were fighting with each other,

Vali   who had strong   long , big and well formed shoulders  and 

Who had    the strength  needed to win over his enemy  ,

Using his nails that can  kill   and his hands  , like the lion destroying  the elephant,

Made Sugreeva  loose  all  his strength   and  made him fall .


3995.Like   this when Vali fought    with great   ferocity  , The son of Sun God  became  very sad ,

And approached  Lord Rama   with a sorrowful mind   and when he was   standing their  bowing to him,,

Rama  looked at   Sugreeva  and said, “Do not be sad as I was not able  to differentiate ,

Between you two and so you wear   this flower  of the creeper   and go” ,

And Like that   Sugreeva wore that flower  and  went  to fight     with Vali again.


3996.  Like the shining  stars   made in to garland  and worn  , Sugreeva   ,

With  the  flowers of creeper decorating his hand   went    again

Shouting  and making  the strong    tiger   and the thunder  of the clouds    sad ,

Speedily came   and   beat and hit   several times Vali,

Who had the strength   to kill    the enemy    greatly sacred.


3997.Vali with a doubt in mind as to how  Sugreeva    who was defeated  and ran away,

Has come again, looked at Sugreeva  which would have made the God of death   scared,

And laughed with great anger   , with his strong hands   as well as  legs ,

Beat  , kicked  and punched the son of Sun God In places of great danger  and made him faint.


3998. At  that   time the son of God with red rays   breathed with difficulty   and ,

Started vomiting his soul    and from his ears  and eyes   along with fire   blood came out,

And not able to do anything he  looked at the place   where Rama was there,

And the son of Indra   was beating him again and again and making   him suffer.


3999.Vali thinking  that he   would lift Sugreeva and dash him on earth ,

Put his hands below Sugreeva’s neck  and waist  and lifted him up  ,

And  then that Raghava took an arrow , kept  it on the  string of the bow,

And   after making the  bow suit his shoulders  , sent it,.


4000. That arrow  hit the chest of Vali   who had the   strength of four elements,

Water, the fire that made   the water, the strong   air that made    that fire ,

And  The earth which supports    all these three , and pierced  it like  ,

The  well matured Kadali Banana     fruit  which is  of excellent taste ,

Being pierced by a  needle and is there a need  to tell about its speed?

4001. Vali  whose   strength of shoulders were lost , who could  not show mercy on his  brother,

Who was attempting to kill him by dashing him on strong earth  and who was  great in warfare,

Getting  disturbed and fell down like Mount Meru which also falls  by strong wind at deluge.


4002. That Vali who was lying on earth  , like a mountain uprooted  by   thunder ,

And  Who had   great strength to destroy his enemies, loosened  his arm,

Which was holding his brother but was  holding strongly   the arrow on his   chest.


4003.That Vali got up hitting the top of the sky  saying  I will break this  ,

Got angry saying “even before a black gram turns, I would  go round,

All the directions   and destroy everything” and also  think “I would,

Uproot this entire    earth itself” and start wondering “who hit ,

This arrow    which has gone  deeply    in to my chest?”


4004.Also he   would dash his hand   on the earth , would saw all around,

With fire sparks flying from his eyes and try to remove   the   arrow ,

Which troubled  him by holding  it with his hands, leg and tail  ,

And when he was not able to remove it became very sad,

And started rolling on the   earth   with his mountain like body .


4005. He would start suspecting    whether    the arrow    was sent by Devas,

And then think “Would that devas   do   such an act?” And also say,

“Do they have the strength to fight with me ?” then he would laugh ,

With  disbelief, “Had it been done by some body else?  And conclude,

“This is an act   of a person   who is alone but equal to  all the trinity of gods made in to one.”


4006.”Is this    the  divine wheel sent by Lord   Vishnu? Is it   the long   trident  ,

Of the God with black  neck? Or is it  the  spear  of Lord Subrahmanya   ,

Which can pierce mountains?  Or is it the  Vajrayudha of Indra,

Which creates   scare  among enemies?” And concluding that ,

None of them had ability to pierce his chest, he was  mentally confused.


4007.He  would pull it by biting it with his   teeth,  He would  with great noise,

Deepen the wound and pull it from his chest   and when he was  doing that,

He saw that arrow   and understood that  it would be very difficult to send ,

It using a  bow and suspect whether  it was sent by great sages  using power of Manthras.


4008.Then Vali came to know   that   it is an arrow  and thought ,”what is the point ,

In my worrying, What is the use? I would try    to take   out this matchless  arrow,

Which has  gone deep in to my chest using   my two hands  , tail and legs   and ,

Understand the name   of that great person  “, and he made  efforts to take it out.


4009. That male lion like Vali   due to his rare    and great strength   and using his legs,

Took out that great arrow from his chest and seeing that   the devas  , asuras and others,

Felt  great  feeling in their shoulders for who in this world   does not appreciate   valour.


4010. The blood that oozed out of the chest of Vali crossed several forests and mountains,

 And making sound  like  the  ocean  with its    like the clear    and tall  tides,

It   crossed    several worlds  ? Is  it easy to say like this.


4011. Seeing the  big stream like blood flowed from  the mountain like   chest.

Of Vali who was wearing    scented   flower  garlands , Sugreeva ,

Who was  tied   due to the affection of sibling, from his fresh eyes  ,

Shed tears   of love   and getting tired  fell on the   floor.


4012.That Vali who had ability  to break Meru mountain   and   who was famous  ,

Held   with his thick and big hands   that  arrow which was removed from his  chest,

Thought that he will break it   but   telling  that is not simple so that  it breaks,

Looked    at the arrow deeply    to know   about the name written on that   arrow.


4013.He then  clearly saw   in that arrow   the name  “Rama”   which is the   root chant  ,

For all the   three   worlds, the world    that  would be given to the  devotees,

Who completely depend  on him,  Which is   the  great matchless   world,

Which is the drug that prevents the seven  types of births  in this birth.


4014.He thought  “This hero  who had  left the dharma  of the life of a family ,

For the sake of us monkeys   has given up the  Dharma   of archery ,

And due to his birth   the clan of Sun God   which used   to recite good Vedas,

Which used to never give up  from time immemorial   the life of Dharma  .

Has now given it up”  and then he laughed   and also became   ashamed.


4015.Vali felt ashamed, would bend slightly his head    wearing a crown ,

Would laugh like burst of crackers and then again think  of all that happened.

Then he would think “Is shooting an arrow like    this is also   a Dharma ?”

And then   like a big  cruel elephant in rut   which was caught   up in a deep pit ,

Where it can drown  and was lying  in the   slushy mud ,

He sorrowed greatly   , lost his strength   and became  tired.


4016.Before Vali who was  berating Rama    saying  “if the one who is the head,

Makes a mistake , what  now would happen   to people  of low ability?

And that too  he  lost  his just behavior before   my strength 

Rama  who never erred   from the path of Vedas and who wished   to,

Follow and protect   the rules   of just behavior  for  the truthful kings ,

As written by Manu. appeared  before   Vali.


4017.Vali saw Rama  who was looking like   the blue  monsoon cloud,

Which made    several lotus flowers   open  , holding a big powerful bow,

And who was   like Lord Vishnu    coming    from the land of devas ,

And Vali  with  his eyes shedding tears which was  like blood coming out from wounds,

Saw Rama with great  anger   , with fire sparks  coming out of his eyes, asked,

Oh Rama who  has filled my thoughts , What type of action did you do?”

And continued his  talk like   one who wanted to point  out faults of Rama.


4018.”Oh Rama  , who loved others like  a mother , who had the culture of friendliness ,

And who follows Dharma  , Oh son of Dasaratha   who protected   the truth,

And respectability   of his clan and who sacrificed his   soul for that  purpose,

You   were  born as  the elder brother  to Bharata and if you prevent   others from doing bad acts,

And if you yourself   continue    to do that, would they turn out  in to good acts?”


4019.”You were  born in a great   clan, The knowledge    that you learnt was indeed great,

Your valour  is indeed great, the  good characters    that came in search of you were  great,

Is not the  Lordship of all the three worlds yours too   and if    the world tells that,

Your great capacity  to protect the world     is this only,

And I feel that  you who knows everything   has forgotten everything   and ,

Do things    which go against all those  things which have been told by me ?”


4020.”Oh Rama , who has great beauty    which cannot  be drawn in to a picture,

The Dharma   of the king   is  practiced by all people   of your clan,

And when it is like that , after  parting   with swan like  lady born to Janaka,

Who was got   by you  like receiving of a nectar  , you appeared ,

To have been confused /startled    in that  acts   that  you  have attempted  to do?”


4021, “If a person belonging to the    clan of the Rakshasas   has done you harm ,

Does the Dharma  of Manu ask you to kill    the king belonging    to another clan?

Where have you lost the culture of mercy?, What deficiency did you find in me  ?,

Oh Lord if you are   going to carry this  bad name  , who are  the people who can carry fame?”


4022.”Oh lord of mercy  , has the bad Kali age   come  only to   the monkey clan ,

Which jump and wander in this   world surrounded by tumultuous  ocean?

Is it that   good nature   and   the greatness   that can be got out   of it  ,

Should only be with   people , who are  weak  and if strong people ,

Do hateful acts  , would only fame  come to them and not bad name?”


4023.”Oh Rama   who does not  need any help   for  winning  over the enemy,

Oh  victorious one  , You did a matchless act by giving the kingship  ,

Which was  the wealth   given to you   your father  , to your brother Bharata ,

And afterwards  You also did an act  which  is unusual  for you in the forest,

Is there any more better  act that is remaining   for you to do?”


4024.”The act  done by valorous one    who wear  sound producing    heroic anklets ,

And garland  of victory   is the  war which brings    out their masculinity”,

This is what  is  specially said  , Oh Lord of the knowledge  of books on dharma

Written from earliest times , if what   you did    to me is dharma  ,

Oh Lord who does not get angry   would   you consider  that,

The king of Lanka   Ravana   has done   an act  of injustice and get angry at him?”


4025 .”When two people are   fighting   with each other , both of them ,

Should be considered   as your  good relatives and when that  is like that,

Doing   act of grace to one of them   and shooting the other   with a sharp,

Cornered   arrow at   the other , Is this considered   as Dharma?

Or is it against Dharma? That act  can only be considered  as unfit.”


4026.”Your act   is not one that shows   your valour and it  is not ,

According to the truth   and is not law, to the land that belongs,

To you   my body is  definitely    not a burden, I am not your enemy,

When things are  like that  ,  Why did you  who has lost

Your character  of greatness do this act   without any  mercy?”


4027.”Looking at the acts   of a person   without any bias , standing  in the middle  ,

And doing acts   of justice  is the  one which   protects   Dharma, is it not?

Instead   of   protecting   ourselves  from doing     wrong acts  , if we act 

Taking care  of the interests   of only one person, Is it justice?”


4028. “For   the sake of destroying  your  enemy Ravana    who broke    your security  .

You joined with Sugreeva  and that is like  for the necessity   of   killing  ,

A cloud like elephant becoming   friends with a rabbit  ,

Instead   of  taking     the help of ferocious lion which can kill like me .”


4029. “Possibly thinking that   the moon which travels in the sky has  a black patch,

You who  were born in the clan of the Sun God , have created   a   dark patch,

Which would    be with  you     for  very many years   to come.”


4030.”A stranger to you  came   and   challenged  me for   a war of his own accord,

And  you hid yourself some where   and shot  an arrow at me  , who came  to fight with him,

And took away  my life  and after  that    you are   standing like a male  lion ,

Who has got more   strength   than all    those   who   are   standing here.”


4031”Oh valorous one who   attains victory , You  were not bothered   about,

The rules   mentioned  in the books on Dharma , the nature  of  ,

The  great ancestors    of your clan  and good behavior,

You have not destroyed Vali   but destroyed the fence  of the Dharma of the king.”


4032. “When some one steals your   wife , making the valour   of your  heavy bow

Held in your hand to  deteriorate  and  making valour defective  ,

Does  your becoming great   by   fighting with the bow  consist,

Of sending an arrow   at  the  chest   of another   one  while you are  hiding yourself?”


4033.Like this shouting   by which he broke   his teeth  , with fire sparks  ,

Coming out of his eyes   , That  angry Vali   told  the above   words.

Rama  who was standing before  him heard them and  started talking.


4034-4035..”once upon a time   when  you entered   the cave

 When you   did not come out for a long time, Your brother ,

Wanted to help you by entering  the cave , but  as per the advice  ,

Of the    elders   of your clan  , Oh Vali who is having a moving  gold necklace ,

Told him, “Please  hear what we have to say   carefully,

You yourself   become our king”  and as  soon as they told like this,

Sugreeva told   them “I  would kill that  Mayavi who has  killed ,

My brother   and also his relatives   and later  I  would die myself  ,

But I would not stay alive    and rule  this country,.

The   advice   that you  gave  me   is faulty.”


4036.”Hearing that the  very able chefs  of his army  , and  the elders,

Who knew  everything   due  to experience   and other elders told,

“Whatever might have happened   earlier, you take   this kingship.”

And because of that this faultless  Sugreeva  happened to wear  the crown.”


4037-4038. “When you came   back  after  killing Mayavi  , he became   happy  and saluted you,

And told, “oh father  , this kingship was   compulsorily  given to me  ,  by monkeys  of our clan,

But this is your  kingdom and your rule   and not wanting   to rule any further,

Told  him  everything that  happened  , but   you became  very angry,

With that  Sugreeva   though you realized    that he   was not   guilty,

You tried to kill    your younger brother  and did not show any mercy on him,

And when he told  , “please   do not do any harm to me  ,

I am surrendering to you  , please    do not find   fault with me  ,”

You did not accept    all that he   told but got angry with him.”


4039.  “Though    he  is also   full of   strength  , thinking ,

That   fighting    with   you  is not proper , he said,

“I am defeated”  , saluted you with folded   hands 

And you   thought “you would give him as   food to God of death” ,

And so he got scared  and crossed the  boundaries  of four directions.”


4040. “When he   got scared   and ran away  , you  did not show any  mercy on him,

And you did not   even consider    that  he is your    younger   brother ,

And because  he reached   the boundaries   of the golden mountain  ,

Where you cannot     enter   due to curse, you did  not go there.”


4041”Making some thing as act of love  or getting recognition ,

Of being born in a great clan   or  becoming     great by,

Following  of rules of life learned by us   , all consist  of,

Honouring and protecting   the chastity  of wife of another  man.”


4042. “To those clear minded  intelligent   people  , 

Thinking   that   they are   all powerful and strong ,

And getting  very angry     at people    who are weak ,

Is against   the  tenets of valour and behaving ,

Against the   tenets of chastity,    with secure  ladies  is against Dharma,.”


4043.”You have not  thought  about what is Dharma  , its suitability   and,

Its results in this and other world, for had you thought   about that,

Would you have taken the wife   of your   rare younger   brother,

As your own  thus destroying    your greatness.”


4044.” Because of that and because  Sugreeva is my dear friend,

I killed you  and even if some one  is not known to us,

If he is  a poor man who is    being troubled  ,

I am of the opinion   that I should try to remove his sorrow.”


4045. When that pretty valorous Rama   Told Vali  ,

“This is how you have erred”, That Vali who has done something undesirable,

Said, “All these rules   are not appropriate   to us   for,

To do according to how we   feel is what is prescribed to us.,”


4046.”Oh Lord  ,  The Lord Brahma   who sits on the lotus  flower with honey,

Has not  prescribed  the rules of making love  like  that of human beings to us,

Wherein  the chaste   faultless ladies  make love after   marriage  ,

But   he has created us in such a way  , that we love  when we feel like it .”


4047.”Oh Lord   who holds the wheel which has   fat of enemies  and   the applied Ghee,

We only  follow the path of our mind and do not follow    the Vedic procedure of marriage,

And also   the good culture that  is told by Vedas.”


4048”.Oh Lord   who has   the matchless  victory of winning over  me,

AS per the culture   of our birth  , I have not committed any fault,

Please understand that” and Rama    started   to give a suitable reply.


4049.”You were    born  like  all devas   who  want   to do good to all,

And  since you are conversant with  the faultless   and stable  path of Dharma

 It is clear to me   that You  are   not  an  ordinary animal ,

And so it is not proper   for you , who have  worn the  garland of victory  ,

To call yourself    as a mere   animal.”


4050.”The  rules of Dharma  are not about the  body with five    senses,

But about  knowledge  which is learnt by analyzing  , its good   and bad,

By those   five senses and you who have great knowledge   about  ,

The rules of Dharma  ,  after    doing a mistake are trying to defend it as  correct.”


4051.”Should the elephant   which when dragged   by a crocodile  on one side  ,

Called the Lord Vishnu   with a conch   and got matchless   greatness  ,

By its wisdom   and attained  salvation, be also called   a beast?”


4052. “Due to his  mind   turning  towards  proper Dharma   Jatayu  who is our father ,

For the sake  of  wiping away sorrw of Sita wearing   golden bangles  and who was like  Lakshmi  ,

Engaged himself in a great war   and attained salvation  ,Is he not the  king of hawks?”


4053. “ Is not the nature  of the beast  the absence   of good  knowledge  ,

Which helps to differentiate     the good from the bad and living  like as one pleases?

 The words    that you spoke   just now clearly    bring out that  ,

That   there is no rule of Dharma   that   you have  not   understood.”


4054.”If people  are those who do not think according    to books  on justice 

And judge that , “This is acceptable    and “this is not acceptable  “,

They who are men by birth and    form are  indeed  beasts  only,

And if a beast follows the rules of Manu Dharma  , it is equal to devas.”


4055. “ Due to the  great  devotion   That you had to  Lord Shiva

Who is armed with an axe   and  killed  the God of death by destroying his power

You got from him the power of the   four elements    of Lord Vishnu.”


4056. “Though by their nature   they commit   only crimes  ,

Though  by birth they    belong to the depressed classes,

There are people  among them who have   become  those who follow Dharma.

And among the faultless   sages   who  do penance   and devas ,

Who are great in several respects  , there are people   who do crime.”


4057. “When truth is like that  , the greatness   and bad fame  ,

For people born in  any clan,  comes to them by  their acts  ,

And though you know about it  , you spoiled   the greatness,

Of a lady who was wife of some body else “  said ,

Rama who never   made  mistakes in the rules laid by Manu.”


4058. Vali who heard the words of Rama  carefully and understood  them,

Who was the chief of monkey clan   looked   at Rama and   told ,

“Oh lord who  has  great and good characters, Let whatever  ,

You have said till now   be the truth   but tell me   why ,

You did not stand before me    and send an arrow   at me  ,

And instead  like cruel hunters   hiding and attacking beasts,

Send an arrow at me using your bow? Please tell me the reason.”

And   then Lakshmana    started   replying to that   question.


4059. “When your brother   Sugreeva   came and  surrendered to him,

My brother took an oath that he  would  send  you who has erred  ,

To the lord of the southern direction and he sent   an arrow hiding himself  ,

To  avoid the possibility that   you would also  surrender  to him .” said Lakshmana.


4060That Vali who was the chief    of the clan of monkeys  , keeping in his mind,

The conversations that have taken place  , became calmed   down  and believing that  ,

Rama who is great all   over the world   would not do anything  against Dharma,

And changed his mind  , and saluted    the lord   of the Vedas,

About whom he has   heard   and started   telling   as follows.


4061. That Vali who had left demeaning thoughts    from his mind  , looking at Rama  ,

Told,  “Oh Lord  , who shows his grace like mother to all beings  ,and who stood,

Making other  people say   that    you are   follower of Dharma and are tolerant  ,

  Is it possible for me who is like a dog to  faultlessly understand   what you told  ,

About the correct path as mentioned   in the books   dealing   with Dharma?

Please   pardon    the bad deeds   done by me out of ignorance  ?”


4062.He again begged him  “Oh my father , I am a monkey , who   cannot think,

And differentiate between the good and bad and  understanding this  ,

Do not  bother about the hot hurting   words  by me who is similar to a dog,

Oh Lord who is the medicine    even for the cruel     disease  of birth,

Who can give any boon that    is requested” and he further  told.


4063.”You   hit me   by a sharp arrow   and at the time of   parting  of the soul ,

Of  the dog like me  , graced me by giving me true  knowledge  ,

You are   the divine trinity  , you are  the primeval God beyond those trinity,

You are   everything  in this world , you are everything  ,

You are sin, You are Dharma  , You are enemy and you are  friend.”


4064. “Except   your arrow   which pierced   through the matchless boons,

Given by Lord Shiva     who burnt   the three cities   and which made holes,

All over   my faultless   and strong chest and  has taken my soul , Does Dharma   exist separately?”


4065.”Oh Lord   who is the matchless  first  , you who are all beings , all things,

All the   six seasons   and their uses , The flowers and the   scent from them,

And  Oh lord  who  is mixed   in everything and cannot be separated ,

My good knowledge has told me about who you are   and   what is your nature,

Would it be impossible for me to get   the very difficult   to get salvation?”


4066.”I have seen you who is the personification of Dharma   that is forever,

Is there   anything left   for me to see ? That big fate   which is   coming,

From the very beginning   is only    up to today    for me and the ,

Punishment that   you gave for my   cruel deeds  would lead me to salvation.”


4067. Oh victorious king   who has greatness greater    than the sky  ,

My brother   who brought   you here for the sake of  killing me ,

Due to the consultations that he had with the  clan of  not great monkeys,

Has    attained   the useless  kingship     and  has left   the kingdom,

Of salvation to me, Can he ever do a better  help to me?”


4068. Oh Lord who has a beauty like   a picture, Me who is like a dog,

Has to get something   from you ,.  My brother might lose  him   wisdom  ,

And In the state   of being drunk the honey from all the flowers  ,

Might do  many things    which should not  be  done ,

But please do not send   this god of death like    arrow on him   out of anger.”


4069.” There   is one more thing that I need to beg     and  need to get from you,

If some one finds fault with my brother   as one who lead to the death of his brother ,

You  please stop them from doing it. Oh Lord with    great   characteristics,

You had given word to him that   you  would fulfill   all his  requirements   earlier,

And it is not proper for you not to get done all that  you have promised   him.”


4070.”Oh victorious lord , I am not sufficiently  lucky to do another   good thing to you,

I was not lucky enough   of doing the monkey ‘s job of mine  in bringing Ravana tied  in my tail,

What is the use of  telling  about the  past   events ? and  if I want to do something,

This Hanuman  is the one    who can get   it done for you.” Vali assured.


 4071. “Oh Lord with the  divine wheel, Oh Lord who has shoulders higher than the sky.

Think that Hanuman is equivalent   to the great bow that  you hold on your red hand,

Please think my   brother  Sugreeva  as one among your brothers,

There  is definitely   no helpers  to    you , who are like them and so ,

Take   their    help     and search   for the lady who is your wife.”


 4072.Vali after   telling all this to Rama  , looked at  Sugreeva  ,

Who was standing behind Rama,  and  extended   his long arms ,

And hugged his brother   and  said, “Oh son  who has  shoulders,

Higher than the  mountains, there is something   that I need ,

To tell you which is good..Please accept that  ,

And do not start sorrowing     about my death”   and he told further.


4073.”Oh great thinker,  Please understand   that  , The ultimate truth,

Which is selected by   the Vedas , all saints  , Brahma sitting on the lotus flower,

And all great leaders  of other Sastras  , holding the punishing bow ,

Has come as the  Rama with sounding anklets for   establishing  ,

Dharma in this world , Without any doubt   understand this truth.”


4074.”Oh Sugreeva  who has  golden Meru mountain like   Shoulders  ,

All the souls    who want  to get  salvation , which is the wealth that is never destroyed,

And who follow  the penance of good conduct  are  repeating the name  of this Rama.

They always  meditate  on this Rama ,Please   understand this.

If we generally look  for   his greatness , only the fact of my killing ,

By his  strength is sufficient. There is no need for any other proof.”


4075.“Oh brother  All those who daily do  several cheatings  and  innumerable sins daily ,

For which there is no redemption any where  , if they happen to be killed   ,

By this charitable Rama  by his arrows ,  would attain great salvation  ,

And  what can be told   about all those   who   salute his divine feet  and obey his orders.” 


4076.”When fate   itself has come  to help you , what is there difficult to achieve?,

You have already attained all the pleasures of this world and heaven and  if we examine,

What remains to be done by you now  , is for   you to follow the orders by your head,

Of the Lord Vishnu  with Goddess  Lakshmi on his chest   with a single mind,

Please live    with greatness    in all the three  worlds .”


4077.”Changing   the   habit  of getting proud  of  the monkeys   as well as their delusions,

Without forgetting the help rendered by  the charitable Rama to you , help  him,

When he is in difficulty  , if need be  by even sacrificing   your soul.

.Without any default please   do  all the orders  of Rama   who gives  to  everybody,

The higher state  of salvation   and  get rid of disease  of birth which is  difficult to remove.”


4078.”You leave    without leaving the divine lotus like  feet of Rama    when you   get elated,

By the kingship  , without getting reduced of your wisdom  ,  Always remember   that  ,

The kings are  similar to the  the burning fire   and do all that  Lord Rama thinks,

And do not  be under the impression that  mistakes in slave like service would be ignored.”


4079. After telling all such  good advices     to his brother   who was greatly sorrowing ,

Vali looked at the very pretty Rama who was standing before  him   and  told,

“Oh son of the king of kings Dasaratha, he along with all his relatives  ,

Are now things under your  custodial protection” and then he made Sugreeva,

Move near Rama and saluted Rama raising   both his  hands above his head.


4080. After saluting him  , looking at  the face of Sugreeva  which was  faded due to sorrow,

He said, Arrange to bring your  dear  son Angadha   speedily near me.” And when Sugreeva ,

Called Angadha   the son of Vali who churned  the ocean by his hand  came there as a scared lad.


4081.That Angadha   who had never even thought by his  mind, those who had sorrowing mind,

Came  and reached  there  like  a matchless   full moon and there   he saw   his  dear father ,

Who was lying on the flower bed of the mountain, in the middle  of blood  flowing like ocean.


4082. That Lad Angadha   with moving lustrous ear   globes  , with flower ,

Decorated tall shoulders  saw  his father floating   in the blood  ,

 With his own eyes   showering sparks of anger   and copious    tears 

And  fell like a star on Vali   who was  like the  Moon in the   sky, which  has fallen down on earth.


4083.”Oh father  , You  have not done  any bad thing   to any one on this earth,

Which is surrounded by  the ocean covered    with waves   of tides,

By your mind or action and so how come you attained    this great sorrow ,

And apart from that  , the god of death instead of getting   scared  ,

On seeing your face  has come to take   away   your soul?

And now who are there  who can destroy  without fear , the power  of God of death?”


4084.”  The   cruel Ravana   who had the stability  as if   his feet were  nailed   to the earth

 Lead to the defeat  of the elephants   that carry the earth and have  pestle like  legs ,

Used to become scared  with his heart beating like drums ,

Whenever   he used   to think  the strength of your feet   and tail,

And that fear    has now   gone away  due to your passing away.”


4085,”  Have not the   eight  hereditary mountains   and the peaks  of the   sky touching,

Chakravala giri  , now lost the scar  that  were created   whenever   your pretty feet steps on them?

Now if  some one is asked to  churn   the ocean of  milk  with  the Mandhara mountain as churner

And serpent    as the rope  , who would provide  that help and get  out  the nectar ?”


4086. “Oh Lord Vali  with red hands   and the kingship   who does not  know  to  salute,

Anybody else  except Lord Shiva   who keeps   on one side   Goddess  with tender feet,

Because   of you all the devas   and not dying and  nor reducing  in number,

And you who have given nectar  to  them  have  now passed   away  ,

Are   there  any one left  now in this world   who is more charitable  ?”


4087.Angadha    went on telling several such things  , cried with sorrow  ,

And looking   at his father his mind  melted like wax which fell on fire  ,

And Vali who was having   red eyes   due  to sorrow   told him,

“From now on do not be sad”  and  then hugged  him on his chest  ,

And further told, “  This  act  done by Rama    who is   the lord,

Of all beings   is due   to the very good   fate  of mine.”


4088.”If we analyze   without any mistakes  , the birth and death   of all beings,

Living   in all the three   worlds has already  been fixed   at   the very beginning  ,

And due   to  the great penance     that  I have done earlier  , this very good,

Has now  come to me and The heroic Rama   who is the  undying witness ,

To all births and deaths   of all beings  came  and granted  me  salvation.”


4089.”Please stop  crying like   a  child  , if you   firmly believe   in what  I say,

Please  salute  this God who is  the ultimate   truth  who does not have

Any  other being  greater  than him has taken a human form and  is,

Standing   with his  feet on earth   holding   his  bow , who appears   to our eyes   as Rama,

Who    is   the great medicine who completely cures   the  disease  of taking birth.”


4090.”Oh lad  who wears  lustrous   golden ornaments  , never   considering ,

That this Rama  has destroyed  my life, do everything   that   would  give  ,

Stability  to your life,.If a situation arises when you have to fight  with enemies of  Rama,

Without any bias   support  Dharma   and do all that   is  told  by Rama,

Who does  only good  to all beings  and live   with him.”


4091-4092.After telling  several other advices  which   would  do good to Angadha,

That king of the monkey community   who has   shoulders  higher   than mountain,

Hugged  tightly  his son using his two big  hands   and looking at   King Rama,

Who was wearing  gold ornaments studded with diamond    and other gems ,

Told, “Oh lord with pure knowledge who cannot be realized   by people with untrue mind,

This Angadha is one   having   fire like shoulders    which would set   fire  ,

To the bags of cotton like   black asuras  who have    an army   holding long spear  ,

On which ghee has been applied and he has purity  and honesty  in his work ,

And from now on he has   been mortgaged    to you”  and  showed Angadha   to Rama.


 4093. As soon as Angadha fell on his feet  , That Rama   who has eyes like big lotus,

As a sign of taking him   under  his safe keeping  , showed him   his  golden sword  ,

And told  him , “accept it”,  and as   soon as Rama    told like   this  ,

All the beings   who were living in the seven worlds   praised   Rama ,

And at that time Vali , leaving this mortal body   ,

Reached     the world beyond the heavens   and attained  salvation.


4094.  Vali was still holding the arrow of Rama and as soon as his hold  became loose,

That cruel arrow  , without staying  in the strong chest of Vali, pierced  it, came out , rose up,

Went and washed itself in the pure ocean   and after being worshipped   by Devas with flowers,

Reached the quiver   of Rama, which never  leaves    his   back side.


4095.That Rama   who  is the Lord Vishnu   who slept on  the leaf of  the banyan tree at deluge,

As soon as Vali died   gave him the limitless   happiness   by granting him sweet salvation,

And holding the hand of Sugreeva , the son of Sun God   and Angadha    went away  from there,

And Tara who had eyes like spears  , hearing about   the death of Vali  ,

Came    to the battle  ground and   cried falling   on the body of Vali.


4096.Like the mountain which is  like the  bud like breasts  being anointed by Kumkum,

The blood from the chest of Vali  spread all over    the breasts   of Tara,

Her luxurious   hair was turned red , and Tara  ,  fell like   streak of lightning  ,

On the chest of Vali who was like the hot sky   at the time of setting of the Sun ,

Who was wearing   a flower garland  and who had shining shoulders   and rolled.


4097. The sound of flute  , sound of Vilari  musical instrument   and the  sound of Veena ,

Felt shy as they were not a match to the sweet voice of Tara    and she    became   sad,

Wailed , sobbed  , melted  , Saluted with both hands   above her   head  and,

Removing the hair that   was falling on her face   and again  and again  wailed  and told.


4098.’Oh rare   soul who has got great fame  , Oh my king  , I who am practiced,

To  depend on your mountain like shoulders  and live  with happiness  ,

Am in the shore less   ocean  of sorrow   and  I am not able to see its boundary 

 And I am also greatly scared   to see the scene  of  your   lying  dead.”


4099.”Oh Lord who does have wavering attitude , would you not take me also,

Who is still not dead   due to the sorrow   of your death  ? Oh God  ,

Who is the form   of  my fate which still   is angry   with me  ,

If the soul goes away from the body , is there some method to keep  only the body alive?”


4100.”The Lord Yama  who has taken away your soul  , due to your feeding him  ,

With well scented nectar  , has  got the ability to retain his soul  in his body forever ,

Do you not know  this? Or if it is not like   that  , is  he   who is not grateful ,

To you,  who have given him nectar , a person of low integrity?”


4101.”How are   you able to   stay here    without   going to each direction  ,

And  offer with devotion   new flowers   at dawn, noon and dusk  ,

And worship that  Lord Shiva with Goddess  Parvathi  ?”


4102.”Oh Lord who is lying on earth  , who is lying there  with your mountain like,

Shoulders  completely coated    with dust  , Is this what  , you ultimately attained?

Seeing me who does not have ability to  sorrow  ,  wailing   before you  ,

How is it that you are  not doing anything?  What fault   have  I done?”


4103.”Oh  great one who  never    utters a lie  , Leaving me standing here,

Sorrowing and crying , you have attained  the land of devas   who do not  live in truth,

Oh Lord  , When you told  “you are  my only soul”  , was it a lie?”


4104.”Oh Lord who has   strong shoulders   suitable    to fight   in war,

If truly I  am within your mind , then the  cruel arrow of the enemy ,

Would have killed  me also? But   suppose  you   are living  ,

In my mind who is lonely   , you would not have died  but be alive,

And so both of us were not there  in each others mind.”


4105.”All those   devas who live in heaven  , if they had not forgotten,

The very great help done by you to them   would have praised   you,

“Oh father  You gave us nectar  without   eating   it,

 And we  became without death by eating it  “ and did they shower  ,

Fresh flowers  on you  and come   to receive    you with great love?”


4106. “Oh Lord , who would give even nectar    if some one requests ,

If that person whose name is Rama   who sent   the   arrow ,

That  would definitely kill  ,   hiding himself   , has requested  you  ,

Would you not   have given the kingship and wealth to Sugreeva?”


4107.”Even before    you went to fight   with Sugreeva  , I told you that,

Rama has come   to help him , but you did not accept   those words  ,

And told  “That unbiased Rama   would not do things like that”,

And came to fight with your brother   and you   who  should  have,

Seen the deluge  is now dead. When would I be able  to see you?”


4108.”If you go near   and attack , even the great  Meru mountain   would have,

Become powdered and how is it that   one arrow    broke open your chest?

I would not believe that  this is the truth , possibly this is the magic of devas,

And possibly the one who   has died and lying here   , is some other  Vali.”


4109. Tara told* , “oh son , due   to his brother   bowed before your father ,

As per his greatness  and later  his becoming    the enemy of your father  ,

Your father is no more , our happy life is shattered , Did  you not see it?”

* Angadha  was absent from there    at that time.


4110.”Due to his rare strength  , that Rama who  holds a bow   that  removes sorrow,

Has done  an act which is not proper   to any hero  ,  after   deep thought ,

To all  those great people    who live following   Dharma  , whatever they  do,

Would seem correct , Is it   some thing    which is not the truth ?”


4011-4012.Thus wailing Tara  , again and again repeated   similar   type of words  ,

Getting unified with great sorrow  , without  having any   sensory feelings ,

And was standing helplessly  . Seeing her   state  ,  Hanuman,

Who was just and  had ability   to do   anything and who was like a mountain,

Send that Tara   accompanied my monkey ladies   to her private apartment,

And got done all the necessary  after-death rituals  by Angadha ,

And  later  he completed   telling Rama    all that has happened.


4013.  At that   time    the sun  who shines   removing all darkness ,

Set on the  mountain in the west and that    face of Lord Sun,

Looked like   the face of Vali   who was the king  of monkeys.


4014.The Sun set in the evening   and that soft natured  Rama,

Thinking  about the state   of Sita   sat in one place  ,

Became   thin   and sorrowed mentally   and 

With great difficulty   passed   through that  ocean of night.


8.Arasiyal padalam

The chapter   on governance


(Rama requests  Sugreeva to assume kingship. He is crowned by Lakshmana , Sugreeva  requests  Rama to live with .Rama declines  but teaches Sugreeva   , the lessons of being a good king. Sugreeva   goes to the city. Later Angadha is sent to city .Hanuman wants  to live with Rama   but Rama tells him that  his help may be needed  by Sugreeva  and he is also sent back. Rama and Lakshmana    climb the mountain and stay there   waiting for the rainy season    to get over.

    In Valmiki Ramayana, the crowning  of Sugreeva  is held by his friends. At the same  Angadha is also crowned as Yuva Raja  . The  teaching  of Rama  to Sugreeva about    how   to rule is not there  in Valmiki Ramayana  , IN fact in that Ramanayana  , Vali on his death bed does that.)


4115, “Thinking that   his son   is going   to wear   the golden crown,

The Sun God   as a prelude   to becoming happy  , for helping,

Goddess  Lakshmi to come out   opened   the doors of lotus flower,

Using his hands    which are    his   red hot rays.


4116.At that time Rama who was     the  lord of mercy   looked at ,

His  very wise  younger brother  and requested, “Oh brother  , go and crown,

The son of Sun god as per  proper rituals    by your hands  .”


4117. That   great one   immediately   looked  at Hanuman  who is capable,

Of Fighting as per rules   of Dharma   said, “Oh heroic one , go and

Arrange to bring    immediately all that is needed   for the crowning ceremony.”


4118. AS soon as   the sacred waters   and auspicious things   to anoint ,

Sugreeva   as well as the golden crown  praised    by all people   were brought,

The brother of Rama  did all the rituals    that  are needed  to crown Sugreeva,


4119. With the   Vedic Pundits showering their blessings, with  devas  ,

Who are in heaven shower the   honey filled freshly   opened flowers,

That brother of Rama who was the chief   of those good qualities,

AS per the   rituals  prescribed by learned people  crowned  Sugreeva,


4120. When Sugreeva  wearing the great golden crown saluted  Rama,

On his great divine feet  and at that time that Lord who stood 

At the end of fulfilled   words  , hugged him on his chest and  told.


4121.”Oh valorous one  , you go from here and reach  the place that   you live ,

After thinking   do all the acts that   are needed to be done properly  ,

And then do   after clear thinking   all that  needs to be done  ,

As mentioned   in the books of law    and along   with  Angadha.

The son of Vali ,    who died in the battle establish yourself  in wealth and live happily.”


4122.”Then along with truthful and  wise ministers   and councilors  and with,

Faultless   heroes   with good character  who do   work as per their strength  ,

Establishing   a pure   contact with them   do   faultless   acts   and

Without going near    or very far   from other people  ,

Rule     so that   other people would    consider   you like  God.’


4123.”If there   is a smoke   somewhere  this world   has sufficient wisdom 

To know that   there  is a burning fire somewhere and in spite of that  ,

The  deceptive acts   as  recommended  by the people who wrote great books  ,

Is also needed and you should   behave   with great culture  ,

Even to those   who are your   enemies  after judging their character ,

And get needed benefits   and also   with a smiling face   tell only sweet things.”


4124. “You also should   engaged  in protection of your wealth  , thinking  ,

About its greatness   and taking in to consideration  that  it is even desired by devas  ,

And  is in your custody and also know  that in front of the world ,

Whatever  may the nature   of sages and others, they would  be,

Of three types viz enemies, friends and those   who are  not bothered.”


4125.”Do all that needs to be done to everyone  , not doing  those acts   that leads be bad results,

Even when the bad thing   told about us reaches us  , remove  the bad words   and tell only good words,

Telling only words of truth  , not desiring objects     that belong to others ,

Making those who depend on progress well  and  we ourselves   becoming,

Greater than them  , are   those  which you should do  with great happiness.”


4126.”Oh Sugreeva who has broad shoulders , do not berate  others and trouble them,

 Thinking  that   they are inferior to us   . Because I did not follow   this  and found fault with it,

And due to that   I  did bad to  her  who has a hunched frame and who is called Mandhara ,

She developed   enmity with me   and made  me suffer   of poverty  ,

And easily   pushed  me  to the great    ocean   of cruel    sorrow.”


4127.”Please understand  the truth “  due to ladies   death would  happen to men “,

Without  any doubt  ,  and to know this clearly  , the  act of  Vali is  sufficient  ,

And you also see the sorrow happening and bad name coming to  us due to those ladies,

Is there   any more  need to tell more   examples to make it clear.”


4128.”Please protect   your citizens   in such a way   that    they tell about you,

“He is not our king but the mother  who protects    us well. Though  ,

Protecting like that  is normal habit  of kings  , if   bad events   happen,

Punish those   who cause   it without crossing the    tenets  of Dharma.”


4129. “Oh friend  , if we see properly  , the two events  of  birth and death,

Are caused by   the bad and  good Karma done   by that   individual  ,

And you know about it . Even if  Lord Brahma    who was born out  ,

Of the lotus flower grown out of belly  Vishnu  goes against Dharma  ,

It would lead  him to his death  and so  not slipping away   from Dharma  ,

Would  lead to strengthening  of life span, Is there anything more  that needs  to be told?”


4130.”Getting wealth and its destruction   are due to  sin and good deeds   done  by those  souls,

Even matchless  wise poets  do not tell that  there is any other reason accept  that for them,

  And so  Oh Sugreeva,  who is appropriate  , in the war for  pride between Dharma  and the Sin,

It is better   to do good act   that benefits us   rather  than bad acts   which harms us.”


4131. “Leraned men tell   that   these are  all proper      for all those who are kings  ,and so ,

Rule  properly as per  what   is told in the books   after   proper   research  ,

And after the rainy season is  over  , when you come  and meet me  ,

You come along with your ocean like army   and so go now  ,” said  ,

That pretty Rama   and hearing that   Sugreeva   told.


4132.”Oh charitable lord,  This Kishkinda mountain   which has streams  along with trees  ,

Is a place  where  monkeys live  . Except this drawback, it is equal  and even better,

Than  the land of devas   and so  for  our fulfilling your orders  which you give  ,

Due to mercy towards   us  , please  be kind enough to stay with us.


4133.  “Oh killer   of enemies  , After  surrendering to you   and after  getting mercy from you,

If we go separately    and enjoy   great wealth  , is no different    from great poverty ,

And so  till the time comes for searching   the goddess with black  broad   eyes  ,

Please stay with us here”Saying  like this Sugreeva   fell at the feet   and saluted  Rama.


4134.   That great Rama   after hearing this   smiled   softly  , said, “ For people like us ,

Who do penance, it   is not desirable    to live  in a palace   besides , if we stay with you,

You would spend all the time   in being hospitable     to us   and you would commit ,

Fault   in the   way of ruling  which should be done with thought   and research.”


4135.”Oh Sugreeva   who merits to live well,  I undertook to live   in the harsh and burning ,

Forest for fourteen years   and so I would not stay  in prosperous cities  where  kings live,

Oh valorous  one   who has  pretty  and strong  hands , Is there any pleasure   that I can   get,

Except  with Sita   who speaks like   the music of Yaazh  ?”


4136. “When my wife   is living alone in the  prison of the   Rakshasa, If    people  happen to tell,

That  Rama  liked    the Immeasurable joy  of  living    along with  his soul like  friends  ,

Oh Sir  would these   cruel words come to  end   at  the deluge  when all worlds are  destroyed?”


4137. Me , who has  left the nature  of those who never   leave   the dharma  of  family life  ,

And  also  left  out the dharma   of  holding  the bow and fighting  and living  ,

The sweet life along with friends  are   not very good  habits  suitable to the great  ,

And so  I would   do daily   penance   and  observe  strict observations  with Dharma ,

So that   all    the  bad acts   that  I have done are  completely  removed.”


4138,Rama   who stands  firmly on good behavior , which is easy to tell   and 

Difficult   to practice   looking at Sugreeva told , “Please go and do   all acts  ,

That  are necessary  of kingship  properly   and  as soon as four months are over ,

Come  to the place I am  ,with an army which is like an ocean with great waves.”


4139.  When   the king of the monkey clan heard   those   words , unable ,

To tell anything in reply  and understanding   the implication  of Rama,

Who was wearing the high garb of saints  , with tears  flowing his   eyes,

After properly  saluting him by falling   on earth  and went  ,

To his city carrying  in his mind  inestimable  amount  of sorrow.


4140.Then Rama who is the colour  of the  blue  cloud  looked  at with grace  ,

Angadha  who  fell on earth  and saluted    his divine  feet   and told  him,

“You become one of good behavior   and without considering  this Sugreeva,

As your father’s brother  , consider him as your own father and obey his orders.”


4141,  Rama  after   telling  him  further many such   words   told him,

“Please accompany Sugreeva”   and after  that   that famous Angadha ,

Saluted the feet of Rama   and went to  his  city  and afterwards  ,

Rama  looked  at Hanuman  and said, “oh pretty valorous  hero,

You also please go and with your wisdom   help  Sugreeva ,

In duties  involved   in   running   the  kingdom 


4142, That Hanuman who had the friendship that  only   showers  love   ,

In his  mind without untruth  said, “I who am like a dog would live here itself  ,

Obey your orders   to the  best of my ability  and do all minor   jobs 

And he saluted  both the  divine feet of Rama  , That  Rama ,

Whose eyes   were only looking at truth , told the following words .


4143. “If  a kingdom  without boundaries  and which had   very great wealth,

Which  was ruled by a matchless   king  who had all regal qualities,

Is conquered   by another  king by force  , in that  rule,

There would be good as well  as bad aspects and so  , oh sir,

It can be  stabilized only  by a person like you who has  wisdom and patience,”


4144, “After    establishing  that kingship belonging to Sugreeva  ,

Who has all the good habits of culture and taking   the responsibility  ,

Of the job that   is  to be done  for  me  , as there is no one else  ,

And so you   who is Dharma personified , as  per my request  ,

Please  go to the  city of Sugreeva  “ he said.


4145,When that Rama who is   the incarnation of Lord Vishnu   who held the wheel,

Told such   words   to Hanuman , He  told Rama “Long live  and I will do like   that ,

If that  is   your order  “ saluted him   and   went  towards    Kishkinda ,

And Rama   the lord of several earlier   deluges  along with his brother,

Who was like an elephant with the mask  , reached another  tall mountains.


4146.  AS per the orders  of Rama   the son of sun god   went   to Kishkinda  and  went inside  ,

His own private   apartments  and with   honourable  ministers   and  relatives,

Standing  around him  , saluted Tara   who was  like a mother  to him  ,

And considering that the advices   given  by  his elder brother  as his father  ,

Started   ruling    that place  in a   very good manner.


4147. With    all the monkey heroes  like relatives  doing all that is needed  ,

He assumed that kingship which was blessed  with all wealth,,

And  that  kingdom   extended   up to the end of all directions  ,

And he ordered  the   valorous  Angadha  with   inestimable strength ,

To help  in the rule    as the prince     of that kingdom 

And along   with al relatives, with   wealth earned as per Dharma,

That Sugreeva  happily  and sweetly ruled  Kishkinda and then.


9. Kaarkala  Padalam

The chapter  on rainy  season.


 ( The rainy season is not suitable for travel    and so Rama and Lakshmana stayed    those  months on a mountain top near Kishkinda. The poet Kamban gives a very picturesque description of   the rainy season and early winter in the forest as well as the  suffering  of Rama due to parting with Sita. When he becomes very sad Lakshmana consoles him  . The four months get over but Rama and Lakshmana  do not see the army of monkeys coming there.

   The narration is almost similar to Valmiki Ramayana but  the poetic description of  Kamban is indeed matchless.)


4148. Even  before Rama sent Hanuman and other valorous ones  towards  south  ,

To search for Sita, who had a form like a picture  and a lustrous   beauty,

Sun god like  a  messenger sent to south by Rama   ,

Started from the  great northern  side and went towards   south.


4149. The sky covered by monsoon clouds  appeared  like   the lamp  of earth,which was ,

Carried by Adhi Sesha  who had  hood with several heads , with the water  of ocean as ghee  ,

And the Meru mountain as the pretty wick and  Sun God   as its   flame 


4150. That sky darkened   which was like the colour of  the neck of Lord Shiva,

Who swallowed    the poison which came   from the unapproachable  ocean,

The hot rays   of the sun   became cool   and lost their strength  ,

And the clouds taking in lot of water  , became black and spread everywhere.


4151. The blue sky  was black  like poison  . was  like  the cool wide sea ,

Was like   the black eyes of ladies who had   applied Kajal  ,

Was like  their hair which was let loose  ,was  like the body   of Cheating Asuras  and their bad character.


4152. The clouds which drank   with  willingness  with their   toungue  ,

The water   of the cool sea   as if they were   drinking toddy  and  the ,

Streaks of lightning was like the red  wounds of elephants with flowing rut water,

Caused   by  the   ferocious sword    fight   between valorous   soldiers,


4153. The crowd of pregnant black clouds  was like    the   huge blue elephants ,

Which were  made to stand in a row  on the sky   and were   densely  surrounding,

The earth   and appeared as if   the water of the big black sea  ,

Rising up and spreading   everywhere   on the sky and produced lot of thundering sound.


4154.The   streaks of lightning   seen on the clouds    were  like  ,

The shine of  the ornaments    worn by   Indra   and other  Devas,

Were also like the fires that  appear  in the forests  on  the mountain top  ,

And were also like  the laugh   of the faultless directions  at each other.


4155. The sky was blacker    than everything  and was like  the black smith called directions,

Using   the head of coals called   the black clouds  using the  strength hot air   of their bellows,

Which was the hot air circulating  and   the burning    flame of fires   was like  lightning streaks.


4156.The streaks of lightning were   like  the blood stained   sword  which was taken out,

Of  its case   by the faultless  Vidhyadharas   who wear   gem studded crowns  ,

And  was also like the  ornamental covering   of  face  of elephants  , which were shaken,

When   the  guardians  of directions  move from one place to  another along with them.


4157.On the sky   when the lustrous streaks of  lightning   occurs   on all  directions  ,

The ladies who live separated    from their lords   and the serpents  on the earth  ,

Become greatly upset  with their soul itself shaking   and those   streaks were like ,

 The rays of Sun  cut in to pieces   as also like the toungues   of thunder.


4158.The lightning  spread   its light   on the sky similar to the eight   serpents,

Which are  in the eight directions reaching the earth   and   are  encircling   ,

The directions with their  long  toungues   and   the black clouds  ,

Which are  of similar to the    colour   of the  neck of he who has an eye in forehead,

Left their   long breaths  leading to the   hot     and moist air from north.


4159.That  warm  Air   apart    from moving at the top as well  as at the bottom  moved ,

Among mountains   , trees   and all other places   were like prostitutes   who have shifting minds ,

Moving  to places    where they get things   without  bothering   about,

The higher or lower  status   of    the people    who give them that thing.


4160.That  warm air  also went and struck   the sorrowful ladies  separated  from their lord,

And hit   on their already hot  breasts due to worries ,making them   more  hotter  ,

Thinking it is a   very supple  piece   of flesh   and  made   those parts   itch ,

And   like   the ghosts    which have   come to swallow   those fleshy parts  and swept  strongly.


 4161. The dust   making  great sound   and rising  up  , hid the   entire sky ,

And like  the sharp weapon of sword    the clouds   were   giving out  by  light by their movement,

 The streaks of lightning  and were  also producing great   sound  ,

Which were  like   the sound produced  by the beating  of huge drums   wearing garlands,

And due      to all this   the sky    was looking more like    a battle field.


4162.Like the God of love hitting  , Rama  who was   separated 

From Sita with a sweet smile, the clouds   with densely formed lightning,

Caused  rain    on the  huge golden mountain and poured the   rain drops,


4163.Those    drops of rain which were  falling  with speed incessantly  between the rocks  ,

Were like the arrows that  were sent from bow   of Indra  produced  on the cloud,

And the sparks   of red fire   starting from those  clouds  were like  ,

The  light  of fire   of the Manikhya   gems   which are more  brighter   at night.


4164.The rain   dropping  on those   rocks    was like  valorous heroes  ,

Throwing white spears   on the  famous elephants    of the  enemy    army.

And due to the falling of rain  which cannot   be stopped  , the mountains which,

Were hit  and were leaning    to one side   was  like   the cruel  elephants in rut,

Falling and rolling due to   being hit   by those  white   spears.


4165. With the cloud  becoming  God of love with flag   of fish  ,

The lightning  (bow of Indra)   becoming   his long bow of   sugar cane,

The dropping rain drops   becoming    the arrows of love god,

And  the long mountain slopes   becoming those  who were separated from their consorts  ,

Those   raindrops   were piercing   the entire   body with flesh.


4166,Like the devas shouting   with joy that  all our enemies are  destroyed,

Due to the joining of the pure hearted    Rama  and the monkeys  ,

The clouds   seemed to be shouting with   joy    and were  pouring,

Raindrops    on those monkeys which seemed to  the rain of choice flowers on them.


4167.Like Sita   who was wearing the chosen ornament of golden bangles,

Being taken away   by Ravana who had a pretty hand holding the bow,

As well as  armed with the   weapon of sword  .  speedily   through the path   of the sky ,

Shedding copious    tears  from her eyes  ,it was raining   during the monsoon.


4168. Those streaks of lightning   which were like the arrows   sent  by Lord Shiva,

Of divine luster  in the sky during the war of the three   cities  ,

And like   the sharpened     weapon of spear which hurt  the minds    of men,

Separated from their wives     and they   al greatly sorrowed.


4169. Those clouds   of the rainy season   which rejoined with the  ladies,

Their lords who   had gone for earning    wealth   and making them body without life ,

By bringing   their souls   on the chariots which have  propensity   to roll,

Were  like Garuda   who destroyed  the snakes of the   sorrow of parting.


4170. Those clouds   which   again and again thundered  ,  which were pouring the rain  ,

Were     coming and dashing at  each other   and  were like big elephants  ,

Which trumpeted   and  fought with great anger and shedding copiously   the water   of rut .


4171.   Due to  the  wind with    great speed  lashing    from different directions   sending,

The small drops of rain   which  were looking like   the  rain of arrows   on the opposite side  ,

They were   like the directions    fighting  a war     with the bigger   directions.


4172. Like the women   whose husbands   had gone away from them   ,

For the sake of earning the desirable wealth , were waiting   with bodies,

Without soul   were  breathing   at the break of rains   expecting the arrival of their lords,

The  trees which had dried due to the   absence of rains  , became full of new growth,

And   were  looking   cheerful   which were like    their   faces.


4173. During that rainy season  the  Padiri trees   were   without   any flowers  ,

The sun was cooler  , White Kanthal plants   were proud  at being covered with flowers,

The blue lotus  flowers never opened  , the peacocks   danced   as if they got wealth  ,

And the koels kept silent ,   as if  those who liked   them were suffering with sorrow.


4174. Sugarcane in different colours  , bees  , ornaments studded  with various gems  ,

The  red kanthal flowers   with red petals from which honey drips  and the the big lady earth,

 Were looking at the prettiness  of rainy season   saying “Rainy season has  won over summer”,

And    were  all greatly surprised   and were  al like    waving hands.


4175. The serpents with sword like   sharp  teeth  , seeing the white  Kanthal plants  ,

Which had a long stem   which was similar to their own head  , hugged with passion ,

And  did not separate   from them (thinking they are   snakes) and those plants also  liking that  embrace,

Similar to   the cruel serpents which had lost senses    due to great  passion  twined with them. 


4176.   The Indrakopa beetles, red in colour,  which had risen without

Leaving space  even for a til  to be  dropped were strewn everywhere,

Like  the  several times   spit   betel leaf thamboola by the Lord,

Who had come in that season    and made love   to their lover,

Who had suffered by their separation   and who had hair  ,

Which had honey as well as scented by   smoke  of perfumes.


4177. Like   the big Jambu river   which flows down and   brings down   the red gold 

 From   the sky touching Meru  mountain on which  sweet  fruits  of Jamun  trees grow,

The big streams   brought  down Vengai flowers   and  opened flowers  of Kondrai(Ixora),

And spread every where   with one stream   merging with another   one.


4178.The scene of red beetles  of Indrakopa   which sat on  the long and pretty  kanthal flowers,

As well as  the   well perfumed  kondrai flowers   were  similar   to the lady earth   ,

Observing the  sweet  singing  of beetles , extending   her hands    high  ,

And giving     away    gold  along with     the    coral gems.


4179.   The song of the bees   which was like the Kaikilai  music   was similar to Yaazh,

The  clouds having  lightning  , rain drops    as well as the sound of thunder  was sounding,

Like the drums tied   by leather   belts  , the peacocks were similar to ladies wearing  bangles  ,

The red Kanthal    flowers were like the group of lamps  lit and kept on dancing stage  ,

And the   tender   flowers   of Karuvilaium   were like the eyes  of those who see   them.


4180. The sound that is produced   when  the male  and female   bees,

When they are    trying   to  dash against each other    and the sound “OL”,

Produced   when they have dashed   were similar    to the clapping  ,

That takes place when the dancing girls   dance on that  mountain  ,

And   the fully open koothala flowers   were like  the beats  kept by  ,

The dancing teacher  , when they are   singing  like   nectar.


4181. The big  rivers that   ran   through   the dense forest of  Karapunnai trees,

Were like the milk flowing out of   the  mountain breasts  of the lady earth,

And the kondrai trees  which were hanging golden new leaves   with,

The  intention   of satisfying those who beg for things , were like thew Karpaga    trees.


4182. The forests with flowers   being filled   with dotted   and singing   bees  ,

 Were luxuriantly growing giving   great joy to those   who see them.

When   the male  deer   due to the maturity of love , just like in the pictures,

Rubbed   themselves    on the trees   and due   the rubbing of the body  ,

Became   shining and developed the musk perfume  , their female deer  ,

Thinking that   they were  musk deer  , avoided   them.


4183  The sharp spear like eyes of the lady, when her  lord goes   far-far away

  loosing   her happiness  due to separation   folded like the   petals  of blue  lotus flower,

And  the smile  of the joyful  lady, seeing her lord who is  like the  god of love  returning

Showed her pearly teeth and that was like  jasmine  plant  producing  new flower buds.


4184. The  mountain streams  poured  lots of gold , like the kings who   make  presents of Gold,

Seeing   the peacocks   dancing in rainy season thinking that they  are Viraliyar  , the dancing girls,

And like   the joyful faces of ladies  who thought  that the  clouds  of the sky  ,

Are   their guests  became more  happy  , the  lotus  flowers in the ponds  opened up.


4185. The honey bees   which burrowed  using their nose  on the  just opened flowers,

And collected honey   from them  , like the lovers who  had knowledge  of books of love  ,

Were   like the poets   who wrote the dramatic works    as per the book of Bharata ,

Adding   all the nine   types   of taste  in it  , making  it useful.


  4186. Thinking  that Mareecha taking our form   created   very cruel sorrow  to Sita  ,

Who by the beauty of her looks   destroyed   our looks  , who had a thin waist  and

Who is like  the punishing God  and so we would   not tell the joy we feel  ,

Those deer  moved about    without making     any sound.


4187.  Having gone away from the rivers    for a long time   and becoming faded,

Due   to the   great love     that   they had in their heart , as soon as  the rainy season  came 

Swooning    due to  great  love , the swans   dug  the  places in all good rivers  ,

And took bath    and started  playing   and were like ladies joining  their husbands.


4188. The flying , pure  white coloured  storks   lined themselves up near   the big clouds,

Which were stealing water      from the sea   , looked  like    the  lustrous necklace  of pearls  ,

Which decorated the    pretty    of Lord  Vishnu who is called  Neela Megha( Blue cloud)


4189. The crowd  of  flying cranes   which were  flying  in a long dense   row  in the sky   near,

The  clouds of the rainy season  were  similar   to   the  upper cloth   of Lord Vishnu,

Who was    the consort   of Goddess  Lakshmi and   who is considered   as divine  by  Vedas.


4190.  Since the  cruel summer   with a harsh job  which used   to make    the fresh grass   dry ,

Had   gone away   and to   the good natured  rainy season   which had matchless greatness ,

Had arrived  as the king , The lady earth   due   to the   great happiness ,

Which arose in her mind  , had all the hairs in her  body standing erect.


4191. All the wise  ones   like  Lord Brahma    who sat on  the  lotus  flower,  

Which are   desired by the bees, had  spread all over the   forest ,

Peacocks which looked like eyes   so that they can search  and ,

Find out   Sita , the daughter of Janaka   who had  eyes of a deer,

So that the sorrow of the leader  of wisdom   is removed.


4192.Like  the feet   of ladies on which the juice of red cotton has   been applied  ,

Which was capable  of turning   in to red colour   , the black   hair of their lord  ,

Who holds dark red spear and    a very strong bow  ,  by the light  of their red feet  ,

The lotus   flowers   were   found    and   the  flowering   climbers   were ,

Like the waist  of those  ladies    which   were  like  vanchi  climber .


4193.   When Rama told the  koels  “Since   you are having the lisping  voice of Sita  ,

Please   search Sita    who has separated   from me and give her to me”,

And then   those Koels   went on  roaming and searching for her  at all   places  ,

By shouting  in loud voice   and   due to that  they lost their voice  in rainy season.


4194.  When due to the heavy rain that fell on that large  earth , grass grew on it  ,

The cows   ate them  more  than they want  that  the grass came out  in their mouth,

 And the mushrooms which had flowered here   and there   were like solid   curds,

And   the  flowers of the Bidavam    plant   were like   the foam    on the milk pot ,

Of the milk maids   who were  having  honeyed words  and  bud  like breasts.


4195.  The   made  up  hairs of Kurathi(gypsy)   ladies of the   mountainous     region 

Were having the scent of Vangai flowers , the hair of fisher women of the  seashore  ,

Which was divided in to five parts    were attracted  by the bees which   came  speedily 

And  had the scent   of Karapunnai flowers,  and the   hair of cultivator ladies   from agricultural land ,

Spread  the scent of Chenkazhuneer   flowers  and the hair of ladies of forest ,

Was   having the   scent  of freshly  opened  jasmine    flowers.


4196. Rama who was not able to see the pretty face of Sita who had a hip like   ,

The chariot board  , looking    at that rainy season   which   helped the god of love ,

By giving   thousands   of    flower arrows  , was  unable to find out   the other bank ,

Of the cruel ocean of sorrow  , lost   his good wisdom   and   seeing whom,

Would  he be able to reduce his sorrow   and continue to live.


4197.”If the  big  rainy season   which has limitless greatness   arrived ,

People    would loose   the strength of mind  “ is applicable even,

To the sages   who  do penance   and so  if we say that Rama   who got  pleasure,

By hugging the bamboo like  shoulders  Sita  , who speaks   sweeter  than,

Honey as well as  nectar , would be sad, would that sorrow be a  slight one.


4198.  That Rama   who was similar   to Kaavi flower  ,blue lotus flower,

Neithal flower   and   Kaayaa   flower   by the colour   of   his body  ,

Became tired due to wailing  and  and became so spent up that  ,

It became a doubt   whether he had any   soul left   in his body  ,

And Started telling it to the swan with tender  wings  due to his great love.


4199.  Oh black cloud , OH Sita who ties her  pretty breasts with cloth ,

Since I do not know   the place of living  of Asuras  who have kidnapped you,

I am roaming carrying my soul. You   have   only mercy with you  and in spite  of that,

Do you not have mercy with me  , Would you trouble    my soul?


4200.”Oh Cloud  , who has hard teeth   which are the   long  lightning  ,

You are seen  black in colour in all sides   of the sky   and so,

You are   also similar to those Asuras with cruel acts  ,

Would you not go away unless   you take away my soul.?”


4201.”Oh peacock  Would you not search and   bring that  Sita   who has eyes,

Which are like spear   and who has  voice   which is sweet like   the nectar,

Which came out of ocean of milk and  the   voice of the koel,

Oh cruel one ,  You know   the depression of my soul   as I am alone and not having sleep,

And in spite of that    would you show  your strength    and trouble me?


4202.”Oh creeper  , you who move  due to the hot  air which blows  in rainy season,

Please  get strength to  enter my soul and when I am depressed  you look exuberant  ,

Are you showing me the   thin waist of Sita who   wears brooch on her forehead,

And  weaken my    soul,  please  tell.”


4203,”oh deer  , I do not desire    even desirable   things , I would never  ,

Deviate    from truth but since the wisdom to understand  is not with me  ,

I am one who has done the mistake. Along with Sita  my soul  also has gone,

Would you not tell me  , where   she is?”


4204.”Oh my soul  Would you also go away from me   along with Sita,

Who has a soft feet wearing an ornament   called Patakam   and who is faultless ?

And if it is so , you would have   gone with her  , did you come  to any  harm?

Do you not   know the strength  of the relationship  between me and Sita?”


4205. “Oh cruel Kondrai tree  , you were defeated  by the hair of Sita  ,

And due to that   have  you become strongly   inimical with her  as well as me ?

Are you not able to bring  her   to me , why are you not answering me.

Did you   have   good relation    with me   at any time?”


4206. The  baby of the cruel snake   which had     sharp and  lustrous teeth,

Similar to the buds of  Kura tree  were like the  tender  buds  of jasmine flower,

That   would kill me   with   terrible  poison  and  help    me to  make grow  ,

The sorrow    that cannot be tolerated and  keeps on fighting without stop,

When one side   there is Ravana ‘s  Kopa(anger)  , why  is  it  that ,

Indra kopa   beetles have   started  causing me further sorrow?


4207. Mareecha   after thinking  about the ways to kidnap Sita  , who has a forehead ,

Wearing   a golden plate   with deceit   and took the form of the   golden deer.

And now Yama  has taken the form of hot dry  air   to cause   trouble to me.

It appears   that all those   who want to trouble me  can take any form they want ?


4208. Oh Cloud   who shouts loudly in the sky   like  the asuras  of cruel deeds,

So that   every one gets scared  , with you produce  streaks of lightning  , showing her  to me,

 But have you ever   taken mercy on me   and  said,“I would give her back to you ?”

But instead  you are  showing the form of a lady   who has forgotten the  lotus ,

Again and again   and you are  hiding  and hiding   her.”


4209.”Oh God of love  , with the heat generated   by parting  burning my soul ,

I am greatly sorrowing and so  now  shooting  your flower arrows   , so that,

My mind further   gets wounded   is an useless   job, so go away from me.

If   my younger brother   who is very knowledgeable sees you,

Possibly    you would not   be able    to   face  him.”


4210.”The cruel bow and arrows   of valorous  people  are not suitable  against   ,

Those   who are scared    in the battle  , possibly   they want  to aim at them ,

Who do not bother  about their strength  , Oh god of love   who does not leave me,

Day and night  , you have moved   away from your   good qualities    as you have  ,

Sent  your arrows  at  poor ones  , thinking  it would be effective  , Is it a commendable act?”


4211,  Looking at Rama who is similar only to himself   who  was repeating,

Such words again and again   and who had  become weak and greatly sorrowing,

His brother  who also has lost his strength slightly  , saluting  Rama  ,

With hands held over   his head   to console   him told  ,

“Oh great one  ,  how have you   estimated   yourself “  and started   telling.


4212. “Oh valorous one who has  learnt  great books and also   earned knowledge  ,

Through experience  , Oh Lord who adopted the  life of penance  ,The rainy season is long,

The rain also has come  , Is it  the cause  of  your worry? Or is your sorrow  ,

Due to thinking about the black bodied Asuras and feeling that it is difficult  to win over them,

Or is it  due to the the thought   the army of Vali has not   come  to search  of Sita,

What is the reason for    your great   depression?”


4213. “Even if   Vedas  fail and if moon changes   its place   and even if the sky  ,

And the earth surrounded by the deep sea   change   in their state .

Would   the change back to  your normal  great state  ever happen?

The greatness  of the strength of the army of the   ignorant   Rakshasas,

Who have crescent like teeth   would not stand    for a minute  , when,

The cruel bow of your eye brows  , which are under  your control   shake  a little  .”


4214. “Oh very wise lord , we know  the wisdom of    the monkey called  Hanuman,

But we have not been able to judge   about the ability  of the  seventy Vellam army,

So far and also the rainy season which is like cruel fate  and gives great sorrow

Has got  over  with great speed and now your sita with bow  like  eye brows,

Would come back very easily  to you and so   completely remove this great sorrow  of yours.”


4215,”Oh  chief  , when the sages   who knew Vedas   came and surrendered  to you,

You promised  to them, “I would gain   victory over the asuras  along with their future  clans,

AS they are troubling    you  and remove all your sorrows”  and due to good fate  ,

That  problem of theirs has got  over and now   we   would destroy  the asuras,

In the place that they  live  and recover the heaven which is   the place of devas,

And without    doing that  is it proper    for you to get   depressed.”


4216.”Oh lord who is like my father , can the victory that you gain by killing of the enemies

Would only become available   to you   and not to others   like   those Asuras,

And so   giving a chance   to sorrow   to the mind  is not a sign of valour ,

And is it not a  property of ignorance? Getting bad    results   to acts  ,

Undertaken is normal and it is   not a great thing to you?

Now itself if you take effort, there is nothing   that is impossible   to you.

So please do not   become   sorry,”  Lakshmana said,.


4217. That elder one   got rid  of the pain to his    soul due to   these words

And due to the words of consolation  ,  his mind became  clear  ,

Got  rid of his sorrow  and like that   after  the  elapse   of a long period  ,

The rainy season  which was like a great   disease   due to bad fate  got over ,

 And the winter   came    immediately    afterwards.


4218. The big tanks got filled with  water  , the waves   started forming  one over the other,

The  black koel stopped  cooing , the big   mountains became    very cool,,

The big directions   were   covered with black   clouds, those  who were  ,

Separated from their partners became more sad and the Magandril ,

As well as Andril birds     stood hugging their  life like   partners.


  4219. The hot air   after  caressing  the  cloth worn on the hips   of  Ladies,

Who were   wearing golden ornaments  as well the swing   tied   by chains ,

Blew on those who were in love with them   and made   them feel,

AS if a raging fire fell on their   wounds  and also   like a   sharp.

Faultless    arrow   , it created    very great    heat.


4220.The oceans were filled with water  , the hot rays of the sun   lost their ,

Property of burning   and except  by the use   of  the time machine,

Which showed  time by the flow  of water  , it became impossible,

To know  when the  morning got  over and when the evening  got over.


4221. Due   to getting failed    by the sweetness  of the baby talk ,

Of the peacock like  ladies  , the pretty parrots    hid themselves  ,

IN the heap of paddy awns  making  paddy  get unloosened.

The pearls that got defeated   by the pearl like   teeth of those  ladies,

Hid themselves in the  broad    tides   of the ocean and in front   of ,

The house s of people near   the beech  Punnai trees   which had,

Flowering    branches   appeared as if   they  have opened a golden cloth bundle.


4222.Like the saints   who do not swerve    from their penance   in the black  and dark night,

As   well   as in the day time   who always think about Dharma  and

Who have removed  all attachments and  were like   the hills   that  did not even move 

When heavy rainfall with hail stones   fell  on them  , tall elephants  .

Without sleep   were standing  without any  movement on sides of mountains.


4223, The  Swans which were   shivering   due to   cold  warmed  themselves ,

By going near   fire  places   of sages   where they burn Akil  at dawn, noon and dusk,

And which had a    roof   made by leaves    of sandal wood tree , the female  monkeys  ,

Slept in caves  and huge male monkeys  were immobile  like,

Those    who practice   Yoga had  controlled   their five sense organs.


4224,  Due to heavy rain falling always  , the faultless mountain springs   and  ,

The clean    mountain streams   did not get the scent   of the hair  ,

Of ladies  who had   decorated themselves    with chosen  ornaments,

And the swings installed   on gem studded   strong pillars,

Due to nobody to swing on them  were not throwing  light  ,

From lustrous     gems   on to the   sky.”


4225.   In the middle  of  black coloured  thazhai     plants   with cool branches ,

The Thaazhai flowers which induce  love , which   attracts   all people   who see them,

Surrounding like  relations  , the  female    cranes  , closing their great wings   

Without  moving   to any where, were like   the lady separated     from her  lord.


4226. With the noise  of the birds    similar    to the  sound from cloud,

And with   the music hummed  by several type  of bees   becoming songs,

The peacocks became  like female dancers   dancing  with  several beats ,

And the crowd  of deer    scared  due   to the thunder  of clouds ,

Took shelter   under  the shades of   trees under which peacocks live.


4227. The young ladies who had waists which defeated   the thin   flowering branches ,

And men  climbed  on cots  where the smoke  from  Akil was   hiding    the lights  ,

The bees which were suffering due to cold  , leaving  the lotus bed   with petals,

Went and lived in the cavity of sandal wood  tree    and  slept there.


4228. While the pretty  swans   leaving   their homes  of lotus flowers   went and  lived,

In gardens   with rows of big trees , along  in the attic  of huts where  scented planks  ,

Of cut trees   are stored , along with hunter girls  with white teeth  ,

Their very dear   husbands   slept  comfortably.


4229.  The sheep herds   along with the sheep calves   that  needed protection  ,

Were  living   below tall trees with small leaves    surrounded  by creepers  on all sides,

The  big ghosts     which were living  in hiding like robbers  becoming affected  by cold,

Were living with great hunger   eating their own teeth which were like thorns.


4230.Due to arrow like rain drops falling    on them   from the  clouds ,

Which were high up in the  sky, the very strong   elephants  ,

Which did not have   strength of mind  becoming  affected  by rain,

Not being able to live  for very many days  as crowd   in  hilly places    with

  Large  bee hives  entered the caves so   that rain water  would not fall on them.


4231. In this   type of rainy season   when darkness came  , the wise Rama  ,

With the feelings towards  Sita who had gem like eye  balls  , who had sweet smile  ,

And the  sight like a deer  , breathed   with effort and left  out hot air,

And  looking   at Lakshmana    started   telling  a few things.


4232. “That Rakshasa  Ravana who is black like a cloud  , and teeth like  lightning,

Played deception   and that  Sita with great breasts   became a victim of that  deception,

Became sad due   to sorrow  , became   jaded    and would lose   her   soul.

And to me also   living with   that sorrow   has  become   very difficult  , What is this  nature?”


4233.”With  blood coated arrows    capable of   going through   the chest of enemies ,

Sleeping   in my quiver  , Should I with    strong arms   and   very strong   shoulders ,

Suffer  this type of great sorrow?  This which has happened to me  ,

Is like  the spear    having gone inside   my chest  but still  I am not dead.”


4234.”The flocks of sparrows in the pretty  light   produced by   the fire flies ,

Are sleeping   with   their sweet  darling   female   sparrows  and due to,

My heart being broken by  the selected  flower  arrows of God of love   

  I am living    with unbearable pain   without Sita in this forest.”


4235.”Like the serpent   with poisonous teeth   becoming sad   when the clouds produce,

Lightning  and when they   produce thunder , I am now sorrowing with this mind.

The people of heaven  would laugh at me   looking at  the  job done by me,

The people   of earth also would laugh , What other  disrespect   should come to me?”


4236”.I who am living in sorrow   cannot forget Sita   and continue to live,

If the rain  of the winter  season is going to trouble   me like this,

It is definite   that I would  attain the heaven  and I would   avenge ,

This bad name   by taking another birth  and fighting war with him,

Or I would   take Sanyasa   and leave the world so that  bad name   does not follow me.”


4237.”Oh valorous one  , if we live here   and want to search   for  the place ,

Where the Rakshasas live    we would spend very large number of days ,

And so I think   this job is not desirable  and instead  , if it is told,

That Rama died due disease  of parting  with Sita, it will give me great respect.”


4238. “I who have  enjoyed   drinking the nectar out of   the  flower like  mouth ,

Which is red in colour  of Sita   who has   arrow like   long eyes  and  ,

Who wears  well chosen pretty ornaments  feel that these rain drops  ,

Which  are  like  the cooper melted  over  fire   poured  on me   and

Are  burning   my entire   body. Is it proper  that my body  is burnt  and destroyed?”


4239.” I who have  told   Janaka   before  the sacrificial fire  ,

In which  ghee  was being  poured saying ‘She is  now under your protection  “,

Which is  a lie , am an one   who does  not  have   good fate  and truth  ,

Would not  stay with me and so it is better   that  I die.”


4240. “Because   you are   there to console   me  ,I can calm down my mind  ,

And tolerate my suffering  , but Sita   who is  wearing chosen bangles  ,

Cannot appear here now  and there is no one to   console  her of her sorrow,

And is there  any    limit for the  sorrow    that she can bear.”


4241. The  arrows that I sent with my bow  would burn Sathyaloka  of Brahma,

Would destroy     devas  and other  ancient people   and ,

Would also destroy   the people of  this world .

Is it that  I have  to destroy   all these things to see Sita again?”


4242.”Oh Lakshmana   who  has a  bow   which raises thunder like sound from string,

I am sorrowing  without destroying them  due to the   fear that I  have for Dharma,

Even  if my enemies come before  me along with Devas , they would not escape.”  Rama said.


4243.Then  the younger  Lakshmana   told as follows, “Oh Lord who has  ,

The  scepter to rule  , There is no more days left  in the time we set  to Sugreeva ,

The winter  also has come to an end   and the time to search   for  the thief,

Who took away Sita  has come   and so   why are  you getting worried?”


4244.”  Though the big milk ocean with great tides  could have given the nectar,

As soon as Lord Vishnu with  red eyes   asked it  to give , but  not desiring to  order,

And easily getting it  , he   got the nectar   by using   instruments  ,

Like  Mandara  mountain    and  churning it with,

His lotus  like hands  . making   sound with  his  anklets  and shoulder  bangles.”


4245.”Though that  Lord Vishnu   as  he thinks   could have created the world ,

And easily eat them all  by putting in to his mouth  , he   won over   cruel people  ,

By holding several rare  weapons   and  using several tricks   of the   war.”


4246. “Oh great lord ,  Lord Shiva who has eyes in his forehead    and is armed   with .

Axe  for the sake  of destroying   the  three  cities, even at the time   ,

When he  became angry  ,  the  consultations   that  held   ,

And various  weapons like chariot that   he collected, Can this be known by anyone.”


4247.After making   all people   who can be useful   as our   helps  ,

After thinking carefully  those  aspects  that need   to be thought  about,

Several times  and  attaining  clarity , after reaching  the place of action,

On the day   chosen , Victory  is something that  will never go out of our hands.


4248.”Those  asuras   who   are not   following   the path of Dharma have ability ,

And firmly think that” The path of sin is  best to us     and if   what  they are  thinking is wrong,

And there   is great power  in the path of  dharma  , who will get fame  and victory?”


4249.”The time   removing  sorrow of Sita who wears  golden Thodi  ,

Has come  only slowly  and   so avoid   sorrow   as  of now  ,

Would we who have  come   to help the sages  ,

Become prey  to the  Asuras, Oh Lord  who is great in  archery  please tell” asked Lakshmana,


4250.Rama who realized that  all that Lakshmana were   true   and firm,

And who was capable  of winning even the time at deluge   , thought ,

“Is there  an end    to this rainy season?” and due   to this thought  ,

Again became greatly sad  and at that time   that winter ,

Completed   its time   and slowly   started  losing its   strength.


4251.Then that  summer which did not have   any defects   started  its big job ,

And then the clouds became   white like  men  who gave all  that  they have  ,

To  several  people   with very many wants   and when all their  ,

Wealth were  exhausted   were not able   to able to  ,

Those   who needed it and begged for it and became   sad.


4252. After  understanding that   the wealth   makes  us see  sinful deeds as blessed,

And makes   us do devilish deeds  and due to real wisdom   got by  great thought  ,

Which is attained  and is matchless,  the  effect of faultless  illusion vanishes,

And   similarly   the great darkness   that existed in rainy season vanished.


4253. Like    the drums became    silent as soon    as the war on enemies ceased,

The rumblings of the cloud which had    taken sea water   ceased and like ,

The long  arrows   which are meant to destroy the enemies   not being  used,

The raindrops vanished as if  they were put in the   sword case.


4254.The big mountains   which used   to prevent   water   from flowing  ,

Now got rid of the water   and had only streams   flowing through them,

And were like people with upper cloth    and sacred  threads  ,

But looked like not wearing  the white Dhothi  , with water not  flowing around them.


4255.Due to black clouds    going away     from the top of the mountains  ,

The rivers in the top  of those mountains    did not have water   flow,

And so, they lost their  importance  , having lost   the wealth,

That cannot  be destroyed   and looked like wealth of one who does not follow Dharma.


4256. Due to black clouds   which    were  like   male elephants  with  rut water,

Flowing  over their cheeks and head  ,  having   gone away    from the sky  ,

The moon which was hid   by those   clouds   became   shiningly clear,

Like the face  of the dancing girls  , when the screen  before  them was  removed.


4257. The sandal paste   along with musk  and  saffron which was   applied  on the  ,

Big desirable breasts   of ladies  who were   wearing ornaments  made of gold,

Became dried due to northern hot wind   which came  along with pollen from flowers.


4258. The early winter   which   had capacity to    remove the   sorrow of  the first son,

Of the king had arrived and so  swans started   flying  in all directions,

And it looked like  they had started   their journey in search of Sita.


4259. Due to the going away of big rainy season with clouds,

The peacocks   closed  their wings   and were looking sad ,

And with   the confusion in mind   and thoughts  of earlier  days  ,

Were scared   like the swan  like Sita   born in the  Mithila   country.


4260.The fishes engaged  in playing   in the   clear water , which   was like ,

The mind   of  sages  of great penance , who have  removed deceit  completely  ,

Were   like   the movement of  the eyes with Kajal ,

Of the ladies    who had very soft feet  and was red  like juice of red cotton.


4261.The  well grown lotus flowers   which opened   in every node,

Was like the turned  up   face of the  ladies  with love tiff, and the pretty ,

Chengidai flower buds    with perfume   were  like the   red   cheeks,

Of the ladies    who were enjoying their time with their lord ,


4262. The several types of frogs   like   the very tumultuous   students  ,

Of teachers   who impart knowledge  , which  do not make sound ,

In places   where  it is not recognized   preferred to keep  quite.


4263. The rivers carrying their  dress   of flowers  by their  hands of tide  ,

 Were running  , and the   pearls   yielded    by the clams  lying on beach,

Made them appear   to be running   with laughter   towards ocean, their strong husband.


4264.Like the  ladies   who were   separated   from their  lords  ,

Who had gone to other countries    to learn from great teachers  ,

Who were suffering due to love  , the bunches  of betel nut trees,

Slowly lost     their green colour   and were  getting to the desirable gold colour.


4265. The beasts   like   the crocodiles  which were  in the cold  water ,

For a long time  , left the   water spots that they were  living,

Climbed on to the shore   and were  exposing themselves to sun light  ,

And were  folding    their mouth and sleeping   on various spots.


4266.The Vanchi creepers  , with  lisping  birds sitting on them ,

Which were like ladies   who talk   long baby talks  ,

With  bees  having pretty wings on them similar to hair of ladies ,

With plenty of newly grown leaves   which were like the ear ornaments  of ladies,

And with their middle  shaking prettily  , shined   like  ladies.


4267.All the oysters with bent back  , due to the fact   that  the pearls that they produced ,

Were defeated  by the pearl like   teeth of ladies   were shy    to see  ,

The deer like  ladies when they come out  hid themselves    in the  slushy mud,

Appearing as if   they hid   themselves due to  their great culture.


4268. Due to rainfall  the lotus flowers growing  near agricultural  lands,

Grew luxuriantly   and the  male crabs which   were  living below their leaves,

Along with  the female crops that  they desire, like   misers,

Slowly  entered  their holes and sealed entrance  ,

With mud    and   were  living there and  condensed themselves.


10.KItkindhai Padalam

Chapter  on Kishkinda


(Rama sends  Lakshmana     to Kishkinda  , to warn Sugreeva that   if his words are not kept he will suffer greatly.  Seeing Lakshmana coming with great speed  , the monkeys got scared and blocked the main dorr of the city with mountains. Angadha went to inform Sugreeva but was not able to wake him up.As soon as  Lakshmana kept his lotus like feet on the door  all mountains broke, it opened    and all the monkeys ran away. Angadha approaches   Hanuman and along with him requests  Tara to delay  the coming of Lakshmana. She    along with several pretty monkey ladies stops him at the door and with diplomatic talk pacifies the shy Lakshmana. Then Angadha   wakes up  Sugreeva who is   sorry for mistakes committed by him. Sugreeva and Lakshmana go to met Rama and inform him that   a huge monkey army is being collected    and are on the way. Rama becomes   happy.

     In Valmiki Ramayana Hanuman once reminds  Sugreeva that he is  failing in his duty   and sends emissaries to summon the  monkey army   from all over the world. When Lakshmana arrives   Sugreeva is said to making love to Tara   and scared he send Tara to speak with Lakshmana  and Lakshmana  is pacified    but he shouts at Sugreeva. And Lakshmana and Sugreeva go to meet   Rama. In Kamba Ramayana  Sugreeva walks with Lakshmana  while going to meet Rama but in Valmiki Ramayana he goes in a palanquin. )


4269.When  that   winter  came to an end  , The elder valorous  Rama  ,

Looking at his brother said, “Oh strong one  , Even after  the  period  told  is over,

The  king Sugreeva   is sleeping and has  not arrived here  ,

What is   the job    that   he   has done so far?”


4270. “That Sugreeva   after getting the kingship    which is difficult to get,

Has not bothered   to think about the help   done by us to him and so,

He has  failed in good character, forgot the dharma  but even if  we forgets,

The good done by us   to him , he seems to have  forgotten our valour also,

And   he   has forgotten himself in the sweet life that   he is leadig”


4271.”Like this  if  Sugreeva were to destroy the gratefulness  , destroy  the difficult  ,

To get bond of friendship   and  completely   not follow   the truth 

And also went back on his word , to kill him  is  a thing which is   not a crime,

And so you go there   and find out  in detail about his   thoughts.”


4272. “We have   the bow in our hand   which can kill  the  cruel people  with deceit,

 And send them to the heaven of heroes and completely   uproot them and ,

Also establish Dharma   in a proper  manner  in this world . Tell him  as an order that ,

The Lord of death is there and the arrow that  killed  Vali is also there  with us.”


4273.”If we punish people who are  bad like poison  , it is not a crime,

And so because   it is a  law told in Manu Dharma , tell clearly  ,

And make understand the Sugreeva   who does  not seem to know  ,

What  is proper and improper at  age  of five as well as fifty.”


4274. “If you want to rule   city of Kishkinda  , its citizens   as well your kingship  ,

And relatives, come here on the appointed day and if you  do not come  ,

The word  “Monkey”  would be taken away  from this world  .

Please tell these    truths    to Sugreeva  and others.”


4275. “But if they take a decision that   they  would seek the help   ,

Of others    who are stronger   than this  Rama and Lakshmana  ,

Tell them , that   to win over you in these   three worlds  ,

There is no one   except   yourself.”


4276. Then  that  Rama who has   fame as the ornament   told Lakshmana  ,

“Please explain at first peacefully   and if the advise  of justice  ,

Does not change their mind , without getting angry and destroying them,

Come and tell me what they said”  and Rama bid him farewell.”


4277. Lakshmana   obeying the orders of Rama  , saluted his feet, without wasting a second,

Tied the inexhaustible quiver on his back , help   the bow which is easy   to use  .

And went through    the very long way  , all the while thinking of Rama.


4278.Lakshmana who was going as  per the orders of Rama  ,who pursues  the path of truth,

Went   powdering the trees and mountain which  were   across   his way  ,

Created new paths   and went    to that place  which was far   away.


4279.The feet of Lakshmana who was wearing  the lustrous  heroic anklets  ,

When it pressed  the mountains  which  was like  the   mount Meru  were touching   the sky,

Those  mountains were compressed  and touched  the ground,

Making  the Adhi Sesha who was carrying    the  earth visible to the eye.


4280. At that time   when Lakshmana  , the   brother of Rama    of the  Manu clan,

Who was going to meet   Sugreeva    the younger brother   of Vali,

Due to the speed of his walk in the  very hot forest  , he was similar  ,

To the  arrow  of Rama that pierced    the Maramaras.


4281.Lakshmana was going like  one elephant of one direction   which seeing  ,

The calf of another   elephant   of  direction   missing its path,

Going after   it following    its footsteps  travelling  with great speed.


4282.Like the sun reaching from  the rising mountain to the setting mountain,

That Lakshmana with a gold coloured body   went   from one very big  lustrous  mountain,

To another  mountain called Kishkinda  and reached   there with great speed.


4283Like   the matchless   arrow   of Rama  who was  his help  and elder brother,

He went and after reaching   the very tall  Kishkinda mountain ,

He was similar  in looks  to the golden  male lion jumping from one mountain to other.


4284-4285.The monkeys   who saw  the coming of angry Lakshmana  , were  scared  ,

As if they saw God of death   and ran towards the   residence  of son of Vali,

And told him that   the very angry Lakshmana    with great speed ,

Has already come     with    war like    fury and as soon as  he heard that,

That Angadha  for getting an inkling   of  the thought   of Lakshmana  ,

Without Lakshmana noticing it    stood on his side   and  .

Understanding  his intention from   the   look of his face,

He went to the  palace   of his father’s brother  who wears a golden heroic anklet.


4286.  Sugreeva  was in the great palace   constructed   by Nala  , lying down,

On a pretty bed   filled up with lots   of flowers   with  young lady monkeys  ,

With long hair   and youthful breasts  caressing  his feet  and  was  fast of sleep.


4287.Sugreeva who had   drunk the toddy  of  the wealth of kingship   which was,

Presented to him by   the clear headed   Rama and Lakshmana ,

Was like a silver mountain and    was  sleeping  on the very big golden cot.


4288.He   was  sleeping   with  the breeze   wafting  on him , coming  through .

Karu nochi tree, Teak wood tree  ,Akil tree  ,Sandalwood   tree and through 

The scented bunch  of  flowers   worn by  the ladies with  long hair  looking like peacocks.


4289. Sugreeva was sleeping like an elephant in rut   having lost   his thinking power  ,

Due   to the drinking of honey   which  comes from in between   the sharp teeth   of  ,

The ladies   who have  sweet  and red mouth    and who smile like a white pearl ,

Which induces lunacy  , loss of  conscience  , passion   and other   characters.


4290.Due   to   the luster coming out of the face wearing   crown ,

As well as ear globes   spreading all over his white body  ,

He was looking like a  snow capped   mountain  , over  which,

Sun’s rays had spread   and  was  looking   joyful.


4291.Sugreeva   was sleeping   and   the son who was   born  to Tara.

Who was like a  male lion   went near him   and saluted him by his big hands,

And woke  him up   and  started telling him the words to his liking.


4292.”Oh my father  , please hear what  I say ,

The younger  brother  of Rama  ,

With his face showing extremely great anger  

Has come   with a matchless speed ,  What is your opinion?”


4293.Due   to the great wealth of  kingship   giving him pride  ,

Due to the drop of  scented toddy which is like poison giving him faint,

The Sugreeva   forgot himself  and  in a  mental state  , in which,

He did  not hear words  of Angadha   and  slept as before on his  soft bed.


4294. Due  to that  Angadha who  was like   an elephant calf  and who was also,

Like   a young   big lion , due to  there being nothing that he could  do with Sugreeva  ,

Went to   summon  Hanuman  who had faultless   thoughts in his mind.


4295.That Angadha who was son of Vali    who was   the son of Indra  , along ,

With Hanuman who was expert in royal counsel  , surrounded   by  various strong warriors,

Came out of Sugreeva ‘s private palace   and reached    the palace  of his mother.


4296.  Reaching there when he asked Tara   , what action should be taken by  them,

She  told them,  “You have  done  very faulty acts   very easily   and now  ,

You are searching  for ways    to easily  get rid of the bad results   which came due to  that .

You think that  though  you are   ungrateful  , you  would   escape   and live.”


4297.She again told,  “Though  I  several times  told you   to m

Summon the  army  because  ,If you miss the appointed day   , 

Your days of life   would get over  , you simply were   not bothered,

Now by experience     you will know   about the result of that. Now you are caught.”


4298 “Do you think that  that Rama and Lakshmana   who bent their bow  ,

And made   God of death take away the soul of  Vali   and  gave you all,

The famous   wealth of kingship  , would keep quiet  outside Kishkinda  .

Is  it proper     for people like   you to disregard  those   who helped you?”


4299.”That  Rama who is greater than even devas   , due to  ,

Getting separated   from his wife   is greatly depressed ,

Like one who has  lost his life and without bothering about it  ,

You are enjoying   the love  of your   wives,

Who have eyes similar to just opened  blue lotus   flowers.”


4300. “You have broken the oath  , forgot the  help he did  ,

Became  people with bad character  and due   to your bad fate,

If they start fighting with you  , you will all die,

What is the   use  of doing   anything     at this stage “ said she.


4301. At that time   those very strong monkeys who cannot be stopped ,

Locked   the huge door of the city   with  very huge logs  of wood  ,

And further   brought huge stones and stacked them against the   door.


4302.After securing  the doors of the city   in this way , those  monkeys,

Thought, “If  Lakshmana comes crossing this door, we would  scare him,

Beat  black and blue and took in their hands  uprooted   trees   and stones ,

And stood crowding    all around  the boundary  wall   near that gate.


4303. Having seen the monkeys  closing that door ,  that great king Lakshmana  ,

 Said, “Is it for saving yourselves from me?” laughing sarcastically   with anger  ,

Using his   feet   which was like the lotus flower  where the Goddess  lives,

With very great   ease    he pushed    that   great   door.


4304. That gate  , the material stacked  against the door by the monkeys,

And the big boundary wall    erected to protect  the door,

AS as the god’s feet touched  , like the bad Karmas  ,

Which cannot be got rid off , without  any support  got destroyed.


4305.Due to the old gates of the city  and  the  walls built by stones

Easily  getting  dislodged  and thrown beyond   ten Yojanas   on all sides 

All those   monkeys were scared  and  greatly suffered.


4306. Due  to the thick tall boundary  wall   as well as wide  city doors  falling,

The monkeys   who were  standing surrounding   the wall got hurt on their head,

Lost their determination   and got confused   and ran away for a long distance  

And  because of that  those that  did not  lose  their life    got escaped.


4307.It  is difficult to describe   but those  greatly suffering  monkeys,

Who ran away from their homes   made such a huge wailing sound ,

And because   of that   city of Kishkinda   turned like   the fishes of ocean of milk,

When the huge Mandhara  mountain with many  peaks  like   the spear entered in it.


4308.Due the monkeys getting scared   and running away  from that mountain,

And regrouped in the forest  , That mountain   with clouds  was like,

The  great   sky where   all the stars   have gone away and looked jaded.


4309.At that time  Lakshmana who was  like a lion among men,

Started   entering    the pretty and wealthy streets  of the town,

And Angadha   and other  moneys    standing surrounding Tara ,

Who had chided them  asked, “he has come , what shall we do now.”


4310. Hanuman looking  at Tara  told,  “Oh lady who wears  bangles,

If you go  and prevent Lakshmana    from entering   the  open door of palace,

That Lakshmana    would start thinking  whether what he  wants to do ,

Is correct or not and Lakshmana would    not see the long path,

But tell us the purpose   for which he has   come. That is the only way.”


4311.  Tara told all others  , You all go elsewhere   and I would  go in front of,

Lakshmana   and by questioning    him find the  intention of his mind “

And all  the monkeys   went  away from there and Tara  ,

Who was an expert  in proper manners   along  with,

Her   friends who   had  hair  with flowers  ,  departed.


4312.After crossing the royal avenue   where the important monkeys lived happily,

That Lakshmana who was like   an elephant with rope tied round   his neck  ,

Was trying to enter   the  palace of Sugreeva  and then Tara,

Who had long and scented   hair   stopped him.


4313.Surrounded by ladies  who had   tenderness   to control others,

Who  had white teeth  , wore  white conch   bangles,

Had shining thin waist   , had erect   young breasts,

Belonged  to  good families   and   looked  like peacocks,

Tara stopped   him in that     great street from going further.


4314.With  the bow and sword  getting reflected  in  the  ornaments they wore.

With   sound   coming from the gem stones  of their anklets  ,

With their waist belt  making sound like war  drums  and with their ,

Eye brows   like  flags  filling everywhere  , all of them surrounded  Lakshmana.


4315.With the sound of many   anklets making    sound like   several drums,

With their chariot like hips   rotating  , with arrow like eyes being their weapon,

And with their brows    which were like bows  that are used in war ,

That Army surrounded  Lakshmana    with very high shoulders ,

And his anger   which cannot be brought  down, came  down,

And turning his face   to one side  , he stood on one side   ,

And he was greatly scared   to see   them with his eyes.


4316.When Lakshmana   bending his lotus like face  , holding the bow in hand  ,

Was standing like son in law     in the crowd of   mother   in laws with shyness,

That Tara   who had   pretty shoulders   and pure scent as    well as  long eyes,

Who was like the deva maiden who had   come the world of monkeys  ,
Entered    in to the crowd of ladies   and started   telling the following.


4317.”Oh valorous one  , your coming is a result of limitless  penance   done by us,

And not only that   even Indra    and other  Devas    are not visited by you  easily ,

By your coming and due to your feet touching our  home   we have  become great,

All our bad Karmas have gone    from us   and we have attained   higher state.

Is  there   any other    good result   that we  are likely    to get?


 4318. Tara who can speak sweeter than the music  said ,”Oh  valorous   one,

Seeing you  coming speedily with great anger, this monkey   army without knowing the reason,

Are getting  greatly scared .Can you   tell me the thoughts of your mind . Oh Lord ,

How come you who never   get separated   from the feet of the king , has come here alone?”


4319.That Lakshmana who  wore a flower garland to decorate   his chest ,

As soon as he heard these words , with  his anger reduced, wanting to know  ,

Who had told these words  and seeing  her who was  like  full moon descending to earth,,

Was reminded   of  his mother  who was also a widow   and felt sad.


4320. Seeing that lady Tara  who was not wearing  Mangala Suthra  , who was   not wearing ,

Any ornament with gems  , having left wearing honeyed flower   garlands ,

Having  a stout hot breasts where sandal and  Kumkum paste  were not applied,

And with a neck like the betel nut tree   which was  covered by her upper   cloth,

That  very charitable  Lakshmana  seeing in her his mother  became sad with tear  drops in his eye.


4321.Due to the thought   that  my mother who gave birth   to me would also be like this  ,

His mind got depressed and he stood there benumbed   without talking anything for some time.

And then feeling the need to answer  , he started  telling her   who had very pretty hair.


4322.The  son of Sun God who told my   brother  who is the king  of Manu clan that,

“Me and my army    would search   for Sita and get her back”  has forgotten his   words,

And Rama told me  to  quickly find out about  the state  of Sugreeva  ,

And due to that I have come here and ”Please tell me  the acts ,

Of Sugreeva  who had   got   the great  kingship.” And Tara replied.


4323.”Oh Lord  , do not be angry.. You being great   should pardon  if mistakes  ,

Are committed  by small people  .Except   you who are   there   for us?

Sugreeva has not neglected his task  and he has sent  separate emissaries   all over the world,

And is    waiting for the arrival of monkey armies    from there.

How can we ever  compensate    for the help that  you  did to us.?”


4324.”Thousand crores of emissaries   as per the  orders  have   gone  to bring ,

Crowds of monkeys from everywhere and the time   for arrival of those armies,

Is close at hand and so you  who are more kind  than the   mother , to those  ,

Who surrender    to you ,  please calm down and that is the proper Dharma,

Suppose    a person  had not committed any fault  who would  punish him.”


4325.”Suppose  some one who had surrendered  to you  has been rewarded ,

With limitless wealth  and due to that   he becomes proud   and makes,

Shortcomings in  duties   to be done to you  , Is it not  your fault also?

If  for the sake of the  lady , we  do not  to die  fighting in the battle field,

Would the  friendship between both of you    continue?”


4326.  “You both who have a  honest mind   provided help to  Sugreeva   ,

By destroying his great enemy  and made him hold   the  kingship in an excellent manner,

And  if he neglects you  , it would  lead to bad name   and slipping away from greatness ,

And he would   then become poor in this life   and also a  no good after  life.”


4327.”Did you  not kill  Vali who is an expert in war , just by using one arrow?

Do   you need any help at all   to destroy your enemy?   Is there any other ,

Great help to you which is better than your bow, You are only seeking  people,

To help you  in finding Sita and Sugreeva and others   who have surrendered to your feet,

Are duty bound to undertake     that   job and complete it properly.”


4328. After    hearing    all these  told by  Tara  with great attention,

Clearly understanding it  , That Lakshmana   who is an expert of knowledge ,

With great mercy  and shyness in the mind  , left   all  his anger  ,

Understanding that  the Hanuman who   was having   very strong shoulders,

Who would be great help to them in    war  , reached near Lakshmana.


4329.  That Lakshmana   who does leave  his friendship  , even when he is angry,

Seeing the face   of Hanuman , who approached    and saluted   him  asked him,

“You who are   extremely wise  , have   forgotten what has   happened earlier.”

Hearing that  , Hanuman the expert in conversation   said,

“Oh Lord, please hear   what I have to say”    and started   telling.


4330. “Even for those   who have killed   mother  , father  , teacher  ,

The Brahmins who are like Gods  , cows  , children   and ladies,

There are paths to get out of the sins but for those   who have ,

Forgotten stable help , there   is   no such   method.”


4331. “Oh Lord , the act leading to  real friendship  to you and  to the king   of monkey clan,

Was due   to my act, If that dharma of friendship   is destroyed  ,

Who in the world has ways to escape from that bad Karma,

And also my wisdom would   also become    faulty    forever?”


4332.”Oh Lord ,  I firmly believe   in the   great penance that  you did ,

And the great charity that you did .Let it stand like that  ,Oh Lord,

Who has the capacity to protect    all the   three  worlds, if you get angry at us,

Is it possible for us to escape , as we totally  depend on your mercy.”


4333.”The king of monkeys have  not forgotten , as  he has sent very many groups,

Of emissaries   to summon monkey army   from various places   and  since he  is waiting,

For their arrival  ,  there is a little   bit of delay. If Sugreeva   who has got  you , who are ,

Those who protect Dharma  , if he   breaks  his   habit  of truthfulness  ,

Then though he is born in this world  , he would  become  one who is not born here,

And not only   that   , later   he would never   able   to escape from hell.”


4334. “Oh valorous hero  , who is like an elephant in rut  , When a person helps us,

When we have not helped him earlier   as a compensation to that   if we do not,

Go   to a war as his help and hit   the enemy on his chest   by weapons   or,

If we ourselves face death due to the weapons    sent by that enemy, how can we pay back?”


4335.”Oh Lord   who is greatest among men and resembles a lion  , it is not proper  for you,

To stand here like our enemy   and it would not lead   to any good   for  us,   if our enemies ,

Come to know about it   , it would lead   to bad results, Please   come inside   and see ,

The wealth that  you have given  us as also your elder   brother   Sugreeva “, Hanuman told.


4336.That Lakshmana who had stable    shoulders   like mountain , after hearing those words,

Left the anger that is transient  concluded that  “Sugreeva has  not moved away  from grace of Rama,

But he is one who when great wealth   came to him , being of lesser   status forgot  what he should do,”


4337. After   thinking like this  , he who wore the heroic anklets and had   very strong shoulders,

Looked at Hanuman of the monkey clan   and said, , “A change has   now occurred  in you..

I have to tell well thought out words    which   you should understand  clearly”    and started telling.


4338.”The anger due to Ravana abducting Sita   and fire  like  loss of respect  ,

Attacked Rama and made him greatly sad   and  I who had seen his sorrow  ,

Decided to  loose the Dharma of the kings   and   join along with cruelty  ,

And harm all those   great sinners  and I am not  bothered  ,

About the bad  fame that is likely to come to me by that.”


4339.” In spite of that , I have pacified    my anger   myself   and am living  ,

So that I can console Rama and many such days have already  passed.

If Rama had  not pacified his anger  , all the three worlds would be burnt down,

All the devas   of the heaven will die   and not only that  , great Dharma would be destroyed,

And who are   capable    of preventing all this  if  that is the fate  that does not go away.”


4340.”Due to Rama meeting you , He saw Sugreeva    as one who would help him  ,

When he gets   in to sorrow  , and saw him  as a brother   like me  and ,

He was living   in this    mountain managing   himself     to keep alive  and was waiting.

Otherwise  who can prevent him from searching   for his  lightning like lady  by his bow?”


4341.”Is it a big job for Rama   to search and bring Sita  , whether  , she in the sky,

Or in the fourteen different worlds, the victorious     seven oceans  or seven mountains ,

Which are  all in this globe called the world but in spite    of that , your delaying,

The date   by which you would   certainly help him  and breaking your word  is not proper.”


4342.”You have not only delayed   but made those   asuras who were  proud  ,

For some time. You have  caused trouble to Devas  and you increased  the sorrow  ,

To the sages who have proper knowledge of the Vedas  and who have done Yagnas,

You have helped sin to further grow and made angry  Rama who never  gets   angry.”


4343.As soon as the sweet Lakshmana    told these words , Hanuman saluted him,

And said, “Oh lord who knows ancient books  , please do not keep in your mind,

Things that are  past and if we do not do   the job which we have agreed  to do,

WE will sacrifice our life and for such happenings only Dharma is the   witness.

Please come inside  and meet  Sugreeva who is  like your brother,.”


4344.That Lakshmana who holds  a  bow made of   Gold  ,looked   at Hanuman,

And said “What act we undertook earlier was as per  your words   and in future  ,

When we take up   further acts, we agree to abide   by your plans,”  and ,

With an intention of understanding Sugreeva   who seemed   not to act,  went with Hanuman.


4345, Tara   then went back along with the ladies   who had spear like eyes ,

Mouth like red lotus  , eyebrow like bows  ,  had walk like   that  of swan,

Looks like that of peacock , hips like the board  of chariot with flags  ,

Pearl like teeth  , Thin shoulders like bamboo, voice  like  koels,

Breasts like  golden pot , waist   like lightning  ,nose like Kumizh flower  .

And hair   similar   to that  of   the black  cloud.


4346. Angadha   the son of Vali   along with ministers who knew just ways,

Saluted  the  pretty lotus  flower  like feet of Lakshmana    by falling  at his feet,

And Lost the fear about  Lakshmana  and the great  expert  in bow Lakshmana ,

Looking at Angadha told, “Oh valorous one  , go and  tell your father’s  brother,

About my visit “ And Angadha assented   and saluted Lakshmana  and   went.


4347.  After Leaving  Lakshmana , Angadha   entered the palace  of   his father  ,

And after catching hold tightly   the feet of Sugreeva  , massaged it  , woke him up  ,

And told him, “Oh  valorous one with long hands  , Lakshmana the younger brother of Rama  ,

Has come and is standing outside  your palace   and the anger  that he has now  ,

Is much bigger  than an ocean which is full of  fishes and this is what happened.”


4348.Sugreeva noticing that   the crowd of ladies  noticing Angadha ’s   arrival ,

Were  confused and shouting greatly  , woke   up from his stupor   and not  ,

Realizing the earlier happenings  looked  at  Angadha   and   told him,

“Oh valorous one who wears garlands  of gold as well as flowers  ,

When we have  not done any mistake  , what was the reason for anger of Lakshmana.”


4349. “Oh my father  , at the time when you agreed   you did not   go and meet them,

With an army  , you have   become greatly proud   due to your immense   wealth,

And also forgotten completely    the great help done by them. You have become completely untruthful,

And due to all this   Lakshmana has   become angry  .This  is what has happened.

And due to the request of diplomatic Hanuman, we continue to be alive.” Said Angadha. 


4350.”The valorous monkey heroes  seeing the speed at which he was coming,

Closed the golden door of the city    which touched   the sky  and ,

Without leaving any  hill stacked  all stony mountains, one over the other  ,

And  stood proudly with great  burning  anger   to fight with Lakshmana.”


4351.”That Lakshmana who was the best among the males  seeing that ,

With his  feet which was like a pretty  lotus flower  kicked the door,

But even before his feet touched it  , the long  boundary walls   which are  spread,

From south to North   and victorious doors   and   the stacked mountains  ,

Broke and got  scattered and  mixed    with the dust   there.”


4352. “I do not know how   to properly describe   the state  of the monkey army

with  huge  shoulders who saw that state of affairs. My mother   who saw all these,

Along with well ornamented  ladies  stopped Lakshmana  who was carrying a lightning like  bow.”


4353. That Lakshmana without  seeing any of those ladies , not able to tell,

Anything due to the anger in his mind  stood there  with stifled emotion.

The lady who is my mother   told him sweet words  like  “Oh lord ,

Why did you leave Rama alone there   and  came here?” and

The younger brother   Lakshmana   told    the reason  for that.”


4354.”My mother   who   understood    the reason properly  ,

Pacified his anger   and told, “He   has not  forgotten the order of Rama,

Sugreeva  has sent several emissaries   through   the mountain path  ,

Strewn with stones  to bring  most of the monkey army  with great speed,

And is waiting for that army” This is what happened here” said Angadha.


4355,When Angadha told like that  , the son off Sun God   started telling,

“If that Rama and Lakshmana  come opposing us    with anger,

Who can  stand opposing     them in this earth or heaven? What is the reason,

That  when that Lakshmana who is great  archer   came  with great anger ,

You did not  request   me to come quickly   to meet him . “ 


4356.”Oh my father   who wears pretty garland  made of bunches  of flowers,

And who has very strong   shoulders  ,  I had told you about it earlier  itself.

But at that   time   you  were not fully conscious   and did not understand  what  I told,

And understanding that  I cannot   do anything further  , I went to tell Hanuman,

And it is proper    that you go  within a second and see  Lakshmana ,” he told.


4357.Sugreeva   who  was friendly wuth Rama   told Angadha  , “oh son,

Would any body else can get help like    the    great help that  I received?

Is there any destruction possible    to   the great  wealth  received by me  ?

Due to drinking alcoholic drink  , I forgot   al the sorrows  of Rama,

Which I had agreed to remove and I am ashamed   to see Lakshmana.”


4358.  “Except the habit  of drinking alcoholic drink , what  other  thing  ,

Can be done  without realization?  If I cannot differentiate   between  mother and wife  ,

What is the use   following all other Dharmas? Drinking these drinks  ,

And losing  all the   senses  is one of the five great   sins   also  ,

We lose our senses  in  illusion which   is not  free of deceit,

And  we   feed one  loss of senses   with another loss  of senses.”


4359.”Those  who  with clear  thought  and leave  out  bad actions   are those,

Who have got away from the sorrow of birth.” Say all great philosophers,

As well as   thosewho know all the four Vedas  and

 I  like  the people   who try to put out fire in the house   by pouring ghee in it  ,

Am getting enjoyment in life by drinking   alcoholic   drinks,

After removing   all the worms  in it and get fulfillment.”


4360.””As soon as one realizes himself   the  ill of the infamous  birth cycle  is removed.”

 Say all the Vedas , Vedangas  ,But  over the disease of dirt  of not knowing  ,

My own real form , I drank  more alcoholic drinks  and made  my mind mad. Is this proper?”


4361. “Except those   who protect others  , who have controlled   their five senses,

Who are  always   drowned in divine wisdom   and ,  who  do not have   any attachment  to,

Pain  or pleasure  , Has any body  else have attained    the good  life  in the divine  world”

Have  any one seen those    who drink  alcoholic in hiding   and enjoyed  life   attain it?”


4362.Because   those who drink alcohol   do not   feel   the bad  ,

Done  to them by their enemies, the good that  is done   by friends  ,

What they have seen personally  , what has  been told by  experts in Sastras,

The way greatness  reached us and  the sorrows   that have spread in our mind ,

And   are   there  any other  thing which gives   good to us  better than feeling tham.”


4363.”Those who drink  Alcoholic drinks   would be troubled   jointly by  ,

Deceit  , thieving , telling lies, ignorance, principle against tradition,

The bad habit  of not protecting  people   who surrender   to  them ,

And pride and Goddess  Lakshmi who   sits on lotus flower would go away .

Even poison   if drunk    would cause  their death

and unlike  these  alcoholic drinks does not take people  to hell.


4364.” I have heard elders   say,  Bad  things   would happen if we drink Alcoholic drinks  ,

But today   that   has shown its great strength   directly  to me., What is the  need   ,

Of saying any  other things.  Due   to the wisdom of hanuman got from books ,

I have now escaped   from impending doom, other wise  without any doubt ,

Due to the anger   of  that  valorous  one   who came speedily  ,

Was there   any doubt   of  me meeting     with my death.”


4365.”Oh Angadha  , I was scared  about   the great danger  caused  by  ,

The Alcoholic  drinks, It should   not be touched by the hand  ,

And not only that, it should  not be even thought   by the mind,

If I still    continue to like this cruel   alcoholic  drink  , let  ,

The lotus flower   like feet   of Rama completely destroy me.”


4366.After   Sugreeva with good character   took an oath   that   he would,

Not   touch alcoholic   drinks  , taking  with  him  all that  was necessary  to properly,

Receive Lakshmana  , he ordered Angadha , “Now    you go and meet him”,

Surrounded   by  his wives   and  his relatives, he went ,

And kept waiting   in the main door of the palace   to met Lakshmana.


4367.    The  golden pots   containing ground  red sandal paste   , flowers , perfumed dusts ,

And  the smoke of Akil, rows of lamps ,matchless garlands  made of good pearls  ,

And various other decorations  , peacock feathers  , flags   , conches  ,

The high sounding   drums   and all such things filled up city of  Kishkinda.


4368.In that city the   walls constructed   by pure crystal stones   surrounded  by,

Very tall pillars  were studded   with high quality  precious gems 

Which all reflected   the   form of Lakshmana   and  people   were  misled,

And thought  thousands  of warriors holding   bows  had come to the city.


4369.Angadha   again went back and saluted the   feet of Lakshmana  and  then Lakshmana,

Looked at him and asked “Oh  Sir  , Where   is your lord now  ?” and then Angadha   replied,

“Oh hero who is like a male lion , Sugreeva who  has the   wealth of penance already   done,

Is  standing near the victorious main door   of  the cloud like palace to receive you.”


4370. When those monkey ladies who wear ornaments  like Choodaka    and   Thodi  ,

 Who were sprinkling  scented powders  and fanning with   very broad white chowries

And holding  white royal umbrellas  which looked like the   white moon  on the sky,

The monkey chief Sugreeva   came before  Lakshmana holding pretty valorous  bow.


4371. When the  ladies who were like Murukku flower  holding water for washing as well as,

For drinking  and holding in their  hands all other  things needed   to worship  Lakshmana came,

The sound of big and small drums  reverberated , the sages came chanting Vedas  ,

Making the sound spread in all directions  with the devas  getting   surprised  ,

At seeing the new  pride  of wealth  and  Sugreeva   went  before  Lakshmana .


4372,That Sugreeva with great wealth    who came to welcome  Lakshmana , surrounded ,

By crowd of monkey ladies   with desirable breasts   surrounding him like   stars,

Appeared  like  the moon with his own luster  on the top of the mountain   ,

And appeared similar to his father  who has   risen up    on the rising mountain.


4373.That  great Lakshmana  was waiting to receive   the king of monkeys  , and then,

Great anger arose in him  but since he was bothered  about the state  of Dharma .

He became  calmed down  using   the clarity   of his  clear  mind.


4374. Then both of them hugged each other   with their shoulders   which  was ,

Stouter then iron pillar   and mountain  and along   with  the crowd of monkey ladies,

And that of warriors   reached the palace  which had inexhaustible  gold.


4375.Then that  king of monkey clan showed Lakshmana, a well made throne  ,

And said, “Oh lord  , please sit here “ but  Lakshmana  thought   that  ,

It would not be proper for him   to sit on the throne,

Wile Rama, the lord of Lakshmi was sitting  on a   grassy  land.


4376.”When my Lord Rama    who due   to the boon of  Kaikeyi   who had a mind of stone,

Has   sacrificed  the gem studded   crown and  is sleeping on the  bed of grass,

My sitting   on a golden seat   where   flowers have been spread  is  not desirable”, said Lakshmana.


4377.As soon as Lakshmana told like that  , Sugreeva    stood  surprised  ,

And shedding tears from his lotus like eyes   struggled and  then,

He who belonged to the clan of Manu   sat on a seat  of rock,

In that  palace   which was  as  tall as    the mountain.


4378. Then   the young  , the old  , the huge crowd of ladies  ,looked depressed,

And with a   tear filled eyes   , not able   to tell   anything ,

Became tired and  were looking like   sages who have  controlled  their senses.


4379. Then that king Sugreeva  looked at Lakshmana and told, “ as per  tradition 

If you take   your bath now and partake    the very tasty   sweet  meal ,

We would consider ourselves blessed.” And as soon as he told this  ,

The younger brother of black coloured Rama  started   telling.


4380.”When  in spite of  the fact   that our stomach is filled   only with sorrow   and bad name  ,

If we are keeping alive   , what   would   provide  sweetness   to  us?

Though I  have desire to eat, I know   that   at this time  of sorrow,

When our mind is filled   with worries  , even nectar would be bitter for us?”


4381.  “If you show us    the place where   the consort   of Rama  is living,

We would  put out the fire of bad name    that   is surrounding us  ,

If you make us take  bath in Ganges  and  make  us eat,

The nectar that  came out of ocean of milk , then we will not have any sorrow.”


4382. “ Rama eats only leafy vegetables  , roots   and fruits   and  I eat only,

What is remaining   after   he completes  his  eating of food and I do not desire,

For any other thing  and if I desire , that is without doubt food left  by Dog after  eating.”


4383.”Oh Sir  , apart from this one more thing is there. Only   after  I return ,

Bring leafy vegetables  and cook them   then  only  the prince Rama, who is your friend,

 Can take   his meal and so  If I  wait here any more  , it would not be sweet.”  Said Lakshmana.


4384. When Lakshmana told like this  , that Sugreeva  looked at him  and said,

“When the best among the Manu clan   Rama  is suffering this sorrow  ,

Spending time pleasantly   is suitable only to us   monkeys, “ and later  ,

He became completely   depressed   and sobbed  with his soul.


4385.Then Sugreeva , the son of Sun God got up suddenly  and thinking  of .

Immediately going to Rama   who was  shedding tears  , who was hating  life of wealth,

And had a sad depressed mind  , told  like   this   to Hanuman.


4386.”Oh expert in rules  of justice  , as I have   ordered  earlier  ,bring along with you,

The monkey army that   would be coming here along with our emissaries  ,

Till  they come , please wait here” Ordering  like this to Hanuman  ,

He  started speedily   travelling   towards   the place where Rama lives.


4387. That Sugreeva who was the son of Sun God with red rays   hugged Lakshmana ,

Who had  a  pure mind without any doubts  and then accompanied  by Angadha,

With monkeys  marching in front of him  , with monkey ladies  ,

Travelling behind him  , he went ahead speedily to Rama  who was his brother.


4388-4389. When Sugreeva   wearing lightning  like ornaments  .

Walked  with  nine thousand   crores of monkeys, in his front,

In his  back and on its sides  accompanied by   the best of his   great relatives  ,

Walking near him  towards    the place   of Rama,

The entire forest was crowded  with flags , drums gave out  sound of thunder ,

Conches boomed, the luster from the marching army  filled up  like streaks of lightning,

Dust   rose greatly from the earth   and all these  covered   all the skies.


4390.  Palanquins    made with gold ,. Gems ,  pretty   thin cloth ,

 Lustrous gems  , stones of crystal   and  with silver   broader  than the sky,

AS per the wishes  of everybody   travelled closely  ,

And the   white   royal umbrellas   were   surrounding it.


4391.Just because  Rama’s younger brother   with  his lustrous red feet  ,

Was walking  on the bare earth  , the son of Sun God ,

With the belled heroic anklets tied in his   feet making   sound  ,

Also  walked   on the earth ordering his palanquin to come behind him.


4392.That lad  Lakshmana with   huge heroic anklets  , Sugreeva  ,

Making the army stay   behind    with Angadha   walking by his side  ,

With desire to see  Rama walking in front   reached  ,

Speedily    the mountain   on which  Rama   was stayig.


4393.Leaving the love  for wealth   which no one  can imagine  ,

With devotion   to salute    the divine    feet   of Rama  ,

That Sugreeva who was   the  chief of monkey clan,

Was similar   to Bharata   who saluted   daily  ,

Those   divine feet of Rama  .


4394.Sugreeva  , seeing Rama   who due   to the going  of Lakshmana,

Who would always    with him  like Lord Vishnu  ,

Would   stand  alone at the time   of final deluge  ,

Saluted him    with gem studded garlands   touching   the ground  ,

And  touched Rama’s lotus like red   feet with his   head,


4395.As soon as  Sugreeva   saluted him  , making the goddess Lakshmi  ,

Who always   was  on his chest feel the pain , with his long   arms  ,

Rama hugged him tightly, with the anger   which had risen in him   ,

Getting pacified   and like earlier with love  offered a  seat to him.


4396. Rama   made Sugreeva sit sweetly   near him  , looked at him and asked,
“Does your kingship and  your rule  go in tandem as per the  rules in book?

You  with your long arms  are doing good   without asking like a cloud 

 And does  all the beings   under your protection  live joyfully ,

Does   your  umbrella of victory   provide   you  cool.”


4397. As soon as he heard   those   words   which have great meaning  , the son of Sun God,

Who travels  on a wheeled   chariots in the sky said, “Oh lord who remains    stable even at deluge,

When I have the blessings of you  who is like a Sun  to dark world  , Are they difficult  to me.”


4398.Sugreeva again looked at Rama and told  , “Oh Rama with great characters ,

Oh king  , I got the difficult   to attain great wealth due to your grace,

And in spite of that, I showed   my  very poor monkey   qualities 

By going against    your express   orders.”


4399.Again Sugreeva told Rama,”  Though  I have   the ability  to search  ,

In all directions   and get you back Sita  , without doing that  and ,

Without thinking that you who is very clear minded  would be   sad ,

For the sake  of Sita   who wears  well made ornaments , I spent time  in pleasurable  life.


4400.”Oh  Lord who wears   the heroic anklet   and  holds a powerful bow,

If my nature  , mental strength   and thoughts   are  like these  ,

Is there  a need for me to tell about  what I will do  in future  ,

As well my valour”   said  Sugreeva with great sorrow.


4401. That Lord Rama who keeps  Goddess  Lakshmi on his chest  said,

“the difficult to  pass rainy season  has come to an end   and since,

The words   that you tell realizing your duty  which assures   me that,

You would  do the searching of Sita  , Is not  a lowly act  and ,

You are like Bharata   and  should not tell such words   to me.”


4402.  Rama again started   telling   looking at Sugreeva .

“Where    is Hanuman of great knowledge ?” and then,

Sugreeva the son of Sun God  said , “That  Hanuman ,

Would arrive with  a huge army  which is like water filled  ocean?”


4403.”My  faultless emissaries have gone  with speed  to collect

 One thousand crores of monkey army   and the time   ,

For their arrival has   already come and still all of them   ,

Have not come  and are expected   in  a day or two  ,

And Hanuman would come here  along with that powerful army.”


4404”Along with  me  nine thousand crore   big  monkey army,

Has come   and to that big army should arrive by tomorrow,

Once that army comes   we can think about  ,what needs  to be done.”


4405.That Rama who liked  Sugreeva told  “Oh valorous one .

Is this  a very difficult   job for you? Your peaceful nature appears to be  good.

Now the long day time has come to an end  and so you please go now  ,

And come  along with your army   when it has   assembled”

When Rama gave leave to go , Sugreeva saluted him  and went back.


4406. That Rama who had eyes like red lotus flower  told sweet  words,

To Angadha   and told him,” Go and stay with   your father.”

And gave him leave to go  and  stayed that night ,

There along with Lakshmana  and  Sita   in his  mind.

11.Thanai kaan padalam,

Chapter on inspecting the army.


(Avery huge army of monkets under various great  leader monkeys arrive there . Rama is greatly sayisfied  and they decide to send them for searching   Sita, all over the world.)


4407.All that night Rama and Lakshmana stayed there and before  sun rose ,

On the top on the  golden mountain of sun rise , we will now tell  ,

The arrival of mountain like monkey army  which was   brought  ,

By  the powerful emissaries, in very great detail.


4408. That Satabali   who is a monkey chieftain   arrived with one thousand monkey captains ,

Who were each as powerful  as ten lakh elephants along   with  ,

Ten thousand crores of monkey army  whose back was bent  and reported  to Sugreeva.


4409.Another monkey chieftain called Susedana came   with  ten lakh crores,

Of monkey army   who were   each capable  of uprooting   the Meru mountain,

And who  could drink  refined alcoholic drinks   and   would not lose  their senses.


4410.”The father  of Ruma whose  voice cannot be matched by nectar   and .,

Who is the wife  of Sugreeva   along  forty  eight  thousand   crores  of soldiers,

Who wre capable of   churning   the limitless  ocean   and ,

Make it in to slushy mud     within a second   came  .”


4411. The great monkey hero Kesari    who was   the father  of Hanuman ,

Who has great fame  in this earth   as well   as   all other worlds  .

Came with fifty  lakh    crores   of soldiers  who were huge  monkeys ,

Having shoulders  like  the Kailasa  mountain and were like  an ocean.


4412.The very strong Dhoomira  who was as strong as   the Varaha  incarnation ,

Of lord Vishnu which lifted the earth   came along with   two thousand crores  of,

Bear  army   who were having round stout  form  , whose  one root of hair,

Can accommodate    huge mountains and who occupied   very large   space.


4413Gavaksha  came   with four thousand crores   of  joyful monkey army  walking ahead of him.

Who  if individually get angry  ,  can make  Sun god lose his power   and together  and

If they get angry   could   hit and destroy  the entire   world where   they live.


4414. The monkey  commander  Panasa   who looks like a big mountain coming alone  ,

Who  used to make others shiver  and make their mind break by his,

Unquenchable    anger , came with twelve thousand crores  ,

Of monkey   army   each of whom used to get greatly angry.


4415.Neela  came along  fifty crores   of monkey army  , who made very great ,

Joyful    limitless sound which made   the  sound of thunder  and roaring ocean,

Get scared, who were having great speed  ,and who were like cruel God of death  .


4416. Dareemukha   a valorous hero   brought   with him thirty crores  of monkeys,

Who were having long hands, huge  chests  , strong body and  blessed  with firm action,

Who are  fierce , who have  a form bigger  than mountain, and whose  eyes  emit fire sparks.


4417. One valorous  one  called Akshaya  came  with thirty  thousand  crores  of monkey ocean,

Who think that  because this earth was  not  sufficient for them   they  want ,

A broader earth , who are spread  all  over earth   and whose  sight   ,

Makes   even the very furious crowd of  lions   get scared .


4418. Samba who had    a form which   was like   a huge mountain   came   with  ,

One  thousand crores  of  very great  monkeys  who were coming  rolling  like  the tides 

of ocean and flashes   and along   with them he stayed   there.


4419. Dunmukha  who  was having great strength   and who is going to end, 

The life span of Asuras apart from the life span allotted   to them,

By Lord Brahma   sitting on a lotus   and their own bad Karma,

Came with twenty lakhs   army of monkeys who were fearsome.


4420.Mainda  who was the personification of victory   and a great warrior,

Along with  Gaja  Gomukha  came with  one hundred  lakh  crores,

Of Monkey army who were all  greatly angry as   well as cruel.


4421.Dumindha   who wore a garland of fully open flowers   and who was ,

Like a mountain came with one lakh crore  crores  of   monkey army  ,

Who were greatly angry  who were marching on both his sides,

Raising great heaps   of dust which covered  the earth and the sky.


4422. A valorous hero Kumudha   who travels  like  wind fan  ,

Who had more speed than  the  wind  , who was more cruel than God of death,

Came  with huge crowd of monkeys   which resembled the ocean with tides,

Estimated as nine crores who had great mental and body   strength  and very enraged.


4423.Padhumukha came   with forty nine thousand   crores monkey army ,

Who would not be eliminated even if  the ocean moves away during deluge ,

Who had   strong , pretty and ling shoulders  , making dust  of earth rising up to heaven.


4424. Rishabha came   with nine hundred   crores  of monkey army, who do not,

Get destroyed  during deluge when all fourteen worlds   get perished  ,

Who were looking like   being surrounded  by array of huge  mountains,

Who were   extremely strong  and had big   and cruel shoulders.


4425.Deergapada, Sarabha  and Vinatha  came with an army  numbering several crores,

Which appeared  bigger than the huge ocean with  very big tides,

Which cannot be estimated by any one,  and who had black face ,

Who raised so much dust that  it  covered inside and outside  of our globe.


4426.Hanuman who did not get scared  even after seeing  Sun God  which had,

Its  fearsome rays as weapons came   with an army of twenty five thousand monkeys

Which had spread so much that the area surrounded  by directions appeared small,

And which made heavens tilt to one direction , reached   there.


4427.Nala  who was the son of Viswakarma, the architect  of devas  and ,

Who resembled his father came with one lakh   crores   monkey army.,

Making even Devas wonder  “Where is the end of this army?” and ,

Making the God of death  faint   , confused  and perplexed.


4428. The monkey army collected by Khumbha   and Kulasangha  ,

Who were chiefs of army of big monkeys came and the army  that,

They collected   cannot be counted by people  on this earth   and,

Could be  told as being equal   the number of arrows in quiver  of Rama,

And it is difficult to tell about the number in any other way.


4429. If that monkey army assembled there  dip in the  seven oceans  ,

All water would go away and the oceans  would look like  white dust,

If they all tilt to one side , the earth and Meru mountain would tilt  to that side  ,

Suppose  they stand up and take a walk  , there would  not be space  in the world,

Even to put till seeds and if they get angry  , even fire and Sun would get burnt.


4430.If the size of that army that   has assembled  on earth, is counted,

Seventy thousand  Brahmas would  not be able to complete the job,

If they start  eating  the entire   globe   would become  one fist for them,

And if they are to be seen by the eye , even Shiva with his eyes in forehead  cannot see them.


4431.If the monkey army   wanted to break, the Meru mountain  of north,

Would be completely   broken  , and if they want to hit something  ,

They can  hit the top of the broad sky    and if they want to catch some thing ,

They can catch  big wind as well   as God of death   and suppose they wanted  to drink,

Something  , they can take the water  of seven seas in their hand  and can drink it completely.


4432.They were capable of jumping beyond    the directions  that we specify,

They had mental determination to  complete the  jobs  planned  by their king  immediately.

And those   sixty seven crore army chiefs came easily   collecting the very huge army.


4433, All those  Army chiefs  along with   the monkey army   that could be,

Thought of as   spread in all the  seven great  oceans saluted the feet,

Of Sugreeva  who is the son of Sun God   who travels  in chariot with one wheel,

And greeted him   by saying  “Long live”, “Long live”


4434.When that   great monkey army came and settled  there  , the son of Sun God,

Speedily went and met, Rama the son of Dasaratha   and said,

“Oh lord who is like god of death  to  bad fate , even before we thought,

Your huge army   has   arrived .Please   come   and see it.”


4435.Rama with great joy  ,with a happy mind as well as pleasant feeling as if,

Sita herself has arrived   and with  great feeling in the mind , reached ,

The top of a very big mountain   and Sugreeva , went back   to that great army.


4436.It had a  length and breadth   of fifteen Yojanas    and then he ,

Commanded  the great army  was , ”Start  from the North to southern direction “ ,

And he himself returned   back   to Rama along with army commanders.


4437.Sugreeva again came back to Rama   looked  at him and told  ,

“oh best hero among   the powerful valorous heroes, ”Please see.”

And then he showed him the army  as per     their ranks  and stayed there.

And that   huge monkey army   , like the ocean of milk  with tides,

Travelling in a path  , created a huge   sound creating fear  and moved out.


4438. Then  the dust  arose from    the earth  , covered all  eight directions,

All the entire area of the earth  , the round heavens    where   devas  live  ,

All the seven seas  with huge  tide   and   the   globe  ,

Resembled   a huge pot   which is completely filled   with dust.


4439.If we say that   this piece   of army is similar   to the  ocean,

There are people who have measured the ocean  but there are,

None who know about the breadth of this army .How would ,

Wise people  compare   anything with this great army  ,and

Rama and Lakshmana who carefully watched this army for twenty days,

Were not able to see its middle  and then how can one find out its end?


4440. If we think of victory   Rama can be compared   only to himself ,

For  in this great earth   or in the land of serpents   , there is  no one else ,

Who can be told as one    who does not have comparison   and that Rama

Examined properly   the great army   with his  mind and eye  

And  then saw his brother   and started   talking   with him.


4441.”Oh brother who wears garland  of flowers full of  petals  , we both with our knowledge  .

Saw the center of this very powerful   monkey army , is there a method to see the end to this army?

In this world people say “we have seen the ocean” but has any one    seen its  last boundary?”


4442.”Oh brother who wears a scented flower garland , who can  exactly find out the end,

Of the body of god,   the ten directions  , five great elements  , wisdom  ,

Languages that  we speak  , the changes in view  of different religions  ,

And  the faultless   monkey army that has assembled    at this spot?”


4443.If we decide   to see this great army thoroughly   from here  and then  decide ,

To do what we should do  , by the time we completely   see it  ,

Several days   would get over   and  so  it is proper to clearly think about,

What we should  do and get engaged in it with concentrated  mind.”

Said Rama and then Lakshmana  who   saluted him   and started   telling him.


4444.”Oh lord  , whatever  these  valorous monkeys   want to do   any where  ,

In any world  , they would be easily   able to do it. There is no place  to say  that,

There is  an action   that is impossible for them to do  ?  Searching  and ,

Finding out Sita  is a very easy job , for their very great ability  and

Due to this army sins   would get defeated   and Dharma  will win.”


4445,”That lord Brahma   who was born in a  lotus flower   which  rises up,

IN the water  with waves, seems to have  created all other beings in this earth  ,

Only to   compare  them  to this great army which has   soldiers,

Who are like huge mountains   which have got  soul and  move around.”


4446.”Oh Lord   who is an expert in great books  ,we should not cause any further delay,

But identify those people    who should search for Sita   and send   them away speedily .”

When Lakshmana told like this  , the great Rama   started telling  , the son,

Of Sun God who travels in a chariot drawn by    seven horses.


12.Naada vita  Padalam

The chapter  on going away for search


(Sugreeva    deputes four teams    to the four directions. The team going to the south was lead by Hanuman.  Sugreeva gives in detail the path they have to follow  and reach the Mahendra   mountain which is on the shore of the southern sea. Rama tells   in detail , how Hanuman can identify Sita  and  tells him a few incidents only known to him and Sita. He also fives his ring   to Hanuman as a makr of identity.

    In Valmiki Ramayana  , Sugreeva gives directions to all the four teams in great detail. He  does not stop with the boundary of  the Bharatha country but goes even beyond till earth’s end.  The direction to south given by him  is   slightly different  than what in in Kamba Ramayana  . For example he does not name the Tamil kingdoms ,  nor does he mention about Temple at   Tirupathi. In Kamba Ramayana  he tells them to cross Vindhya and one of the places he asks them to go is Dandaka vana  . This is not  there  in Valmiki Ramayana. He does not describe Sita to Hanuman nor does he tell identifying incidents. The ring he gives in not a’ pretty ring he  wears’ but his signet ring with his name    inscribed on it.)


4447. “In differing types  , in  not thinking but obeying  

And   without enemies who can oppose  them

This army    is standing in rows   and spread   everywhere   ,

With  nobody  capable to stop them  and  

It also  does not  have any measure  of  its numbers,”

Said Rama    and for that   Sugreeva     replied like this.


4448.”  Greatly wise  people after   great thought  say

,”This army  has got seventy vellam     soldiers.”

Except for this estimate, no one can say  after  doing ,

Deep thought   that this    army   has   an end point.”


4449.”For  the monkeys in this   army   the  number of victorious  chiefs,

Are   sixty seven crores   and  these chiefs  are  under the  commander chief Nila 

Who  is   having the strength   to  burn down  even god  of death.”  Said Sugreeva.


4450 . Rama who was holding  in his hand the victorious  bow  looked ,

With love at Sugreeva   the son of Sun god who has hot rays   and said  ,

“Now what is the use  of wasting time  by talking various things ?

Let us  think about how   we would   work effectively  for   attaining our goal.”


4441. That Sugreeva then looked   at  the great Hanuman  and told,

“Oh   chief   , in all the three worlds you have  the speed of your father ,

And capability to enter any where and so why are   you delaying  ,

Are  you waiting to see  , what   the other  efficient monkeys are doing?”


4442. “You please go from here and search   for the ornamented Sita,

In the land   of the serpents  ,also search in earth   and  now you should ,

Also show us your ability to enter   the pleasure land  of heaven and search there.”


4453. “ According to what I know  .the long palace   of Ravana   is on the southern side  ,

And so   you go to that direction  , win over    all the  Asuras   who are there ,

As the one who deserves fame is yourself and not anybody    else.”


4454.”Oh clear headed one  , I also vaguely   remember    that  ,

Cheating Ravana armed with the sword  ,  who has deceived ,

And taken away the creeper like Sita  was travelling towards south. Please remember this.”


4455,”Angadha the son of Tara  , Jambavan  and  other valorous monkeys,

Would come   with great recognition along with you  and let  ,

Two Vellam of army    also start   with you    for this search.”


4456.Let Sushena   go towards   the west  , let Sathavali go towards,

North which is ruled by Khubera  ,Let Vinatha   go towards the east  ,

Which belongs to Indra and all of them would go,

Accompanied    by a very powerful armies .


4457. “oh leaders who are  suitable to wear   garlands of victory,

You please go with two Vellam army  who are used to victory  ,

Travel and roam everywhere   in search of sita  ,

And return back to this place    within another   one month,” said Sugreeva.


4458.Then he addressed   those   who were  travelling to south  and told.,

“You start   from here   and reach   the Vindhya   mountain  ,

Which   has thousand pretty shining  peaks   which would make you ,

Suspect that  it is   the Lord Vishnu himself   and make you want to salute him.”


4459.After searching for Sita in Vindhya mountain , you please   reach,

Narmada   river , made bright  be several type  of gems,

Where   even devas take bath   , where   the beees,

Sing music called  Panchamam  ,  after drinking   the honey  ,

That are in the flowers  ,  which come floating   in the river.


4460.From there  go to to the mountain called   Hema koota  ,

Where  the  smoke like black coloured   Asuna    birds ,

Sleep   when the deva maidens wearing  a pretty  waist belt  ,

With   desire   were  rocking a swing  and  sing sweetly.


4461.Then you leave    with haste   that Hemakuta mountain,

Along with the monkeys  of your group and make to the  shore ,

Of the lake behind    you   and go ahead from there ,

Then after  searching for Sita  with cultured habits  ,

In the black  pennai river   for a few days   and,

Go away     from there     with great   speed.


4462.Then slowly cross    the Vidharbha country  which has  ,

Scented   AAthi and Akil trees   and  the cool scented  sandal trees,

As fence    and after  walking  a long distance   , you would  ,

Reach    the Dandakaranya   which  has  lot of water   resources.


4463 There    exists   a garden in Dandakaranya    called  Mundaka thurai  ,

Where it is told in the olden days   sage  Agasthya    used to  live ,.

And there   if you happen to see    sages    doing penance   in your mind  ,

It would cause   your mental worries to disappear. Please see that.


4464.That Mundaka thurai garden   similar  to the wealth   of charitable people  ,

Which is enjoyed   all people   of the world  , exists    for ever  ,

And is similar to  the    cheek of  very virtuous ladies   ,  is   sweet  ,

In all seasons unlike     the sweet fruits   of the  season.


4465. The people in that   place do not blink the eye  properly,

Would not sleep well   and there  is   no gate to enter in to it,

And it  would  always give enjoyment  like  the love play  ,

With the ladies   in bed   and it also has lots of water.


4466. After crossing that place   reach a mountain called Pandu mountain ,

Which touches the  moon in the sky  , over which even the sun god,

With red rays    thinks    and stays there    for  a while, before  going,


4467.Near    that  mountain   is the   broad Godavari river   whose   old waters  ,

Which drags   with it pearls , collected    broken golden plates  ,

Rathna gems  , the churners  from courtyards  of  cowherds  ,

Trees   ,huge  rolling stones  , animal   in her ebbing waters.

All those who take bath in that   pure sacred   water of that river   do not go hell called “Puth”.

 And they do not  wander here and there  ,  and it could take you  to world of devas ,


4468.  After crossing Godavari  , you have to go  to Kavana  river   where  Subrahmanya 

Who has six faces , the killer    enemies as per request of devas, which is  a river of Dharma  ,

Which   is  like a river of clear grace  , Which  is like desirable good habits  ,

Which is surrounded  ,  gardens having fully opened   flowers   on both its banks,

On all sides   and   which had shining   gems which completely removed darkness.


4469. After  crossing Kavana   river  , you would see the famous  Surya kantha    mountain,    534

Where the stones   are released from the sling of   the ladies and the big mountain ,

That produces   great heat    and   the Chandra kantha   mountain  .

After you cross    these  mountains  , after   crossing several countries,

You would reach Konkana   country where Adhi SEsha  lives in hiding,  scared  of Garuda,

And also you    would reach    the Kulitha    country.


4470.Then you would  reach the Arundathi mountain which is  like a gift ,

To those foolish people who argue    that Lord Shiva is   the best among gods,

Or The Lord Vishnu who measured    the earth  is  the best God,

Who are all ignorant  of religious ethics  , to attain  salvation  ,

Which cannot be entered in to , Which is near Akasa Ganga  .

Which merges   the sun and moon   in its peaks which touch the sky  ,

And which gives   boons to all those    who salute  it.


4471.After crossing  deserts  which scares all beings  , rivers  , wide streams  ,

Akil trees, sandalwood trees   , mountains   which touch   the clouds  ,

And Prosperous countries, if you further proceed   in that path,

You  would reach the emerald  mountains   where Garuda   gave  ,

Nectar   to the Serpents   with poisonous mouth   for saving his mother,

And after  saluting that mountain proceed  by a path on its side.”


4472. “Then you would   reach   the Tiru Venkata   mountains  , which is,

The  boundary of the southern  and northern toungue  , which posses,

That thing    which is the end  of all the things    that  we posses ,

Which is the boundary   of  deep wisdom,  , which does not have ,

Anything which can be compared   to it nearby   and which has valleys  ,

Filled with   bee hives   all around   which   is shining  like the bodies  with fame  .


4473.Without doing any action that lead  always either to the good   or bad Karma ,

Equally regarding    the wealthy life   praised  by devas    as well as  ,

The lowly life    that    makes you wait for the   food that is given in charity

And getting clear understanding that   the prime reason for   this birth,

Is   those two types of Karmas   were  the great saints    who live in that mountain,

Who can    cut off the relation with Karma there itself  and who   are  great enemies  ,

Of those  good and bad Karmas and they merit to   be saluted   to be saluted from here itself.


4474.   That mountain   has rivers   full of bathing ghats   where   pure hearted  Brahmins,

Who have given up cheating  live , where  saints of great penance  ,

Who have thorough grasp   of the Vedas    and Sasthras  live  in their hermitages ,

And which is a place    the calves of elephants  and tiger cubs     sleep soundly  .

To the music   of Deva maidens  to the accompaniment   of music played,

On  a musical instrument, Called Kinnara by strumming  its sweet  wires.


4475. When you reach   that big mountain with peaks   all your great sins would vanish,

And you would reach salvation immediately   and so do not go inside   but avoid it.

After that you would reach the Thondai Nadu   which has wealth of water  and,

Please completely and thoroughly search tha country   and then after wards  ,

Reach the divine  and famous river Ponni(Cauvery) , which  has great looks  ,

And search thoroughly on its two banks      for Sita.


4476.After crossing  The Chozha country   where   the Cauvery with   water ,

As clear as the minds of those who attain   heaven   is situated,

You would find a  place  where sages who have completely  forgotten,

The sorrows caused by past Karma   and you please  go speedily by that path,

With the knowledge   that  the people who sleep  do not attain any thing but dream,

And reach the mountain country   which has mountains   which shine  due  to the ,

Luster  of gems   and after  searching there   go and reach,

The Pandya  country in the very widely   spread Thamizh speaking  country.


4477. Then if you reach   the south Thamizh Nadu  in   which there is  the podigai mountain,

In which the   great saint Agasthya   is  doing penance   where  the Tamizh  Sangam,

Is established   and where   the great sage  lives permanently, Salute that  mountain  ,

Go forward  and  then cross   the  pretty river Tamravarni    and  then see  ,

The  great Mahendra mountain  with its  big  valleys   where  the elephant  calves live

 And from there   you would be able  to see the southern ocean.


4478. You cross that  place   and in that place   and places  beyond   search for Sita,

For the entire  month   and then you come   back to this place”   and then Sugreeva,

Ordered them to  Take leave from him speedily   and proceed ahead.” And at that time,

That  Rama whose incarnation was the very tall Trivikrama   looked at  Hanuman,

With lot of mercy   and said, “Oh expert    in books of justice  , if you happen to see Sita ,

I would  describe her form to  you so that   you would be able to recognize her”

And then Rama took away Hanuman to a private place and then explained.


4479,Rama  addressing Hanuman told, “Oh Hanuman,  , the pretty   fingers   of the red feet,

Of Sita  would resemble   the coral pieces  of the milky ocean   anointed in   red cotton juice ,

And   attaching the crescents of moon at their top and they are   properly  formed  ,

And the lotus flowers   and other things used in the world  which are  used  in comparison,

Would   not  be  proper comparison for them  and apart from that,

Which other   things   in this world are suitable  comparison to those  pair of feet.


4480, “Oh Hanuman,  The tortoise which has been used  by all the    great poets  ,

Using their  intelligence  for comparison with  the upper part   of the ladies feet wearing lot of bangles,

  And apart from that  also mentioned  some other things  , to Sita    who speaks  in a lisping voice,

Similar   to   the  music of Kurinchi Yaazh which is played at night , they are not suitable ,

And you please  understand this    aspect with great clarity.


4481. “The tender  heels of  the innocent   Sita   who has  a  pretty hair   which  is,

Difficult to portray by  artists  ,Though  guessed  truly , by  the great poets  ,

Who quote in  comparison for varal  fish which is in the family way  ,

And the quiver, the  paddy   crop in yielding  , if repeated  by me, what pleasure  would I get.”


4482. “The  boundary  for the comparison    of the thighs   of ladies   with long hair,

As Banana has been won by the thighs   of Sita  , Can we mention   any other comparison?

You please   think whether   the Yazh with its strings, the honey with taste  of nectar  ,

And the cane juice from cane   grown in well  watered fields  

Would be  a better suitable  comparison for   her  thighs.”


4483.”Oh best  one, Sita has a pot and Cakravaka bird  like breasts   tied by cloth ,

And who has a  waist like the Vanchi creeper   and her  ocean like hips,

Which are  next to  waist belts cannot  be  compared  to the hood  of Adhisesha,

Who carries the world   and the  chariot plate   of Sun who destroys the fog 

And in this   I do not think there is any need  to tell you further.”


4484. If you want to hear comparison of  the thin waist of Sita  seeing

Whom Lord Brahma   can create   any pretty lady, it is not possible,

For   by using   our organ of eye   it would not be possible to do it    ,

As  it cannot be seen by the eye   but only can be felt by my hands,

It is not possible to say it exists   by any other  means.


4485.” If we see generally the belly of a lady   would be like a banyan leaf   , or very thin drawing board   or  very soft   , silver plate which is white like milk   or    round shaped   mirror   or similar things  , If we tell like this , it would   be fib  or an unimaginative  lie, for if we say  Sita ’s belly ,

Looks like a banyan leaf  , it is not at all suitable for this is the nature of her form.”


4486.”Oh Hanuman whose knowledge is more wider than the sea  , if we see   that ,

The belly button of Sita  is  similar to the  Koothali plant which has not shrunk  or

Nandiyar Vattai flowers   among the round flowers   which have pretty holes ,

They are highly  inappropriate  but in general terms, I had earlier  believed that,

 The whirl pools   of Ganges would be similar to her belly button and ,

So imagine    the river Ganges   in your mind   while searching for her.”


4487 .”On the belly of the creeper plant like Sita   there is a  hair formation  ,

And that is the flow of my soul and so we have to mention  a comparison to it ,

Which  would be agreeable to all, please understand  it is like the   supporting branch,

To the  faultless   thin waist   which is spreading  so that  ,

Its tiredness   would go away    and  holds it firmly   to it.”


4488. Sita     who is Goddess Lakshmi who left lotus  flower feeling  that,

Its inner petals will hurt her  , on her pretty belly  there are three  golden colour  folds,

And they are the  victory  sign left by the god of love, who is an archer  that  all the ladies .

Of all the worlds  have been defeated   by her beauty.


4489.”I will tell that her breasts are  a box made of gems  , or a golden pot  .

I would think it is a red tender   coconut   and would say it is a dice  made out of corals,

It is the tusks   of an elephant , and without missing    they are  chakravaka birds,

Which have  come out   in day time   and  since I do not know  any comparison  ,

In this   world to them  , I would be sorry that  I could not find a  suitable one.”


4490.”When I see   the sugar cane   or  row of bamboo plants   , from my eyes   tears ,

Would  run like    rain  water  and I would  be sad, except that   do I know ,

A proper  comparison to her  shoulders  ? Since I do not have a  steel like mind  ,

To find a comparison the shoulders of Sita and wears  flower garland  ,

Around   which bees hover and hum  , When can I tell that  comparison?”


4491.”Saying that  , In all the worlds  one thing is similar to the forearm of Sita  ,

Is wrong .Even if we tell a comparison telling that her forearm   is like Kanthal   flower  ,

Is   very cruel. Telling it is like Makara Yaazh  it would bring to our  memory some other thing  ,

For how can  Kanthal flower and  Makara Yaazh be like    her  great forearm.

To a beautiful thing, is there  something more beautiful than that.”


4492. “If  the young leaves   of the  Asoka tree   with great perfume   on one side,

The newly  formed    pretty  , newly  leaves   of the very desirable   Karpaga tree ,

And the  flowers with thin petal  which flower  on the  lotus creeper   are  ,

Not sufficient  comparison   to the pretty legs   with sound of anklets  ,

Of Sita    who has    very thin   waist  and how can  they be compared  to her hands.”


4493,”Sita    who was  like a young  pretty flowering branch     with white teeth   and red mouth  ,

And  lustrous  ornaments   had a pretty sharp nails   and is it possible for people like  us    to tell clearly  ,

Without confusion    a  comparison for that  ?The parrots  said to the  Murungai    flowers  ,

“You are finding fault      with   us as being not   comparable to the nails  of Sita 

And became    angry   with them and if they tear   those flowers   off  ,

Thinking   that    they are   the mouth of   the ladies  who find fault with  them,

And can those   nose   of those  parrots    be  compared   to beak of parrots.”


4494. “Oh suitable one , Like you think of the lotus flower on seeing her pretty   hands and feet,

And if you see the neck of Sita   who has divine eyes    which are like the sword  , you would be ,

Reminded of the growing betel nut tree   and the   conches which are  born in the sea,

And if you  think   that they are good comparison to her neck  , Get assured,

That they are   comparison   to betel nut  tree  and conch.”


4495.   “The pretty mouth of Sita   who has black eyes   like the black  lily   flowers,

Cannot  be compared to  Corals  . red Netti , Red Kovvai fruit  . new  red lily flowers  ,

The flower of Ilava tree   which has not faded, the Indrakopa beetle and flower of Murungai tree,

Because  it is  deep red but looks more like white   and it is filled   with honey,

And that which can be compared to that mouth   is itself.”


4496. “There is no nectar  which is red  and there   is no honey which is red,

And even if they are perhaps  there, they give sweetness   ,

Only when they are   eaten and not  when they are  thought  about,

But  if we  try to tell comparison to  the coral like mouth of Sita who has a lustrous forehead ,

During the time when we are joyous   and according to the liking of the mind ,

There seems     to be no  things in this world which can be   compared   to it.”


4497.”Oh learned one , At that time when  I told that the teeth of Sita   are like,

Jasmine buds , the bottom of peacock feathers   and   pearls  , I would feel like telling,

About her words as  those comparable   to the nectar  , milk as well as  honey,

But  except for saying that  there is no comparison to her teeth  ,

Is there any comparison  available   for nectar of devas and if you are capable  ,

You can understand about the nature of the teeth of Sita  , without thinking  about comparisons.”


4498.”Oh Hanuman who can see  the future,  If her nose is similar to  gingelly   flower,

Or   the Kumizham flower with hole  , those things do not have  luster   like that of,

Shining gold, shining gems   and there is nothing  with those things  that cause that  luster,

You can yourselves guess about the prettiness of  that   nose  ,

Which is  impossible    to be drawn as a picture by great artists.”


4499.” The comparison to the   ears of ladies told by young   boys are   the leaves  ,

Of Vallai creeper  , scissors   and the pretty hair cutting tool   and if these   are told,

By  wise and great men   as comparison to the ears of Sita  , it is an act of lunacy .

With a thought    that  the  silver studs  that she wears have done great penance  ,

To reach her ears  , we should also think that it is not possible   ,

To get a propped thing of comparison to all things in the   world.”


4500. “Her lustrous broad eyes which are having the black colour  of Lord Vishnu,

As well as white colour  but  even if we   see it a thousand times,

We can say   it is broader   than the broadest   ocean  but  we will ,

Not get any suitable comparison to it   , even if we  think very deeply  ,.

As  it is not something     that can get limited   in to one ‘s mind .”


4501.If we seek a comparison to the eye brows of Sita who has sword sharp eyes,

One eye brow can become comparison to other   and   any other thing would be just a comparison.

Generally  if we take  any thing that is normally   mentioned as comparison to eye brows ,

And mention it as comparison to   eye brows of Sita  , we can tell but  it would not be a proper  one.

If we can compare it   with the bow of God of love , since there   are  no two such bows, it is not suitable.


4502. “The white crescent of the moon that appears    during the initial day  of  waxing   period,

After seeing the  beauty of the forehead of Sita   who has tender foot which makes   the lotus flowers  ,

Of   day time  gets ashamed, became shy   and thinking about it for several days  ,

And  being called “Mathi(brain)” thought that on that   if    could remain a crescent    ,

Without becoming   the full moon  , it could perhaps be compared    to her forehead.”


4503.” After   we came to the forest   , there were none  to decorate  her locks of hair,

Which fall on her forehead and in spite of that , even when she had not made  up her hair,

There was no diminishing of beauty    to that hair  and that locks of hair  ,

Even left as it was  created by Lord Brahma   was always   new looking,

Over her blue   gem like forehead  and there is no comparison for it.”


4504.  “The Black coloured cloud’ s  centre , Red lily flowers  , bent bows  , the victorious kendai fishes,

The lustrous gems  added   to the moon was   as the face  of Sita  by Lord Brahma  himself ,

And when you see her lotus face   from near  , please   clearly think 

And understand whether  they are there”


4505.”Those  hairs if Sita   which was made by single ones to a large group   was thick and perfumed,

And it appeared as if it was made by cutting a piece   of  black cloud , anointing it with honey,

Then smoked it with Akil smoke  ,  make  it further black by applying darkness of night  ,

And   tie it step by step  and make it hang  as a pleat  and then it  appears to  keep heavy weight on her.”


4506”.Even   for the divine  lotus there is the fault of it  possessing    the outer covering ,

Even for the   upper edge of beauty , the moon   , there is a fault    of the black form,

And even for all the  best things  , there   would definitely    be  little  fault  within it ,

But for Sita who walks like   the swan , there is only perfection  but no fault.”


4507.”Oh sir  , if we do proper thinking  , the perfection   of women’s beauty   ,

Is not there   even with goddess  Lakshmi  , who lives on pretty scented  lotus flower,

But  to  the koel like Sita who has  black eyes   like Kayal fishes  , red mouth  ,  pretty breasts,

Which would make even Devas salute her  , there is no deviation  ,

From the   perfection of beauty for ladies and you can recognize   her by that.”


4508.”That Lord who sits  on the lotus flower  created   the   musical flute  .

The Yaazh  , koel  , parrot  , baby lisp   and  all that can be compared to sweet voice  ,

With his well experienced ability  and made   them as sweetness  in voice  ,

To Sita who has a a very thin waist  but did not create   any other   thing,

That   stands comparison to that faultless    sweet voice. Would he do it in future?”


4509.  Though   the three   worlds    with heaven    are spread without boundaries  ,

Except  the very great nectar which gives great taste   when kept on the toungue ,

There is no other thing which can be termed as good   and if we want to tell ,

A comparison    to the soft words   of  Sita who has    fish like eyes,

We can either say   honey or nectar  but both are sweet to the toungue  not  to the ears.


4510.”Oh best among people with good character  , the swan with a lisping   voice  ,

Which lives on the  lotus flower  , the pretty female elephant    which  walks prettily,

Even making     the devas   get astonished  but I would not   consider   them,

As good comparison to the walk of Sita  and she   has   a gait   like the  ,

The progress   of the epics   containing   rare words    written,

By ancient  great poets   who were  experts in writing verse.”


4511”,Her colour is like the changing  shade   of the   young  mango leaves   and even,

Golden colour would become black before   her beauty   and even the colour   of gems  ,

Are not proper comparison to her colour   and the colour of lightning  would become shy  ,

On seeing her and will not come out and would vanish not  to be seen any where.

Even the colour of lotus would become shy before her   and what other colour    shall I say  ,

And If truth is to be told only her colour compares well     with her colour.”


4512, “Oh well behaved one  ,Keeping in your  mind   the  firm belief    that,

 There are no ladies who are   comparable    to Sita  , examine   her   clearly ,

And then go near   her lustrous   full moon like face  ,

And then tell    those   identity   incidents    which I am going   tell you  to her “ again he told.


4513.  “Please tell her   the incident , when   I  entered the  ancient   and prosperous city   of Mithila  ,

Along with sage Viswamithra   for witnessing the Yaga   of king Janaka who wears  ,

Long flower garland on his hair   , on the   terrace   of the maids quarters   near,

The pond where   the swans  play  , I happened   to see her. Please remind her abut this.”


4514,”Sita whose chastity  is like the ocean  where a boundary cannot be made   had  thoughtfully  said,

“”if   the one who has come with the divine  sage Viswamithra   has not broken the mountain like  ,

Bow of lord Shiva  , I would give up my life.”  You please tell all such news in detail   to her.”


4515.”Please   remind her   how I saw   her in the council of    the great  king Janaka ,

Having  pretty mountain like breasts    which resembled the    two tusks   ,

Of the  Elephant in rut    wearing the ornamental mask    and a thin waist  ,

Which    was breaking    due  to the heavy weight   of the breasts  ,

And   who came   like the matchless  streaks of lightning in the sky.”


4516”Oh innocent  Sita  , do you think that  you would   walk following me  ,

In the burnt forest    which I have not seen before  , inspite  of your,

Being   one who gave   joy to me  and would you now cause sorrow to me 

I asked like this to Sita  , Please    remind   her  about   it.”


4517.”Oh Lord who is  leaving the king dom that is yours and who   is going to forest,

Does it mean   every thing except me will now give joy to you  ?”  saying harshly like this,

Sita shed  tears from her  eyes which move like fishes   and  which are like  big lotus flowers and

Was not able to stand properly    and   became greatly   famished and depressed. Tell this to her.”


4518.”On the  day when we   left the prosperous city of Ayodhya   ,

In front   of the big wall made   of stones that tough    the sky 

Before we just crossed     the pretty doors of the city  .

Sita asked, “which is the   boundary less   cruel forest?”’

Please tell her all these    so that she understands.”


4519.Rama after   telling al these identifying incidents  told him,

“Have a sweet journey.”   And then gave him   a  very good ring,

On which the   best of gems were  embedded  and   told.

“Oh wise one , let all  your job  be completed without road blocks”

And as soon as he bid him farewell , Hanuman wearing

Long heroic anklets   along with the   grace  of Rama    went ahead.


4520. Then the hero Angadha ,  the very strong Jambavan  with a killing rage ,

 Saluted  Sugreeva the son of sun god by their head   and later  saluting

Rama   and Lakshmana who were   expert archers   along.

With huge ocean like army   , went towards    the southern direction.


13.PIlam pugu padalam

Chapter   on entering the cave on earth


(The monkeys lead by Hanuman search for Sita all over Vindhya mountains , Reach Hema Kuta mountain, and there   they split the army in to several parts and asked them to search  every where  and reach Mahendra  mountain  on the shore of the southern sea. THeu reach then a he desert.   To escape from the desert they r enter in too a cave hole  .They suffer there due to it being pitch dark,Hanuuman leads them in the darkness    and they reach a  beautiful city which was populated by a lady called Swaymprabha who was doing penance there. She was cursed by Indra  to guard  the cave till the monkeys come. Hanuman breaks open the cave and Swayamprabha goes to Deva loka.

      In Valmiki Ramayana there is no mention of a desert. Also Swayamprabha takes them out of the cave  by her divine powers,.)


4521,After they went to the southern direction  , Sugreeva   the son of Sun God,

Sent other    armies to all other  major    directions  and those  monkey heroes,

Who were agreeable to the job of searching for Sita   . along with  an army  .

Who can fight   and stop the entire world  , went ahead agreeing to come back by appointed time.


4522.  Those  monkey heroes who had shoulders     which were  like mountains,

Searching Sita who like a flowering climber  had a waist which will make   even lightning surprised  ,

Apart from searching in the   three  major directions  went   to the ,

Southern direction  where   the rich Tamil language  is spoken,

We would now tell  about them and their ability    to do duty.


4523. They went and speedily reached    the  slopes of   Vindhya   mountain  ,

Which with its red sindoora powder  , with  the   luster from red gems  ,

Being  dense    appeared   like the sky at dusk   , with   serpents  ,

Ganga   and moon there   was  like the head   of  tufted   head of Lord shiva.


4524.Those faultless monkeys    searched    in that Vindhya  mountain,

Its peaks   which were   shining   like red gems  , the caves   on its  ,

Pretty long golden peaks  , its   sides  and its long   and pretty  valleys  ,

Within a days time   as if they had searched      for very many days.


4525, Those monkey warriors    who went  feeling that only the boundary less,

Oceans were a match to them  , went without causing  any trouble  ,

To all beings on the  earth   and went  on searching  the  dark haired   Sita  ,

Searched the entire    earth area   of that Vindhya mountains,

As if    they do not have any connection with any body else outside them.


4526. Those knowledgeable   monkeys   separated them selves   with ,

Some going down  , some going up  , Some jumping     on the   sky  ,

Some searched near trees    sucking water by its roots  ,

Some   on that mountain  ,  some in and near  the water bodies,

And if    in the search    they had not seen any  being living there ,

They   definitely    would not have   been created by  Lord Brahma.


4527.Making the hardness  of  earth  getting reduced, those monkeys  ,

Who had gone    to search   on the southern side   travelled,

Fourteen Yojanas   and reached  river Narmadha in which,

Buffalo calves    and black long clouds were   there.


4528.They scattered  and went round  where  swans   play  , in places  ,

Where the Deva maidens    were taking bath   ,in places   where  devas of heaven,

Come and visit  ,   and in places   where the bees fly around   sugarcane    and scented flowers.


4529. Those monkeys   who were  searching   for the difficult to find Sita,

Saw    the  black scented hair of Sita on the  black sand of   the   river,

Saw her face on the lotus flowers   which are surrounded by black bees like hair  ,

And they   saw her pretty laughter on pearls  but they were  not able to find the whole  Sita.


4530. They who had a body which would get   joy in fighting a war  ,

Who had  a very unified mind, who by nature    were  merciful and  grace  ,

Crossed    that river Narmada    where   the male   elephants in rut  ,

Which are engaged in war and the female    elephants      enter  and play.


4531. Then they reached a a mountain called   Hema koota   which was  protecting  ,

That vast and   famous direction   giving rise to   the    joining point   ,

Of several rivers which originate    from its shining peaks ,

And which was   having  pretty lustrous gems .


4532. The mountains near Hema Koota  , trees    and other materials  ,

Were   shining   due    to great amount of light  like    the heated   Gold   from that mountain,

And was looking better than heavens   and   was  greatly lustrous.


4533. That  mountain  stuck golden foils from it on the   birds  and other  beings,

That came to live on it  and made al think   that  it was similar   to the very tall,

Meru mountain and had the capability   of spreading the   luster of  gold  everywhere.


4534.The fire like red  gems over which small pieces   of gold got attached ,

Were flowing    down  with water   in big streams   and were  looking,

Like    the flow of molten gold  in to the    red burning   fire.


4535. The   sound of music of Vidhyadharas, the sound of dance of   soft footed,

Deva maidens    who wear white bangles     and have    come from heaven,

The sound of back ground music which  is in tune    with the dance  ,

The trumpeting    of the elephants , the  sound of thunder,

Which was like   the drums   which booms   had all joined together  in that mountain.


4536.After seeing the Hemakuta   mountains  , they thought  it was the residing place  ,

Of Ravana   who holds a   sharp spear   and who made    the nectar  like  Sita , poor deer like Sita 

Resembling a peacock sad   and  their anger increased    and their eyes.,

Spat  sparks of fire   and their   eyes became   deep red.


4537.Thinking   that would search  in that mountains   and due to that ,

WE would   remove    the sorrow  in   the mind of Rama  , those monkeys  ,

Became joyous   and with a  heart full of joy  , they  lost    their fear,

And they climbed     on to    that Hema kuta mountain.


4538.  On seeing those  monkeys   who climbed  on that  mountain,

The crowd of Yalis run away  , the  killer lions  that were spread all over ,

That mountain also   went away   and after searching   all over the mountain,

And not finding Sita  with a pained mind they all said, “Now we are sad.”


4539.After searching for one day   in that pretty golden  mountain 

Which was  one hundred Kadhams broad   which was   very tall almost   touching the sky 

They were   not  able to find   that flowering branch , and got down from the mountain.


4540. Angadha and  other monkey leaders   looking  at the monkey army  ,

Which is spread in terms of two Vellam of army  ordered  “You all search  ,

All over the world and meet us   in the faultless  Mahendra  mountain,

Which on the southern sea shore  , “ they all  went away from that mountain.


4541,Hanuman the son of wind god   who had very strong shoulders  ,

And   those   heroes who were   well known for  victory  in battle  ,

Went by one path   and reached   a desert   which did  not have water ,

And where the sun   with its    very hot rays was extremely fearsome.


4542, In that cruel  desert   birds did not live   and   animals   were also,

Rarely visible  , the grass   and trees with honeyed   flowers were  completely  absent,

And there even stones  got burnt in to ash  and there   since   everything there,

Becomes dust and flies  , there was there  nothing except    empty space.


4543, The monkeys who went there  , with their five sense organs shivering  ,

With their wisdom   disappearing  , with their gold  like   body sweating ,

With a boiling mind  , felt as if they have   fallen in the burning  hell .

Of the southern side   and like the  worms having  only,

A body with bones   felt as if   they were  boiling over.


4544. Those monkeys    who had great thirst   were having their  toungues,

 Hanging out   and due to the   heat of the sand developed     boils  ,

All over their felt when they  walked  and their body got more  hot   ,

Than the desert    and it got burnt   and liked puffed   paddy  ,

Jumping  in the hot pot     they started  jumping  here and there.


4545 . Seeing no shade any where   so that they can stand there  ,

They   who had   a body from which the soul can depart   ,

Who had already  suffered   limitless sorrow  , whose   feet,

Was  greatly hurting them and made them jump .

Tried various   ways to escape   from that desert ,

And reached   a cave like hole on the   ground there  .


4546.They thought  that “   except for dying it is impossible  to cross this desert and go,

And  so going through   this cave in the ground    would help us  would at least  ,

Help us avoid travelling through    this desert    and they entered  in to,

The hole in that ground so that   they can do some    search there also.


4547,  Then they reached inside the hole in that ground   and entered   a cave there,

Which was completely dark in side   as if the darkness   of the world  ,

Which was scared    of the Sun was   hiding there  for  seeking protection.


4548. They were not  getting up  , did not have interest  in  walking  ,

They  decided   that  there  was no way to go to outside from there  ,

And in that darkness    which was   like   the solidified     ghee,

They got drowned themselves   and   breathed deeply  .

Not able to know   where    the    other   monkey is.


4549. Except Hanuman   all others   were  standing still   without  knowing what to do,

And with a  very sorrowful  mind thinking  “All of us have died”,

They addressed  Hanuman and told  “Oh very strong  Hanuman,

Do you have strength    to lead us out    of this    very great sorrow?”   they requested him.


4550.  Hanuman ordered the others  “I would   do all that  is needed to keep you alive,

Do not sorrow   and now you stand one behind the other   and catch the tail  ,

Of the monkey in the front , without ever leaving it  “ and as soon as they did it  ,

That great Hanuman  went   ahead feeling the walls of the cave    and walked fast.”


4551.That Hanuman who had  shoulders like    the tall  Meru mountain  , with a huge form,

Walked   twelve Yojanas   in the light of the shining      of his two ear globes,

And walked   with great speed    so that  the  spreading darkness   gets over.


4552,Then the monkeys saw   a very pretty  city  in side     that   hole  cave on the ground  ,

And it appeared as if   the Sun God who opens the lotus flower   was living there in hiding,

And  it appeared   that seeing it  the heavens in the sky also would feel shy,

And that city was  similar to the face of Goddess Lakshmi who lives in the lotus flower.


4553.It had trees  like Karpaga  , it had   water bodies with fully open lotus flowers,

It had boundary walls with tall golden spires  , It would make even Devas  get astonished ,

And it was    constructed   by Maya  with   great   effort working for several days.


4554.  Even the city   of Indra    was not equal to that city and though,

The sun and the moon that appear  normally  on the sky  , they    did not appear there ,

Due to the gems   as well as gold embedded on the  palaces  ,

All the darkness there   was removed   and  the city was shining.


4555. That city    was  like the home of poets   who sung   in praise  ,

Of  King Kulothunga Chozha who was greatly  praised by the world  ,

Being full of  heaps of gold  , shining    golden apparel .

Soft scented  sandal paste  and  heaps  of  shining  ornaments.


4556.Sice the city was not having   ladies who had tied  anklets with  sound on their leg,

With men of good character ,  it was as if   every one was    sleeping    or ,

A drawing of a city     which does    not have any life. 


4557. That city    with endless   greatness  had cooked rice and other  food,

Tasting like nectar  , honey like the Tamizh language  , matchless  cold   alcoholic drinks,

Plenty of sweet fruits   and many other      food items like   these,

Which were producing pleasant aroma  .


4558.All  of them   seeing  that great city  which  never gets  destroyed.

Before their eye, thinking that  it was  the city  of their enemy   Ravana,

Talked among themselves became happy   and surprised   ,

Entered   that city through  its long and wide    golden gates.


4559.Those monkey warriors entered the   town and started   searching,

And they could find    their devas   and men of earth   and heaven,

In the form of pictures only but did not see   anything.


4560.There were canals there  ,There were  ponds there  ,

There were   gardens  with scented flowers there  ,

There   were koels which coo like the  lisping of  damsels with blue  lotus eyes

There were Nagavana  birds  , parrots  , young  swans with pretty   wings  ,

But ladies    were   not   visible   there   in any place .


4561.They understood the nature  of that city  when they entered  there,

And they thought   that it  may be  a city of illusion which  is not   used by any,

And they thought  it may be heaven but  knowing that  one can see heaven,

Only  after undergoing   suffering  of  hell,   they gained courage.


4562.Then they thought “we are not   dead   and never   thought about  ,

Ways to attain heaven and we have not forgotten past incidents  ,

WE are  blinking   and doubting . WE should not act   of people  ,

Who have fainted now  as it would be a mistake  . How can we  ,

Understand the   state   we are in    and they stood   there confused.


4563.At that Jambavan addressed   those monkey heroes    and sorrowfully  told,

“That Ravana  who has taken away Sita with Bamboo like  shoulders  ,

And who has kept  her in hiding   and who is   a very big thief  ,

Has done this trick to imprison us   by making us enter  here  , It  is really great  .

There is no end to this   and would come to an end by our  previous bad karma.”


4564. Hanuman looking at Jambavan told   with   a burning   mind,

“If we are  not able to climb out of this hole  , we being more  strong ,

Than the sons of  king Sagara , we would drill  the earth  and climb  out of here ,

If that is   not so   we would kill  all the asuras who have deceived us  ,

And rise up   above  , So    do not fear   at  all.”


4565.When Angadha   and other monkeys liked what Hanuman had said  ,

They decided firmly on that strategy   and then they walked    through the town,

They saw a form with very thick  matted   hair  with a lady form doing penance there.


4566. She had tied    round her waist a bark cloth  , her breasts  which were 

Like the lined Chakravaka birds   was like  a golden plot     with dirt,

She had  on her   pretty face which was like    the  full moon with thirty crescents 

Red tints , eyes  like the black kayal fishes  , And  her eyes were concentrating  on the rip of her nose.


4567. Her chariot plate hips   were joined  tightly  with   her thighs  ,

Which were like Banana      stems   and her thin  shaking waist ,

Did not move at all  due to the heavy weight  due to her breasts.


4568.Her two tender hands which     were   like the lotus flowers  ,

Were kept on   thighs of golden colour which were kept  one near the other,

For the sake of destruction  of passion and others which   are the enemies with in  ,

And for  the sake of destruction of desires and directing   five senses  in good path.


4569. Her  long   black hair which was let loose   in waves   , had   become,

Thickly matted   and was   rolling on earth  , Her bad and good Karmas    had  ,

Been completely moved away  , the attachment in her  mind going away  ,

And her   merciful grace    was seen through    her    eyes.


4570.The monkeys   approached   lady who was   sitting like that   and thinking ,

That she is Sita , who is like Arundathi  , they started  liking her , became  nervous  ,

Looked at Hanuman and asked  “Is she Sita “?Please   compare   her,

With    her identity which was told to you by Rama  and tellus.”


4571.Hanuman looked   at the monkeys  and asked  “Which identity    and which property

Shall  I say is possessed   by this lady? This creeper like lady   is not the wife of Rama,

If   the garland of bones   is similar to the garland made   by the precious nine   gems,

She can be considered   similar    to Sita”,  he told them.


4572.At that   time that   lady   woke   up from her yogic sleep   and  feeling ,

That it was not proper   for them to come before her  , she became angry  ,

“What is the cause of your coming to this city   which is not approachable by  any one?

Why did you come here ?   and who are    you  ?” ,  she asked    them.


4573. They replied  ,  “Asuras who   cause only sorrow to this world   did  an act of deceit,

By taking away Sita    and hiding her, And we are   the emissaries of  Lord Rama  ,

Who is faultless   and who has established    Dharma   in this world   and we who,

Started    searching for the place where she is hidden   are   wandering everywhere.”


4574.When the monkeys   told like this  , she who was sitting there   stood up  ,

And with love  and   became  one possessed   with as much joy as a mountain,

And told tem,  “Let your visit become auspicious  and now I would dance with joy.”

And stood there   shedding     tears  of joy   from both her  broad eyes.


4575.Then that lady who was  like   a pretty deer   and who had   very long eyes  ,

Asked Hanuman   “Where does that  Rama stay?”  , that Hanuman   ,

Who did not have big desires   and had sterling thoughts   told her,

All that happened   to Rama from beginning    to end.


4576.After hearing everything about Rama   told  ,” my faultless  penance  ,

Has now only attained   its purpose  ,”  and   with great love towards those monkeys,

Bathed their feet with water  , and  made them eat food that   was as tasty as nectar  ,

Started telling   sweet words    that were greatly   pleasing   to them.


4577.Hanuman then  saluted  her lotus  like feet   and asked her  ,

“Who is the chief of this city  ? What  is your  natural name ?

Oh  lady who has done penance so   that  the world would praise you  ,

Please tell.”   And that lady who had a   hanging hair  ,

Started    telling Hanuman  , all that happened    to her.


4578. “Oh good one  ,  Due to Maya(asura architect)    who was a great one   with a face   of deer  ,

Following the yogic techniques    clearly mentioned  ,lifted his face up  ,

Eating  only the rays   of the sun and wind   and did great penance  ,

This big city was     given as a gift to him by Lord Brahma     with four faces.”


4579.”After   this   city was made like that   that Asura   wanted  to make  love,

To   one Deva   lady with a pretty forehead   and that good lady   was my friend,

Who was like my soul   and since    that  Asura   begged   for this favour  ,

I brought that deva lady   from the   golden heaven   ,

And made her reach this hole   cave    on the earth.”


4580.”That Deva maiden   and that Maya   made love   and got in to the passion,

Desired by Andril birds   and they    without knowing anything  lived   in this city  ,

For a very long time   and I who was  friendly    with that  lady who wore big ear globes  ,

Moved with her very closely   and   with affection I stayed  with her here.”


4581. “Oh person with good culture  , after   several days after  their living  together,

Happily  , the king of devas who came in search   of the Deva maiden got very angry  ,

And  killed    that very strong Maya   and told that lady who had feet like  ,

Pretty peacock feathers   and  pretty teeth and smile   told her.”You have erred.”


4582 . “When Indra   who was angry   asked her   to tell all that happened  ,

And    that lady who had   a  cheeks   like fully matured   coral , caught  me  ,

And told  “This   bad thing was started and brought to a close  by this   lady”  .

And that King Indra    after  analyzing all aspects   told me, “You live here alone.,

The job of  protecting this city   is yours” 


4583. “When Indra   ordered like this   , I saluted    him   and asked,

“When will the way arise so that  my    sorrow will come to an end ?”

Please tell me a day when  it  will end.” And even before I asked  ,

That Indra  said, “As per the order   of  Rama ,   when very strong monkeys  ,

Come here, your sorrow will come to an end  .” and he went back to his town.


4584.”Oh Great  Hanuman  ,here you have    food to eat  , pastes to apply on body,

Flower garland to decorate yoyr head  , Good cloth   of attractive colours ,

And though  I have got all these  but without touching them   and  ,

Giving up all attachments  , to win over   my bad fate  , I have  been,

Doing long penance which is beyond   imagination.”


4585.  “Oh Sir  , this hole cave is one   hndred Yojanas    broad   and

AS  I  do not know the way to climb to world of devas  , if you help me  ,

There   is a chance for my redemption   and please   think about  ,

Ways    to achieve    that   in  your mind  , “ She told.


4586. When Swayamprabha told like that ,  Hanuman after  saluting ,

The flower like feet   of   that lady   who has   won over the five senses ,

By his head , told, “I would  give you the golden land where  Devas live as a crowd.”


4587.Other monkeys addressing Hanuman requested  , “Oh great one who mercifully saved us  ,

From dying by drowning in this hole cave   which  is the   ocean of darkness ,

Please take  action that   is needed to be taken now ,” and that   Hanuman,

Whose good qualities  can never   be sufficiently praised , decided   to do that.


4588.Hanuman looking at others said, “do not get scared”  and with a soft smile   and started like

A male lion  to join the   wide cave merge   with   the  land in the sky by breaking up the top of the cave

And lifted  up his long  hands and assumed  a   form that  occupied   the entire sky.


4589.That son of wind God  with his   two  lustrous hands on both   sides of his   head  ,

Looking like two bent tusks  , making those   who saw him greatly    scared  ,

Broke open the top portion of the cave   and grew up   and was looking   ,

Similar   to the huge black boar   form of Lord Vishnu   who brought back the earth from Patala.


4590. He was similar to the matchless    feet of Lord Vishnu   who grew up  above  .

The  auspicious sun with   his rays    who was in the sky  created   by Lord Brahma   who   was born,

On the lotus flower which grew  from the belly of Lord Vishnu, after he  ,

Requested   for two feet of land from Mahabali  and measured  the worlds by two steps.


4591.Hanuman broke open  earth to a distance of one hundred  and forty Yojanas,

Came out  on the outside  land     from that  cave  , lifted up the  city of the   cave ,

Making even devas shiver  and threw it on the western ocean   and  shouted in joy  like ocean.


4592.THat piece   of    the cave    city is still there   in the western  ocean with a name,

“The destruction less  cave city”  and the monkeys   along with  Swayamprabha  ,

Who had a long forehead  reached the land and  she   went  back to golden land of devas.


4593. Those very strong monkey heroes praised  Hanuman   and after  walking  for a day,

On the earth  reached   a lake full of water and stayed   on its long  bank and  ,

At that time   The great Sun God with a chariot     went to western mountain of sun set.


14.Aaru chel padalam

Chapter   on going to the river ,.


(When they were taking rest  on the banks of a lake , an asura called Thumira   attacks Angadha who kills him. From there after visiting several rivers  , mountains and countries all those monkeys reach  the Mahendra mountain.

     In Valmiki Ramayana,   the fight between  Angadha and Thumira takes place   on the Vindhya mountains itself. The details of places in south India visited by the monkeys  , is very briefly dealt    in Valmiki Ramayana.)


4594.   The monkeys who saw the lake   reached its broad bank   and ate  honey,

As well as good fruits   and undertook sweet sleep  on one side   of the lake  ,

And coming to know about them an Asura  with bad conduct    and ,

Very many victories   came    to that  place  .


4595.He was looking like a mountain   and also a big wide black ocean,

And when his cruelty matures   he   would kill   all people   and in that,

He was comparable to the God of death   and he is the store house for cruelty  ,

He   had teeth like poison   which were like   the   crescent   of the moon  ,

And he had also    eyes   which spit    fire     due to anger.


4596.Due   to the huge   clouds  which give rise    to heavy rains  , jumping on   his hand,

And then moving  all around   his body  and   due  to that   matchless rain water  ,

Fell all over his body   and the   water  ran around his body , he looked like a mountain  with streams.


4597. That Asura   had so much strength that   the devas   and  the Asuras,

Who had equal strength like   the devas   could  not defeat him,

And so except for them  , would any other people ever think of fighting   with him?


4598. He had shining red hair  , in his walking style he was like a fan  ,

He used to  rub one hand with another  when he  gets angry   ,

And he speedily arrived   at the  place , where   those  monkeys,

Who follow Dharma   and who were deeply  asleep   ,

Due to  walking a   very  long distance  , were there


4599.That Asura called Thumira   who was  like God of death , thought,

“Who are these   silly people   , who have reached  here in spite,

Of knowing that  this lake belongs    to me   and he    slapped  ,

And hit on the chest of Angadha  who ws wearing a garland.


4600. That Angadha    who was strong  woke up from  his sleep  and thinking ,

That one  who attacked him is Ravana , the king of Lanka  ,

He slapped    him back  and that Asura   who was like  God of war   died.


4601. At that time   When that  Asura   who was slapped   by Asura  ,

Fell like a mountain falling  being hit by thunder  ., he shouted loudly ,

And as soon  he fell  down  , all  the monkeys    got up scared as if  ,

They have  been caught by a ghost   and waving their  hands   wearing anklets,

Speedily  ,  They all    crowded    round that   fallen Asura  .


4602.At that time hanuman looked at Angadha  and asked him  specifically

 “Who is this person, please tell.  What harm did he do?” and that Angadha replied,

“Oh truthful elder  , I do not know   anything about him,.”


4603,Jambhavan   looked at Hanuman and told  “I thought  about him   ,

So that   I can understand as to who he is?  He is an Asura called THumira,

Who carries   the  spear   coated   with the  flesh of his enemies,

And he is  an asura    who rules   over this lake    with very  deep waters.”


4604.The famous God with red rays, the sun   , wanted to wait and see  ,

Whether   any more Asuras    are coming for war  and   after   waking up from ,

His sleep   and not seeing   any one else coming  , he rose on the eastern ocean,

And all those monkeys   went towards Pennai river    with newly  opened   flowers.


4605.Those monkeys  who went in search of a lady   crossed   the sand dunes  ,

Which were like breasts of ladies  and were not liked by Chakravaka    birds

Reached   the Pennai river   which had red lily flowers   similar  to the mouth of ladies ,

From which nectar can be drunk  , the pearls which were like teeth of ladies  ,

And the lustrous   lotus flowers    which were  like    the face of ladies.


4606. Those monkey warriors who had   seen the end of knowledge  ,

Searched for Sita   in the ghats of the  river, in places   where peacocks ,

Were dancing with glee  , in the islands of that river  , in nearby gardens  ,

In water bodies near by   from  where cool wind    was  wafting  ,

In lakes   where clear flowers   were there   and  in the lustrous  crystal  rocks.


4607. Those monkeys were  staying   in one of the   ghats of   Pennai river  ,

Which comes with waves  which blow away   the   roots  of the births full of sickness  ,

As if they are   big pieces of wood   and  which had   whirl pools,

From which it is difficult to escape   and comes    carrying   several gems .


4608.  Those monkey warriors   who were engaged    in search   of Sita  ,

Crossed   the pennai river    where  all people    take bath  ,

Reached several forests  , crossed   several  mountains   and reached,

The Dasarnava   country   which has   wealth   of water filed  ,

With waves   like those  people   who have  at last attained  salvation.


4609. That Dasarnava   country   had sweet   champaka trees  , had  ,

Many agricultural fields that   produce food   and  those  monkeys  ,

Left that wealthy country   and reached   the  very famous Vidharbha   country 

Where  the Sugreeva  called   Usunas     was born , without much difficulty.


4610 .After   they entered the  Vidharbha    country  , they went through  ,

All the   towns   of that country   and they assuming   the form  in which ,

The body had   Dharbha grass   and    sacred  thread    and searched   everywhere.


4611. “Those   learned monkey warriors   after   searching for  Sita,

Like that  in that place  leaving that pretty country   which is  surrounded,

BY fields   growing red paddy  and  speedily reached  the Dandakaranya  ,

Where many sages   who had great knowledge   of Jeevathma (one’s soul)   lived .


4612.  After   searching all over Dandaka  , where   saints  who were like  

The cruel god of death to    the    cruel people who are similar   to  ,

The  thorn like   sensory wants which   live  in our  body   enjoying the senses,

They left that place   and reached   a place      called Mundaka  Thurai.


4613. In Mundaka thurai   all the water  mixed    slushy mud   getting mixed ,

With  the pastes and lotions  applied   by Deva maidens  on their big breasts,

And  because the  water also   got  mixed    with their  flower garlands   and scented Kajal

All the fishes  living there  lost their meaty smell    and   the birds like storks never   touched   them .


4614.   The Vidhyadara  ladies   who are pained  for unfulfilled love  to the Vidhyadhara  king,.

Would  get scared  and start trembling when they hear   someone else sing

To accompaniment   of  Veena, and the tears   that they shed at that time  ,

Would become a river in which  elephants take bath  ,Mundaka thurai was one like that.


4615.There  the  ladies   who had mouth like red lily  , who by their voice defeat the Koel,

Who had  eyes like  crowd of arrows  , shining faces   and  who sing nectar  like songs ,

Would  be swinging   on the golden swings tied   on two    betel  nut    trees   there.


4616. They reached the Mundaka thurai   which was  like this  and within ,

A time of thought  they searched   for a long distance   and   not able to see ,

Sita whose hair was made up in five ways  they became sad and   went further.


4617.Then they reached    the cool peaks   which touch the sky   of the  Pandu mountain,

Where one felt that it was   the place  from where Ganges flowed  from the big  feet ,

Of Lord Vishnu when he took the form of TRivikrama and which   was  very pretty.


4618. That  Pandu mountain   due to it being lustrous  gave rise to confusion to the moon,

Which had clear  light and which completely  removed darkness   from earth,

And was   similar to Kailasa  mountain  which rolled  on Ravana   and pressed him.


4619. For locating Sita they started searching   on that  lustrous mountain which touched the sky,

And which was white   with great anxiety  but they were not   able   to find out Sita  ,

Who talks sweet words   which are like a desirable  and joyful songs   and they became sad and depressed


4620.Those  monkey warriors  who were as fast as wind and were  as strong as  ,

The  tiger   with very cruel looks   moved away from the bottom of Pandu mountain,

 And reached   near the   river Godavari   which was like   garland   from the hair  of Sita  ,

Who was being   cheated   and abducted    by  Ravana, which   fell on   the earth .


4621.  That river Godavari  had  waves which were rising up and was    coming out full,

Had   very clear water  and   was like the  river like flow  of tears   of Goddess Earth,

Who gave   birth to Sita  who was found by king Janaka    who was saluted by all ,

When  he ploughed the land for conducting Yaga   after   chanting   the Vedas.


4622. That river Godavari  which brings gems as  well as Gold with it   and  which  passes,

Through many forests in a pretty manner  looked   for  the people from the   faultless   sky,

Like the necklace of gems that was   snatched   and thrown away by Garuda  ,

In a faultless war    with the   great  Rakshasa  Ravana,


4623 Those monkey soldiers   who were  capable   of judging   what is right  or wrong,

After searching   all places   near that Godavari river   and since they were  ,

Not able to find the peacock like Sita who wore bangles  , travelled ,

For a very long distance   and reached   the Kavanaka thurai(sona river),

Which   as per the great books    removes   the sins committed of all beings,


4624. Those monkey  warriors   crossed , the  cultivable  regions   where  ,

Golden bee , honey bee   and  Black bees , crane and  other birds  ,

Sugarcane crops, red paddy crops  and  lotus ponds  abound  ,

And which was  blessed with wealth of water   and also   crossed.

The Kulintha country  which had coconut gardens   and tender coconuts  .


4625. Then they crossed the seven divisions of Konkana    country