Kamba Ramayanam- An introduction





      Without any doubt whatsoever  , the story of Rama was popularized by the Ramayana    written by Valmiki.  This has been translated   in to almost all the main languages in India. Kamban (who is supposed to have lived between 1180-1250 AD)  one of the greatest poets of Tamil Nadu translated it in to Tamil . He preferred to call it Ramavatharam(the  incarnation of Rama) . In this great job, he received the support of Thiruvennai nallur  Chadayappa vallal, a great philanthropist    who lived in Tamil Nadu at that time. Kamban who  admired this Vallal mentions his name once in 1000  verses in his book. Kamban did not do a literal translation of Valmiki Ramayana.  He condensed it a lot  , while adding  some portions of his own.  While Valmiki’s great epic consists of 24000  verses, Kamaban’s translation only  contains 12000 verses. Though he adopted the six book(Kandam)  concept of   Valmiki , he has not adopted the sargam concept of  Valimi. He   has divided the Kandas in to Padalams and his Padalams    are  not  direct translation of the Sargams of Valmiki. His book has only  123 Padalams  . Kamban also did not adopt  the story of Valmiki verbatim and made changes to the story. There is a folk story that  The entire Kamba Ramayanam was written by Lord Ganesa as per his dictation.

      I have    done this translation based on the great   commentary in Tamil   published  by the Kamban trust   by a  group of 16 experts  lead  by Professor Aa.Sa.Jnanasambandan in 8  volumes  . I am deeply indebted to this great trust and great author.

    I am feeling greatly inadequate   to undertake this great job and I would like to quote Kamban’s own verse :-


One cat reached   that  great ocean of milk

And desired   to drink it all  by licking and slapping,

And  like that I desired to tell   the  whole story ,

Of Rama who  won over everything   without   committing any fault .


       I have now posted    the translation of the first five Padalams   of Bala Kandams  as of now in my new blog



     I request blessings from all my elders   and  prayers   from all those young well wishers of mine  .




Kamba Ramayanam- Bala Kandam-I


Translated by


       (Unlike the Valmiki Ramayana,  Kamba Ramayana does not start with  Valmiki asking sage Narada    to  suggest a proper Subject   for writing an epic.  It  starts as per the grammatical rules for writing Tamil  epics, with a prayer to God, a short introduction    about his inabilities followed by  picturesque   description of the river surrounding Kosala kingdom,  , Kosala kingdom, city of Ayodhya, the rule of Ayodhya   and a short description of the king. These  are given in five chapters   and the rest of the book deals with story   from birth of Rama till his marriage with Sita and  their return to Ayodhya)


 Payiram- Prayer to God and introduction


(  Here the great  poet prays  to God  to  help him complete the huge  task  that he has undertaken and also gives an introduction to the task that he is undertaking.)


1.He   who forever  plays     the sports   of

Creating  all the world  by his thought,

Looks  after  it  and destroys it ,

And is our lord and we only surrender to him. 


2.I do not know  how to realize the  goodness ,

That cannot be easily  realized of  that   God,

But  among  those  three  qualities only the first one  is good,

And  so drown and play  in the sea of goodness of those people.


3.Those   people learned the beginning , end and rare  of everything ,

But know that  Vedas are that   which can be measured   and not measured,

Those who do not  have any desires   would not catch  hold of any other feet ,

Except  the feet   of He   who is the abode of wisdom, good conduct  and goodness.


4.One cat reached   that  great ocean of milk

And desired   to drink it all  by licking and slapping,

And  like that I desired to tell   the  whole story ,

Of Rama who  won over everything   without   committing any fault .


5.I started spinning    this tale by using  simple  understandable words ,

Of  the greatness  of that great one , who by one arrow pierced    the seven Mara Maras ,

Definitely like the  curses  of great ones  becoming   true immediately,

Which was told   in this country  by  its  first poet which even today lives.


6.  In spite  of Making the heavens curse  me and that guilt  getting attached to me ,

The reason for which I am writing     this is because ,

I wanted  to make the world  understand the greatness  of those godly poets,

Whose poetic skill came  from and  has come from questions which are not the untruth.


7. If those ears which are  the store house of different type  of poems,

Happen to hear my poems , they like  the Asuna  animal whose ear  drinks,

Only the soulful music of the lyre would feel like   it  heard,

The  harsh   sounds produced by playing of drums.


8. I would very much like to tell those great poets ,

Who are experts in composing   Tamil literature , song and Drama ,

“Would those words told by mad ones   or  by ignorant ones,

Or  by the ones who are devoted be analyzed  and researched?”


9, If  on the floors of the room   little children and dancing dames ,

Make scratches , would   the   architects   bother about it?

Reading  this inferior poems written by me, which does not have,

Even  with a little knowledge of God, would  expert writers  get angry?


10. Though this story was written by three  people  in Sanskrit,

I have followed   that   one which was   written first  and I have ,

Written in Tamizh language using  poems.


11.Basing on good character and   describing  the happenings,

Of the very great  Hero    from the time   of his birth ,

This epic has been written in  a faultless  language ,

And was composed in Thiruvennai Nallore of Chadayappan.





1.Bala Kandam


1.AAthu Padalam

1.The chapter on river.


( The author as per  the  grammar  of epics in Tamil language  , goes on to give a description  of the back ground of the  place  where  the story took place. He naturally starts with the river, which  during those times and even today  determines the prosperity of the country. In this and in the following chapters , the poet possibly describes   his own country  and environment and follows the great tamil tradition. The river around Ayodhya was Sarayu , which was a tributary  to  the river Ganges. Dasaratha was ruling over the Kosa;a country with Ayodhya   as its capital. Some of his forefathers had lost the country that they were ruling   and Dasaratha   got the kingdom of Kosala from his queen Kausalya)


12. Both those five edged   arrows which do  many crimes,

And    the arrow  like eyes of those ladies  who have .

Busts  laden   with  very many ornaments ,

Do not go  beyond Dharma in the Kosala  country,

And we would talk about the river  that  encircles  that  country.


13. Those clouds  that resemble the colour of the ash coated God,

After making  the paths it  travels over beautiful and after gathering food from the sea,

Became of the colour of him who is  being approached by Goddess Lakshmi,

Having breasts coloured with the smoke  of incense and then returned.


14.That sea sent those  clouds  spread densely   thinking that ,

“My father in law *  has become   very   dry,

Due to the heat of the sun and so I   will bathe him with water,”

And made them pour water all over the mountain, and rose very high.


*(Sea is the husband of all rivers  and mountains  their father.)


15. Similar  to the devas thinking that  that Himalaya mountain was made  of Gold,

And made the stars  fall  all over the mountain like a rain of silver,

Similar  to the philanthropists   giving their    all ,

The clouds gave away    all the water they had  to that mountain.


16.The water  in the river (Sarayu)  flowed rapidly like ,

The travel of the fame  of those great kings  who ruled under  a cool umbrella ,

Who had  great sense of self respect and who followed  Dharma and who followed  justice of Manu,

And like the charity being given to  the wise Brahmins  who knew  the four Vedas.


17. Like hugging  the heads  , bodies and hands  and

Without stopping there  , deserting them after some time,

The water took away all   that  was anywhere  in the mountain,

And  flowed swiftly in the river like a courtesan.


18.Because it was flowing carrying gems, gold , peacock feathers,

Pretty   tusks of the elephant. Incense ,sandal , incomparable garlands

From one place to other , that river resembled the men of trade.


19. Arranging many coloured flowers , fixing soft pollen  grains,

Getting mixed with honey , having pure golden crystals,

And also carrying the  Must   which flowed   from elephants,

That river   resembled   the many coloured  rainbow.


20.Because it was  carrying Mountains, Uprooted  trees ,

And nearby leaves and bringing them,  that river  resembled ,

The  movement  of the monkeys when Rama    wanted

To bridge   the ocean  which  was full of waves.


21. With  flies and bees hovering around it ,

With it crossing  its  boundaries,

Increased  enthusiasm  making  it looking greatly confused,

And due to it dragging teak would logs and burping ,

That river looked  like  the men who drank alcohol.


22.With huge headed  joyful elephants dragging,

Large number of other animals in a  formation,

Making huge  sounds and with flag like ,

Scenes arising there from  which were  seen there ,

The  river appeared to march for a battle against the sea.


23. Adopting the very good  character  which should be appreciated ,

Among   the innumerable   kings of the clan of the sun,

That river Sarayu,  to all the beings  in   worlds surrounded by water,

Was  continuous  similar   to the feeding breasts  of   the mother.


24.Since it was dragging and bringing  the scented powders made by ladies of Mountain,

Along with   saffron  , kottaam,  cardamom, the sandal* which makes  the body shiver with cold,

Vetchi flower , citrus , lemon grass , myrobalam, kondrai, aathi  , different type of leaves,

The bee hives of the mountain  , logs of Akil tree  the Water of the  Sarayu river was scented.

    (* Sandal and cardamom are not found on Himalayas but on western ghats)


25.Due to making hunters living in small villages by rain of  arrows (water)run way,

Due to driving  away  hunter ladies , making them beat again and again their belly  with their hands

By showering arrows with sharp ends and bows  similar to  the  showering of water similar to the waves,

That river  was similar to the army of a king who use to win in the battle.


26.Stealing together the well set curd, butter   and Ghee.

And  eating   all of them together, breaking huge Marudha  and kurutha trees,

Drenching  the eyes of cowherd women and stealing al the dresses that they wear,

And dancing on the snake decorated by  lions as well  as dots,

Is the holy pure one   and the holy river was also like that.


27.Lashing  against the doors of  dams , making the cultivators  shout with joy,

Making the streams fill up with water, making the honey bees   drilling holes,

Pushing the water   and separating series of gems, making whirl pools  fall by its tide,

It was similar to the elephant  which rains must and reached the cultivated land.


28.Making the forests in to mountainous land.

Making  cultivated lands to forests,

Making the grassy sea shore in to matchless  cultivated lands,

And carrying innumerable things from one place to another,

It resembled fate which was dragging  events  , the way it liked.


29.With the alarm ringing  showing  arrival of water,

In the water  canals guarded   by the farmers,

With the water  bubbles which travel in proper fashion,

With gold  and gems being thrown by the tides of the river,

Heightened by tide, . Standing tall   due to great waves,

Tearing the earth and going ahead, taking  water,

From one canal to another, the waters  of the  river Sarayu,

Travelled similar to branches of families of human beings.


30 The waters of  the river   born in between rocks of Himalayas,

And merging with the  waters  of the sea ,

Seems to say that  the boundless Vedas,

Were  telling , “This is the divine truth,”,

By being  single while   it began and later  spread,

Among the lakes   and ponds   all over ,

And was similar to the words of  many religious scholars ,

Who studied the books and told about  a single divine truth.


31. The waters  of Sarayu wandered  all over,

In gardens where  lots of pollen grains fall,

In the   forests thickly occupied by Champa  trees,

In the  newly  form sand banks  all over its shores,

In the Gardens of betel nut palms with a fence of Kurukathi plants,

In the paddy fields , like  the soul which wanders  around,

Different bodies   which were all learning the books  with four branches.


2.Nattu Padalam

(The chapter  on the country)


(After describing the river of the country, the author describes the Kosala   country of Dasaratha. Sage Valmiki has also described   the KOsala country)


32.Using  four lined   verses , the great one called Valmiki,

Composed   sweet poems which were  drunk by devas  using their ears,

After drinking the alcohol called love , I am now talking ,

About the country he described like  a dumb one who has started   talking.


33.There  ,  all the fields were full of pearls, the water ways to fields were full of conches,

The paths dividing fields meant   for over flow of water   were   full of pure gold,

The ditches where buffaloes take bath was all full of  red  lotus flowers,

Corals in places water stood , swans occupying  all the paddy fields,

In the uncultivated land near by ,  were flowing with honey,

And in all the pretty gardens   bees  were dancing after  drinking honey.


34. In the limits of that  great cultivable lands was the sound of rivers flowing,

The sound created by farmers  when they were working,

The sound of  juice of sugarcane   flowing  from the work place,

The big  sound  which was coming  out of the big mouth of  conches,

The sound of bull dashing against bull. The sound created by buffalos swimming in the water

Were being  heard one mixing with the other , in different times.


35.With peacocks playing in the garden , With lotus flowers holding the lamps,

With clouds making sound like drums, With kuvalai flowers opening their eyes and seeing,

With water storages shining like curtains, With bees singing like the honey sound Of Yaazh(a stringed instrument),

It appeared  as if the lady  of cultivable  land  was sitting   in a regal  manner.


36. The goddess Mahalakshmi who increases the beauty of the bees lives  in the lotus,

The eyes of ladies and the arrows  of God of love, would strike the lovers  in the cool  evenings,

The corals of the ocean and the shining pearls would live in the big black clouds,

And the truth  and the inner meaning of famous books live  on the Toungues of people of Kosala.


37. The water would sleep in the  conches, the buffaloes sleep  in the shades of trees,

The bees sleep inside flower garland, The goddess Lakshmi sleeps inside  the lotus  flowers,

The Tortoise sleeps in the slushy mud, The shells of pearls would sleep  in stored waters,

The swans  sleep in the harvested paddy  and the peacock sleeps  in the  gardens.


38.The Gold which comes out when ploughing, the pearls produced  by the shells,

The collection of gems which shine in the fields which have  been ploughed,

The new fresh  awns of paddy and the tender  sugarcane and the bees,

And faces of the farm women , like the lotus flower shine with their eyes open.


39.The rustic musicians having small lyre  producing clear music notes,

After  drinking the toddy made  with sweetness along with soft  drum beats,

And the songs which were  being sung here and there, would   wake up,

Those peacock like ladies with jet black eye  sleeping on the cots made of pure gold,

On the  halls which shine  with pure whiteness  of the  high order.



 The sweet juice coming out of sugarcane  in the factories,

 The juice coming out of cutting  the flowers by toddy tappers,

The  sweet juice flowing out   of the fallen fruits   in the orchards,

The honey flowing out of the pierced   wound made by arrows in honeycombs,

The honey that flows   from the flower garlands ,being excess flowed rapidly,

Reached the places where ships  are  there in the sea and fishes drank them and were overjoyed.


41.The farm women spoke words   which are as sweet as poems,

And their  broad long eyes were matching with their hands, legs  as well as mouth,

And since none of their limbs were  similar  to  the pretty  weed flowers like lotus,

Those farmers  from whose  side of the mouth , the  toddy flowed ,

Were walking hither and thither  not able to throw away the weeds,

Because of the great love they had  for  their women folk. Would they be able to live?


42.The  waves of the black sea were full of the scent taken from the hairs of the  women,

Decorated by sandal   and flowers, Who were taking bath  in the  newly flowing    water   of the rivers,

And what can we say about the number of  such women , who were speaking honey like  words by their red mouth,

And who were seeing the men with their sword like  side long eyes, making the men desire for them.


43.Due to the  pretty  men who were wearing ear studs and also wearing the creams mixed with natural camphor,

And also sandal paste  mixed further with saffron . taking bath   by dipping  in the river ,

Making the excess water flow in to the gardens and in the fields   of crops like  paddy,

In those areas  and in places of alluvial soil, the bees would always  be crowding about.


44.The red legged swan wandering in the fields like the ladies  who had fish like eyes,

Had left their tender young ones    on the bed of lotus flowers, and they started drinking milk ,

That was flowing from the udders  of buffaloes with slushy mud sticking on their legs ,

  When  then they  started   making noise  recollecting the young ones and let out milk,

And started sleeping to the lullaby sung by  the green coloured  toads.


45.While the koels  are happy with their mate ,

While the peacocks  that were dancing behind the  tree branches ,

Were  making the stage prettier than  the ladies  with    the spear like eyes,

The swans with packed feather were sleeping on the bed  of very many lotus flowers,

And to wake them up the bees  being drunk were singing   the tunes  which are to be sung at dusk.


46-49 .While those who have  married   ladies   who were  very compatible  with them,

Who were following  them like the shadow  that follows the flying  kite ,

Were  enjoying   the  music  sung which were following its grammar,

Were  enjoying with their ears   the great books which were   sweeter than nectar,

And Were celebrating the festival of food    after  they saw the  face of their  guests,

 Some  others were showing an angry mind and  reddish coloured eyes,

 Seeing  the cock with a knife   tied  on   its feet, showing severe  anger without any previous enmity,

Showing no distaste for entering in to The war , because if   a stain is created in the valorousness  of life,

And  did not bother about their life   and those  make  them fight,

And some others   , who were  surrounded  by bees  which  were  attracted

By the flowers that they wore in their hair,

Were shouting at the top of their voice  the sound of  which went up to the cloud,

When the   red eyed buffalo calves given birth by the she buffaloes ,

Were dashing against each other  making others feel it is  the angry   thunder,

And then were nearing each other  making one feel that the darkness has spread everywhere,

And later dividing themselves in to two groups , then got  angry with each other,

And there  were  also farmers  who were driving  the bullocks shouting at them ,

Making the white tip of  lotus flowers  , opening  on the stem with thorns,  break,

Making the  gold and pearls  in the land  swept to a side ,

With the conch  called Chalamchala making   booming sound,

With fishes caught in the plough spring here   and there,

With tortoises   withdrawing themselves   in to their shells,

And the  big wishes   trying to hide themselves   in the side of the path.


50. Since the country was protected by a king, who knew the rules of ruling,

Who kept his desires under control , Who got angry  when and where  he should,

Who knew the amount of tax that  he was collecting  and who was merciful to his citizens,
That country was  avoiding the burden and were similar  to  the land which was like  god to them,

And  the ships unburdened  themselves  their   golden imports  on  the  beach land.


51. The Farmers  carried  the harvested  straw  of the paddy  cut by the knife ,

Arranged them  in heaps which touched   the sky, marked them for identification,

And after  beating the paddy, they used to heap them  and while  bringing it to depots

Would help the needy  and  would make  some paddy reach their homes so that guests can take them,

And the rest would be laden  fully and carried in carts and these  would make the earth bend due to their load.


52.The farmers  like the honey bee   which takes up honey from various  flowers,

Take up the cultivation of  cereal crops    which grow   in the fields in plains,

Scented flower  crops which grow in water, fruit crops which are harvested from old trees,

Pulse crops which grow in uplands,. Fruits and  flower crop grown  from cuttings,

And various   other Root and tuber crops   which are grown in pits.


53. All over the country the  nectar like food   suitable   to be served  to gods of earth,

 Which consisted    of   three fruits (Jack, banana and mango)  which are considered the best fruits,

Along with various type of Dhals  , with ghee drowning the  food that has been served,

With pieces  of red curd  and  with sugar candy pieces  placed in between    the cooked rice,

Were cooked in every house   and was partaken   along with various   guests and relatives,


54.The male bees in those crop lands   seeing  the shining lotus like faces,

Of young girls , which had   pretty  eyes  on which collyrium was applied,

And thinking that they were  female bees    who were their consorts,

With great love waited all   the day long    in  those Crop growing lands.


55.On one side of that crop land  , the ladies of the farm  who were having,

A face    which has won the god of love , along with breasts which make the passion grow,

Which   make  the males  submissive  , Made them stand   erect like  The ribbon fishes,

Which had drunk the toddy   that was oozing out   from the leaf sheaths .


56.The black she buffalos   which are   immersed   in  cold water of the field,

Which looked like some blue clouds of the sky , used to   rain the  milk  ,

From their udder  , when they thought about    their calves m which were,

Left out In  the village  and due to that the red paddy crops look more healthy.


57.The water  that used to wash  the rice    before  it is kept for cooking,

In a  kitchen which does not have   any scarcity   for    any thing,

Over flows and flows   through the garden of very tall betel nut palms ,

And would reach the nursery field of red rice  and make the seedlings healthy.


58. Those   very clear coloured cocks    with plumes on their head,

When they scratched the earth with dirt  using  their legs  ,

See  shining    ruby stones   on that heap of dirt,

And thinking they are glow worms , would keep them in their  nests.


59.The maidens of the caste  of cow herds  would churn the curd,

Which has white foam colour  till the sound of churner  is heard ,

Again and again , With their ornamental conch bangles creates the sound of murmur,

And with their verry narrow waists which  makes  them bent forward,

Till their extremely  pretty hands      start paining.


60.The sweet musical sound  of   the sweet young birds  in the crop fields,

The sound of young bees   which is heard on  the buds   of flowers,

And the sound created by the flock of birds  near the water  bodies,

Are similar to  the auspicious  song of the pestle in the homes of rich charitable people.


61, Those   girls with  black eyes   who  reside near the sea shore,

Who have not learnt   how to attract  the mind of men,

Go  and bring  the shells    of betel nuts   in a small  containers,

And build   small houses in their courtyards, where pearls are scattered.


62.The  water  rich clouds   which are  hindered by huge mountains,

Shines after getting scared   after hearing the huge sound created by

By  dashing of the heads  of   the very huge headed  male sheep,

Which have two huge horns  and are born   the very soft  natured female sheep.


63.Leaving out  the  she elephants and calves , when   the elephants,

Are  tied   using   chains   , in the areas where   they are available for capture,

By those   valorous people   who normally  live in the mountain,

The sound raised by them would scare away male swans which  are happy with their mates.


64.Those who dig for root crops    get very costly gems from there,

While those who harvest hanging mango  fruits would get honey drops,

And those  golden coloured punnai flowers would have dots,

And the swans   which live in lotus tank   would be  sleeping.


65.In the courtyards of cowherds  with flute  made  bamboo   and ixora tree,

 The song of Kuravai of land which   is cultivated   makes  calves sleep,

The songs by the  ladies occupying area near    sea and the  beach,

Flies and  is heard  in gardens which are guarded and lands which  are irrigated.


66.  Due to the dashing of wind in the bamboo bush  , when the bee hive breaks ,

And when the new  honey flows   like snakes hanging   from mountains,

Makes the colocasia stems break   due to its speed,

And   it is being grazed by conches in  canals flowing from tanks with lilies.


67.Those  broad eyed ladies   have  crescent  shaped,

Forehead  and  have great wealth    as well as  great knowledge,

And because of that  they  give feast to all those  who approach them,

And also daily    host a feast    for every one  and what else can one expect?


68. In all the halls    where free  food is  given  with desire , there lie

 Heaps  of  good  and pure vegetable   cut with crescent shaped  knife

Along with   cooked dhal  and along with rice  of the  colour  of white  pearl.


69. To all those citizens of that    Kosala   country,

Ships would  continuously bring    them very great wealth,

The  cultivable lands    continuously  would   lead them  to prosperity

The mines would continuously   give them precious      stones,

And the difficult to get clan heritage would give them good  conduct.


70.Since nothing wrong is committed there , there is no unnatural  death,

Due to the purity of thought of people  , there is no anger  there,

Due to absence of activities which are not good  ,

Except for   progress there is  no deterioration.


71.That which spreads crossing   its  path  there,  is the flood,

That which has  lost its recognition,  is the shoulders  of saffron mark,

That which is    small is the thin , are  waists of ladies there ,

And that which is scented there is the hair of girls  decorated by flowers.


72.The smoke raised by putting incense sticks  in fire, The smoke from kitchen,

The  good smoke   coming from  Sugarcane processing places,

And   the   pretty smoke coming from  Vedic fire sacrifices,

Spread   everywhere      and were looking  like exuberant clouds.


73.The peacocks have borrowed prettiness  from their ladies and walk about,

The sun was shining  like the   ornaments worn by those ladies  over their breasts

The clouds were moving in sky resembling    the hair on the head of those ladies,

And the   pretty   fishes  which are like their eyes  are rolling about in fields.


74.Those ladies whose waists  look as if it is   real  were bathing in the churning water,

The lotus flowers which were like their reddish lips    were    opening ,

And they  were walking  like swans in the lake   along with pretty  locks ,

And the face    of   those ladies of that country opened like lotus flowers.


75.The  spear like eyes of the ladies  were laughing  at the four faced Brahma,

Their gait  was laughing at    the walk of  the she elephants,

Their two  breasts were laughing at the   lotus buds,

And their pretty faces were  making fun of  the moon with his crescents.


76.  The gems that those ladies were wearing   were shining better  than the Sun,

The breasts   of those women   were looking better than tender coconuts,

The cloths that  they were wearing    was thinner than the foam of milk,

And the drums played at their wedding was louder than   the thunder of clouds.


77.  The gardens of that country was comparable to the clouds ,

The  heaps of harvested produce in their fields was  comparable to mountains,

The water   that they have stopped in their dams was looking like the sea,

And that country blessed with wealth was similar to the  land of devas.


78.Wherever mountains of paddy is not there , there would be mountains of pearls,

Wherever  the pearl mountains were not there, there were mountains of sea nectar(salt),

Wherever those salt mountains are not there , there were mountains of Gold brought by the river,

And in several places   there were    huge sand banks   full   of costly gems.


79.  The place   where pretty damsels    learn to play   the ball,

Even though if it is not a sandal forest , due to their body scent would be Champaka forest,

And place where the Muruga(Subrahamanya)  like males learn archery   and other arts,

Though it is a garden with various flowers , will have a jasmine scent.


80.The nightingales   in that country  speak the sugar like  sweet  baby talk  of their ladies,

The peacocks learn their gait  again from them, 

And    the young   female shells of the sea .

Are only giving out pearls   after seeing their teeth.


81. In the homes of those who sell toddy , old toddy is there,

In the homes of those  who cultivate  , the implements for cultivation are there,

In the homes of the young men who get married, the sound of auspicious instruments echoes,

And in the house   very  great musicians(panar) , there are Yaazh with   strings.


82.  The flower garlands there    ooze out  honey  ,

The commercial ships that come bring lot of gems and gold,

The wind     showers   the nectar drops that give life,

And the   stories written by  poets  give songs  sweet to the ears.


83. The  peacocks which have very pretty feathers ,

Seeing the  pleasing shadow    of their peahens follow them,

Similar   to the mind of youth , who after seeing  ,

Their girls   with flower ornamented    hair,

And With pearl necklaces hanging over their breasts,


84.Since poverty is not there, there is no charity there,

Since there are none to fight face to face  ,Strength cannot be exhibited,

Since no body tells a lie ,  there is no definition of truth,

And since wealth of questions are asked , there  is no ignorance.


85.Since carts bringing huge stocks of gingelly, millets , ragi  and maize

And the   carts bringing lot of salt from the slushy   salt farms

Are  not able  to be driven properly   due to heaviness of  their  load,

They are being pushed by men who  meet  and mingle with each other.


86.Like those souls who cannot get salvation due to  lack of divine wisdom,

Are born several times    to   completely wipe away  Karmas done   earlier,

Sugar, honey  , sugary juices  , the curd of  lands of cowherds and toddy.


87.In those streets   where  the vocal music   and the music from flute,

Is  sung separately  , like a river   meeting yet another river,

The crowds coming for  festivals and marriages  meet with each other.


88.The sound of conches  which are played by keeping them in the nose,

The sound of drums which give sound when beaten by sticks,

And the sound of big drums that are hung on the shoulder by belts,

Would all fade away in the sound of chastising of bulls by farmers.


89. The  pretty hands   of ladies who feed milk and rice,

To those children   wearing  the locket of Lord Vishnu ,

And  who   rain  watery  nectar  like fluid  from their mouth   on their chests,

 Look like the folded lotus flowers when the moon rises.


90. The outer   beauty  was permanent due to their inner  beauty,

Due to their  being without   a lie , their justice lives permanently,

Due to  love of their women  , all the dharmas  were permanent,

And due to the virtuous life of their women , the seasonal  rain was permanent.


91.Who is capable of going round its garden filled lands,

And come back safely   after seeing its boundaries?

For   even   the river Sarayu with  plenty of flowing water,

Which runs through several canals  has not seen its boundaries.


92We have till now  told about the greatness  ,

Of the faultless city of Kosala, which cannot  be destroyed.

Even if   the entire sea lead by huge wind enters in to it.,

And now we would describe about its capital city Ayodhya.


                                           3.Nagara  Padalam

                                          (Chapter about the city.)


(After describing the country, the poet describes the city , with its huge boundary walls  , their great moats  , the mansions in them  as well its decorations.)


93.  Ayodhya is   described Using   sweet appropriate words ,

And  the  best among    the good and sweet  words,

By all those    great poets of yore ,

As well as those sages    who have written the northern book,

Where the people living all over   the world without boundaries,

Desire to do penance  and also those people who live in ether worlds,

Consider   very suitable to be born again   and is a very great city.


94.Is the city  of Ayodhya , the face of the earth or the thilaka on its face,

Is it the very long auspicious thread of the marriage?

Is it the gem studded necklace worn over the breasts?

Is it  the place to live? , is  it the lotus in which Lakshmi lives?

Is it the golden box   studded with gems worn by Lord Vishnu?

Is it the city above the city of devas? How can we tell which?


95.Because Lord Shiva who occupies the other part of body of Parvathi,

Lord Vishnu who is the husband  to  both Goddess Lakshmi and earth,

And Lord Brahma who lives on the lotus flower thinking it as great wealth,

Have  described  it as the city  which cannot be matched with  any other,

The sun and moon, pushed by very great desire to   wander there  without blinking on the sky,

And can we find any other reason for them to wander   above it?


96.The city of  the king of devas who has the sharp Vajrayudha,

The  city Alakapuri of Khubera  were possibly created  for practice by Brahma,

For the sake of creating   this great  divine   and special city,

And Maya as well as the architects of devas   stood ashamed,

 For their inability  to create such a city and forgot their jobs,

And so how can we describe the greatness   of this city,

Which has huge tall buildings which even touch the sky?


97.The   opinion of    the great Vedas is that,

Those who do blessed deeds   would reach heavens after death,

And who else is there  in this world    except  Raghava,

Who nurtured dharma with penance   in this world?

And if that one of very rare  and   great qualities  ,

Ruled over all the seven worlds sitting here,

Can we point out   any other place   where,

There   is much more happiness than this city?


98.If  Lord Vishnu  , who is the  place of protection  of all,

Those great ones   who had mercy  and Dharma   with them,

Who were controlling all the sense organs which were their enemies,

And who were  blessed with divine knowledge and great penance,

Considered tht this is suitable place  for his   incarnation,

And ruled   this city for immesurable number of   years   along with Goddess Lakshmi ,

WE have to doubt whether    there is any other  city,

In this universe    which is equivalent  to this city.


99.All the kings are there, the best among ornaments are there,

All the gems which can never be got are all there ,

All  the elephants in rut with rope tied to their neck are all there,

All the things in this world are there  ,

And if all sages  , devas and asuras have all assembled there  ,

And if all of them praise   the greatness of that city,

Is there a comparison to it . It is definitely difficult to find.


100. There are  no mountains from the snow capped mountains  ,

Which are like  the city’s   tall boundary walls  ,

Which have been erected in a square as per rules of architecture here.

And so there is  no comparison to its boundary walls  ,

And if we want to talk about those   great boundary walls  ,

WE can say it is as high as the true divine knowledge  ,

Which can be got after mastering     great books of wisdom  ,

And after that   bring them  to practice   and get it  in the micro form.


101.These  boundary walls  are similar to Vedas as their end cannot be seen,

They are like devas    because they  also have reached   the world of devas,

They are like  sages because  they control   outside attachments,

They are like  like Goddess Durga who rides on deer   as they both guard the city,

They   are like Goddess Kali , because both hold spears for war,(spears are attached to walls)

And are like God because both of them are difficult to reach.


102.Those   walls seem to have    risen up  to see the world of devas,

And to find out whether    that  city   has pretty damsels  like  the city of Ayodhya,

Which   is full of pretty ladies   having  shining nails    fed with red colour,

By the juice of red cotton  . having lotus like  red  feet,

Having  thin waists like a climber plant, With breasts like  small unripe coconuts,

Having bent bamboo like shoulders   which are soft    and stout,

And  having the ability   of very pretty attractive speech.


103.Those boundary walls    were like  the leaders  of the clan of Sun,

Because it  protects (Measures)  the world by its scepter(scale),

Because  they chop off the heads     of those kings  who attack the city(Walls  can throw swords)

Because of their just(level) manner as dictated  by the books of Manu,

Because of  their ability to protect the city without anybody noticing it,

Because both of them posses weapons   like the spear,

Because of their great strength , making impossible for others to defeat,

Because of their greatness  and because of the way that they use the wheel.


104.Armed with  machines   which can throw weapons  like the very angry spear  ,

The sword  which  kills enemies , bow , axe , staff   , wheel  ,

THomara   and the pestle  and with  the  sling stone .

Which scares   even the great thunder of clouds ,

Each of them being   innumerable  , these walls  would be,

Able   to kill  the crowds  of mosquitoes,

Or  even Garuda , the king of birds   , or even,

Fast travelling  wind   and even the mind ,

Which thinks about things that are  harmful,

And if it is so what else needs  to be told about security of the wall


105 . The  kings born in the clan of Sun  who   protect the people,

Who follow virtuous character    thinking that  fame is better than ornaments,

 Who  shines   in  that the darkness from all the eight   directions,

And whose   order is implemented  by their scepter and wheel ,

And are  capable   of even protecting   the worlds of devas ,

But what is decorating the city   are only those   walls.


106.We are now going to talk   of the moat  which surrounds,

The boundary walls  like the sea surrounding the round  mountain,

Which goes   very much  down like the  minds  of Prostitutes,

Which   is not very clear   like verses  which are not  good,

And which cannot be approached by any one like private parts  of  a lady,

 And has crocodiles like the five senses which prevent people from approaching good things.


107.The clouds   which runs along    with other cloud groups,

Seeing the borderless moat   which is as deep as the world of serpents,

Thinking  that   it is   the sea which will scare it , takes away water from there,

And  thinking that the wall  by its side is a mountain , rains on it.


108. The forest of  scented lotus flowers , which grows   inside the moat,

Which is by the side of that great wall  being defeated in beauty  by ,

The shining faces of ladies in private apartments of the king ,

Again  regains its strength   and looks  as if it   surrounds   that great wall .


109.  The crocodiles   which live and rise   from,

That moat which was built around the city , which had been built,

Carefully along with  various type of deterrents  and built   by ,

Breaking all  the stones all around   , looked like elephants in rut.

Which could not escape   from the sea   and are sinking in it.


110.Those crocodiles    waving their saw  like tails and shining teeth,

Open their mouths   and along with   shining fire like eyes,

And   are trying to   fight and drive each other in that moat,

And are like the giants in the battle field who are fighting with each other.


111. That moat    was resembling the   great army of the kings,

With the wandering swans resembling white umbrellas,

 With the wandering and encircling crocodiles looking like elephants,

With the waving lotus flowers along with the leaves resembling the horses,

 And the fishes that are in it looking like swords and spears.


112. With  the moat being built  with edges   that look like silver ,

And  the inside of the moat looking as if it was built by crystal  sheets,

Even devas would not be able to identify   the  crystal like bank of the moat,

From the crystal paved   water  in the moat .


113.That long  and deep moat   which was   all around.,

The walls which looked like Chakravaka mountains ,

Is   the forest   which   looked like a ribbon of darkness ,

Or if  we think it as garden  , it looks  like a blue ribbon dress.


114 The four gates of that city  stood  firmly like  the elephants  ,

That  are guarding all the directions    of the earth  and were tall ,

Like  Trivikrama  , the form to which he grew up   from the short Vamana form,

And because they were  making all  the prosperous citizens,

Of the city walk in the right path, they resembled the four Vedas.


115.When the male dove   called   with love  and,

Was attracted by the female dove picture  above the gate,

And   was not coming near  it, the lady dove  got upset,

And went away and hid itself in the Karpaga garden of the world of devas.


116-118. The seven storied tower  over these   entrances ,

Which   were raised  by arranging stones   over each other .

Pasted with cut crystal sheets    in the front  , over which,

Gold was in laid   and over which   several gems were inlaid  ,

Over which the partitions  made of silver were constructed,

Over  the shining stories constructed   with emerald stones,

  Over which faultless pillars    of diamond   were arranged,

Over which gold was inlaid  , over which  the long row,

Of  shining  lions were constructed   and over which,

A hand width of cats eye   gems were arranged,

And  similar Seven stories     which looked  like seven branches were thus built,

AS per the architectural rule   of erecting towers  ,

And  over the tower  a  roof of red copper   were spread on the top of those  ,

Over  which   at the peak  a  gem studded  pot was kept,

And this    tower looked like the crown placed on the head of Goddess earth.


119. The white  houses  which  were  painted   with   white lime  ,

Got from burning   the conches and  looking at its whitness,

It made one exclaim,  “Even the moon is blacker  than this,”

And looked like the foam of the   ocean of milk,

Which went up as  a result   of a huge stormy wind.


120.Those houses   where  the doves with spots on the body lived,

Had a roof made    of  several sheets of gold   and looked like,

The faultless sun shining on a silver mountain,

 With its early rays   spreading   on that mountain.


121.There were crores of such homes in that city  ,

Which were built on pillars made of diamond.

Over which beams   made of emerald were    erected,

And  looked like paintings     have come out alive.


122. There were also innumerable  villas   with,

Floors paved    with moon stone  all over,

And had rows of pillars made    out of sandalwood,

Over which beams made   of red rubies were kept,

And  with all its walls    paved    with blue topaz stones.


123.  There were  also innumerable homes ,

With artistic pillars having lotus shaped base ,

In between areas  looking like serpents ,

Which would be looked at with desire by all people  ,

With its very soft golden polished looks.


124.The eyelids  of those who see it  would remain opened,

And never   get closed  and since the sparkling light falls upon them,

They would all   shine like devas    and those ,

Houses were always   having   that sparkle  live the air chariots of devas.


125. The ladies    wearing pretty ornaments   as well as,

The men who wear garlands over their chest ,

Would always follow boldly the path of Dharma there,

And those homes built by   gems as well as gold,

Would never   be less  in deeds of Dharma ,

And by their luster   would even win over the sun.


126 . Those mansions in the city    touch the sky  ,

Are very rich, have   their fame spread   everywhere,

And are   surrounded   by great light   and  are ,

Bear  evidence  of  innumerable very fair  citizens,

Who  live like their stainless king who follows  Dharma.


127. Those mansions   bow like a stream  and have,

Pearl necklaces that    move here and there,

It has several flags   and heaps of big gems  ,

Have  ornaments made of  pure Gold ,

And also have   very  pretty peacocks,


128.Those  mansions where  the smoke  of incense mixed everywhere,

Had  huge flags which cannot be differentiated   from clouds,

Along with spears tied at     the tip of   tall  flag staffs ,

They  were like   the  rows of flashes of lightning.


129. In those mansions   where the peacock like ladies,

With very thin waists and stout breasts , wearing anklets on both legs,

Walk and create jingling sound, the pearl garlands,

Hung in those flags looked like Garlands flowered in wish giving trees.


130.   Like the banana gardens which are seen in huge mountains,

In the flag post long     flags are relatively more  , and the reason,

For the moon to loose his crescents daily  and its shine,

Is because of the rubbing of these  long flags.


131. Those  halls which are not made of gold are  those,made of flowers,

Those halls where   large number  of people,

Do not assemble  are   buildings with more than one stair,

And those which are not constructed hills are  courtyards of gems,

And those    which are not courtyards   are Pandals made of gems.


132. That    city  built by gold  which  can never be destroyed,

 When exposed to lights like lightning  or lamps or the rays of sun,

Was reflected  up   and city of devas   looked   golden.


133.The round shaped sun rises in the sky,

When it  is rising has   very weak light ,

At noon it increases and at evening  .

It again decreases and  that golden wall  ,

Built by properly stacking gems which reflect fire ,

Makes the sun shine  due to luster  shines ,

Like the shadow of ladies of Ayodhya.


134. When the ladies wearing a well made   golden waist belt ,

Raised smoke  in the mansions to scent and dry their hairs,

That black smoke of incense  went and attached themselves to the clouds,

And if that smoke also makes the ocean scented,

Is there need  to tell about    the quality of rain water?


135.The lisps  of girl children whose hair  has not been  tied,

Would resemble the music of the flute , the   talk of  young girls,

Would be similar to the music of  Makara yaazh(a stringed instrument),

And sweet music sung   by the pretty damsels   would be like the song  of dancers,

In the street   where  the  old ones   sell toddy.


136.While  the male  elephants which  show anger   in their eyes,

Are   cutting the ground   with waving of their feet and making holes,

 The attractive good to look  at youth  who go to play  ,

In those grounds   , fill them up by the scented powder  that they wear.


137.When the  young ladies  play ball in the fields  , the pearls,

They wear keep on falling   , and when their  lady servants,

Collect  those limitless  pearls and heap  them on the field,

And these  heaps of pearls  give out light which make the moon ashamed.


138.When   the pretty ladies   dance  on the stage  , the spear,

Of the look of their side long eyes , melt the hearts of their lovers,

And due to this soul of those boys  become as thin as   the waist  of those ladies,

And the love of those boys towards the girls   keeps on increasing


139.When   in some gardens   the honey  is raining,

The breeze and bees  enter the garden to eat them with desire,

And when they enter creating pain to lovers, the breasts of ladies,

Who are boiling with love to their lover  becomes smaller.


140. When  the sweet music brought out    from Makara Yazh with strumming,

Which  makes the mind happier decreases in tone  ,

The drums tied with belts   increase  in their tone  ,

And the  parrots which talk with the girls  close their  eyes and sleep.


141.The  strong shoulders of men who are kicked   with love tiff,

By the  feet of the girls  with a forehead    similar to   the strung  ready bow,

And with lips similar to the red fruit   and,

Who are engaged  in painting the nails of their feet,

Which are  like   the  red soft lotuses with dense petals, appear red.


142.It is possible   that the paintings  of that  town   are not  closing their eyes,

So that  they desire to keep on seeing  the  shining body without  any defects,

Of the ladies who are fit to be    saluted by every one  ,

Whose shine  makes   it difficult   to find time in that unmatched  city.


143. The  darkness of the  mansions  of the city    in which lives

 The Goddess  Lakshmi  who  lives  in the cool lotus flowers,

Is  shining   with  light   not   because of good lamps lit with ghee or  the gem lamps ,

But   due to the shine and luster  of the bodies of ladies there.


144.The great dancers of the city    used to   dance as per rules of dance,

Accompanied   by drums sound of beats  , and sound of songs ,

And their anklets   used to describe  the dance of their feet,

And    the horse  of the city   used to dance  very much like them.


145. A smile  appears on their face and that smile,
leads to great sorrow  to the one who loves her,

AS their waist keeps on   reducing in size  ,

And their breasts wearing  pearl and hold necklaces,

Increase   in size and make their waist  more miserable.


146. Those which   do not loose  joy from time to time,

Are those young swans which have a very pretty gait,

The   big Kayal fishes in ponds  where lotus has flowered,

The male    bee which lives   with its own female bees,

And t he elephant in rut  eating “birasam?” and also,

The   eyes of  very pretty ladies.


147.The lions with fire like eyes and their lionesses,

Would like to live in mountain caves and  the ,

The water of rut   would rain like water,

And  that would make the mud slushy   and,

In that chariots with flags would sink .


148. The discarded   flower garlands   by ladies.

Would tie the legs  of the horses  dancing there,

And  the discarded sandal paste   from  their breasts,

By the ladies    after tiff and making  love  to their lovers,

Would  make  those who  run there slide and fall.


149.When the horses run in the streets, the dust raised by their hoofs raises,

And  the gems   of those   heroes who ride on the horses  get hidden,

And they would  be cleaned   by the honey dripping from the garlands that  they wear.


150. The juice of rut of the elephants have the scent  of Vengai flowers,

The mouth of girls born in noble families   have   a scent of lotus,

The unmatched light emanating from their ornaments are shining everywhere.

And   the  flower that ladies decorate their hair  give out  pleasant smell.


151.What is the need   to compare    the    city  of devas,

Which is not counted in line with best cities, with this city?

Apart from it being different in giving  all types of   wealth,

After seeing the market place of this city, the wealthy Alakapuri lost to it


152.The armlets made great sound, their weapons are shining,

Their gem studded ornaments shine out  , the scent of musk spreads everywhere,

The gems  shine out  , the honey bee swarms   are singing,

And like this the   crowd of gents was shining.


153.The sound of  conches   and horns  , the sound  of Makara  Veena,

The sound of drums  , the sound of Kinnara, the sound of hole  instruments like flute,

And the sound of various musical instruments working in different ways,

Were being heard together , making the sound of sea feeble.


154.The city was full of  pavilions  where  the tribute  of several kings was being counted,

Pavilions where   the ladies with swan like gait   dance  ,

Pavilions  where   the Vedas which is beyond thought   are chanted by great people  ,

And Pavilions   where learned people  debate   about arts  which are scarce.


155,The ornamental hangings of the village  are greater than rays of Sun,

The directions all round  the city were smaller than    the wide streets,

The water of rut from elephants   bigger than stream on mountain,

And  The horse stables were bigger than the ocean.


156.The top  of the mansions in the city vie with the clouds,

The decorative hangings of the city  are shining because of pretty faces  of ladies there,

And the   eyes which are like arrows would  dip in the hearts of men.


157.The  sound produced by the heroic armlets of the king,

Are echoing as   the sound of golden chariots   as also,

The sound of the cavalry   and the swans in the lotus pond,

Where   the  sound of anklets of pretty damsels  is heard are jealous of that.


158.In that city  people  spend   their time in lover’s tiff,

And then making love  , become happy by singing  ,

The songs that are    greater than the soul,

Make expert lady  musicians sing and enjoy   it,

Dance as per the music   and decorate themselves with pretty flowers.


159.Riding  on  trumpeting  elephants of great vigour  due to their great strength ,

And by riding  on chariots drawn by very powerful horses,

Some people of that city spent their time  by giving sufficient  wealth and gold,

So  that sorrow   of poor people who are forced to beg is destroyed.


160.Others in that great city spent their time  by making  ,

Elephants  fight with other elephants ,

Or by learning   to use the powerful bows that  they are having with them,

Or  Riding   on horses   which have long  manes.

Or  by playing  the matchless ball or by learning  the art of war.


161. Some others in that shining city spent their time  by plucking flowers in the garden,

Or  walking like a female deer along with their young friends and taking bath in the pond,

Or by keep on drinking honey so that red pearl colour of their mouth is altered,

Or by   playing all the   games involving dice or by gambling.


162.The flags  that are flying on the  mansions without any wants,

Fly in different ways on the sky   and  going upward  ,

Reach the Akasa Ganga   and make that river dry,

Like  The white clouds drink away the water of  fish  scented ocean.


163.The big entrances of that city blessed with decorative hangings,

AS well as the golden ramparts of the inner   and outer city making a threesome,

All rise up to the sky   but finding no place further  to grow,

Similar   to the mountain like shoulders  of the male of the city ,

And their   good character and friendly heart    which are rising up,

Existed   so that even mountains were ashamed on seeing them.


164.In the forests  . backyards   and the edges of  ocean like moat  of that city,

In the ponds   where ladies play  , in the mountains where streams are flowing,

In the houses on the top   and in the pearl  strewn   on the Pandals,

In the   garden where   several bees    keep on making sound  ,

There would be beds made   out of flower and tender leaves.


165.  In that city  where the clouds that give out clear water    and oceans with waves  are scared,

Daily the drums tied   with leather   would keep on making sound

Even among the animals   there is no one to guard as there is no theft,

And because there is no one who begs , there  is none    who gives.


166.Due to the fact there are no one there who have not studied,

There is no one there   who can be considered as  top in one aspect,

There are no greats in any aspect  and there are none there who do not know anything,

Since all the people in the city  have learned  and posses everything,

In that city there are none who do not have   anything   and also having everything.


167. That city    was like the fruit tree  , which  had sprouted from “Education”,

Which has risen up and has  large number of branches which are,

The knowledge gleaned from various books    and is the first and the strong,

With great penance as leaves, with buds which is the love towards all beings,

Which flower as  acts of Dharma which gives rise “sweet experience”   as fruit,


4.Arasiyar Padalam

(The chapter on governance)


168. The king of that great city is the king of kings,

And using his honourable scepter, which was matchless,

He  ruled the city so that he could go to the seven worlds,

He  is the  great personification of Dharma who fathered,

The very strong and famous   hero   Rama of this great story,

Who wore the  heroic armlet     and shined.


169.The great  characters like  being first, brainy , follower of Dharma ,

Peace loving nature, heroism which   was fault and matchless,

Charity  and justice , were complete   within him,

But only half as much required    in all other kings.


170.In this ancient world , which  is encircled   by the ocean,

There was no hand which were not made wet  ,

By the water   which he took in his hand while giving charity  ,

And all  the yagas  which Were left as difficult to be performed

By   the  kings  who were following  true Vedic tenets ,

Were all done by this king and forgotten.


171.That king was  similar to the mother in loving others,

Was similar to penance in doing good to others,

Was like their children because he stood  with them,

At their time of death   and  helped them go to heaven,

Was like medicine as   he was trying to cure sickness of people,

And  he was like wisdom, when one   tries analyze matters.


172. That king crossed  those who begged with him, by the boat  of “giving”,

He crossed the ocean of wisdom , by using the boat of “research of great books”,

He crossed the ocean of enemies  using the boat of anger and sword,

And he crossed the ocean of riches that followed him  by contentment.


173.That king of kings  who carried the spear in the leather  case ,

Who had a fame that never diminishes and was called,

“The philanthropic Dasaratha”   ruled in such a way  ,

That , birds , animals and the mind  of prostitutes  ,

Went  in a straight path  without crossing its boundary ,

And was staying    stable of  his great  fame.


174.  The entire world  with the mountain of horizon as its boundary walls,

The very broad ocean surrounding it as its moat,

With all the mountains becoming gem studded great mansions,

 Was like Ayodhya  the capital city of that great  king.


175. Due to his participating in wars  , in which he was  match  ,

To the strength   of any one who opposed  him in war,

And who carried  his pet weapons   of sword and spear  ,

Which had  lost their sharpness because  they were used ,

Again and again    and by the touch of the  feet  of the king,

On the row  of the crowns of those  kings   who bowed before him.


176.The moon like   white Umbrella of Dasaratha  is sufficient,

For growing day by day   without diminishing,

And give cool   shade   to all the beings on earth,

And also make the world   with no darkness at all ,

And so they say   this  Kosala tree  does not need  a moon,

Which is in the sky and which diminishes and increases. 


177.Since that king Dasaratha  who has lion like strength  ,

And who was wearing diamond studded  ornaments,

Was protecting the soul of  all others , just like his soul,

In this faultless world , became   the body  in which,

All the souls of all the world preferred to live.


178.That Dasaratha   who had very big shoulders like the mountain,

Appearing   like the hot sun  in the   very tall sky  and the great God,

Wandered all around the moving and not moving beings ,

And carried out   the job of protecting them all  with his victorious wheel of rule.


176.Since that king had no enemies who were interested in attacking him,

And  his big shoulders looking like drums  were irritating and longing for a war

And he was looking after the  souls of all the world ,

Like a poor man who sincerely   looks  after his fields and ruling with sweetness.



5.Thiru avathara  Padalam

The chapter on divine incarnation

    (This chapter  starts with Dasaratha  telling  Vasishta  that he   does not have sons  and wants them. Vasishta   remembers about the promise of Lord  Vishnu   to be born as  son of Dasaratha. He advises him  to    get ASwamedha sacrifice by    bringing sage Rishya Srunga. A ghost like being comes out   of the fire and gives a PInda of sweet offering. Dasaratha divides it and gives it to his queens Kausalya  , Kaikeyi and Sumathra  . Rama , BHaratha, Lakshmana and Sathrugna are born to them. They grow up wel and are  taught by sage Vasishta. Dasaratha   loves Rama most.

   Valmiki Ramayana tells this story in a different manner. Dasaratha   desires to do Aswamedha yaga to get sons. Sumanthra his minister tells  him how he has heard Sage Sanathkumara   telling other sages that  Lord Vishnu would be born as  son to  Dasaratha. He also tells him that  the Fire sacrifice should be performed under leadership of Rishya Srunga, Dasaratha brings Rishya Srunga   and ASwamedha sacrifice is performed. At the end to fulfill    the desire of Dasaratha for sons a “Puthra Ishti”  is performed by Rishya Srunga. A divine being comes out of the fire and gives  Payasa  to Dasaratha who distributes it   among his queens.  Children are born to them and they are  taught by sage Vasishta.  )


180.One day that king   approached    and worshipped sage Vasishta* ,

Who was equivalent     to God Brahma   and told him,

“You are the result of penance of mothers  and fathers of our clan,

AS well   the God   on whom I have great respectful love  ,

And  you all others    as well    all the souls to me .”

          * Vasishta is the son of Lord Brahma.


181.”The leaders of my clan looked   after the world   like sun God   and  made their clan famous ,

And  though there are none who    do not get soft by fame,

I looked after  this entire world properly     from this Ayodhya ,

Due to the    shower   of your grace  .”


182.”I have ruled over this world   suppressing  all my enemies,

For the past sixty thousand years  and I do not have any problems,

Except a worry  in me that  after me   this world is likely to be  confused.”


183.”The sages  doing great penance   and great Brahmins,

Were living very comfortably   without any sorrow  til now,

Due to my having  no children  , would not ,

Those great ones   suffer   due  to great sorrow.

This  worry is causing great      sorrow   in  my mind.”


184.Then Vasishta , the son of Lord Brahma   who sits on a lotus,

Hearing all  these   words    from the king ,

Who had a door where  drums are being played ,

And who was wearing   a crown studded with gems,

 Started   thinking  like this  in his mind.


185. The God Vishnu   who had the colour of the dark cloud,

Who was sleeping   like huge mountain    on a  serpent  bed  ,

Which was in the middle of the ocean of milk,

Had given word  to   the suffering     devas  , that  ,

He would put an end to the Rakshasas   whose only job was killing.


186.When    the devas who were living in heaven   troubled.

By the Rakshasas   whose job was  causing trouble to them,

Approached  the feet of Lord Shiva , who had poison standing in his neck,

And when they told him about their sorrow  , that God Shiva,

Who already knew what the future    holds,

Told them, “I will not fight from now on”   and,

Along with the Devas    went to  Lord Brahma.


187.They reached the jeweled pavilion  without any defects,

 At the top of the Meru mountain  and saluted    the Lord Brahma   who came there,

And  started telling him about    the  evil acts   of those Asuras,

Who   were enemies of devas , Which were   like the thunder in the sky .


188.Then Lord  Brahma who sits on the lotus flower   told ,

About   how  The Meghanadha(indrajith)   kidnapped Indra from his town,

And how he tied him and took    to the city of Lanka,

And how he went there   and brought   back  Indra.


189.Against that twenty armed    and ten headed Ravana,

Who lacked   the wealth of graceful nature,

Since  we were not able to take  any  action  ,

The only   way to release us from this problem,

Would be   for  Lord Vishnu   who is like a black  cloud ,

And is  the sea  of mercy  to   wage a war and  then kill him.


190.After mentally  saluting   Lord Vishnu who is like a divine emerald mountain,

Who was   lying   on the ocean of milk with its torrential waves,

If he salute  him with folded hands  , meditate on him and pray him,

With a knowledge that this indeed is salvation  , he  would without delay help.


191.  Then Lord Vishnu   came like a blackish cloud  ,

Making   the forest of lotus    flowers bloom,

And  Holding two flames on both his  sides,

And appeared there   as if he was climbing on a golden mountain,

Along with Lakshmi who was sitting on a full open lotus flower  ,

Riding on Garuda   and reached the great Meru  mountain.


192.Then   the lord with the blue neck   and Brahma who likes  ,

To sit on a lotus flower   saluted his feet   and along with devas  ,

Along with all devas   stood up   and went  before Lord Vishnu,

And when they were praising  him , danced with great joy.


193. They all drank the honey of joy   thinking  that,

All  the asuras  have been killed   and without knowing any other thing,

Sang and danced  , ran here and   there  and after  saluting,

The  feet of that God  with scent of THulasi  (ocimum sanctum) and kept it on their head.


194. With the prettiness of     a cloud  getting down from the  golden mount Meru,

 Getting down from the shoulders of the   great one who has  made me  his own,

Reaching  the pavilion which was as tall    as   the   sky  ,

My lord sat   on a seat which was looking like    a lion.


195.Lord Brahma, the sages , all the devas,

And Lord Shiva who has tufted hair   and wears the moon,

With great wonder   and with great happiness ,

Sat on seats near to that of Lord Vishnu  ,

And informed him of the cruel acts  of  those bad Asuras.


196.”Oh  Lord   of Goddess  Lakshmi  due to the ten headed Ravana,

And those born after him   who are all strong asuras,

The earth and heavens   are  slowly loosing their blessed deeds,

And there is no way to save them” saying this  they left a deep breath.


197.” Those asuras who have grown great , due to our great boons ,

Are killing the  people of all the three     worlds  by fighting with them.

Oh Lord with lotus like eyes , if we   do not put an end  to their cruelties now,

Very soon they  would destroy all the three    worlds.”


198.When so saying , those sorrowing devas prayed and saluted Lord Vishnu,

He who is pretty  wearing the scented THulasi and flower garlands ,

Told them, “Do not wory, I would cut off   the heads of those cheating asuras,

And remove the sorrow of the worldand please hear about it.”


199.” Let all of you in heavens  , go  and be born as  monkeys,

In the forests , mountains  and valleys  as my army 

Thus told   Lord Vishnu    who was an ocean of mercy.


200.”I myself would be born  in the earth  , as son of Dasaratha,

Who has   sea like army  walking as well as riding on elephants, horses  and chariots,

And using my arrows   which never miss their target  .

I would destroy the mirage like Asuras, their strength got  out of boons  and their lives.”


201. “The wheel and conch which are my weapons   and Adhisesha,

Who has a poison which would even destroy the northern fire  ,

Would be born as my  younger brothers who would salute me,

In the city of Ayodhya   which has walls all across the earth.”


202.When  he  the enchanter who wears the scented Thulasi garland,

  Told like this  ,  due to great happiness all   the devas 

Thinking that   God saved them all, stood up and danced ,

And sang  the auspicious song that  does good to all.


203.  Indra became happy  thinking that his sorrow has come to an end,

Brahma who lived in the pure lotus flower  and Lord Shiva who wore the crescent ,

And  all those who live  in the great heavens said, “our subjugation is now over”,

And then  That Lord Vishnu who had once swallowed the entire earth,

Placed his divine feet  with his anklets  on Garuda , his steed.


204.After  Lord Vishnu   who has made me his,  has gone back ,

On the Garuda , Lord Brahma addressing the devas    told,

“Even earlier I have been born as Jambavan , the king of bears,

And you all now go back    take incarnation as monkeys.”


205.Then Indra   who was the Lord of Devas who possessed  the wish giving tree,

Told, “My  contribution is Vali who is like thunder to his enemies and Angadha,”

Sun God told  “Understand that my contribution is Sugreeva, the brother of Vali”,

And the god of fire told, My contribution is the monkey hero   called Neela.”


206.When the wind God told that he is represented  by Maruthi,

All the other  devas told that they have decided   to  be born,

AS monkeys who will destroy enemies in earth,

And Lord Shiva who burnt the three cities told   that

He would be born as Hanuman   and so  he asked

“How can there be sorrow to all  people in the world?”


207.As per the desire  of the merciful lotus eyed God ,

Lord Brahma who sits on the lotus and the dark necked Lord Shiva,

Along with the devas  , took the forms   as mentioned above ,

And have come as monkeys  in dark forests and the earth ,

And Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva both went to their places of residences.


208.Sage Vasishta thought in his mind , that  these have happened earlier,

And told , “Oh king   who has powerful  shoulders   and who has won in wars  everywhere,

Please do not get worried due  to  not getting a son. If you perform properly

That fire sacrifice   which can give you sons     who can protect ,

All the fourteen worlds  , your sorrow of the mind will vanish,”


209.When the great sage Vasishta told like this  , Dasaratha,

Stood up with very great joy , saluted the feet of that great sage  ,

“How can sorrow come to me , when I have surrendered to you only?

And so  please tell me  the work involved  of doing that fire sacrifice properly?”


210-211. The son of sage Kashyapa   who is the father   of guiltless devas ,

As well as other asuras ,   has a son called    Vibhandaka  ,

Who has been praised even by Lord Shiva who carries   the Ganges

And who is equal to his father Kashyapa , and he himself has a son,

Who is equal to Lord Brahma ,  if we consider   his great  mastery of knowledge ,

And  due to his   knowledge   of tenets of justice   as told by Vedas.

He   is one who is ignorant of   of the  differing personalities  and nature of the world,

And  has a deer like antlers attached to his face  and is called Sringa .


212.He is one with a mind which  thinks that    all human beings of this    great earth,

Which is carried  by the very many heads     of the  snake   are only animals,

 And who has done great penance  and if we properly consider  ,

He is the one who is fit to be praised  by Brahma who likes to sit on lotus,

And the Lord Shiva    who destroyed     the three cities,

And   if that Rishya Srunga  carries out the  fire sacrifice,

Which would give sons  , definitely you will get   sons.


213.Then that  king of kings of all the worlds  after worshipping,

The flower like feet of that great sage  , who gave him this good advice  ,

And who is the chief of all the great sages who do penance  ,

Asked him, “Where   does that faultless sage who has all good qualities live?

How can I   bring that great sage  here? Oh sage    who is like a God to me ,please tell me.”


 214.  There is a king called  Roma pada  , who rules all this world  and,

Who   is the son of Uthanapada   who was born in the clan of Manu ,

Who was capable of winning over all his enemies,

Who was like the cool shade    even for mercy , Who   was having a true nature,

Who used to rule his country in such a way   that  ,

The bad fate which was like an anthill   and strange   sorrows are destroyed.


215. In  the divine country    ruled by that great king ,

Since   for a long time the clouds that lead to lightning was not there,

Which lead to great sorrow  , the king summoned great sages who were  expert in Vedas,

And gave them  gifts  of charity as mentioned in Vedas   ,

And since this also did not  lead to the coming  of the rain,

He again summoned those sages   and enquired ways to bring rain,

And they told , if sage Rishya Srunga comes  to the kingdom then it would rain.


216,When he thought    about ways   to bring that great sage ,

Who thought that all men who are  in this earth  dressed by   sea are only animals,

And who   has  faultless    great penance  , some ladies of the assembly ,

Who had    shining forehead , long black eyes,  red coral like lips  .

And  who had firm  breasts,  stood up and   told,

“We would bring that great sage here.”


217.When they told like   this, the king was overjoyed   and gave them,

Ornaments  and cloths as per need and asked   them  with,

Foreheads like a cool moon’s crescent  , With shoulders  like thick Bamboo,

Thin waist , thick breasts  , dark hair m, shifting eyes  and   red mouth like silk cotton flowers,

And told them, “Oh ladies who resemble   the ornamental climbing plant  , please go”,

And on hearing this  they saluted   the king  and went by chariot.


218.Those girls after   crossing several Yojanas   and understanding,

The hermitage of the faultless  sage was only one Yojana from there,

Constructed a  place to stay using leaves and branches ,

And  Started living there    as  faultless  sages   of great penance.


219.Then waiting for   a suitable  time  when his father  of great penance was not there,

Those ladies with black broad eyes   who were experts in all  arts reached the  hermitage of the saint,

And then that sage thinking that  they are also sages,

Who thought men are animals  started being hospitable to them.


220.He gave them water to wash  and drink , and offered them a seat ,

And after  sweetly   telling them to occupy their seats

And then those girls   who had lips like murukku   flower,

After saluting the   saint speedily got up and entered  his hermitage.


221, Those  ladies  who were  wearing  gem studded  ornaments  , after a few days,

Again visited him  carrying   several  fruits like jack fruit  , Banana fruit and  mango fruit  ,

And also coconut   and told him , “oh  sage of great penance  ,

Please eat these   and that age  ate   them.


222.After several similar days had passed by  ,

Those damsels having a pretty forehead,

Requested that sage Rishya srunga   who is faultless,

 “You have to come to our house also.”

And then saluted him and that sage  went along with them.


223.  With very great joy   and with great surprise ,

Those ladies   having  dark eyes , followed by that  great   sage,

Took him through the long broad path  , saying this is our home,

 And took him speedily  in a path, which they liked.


224.Even before the great sage Rishya Sringa came and reached the town,

The clouds in the sky became as black as   the poison filled neck of Lord  Shiva,

And went on raining  with very huge rain drops  , so that the ponds and rivers got   filled up.


225.Due   the flowing water   due to that heavy rain  ,

When the ponds and rivers filled up   as per the wishes of people,

The   sugarcane   and red rice  became pretty   and  grew luxuriously,

 Seeing the continuous heavy rain,  the king knew about coming of the sage.


226.That king    of sages Rishya Srunga   who has forsaken,

Passion  ,  anger  as well as   enjoyment  , due to the trick played by,

Those ladies  who had red lips like   the Kovai fruit  ,

Face like lotus flower  , teeth like lustrous   pearls,

And smoke like  hair which was perfumed   with smoke   of Akil,

Has possibly come here , that king thought.


227.Thinking   like that,  king who had strong rounded shoulders,

Rose up and started  , surrounded by four parts of his army  ,

Great sages who were expert in Vedas and went for two Yojanas,

And  saw Rishya Srunga  who was like a mountain of penance,

Amidst the girls  who had pretty and scented  hair.


228,As soon as  that king saw the sage, with his eyes,

Filled with tears   of joy   saluted him by falling on the floor and said,

“From now on me and the people of my country have got back our life”,

And then that king who had a mind filled with joy   told those ladies,

Who saluted him, “By your trick  you have removed my sorrow.”


229.When   the king and sages   went and met him, the blessed saint,

Understood that he has been brought there by deceit ,

And the devas  started shivering with fear  and due to request of the  king,

That sage who was like a ocean with waves   which can damage the shore  kept quiet.


230. The king who possessed   a sharp sword  , requested that sage several times,

And told him how    the rain which cannot be stopped by any one  removed sorrow,

In great detail  , then the great anger that   was in the mind of sage left  him.


231, With grace entering him   and anger going away  , that sage  ,

Blessed the king   and entered  the chariot   which can travel fast,

And with many sages with good ideas and thoughts following him  ,

That  sage who was capable of giving boons  to all those with good thoughts , went further.


232. That city was decorated   and the people came towards him to receive him,

And the king  along with the sage   reached his palace in that city,

Reached  a pavilion  constructed of matchless gold  ,

And then the king  made that  sage  sit   on a   throne .


233.,. As if there is nothing  to be  told further  ,after hospitably  treating him,

By giving him  water to wash and drink  , that king ,

Adopting the rituals of the Vedas  gave in marriage ,

His daughter  Santha   who was as soft as the flower of Murukku tree.


234.Due to the gift from the sky  , the disease of poverty was cured ,

That country    completely got rid of all its sorrow,

And being  properly looked after  by the daughter of the king with pretty hair,

That sage   is happily staying  there, told Vasishta.


235.When the great saint told like this  Dasaratha saluted his feet,

Said, “now itself I will go and bring him    and he climbed in to his chariot   decorated by gems,

After being saluted   by many kings  who wore heroic armlets and gem studded crown,

And after being saluted and praised by Sumanthra     and great ministers like him,

And then  all the devas blessed him   and showered ceaselessly   flowers,

Saying,  “Our problems have come to an end from today,” and also praised the king.


236. With huge drums and other musical instruments  making sound greater than ocean,

With songs being sung   by great musicians ,With great Brahmins who are experts in Vedas praising him,

With pretty sweet ladies  singing  “long live” , With ocean like army accompanying him,

He went speedily like Sun, crossing all difficulties  and  reached the divine city of Romapada.


237. Informed by the  spies , that  the  king whose fame was spreading like burning fire ,

Has reached his city , That king Romapada who wore heroic anklets   ,

Surrounded  by  ocean like soldiers   who held  bows , which has become thin with use,

With  very great ear studs and other ornaments shining , with poets coming as  crowd and praising him,

With ebbing joy , he went one Yojana to properly    receive ,

That king whose   fame keeps on spreading  like a climbing plant.


238.  After seeing   that victorious king who had come to receive him  ,

When he got down from his golden chariot which would make even the clouds ashamed,

Romapada fell at his feet , with  greatly ebbing love further increasing,

Dasaratha made him rise up and hugged him   and  the very joyous Romapada ,

 Seeing that  king with greatly    shining spear   spoke as follows.


239.” Oh king with a shining spear     who made the world of devas   firm,

Is it due to the great penance that I did, that you have come here to see me?,

Or is it because the penance this country undertook? Or other   good acts done by us?”

Saying like this   with great joy Romapada , who made the bodies of enemies as dead bodies,

With his shining and sharp spear and who had great shoulders    made Dasaratha climb   on his chariot,

And brought that king who had a powerful chariot army , in to his prosperous city.


240.After  reaching a pavilion  in a mansion shining like gold,

And  after  pretty ladies  who had decorated   their legs,  ,

Sang  the greetings of a long life , the one with a flower decorated  spear,

Was made    to sit on a golden seat  and after .

And was offered  formalities    as per    the rules of hospitality,

By that  Romapada who was wearing   a garland of densely tied flowers,

And the king who  saved the world    of the devas  became extremely  happy..


241.After the feast the king  Romapada offered   scented sandal paste ,

And looking at that king of ten chariots  and told him,

“Kindly tell us    the purpose    of your visit?”

For which Dasaratha told in detail all that happened,

And further told, “I would take sage Rishya srunga  ,

Who does not   have any bad  qualities like jealousy,

To Ayodhya and after   wards bring him back,

Oh king  who is wearing a pretty crown,”   said Romapada,

And immediately Dasaratha   retuned   back to Ayodhya.


242.After the king went back  , the king Romapada who was victorious,

Reached  the place of the blessed saint  who looked like personification of Vedas,

And after saluting the  lotus like feet of the sage so that it became ornament to his crown,

And after   doing necessary honours and while he was standing there,

When the sage asked   about the purpose  of his visit  ,

The king told him  “Please give  a boon to this lowly man.”


243.Romapada told the boon he wanted was  that,

“You   should visit   the well protected   city of Ayodhya,

Decorated with gems    which is ruled by   the famous Dasaratha,

Who is one with a great scepter   and   who has a spear  ,

Which defeated Asuras    who caused trouble  to devas.

Who was one who followed Dharma strictly  ,

Who belonged to the  clan of Emperor Shibi,

Who for the sake  of saving a dove,

Kept his own flesh     on the balance,

And then return back to   this same city.”


244. When that sage  of great penance said, “ I give you that boon,

And so go and bring the chariot  “ that Romapada  who possessed,

A spear    which was sharpened and which had very great luster,

Saluted the feet of the sage Rishya Srunga   , and thinking that,

The king of kings Dasaratha would now live happily forsaking his sorrow,

Immediately arranged   for a chariot with a rolling sound brought,

And said, “ Oh greatest in all arts , please get in to this chariot,

Along  with  Santha who has a crescent    like forehead and  is like Lakshmi”,

And   then that sage took his seat as requested   in that chariot.


245.With the king  who possessed a curved bow , stood  saluting him,

With many faultless     sages following him  , that sage,

Who   looked like the personification of rare   Vedas  ,

Along with his wife  sat on that  mechanical chariot  ,

And desired to proceed to    do his Dharma.


246.Dharma as well as Devas   thinking  that this sage will ,

Shower his grace   so that the great god of truth would  appear there,

So that   the fate   that gives   great sorrow due to the asuras would be destroyed,

And  started playing  the divine drums and other  musical instruments.

And went on showering  scented  flowers    from the sky.


247.The emissaries   who were standing on the way reached Ayodhya,

And informed about the arrival   of the great sage  Rishya Srunga  ,

Before  the  great assemblage of   kings with big shoulders ,

Who have arrived   from different directions  and ,

King Dasaratha   dipped himself  in to the measureless ocean of love  ,


248.Dasaratha speedily got on to his chariot,

And flowers were showered on him ,

Words of blessings were chanted,

Various   musical instruments were played,

Drums were played and  the bad  fate  was uprooted.


249.That great king  of kings who  had drums which made great sound,

Thinking that  the  mountain of sorrow in his mind has been powdered,

Travelled   three Yojana distance   and saw with his own eyes,

That mature saint   who had done   great penance.


250-251. That sage  looked as  if all good penances ,

Have taken a form of faultlessness , who was  ,

Looking  like a deer  and was wearing a wooden hide  ,

Who seems to have a form which was not looking suitable ,

Who seems to have the ability   to remove  the fate  ,

Of   the great sorrow of devas   and the undefeatable strength of asuras,

Who possessed water pot , umbrella  , books as per the rules,

As well as the staff  in his   hand ,


252.That king of king  as soon as he  saw the sage   ,

Got down from his chariot    and fell down  and saluted,

On the lotus like feet of that sage   and that sage  ,
looking like a stick allowing the climbing plants of the Vedas  to spread,

According to the  proper   rules   , told words of blessing.


253. With all other sages also blessing him  , Dasaratha,

With hands that gives charity like the clouds giving rain,

Saluted    that sage   and his wife who had  eyes ,

Which were like fish in the ebbing water of the lake ,

And made  that expert in arts  climb on   the chariot,

That he has taken   and brought them,

To his town   with proper hospitality.


254.With  ladies   having lustrous face like lotus greeting him   all the way,

That king who was wearing a crown along with the sage Rishya Srunga  ,

With  in a very short time reached Ayodhya where drums were  being beaten by sticks.


255.Vasishta   who has controlled his    five sense organs  ,

Because they were wandering like ignorant thieves,

Who were responsible   for  sinful activities,

Being  great sage who was greatly shining,

 Like the personification of rare Vedas

Reached  the royal court  and made  it   shine further.


256.  After reaching that great jeweled pavilion  and making  ,

The great saint Rishya Srunga   who was   equal to Vedas ,

Sit on  throne , made by faultless   gems and after   attending 

Very properly   to the  responsibilities which he would accept,

He started telling him   about other aspects in a best manner.


257.” Oh greatest  among the greats , oh pure one ,

Who shines just like penance and Dharma ,

Due to your coming   and by your grace  ,

My age old clan   would  shine greatly.

And I also would not lose my penance like qualities.”


258.When he told like this , that sage  saw him sweetly  and told,

“Please hear , oh king of kings, when you have  the help ,

Of  the famous  Vasishta who has done  very great penance ,

And  also your own guiltless behavior  ,

Would any  other king of this world  be equal  to you.”


259. After telling several such sweet   words   to him he told,

“oh king with big shoulders  who carries   suitable  and great bow,

Did you call me here , thinking about performing  the aswamedha sacrifice,

Which would lead to good results .please tell”


260.Dasaratha replied,   “for several innumerable years  ,

Without any problem I was carrying the burden of this kingdom,

But   sons who would look after it after me were not born to me,

And so I request you  to bless me with  sons , who are capable of looking after,

This kingdom after me  so that my welfare and fame are   increased.”


261. When he told like this “Oh king , do not become sad,

Please get ready  to do a great fire sacrifice   which  ,

Can give you  sons with great ability    who can rule,

Either this world or  even all the fourteen worlds.”


262.All that was needed   for that great fire sacrifice,

Was   brought by   Dasaratha’s servants , even before he said “hey”,

And that king of kings   after taking bath in    pure water ,

Reached   the pavilion    erected as per Vedic  injunctions.


263. After the fire sacrifice was started,  in the fire that rose,

During morning, noon  and evening  , sacrificial offerings  ,

Were   offered   and after   twelve such months,

In the faultless sky   the music of divine instruments were heard,

And devas   assembled in the sky   filling it without  any left over space.


264.All the devas who were living  in the heavens of the sky  stood there,

With their shining lotus   like faces ,  rained  scented flowers from there,

And  raised   sounds of greetings   and that saint who was suitable  ,

Offered the offering meant to get sons   in the middle of the fire.


265. Then from the sacrificial fire   one ghost * with burning fire like hair  ,

And red eyes  , carrying a pretty golden plate   ,

Over which was one  pure  heap of cooked rice resembling nectar

Was kept  , rose   from that   fire.

   * It could be translated as “being” also.


266.That ghost which appeared in that manner  , kept ,

That golden plate   on the earth  and went again,

Inside the sacrificial fire and vanished and the saint,

Instructed the king   to give   that   heap of nectar like rice,

To his queens in the order  of their seniority .


267. As per the instruction of that great saint  , that king of kings  ,

Gave a part  of that nectar like rice   in the hands of Kausalya.

Who had   black hair scented by akil  smoke   and red  fruit like mouth  ,

And then conches  blared    and the grace continued.


268.That Dasaratha  king of Kosala country   which is  blessed,

With ponds  , rivers   and gardens where swans live  ,

In a similar fashion  gave   a part of that  nectar like rice

In the hands of the daughter of Kekaya with Devas greeting him loudly.


269.  That  king who was born in the clan of Nimi   who was strong enough,

To make all enemies     shiver greatly  , similar to  the previous times,

Gave a portion    to Sumithra his youngest wife   when, Indra ,

The king of devas along with devas celebrated saying ,

“From today all our enemies would be destroyed.”


270. And again that great one   collected   the remaining rice ,

Which was scattered on the plate   and gave it   to Sumithra herself,

Making  the eyes and shoulders   of his enemies ,

Throb on the   left side and to all other beings on the right side .


271. After completing   the fire sacrifice of the horses that jump  ,

And the great fire sacrifice that would lead    to birth of sins,

And other connected rituals   as per the instruction of that Brahmin,

That protector of the world  , stood up , being praised by every one.


272. Drums and several other musical instruments blared,

All the people whose  world was darkened by the asuras  ,

Got out from their sorrows and after finishing  the fire sacrifice,

That gives clarity  , that graceful king reached  his  royal hall.


273.After doing his duties  without error  and having,

Given offerings properly to proper Gods without  mistake,

After giving offerings to al the devas   as  per practice  ,

He also   rained   gold    to all the Brahmins.


274.He also gave other  kings   as per their  status ,

Country  , wealth  , chariots  , horses  and good cloths ,

And then  accompanied by playing of various musical instruments,

He reached the Ghats of the river Sarayu     and took bath.


275. Then   accompanied by playing of drums and other musical instruments,

With   a white pearl  royal umbrella giving   him shade  ,

With very many kings surrounding him  , he  reached the royal  hall,

And saluted the feet of    sage  Vasishta   who had fame   ,

Which would make even Lord Brahma shy   and became great.


276.As per the  orders of Vasishta who had done very great penance  ,

He saluted the feet of sage Rishya srunga  and praised him,

Using suitable  words of praise    and told him,

“Because of you I am honoured and what other thing is there  for me to achieve.”


277.When Dasaratha told him, “Oh my father like saint    , due  to your grace and help,

I  have   come out of my sorrow     and  have become successful”.

That sage Rishya Srunga of great penance   due to great joy blessed the king ,

And along with sages who accompanied him   got in to chariots   to start  back.”


278.That king who had got rid of his sorrow  , afterwards  saluted,

And praised all sages who  had accompanied Rishya Sringa  ,

And those sages who became very happy   because of  great treatment,

Blessed the king  and went back   and Dasaratha lived happily.


279.   Those three  middle aged queens  , after some more days,

Got  many desires and also   underwent many sufferings of pregnancy,

And apart from their face    , their other limbs  ,

Also shined   like  moon   and they were like moon because of it.


280.When the   time for delivery came  ,

And the goddess earth became very happy 

And the bamboo like Punar poosam star  . the devas,

And the pure Rasi of Kadaka   , jumped with joy.


281. Sidhas  , devas   and middle aged women,

Famous saints , those who live   in  heaven,

And those who live   in heaven after   death ,

Shouted in joy when time came closer and closer ,

Thinking that   the great God of Dharma   would live long.


282.That  Kousalya with great ability  , for the sake  of auspiciousness.

Gave birth to a child , who  kept  the world safe during the time of final deluge  ,

By keeping it in his belly , And who    is the  one who cannot be understood by Vedas,

And who  is the lustrous light showing   the prettiness of  a budding  cloud.


283.With devas shouting with joy in all directions,

And with  Indra and other devas   saluting and praising,

The daughter of the faultless   king of Kekaya ,

Gave birth to a son in Pushya star  ,

When the meena   Rasi    was shining.


284. While   Indra   who wears  the garland of flowers of the wish giving tree,

Who cut off with great anger   the feathers of all mountains  ,

And all his subjects who are the devas   shouted in the world of devas  ,

When the snake born  Ayilya  atar and the    crab rasi of Kadaka  becoming friends ,

The youngest queen who was like  a  thin climber    gave birth to the younger one.


285.  With the world supported   by Adhi sesha with  several heads  dancing ,

And the Vedas also recited the music for that  dance  ,

The queen had  eyes  which  can trouble like poison,

Gave birth to another child when Maka  star  and Simha rasi joined together.


286.The divine damsels danced, Kinnaras sang the   songs of  seven notes,

Several type of drums were played and due to   ebbing joy,

Born out of the feeling that   all Asuras    have been destroyed,

They all ran and wandered    all around the sky.


287,. The lady assistants   ran  to meet the king   and after telling,

The news of birth of his sons , they all danced,

All priests of the palace joined together and examined position of planets and days,

 And told   that by the birth of these sons  world would be saved from  evil.


288. The  king of kings became extremely happy  and,

After bathing in cold water  gave  in charity ,

Plenty of paddy  and other grains   and with white  conches blowing,

Went along   with the great sage  and went and saw pretty faces of the princes.


289.That great king ordered  that it should be announced along with drums,

That the kings who have paid seven year tribute  need not pay  further tribute ,

And also  that the  doors of the treasury be opened and kept open,

So that poor people can take away whatever they want without  limit.


290. He further told., “Let all the kings   captured by me in war be released,

So that they  can go to their homes  and let Brahmins who are expert in Vedas ,

 Be released if they have been punished     for any misbehavior  ,

And let all the temples in  the country celebrate     festivals.”


291.   Let all the temples in country be repaired,

Let  special roads   be built for   those who follow dharma   along with junctions,

And let    pretty lamps and garlands  for Gods be given as  ,

A gift to all temples    in the country.”


292.  When   the king ordered  like this  , the announcer,

Riding on an elephants   and  with beating  of good drums ,

Made this announcement   and hearing    this,

The citizens and the ladies with  lightning like waist  ,

Reached   the immeasurable  ocean of joy through weeping..


293.Again and again   those citizens shouted   with joy  ,

And their bodies were covered by  the excess of joy leading to sweating,

And they went on giving lot of gifts to  all those who told the news of birth,

Possibly indicating   that they knew that God who should be saluted  is born.


294.In that great pretty city  , there was a great elation,

Among girls in the crowd of girls and boys in crowd of boys,

And they went on sprinkling  oil mixed with,

Scented powders   as well as  unguents.


295.Like this the citizens of Ayodhya  for those twelve days,

Were elated with joy in their mind   and ,

Were not able to recognize    even their own selves,

And the faultless sage   thought of naming   those children.


296. To that Lord  who was real , who rushed and killed  the crocodile,

When the  elephant who was caught by a crocodile and got tired,

Called him  “Oh God who sleeps on the bed of serpent 

Sage Vasishta gave the name    of “Rama.”


297.That Vasishta who observed all penances  and knew ,

The real meaning of Vedas  as clear  as the gooseberry in a palm,

Named the next shining   child    as “Bharatha.”


298. And he said , “From now on the deceiving Asuras are dead,

Devas    would get welfare  , the problems of Goddess earth comes to an end,

And the lustrous baby     who is very strong and who is   going to do this all is called Lakshmana.”


299.Since the other  baby   was  as pretty  as if  pearls  ,

Have taken a shape of baby   and looks as if it is ,

A fully opened   lotus flower   and called baby  Sathrugna.


300.After Vasishta who has never gone in the path of lie,

Named   the children as per tenets of Vedas,

The river of gifts that  flowed through the hands of the king,

More and more filled up   the mind Brahmins who were experts in arts.


301.That Dasaratha who was    looking after  the earth all under his royal umbrella,

Thinking that   there  is body and soul , which are there for him,

Looked after    Rama    who was as pretty as a picture  ,

And who was like the blue lily and red lotus , lived happily.


302-304 .During the time  when those  babies   were growing  ,

Talking nectar  like lisping , practicing to walk  the pretty  baby walk,

Looking like Sun God   who is coming    to remove  the darkness,

And similar to the four Vedas, so that all problems of earth are  removed,

Performed   rituals   like Choula(first hair cut)  and Upanayana( sacred thread ceremony), as  per rules,

And  when  Vasishta   who was   equal to Lord Shiva   who wears the moon,

Taught them   all the important arts    along with   the Vedas ,

As if there is no  end to such knowledge  and with  no measure  to what is taught,

They  were taught managing and driving   of elephant, horses and chariots,

And    also   all   other   arts of war necessary    for the princes,

And also fighting with bow and arrow  as well as  other weapons ,

As also the understanding of the body parts   of  enemies.

And like this  Rama   who is the matchless  leader of devas

Was growing up along      with his younger brothers,


305.  Sages who are experts in Vedas, devas , the  goddess earth,

And the people living  in that city , were confidant that ,

All the problems that they faced would be solved by this prince ,

And so  they   would never   go away from the place where he lives,

And were living  in places where those princes resided.


306.The lord Rama   and his younger brother , for the sake,

Of intimately knowing about   the penances   and  assets of the pretty earth,

Reached   rivers   and gardens surrounded by dark clouds  ,

And wandered everywhere like the thread   and the cloth.


307.Bharatha and Sathurugna  , though , they  were,

Wandering everywhere riding on horses  without a gap  even in a minute,

Were  together   even when they were  learning Vedas,

And were together   like our Lord Rama and Lakshmana,


308.Rama and his brothers   going to the gardens which were sweet scented,

And there they met   great sages   and talked to them with love  ,

And when they were returning to city of Ayodhya in the evening,

Whoever met them became joyous,  like crops   at the receipt of  rain.


309.All the ladies   and   their very strong   husbands ,

Who lived  hugging   the heavy breasts   of such ladies ,

And the relations   and friends who were living there,

Said that these   children would live long  as also Kausalya and Dasaratha  ,

And for that purpose saluted and  worshipped their Gods.


310. Rama and Lakshmana who are difficult to search and see  by the Vedas,

Resembled the black clouds given out by the sea  and the bevy   the lustrous  lotus,

Accompanied by the Meru  mountain  , said  people who saw them both.


311.My God Rama   with his very matured  merciful kindness,

When he saw the people   of his city , with face shining like fully opened lotus,

Asked  “Is there any thing    that I can do for you?  Is there any sorrow?

Is your wife doing well ?   and   Are  your intelligent sons  living with  strength?”


312.”oh sir , we are all OK, Since we have you as our king,

This is not important to us but you should   be our king,

Till the   deluge of Brahma   and as  long as,

All the seven worlds exist  and as long as we exist.”


313.Like  this all   the citizens , praised   him  truly,

And his three younger brothers of great valour,

Without fail prayed    his divine holy feet  ,

And Rama   who is the first    among,

Vishnu  , Shiva and Brahma started living.



6.Kayadai    padalam

(The chapter  on handing over)


        (This chapter deals with coming  of sage Viswamithra to the court of Dasartha and his requesting for Rama to protect   his  Fire sacrifice  from Rakshasas. Due to great love when  Dasaratha  refuses and when Viswamithra was getting very angry, sage Vasishta  advises Dasaratha to hand over the princes to Vasishta.   They leave Ayodhya and after some timereached the garden where Lord Shiva did penance.

     In Valmiki Ramayana as soon as   Viswamithra takes Rama and Lakshmana to the forest,  he teaches them Bala and Athibala   which would help them to live without food or sleep.  This is not mentioned  in Kama Ramayanam. There is also description of Rama , Lakshmana and the sage crossing river Ganga.  This again is not there in Kambar’s version of Ramayanam.)


314-315. During that time when the  great king   was ruling  all the world,

With the matchless royal umbrella shining  , with  his drum of victory playing,

With all sages praising him and he   was drowned,

In the limitless   ocean   of joy and living,

He built a gem studded pavilion   which rose up to the sky , and was beyond capability of,

 Maya   who had great knowledge   and expertise  in construction  , who built,

The town of Amaravathi   where the buds of  wish giving trees were opening,


316.The Charanas  , the spies of Gods who wander all over the sky ,

Seeing Dasaratha and suspecting , whether  he was    their king Indra,

And seeing that   thousand eyes are not seen, got   rid of their   doubt,

And like this  Dasaratha sat  on the pure and holy throne   and shined.


317. In front of Dasaratha    who had strength  like a lion ,

Sage Viswamithra    who created all  beings   who were found in this world separately ,

And said that   I would now  itself create     the four headed Lord Brahma  himself

And had the great    anger    to start it  , appeared .


318.When sage Viswamithra reached that pavilion  , Dasaratha ,

Who was wearing a jewel necklace  , which made even the   Sun get afraid due  to its luster,

Got up like  Indra who saw the coming  of  Brahma who lived   on a scented lotus,

And went   and saluted    the feet of that divine sage.


319.  After   Dasaratha saluted the sage and  offering him ,

A golden seat   where  Gems   were studded  in a very close manner ,

And with  great   reverence made that sage sit on it  ,

Worshipped both his divine feet  and told him,

“The tie of my Karmas have been cut today 

Saluted that sage    and told him like    this.


320.”Oh great    sage   who has a very long   history of penance  ,

The act of your coming  with great simplicity  ,  so that,

I can go round you   and also salute you  must be  due,

 The great penance   which was done by this country ,

Or due to my fate   dictated by good acts  ,

Or due to    the great penance done by my ancestors,”

And when Dasaratha  told this sweet  words, the sage told.


321.  “Oh king who holds the spear with the smell of meat  got   from wars,

Sages and devas who are like me  , if they get in to any problem only go to

Either  to the silver mountain   which due to its great luster laughs at other mountains,

Or  to the ocean of milk or to the city of Brahma   where he sits on a lotus,

Or to the town of devas    which has the wish giving tree  ,

Or to Ayodhya   which has several gem studded  pavilions  .

Except for these places  , where  else can we seek protection?


322.”Ok king  , Indra  lost the kingdom that   he is now ruling ,

And also lost  his seat in the shade of wish giving tree   on which

Its  flowers  showered  honey and approached you  ,

Who under   your royal  matchless white umbrella  was ruling  the entire  world,

And when he   told his problems   and was standing begging you  ,

And you destroyed  Sambara with mountain like shoulders as well as his family  ,

And made the Deva loka as   your own   and later gave it to Indra,

And is it not that   country that Purandara(Indra) is ruling as his kingdom till now?”


323. When    the sage praised him like this   seeing his   face , the mind of Dasaratha,

Was filled  a sea of joy , which cannot be   measured  by any one  ,

And saluting that sage with folded hands  , he said,

“Only today I got the real    result    of becoming the king  ,

And please tell me what   I should   do?”.

Like this    when Dasaratha who has a home entrance where drums are played,

Told,  , that  sage Viswamithra      started telling.


324. He said, “Please give me  the matchless black son of yours.

Among your four sons   to   wage a war with the Asuras  ,

Who are destroying    the big fire sacrifice   which  I am conducting  ,

In the  forest with  very many densely growing trees ,

And who   due to their mind being affected ,

By evil habits  like passion   and jealousy,

And are  making the  saints who do penance there scared.”

And these words   , which were like  the god of death   taking life away .

 Hurt the king in an extremely     bad way.


325.These words   of the sage   of very great penance  was like  ,

Throwing a spear at the fatal part   , was like  glowing fire ,

Entering     the big river of the bodily   wound  ,

And when these entered in the  ears   of the king,

With the  sorrow of the heart pushing   out the soul from the body,

And the soul of Dasaratha was neither able to stay nor go out  ,

And he felt  like one with  eyesight   loosing it  ,

And that king Dasaratha    who has a spear which will kill his enemies,

Fell in to extremely great sorrow   and grieved a lot.


326.That Dasaratha who was wearing a flower garland which was dripping  honey,

Similar    to that from    a bee hive  , some how consoled himself   and said

“Oh elderly one  , Rama  is only a boy and has not  sufficiently matured in training of war,

And if this only is your command  , even if Lord Shiva with water  dripping from Ganga on his head ,

Who has a matted hair   and Lord Brahma      and Lord Indra  come,

As help   to those asuras  and help   them in their evil acts  ,

I would put a stop to that   and protect the fire sacrifice ,

And please  get up so that   you can complete    the great fire sacrifice.”


327.  When the king Dasaratha   told like that  , that sage who started creating the world,

Got up with very great anger  , and his upper eye brows   went   and  hit his forehead,

And he also laughed with anger , and both his eyes became    red,

And the sun who was  wandering in the sky hid himself  and  all beings,

Of this world and other   worlds  were scared, confused and wandered,

All the directions became dark   and all the devas thought  that final deluge has come.


328.Seeing the intention     of that  Viswamithra who was extremely angry  ,

After telling him, “Please wait”   Vasishta seeing    the king told,

Would you say no to    the coming of  all the good   to your son.”


329.”Sir, Like the water overflowing due to  the falling of rain,

Runs  with great speed   to go and join   the ocean with large   water,

The time for your   sons to get measureless   knowledge  ,

Has now  arrived  , “ said the great   Vasishta.


330.Hearing the words of his teacher  , that king, said,

“Go and bring the lord  of goddess Lakshmi 

And as soon as it was told   Rama  ,

Who is the greatest among the wise   arrived near the  king.


331.After seeing his son   who had come along with his younger brother,

He showed them  to the great sage   who knew all the   four Vedas,

And told him, You are their father  , you are their mother ,

And I have given them to you  and get whatever you want to  be got done   by them.


332,After receiving  the   sons given to him by Dasaratha,

Leaving  out  the anger     which was in his mind,

And after blessing Dasaratha   and after saying ,

“Now I will complete the   fire sacrifice that  I began”

  That  sage who  got rid of his fault   started from there.


333, Rama who was the incarnation of the god who protects ,

After tying the victorious sword    on his hips ,

Taking arrows which never get destroyed like truth  and the quiver,

And tied them   on his shoulders  and On the  two shoulders

Which were  like mountains, he carried a bow   of victory.


334. Thus   that elder and younger brothers   carrying the weapons

Feeling as if  the soul of their   dear father was following them,

Like a shadow went behind   that sage who has  done great penance  ,

And crossed the boundaries   of that golden city of Ayodhya.


335.   After   crossing   the city which was greater than cities of devas,

Where the people doing penance   live suitable to boons received by them,

Crossed the river Sarayu   which has water  flowing   with a sound

Like the sound of anklets of the dames dancing  on stage .


336. They then crossed   the gardens   where the crabs live  ,

Which are black like the hair of the ladies with budding breasts,

Of the  cultivated lands   in which   the flowing honey from arecanut trees,

Which fall down due to the   wind blowing    over the sugarcane fields  ,

And   flow over   the  boundaries  of those fields.


337. When the seven  green horses of Sun Gods  came,

Over   the famous  highest peak  of huge   mountains

 Seen in the valleys   which hug huge clouds ,

And which looked   like an elephant wearing a mask 

They all crossed     the river Sarayu   at noon.


338.After saluting that great sage with great penance ,

After seeing the garden   which was hugging the smoke  ,

Coming from the fire   which had accepted   the offerings,

And which   was the toungue  of the devas,

Rama asked   the sage “Which is this garden?”




7.Thadagai vadhai padalam

Chapter on killing  of Thadga,


    (Initially Lord Viswamithra     describes the garden where Lord Shiva did penance and later   a desert like place. He tells that Rakshasi Thadaga   was responsible for it becoming a desert. The sage teaches them a manthra to get  rid of their fatigue in the desert Thadaga makes her appearance. When Rama hesitates because she was  a lady  , Viswamithra    convinces Rama  about the need to kill Thadaga.  Rama kills Thadaga by hitting her chest with  an arrow,

       There is no description of a desert   in such a vivid manner in Valmiki Ramayana,. There is no mention of the sage teaching Rama a manthra to get rid of the fatigue in the desert. Also  Rama and Lakshmana cut both hands of Thadaga before killing  her.)


339.” When the God of love shot an arrow at Lord Shiva carrying  a crescent here,

And when due to very great  ebbing anger , from the eye on forehead  which spits  fire,

Fire came out and   when the his body resembling silk cotton  flower was

Completely burnt the God of love  , He became Ananga , the one without  body.”


340”.Oh Rama who lives   in the Vedas , on the day  Shiva covered himself with elephant    hide ,

Got angry with god of love  , since his burnt body    which lost all its moisture   fell here,

In to various pieces  , All this land   is called Anga(body)    country   .

And due to that this hermitage also was called Kaman(god of love) hermitage.


341.”if that great lord Shiva, who   leads  the   great sages  , who have completely  lost,

Attachment to things  and due to that have completely got cured of the birth death cycle,

Anfd got  salvation   has himself done   penance   here, can the holiness  of this place be measured?”


342.When this was told to them by the Brahmin,  Rama and Lakshmana  were surprised,

 And stayed    at that place    along   with the great sage who travels in the right path,

Started from there  when the Sun with  broad rays , went above the hill  and reached a desert.


343.  Due to the fact that the Sun God was victoriously marching above that land,

With an intention   of  taking  the moisture from there, except summer there  is no other  season there,

And due to this even if the   fire God thinks about the heat of that    place ,

Even his heart   would be burnt and if the eye sees it , it would  also be  burnt.


344. Even if some one tells about the heat of this desert, his toungue would be burnt,

Even the darkness which covers everywhere and top of sky would get burnt,

.After sun rises, even its rays    would get burnt, the clouds, thunder  and lightning would get burnt ,

And so is there anything that    this desert   is not capable of burning?


345. This  heat of the desert would   never get cool like  the  mind of,

Defeated warriors  , who have lost their respect   by   the deceitful imprisonment ,

By the  tricks  of deceivers   and not by  hit of the arrow and spear  on their chest,

Which would be like   the   downpour of torrential    rain.


346.The mature trees   of cactus  are split open by the heat ,like the splitting of the

 Body of the ghost  with   the little pieces  of black Akhil pieces in it  were spreading out,

The dry bamboo plants without leaves  dries and splits  throwing out white pearls,

And  due to the heat the snakes get dried and   spits out   Rathna gems  which spread out.

And all these    were strewn all over    that   desert,


347. Due to the heat of the desert , the land there cannot run away ,

As it has the nature   of not moving from its place ,

The Goddess Kali of that desert   does not run away , as God cannot leave one in trouble,

The chariot of the sun God with its weakened horses also cannot run away ,

The black  cloud above cannot run away   and The blowing wind does not go there.


348. Due to the heat of the Sun splitting     the ground, the king of the snakes,

Who has   fire  in his eyes which  tears   the eyes   and comes out  ,
Sent out    light from his heads  which was similar to lightning from black   clouds ,

And with that reddish light   the  body of the goddess earth seemed to be wounded.


349.That big snake which was rolling on the desert  due to hunger  giving rise to heat,

Which has opened its big mouth so that it can swallow those  whom it sees  against it,

Felt wounded in its mouth  by the hot sun   but   the   elephants which  trumpet ,

Enters its mouth   while   seeking shade    in that desert.


350.In the desert   where the  horrifying   fire     was ruling,

The crows  as well the   elephants   got burnt and became ash,

And due to  the very  horrifying fire called  Vada mukhagni  ,

The clouds in the sky also was burnt   and appeared to have fallen down.


351. Due to more heat rising   inside the desert would run away,

And rise     up  to   burn the sky , the god of water  taking pity on the devas,

Sent the mirage  down , which is the chariot of ghost in that   cruel desert,

So that the heat from the desert      does not travel upward.


352.That chariot of ghost (mirage)  which makes its appearance  .

On the fire like burning desert   appeared like a crystal throne ,

 Which had   legs of pure gold  and was supposed  to be meant,

For  the  king called summer who protects that  desert,

Where everything which was there   appeared to have burnt.


353.The minds  of sages   which  would try   destroy     the good   and bad Karma  

Which were  jumping and coming, after crossing   the security  of the three  enemies* of life,

And attain salvation as well   the mind of prostitutes   who sell their body for gold,

Would be  extremely dry without emotions , and like that this desert also is dry.

                                            *Passion , anger   and ignorance


354.That desert where   the small stones fried by heat   lie scattered,

Had   split and  because these very big  splits   go down even up to Patala,

The world   of serpents   of the snake  king   who has gems and golden colour,

Was also made very hot   by  the rays of the hot    sun.


355.As soon sage Viswamithra reached   this very and cruel desert,

He  thought that   even if these princes are    very powerful,

Since they have    a body which is softer even than the flower,

They would suffer a little  and then he saw those princes.


356.Sage Viswamithra looked at the faces of those princes,

And seeing that , those princes saluted his feet,

And he   transferred two great knowledge  given to him,

By Lord Brahma   to those princes and encouraged them to receive it,

And those princes also  made those two great knowledge set in their mind.


357. When those two princes    mediated  on those manthras,

The travel   through desert  which was more harsher than the fire at deluge.

And   even though   they were   going   through   the great fire  that seem to burn  ceaselessly,

They felt as   as if    they  were    going     though clear and very cool water ,

And then Rama saluted the sage and started telling him.


358.”Oh great seer   who knows everything , was this place burnt,

By the forehead eye of Lord   Shiva   who carries the ganges,

And wears  the ixora flower   garand?   Or is there   any other reason?

What is the reason   that   this area   which is under   ,

The  good  rule of my stainless father being destroyed thus? Please tell.”


359.When he asked like this sage addressing Rama told,

“Please hear   about the news of a lady  who has  ,

The strength of thousand elephants  and looks of God of death ,

And is engaged   in roaming and killing   of all beings.”


360.”Suppose she wishes , she is capable  of carrying the earth with anger,

Or taking all the water of the sea   or capable   of hitting    the clouds.

She is personification of   the minor sins    done by the mind,

And larger sins   done by the body   and has the form of a lady.”


361 If there is a sea which has two mountains as its breasts,

With poison like eyes , with a loud voice like  thunder,

With hair like fire at deluge   and is like   union of two crescents,

It would be  similar to her body   which makes   every one scared.


362.”Oh Rama who  if seen by males    would   be attracted  ,

By your lady like shoulders, That cruel one   holds a spear ,

And wears  snakes as hand ornaments  , lives in this forest

And is  well known by her name as Thadaga.”


363.”The only bad character    of the mind  that never vanishes,

Is  the character   of greed , which has the quality   of,

Destroying all measureless   good qualities and like that,

This Rakshasi   who has unspeakable  cruel  behavior  ,

Has   eaten away everything of this faultless,

Cultivated land and has   made it in to a desert.”


364.”She as per the orders   of the king of Lanka  with her animal strength,

Creates road blocks    and  does  not allow me   to carry   fire sacrifice ,

Oh Rama who is like the cloud with garland   , That Rakshasi ‘s only job,

 Is   destroying   all the people of this area along  with their clan.”


365.”Oh son of Dasaratha   who protects all the  life of this world,

She thinks that all such protected life   are   her   food,

I have only one thing to tell you  , in another few days,

She would swallow all the beings    left alive in this world.”


366.When that great  god like teacher    told all this  ,Rama,

Who holds the matchless  bow   in his hands that holds the conch,

Shook his   head decorated with   scented flowers   having honey,

And asked him, Where does this Rakshasi who does  these cruel deeds live?”


367.  Hearing the words of Rama   who was like  a mountain with trunk ,

And who was like a bull,  That sage   who controls five sense organs  by his mind,

Said, “Oh Rama , this is the mountain where   she lives” and before he could  point out,

That  Thadaga   came looking   like fire  on the top of the black mountain.”


368. Thadaga came wearing  anklets on which mountains were studded,

With sea water filling   up the step mark of her feet, which made earth go down,

With  the God of death   who has a burning   fire  like eyes  hiding in caves ,

And   with all the mountains on the  earth following her.


369.Thadaga who had   the end of the   her eye brows were throbbing greatly  ,

Had the crescents of her teeth    which were exhibiting    the end of the row outside,

Had a folded mouth which looked  like   cave    and who  was Rakshasi,

Who has crossed the limits   of the  limit of the Vedas,

And who was looking like  the Badavagni has split in to two,

And appeared as if it  has grown up     from the  full sea,

And she stared      at Rama and others like    fire.


370. That Rakshasi   who wore a garland made of one trunk of an elephant,

Tied to the trunk of another elephant   and had a moving   waist because of that,

Shouted in  so loudly that   the places of devas   as well as   the seven worlds ,

As well as all directions   shivered   and  making all beings shiver and faint.


371.She who was like a thundering cloud , looking at them  ,

Laughed angrily  making every one scared,

After showing   her sharp edged trident  which was like God of death,

Gnashed   her teeth and opened her  big cave  like  mouth said as follows.


372. “This is the  place  under my control , where no one can enter,

I have destroyed    everything that was   here  and possibly,

Thinking  That it is difficult   to get me tasty  meat  or

Due to the powerful push of fate  for your destruction ,

You have come here, Please tell me why you have  come here.”


373.Staring so that even clouds get broken and  getting agitated  ,

And kicking on the mountain  from which she came so that it shook,

Gnashing the teeth    which  looked   like the hard part of the moon,

Holding her spear and saying , I would throw this to hit you”,

She came before them and in great anger  and screamed.


374. Though it   was the decision of the  great sage   to kill that Rakshasi,

Rama did not   send the arrow with an order , “go and take her life”,

For though   she was a murderer    making all the beings shiver ,

And though she had started an  action that was evil,

That  great one in his mind thought , that she was a lady.


375. Even when that Thadaga   with evil smell and red hair ,

AS well as white teeth  saing “I will kill”  took hold of the spear,

Understanding the   thought  process of  Rama    who was wearing    a dense flower garland  ,

That Brahmin    who was an expert   in four Vedas   started telling.


376.” Though she has done all that can be considered as evil  ,

She has not eaten us because    she thought we are  without juice,

And this is the only shortfall    in all the evils that  she did,

What can we think about her who is like   this?

Oh Rama who wears auspicious ornaments,

Is it proper to think about such a one  as a  lady?”


377.”If  we trouble ladies with shyness  , others  would laugh at us,

But in this case   the  strength of shoulders of men   who are  experts in weapons,

Would get defeated if her    name is heard by them  , please think,

About who will  posses the fearless character of males ?”


378.”Indra was defeated by her  , Asuras and Devas  ,

With their  army was scattered by her and ran away,

And if her shoulders are like the Mandara  mountain,

Where is the difference between her and masculinity?”


379.”Oh great one   who has been born in the clan of those,

Who rotated the wheel of their rule    and protected the world,

Does she , who   sinned against great people and killed ,

All the beings of the world and destroyed Dharma  , need  a make form?”


380” Oh valorous one holding a spear and is equal to God of death,

Apart from as per  fate   thinking about  the passing of age ,

Thinking about Dharma   and going to heaven

Is there a god of death in this world  ,  are there   other gods,

Of death like this one  who sensing the smell ,Kills and eats them .”


381.”Is there a greater evil than   taking  beings  in  hand full 

Putting  them in her mouth  and eating them like this Rakshasi,

Oh Lord  , in spite of that  ,  thinking her  who is with  low flowing hair  ,

As one   who has a merciful heart   and  a lady is indeed  not  to be appreciated.”


382.”I have told all this  after seeing the deathless  Dharma,

And I am not telling this out of anger at her and ,

So You who belong  to the family of kings 

Standing patiently  like this is not good   in spite of  knowing this  ,”

And  then that  Brahmin told “kill her.”


383.Then the lord hearing the words of the sage  told him.

“Even if you order   me  to do a  work which is not Dharama,

Taking your words as Vedas   I would do it ,Oh great one,

Who never slides from   truthful behavior,

For your words     are   Dharma    to me.”


384.The fire like Thadaga   observing the opinion   of Rama,

Who belonged  to the  Kosala country   where the  sweet water of Ganges flows,

Took  in her red hand the horrifying   fire like spear  and

Along with fire   raining from her eyes threw it on them.


385. Thrown by her who was like the new God of death with great anger,

That spear with  three leaf like points   which was similar  to horrifying fire,

Came towards Rama   who was standing there as per orders  of the saint,

Like the planet Rahu coming to eat the full moon in the sky.


386.  The Rama who was lord Vishnu   immediately took the bow,

Bent his pretty bow  , which was   not percieved by the devas .

Or the saints   in the earth but they all saw   was the the spear,

Which    was sent by her and which had   the form of god of death ,

Crushed and strewn as    several pieces    and falling on earth.


387.That Thadaga   who was black like the  rain    falling at night  ,

Even before a word was uttered  went on throwing stones.

By picking them by her hand and  which were   sufficient to fill up the ocean  ,

And they were all removed away by rain of arrows by that great hero.


388.An arrow   which had     speed of the curse  words of people  ,

Was  sent by that  Great pretty   one who was black  ,

 And   the lady who had the colour of the night   and

 That arrow not  stopping at the diamond like hard chest of hers,

Went through her   and went out    of her back and it went,

Like the knowledge    taught by good people  to the bad people who were not intelligent.


389.  That   arrow which had dots on its front side   which had the nature ,

Of  the  very tall golden  Meru mountain  , like the speed  gale at deluge  ,

And as soon as it  blew   caused rain with thunders     to fall from the sky  ,

And  she fell  like   the thunder emanating     from the cloud  of final deluge.


390. That Thadaga   with a fat body  , protruding teeth and cave like mouth  ,

When she fell filled that forest  which had  lot of dust with the   flowing blood,

And was possibly indication of the future   when  the Rakshasa ,

With ten heads and each head having a crown   would be destroyed.

And she was like   the flag of victory   which is   going to fall   on earth that day.


391.The blood    that flowed from the  hard chest of that  Rakshhasi due to that arrow,

Made the forest   turn itself in to an ocean   and in the  late evening  ,

When the  sky turned red , it appeared as having some connection with earth.


392.The God of death    who was hiding , shivering  and wandering  ,

Fearing to take    the life of the members    of the clan of Asuras

Who were armed   with sword and other weapons of war,

On seeing the debut war   of Rama   who belonged to the Kakustha clan,

And who was wearing   ornaments made   of gold and gems,

As per the orders  of Viswamithra  who   was equal to lord Brahma,

Who liked to sit   on the lotus flower   with scent , slightly   tasted the war.


393. Those   devas    told    the great sage Viswamithra   that,

“We have reached the place of our residence   and    you,

Yourself will not face any     trouble from    these Asuras,

 And so   Give that prince  , great weapons    of divine origin 

And afterwards   they  rained flowers on the  cloud  like Rama  and went back.



8.Velvi Padalam

The chapter   on fire sacrifice


(      This chapter tells how  sage Viswamithra   gave   divine arrows   to Rama. Viswamithra tells the store of his forefathers and also  about his father Gadhi,, his sister Kaushiki   the story of Mahabali and Vamana   and  tells him about Sidhasrama where Lord Vishnu did penance.  Then Viswamithra starts the Yaga, after the sixth day the asuras come  . Rama kills Subahu and throws out Mareecha in the sea  and also kills lot of asuras. The Yaga is   satisfactorily completed.

    Apart from these aspects the Valmiki Ramyana in detail tells the story of Ganga    as well as the birth of karthikeya.  I am not able to tell why Kambar chose to leave out the story  of Karthikeya, in spite of Karthikeya (Subrahmanya)  being the main God of Tamil Nadu.)



394.After  the departure of the devas , leaving that  cool forest ,

In which devas had   showered the fully open flowers,

Viswamithra who has done unbearable penance  ,

Gave   Rama and Lakshmana   weapons   ,

Which were  like  the words  of Philanthropist  ,

THiruvennai naloor   Chadayapa    , which were   the medicine ,

To the  poverty disease    of the people


(Thiruvennai nallor Chadayappa Vallal   was the patron   who   helped Kambar with  wealth   ,

So that    he can write the epic. In gratitude Kambar mentions his name once   in every 1000 verses.)


395.All those divine weapons  , as soon  that sage who got his sorrows removed,

And as soon as the sage told the correct chants  ,

Like the  good karmas done in the birth of  a pure hearted man    

Searches for him  and joins in him the next birth  

With great joy   went and  reached   the Lord Rama.


396.When the gods of the weapon told Rama   that , “Oh valorous one  ,

WE have reached you  . Whatever work you   give and send us,

WE will  do that job like your younger brother Lakshmana   and come back to you.”

And Rama told them , “great”   , they started doing   the outside jobs.

Of Rama     who  had the black colour   of Kayampoo.


397.After all  these things happened   , they walked ,

A further distande of two Kadhams (10 miles)     and    then , they all  ,

Heard   a very big sound     from a nearby place  ,

And when Rama asked the sage , “ What is this sound?”,

That great sage   who became a great saint  ,

And lost both fates     by doing great penance told.


398.” That is the sound   of the divine river Sarayu   which,

Originates  from Manasarovar   and which is praised by devas ,

 Joining with another    great river called  Gomathi.,.

And once they crossed  it and further   they reached,

Another    very great and big river   , which,

Is capable of removing the sorrow of the birth death cycle.


399.There when,    Rama asked that blessed sage  , Which ,

Is the river  that   is worshipped by even devas  , he told,

“Brahma who lives   on the lotus flower    had a son  ,

Called Kucha   who was greatly victorious   and a great one  ,

And a king of kings who is praised by great   people  ,

And he had four sons   who  were like four Vedas.


400 .Kuchanabha who was one   of them   had hundred daughters,

Who all  had pretty  voice and  coral like lips ,

And once when they were growing up  , they   went to a garden to play  and

 Lord Wind God who came there    was greatly   attracted by them.


401.  He told them, “I am now very sad being attacked   by  Manmatha,

Who has the matchless Makara fish on his  flag   and used  the arrows from his  curved bow.

And so oh girls who have pretty eyes like the fold of  mango just formed,

Please marry me:. “ And they  told  him,

“Go and salute   and request for our hands  with our father   and if he agrees ,

And gives   us to you along with water  , we would  marry you.”

The wind God became angry with them   and broke    their  back ,

And all those lustrous girl who wore bangles  , fell down.


402. After the wind God went from there  , those girls crawled   on earth,

And reached their father and told him in nectar  like  lisping tones,

That king   consoled   those girls with long   hair   and gave in  marriage

Those girls  who were like  Goddess Lakshmi, To  the fainted  ,.

Brahma Dutta   who was the son of Chooli   of   great penance  .


403.  When Brahma Dutta caressed  those girls with his flower like   hands,

Their hunchback was cured and they again became pretty,

That Kuchanabha , the ruler of the world  who did not have any sons

Performed the fire sacrifice for getting sons, with the assistance of proper   saints,

And from the middle of   that suitable fire, He got a suitable son  called Gadhi,

Who was  having suitable   and speedy horses.


404-405. After  that king   gave Gadhi the kingdom and kingship and reached the gold like heavens  ,

To that Gadhi who was ruling in a   city called Mahodhaya,

I    and kaushiki  who was born before me   was born  ,

And that  king Gadhi who was  the king of kings   wearing a crown,

Gave in marriage   the Kaushiki   to Rasika     who was the son of Brugu

Who was    greater     even  than his  father    and had   a   broad mind  ,

And he who was   expert in great Vedas   after living with Kaushiki for some time  ,

And after  having a lead a happy  life  and earning  lots of wealth  ,

Wanting to attain salvation did penance to God  and attained him.


406.After  her husband left for   to heavens due to the great  penance,

My sister Kaushiki not able to tolerate   the parting  , took a form of    a very big river,

And  when she started to go to heavens  , Rasika who was the king of sages,

Told her become a river so that the   sorrow of earth is removed,

And he himself     went to the  world of Brahma.


407 Hearing the great sage Visamithra tell them that

“.My elder sister  Kaushiki   , took the form of a very big river”

The elder and younger brother  , became wonderstruck,

 And further after walking for    some more time  ,

Asked the sage   about a garden which was covered with cloud

The sage    of great penance started   telling them about that.


408.”This garden   is as pure as the mind   of  great women  ,

Who think that   there is no greater God than their husband  , Please hear further.

This is the place    where Lord Vishnu , the red eyed God   , who   is not reachable ,

To all the four Vedas , intelligence of  devas   and  all  others

  Lived   and carried out a great fire   sacrifice  .”


409.” In this world and in heavens, to get rid of worldly attachments,

What is chanted     are only his names  and   the great misunderstandings.

Done by that divine one   are not  clearly  understood by any one  .”

Saying this  he told, I am not capable    of understanding  the mind of,

That   Great god who is stainless   and he   did penance here   for hundred yugas(eons) .”


410.”And when that great God Vishnu was  living here ,  there lived  Mahabali  ,

Who was comparable    to Varaha who had two teeth   which ,

Were capable of putting an end      to this world   and that one,

Made    the heavens    as well as the     earth as   his.”


411.” Mahabali   who had usurped    the earth and the heavens  ,

Thinking of completing   a great fire sacrifice   with Ghee ,

Which is impossible       even for the devas    to do   and

He decided   to give the earth   to Brahmins    who had a   heart without doubt.”


412 :”When the devas came to know  about this activity of Mahabali,

They went to Lord Vishnu and stood     there    saluting him,

And  they begged him   to put an end to the cruel deeds of cruel Mahabali  ,

And Lord Vishnu who was their leader    decided   to do their job.”


413.To the sage Kashyapa   who could calculate   and know  ,

The past , present   and who was a master  in real knowledge ,

And his wife Adhithi   was born a matchless     child  ,

Who was   an incarnation   of Lord Vishnu   who was ,

Like the seed  of Banyan tree   in  a micro form  ,

And   who was    having a   form of a dwarf.


414.That wonderful one   was wearing a three fold sacred thread,

And was having a  waist belt made    oh Muncha grass,

Had a toungue     which helped him  learn Vedas,

And who  lit fire with his hand (samitha Dhanam)     and he took a form  ,

Which only wise people recognize   and,

Which was suitable    to the great wisdom he had ,

And he   went    to the hall of fire sacrifice of Mahabali.


415.On that day   hearing about his arrival  , That  Mahabali  ,

Who has    won over all the world  , rushed   and received him and said,

“Oh one who is  filled with penance  , I do not find   any Brahmin better than you,

And from now on  who would be better   than me.


416.When that valorous Mahabali     told him like that 

That  Vamana  who knew everything told him,

“Oh long armed one , who gives   much more than need to every one 

All those who come to you now   are  not without honour  ,

But are   those who do not have majesty,


417.Mahabali became very happy on hearing this  ,

And asked “What can I do for you  ?’ and

Hearing that  , that Brahmin   told Mahabali

“Oh great one with great power  ,if you have,

Please give me three   feet of earth measured by my feet,

And even before   he could complete  ,

Mahabali   told  “I have given” and his teacher Shukra forbade him,


418.He told, “Oh Lord  , if we do research   this  form  appears ,

To be of an imposter  and do not take it as a dwarf form which is like cloud,

For this is   the form of Vishnu  , who swallowed   this earth and the universe,

Please know about this before taking action.”


419.Mahabali replied,” You are not speaking after   proper thought  ,

.If when my hand is above   and if his hand is below  ,

Which is not correct    to his  position  and if   this,

The  cloud like black hand  is the hand of Lord Vishnu  ,

What    can ever  be more beneficial than this.”


420. “Those great learned people always think of only good,

If without differentiating   between those who are close   and those who are not close ,

Decide   that what they have decided   to give , should go only to great ones,

And who can be more great    than this   Vamana.”


421.” You are   one with knowledge that is white and you told  as per your nature,

Those   great people   , if they are charitable by   nature ,

Would give to those who ask  , even their soul , but would not jeer.

“Getting free from others  is bad but giving   is always good.”


422.  “Those people who have lost  their souls are not those   who are dead,

But those  who   stretch their hands   to beg  to    those who have wealth are dead ones,

“Oh teacher who is like  my father  , even if one loses   his body  ,

Great  people   would always live in their mind with body of fame  ,

AS they are the people   who give to those  people  who beg  from them.”


423.:Those who do  bad acts  which scares others are  not  enemies,

Bu those who stand before those who beg     and ,

Stop the one who wants to give    from giving   are the real enemies.

There is no evil higher than that  “, he told.


424.  It  is niggardliness   to  prevent  people from doing charity ,

At the time when they are having wealth  and wanting   to   give in charity,

To those   who  request from them  and  thus perform  Dharma ,

And it has been told in books of  justice , as  a thing  to be avoided.”


425,’Oh Shukra   who lacks greatness , Is it proper for you,

To  stop the donor    from giving , what he has , to the person who wants it?

Oh cruel  person who stops  charity , your  progeny  who  depend on you,

Would  become one without food and apparel, please know this,”


426. After telling all these completely  , without being  convinced,

By words  of his teacher and minister , that  Vamana was indeed  cruel,

Mahabali told that Vamana  , “you can now measure and take ,

The three feet  of   the earth  that you want”


427.That water    of charity which had the smell of the pond,

As  soon as it touched the hands of  the one who is so dwarf,

Which stature     even his own parents did not like it  ,

To the wonderment of    all those   who were watching,

Grew  to a form almost touching the sky, like the,

Help  becoming great when it is   done    to great people


428.The feet   that was  fixed on the earth  grew  and  covered all the land,

And did not grow further   and the leg which went on growing  making the sky small,

Made the entire sky    look very small   and because there   was no space , it stopped growing.


429-430 . The feet that was in the earth measured the    entire earth by one feet,

And   since there   was no space     for the third step  , The head  of that devotee,

Himself became   the third feet ,  and Oh Rama who carries the bow   ,

That very dwarf Vamana   who wore Thulasi  garland  and ,

Who was the only lord of earth,  gave the  three worlds to Indra   to rule ,

And reached   near the   of ocean of milk and laid down on his bed there.

And those black divine feet of Lord Vishnu  , when caressed,

By Goddess Lakshmi   appeared as if it was red in colour.


431.  “Oh God   who cuts off Karma  and protects those who   suffer,

Those who see this place with love would not see   any  disease of birth cycle,

And so   I who want to carry  out this sacrifice as per Vedic rules,

Have decided that   there is no other  place except this   to do this fire sacrifice.”


432. After saying that “I would do the fire sacrifice from here “ he went,

Inside   the garden with long flowers  and collected   all materials  ,

That were  necessary     and after   requesting   those pretty princes,

To guard   the fire sacrifice , he started  performing it.


433. The sons of the  king who was protecting the earth,

Were protecting for six days, without even batting their eyes,

The fire sacrifice  that was  being done by the sage   , which is  a    great as well as  rare   job.


434. The elder one who was going  round and round,

The hall of sacrifice guarding it ,   who was like a bull asked ,

The sage who was   the one     who knew everything,

“Oh sage   who has all  good qualities that deserve praise  ,

When will  the persons whom you told   who are   supposed to do cruel deeds,

Come to this great hall of fire sacrifice .”


435.The sage   who was silent preferred not to open his mouth,

And the   lad who was an expert in warfare   saluted  the sage  and went back,

And then , when he saw the sky   he saw   the  asuras,

Who were   shouting like clouds  , which made  even the  thunder scared.


436.They shot arrows  ,  they threw spears , they  poured,

 Fire and water  , They uprooted  big mountains and  threw it,

They shouted  , they scared , They threw axes  ,

And they went on doing   several magical    tricks.


437. The bodies  of enemies  they  threw , they threw battle weapons  ,

And they like torrential rain covered     the forest  ,

Like   the sea  of   wishes rising   and hiding the sky,

And  the huge  surrounding  army  hid the entire horizon.


438.The different type of armies who came with the bows

And shining swords, came   playing the drums     with small sticks,

And made this act look like   the torrential    rain   at time of  final deluge.


439.Some of them were   with split teeth , some had bitten their mouth,

Some were having hair of the pearl red colour ,

Some had rotating eyes emitting fire   and Rama showed them to Lakshmana,

And told him, These are the people  told by   the Brahmin sage   with matted hair.


440. That younger brother   to whom Rama showed all those people  ,

Saw the sky as well as his bow   and   seeing Rama  saluted him and told,

“Oh chief of devas   you will    now see   that whatever is there ,

 Would start falling now as  the pieces   of the bodies of those people  .”


441. The lotus eyed one  thinking that   the blood and pieces of the   body of those,

Asuras    whose spear emits smoke may fall on the pure sacrificial fire  ,

Using only his arrows   made the place where   the royal sage ,

Was occupying   in to a     tent with   arrows as roofs.


442.Like the devas who sought the protection of   lord Shiva   ,

Who wears the shaking  crescent   when,

The  poison came   ebbing out   of the     great ocean,

All the great sages sought     the protection of Rama  ,

From the attack  of those very angry asuras  and told,

“Oh Rama   who is   of the black colour , protect us.”


443.Rama who showed the sign of protection to those sages ,

Told them, “do not get worried , and pulled his divine  bow  up to his ears,

And made the entire forest in to ocean of blood    and

Made a heap of Asura heads  which looked like a mountain.


444.  One of those divine arrows shot by  the consort of Goddess Lakshmi,

Making all the three worlds scared   and  attacked the two sons of Thadaga,

And put  one of them(Mareecha) in sea   and  sent the other (Subahu) to the place of God of death,.


445.That Rama who wore the garland made of the bunch of flowers,

Shot arrows   at the asuras  and covered the entire    sky within a second.

Those  Asuras telling each other that    princes may walk     on their  corpses,

And would capture  them  , ran one  behind the other.


446.Those arrows which were    sent to kill those  Asuras,

Who were running away   went and hit their target,

And their bodies without head danced ,

And even the Ghosts which had come to eat those corpses,

Sung the   glory of Rama    and flew like   group of birds on the sky.


447.The flowers     that were showered by the devas    tore  this curtain of birds ,and fell down ,

and from the sky the divine drums like Dundhubhi   made great sound like the clouds ,

Indra and other devas came there and stood crowding the sky ,

And  praised and felicitated that   pretty archer.


448. All the great sages   showered blessings as well as flowers ,

All the different type of trees in that forest rained flowers,

And that  time   that sage who completed   the fire sacrifice properly.

Became extremely happy   and told Rama  the    following words.


448.” You who have created all the worlds  and later   you,

Who protected all of them by keeping   them in your divine pretty   belly 

So that   none of them are damaged  and ,

You have now  protected   my fire  sacrifice  without   any damage  ,

So would be the thought of the world , but the luck has been mine,

But I know  that this   job done   has not been out of ordinary for you.


450.   After the sage   appreciated    him thus  , Rama stayed  with joy

In that forest with flowers  along with sages of great penance  

And when   the son of Kosala   asked   the sage    Viswamithra,

Who had   mountain like good qualities    “what is my   job for today?

Please give orders to me  “ , he started telling him.


451.”Oh lord, if I say something as a difficult job,  there is nothing difficult to you  ,

But there   is a big job   for you    and for doing that time   would come later  and so,

We will go and see   a fire sacrifice  being conducted by  Janaka  ,

Whose country is completely surrounded    by cultivated lands  ,

And so please   come  with me “ and the  three people  proceeded.



9.Ahaligai padalam

(The  chapter on Ahalya)


( Rama along with the sage enters the  pretty Mithila. Near the gate of the town they had a strange experience  in giving  redemption to Ahalya.  Ahalya    was created as the most pretty lady by Brahma and given to sage Gautama  in marriage. Indra   fell in love with her.  So when the sage was away he came to his hermitage he made love to Ahalya.  She too realized that it was not her husband but permitted it. Sage Gautama came back , caught them red handed and cursed that Indra should have 1000  woman’s private parts on his body and Ahalya would become a stone. When Rama  was walking that way  , the dust of his feet touched that stone and she regained her form.  Sage Viswamithra took  Ahalya to the hermitage  of sage Gautama and  reunited Ahalya with him.  Then they proceeded to MIthila , the capital of king Janaka.

    In Valmiki Ramayanam  , sage Gautama curses   that  Indra should loose his testicles and Ahalya    would become invisible   and  be in her house . Rama enters her hermitage and she regains her original   form.  The devas attach a testicle of a Ram to Indra.  When Ahalya regains her form, sage Gautama comes there  and gets reunited with her.)


452. They reached   the river Sona   which had   sand dunes ,

Which are washed   by best  of gems and sandal   and Akil,

Which had breasts     which wore  ornaments giving great joy,

Which     had thin waist resembling the climbing plants of Vanchi Nadu,

Which wears   Mekala , the belt like ornament  , which has black  sand looking like haris,

And which had canals  going round the hill   as its anklets  going round its legs,


453.When they all reached the river Sona   ,  the sun which had thousand rays ,

Thinking that  till  it would rise the next day  ,  and  provide  cool atmosphere for them,

And to Reduce its normal     boiling nature giving heat , went  more speedily  ,

Than the eyes   of his charioteer Aruna   and   along ,

With the horses drawing his chariot    bathed in the sea,


454. The  scented  lotus flowers  with long stem  ,

Which had only  opened on that  same day,

 Which grow    in the   water bodies     with cool water ,

Which are the temples of Dharma giving charity     became  closed   and

Going away    from that attractive  forest of lotus flowers 

The  male bees    which become happy   on drinking honey  during day

Went  away  to  search   and settle down   with female bees    for night.

And in one of those   gardens they settled for   night.


455. The Sun who  was having  large number  of rays .

 After  removing   the  dark black colour of the night  ,

 Along with his chariot   started    from the blue sea ,

And looked like    the huge  lotus flower   and ,

Appeared as if it  had risen      from the belly   of Vishnu  along with Brahma.


456.Those three who were  like   trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,

Departing from there reached a river   which   drags    the yellow,

Ixora flowers along with honey   from the forest like matted hair,

Of Lord Shiva    who rides   on the red eyed bull and also keeps  him in his flag,

Which was similar to the golden Cauvery   and which was  called Ganga

Which was pretty  , great and lashing on both its shores.


457.The good crane which has   just woken up from sleep  in the lotus forest,

Those former girls   who were plucking weeds    from  water filled fields,

With shining eyes , which the cranes thought    were fish and plucked by their nose,

But later  they felt ashamed and such  was the  cultivable lands  of Mithila ,

And    the three  people lead by   sage Viswamithra   reached there.


458.In the gardens of that    country  , where huge water storages   give out the   sound of drum,

With Asoka trees   giving out new flowers daily   which appeared like  lamps   held by the tree,

With bees singing  in the Yaazh  of good flowers,

From where honey drips looking  like a  srting  of the Yaazh,

 The     peacocks      were   dancing    in these gardens.


459.When in  those fields, using their  sight  as emissary  and wishing to join with their lovers ,

Who are wandering  here and there  ,   was    sent   by  the ladies with lustrous     forehead 

Making the minds of the ladies    hate    the cultivators in the fields,

Who throw the  weeds of the blue lily plants  which look like   eyes,    on the round pretty  lotus  flowers

 Making those ladies think that   some other ladies  were  looking at their lover   and become sad.


460.In that land   , the swans   which are in the water storages ,

After seeing the  pretty walk of the ladies there   ,

Under the impression they are their mates    follow  them.

IN the cold water   after   ladies  with nightingale   like  voice   take their bath,

Making    birds   come in to contact with  the Kumkum  left by them,

Those outside fight with them, thinking    they are some other birds,

Leading the birds not to sleep even though lotus   flowers  sleep.


461.  In the rivers    of that country   apart from   clear cool water  flowing,

The milk   from  the udder   of  the buffaloes which  follow each other 

The juice of mango fruits fallen from the tall growing mango trees on both banks,

The  juice of cut sugar cane   which turn like nectar   when shaken in the factories,

And the honey   from the  broken bee hives  also flow.


462.  In the dancing stage where ladies   who have   waist as thin as a   cotton thread  ,

Bending backward due   their mountain  peak like   breasts  and their  rain drop like cool eyes danced,

When  the players of drums   were  playing their big drums  loudly,

Hearing that   pretty music   the big young bullocks     run greatly scared

And go and   mix the water in the streams with their    horns ,

The fish in those  streams get   very scared   and jump   on ,

The leaf sheaths of betel nut tree     growing   on its shores.


464. When the ladies of that country    put their sword like eyes,

In those   sword case like eye lids  and close them  tightly  ,

And take bath in    widely standing water bodies  ,

And rise from there   after taking a dip  , they look like  Goddess Lakshmi,

Rising up    from the ocean   of milk   when it was churned ,

And those ladies   along with   their densely worn bangles  ,

Again sink in the water   creating sound of their   bangles,

The bees  bore  in to the   flowers   and drink honey from that.


 464.After   reaching such a great country of Mithila   with joy,

They stayed   outside   the boundary walls    with many flags,

There they saw   the big hill   and over that a granite stone  ,

Which was    the wife of great sage Gauthama   ,

Who was cursed  due to her   losing   her virtue,

Which is against the proper tenets  of family  life.


465.When the  feet of Rama  belonging to the Kakustha clan,

Touched that stone  , like the one    who  got  true wisdom,

Was   removed    from  the darkness   of the mind affected  by ignorance,

And   as a result got his real true form  and joined with the feet of God,

That Ahalya   got back her old form    and    stood   there,

And sage Viswamithra who saw it  , told Rama  like this.


466.Oh son who was  born in the family of king who brought  river Ganges    from   the sky,

She who is standing with great joy    and  with shyness   , who is  like a    streak of lightning,

Is  Ahalya , the wife of Gautama   who gave one thousand red eyes  ,

To the king of Devas  who made love another’s wife    willingly.


467.When Rama , who is the lord of earth heard this from   the one with golden matted hair ,

Asked, “What is the nature of this event ? How did this happen ?How did it end?

“Did it happen   due to Karma done in previous birth?Is there  some reason for it to happen?

Please tell me how this   happened    to this lady who is looking like  my mother.


468. When  Rama told these words , seeing at him that    sage   told,

“Oh Rama who has all good qualities, please hear .Once upon a time  ,

Lord Indra who had  the lustrous weapon called Vajrayudha  ,

Wanted  to  join with the   pretty breasts  of the doe eyed lady Ahalya ,

When  the great sage  who did not have  qualities  like jealousy  ,

Was not there    in  his   hermitage.”


469. Due to  the spear  like eyes of the lady   and  the   arrows of Love  god   hitting him

 Indra started   searching    for a method  to love her  and one day,

Due to the great love  , he lost his brain   and he made   that great sage,

With a mind without deceit  Go away from there ,

Took the form of the sage    and entered his hermitage.


470.When he entered there   and when both of them were enjoying  ,

The  fresh scented   honey like   love play  , she realized her mistake,

And after wards though realizing  that act  ,  which was like new honey  was not  proper ,
And when she was continuing   it with full consent,

That very able sage  who was  in no way less angry than Lord Shiva  with three eyes,

 Very speedily   came   back to his   hermitage.


471. By the time  that sage Gautama, who has  capacity to give boons  as   well as ,

Capable of cursing which was unlike arrows   which can be stopped,

Reached his hermitage  , that lady who had  earned  a bad name,

Which will stand in the world  permenantly  for all time to come,

Stood there   greatly nervous    due to great fear  and the shivering Indra,

Started   his efforts    to  go away   from there.


472.  That sage who had a  very clean mind  , getting angry , spitting fire   from his eyes,

And  understanding about the sinful act done by both of them  ,

In words   which were   hot like the arrows leaving your bow ,

Told Indra, “let you have   thousand private part of women in your body”,

And within no  time  all those thousand  came  and joined the body of Indra.


473.That Indra  became  matchlessly ashamed  due to that  in his body,

Which made others laugh at him   went back to heaven  and then the sage,

Seeing that tender lady   and  cursed her too,”You please become a stone  like the courtesan,

And she immediately became a black stone and has been lying here ever since.”


 474.That lady while becoming a stone told the sage  ,

“Oh god like  sage who showers      fire   from his eyes,

 It is told that  to excuse the fault of   younger ones   is the duty of elder ones,

 And so please tell me how this great curse    will end in me,

And that sage who wears a flower garland frequented by bees told,

When the dust of the feet of one called Dasaratha Rama falls on you ,

You would get rid of the form of stone  and become your normal self,”


475.  Viswamithra continued  and told , “this is what  ,happened earlier

From now on  , all the beings of the world would get rid of all sorrow only,

As they should not suffer any more sorrow  , Oh Lord of    the colour of the cloud ,

While coming , when you killed    the black Rakshasi  in war, I saw greatness of your hand,

And here   in this place     I saw the greatness    of your feet.”


476.That black Rama   who has  provided   Ahalya   help without evil,

After hearing and understanding  all that was told   by Viswamithra,

Told Ahalya, “Oh mother  , to get  the mercy of the saint with great penance  ,

You serve him   and do not be sad, thinking about what happened in the middle ,”

And Ahalya    after saluting the golden feet of Rama   went away.


477-478. .When all of them reached the hermitage of Gautama    of very great penance,

That sage who was greatly surprised   to see his guests , hospitably received them,

And  treated without any shortcoming  of  hospitality  and then  Viswamithra  ,

Who was the son of Gadhi told him, “as soon as the  dust of  the feet   of this black coloured Rama touched

That lady with a climbing plant like waist   regained her old form  and stood up,

Please call her    who has not done a  sin willfully   “and  sage Gautama,

Who was similar to Lord Brahma born out of lotus , consented to this.


479. That charitable Rama  who was great in all the good    qualities,

Saluted the lotus like feet of Gautama  , went round him  clockwise,

And  entrusted   that lady with great virtuous character  in his hand,

And immediately   along with Viswamithra of great penance  ,

Came out of that   garden with scent of flowers 

And all of them saw the outer gem studded  boundary wall of   Mithila.


10.Mithilai Kakshi Padalam

The chapter  on looks of MIthila


(Rama and Viswamithra enter the town of MIthila. A picturesque description    of the town is then given. Sita  who was playing in the  “maiden mansion” , saw Rama and he also saw her. Both of them fall in love with each other  .There is a lucid description of  the love sickness  of Sita.  Rama and Viswamithra  go to the sacrificial hall of king Janaka.  Rama is introduced to Sadananda,   the son of Ahalya and Guru of king Janaka. That night Sadananda tells Rama   about the story of sage Viswamithra.  That night Rama is affected by love sickness for Sita. Next day they go  to  the palace of Janaka. When Janaka starts enquiring about Rama, Viswamithra starts  telling about him.

   In Valmiki Ramayana,  the description of MIthila is very short . Rama and Sita do not see each other. Sadananda indeed tells the story of sage Viswamithra to Rama.   The description of love sickness of Sita is very exhaustive and follows the normal tradition of    older Tamil literature.)


480. That city which  was well guarded was saying ,” That goddess Lakshmi,

Due to the great penance I did has left her lotus flower   and  has come,

And living within me “ waving her hand like   gem studded   flags

And it appeared to them  as  calling   that lotus   eyed one, “come quickly.”


481.All the three of them saw   those gem studded   flowers  on the top,

Of the great mansions of the town  , which appeared to them as if   they were with waving  with joy,

On the sky   and telling,  “Since no one once has  the  suitability   to marry sita,

AS per the invitation of the God of Dharma ,   Rama is coming here  ,

To marry Sita   of matchless   beauty “ and it appeared  that the divine damsels were  dancing in the sky.


482. They saw   that sun of the day was  setting   and the sky was    appearing like ocean of milk,

And on the terraces of the mansion   of the MIthila city  ,

 When the long flags   there while waving touched the clouds   and became wet because of   that   and  ,

They were getting dry by the cloud like   smoke from Akil   and were waving again.


483.  Interested in drawing and dipping the painting brush    in nectar ,

And later   getting perplexed thinking, “how to draw her   pretty form?”

The love God  himself thought that  it was impossible to draw her pretty form

And the city which was having her resembled    the lotus flower  in which Goddess Lakshmi sat.

And all the three  of them entered such a city   which had golden walls.


484. Like The dried up sea  after  the great sage who  was a great  artist with words drank it,

And which   is seen as  one  strewn with very many shining gems 

Like    The sky with has  large number of  shining stars in dense formation,

The avenues of the town  were  shining with strewn  gold   ornaments ,

Which were thrown by ladies with crescent shaped foreheads  and men,

And in to  these shining streets   those   three  people walked.


485,Due to showering of water of rut by mountain like elephants  ,

Who are capable of breaking the goad    runs like a  black  river ,

And the white foam  of  the mouth   of strapped   horses,

Fall in that river and make   it  in to a white river,

And due to chariots  which are  running   without break  ,

Making    the mud slushy  and again due  further  running  of chariots,

The slushy land becomes dusty   and thus  the streets  ,

Are  not similar   at any time  and in such a street those  three walked.


486. The  lad and the lass   being similar without break  making deep love ,

And after enjoying it together  , when the tender girls are lying tired in the    war of love making 

And the flower garlands thrown by  them who speak words which are like  music in the lovers tiff ,

Along with  bees  had fallen down on the streets  and  were .

Dripping honey in such  streets and they were walking through them.


487.They heard   songs being sung in baby’s lisp which was like the honey like sound of Yaazh,

Also songs  sung in Makara Veena   which is played by caressing    the strings  by the hands,

As well as sound of drums, which were   all   being heard  together one after one,

And saw   dances   where the eyes of the dancers were following the signs showed  by hands,

With their mind going after that by   Ladies with waists , whose existence is in doubt  on golden stages.


488.They also saw  swings tied  in  arecanut trees whose bearing ,

Comes and goes like   the guilty  people  ,Which bear  pearl like  red fruits

 And  were   green like   emerald, over which    the ladies were swinging ,

And due to its movement    the bees which rose  up   with great noise,

And their waist unable to bear   this were  crying out loud,

And those ladies   at  that time where thinking  of their lovers.


489.For building field dividers for fields   to control water ,

The farmers   had  heaped  limitless       gems  ,gold,and pearls,

The  tail of musk deer  , the Akil pieces which are available in forests ,

As well as peacock  feathers  and   tusks of elephants ,

Which  lie scattered   all over the banks  of river  which was like Cauvery,

And they also    had   very large   number   of shops.


490.  They heard   by their ears  and  enjoyed  the  songs  accompanied  by music,

Raised by their ladies who with  the thin fingers  with sharp   nails,

Who  tightened    the knobs   of  Veena   and  also  tightly hugging    the strings  ,

And along with  imprint of their   hands also imprinting the mind,

With a smiling face   which was like  serving  very good  and tasty food.


491.They saw    well  bred natural  horses  with halters   and which were running  ,

Like  the rotated wheel  for making pots  made   to rotate by the potter,

Round and round   and like great  people   never allow a split to come  in between their friendship  and like the  mind of philosophers  not deviating from their aim.,

And which cannot be guessed    about the type it  can classified to.


492. They saw The  elephants   with  white  tusks as hard as diamond,

Become very angry with each other,

When the arrow of love God strikes and 

After having love tiff  like the churner  of curd,

When they   were getting engaged in love making   like   

Very intimate lovers who are like soul of each other ,

With  eyes becoming deep red and were fighting

Like  a mountain with another   mountain.


493.They saw the rise of several moons   through   the windows,

On the   gem studded    terrace   of those several mansions  ,

With spear like eyes , with love arrows  of the God of love,

With hair like the   blue black colour of the bee ,

With bright   red lips   and  who have   removed t he problem of appearing only    at night.


494.They also saw many  ladies with lotus like faces ,

Who were exhibiting love tiff , like one exhibits ,

The effect of   wine    which has    the fresh smell,

Taken in a crystal cup   and having   the meaningless laugh,

Due to it   and also  meaningless prattling,

Which even if they want , they cannot hide.


495.The mind of the   prostitutes who make love to the men,

And take money   for it   and who have private parts,

Resembling the hood of the black snake   is like crystal,

Which looks black when the black eyes of damsels   fall on it,

And would   look red   when they take them in their red hands,

And they saw similar  balls   which were being played  by those damsels.


496. They also saw    the sports  arena   of   the long  spear eyed ladies,

Who were wearing bangles , ear studs  and several other  ornaments,

Wearing the costly upper  cloths of Kalinga made  with thin threads  ,

Who were   decorating their pretty hair  with scented garlands  and make it grow,

Who were keeping as wager  the Makara Yaazh  and were moving  ,

With their reds hands   the coins which resembled a dog


497.Lotus flowers    , black lily  which are  not comparable to the faces  of  ladies,

Red lilys not comparable to their mouth ,

The leaves of Climb plant vallai     not comparable to their  ears ,

The waves not comparable to the folds of  their belly   and Varal fish not comparable  to their calves,

Blue lotus not comparable to their hair  , Chengidai not comparable to their lips,

Were all sad but made themselves  comparable to   different parts,

Of the pretty body of those damsels who were  taking bath in the lakes , and were seen by them.


498,With the five sense organs   which get attracted dragging them to different directions,

And going along with them   and having lost their  senses  and    wandering here and there,

Having applied    the mixture of  scented pastes and  with scars  on their hand

Made  when they tightly  Embrace  the  breasts of ladies

 And the wealth   and wisdom not going away from their shoulders,

The many   heroic men were playing with    rolling dices and were seen by   them.


499. They also saw   many young lads   who appeared to be angry  ,

Who   were feeling the pain of having born on this earth,

Who have merciful heart giving away things requested from them,

Who were like love God  but  cannot be ever burnt by fire,

Who were having   red hands    holding the bow ,

And who had red hairs because they were  able to solve the love tiffs of ladies,

Due to their   falling at the feet   of those ladies with   red painted feet.


500. They also saw gardens  with ladies who  speak with words  like sugar syrup,

With pretty parrots  and make the divine ladies become shy due to their prettiness,

Who had     hair like  that of peacock feathers  ,

Who were comparable   to the  bunch of flowers due to their tender nature   ,

Who defeated  the swans by the beauty of their walk  and  made those swans follow them,

 And seeing that the bees of the garden   were greatly shouting with happiness


501.They then saw   the  moat  as deep as the river Ganges from which water was ebbing out  ;

Inside the city surrounding    the  golden palace   of Janaka who has a very great army  ,

Which was  like a  shadow of those mansions in which   Indra and other devas live ,

And was   showing the very pretty nature   of those    homes in heaven.


502. Then they stood at the place where they saw ,

On  the terrace of a mansion in which maids live ,

Where the male swans were playing  and prattling with female swans

A form of a girl   with the cluster of gold  and   the scent of flowers ,

With the sweet taste of honey dripping down from bees  ,

And with the pleasure of a poem built with very proper words .


503. That girl  who had come  could only be compared   to Goddess Lakshmi  ,

Who had   the  best of every part    of every lady   who had been created

AS told by Lord Brahma sitting on the lotus and every being on earth,

And  How can  they   or any one use   any other comparison to her.


504. Seeing her , all ladies who were comparable   to Goddess Parvathi,

Saluted her    with   hands raised   over their heads as she,

Was blessed with good qualities   like patience  , and

Not able to see the other shore of her beauty  , the humans,

Were sad that they did not get    eyes that  never blink,

And devas whose eyes never blink were also sad,

Because    they felt that her beauty cannot be measured  by mere two eyes.


505.After defeating the looks of a deer  .

With flower decorated spear   and the killing sword retreating    on seeing her eyes,

With the Kayal fishes suitable to compare  standing behind,

That Sita with roving eyes was like   the nectar   that   came out ,

Even in those   days when the sea   was  churned using a mountain.


506.Would  it be possible     for Lord Brahma   to create ,

Another girl like her , even if  all devas   gather together and request ,

“Please create a girl   who is comparable  to this girl  with honey like words”,

And even if   those devas who do   not  eat anything except nectar ,

Go near the sea  which is the home of gems   and request it ,

That sea can again   possibly   give them nectar and not a girl like her?


507.  Menaka and other divine ladies who are liked   by  indra who rules  over the divine world,

Who had lustrous eyes  after seeing her form, understanding that   if all other  beauty ,

Were  to join together  , it would not be equal to her beauty and getting nervous,

Were having a faded down face like the  day time moon,

But she had  a face  like full moon   which did not differentiate  between day and night.


508. Is it because  the Brahmins  who are  innumerable  observed penance  ,

So that their   body has undergone sufferings  so that this lady had decided,

To come leaving her lotus    to live on this earth.

Or is it  the God of dharma or  this earth   or the  heavens  ,

Or is it    the world of devas  ? we are not able to know which?


509.Many   friends who were  , who do not have any one comparable to them,

Addressing her  as , Oh deer  who has hands soft  like   the red tender leaves,

Oh  mother  ,Oh honey  , Oh difficult to get nectar  and saluted her feet,

Walked in front  filling up the path with flowers  , and she  ,

Was walking  on those flowers     which were coated   with pollen.


510.Several of her   friends, who were wearing   golden anklets on their  thin legs

Wearing gem studded  garlands, flower    garlands  , wearing  waist belt,

And   who were looking like creeping flowering plants   were ,

Staring  at the beauty of Sita who was with them  .

Lighting   that place like one hundred  crore   streaks of lightning  ,

And who    was  looking the king   of   all lightning.


511.Sita had eyes that   will defeat   The killing spear,and  the god of death 

Which  are filled with joy   and that    was something none can describe,

And  that  Sita who was a fruit   taking human form   which was capable of melting,

Huge hills  . small walls ,  big stones  , and small grass, was standing there.


512. That Sita  was giving extreme joy to all those ladies  who see her  by their eyes

Who were themselves  looking like a festival to the eyes  of Gents who sees them,

And that  Sita  was like a nectar to all those   ladies ,

And so how will she look like  to Rama, who was the lord of us all?


513.Though the ear ornaments    and garlands   had been there

Before the birth of Sita    in this earth   and had  , 

Moved with ladies who have    cool eyes like that  of rain,

Because this Sita was born , they who make  others pretty became more pretty.


514. When that Sita who was more prettier than  any one’s concept of beauty,

Was standing there,  her eyes and that of Rama dragged each other,

And each of  their eyes wanted to steal the   other and eat  it,

And due to this  both their consciousness     became  one single one,

And he saw her   and she   also saw him.


515.The sight that Sita saw  with her eyes became,

Two sharp spears   and pierced the shoulders of  that strong one,

And the sight of that  red eyed   Rama who wore Hero’s anklets ,

Went and pierced the two breasts  of that girl  who hurts  others by her beauty..


516.Since   their sights which drank each other  ,

Tied each other  and was dragging  each other’s hearts,

That Rama with a strong bow  and Sita with sword  like eyes.

Pierced each others heart    and stayed there.


517. That lady with no waist(thin waist)   and that Rama without any fault,

Became a single soul along  their two bodies ,

If  they   who had parted with each other ,

On the  floating bed  in the ocean of milk,

Meet with each other in one place , Is there a need to talk?


518.Those eyes without an end  went on  seeing him 

And since they were not closing ,

Sita who was wearing  gold ornaments,

 Stood immobile  like  the lady in a picture,.

Rama who was followed by  thought  about her,

Went forward   along   with the sage ,

Till he vanished from sight of Sita.


519. When Rama who was   wearing scented garlands  ,

Vanished from  her sight   and though   her mind  ,

Which was like an elephant in rut which made the very strong  Goad straight  ,

But  that Sita who had a crescent like   forehead  was stopped,

By    her qualities    which were lady like.


520.When the thought of love   came strongly  ,

Her mind and body   became thin like her  waist,

And through her   black long eyes , the sickness  of love ,

Just like a drop of curd in the  milk , spread all over her body.


521.Though she was suffering from the disease of love ,

Since she was not able to tell it, she   was weeping,

Within her mind   like a dumb girl  and then the God of love,

Shot  an arrow in to her mind   , which was  like  ,

Putting one more piece of wood  in to  a raging fire.


522.That Sita   whose eyes   went near to her ears

 Which   were wearing a lustrous ear stud ,

And which were like   a spear not burnt in fire ,

With her disheveled  hair  and loose dress ,

Faded like a  climbing plant put  in fire.


523.That Sita who  had the  waist bels slipping,

Who had lost her mental strength  and conch bangles,

Who had  faded mind and  wisdom   as well as ,

The colour of her body    due to that love sickness.

Was like the ocean which lost   everything  ,

When the devas    churned it by a mountain.


524. When her ornaments loosened,  her shyness deserted her ,

When her beauty changes and when she was hit  on her breasts  by arrows of love  ,

And was suffering   like a deer hit by the arrow of the hunter,

And when she standing jaded like this  , her friends  took that  Sita

Who had a colour of a peacock  and was wearing ear studs , with great difficulty.


525.Those friends     and   took Sita , who was  wearing ear globes in her ears,

Whose eyes move like the Khayal fish   and   hand and feet which were  like new leaves,

To a  bed of flowers   over which  cold snow has been sprinkled along with  tincture of flowers.


526,When Sita was made to lie down on a bed   of flowers  that had just opened 

Faded  like    the lotus flowers growing densely   in a lake  ,

Got faded  by the rain of snow  , which was  white like silk   cotton flowers,

And   like the fading of the moon when it was swallowed by a snake.


527.The sweat   which formed in  the edge   of her eye brows dried immediately

Due to her  tortured breath   which gave out  heat like  a Black smith’s  klin,

And  her pearl like  tears   from her very long eyes   fell on

 The top of   her breasts   like   the   rain falling   on the mountain top .


528, She  fell like the peacock  which fell  ,

As a result of the arrow sent   by a hunter in the forest,

Of a   very  a cruel mind   which never gets disturbed ,

And  due to her  mind  which was burning    due to  the fire of love ,

She fell like a burnt   flower branch   on that flower bed.


529.The flowers that were spread on that flower bed  ,

Appeared to her like  sharp thorns     and hurt her body,

The sandal paste on her  body    which got  dried due to,

The heat    of her   the fire of love   fell like fire sparks 

That   burning fire  within her  also burnt   the thread ,

Of her ornaments   and the flowers  in the bed dried..


530.Her servants , the foster mothers, five type of mothers,

And those   who were like sister    for her  became  very sad,

Due to  disease of Sita   and became   mentally upset ,

Because they were  not able  to understand  the nature of the  illness,

In spite of deep thought  , brought water with many flowers,

And rotated in front of her   so that evil eye  would be cured.


531, Due to  air of  the waving   of that  big fan   by  her friends,

The fire within her   burnt with more vigour ,

The ornaments   and flower garlands started   drying  and scalding

And this made her   like  an idol made   of gold  .


532. She will tell Rama’s hair is a flower garland  made of darkness,

And his   two shoulders are  two great and big pillars or

Two mountains  which are made of emerald stone ,

And  his eyes are red lotus flowers and he is  a cloud,

Which came  from the sky   with the bow of Indra(lightning)


533.He has   entered my  dense mind   and  also destroyed,

The determination of my mind   and my  feminine  qualities,

But on his     mountain like shoulders  he  does not ,

Seem to carry a   bow of sugarcane and so he  is not god of  love.


534.On thinking about  it,   he is    not one  belonging to the land of devas.

As he  is like the scented lotus   and also blinks   his eye,

He carries a huge well made bow  and wears a sacred thread,

And considering his age  , he looks like  only a son of a king.


535.After seeing him I am not able to see   in me ,

My feminine nature , the shyness that was born with me  ,

And  the  wisdom of my  mind and that young lad,

Who walked on the  path of mud , looks like a thief,

Who  can enter  in to my mind through my eyes.


536. His  black hair  is  like the gem Indra neela,

His  face  is like full moon and his  hands   hanging  up to knee,

And his great shoulders did not  steal my soul,

But  it was his smile that  first attracted me.


537.Not only his   broad chest  which was lustrous,

And g his  great feet which were  like  lotus flowers,

But also his gait which was like that   of an elephant,

From whose face the water of rut    was ebbing out ,

Entered in to my mind     and got    fixed there.


538. Would it be possible for  me to at least  see  once that lad,

Who destroyed the security   wall   of my virginity* ,

Which was  born along with me   and is a machine,

Attached   to the wall of  hall of virgins where  I roam,

And understand about him   and then die? Please tell.

            * prevents entry of males in to the mind


539.When Sita was telling this   and many other such things  to her mind,

She  told herself, “Here stands the valorous one whom I saw  earlier.”

Then she will say, “Now he has gone away”  and like this,

Her love sick mind   was  suffering   due to these thoughts of passion.


540.The  hot  sun feeling that the fire of love   which   was burning,

Sita who had a swan like gait   was rising up and heating him also,

And not able to bear it   which   made his   long arms  shiver,

Ran and    dipped himself  in to the ocean.


541. The breeze which blew increasing her love sickness ,

Made   Sita, the rare maid  see  ,  the red sky at dusk and the  black dark night,

 As the god of death with red hair   and black colour,

Due to   that dusk  which  heats up   the feelings of love


542.  The   sound of birds that was coming from the top,

The   sound from the sea which was like the sound of anklets,

And the blood coloured sky   and the darkness  of the night,

Which was like the black dress   increased   the  love  suffering of Sita,

And it was only proper to call it   the Sadhakas(great  goddess  devotees)


543 Along With ponds  becoming dry due to fire  , With scented flowers being coated by poison,

The breeze was  strolling like a spear   and the arrows    sent by God of love  ,

Entered   deep  in to the already existing   wounds  of love    and due to that,

The good wisdom as well as  the feminine characteristics  have been destroyed in case of Sita,

 And she   seeing the evening time which had come   to take   away her soul,

Was greatly scared   thinking  that  this was the real form of god of death.


544.  When Sita     was greatly   suffering  and when  she was thinking  ,

“Is this ocean  , is it rain  , Is it  big blue stone  , Is  it the scented flower of never fading  plant,

Is it the scented flower of Karum kuvalai  plant  ? Is it the blue lotus.

Is it the flower  of Karu neithal plant   , I do not know which of them,

Would give maximum  trouble to  young girls   and take away their life?”

Then   very strong Rakshasa  like Black  late evening  came before her.”


545.”Oh serpent   who is of the colour of black colour spreading in the sky,

Who has stars as its   poisonous teeth  , the deep breath of hot air  ,

And The red sky as its   poisonous fang, Why are you surrounding me?

Why  are you inimical to me and give me sorrow? Already the god of love ,

Who shoots arrows at me , without getting any tiresomeness in his hand,

Never leaves the shooting of arrows?  Since I have only one soul,

And , there is nothing  with me for you to steal if he snatches it away from me .

When I am trying to save myself  from that God of love .

Why are you unnecessarily   attacking me to take away my life?”


546,”Has  the sorrow   taken the form of darkness  , matured further   and,

Has   the great Halahala   poison spread all over the world,, after emerging from sea?

Has the black ocean rise   out  and come out? Or is it  that whoever thinks of the colour  ,

Of the great one ,  they get the colour    which   spreads     everywhere?

Is it that the black colour of  god of death  that  has been further  mixed with black paste  ,

And applied all over    the   earth   and the entire sky?”


547. “Oh bird   My lord just made appearance before my eyes  and suddenly vanished,

And I did not see any one  to help me    to stop him, and hey without  pitying on me,

Thinking that I am a simple girl ,   he did not take   any   mercy on   me?

Was this deception taught to you by God of love  who was    hiding ,

In the darkness of night     and  shooting his arrows of love on me?

 Or  is it due to the   sins committed  by this simple girl in previous birth?

And    has that sin come   in the form of  darkness  to haunt me?”


548,When at that place when she thinking    about such things   was greatly suffering,

In the big mansion of maids   , which was touching    the broad sky by its height,

On the platform made by the cool moon stone  , thinking   that,

The long lamps   with big flame would produce more heat and make her suffer,

The   friends of Sita removed all such lamps   and brought the lamps,

With gems  and made the night in that place    in to  the day time.


549.When   the great    strong Lord Vishnu  .made the Mandhara mountain in to a churner  

And started churning it  using the snake as the  rope  ,  for the sake    of the devas

Several drops of milk   as well as gems  fell out and later  the golden pot of nectar 

 Which was more lustrous than the stars  rose out, similar to rising of moon from black sea.


550. Long time ago  , lying on a banyan leaf   , acting as if  he was very angry  ,

Lord Vishnu ate all the worlds  and the sea   and when  the  sea of the belly,

 Flowered from there   and with bees chanting   Vedas, a flower  was produced  ,

On which  sat   Brahma   and  similarly  the moon rose  from the  sea ,

And it looked like    another   white  lotus  flower flowered from the sea.


551.  When in the sky   where the shining stars  which looks like  dots in the  sky,

The moon light which   eats away the   darkness accumulated at  night,

 Has spread  the leaf sheath of  young arecanut tree  kept beside  the silver  pot  on the east,

And we do not know how this will turn out to Sita   who talks sweetly like a bird.


552.The lustrous evening spreading his hands  , with an intention   of ,

Eating away the  darkness of the entire world   and   moon light  ,

Which spread   as soon as the cool moon arose in the sky,

Like the spread of   the fame of  the philanthropist  Chadayan*,

Which has spread in the earth and sky and in all directions  ,

Making his own    all the fields   which are irrigated.

       *the philanthropist from THiruvennainallur


553. It was like the  extremely  white moon who is an architect  who arose   from the water of the sea

Seeing   that the world which was made by  Lord Vishnu on the   flower that arose   ,

From his belly button   has become very old  , spreading his rays which are his hands,

And using the white paint of his moon light   has  painted it and made it new.


554.When that moon   who was like the big scented lotus flower   came to  him as per its wish,

Along with  Goddess Lakshmi  , and  when  the lotus flowers closed making the bees go away ,

The red lily flowers   noticing that the king   who   looks after   the world with his scepter has gone,

 Started    to show  off themselves   like   the small kings  who  was waiting for suitable time.


555.Oh white coloured   burning coal  , who forms in the midst of the black  growing burning   coal,

Which   is the personification    of darkness    that has stolen the   entire world,

Having been defeated  by  that great one who creates the permanent illusion,

By his colour , why are you being cruel to me   as  well as the ocean which is outside.


556.Oh moon who rose from the sea, by nature you are not cruel,

As you   are not killing any one   and you were   born along with,

The faultless  nectar  and along with a damsel with a she elephant’s gait,

And such being the case , it is  not  proper for you to burn me.


557.Because   the rays of the moon   which raises in the sky,

Beats me on her very tender  breasts ,  like a  whip  ,

That  female swan ,felt as if she was caught  in a cruel raging fire,

 And went on rolling   on the bed   which was full of lotus  flowers.


558.Due to moon light which never left   and spread everywhere,

Hurting her  , Sita got scalded , cooked   and fell down,

And the lotus flowers in which she  used to live were made as her bed,

And due to the heat of love in her body , even those flowers got wilted.


559.That  Sita who had tender   breasts  ,suffered with a burning   body,

When her friends   applied large quantity  of sandal paste   with other cooling pastes,

And when she was fanned by huge fans   , her body became more hot ,

Is there any  medicine to cure the  illness caused by love?


560.When due to the fire of love  , her body was burning  ,

Even the beds made by flowers , pollen as well as very tender leaves,

Start  getting burning up  , her friends who loved her more than her mother,

Brought two thousand beds   and   went on stacking them on each other.


561. We  have seen how   the female swan like Sita   ,

Who was in the home for maids   suffered on the flower beds,

And now we will say as to what happened     to Rama,

Who has seen her body which resembled rays of lightning.


562.When all of them (Rama and others)   went and saw the king Janaka,

He with great joy received them by coming out ,

And took them  to a mansion which was touching the sky ,

In that land of pleasures which was like the golden town of Indra.


563.Sage Sadananda who was the son of Ahalya  ,

Who has assumed her original form  due to  the dust,

From the lotus like feet of Rama  who was valorous and faultless

Came to see them and  he looked as if all the great penances  ,

Have taken a form   of good character  and came walking.


564.Rama , the very charitable one received that sage    with great respect ,

And with great joy   and  saluted him. Then that sage  ,

Who had matchless good qualities blessed Rama ,

And went and reached near sage Viswamithra.


565.That great sage    who  was the son of sage Gowthama,

Seeing the face of Viswamithra of great penance   told,

“What  is the great penance  that has been done by this great city.”


566.Seeing the face  of   great Sadananda, Who was equal to the lord,

With the seat of the cool lotus flower(Brahma)   and

Who has friendship with every one  as also has done great penance,

Viswamithra     who is the master   of all arts   told like this.


567.”Oh Great sage of very great penance , please hear,

This charitable Rama has killed the Thadaga who had a voice like thunder,

And protected my  fire sacrifice   and also lifted  the curse,

That had befallen  on your mother one by one and,

He has thus    removed   all the sorrows that I had.”


568.As soon  as sage Viswamithra   told like this,

That great sage   got limitless joy   and told,

“Oh sage of great penance , due to your  grace ,

Which   os there  on these  lads  now  ,  What   job is impossible,

For this   very valorous Rama  “ and further he told.


569-570. Seeing that moon faced Charitable Rama  ,

Whose body was comparable   to  the

Incomparable non fading flowers  , Blue gem stone,

The slushy ocean  ,  crowds of clouds,

And the  Blue lotus   flowers with open flowers  , he told,

“Oh Lord who wears   the garland made   of scented flowers,

I shall tell you  an important news, This  sage  Viswamithra  ,

Was king of a kingdom earlier , which he ruled  for several years,

 As  per the rule of law   and with mercy to all beings.”


571. “When he was ruling his country as per dharma,

He happened to go to the forest for hunting    in to dense forests ,

And reached    the hermitage  of Sage   Vasishta of great  penance 

Who is praised     and worshipped    by every one.”


572.That consort of Arundathi   treated    this sage Koushika  ,

In a very hospitable manner by  looking after all his wants 

And requested him,Please  stay here    and then go.”

And when Koushika agreed to that  and Vasishta told him,

“I would treat  you all with a feast  “ and then he called the cow Surabhi,

And told her, “You yourself produce   nectar like food and give them,”

And That Surabhi as  per the words of Vasishta   produced ,

All that was necessary and  gave them all   a great feast.


573.  Then Vasishta addressing  king Kausiga    told,

“Oh king share   this feast     with six tastes ,

Along with the members   of your army also .”

And gave all that was produced  by Surabhi to them,

And after king Koushika and his army ate    that feast .

And then scented flower garland   and sandal paste   was given to all,

And king Viswamithra after his    tiredness   vanished.

After thinking it deeply   told Vasishta      the  following.


574-576 .”Oh sage of great penance    though   you did not get up from your seat,

This divine cow    gave    faultless food   to all the  victorious army.

And has done a very special deed    and because  ,

All the   great people who do not have any fault  ,

Who are masters of Veda     are telling that  ,

“All  great  things in the kingdom belong to the king,,

And    also since this cow is not that suitable to you,

You please give this great cow  Surabhi    to me.”

And when he told like this   Vasishta did  not reply for some time,

And later  told,”Oh king who has the spear to destroy the enemies,

I who am a sage who wears   the tree hide as  dress ,

I do not have the right   too give Surabhi to you.

And so you yourself    can take her of your own accord,

And as soon as he told this, that king saluted him and  said,

“I would do accordingly”  and got up with lot of enthusiasm,

And when he tied that Cow Surabhi and was   starting  ,

That cow got herself freed     of the rope by which  is tied,

And asked sage  Vasishta “oh sage  , who has learned and,

Who has nderstood all the Vedas , Did you give  me  to,

Viswamithra who has pretty shoulders?”

And then  That sage   who knew all arts started  replying.


577.  “I did not give you   but  this king with victorious umbrella  ,

Has caught you and taking you of his own accord.”  Replied the  sage  ,

That cow who got very angry   told  “I would  myself destroy,

The army of the  king    who have drums that make sound like thunder, please  see it.”

And immediately   all the hair   of her body shook greatly


578.Then  Babbara  , Yavana , Chinese , Jonakas*  and other Mlecha soldiers,

Appeared   from her body   along with various weapons  ,

And completely made in to pieces   the entire  strong army of King Koushika,

And then the sons of Koushika who are by nature  

Short tempered   started attacking her.

       *Muslims are called Jonakas   in Kerala even today


579.Those very angry sons of Koushika   assuming that  their army,

Was not killed by Mlechas  or the cow Surabhi   but  thinking that,

It was by the deception   of the divine saint who knew all Vedas,

Telling the valorous words, “Now itself   we  will cut his head off”,

And went near Vasishta   who  stared   at them   by his eyes,

Which produced    fire   and all the sons of Viswamithra died.


580.Then Viswamithra seeing   that all his hundred   sons have  been killed,

Rose like a fire on which ghee has been poured  , came in his chariot with a long flag,

Bent his bow extremely and started shooting his arrows continuously   at  Vasishta.

And he in turn kept  his  staff of Brahma  in front of himself and told ,

Now receive   all those arrows sent by Viswamithra.


581.Then Viswamithra sent at him    the arrows of different gods which he had learnt,

But the staff of Vasishta swallowed all of them   and was shining undefeated,

And Koushika saluted Lord Shiva who had the mountain Meru as his  bow,

And as soon as he prayed him  Lord Shiva came , gave him an arrow   and vanished


582.Viswamithra then sent that weapon  and all those in the world of devas ,

Thinking that he would burn all the worlds, were scared and hid themselves,

But Vasishta who saw that weapon  which neared him   burning like fire,

Produced very hot fire from his body   and made that weapon  not  effective,

And thus the weapon of Shiva   which cannot be destroyed became ineffective.


583.That king who saw the weapon of Shiva becoming   ineffective  ,

Understood that thinking   strength and certain victory   are  ,

Definitely for   the sages   who have learnt the Vedas and not for others,

And further understanding that strength   that leads to one to rule the world,

Is nothing comparable before strength of a sage , he  decided,

To do penance and went to the east side  owned by Devendra.


584.Noticing that   the leader  of kings Koushika    was  thinking  in his mind,

About the victory attained by   the great Vasishta   of very great penance,

And was   doing penance   to attain that type of power,

The  king of devas  got scared   and sent  Thilothama ,

The deer like lady among the   divine maidens to spoil his penance.


585. The   king   seeing the beauty of  Thilothama   was hit  ,

By the arrows of God of love  , lost his   purity of thought,

And for several days got drowned in the sea of passion with her ,

And later understood the   books of arts   written by great writers,

 And started hating that passion like poison and started laughing.


586. Understanding that his penance was spoiled    by the cheating,

By  the king who ruled  over the world of devas  , Viswamithra became very angry  ,

He cursed Thilothama, “  You would be born in the world as a human lady”,

And due to his lotus eyes becoming red    due to his anger of the mind  ,

He left that place  and reached the  southern side ruled by Yama ,

Who was the  strongest among those  who ruled directions.


587.After he reached the southern side and was carrying out   his penance  ,

Trisanku who was the strong king of Ayodhya approached  his Guru Vasishta,

And requested him to help him to go to heaven along with  human body,

And Vasishta told him .”I do not know the method  of sending  any one,

To the heavens with the human body”  and refused his request.


588.Then Trisanku told him, “sir if it is not possible for you  ,

I would approach some one else whom I like   in this great world,

And get the fire sacrifice  done    and  get my  desire  fulfilled  through him.”

At this Vasishta got very angry with him  ,” Oh powerful king who has great anger,

You have removed the teacher of your forefathers   and  ,

Are saying that  you would like to choose   Guru of your own.

Because of this you become   a Pulaya(untouchable).”


589.”Oh lad , when Vasishta the son of Lord Brahma cursed him like this,

Lost his regal royal form  which used to make even sun god jealous ,

Losing his  pretty face which was  like a fully opened lotus flower,

And assumed a form that   all the people of earth hated, then and there.”


590.All the ornaments as well as the crown that he  wore became black,

And was similar to iron ,The cloths that he wore as well as his sacred thread ,

Became made of  animal hide  and he lost all his beauty   and became black,

And when he went back like this to his city , he found  that,

Every one was abusing him and so he reached the forest.


591.After spending a few days in the forest  , one day,

This king reached   the hermitage where king Koushika   was doing penance,

And when Koushika asked him, “who are you who  is looking  like a Chandala?

Why  have  you come here”, Then Trisanku saluted him ,

And told him   all  the news as it happened.


592.When Koushika heard this , saying  with a laugh “only that much?”,

He further told,  “I would  carry out a great fire sacrifice for you,

And send you to heaven with this human body” and then when he  invited,

Several sages of great penance , they all assembled there  and at that time,

Sons of sage Vasishta  told, “we have not heard   of a king,

Performing a fire sacrifice for the sake of a Chandala .”


593.Then all the sages  said that   they  also would not agree  to this act,

And Koushika became enraged  and cursed the sons of Vasishta,

“You would become hunters who do debased work.”   , and,

Immediately they all became hunters and went to different forests,

And Koushika started the fire sacrifice  and invited the devas,

And while offering  food in the fire    told to them,

“All of you who do not take food come and participate.”


594.The devas told , “ this king  , for the sake of this Chandala .,

After completing the fire sacrifice   is calling us to come speedily,

What a great act”  and thus  jeered and laughed at Viswamithra,

But that Koushika steadfastly   seeing that king,

Who had an army of elephants with rope tied in their neck, told,

“you go to heaven  and I am telling it based on the power of my penance,

 And Trisanku went up to the heaven like an air plane.


595.When that king went in to the heavens  , the devas got very angry and after asking him

“How is it proper that you who is a Chandala is coming to heaven with your body?

And so go back.”   and  then they pushed him back to earth   ,

And when he was falling  down with head down,

AS he did not have any support, he shouted   ,

“Oh Koushika   , you are  my only protection and I surrender  to you.”

And hearing that  Koushika  loudly told, “Stop where you are” and laughed like thunder.


596-597. .Then Koushika told , “I will again create  another set   devas   as well as heaven,

Let the sun , moon and all other planets   as well as stars   that   I create 

Be always shining   and rise in the south and set  in the north 

After ordering like this   when he started    the creation   ,

Along with moving and not moving beings  , Indra with the scented Kalpaka tree,

Lord Brahma with four faces , Lord Shiva with blackened neck,

Along with all other  devas    as well as sages   and told him,

“Please pardon. The  dharma which upholds one is very great .

Let this king Trisanku merge     with the stars    and be there permanently.”


598.”Oh king of great penance  you would become the five stars in the south,

And tell  about your greatness to the world  as the royal    saint,”

And after the devas left  that honest saint    speedily travelled from there,

And reached the western side which is   the side of the God of the sea

And again  he was doing great penance there,


599.A king called Ambareeksha  Who had an army with  great swords,

Who used to talk pleasant to hear  sweet words  and who was ,

Like the soul to all the beings    on this entire earth

And who  was one who is dear to all , for the sake of buying a man,

To conduct a fire sacrifice   in which a man is offered   in the fire,

Was wandering  in search all over the forests with gold   filled  chariots.


600-601. He approached a  saint called Richaka who had done great penance ,

In the garden in which he lived   and asked him to sell one of his three sons to him,

Richaka’s wife told that youngest son was hers only and cannot be sold,

And Richaka told the eldest    son was his and so cannot be sold,

And when  they knew   that their middle son  Sunachepa was  willing ,

And laughed at the fact that his parents were    willing to sell him,

And seeing Ambareeksha told, “please give sufficient money to my father ,

So that his poverty is completely destroyed” and later he saluted his father ,

And riding on the  non stoppable chariot of the king  when he was going,

The sun who has rays which give great luster  reached the middle of the sky.


602. Ambareeksha got down from the chariot there  for performing rituals of noon,

And that Good  Sunachepa   also got down   for the same purpose   and there he saw ,

The sage Koushika   of the pure mind  who had got rid of bad qualities   like jealousy

And with great sorrow  he saluted       the lotus like feet   of sage.


603. That   saint  with great characters seeing   that lad who saluted him with the fear of death,

Asked him , “ Why are you so depressed? Please tell me ”  and he who had surrendered to the sage told,

“Oh saint who knows inner meaning of books of Dharma  , my mother and father  after receiving

Great wealth, gave me away    to king Ambareeksha”  and then  he related everything.


604-605.Hearing   how the mother along with her husband  , sold him,

That great sage  told him, “ Leave   out this great   fear for,

I will protect you   “and saying like this   he told his sons,

“One of you go instead of him to be sacrificed” and since they refused,

That sage   got so angry , with eyes becoming so red  that even,

The rising Sun god felt ashamed , With each of  his pores of hair  ,

Breathing   the Badava fire  , that Koushika  cursed  his sons,

“Oh merciless minded ones  , you all    become savage hunters,

And roam about in forests   and suffer great sorrow.”


606 After cursing the four of his sons   who did  not die,

Earlier due to the anger   of sage Vasishta  , he told.,

That nephew like lad standing before him ,

“Stop getting depressed   and becoming sad.

Please receive    two mantras    from me just now  ,”

And then he taught   him those  mantras  and started telling him.


607.”Oh lad   who wears  a soft garland with honey*,

You go with the king and when he ties you to the pillar of sacrifice,

Chant these mantras   and as soon as you tell it  ,

Devas, Brahma  , Shiva who rides  on a bull   would come,

To take their share from the sacrifice  and it would come to an end,

But no harm would come to your life” and hearing that ,

That lad praised    him and then went along with the king.

       * The sacrificial animal would    be garlanded before sacrifice.


608.When that lad chanted  the mantras as  per the directions of the Vedic sage ,

In the place of fire sacrifice , the gods riding on Garuda , swan and the bull,

Surrounded by all devas   riding on their steeds   came  to that fire sacrifice,

And protected that Yaga done as per  Vedas as well as life of that lad.

The sage Koushika after finishing the penance in west went   towards north.


609. That sage reaching the north  , keeping his lotus like   hand on his nose ,

And made Ida and PIngala   rise through his heart  by meditating on Pranava(Om),

And went on doing  penance for very many years   and then due to,

The root fire raising up and breaking his skull   and spread ,

 Making the entire world covered by darkness   and the world was dejected.


610.When Lord Shiva     who burnt the three cities , tore open the elephant,

And when he adjusted    his body and   used the hide top cover it ,

Like good characters  similar to    the clouds  that    spread everywhere ,

The smoke from  that root fire   from the sage covered  the earth.


611. That darkness   which was every where joined together  ,

And   spread  all over   the world, which made the rays of sun hidden,

And because of it  the  eyes  of all gods who protect all directions ,

As also   the eyes of the eight elephants that   carry the earth   got jaded.


 612.When   the clouds which are the cause  of life   spread ,

The entire earth with smoke   and went  inside every thing,

The moving and not moving beings   of the  world get scared,

And due to the very harsh   and hot sun’s rays  the Devas  started shivering.


613. The God who lives on lotus  , Lord Vishnu who rides on Garuda  ,

Lord Shiva who rides on a bull ,  Indra  and all other devas.

Came separately from very many different places ,

And met   that  great sage   whose wealth was penance.


614. The God who wears   the moon  , The god  of great light,

Who wore green thulasi and Brahma who lives on lotus flower  .

Seeing that sage   told, “Oh great sage , There is no one else,

Other    than you   who have seen the  other shore of Vedas.”


615.That Brahmin who heard these words  , bent his head,

Folded his two lotus like hands , “Today I have received,

The fruit of penance that every one desires”

And  became very happy   and all the devas  ,

Who came there    went back to their places.


616.”This  is all what happened and there is no one like this Koushika ,

Who has attained    greatness   through his penance  and you have got,

The grace   of this sage  who is greatly just and a great follower of  Dharma,

And so no task whatsoever   is impossible to both of you,”

So said   the sage Sadananda   who has limitless  goodness.


617. Like this when the son of sage Gowthama told them,

The victorious heroes   heard all these with great wonder  ,

And became happy   and fell at the feet of that sage  with great penance  ,

And that   sage   blessed both of them and   went back to his place.


618. After  the sage and his younger brother   as  per   their custom,

 Reached the   place of sleep which   was sweet for them,

Rama who resembled a fruit of darkness  , along ,

With the night, the  moon  and the loneliness,

Became one with the thoughts of that  girl.


619.”Is there a possibility    of lightning  ,

Getting separated from the clouds   ,

And taking the form of a girl ? If so,

I do not know any other case except this  ,

For I am seeing her within my eye as   well as  mind .”


620.”Since the girl   has eyes   like the  ocean of milk,

Where the black Vishnu   sleeps   on that water on,

Adhisesha who never   gets  tired of giving  ,

Is living    on the lotus of my heart,

Has she become  the  Goddess Lakshmi.”


621. Though she may not have mercy on me  ,

As if to cure    the love sickness   in me  ,

Due    to the love that I developed to her,

She had swallowed   me  by   her eye

And  in this   world which is not clear  ,

Where moving and non moving things live,

Have all  become   the golden form of that girl.


622. “Though her golden pot like breats  ,,

Over which many ornaments   wave

Did not have a chance to press  firmly against my chest,

Would it be  possible for me    at some time or other ,

To again see her full moon like face ,

Which has moon light like smile and ,

Has lips which are   like deep red fruits?


623. The lady  god of death  whom I always think about,

Has  a  pretty coloured waist belt  , tied over   chariot base ,

Like hips  and  she has two long   sword   like eyes ,

Two very stout breasts  , a  pleasant smile filled  mouth,

And are all these required  for her  to kill me?”


624.” If that God of love   bending his bow of sugarcane  ,
Hits me     with a rain of   flower decked arrows , so that,

I would always be thinking about the    girl,

Then what  is the point   of  my  having   strength and health.”


625.” The moon light   which is spreading like water like

The overflow of  the deep  milk of ocean which ebbs  out,

Is  trying to destroy  my soul  which is there because  of the thought of that   girl,

And I wonder   whether   there   is a white coloured poison also.”


626. Would my mind ever  go in a path   which is not a good path,

And so the  girl who has   a syrup like talk    and a golden form,

Is indeed a  maid(virgin?)   , and for this there  is no doubt whatsoever.


627.Like the lustrous  ceremonial umbrella  of the king of night falling,

And like  the  Chutti* ornament hanging     from the youthful,

Hair parting      which is blemish less  has fallen down,

The moon   which was shining went inside the   western sea,

        *Hanging from hair parting on forehead


628. When  the moon who is their God left  , the directions,

Who were his darlings  on whom he  had  applied  white paste,

Of sandal   and as if   due to sorrow   of parting , they all   rubbed it out ,

As soon    as the moon set  , the white  moon light  went out.


629.When Rama who was wearing a scented garland  , which due to love  sickness,

Was getting worn out   , The Sun   made   his wives of lotus flowers,

Show their faces   which  rose    up  and  he rose   as if   he is   the red fire  ,

Which comes   out of the eye of the   forehead  of   the  god of the ,

Dark  sunrise   mountain  who was wearing elephant hide .


630. Using   the  dust raising   from the Udayagiri mountains ,

Due to the fast and strong   hoof strikes   of the green horses,

Which were made wet   by the  water and flower offerings  ,

Offered by the hands of  Brahmins  ,  the Sun   appeared  ,

Like   the red   thilak  he put   on   the    elephant   controlling the east side ,

And  his  young rays  went on   to all the peaks of that stable mountain,

And all those   peaks of the  mountain appeared red.


631.Before  parting with their darlings  , the lord  tells 

 His wife about  the day when he   would come back ,

From   fighting war in the battle field    or      after   earning    of   wealth .

And when  that  lord    who wears  scented garlands    which are  constantly    followed by bees,

Who is their lord   who is like their   soul  , comes at the appointed time ,

Riding   on a  pretty  gem studded    chariot  , then the faces of the darlings,

Which had lost   its  luster  regains the  shine  and they  get free of tiredness ,

And like those   virtuous wives , the lotus flowers    opened   up  ,

Seeing their Lord the Sun God coming on his chariot at   the  appointed time  .

And due to this   all the lotus ponds   were   full of shining fully opened  flowers.


632.  Along  With Kinnaras  singing   innumerable   Vedic songs  , with world  praising  ,

With  devas , sages, priests   and Brahmins    saluting   him with    folded hands ,

And with    the drums   where  wax is applied   raising huge sound  ,

The   red rays    of the very  lustrous Sun    was dancing    on the stage of the great sky  ,

Opened up   golden matted hair   of   the God   who has eye of fire on his forehead  ,


633.That Rama of the colour of the cloud , not holding  the killer wheel in the  very old  ocean of milk,

But holding on his strong arms , the powerful bent bow and not sleeping  in the bed of thousand heads  

Where   each head   was holding light of gem ,  due to his   being away from his Sita,

Is sleeping   on the sea of sorrow   and the Sun   riding  on a lustrous  chariot  ,

Is slowly caressing his feet   so that  he would wake up and see   the end of  the  sea of night.


634.When the night  passed off as if one  long eon   had gone  by  ,

Rama woke up  like a decorated elephant   and after completing,

The old  prescribed  rituals   , after saluting the sage   who   had the form of the Vedas,

Along with his dear brother  , wearing  scented flower garland  ,

And his gem studded crown  and the necklace   of his great clan,

Reached the  very big  sacrificial hall   of king Janaka.


635.That crowned king Janaka   after completing the fire sacrifice as per Vedas,

With drums blaring forth in   all directions   like thunder  , like Indra ,

Reached his palace   which was so high that it was touching  the moon,

And there in the hall of gems   received   his guests   , offering them seats ,

And   sat  along with the sage  of great penance  . Rama wearing  ,

The fresh garland of betel leaves   and holding  the bow which by its nature bends,

And with his brother  by his side  , the king Janaka  occupied his position in the hall.


636.After drinking the beauty   of the  lads of high birth , who were sitting near him,

Janaka saluted the sage   with great penance   by  falling at his feet, he asked,
“oh sage  , please tell me who these lads    are  ? and sage said,” These guests  ,

Are the sons of the very honourable Dasaratha  and they have  come to see your Yaga.

And since that is over   they would like to see   the bow of Shiva   also.”

And then he started   telling about the   fame    and greatness  of those lads.


Kamba Ramayanam  -Bala Kandam  Padalam 11-14


      This portion starts with the introduction of Rama and Lakshmana    along with their family particulars by sage Viswamithra to king Janaka and ends with departure of Dasaratha    along with his people  to attend the marriage    of Rama.


11. Kula murai  kilathu  Padalam

(The chapter  on narration  about family of Rama.)

        (in this chapter sage Viswamithra   introduces Rama to king Janaka along with particulars of his clan. He also tells him how Rama and Lakshmana  killed Thadaga  , protected his fire sacrifice and later  brought back  Ahalya to life. SAge Viswamithra does not mention about the names of the ancestors of Rama   but only   their well known deeds,  In Valmiki Ramayana , the family of Rama is introduced   to king Janaka by sage Vasishta , when he comes to attend   the marriage of Rama. He lists out the names of his  ancestors. )


637. Who in this world does not  Manu   who is the first in the clan of the  Sun?

Even the great king   who for the sake    of  avoiding the sorrow   of all beings  from hunger,

Who did the great deed   of  using his  well formed      bow milked the earth  , also  belongs to his clan.

  (king  Prathu)


638.Oh king Janaka in     whose crown all  the nine types of gems are well set,

The one who  for the sake of   destroying sickness   and removing evil acts  which cause it,

Did penance   for several years    addressed to Brahma   who was born out of a lotus,

And due to his blessing brought   the statue of the lustrous Lord   Vishnu,

Sleeping    on the  bed of  the  great snake  , so that people like me can see  him ,

Along    with  the stage(rangam) *  also is from his clan  and,

Those who do not know    it do not   know    anything.

                                 *(This lord was shifted to Sri Rangam table later /not mentioned by Vamiki) )


639.When Indra begged him  and told him  about his    great problem  of ,

An asura whom he is not able to defeat and requested to kill all those asuras.

And reconquer  the land of devas   and give it to him , agreeing to that,

And after giving him a boon  ,  and immediately    went there ,

Holding a great bow   and fought with those asuras  is the king ,

Puranjaya   who was  carried  by Indra     taking a form a form of the bull,

Again    belongs     to his    great   clan and he was known as  Kakustha,


640.  I am incapable of telling the greatness   of all kings 

 Belonging to that  great king’s clan,

For one of the kings of the clan   helped in churning the ocean of  milk

 Using Mandra mountain and gave nectar,

So that the devas   do not get old, their body   does not age    and also they do not die.


641. Oh king , who puts his spear   in the spear sheath after    doing war,

The ancestors of these two   sent their shining wheel of   rule  without   any blocks,

Were ruling all   the three worlds  , Who had unimaginable qualities like mercy 

And  were innumerable   in number   and one of them   ruled the world,

In such a way that male tigers and female deer were  drinking   water from same ghat.


642.Oh King whose    feet are saluted by very many victorious kings  ,

Once upon a time   when devas and  Rakshasas     were engaged  in a battle,

One of their ancestors , who was crowned    as per the tenets   of Vedas ,

Along with his gem studded crown    garlands   shinning swords and  hand held  bows  and arrows,

Alone wandered like the God of Dharma    in to the land of devas  and protected Amarapathi.(capital of devas)


643.Oh king who holds a  long  spear    which is like   streak of lightning ,

 Who can afford to praise  The kings of these  clan   who wore the golden anklet of great valour,

Were  the soul  for all the good souls of the world  , ruled this great world,

For   one of the kings of clan gave his flesh , to save the soul  of a soft   soul.


644.Oh king who has a long spear that has pierced the body   of his enemies,

The kings of their clan   sorrowing because the Aswamedha horse was missing  ,

Rolled with their feet   huge mountains like they were  coconuts   and made  this world,

In to , ups and downs   and dug the    sea which was full of salt water  .

Is it necessary to add any more   to bring out the greatness of this clan.


645.”Oh king with a lustrous spear to which the flesh of  enemies are attached,

If Adhisesha  would be unable to describe their greatness , is it easy for me to do it?

The one who brought    the river with holy water   making it flow   through ,

The head of Lord Shiva who wears Ixora flowers to the earth also is from their clan.


646.Oh king who has a royal white umbrella similar to moon without rabbit patch,

One of the kings born in their clan  , made the entire  earth surrounded   by  the sea,

Like a gooseberry of his hand   and conducted  hundred incomparable  Aswamedhas,

According to Vedic rules   and created problem     for the great  king of Devas.


647.The clan of these boys  , had a king who defeated the moon God,

Another   who defeated Rudra  , another   with harsh arrows killed Dundhu,

And another king of the clan called  Ragu   with his very firm bow,

Won over Indra and defeated all the kings  of the eight directions.


648.The King Aja  who belonged to their clan   using his Mandara  like bow,

Churned the ocean of his army   and made  Indumathi  who had  a smile,

Which was like pearls    and who was like Goddess Lakshmi  ,

An ornament   to his chest which   was black like that of God Vishnu  .

As also his  big shoulders   which appeared  as personification of wrestling.


649.”Oh king who has a door of  his palace where several music instruments played ,

There is no body in this world who  do not know Dasaratha   the son of king Aja.

These greatness   of  sons who were born to him cannot be  properly described by  Lord Brahma,

Still I would try to narrate it to you , the    limited knowledge that I have.


650.The  Dasaratha   who is like the wheel of God Vishnu    using which  ,

He made people of all the world   live properly  , like  victory of Sun over snow,

Won  victory over his enemies  , Who  never liked the help of any others,

Who wore Dharma as his armour   and who was the follower   of rules of Justice,

Formulated by the great Manu  , was sad because he did not have sons.


651.He decided to see the help of Rishya Sringa  Who followed  ,

The prostitutes with  forehead like a bent bow , Red mouth like that of,

The  child  which resembled a red fruit  , long black eye, large hips,

Which are sold for money  and  waist which is like a streak of lightning,

Thinking they are  animals with their  breasts as horns   and reached,

The town of Roma pada   and helped him to solve his problem.


652.After saluting he told the sage    Possibly    due to lack of my penance  ,

Sons  who wear garland and have a scented hair  ,were,

Not conceived  in  the   gem like belly  of  my queens  ,

Who were tying their breasts by cloth   and so  ,

Please  get me   sons who will  look after

The earth surrounded by the sea  , which was protected by me.”


653. Hearing that , that sage with mind filled with joy told   ,

“I would give you young boys  who   would  not only rule this earth,

But also look after all the three worlds  .So now  make ,

Arrangement  to bring all materials    to conduct  a fire sacrifice,

In which   the offerings we give are eaten by the devas.”


654.Accordingly the king    speedily arranged  to assemble.

All the things that were needed   to conduct   a Yaga  for getting sons.

That  one who does great  penance   completed  that Yaga.

From that sacrificial fire  the king of group of ghosts,

Emerged   carrying nectar like  white sweet  rice,

Kept on a golden plate  which was studded with gems.


655.That sage   who had understood the meaning of Vedas,

Gave  the nectar  like  sweet food kept   in a  vessel of gold 

To Dasaratha   who was equal to him in  good character  ,

Who made in to four parts   and gave it to  his three   queens,

All of whom had   pretty    foreheads ,  according to  their seniority.


656.The queen called Kausalya    gave birth   to this sea of black,

Who had red mouth  , wearing big bangles and prettiness  which cannot be painted,

Who was born to destroy   the evils   that have spread all over the world,

And to protect  the limitless   Dharmas mentioned   in the great Vedas.


657.The daughter of the king of Kekaya    gave birth to   Bharatha,

Who had unsullied character   ,prettiness and nature of   charity,

Who was like a   sea which can be mentioned as a   great pit,

In Which the  waters  of unstoppable    great rivers   enter,

And who was very similar  to this great one sitting here .


658,The  third queen who was   junior to these    two queens  gave birth to,

To two children   who had great strength , who scared   the  very strong,

Rakshasas who were   bent upon spoiling   Dharma,

And  who when they are   armed with a bow , looked like  ,

The red golden mountain Meru   and silvery tall mountain Kailasa   facing each other.


659.Those four sons    who were  like the   four Vedas, were greater than,

Goddess Saraswathi in   the   great and mature   knowledge,

Who were served  like defeated kings    by the Dhanurveda  , the science of archery     

Grew up  like the sea with tides   at the break of  the  rise,

Of  the greatly lustrous full moon   which was round in shape.


660.Oh king  who has a very long spear  which  is kept in its case,

Dasaratha   who was saluted by kings who brought tributes to these sons,

Whose feet was decorated by the dense    anklets   of a great hero,

And who was having the nature   of great patience  ,

Put the sacred threads  for them    and made them  study Vedas,

By sage Vasishta   who was really the  one who brought them up.


661.With a desire  of    getting killed   the Rakshasas , who speedily,

Created problems    for carrying out my fire sacrifices , by them,

I brought these sons of Dasaratha  who were  wearing  heroic anklets,

Which were as soft   as a  flower   and entered   the forest,

And even before we entered  the forest  A Rakshasi  called Thadaga,

Who cannot  be  opposed by others  made  her appearance  .


662.Oh king  This masculine Rama  who has the  form of black waves of the sea,

Has a  very tall grown shoulders , and so please examine his strength carefully,

One of the arrows   pierced the chest of Thadaga who has eyes like raging fire,

And later pierced a mountain and several trees   and also the earth.


663.The heads of Rakshasas having  fire like hair which has the colour  of the reddish sky

Went on falling endlessly making a huge mountain   and there  ,

One of the sons of the Rakshasi  went to heaven  as soon as he   was hit by Rama’s arrow,

And the place where the other son was   thrown is    not known to me,

And after   completing my fire sacrifice in a complete manner , I came here.


664. Oh king, Please understand   the greatness of Rama which even Brahma  does not know ,

I who  presented him  due to   the great penance     that I did,

Great   weapons which are capable of burning   all the worlds, sea   and mountains 

And am shivering before him and standing here obeying      his orders.


665.He is the one who gave the former    form to the wife of the wife of Gowthama ,

By using the dust   of his feet wearing golden anklet  and which  is like unfading lotus flower,

And I have more love towards   this Rama of back colour  , even more than my soul,

And he concluded, “ This is an account about Rama and the  great strength  of his shoulders.


12.Karmukha padalam

(The chapter    of  the bow.)

(  The bow is brought   by the servants  of the king. Sixty thousand of them lifted the bow  by placing wooden logs in between them. In Valmiki Ramayanam  five hundred  people  drag it by keeping  it  in an iron  cart. Guru Sadananda  told them the story of that bow  as well as that of Sita.Under the orders of sage Viswamithra Rama  breaks that  bow,. King Janaka, all devas, and  all people of  Mithila became happy and  celebrate  the event. One of the friends of Sita goes and informs this to the love sick Sita. After listening , Sita concludes that  it is Rama  himself. As per the  advice of Viswamithra , Janaka  sends  emissaries along with marriage proposal.)


666.”What can I tell   against your words, I am greatly upset  because,

I had kept this illusory bow    as    the condition   of marriage of  my daughter ,

And because of  the condition    my wish has    not so far been fulfilled ,

And suppose this lad   who has   all good characters,

Is able  to  shoot an arrow out   of this great bow,

He would   be helping me to get out of  my sea of sorrow,

And my   daughter also would realize the result of her  penance.”


667.Then seeing his assistants  who were   standing before him, he said,

“Bring that mountain like great bow   here” and those four people saluted him, Said “yes”,

Ran quickly   and went to the place   where  the bow  decorated with gold was kept.


668.Sixty thousand of  his people   who had  a body like  a strong elephant,

Who had mountain like   shoulders   which were covered by hair,

After keeping   pillar like stays  in several places  in between the bow,

Carried   it   on those pillars  which they kept on their shoulders.


669. The earth where the bow   was kept  got her  much needed rest,

And the Meru mountain which has  grown very tall   became  very shy  on seeing it,

And the people   who have  spread  like    an ocean , seeing the bow coming,

Felt that   there    would not  be any more space for them.


670.Some people told,  “Except  Lord Vishnu  holding the conch and the wheel,

Who had red hands     and who was like    a he lion , no one else can lift it,

And suppose he cannot    who is there in this world , who can even dare to touch it  ,

And  if   today    this lad    bends this bow , Sita’s marriage   would live well.”


671. They further said,” Calling it a  bow  is a   word of deceit, for this is like Golden Meru,

“ Even Brahma who is supposed to have made  it has not touched  it with his hand,

 But had made it using his great penance.”  Some people there   told,

“WE do not know who in the early times was   able to pull its string?”


  672.Some where doubting whether  it was made  by   using the tall Meru mountain,

And some others told, “No it was  made using Mandhara mountain after ,

The long pretty ocean was churned.” And    some others said,

“It is indeed   the king of serpents  who had great luster and some said,
Perhaps the  bow Of Indra   might have slipped from sky and has fallen down.”


673.Some said, “Why did this  king  ordered this bow to be brought?”

“Are there any foolish people   like this king who wants to bend that bow”

“Possibly by some good deed done  in earlier life  , he may be able to do it”,

And some said,” Has the maid Sita ever seen this bow?”


674.Some said, “What would be the aim of the arrow kept in this bow?”,

“Janaka has kept this bow only for the good of his daughter   Sita”,

“Would   the God Vishnu    be able to bend this arrow?”

And some said, “This is the  play of fate” and became sad.


675.When the people of Mithila who had assembled  were talking like this,

The servants of the king who brought  it kept in the bow  on earth, making the back of earth bend,

And all those kings who saw it were telling, “who is going to bend this bow?”

And   being scared   even to touch the bow started   shivering.


676.Janaka seeing Rama who was like an elephant calf   and his beauty,

And seeing that bow which was giving him pain   and again thought of  his daughter,

And when he   was getting worried   whether Sita would ever get marired,

Sadananda    the  son of Gautama started    telling.


677.  That Shiva who bent the   mountain Meru    as a bow  ,

Because  “Daksha had   insulted  Uma who was   by his side”,

Due the ebbing anger   which was not having patience  ,

Took this bow and reached the place of Yaga of Dhaksha.


678.Some of those devas who had come there  started running  greatly tired,

 And entered and hid in places where  the devas will never hide,

The    fire    in the  fire sacrifice was put out and Shiva also lost his anger.


679,. Lord Shiva seeing that all the devas    were shivering  ,

And knowing well that   their life span was very long,

Gave   that great bow   to a king  born in the clan of Janaka,

 Who used   to cultivate    his country using his   sword.


680.” I Should  tell about the greatness of this  bow  now?

Except for sages  who are   equal to Lord Shiva  , no body can do it.

Also please hear the story   of  the daughter  of Janaka ,

Who has hips like   the storey of   the chariot.


681.For performing the yagna  , on  the hump of  a bull with     steel like two horns,

 A   beam  which was shining like   crystal was    fixed  and to which was    tied,

A golden  plough    embedded with several gem was    tied  to it ,

And this was dragged  several times on the fertile field   over   several channels.


682. While ploughing on the face of the plough , like a shining sun,

There appeared   a form which appeared to be that of goddess  earth,

A child  whom   even Goddess Lakshmi    who was born with nectar from ocean of milk,

Would  move to one side    and salute    and who appeared to be   the queen of all girls.


683.How can I tell about the   good natures     of this   girl for  all those  good natures,

 Are quarrelling with each other   to become one with    that girl who was like   a flower branch.

What about her beauty?  After   this girl with    big ear   globes      appeared  ,

All other girls lost their beauty  like the rivers  losing    their holiness,

When the river called Ganges   came down from the   sky   to this earth.


684.”Oh lord who knows everything , due to their mastery in  arts  like archery  ,

And their fate lying on different directions  ,  all devas were attracted by  Goddess  Lakshmi ,

This Lakshmi like girl   all the kings of earth loved   and this  happening,

Cannot be found in any other case on  this earth.”


685,All   kings who were having huge army   of elephants with trunk and are in rut,

Along with their ocean like army   , making sound   like a torrential sea,

Came requesting  for  her hand in marriage and    we told them  that  ,

Only a person who can bend the bow ,of lord  Shiva   who wore,

The tiger skin and elephant hide  as dress  ,  by his own strength,

Would  be  suitable    to   marry this pretty maid in a firm manner.


686.”Oh saint who protects the world using the    bow of words,

Those kings   who were not able to bend   this great bow,

Who were not even capable of  bending  the sugarcane bow of God of love  ,

Since they loved  this black haired beauty   who came with,

The huge bow of Shiva    which was like a mountain,

  Called us    and started waging war against us.


687.The big army  of our great king  due  to unremitting war,

Started reducing like the wealth which reduces only  just kings.

And the army of those kings who loved   this girl,

Whose   curled hair was surrounded by   the humming of bees,

 Went on increasing just like the desires of those kings.


688.Those devas who wear     shining crowns   seeing that this king,

With strong and pretty shoulders   was thinning down,

In the battles to protect the bow of the God who has bull as steed,

Took mercy on him    and helped him by giving the four segments of the army,

And the kings went away   like a crow getting scared   of an owl.


689. From that  day till to date    no body has gone near this bow,

And the kings  with chariots  who went to hiding  , also did not come back,

And we were   all thinking that   Sita would never get married,

And so if   This Rama is able to pull the string of this bow it would be good,

Because   the beauty   of Sita who decorates her hair with flowers   would not be wasted.


690. After keenly hearing all that was told by sage Sadananda  ,

The learned sage   after deep thought   shook his pretty matted hair  ,

And saw the face of Rama who was like a bull ready to fight  ,

And  that hero who was like a picture   understanding the sign

Shown by the great sage  , saw that great bow    with interest.


691.He stood up the like the   rising  flash of fire from the sacred fire,

When all the ghee  is together  poured in to it as oblation,

And went towards the bow and the devas shouted, “The bow is broken”,

 And   words of blessings were told  by sages   who had  won  ,

Over their three enemies  Passion  , jealousy   and   anger.


692.The one sent  by the ancient sage   who has undertaken great penances,

Before  he broke that great bow  , the God of love   shot  his arrows.

At the minds of  ladies with pretty ornaments  ,

And they all became   a victim the love bow of his.


693.Some ladies told, The feet of the great bow we are seeing   is strong,

 And some told that   if  the red and pretty hand    of the shy Sita,

Is not caught by   the  long hand with red palm   of this lad,

Sita with a shining forehead   would   not have any   further life.


694.  Some ladies with folded hands in salutation said,

If this lad who is like an elephant calf  is not able to   bend ,

This bow bringing tears    of joy in to our eyes ,

The Sita with musk scented hair   and also ourselves,

 Would jump and drown    in the burning fire.


695.If the charitable king  indeed wanted to  become happy   by  this  marriage,

He would have told this Rama   to get married to Sita   and not ,

Put this bow   of the Shiva who carries Ganges   before him,

And ask him to bend and send an arrow, as it is foolish.


697. When all the ladies were talking like   this within them selves,

With the good blessings of great sages   and creating joy,

Among all in the world of devas  Rama   who was like a big bull,

 Making the golden mountain Meru   and the elephants ashamed,

Walked and reached the   place where    the bow was kept.


698.He lifted     that  huge bow of Shiva  which resembled a golden mountain,

Like a   garland of flowers   meant for wearing it    To Sita ,

Who was like a difficult to search gem   and  ,

Was wearing golden bangles     as well as armlets.


699.All those   who had stopped blinking of their eyes,

So that   they could see all the happenings, saw,

Rama  planting his feet on the lower end of the bow,

And tying the string on the other end  but,

Due to the speed of the action   they could only  see,

That he took it by his hand   but they also     heard it break.


700. The devas and  Lord Brahma who was born in a lotus,

Thinking that great universe has broken  and getting worried,

As  to with whom they will surrender and seek protection,

If this is the case  of the world of devas, what can be told about earth?

And the snake which carries the universe on his head   and ,

Was lying  like a root to the world    got greatly scared.


701.  The devas concluding that   The victory  and the fearful spear of Janaka,

Has been helped   by   the good deeds he did  in last birth  only today,

Showered   flowers, The clouds showered   Gold   and  all the  great oceans,

 Sprinkled various types of gems   and made huge applauding sound,

 And all great sages    chanted words of blessing to   the king.


702. White conches  , horns   and several  other musical instruments  blared in the city,

People were giving  flower garlands  , ornaments  ,  sandal  paste  , scented powders ,

Scented oils  , the pearl from the sea  , gold  , gems and fine cloth  to each other,

And like   the ocean   was making huge sound   like in season  , and sound reverberated.


703.   Ladies with spear like eyes   and rising moon at night    danced like peacocks ,

Dancing when they see dark clouds   With playing of   Veena(yaazh)  like   dripping of honey,

 Decorated with smile , ear studs   and    were   spreading light every where.


704.Like one drunk   with  toddy   that spoils the brain, the black eyed damsels,

With red shot eyes hugged their husbands   so that  the love tiff   is removed,

Like the white clouds drinking    water from the sea   with large waves  ,

The poor people   went on taking  away the wealth   of their   king.


705.Drinking  the sweet music of dancers  , nectar like   songs of ladies,

The song of Panars (minstrel musicians)  singing    religious songs   to accompaniment  of Yaazh,

Which  appeared as  if they were extracting   honey from such songs,

The songs  of various tunes using the flute , using their ears ,

Devas   stood there  with benumbed bodies like statues.


706.The ladies of the world of devas   who had come down to see   the strength of Rama,

During   the breaking of the bow   , came down from the sky  and by acion and form,

Danced  with damsels of earth  and not able to   find out the  difference hugged them,

But seeing  their long black eyes   wearing Kajal   blinking  ,

They understood that   they were not  Deva damsels   and stood perplexed.


707.  Some of them said  ,”son of Dasaratha “  Some said , “Lotus eyed lad”,

Some said his colour is black like cloud, some said it resembled  Black kamyapoo flowers,

Same said, “He is not human being”, Some said , He is Lord Vishnu of the sea   where  fishes live,”

 And some of them  were  saying  :”this world is in stupor.”


708.Some said ,”to see the beauty of Rama   , Sita should have   thousand eyes,”

Some said, “since every time   we see the flower branch  like sita , we see   a new prettiness,

It is Rama who needs the thousand eyes” some said  , “see his brother  , the world is  lucky,”

And some others , “let us all salute Viswamithra who brought   these lads to this city.”


709. When things like these were happening in the court   , we will start telling about  ,

What happened  in the” maiden   house”    to Sita  who spent the night     along with the  moon,

And afterwards with the desire to see that   lad again   , who  was little energized ,

Though  her   soul had undergone torture ,and who had     very thin waist and very huge breasts,

Black eyes   with reddish tinge   and who was   Wearing golden bangles  . 


710. Sita  with a soul which was swinging    between life and death like a swing,

Got up from the flower bed , which was the reason  for melting of her body,

With friends who were wearing   ornaments  made of pure gold surrounding her,

She went  and reached   the banks of lake which was crowded with faultless  lotus flowers,

Where  in a  room built  by crystal , and laid down    in a pretty bed of flowers  ,

Which   was cooled by    moon stones as well as    sprinkling of cold water.


711.Oh  lotus  plants   which   has    cool   pleasant scent  ,

Understanding that a girl is suffering   due to parting with her lover ,

And exhibiting your greatness , you showed  his colour by your leaves ,

And I was little consoled   and you also  showed    the  colour of his eyes,

Which stole    my colour resembling young leaves  using your flowers,

But why did you retreat  without   giving him to me.


712. I saw  him   with bow like Meru mountain tied with a string like    Adhi sesha,

With his hands caressing that string , with mountain like     shoulders  ,

With  the quiver  tied in between the arrows  , With wave of sacred thread  like lustrous  moon light,

And with  a chest covered by flower  garland  . If I am able   to see  him once more  ,

I would  definitely be able to see   my    soul  once again.


713.With a face like moon who is in the sky  , with a hair braid   ,

Which is   roved about   by bees   wanting to drink honey  from flower garland,

That  cloud which was wearing a very long bow   using its    two eyes,

Drank and drank my   soul  , It is true that   the cloud  is there ,

Within me now  and not only that   will be there   always.


714.When that cruel God of love   with his long victorious   bow  ,

Using   his cruel arrows  has attacked my soul  like ,

The fire attacking    the cotton   and  wounded  my mind,

And when     confusion and sorrow   mixes in my mind,

He  did not come  near me  to tell  ,”do not be scared “

And offer me protection. What type of masculinity is his ?


715.Oh breasts of mine which do  not thin down,

Since you are  growing   out    and out,

What great thing    are you going   to achieve.

Like a moon who is not able to appear in the sky,

Would   the way open  for me to tightly hug   the chest of him,

Who has a shining face , who holds  a bow which is  difficult to bend ,

In his hand  . Please tell me the various penances that I should do for that.”


716.”That God of love after   wandering in my mind  and hit an arrow,

On my breasts where  the sickness  of mind primarily rises, like pouring poison on it,

But The moon which appeared    before me yesterday  is not moon,

Because it did not have stain on it , and where did that moon come from?”


717.”oh my mind, that god of love came near me making my mind boil,

And send a poisoned arrow  and due to the pain it caused  ,

My  soul did not stay there  and without getting destroyed ,

Came out from there and surrendered at   the feet of that lad,

Who was like a big black elephant from whom the warm water  of rut flows out,

And followed him  .I do not understand how my soul came back?’


718. “Similar    to the cloud   that was formed in the sky coming down on earth,

That Lord  with the sacred thread that he wore on his chest came before me,

And though he does  not go away from my mind  , I am not able to recognize him,

Even though he is visible before my eyes, why am I not able  to recognize him?”


719” .Like those   fools from whose hands the pot of gold containing  nectar slipped,

Though it was born in the milky ocean   and became   available   to them by their good deeds,

I  did not hug tightly   the  shoulders of the lord   which appeared  before me  ,

And why am I   lamenting like this  after losing the chance  at that time?”


720.When Sita ,  near   whose breasts the  golden coloured love scar appeared ,

With a very sorry heart   was piteously   weeping and getting drowned in sorrow  ,

We will now tell   the news brought by   one of her friends  , who had a  cool mind,

And who had moon like face with kajal tainted   eyes  , who happened to witness ,

The breaking   of the mountain like    bow   by Rama personally .


721.That Neela Maa who had eyes like    a blue lotus   in a very big lake,

Shining like  with many more   colours   than the  rain bow since she was wearing ,

Due to wearing several necklaces and ear globes   in both her ears,

Came running  with her braided hair with flowers   and dress  slipping down.


722.AS soon as she came she did not salute the feet of Sita but shouted,

With great joy   , danced and sang songs   and seeing her Sita told,

“please tell me   the reason for  the joy of your mind and happenings that caused it”,

And then friend immediately  saluted   Sita and started   telling.


723. A son of Dasaratha who has   ocean like collection of   elephants,

Horses   and Chariots , Who is great in wisdom  and who has long  hands,

Which shower his riches like    clouds    shower   rain  and,

Who   rules  over his kingdom with all   the earth praising him,

Is there  who is more pretty   than God of love ,

Who puts the entire world in to trance by his     arrows.


724. That lad who has   strong shoulders  like Maramara   trees,

And who raises  a doubt in our mind whether   he is Lord Vishnu,

Who sleeps   on a serpent and who is named    as Rama,

Along with his younger brother   and a sage,

Whose  fame   cannot be measured   has reached our town.


725. That one who  has  shoulders wearing   shoulder  rings,

Had came here to see the divine bow    of Lord shiva  ,

And  as per the orders    of the king  he had bent that bow,

And   tied the string easily  making the land of devas  shiver.


726.Within a second by   stepping on one end of the bow,

Possibly with a feeling that   it is but a very old bow,

He bent by the strength of his    shoulders and then,

Devas  praised him  , Flowers were showered from the sky,

And that bow  broke and fell , making the people of king’s council shiver.


727.Hearing    that he    was like a cloud and came with a great sage  ,

And also that he was lotus eyed and as strong as Vishnu  .

Sita decided, “It is him”,  and  her suspicion  was  cleared  ,

And with  her hip enlarging her waist belt     shook.


728. People who used to tell that   she does not have   any waist,

Would be now saying that    she indeed has   a waist,

With her breasts enlarging  she was breathing deeply ,

And decided in her mind   that  he is that  person,

And if he is not  I would certainly embrace death.


729.With emotion of love increasing  she felt little feeble  ,

And Janaka    hearing the sound of breaking of the bow,

Created by Brahma   who lives in a lotus flower with fresh leaves,

Became extremely happy   and started telling sage Viswamithra,


730.Oh great one  , is it your desire  that the ritual of marriage  ,

Of this lad who looks like your son  be celebrated   today itself?

Or do you desire   that we should call   to this city the king Dasaratha,

Who wears heroes armlets   an huge army  along with sound  raised by drums,

 And celebrate   the   marriage ?Please   think  well and tell me.


731.When Janaka who isan expert in wrestling   told these words ,

And when the sage said that it would me more proper for Dasaratha  to reach there,

Janaka with matchless joy    gave a letter  and told his messengers,

To inform about all happenings  there    and sent them away swiftly.


 13.Ezhuchi Padalam

Chapter   on departure.


(Another 5 chapters  describe  how  Dasaratha  departed  from his city  along with his  wifves, teacher  , army and men ans women. This entire aspect is covered  by Valmiki  using very few slokas .Another important  difference  is that none of the ladies  of Ayodhya  including  the queens  attend the  wedding of  Rama. No women from  the family of Janaka  also  allow d the wedding. Similar system is followed even today  in some sections  of North  India. Possibly Kamban wanted to follow the custom of South India.)


732.Those  messengers who travelled fast   went with the speed of wind,

And reached the city of Ayodhya   where drums were playing like thunder,

And   reached the main door of the king where   the small kings  with  knocking crowns,

Were crowding,, since they did not get space   to salute the feet of the  king.


733.After getting the grace   of the king   they entered  inside  ,

And as per rule  reached in his front and after  saluting   the feet of the king,

And also praised the king   and told, “oh king  ,

This is what has happened    after your sons  left with sage  Viswamithra,”


734.After telling  about Rama ‘s valorous   deeds   they  showed.

The king  the  note requesting marriage    and then told,

“Oh king without endless fame  , this is a letter given by king Janaka .

Another  learned  official of the court   who was    supposed    to read notes and letters,

Received the note with joy   and Dasarathha who was wearing  ,

Changing clanging   heroic armlets   told him, “You may read.”


735.When he heard     what Janaka    wrote   about the  proficiency  in use of bow,

By his  eldest  son   in that note on palm leaf  , his  diamond like  shoulders ,

Increased  in size  with   great joy   and the armlets    that he was wearing started  crying.


736.That king who had victorious  spear  in his hand ,with great surprise told,

That he heard   in Ayodhya    the great sound   raised   by the breaking of the huge bow ,

Which was used to win over   the  seven worlds after destroying Yagna  by Daksha,

By Lord  Shiva   who had a very long matted hair  and who had axe as a weapon.


737.Dasaratha who was having stout    shoulders resembling  the mountain,

After telling suitable reply   and telling “Let  those  messengers   ,

Who were wearing  heroic armlets   close by  receive it”,

And went  on giving them    golden ornaments and cloths.


738.Dasaratha ordered , “ Let Valluvai(Official announcer)

 Play drums which are  kept on elephants and announce”,

“Let our army   as well as princes   go in front   towards  Mithila,

Where  Rama    who looks likes   the God of love  ,

Who was born to good acts of forefathers belonging to clan of Sun is there.”


739.Like Jambavan announced the news  of  the reddish eyed Lord Vishnu  ,

Who has hair decorated by Thulasi leaves    which used   to shower  honey ,

As per his nature measured   all the world  by two of his steps,

The  Announcer(valluvan)   of the ocean like army  ,

Went round   all places   and announced     the  news.


740.The army  of the king  who walked like a bull,

Making it appear that   there is no space  left   in this world

Rose   like the sea   at  the deluge   with great  wind,

And marched    imprinting its feet everywhere.


741.Making it appear     that the entire earth is but a small place  ,

The densely  marching chariots in which kings     rode,

Looked like Sun,  similar to the  Sun   embossed on them

And    the elephants   with   decorations  of their head 

Made by  pearls which were  rays   of the Sun  ,

And also like     the clouds    having rain bows.


742.The white decorative umbrellas  being held  in between the army,

Looked like innumerable swans flying on the sky spreading their   wings  ,

And the crowd of decorative flags which were   held up

Appeared as if they were   falling from sky whose  skin is removed.


743.The waving flags on the elephants  whose   water of rut,

Was flowing down to the holes in the trunk  belonging to the army ,

Which was  making people say “This indeed is the sea.” ,
And   flags which were like clouds  which appeared,

As if they were   coming down to drink water of the sea.


744. The ornaments   worn by people   reflected the  early sun’s rays,

Which  hits the umbrellas   made of peacock feathers  , which  without leaving   a shadow,

Spreads    in all places   and those  peacock feather umbrellas  ,

Would make the blue   water rich clouds   in the  sky ashamed,

And the drums    would blare out from the army making those  clouds wilt,

Because they do not posses such a very regal sound.


745.The horses   tied with bells on the neck carrying   the ladies ,

Look like the flowing river   with tide   carrying     swans .

Those ladies with dense breasts   and long thin braids   looked like  ,

Streaks of lightning  and the young she elephants  looked like clouds.


746. Due to the huge crowd as   one person was rubbing on another ,

The saffron red paste   worn on the breasts of young ladies  ,

And the sandal paste worn on the mountain like shoulders by men,

Dropped down  and the ocean like  path that  the army followed,

Shined like  the thin bed on which men and women engaged in love play.


747. The breasts  of  Ladies with words   which are sweeter than sugar syrup   and a red mouth,

Which trouble  like god of death  and which are hidden by their   cloth ,

Using   the pearl necklaces lying   over them give  out the luster  of moon,

And due to  the gems that they are wearing in a row  , give out early sun light.


748.The men  with scented hair  , having shoulders which say that  mountains are  not their   equal,

Who wear   very great quality   gold ornaments  , holding the bow as well    as the sword,

Walked  like the male elephants   which   walk embracing    the she elephants,

By the side of their pretty wives who had a waist like a thin climbing plant.


749.Like   the pretty flowers with good perfume   surrounding the clouds ,

Since only the faces   of   ladies with    large   hair   was visible   that too near each other,

The  groups of palanquins in which they were   travelling looked  like,

 Several full moons were travelling together   in  vehicles on the sky.


750.Due to the  ceaseless flow of rut of elephants  wearing face decoration ,

The entire land was slushy   and not able to cross that slushy earth,

Al the elephants   were  confused  and with the booming sound of ocean with tides,

And   it seemed   that they were  searching   for the eight elephants  that bear the earth.


751.The flock of the horses   like    the nature  of God as well as  the mind of  prostitutes,

Who show love outside   but  who really do not love , who wear  cloth over their pretty breasts,

With the  jingling sound by the gems in their neck , were jumping  in different directions,

And were   not firm and stable   in any place   for a long time,


752. Those ladies   who had  love tiff  with their men  , Who were  not seeing them directly,

Who were taking deep breath often , Who were lifting up their eye brows in anger  ,

Who were wearing garland with open flowers, and who were spreading their   hair,

On hearing the news like the soul of men   went    very near   to their men.


753. The  fearless elephants who  had cheeks from which water  of rut flows like a stream,

And which  give out fire   when they hear the word “goad”  , considering that they are  their enemies,

Dash against both shores   and break   the huge trees   in several places  , uprooting some times,

And rubbing on those trees some times    and looked  as if one river was moving.


754.The    tree branch like Dasaratha    who showers  grace  on all persons in trouble,

Still had not departed from Ayodhya and in spite of it  , it looks as if  there is no space  ,

Even to put a black gram on earth   and  one part of his army   which left Ayodhya,

Had already reached   and touched the outer walls    of the great  city of Mithila.


755. The ladies surrounded by bees    travelling in a series   of carts ,

Were causing confusion in the mind of men who see them,

And the crowd of the faces of those ladies  were like lotus flowers in  a lake.


756. When a lady who was    getting up a cart  , with dense  love,

Saw with a corner of her eyes  her lover who was   running behind  her,

The Kajal   of her eyes  appeared  like  sweet nectar   to that man.


757.A man who was   going away   from a lady who had eyes of a young deer,

In those cultivated fields which were filled with water   and slushy mud,

Saw   a swan  and tender lotus flower   and being   reminded ,

Of his lover’s gait   and feet  was tottering   with body and mind ,

And had the appearance of    of one who was swinging in the swing.


758.That army accompanied    by the blaring noise  of conch and drums,

Due to it being completely filled    with white umbrellas    and fans,

Looked like the River Ganges and the royal insignia   were found in pretty heaven.


759.That army also was comparable    to a big battle field because ,

Their ladies   who speak sweetly and are comparable to celestial maidens,

Were sending  their sharp tipped eyes   which was comparable  to

The spear of God of death  To hit on the chest   of their lads.


760. The shoulders neared each other like pillars of stone ,

The sword army neared   each other like lightning of their swords,

The feet neared each other   like the intertwining of lotus flowers,

And the  foot soldiers  neared each other like Yalis.


761. One lad who  never moved away his face    which was staring,

 At the tied up breasts of a young lady , not able to know his path,

Proceeded like a blind man  and hit against an elephant in rut.


762.When a girl who  had the looks of a peacock   slipped  and  fell,

From   A   springing horse  with   good hair whorls   on his body,

A merciful man   using   his long hands   supported ,

But instead of keeping her down, continued to hold her.


763. When  one pretty girl  was   continuously walking   moaning,

Her two lotus like feet pain,   One lad    said,

“To hug  this girl  with huge  breasts resembling  ,

A head of elephant in rut , my chest is not broad enough”.


764.One person   who had curly hair over which bees   fly around,

  And who was walking like   an elephant showering water of rut  ,

Seeing a girl’s eyes which were very sharp , his sharp spear,

Wanted to find out which of them is more sharper.


765.Seeing a pretty lady    with wave like hair  ,

With lotus like feet   and sword like black eyes,

A lad   asked, “Oh lady  who has long arms wearing bangles,

Where have you misplaced your waist while   coming?”


766.Seeing a lady   with killing eyes like god of death,

And who  did not reply by her mouth but only by her eyes,

One lad asked,  “Who  would help you to climb ashore ,

By lifting you   from the waters of the river on the way?”


767.One camel which was carrying a big burden ,

Which it cannot download  , without eating ,

All the newly formed fresh leaves was eating     the bitter leaves  of neem,

Like the people drinking toddy  whose heart  and mouth had dried.



768.Those people of Babbara country   who had red eyes,

And  body of dark colour  , who were tied to a staff,

And carried a huge stick on their shoulders so they cannot move speedily,

Went forward  like   an elephant in rut  carrying a huge  stem  ,

Which was tied so that they would not knock on each other ,

Carrying    the stick   of the  frame  of their   burden.


769.When the mad elephant  getting angry  ,touched,

The she elephant   then those ladies sitting on that  she elephant,

Greatly scared wanted to close their eyes  by their hand,

But became sad because Their eyes was beyond their two hands.


770.In that forest    of pretty lotus flowers  ,

The ladies travelling on she elephants   whose tails touched the earth,

Looked like   a toad travelling    on a  tortoise

With their dwarf  guards travelling with them.


771.One flower branch like lady   carried by   a horse ,

Which had bent its forelegs upward    and was being  ,

Followed by an elephant   looked like saying,

“This girl is not fit to live here    but  ,

She   belongs   to the   king  of devas.”


772.When the men told  that  our lord Rama ,

Has    broken the bow  , well pleased the ladies,

Who had   tied hair which was likely to fall  ,

Instead of holding it   and without   trying  ,

To collect the gems when their waist belts broke  ,

Started running thinking of marriage   of Rama.


773,The Brahmins who were scared of the elephant in rut  ,

 As well as pretty damsels   started going  in the front,

Holding their umbrella  , walking  on their toes,

Holding their water pot   and without taking   their hand from their nose.


774.The ladies with  scented flowers decorating their hair,

When they saw a form of a lad came before them  bringing tears in to their eyes,

Told them, “If you have come to receive me  ,

Get in to chariot with me “ and waved their hands.


775.Chariots making sound  , elephants  , horses,

Long row   of drums   generating  sound,

Made all the  people not  understand ,

What the other person was  talking ,

And all of them were  walking dumb.


776.The ladies who wore  cloths thinner than   the small spider web,

Who were having pretty black hair,  which made  bees fly around,

When they were walking  with gem stuffed anklets  making sound,

And they resembled   the swans   in the lake making sound.


777.The ladies who resembled Goddess Lakshmi   who was,

Born in the ocean of milk   with    very clear waves ,

When they were  watching them through   a hole   in the thin screen,

The eyes of lads were filled with joy and made them shout loudly  ,

And also the playful bees seeing the rut   water from elephants  made noise.


778.The anklets worn by ladies    with black eyes  

Which can reach the soul of the lads,

Produced music similar  the sound of deer,

And accompanying it   the horses neighed ,

Resembling the thunder of clouds.


779.The lustrous face of ladies who were walking,

With soft steps   making the Goddess earth happy  ,

And their eyes which resembled the small  bees,

Trapped in the lotus    flower after drinking honey,

Made the  God of love happy  as well as   some lads.


780. Apart from the dust raised by the army  the scented powders,

Dropping from the coconut like  and well built  breasts  of ladies,

Whose waist was smaller than thought , who had   pretty coral like red mouth,

And spoke words which were sweeter    than fruits, filled up everywhere


781.The big chariots decorated by pictures  whose  ,

Number cannot   be guessed very easily  was crowded,

By  innumerable  men as well as ladies and  ,

All of them were rushing forward crowding with each other,

Only bothered about the way that they have to take .


782.With harnessed horses  , chariots and soldiers assembled,

And travelling very fast  , the dust raised spread   and mingled ,

With the water drops of the cloud    and not  only that ,

They spread in all directions    and reached the elephants  in eight directions,

And blocked  the holes through  which rut water   flowed of those elephants.


783.With their hands that held the shield   holding the lustrous sword ,

And wearing    shining armlets due to being studded   with gems in the other hand,

Holding their wives wearing anklets in legs   by their    tender hand wearing choodakam(bangle?)

They slowly lead    them    through the slippery path   made by ,

The flow of rut water   from several elephants wearing   decorative  face shield.


784.Seeing   the fields  , ponds  and  depressions   were  completely filled ,

With  fully open  Neithal flowers  , lilies   and   red lotus   flowers,

Which indicated  their  hands  , face  mouth   as well as eyes ,

The ladies  saluted their husbands to pluck and give it   to them.


785.The  ladies who got down  on the earth  from horses going in a row,

Seeing that  an elephant has come   started   running helter-skelter,

With their   scented tied up hair falling down   due to weight,

With gem studded ornaments falling down   and with   the pretty  thin cloth,

That were wearing getting loosened  and they   ,

Ran like a peacock holding their cloth   with their tender hands.


786.With umbrellas   with peacock feather   hangings  , cluster garlands,

And with forest of flags which  had hidden all areas without  leaving  even a small area,

 Which made   the place dark    but   different   weapons of the army  ,

And  crowns which were worn  by people  went on  ,

Spreading and spreading light everywhere   ,

The path of the army   had day as well as night  time.


787”.Ladies with lips like  drumstick tree flowers  and  with pearl like   teeth,

Are having eyes which are like sharpened knives on their lotus  like  pretty  faces 

Which are capable of cutting us if we  go near , so come away, come away 

Saying like this   those men  who were having sun like bodies  moved themselves away.


788.In the difficult to travel path   due to crowding people  , being cut off ,

The gems with great shine   and pearls  fell down and were scattered,

And due to that   surrounded  by several gems and having hips   which is like the hood of snake  ,

They were  not able to walk with tender feet   decorated by jingling anklets .

And getting very  perplexed    they stood      there itself.


789Very good musical instruments   sounded like  thunder of   clouds ,

And  as a result   the bullocks   pulling the carts    got   scared,

Making the simple girls resembling swans  scared and move away,

Upsetting   all the load that they were  carrying by throwing them down,

And as   the  connection to the bullocks were cut  ,

They   went away    like    saints   making an end    to all sorrow.


790.Mountain like elephants    got down in water bodies,

And without bothering about   the balls being thrown by  the Mahouts,

Showing out their breasts   which are normally tied and ,

Also showing out their trunk as    well as    tusk,

And stood there without coming out like    the divine elephant  ,

Born   from the ocean of milk  , without coming out.


791.  The women folk singers(viraliyar)   who were comparable   to Kinnara   singers,

 Who had hair like black sand  , sword like eyes , Red mouth    showering nectar,

Accompanied by male folk singer  (Panan)   who were playing using Yaazh  ,

 Got up  horses   and like  pouring    nectar in one’s ears  sang  nectar like songs,

Set in Naivala   Pan  and  went further  without making any mistakes.


792.When the goad of the Mahout  was lifted up  , the  elephant  ,

Rising up  like the  mountain   from which   water of streams flow  ,

And  started   angrily running   without   any control,  and this made ,

All people   move  away  , but  the bees which   have opened up wings,

Moving away from that elephant    which had youth   and small eyes ,

Went and settled on the flowing rut of another  elephant    and

Sat on the black hair   of ladies and moved   to a   she  elephant.


793. With the army  playing drums  like the blue   sea which has seen   the full moon,

 When Elephants  , chariots  , victorious horses , ladies whose eyes are blood stained spears,

And Lads   gathered in a pretty manner    and   were speedily going by the road,

The   dear ladies   of the king Dasaratha   also started to Mithila.


794.Like a swan   in the middle   of the forest of lotus flowers in the lake,

The daughter of king of Kekaya   surrounded by two hundred maids ,

Making even the deva maidens shy , with   the bees humming a song ,

Departed in a palanquin  made by   selected   gems.


795.Two thousand maids   riding   on the  back of zebra wearing   open gem  garlands,

 Who had  broad eyes with tinge of red   accompanied the  lady with two sons(Sumithra),

Making one suspect   whether her form is indeed a streak of lightning  ,

Travelled   on a palanquin studded with blue gems  , along  with music of Yaazh.


796.She with    white teeth   , red mouth  resembling  flower petals  of silk cotton tree,

Seeing whom all the stars thought she was the full moon   and came near her  ,

Who   was the lady who gave birth to Rama  travelled   in a multigem palanquin  ,

Which appeared as if    all the stars   in the sky have joined together .

Accompanied by expert musicians   singing   honey  like songs and devas saluting her.


797.When we think  about it  ,it looked like  that    the entire earth which was  surrounded by seven seas,

Except here  and   there, there were  no ladies ,  for ladies   holding    in their pretty hand  ,

Peacocks, swans  small birds  , female dolls   and   ornamental white    fans 

Which  were like the conches which have been just taken out  , went near  the palanquins.


798.The security guards  who were  stitched dress  up to the feet   , from whose   eyes  fire,

Came out for no reason at all  , who were holding big staff exhibiting their   valour,

Were  either riding  on horses     with jingling bells   or walking on earth  ,

And   who spoke harsh words    which made   all   others sad,

Went on protecting   the feet of  those  ladies who were  similar to divine damsels 


799.When the white horses   over which  hunchbacks  and groups   of dwarf  and mini dwarfs,

Were   riding,  they    were   moving   on earth    similar to the swans   and  the ladies,  

Wearing flowers  and hence   were followed by honey bees   and bees and grass hoppers

Walked on the   sides  similar     to the walk    of the   she elephants.


800. Sixty thousand ladies   with thin breasts  like    the lotus flower buds,

Who were having the matchless    prettiness   of    the Goddess Lakshmi,

Got in to carts   which were shining    due to corals, pearls  , gold, rubies

As well as the  emeralds   and were looking  as if they were  matchless  ,

And went  profusely praised    by art works.


801.  Vasishta the   husband of the virtuous    Arundathi  surrounded by 

Thousand crore Brahmins  who have  heard   using their ear ,

One hundred   nectar like questions   and who were  habituated,

To offer devas  offerings    which would be    tasted  by them,

Riding on a white palanquin   in the shade   of white umbrella,

Looking    like God Brahma    who moved riding on a swan.


802.The battle elephants  , horses    and pretty chariots,

And lads wearing heroic golden armlets  surrounded  ,

The two brothers Bharatha and Sathugna  ,

Like   the ocean surrounding the  passage less  mountain,

And went in front as    well as behind them   and  those two,

Having a chest  where valorous Lakshmi existed  ,

And who had divine bow   and were heroes    riding on chariot,

Went like the other two  brothers who followed the sage.


803. Dasaratha    who was wearing ornaments made of pearls   and quality diamonds,

After completing his daily rituals  , after keeping the feet of Lord Vishnu    on his head,

After   presenting  limitless  gem, gold  , rows of  flocks of cows  and earth,

With great happiness   to Brahmins who are  experts   in Vedas,

Started on a good day that was greatly auspicious.


804.  After eight thousand Brahmins   holding  gem embedded pots  ,

And chanting   rare Vedic Manthra groups  , sprinkled   water ,

And after they greeted him   and after  crores of  ladies who  had,

Auspicious lisp and red mouth   and who had heavy golden waist belts ,

And who generation after generation   sang  “Long live” to the king   ,

With  proper tune    sang song  of “long live”  Dasaratha   departed from there.


805.”Some said, “the conches blared , some told,  “Possibly king would be starting”,

The small kings all came together  and “Saw me” some said, “did not see me , “ said some others,

Some said”My  ear globes fell down”  and some others saying  that,

“Now    it will not be possible to go near him”   but went near him.


806.With ladies wearing Bangles  , the crowd of horses  which were   wearing  ,

Golden garlands   were   moving like the wave of ocean which  was full of lotus flowers,

With heroic kings holding their red  hands  like a lotus bud and saluting him,

Dasaratha   like another Sun God   travelled  in another  gem studded chariot,


807. The dust raised   by the huge army   went up and touched the sky,

And returned not finding place there and completely masked all  directions,

Making it impossible for one person to see    another person,

And as if showing its enmity towards the ocean, went   and filled up all oceans.


808.  The conches  , flutes  , horns  , cymbals  , the drums indicating auspiciousness ,

Raised so much sound that    the sound of thunder in the sky was   driven out,

The flower garlands   umbrellas  , the pea cock feather  fans  hiding  the sun,

And moon running away after seeing the white  royal umbrella ,

And the devas  being grealy confused   Dasaratha  went from there with greatness.


809.When Dasaratha who had as much riches   as Indra    was going from there  ,

The sound of singing of Vedas, The  sound of  blaring  of right whorled conches,

The   sound of the blessings by Brahmins  ,  the sound of the blaring    drums,

The shouting of elephants to break   away   the  staff  on which they are tied,

And the singing of time keepers to indicate time  reverberated  in all directions.


810.With   people   in all directions      looking only at him  , With kings,

Wearing heroic anklets on their legs  saluting  him with their hands ,

Which were like fully opened   lotus flowers  

With elephants  fighting with each other  and with horses  ,m chariots and  marching land army,

Tion of


811”.When  heroes  Elephants,  Chariots  , Horses  and  near by armies ,

Wanted to shift camps  there was no  place in earth which was vacant  ,

Because since there is no other world , the earth dressed   by the sea,

Unable   to bear the burden    bent its back    slightly  ,

Does this   indicate    that Dasaratha   lightened the burden of the earth?”

This is what is said    by wise people of earth.


812.The  king of kings Dasaratha   thus departing  and travelled   for   two Yojanas,

And reached  the bottom of  Chandra saila mountain which was   similar to Meru mountain.

His great army   stayed     there   which had the scent of breasts of ladies   ,

Which  are the flowers of God of love   and  had   the natural  scent of paste  of sandalwood.



14.Chandra Saila Padalam

The chapter  on moon mountain


(The departure of Dasaratha  is given in a very few   slokas  in Valmiki Ramayanam. There is no mention of Chandra saila(moon mountain)   mountains in Valmiki Ramayana, which is the first resting place of the departing  army.)


813.   Some tall  elephants  making    the well grown branches  

Of  the  banyan   trees   touching the  sky  split  ,

Which wanted to drink   water    from the lake ,

And which were ridden by a man who was  like god of love with  his bow  ,

Were tied   on Devadara trees    and sandal    wood trees.


From  that  tall elephants    which  defeated    the   Meru mountain   by its height  ,

Using their breasts   which is used by the God of love    to steal the soul of their lovers,

The ladies   who speak sweet words  , embraced   the lovers   and   got down.


814.  One elephant  , like  the plan of the   good king  whose mind never gets tired,

And who defeats  the undefeatable   kings   by   tricks  which are   the royal tricks ,

Uprooted  the tree  on which it was tied  and which was  touching the sky by its height,

By its very base   and walked    away from there  like a mountain.


815.  Like the lord Krishna when he was a baby   crawling with  a huge mortar,

In  between    two  Maruda trees   which had very long     and healthy branches

 So that those    trees fell down,   one   elephant rolling  and    dragging the log  on which it was tied,

Went through   two mango trees     and made  both of them fall   down.


816. That Mahout   who tried to pacify    it from its very great anger  ,

By telling  it sweet words   and tame   it  from its anger of rut,

Was like the minister   who tried   to   pacify the king from going on  a wrong path.

Then that elephant  was like   that king   who did not bother  ,

To hear the words of the  minister   which were   good    to him.


817. Not able to see   any of his enemies  when making   sound like thunder of cloud,

When it  was hurt by    an iron thorn like goad  , that elephant,

Followed the path taken by the wild elephants  and  when it was  followed ,

By eagles   , it went from there    with a great  speed of wind,

And it was like  one river flowing through  the path of a dead river.


818.  When one   elephant was tied separately    getting the scent   of rut,

From the Sapthaparni(ezhilai palai)   tree   making the goad in the hands of its mahout straight ,

Following the scent of rut   it reached    the Sapathaparni tree   in flowering,

And made in to small, small pieces   by its forelegs  and rubbed it on the earth.


819. The innumerable male elephants   and the   several she elephants,

 Which  had  a  saffron thilak    on its forehead  and which had joined with them 

As well as the elephant calves   along with them  made   them appear like  a group of wild elephants.

And that  mountain of moon (Chandra shaila)   was like  the chief of that wild elephants.


820.Learned  and wise men  even  when they join with   people of lower rung,

Will change    their  baser instincts   and confused mind which refused to learn,

This is what happens in the   world   like a chariot    with  wheels made  of gold,

Since it goes on rolling and rolling    it would change even a  black stone to gold colour.


821.The peacocks that live in the forest  seeing the  mouth  of ladies  looking like a red fruit,

Suspecting that   Indrakopa*   beetles have   sought protection and are living there ,

 Went on roaming   round the deer eyed ladies  who wear pretty waist belts 

AS if they    want to    examine the  matchless beauty of those girls

*Preferred food  of peacocks which are red in colour  


822.  Those ladies  slowly   walking like swans   , reached   the shade of  crowded young trees,

After getting down from their horses    due to their   wearing  Bangles,  garlands  ,

Waist belts  , they shined   like   branch of a  tree  which was full of flowers.


823.Ladies  having been exhausted by the travel  , the  well  matured   bees of the garland,

Thinking   that  they are the fully open lotus flowers   were  going round and round,

Their feet as well as their faces   and when they were   sleeping on a crystal bed,

 Their friends were confused    that   their shadow on the bed    was themselves.   


824. Some ladies  who were looking like ornamental climbing plants  ,

Who had a waist similar   to a Udukkai drum (hand held drum)  , when they descended  from the back

Of a she elephant    which was sitting   were looking like,     the lightning streaks on the clouds   ,

 And  went in to their quarters similar  to Goddess Lakshmi entering her lotus.


825. The   horses  brought   from Turkey   fed with food in their mouth by lads,

And brought in to the city  made neighing sound   which was scary,

And those   big horses decorated  by ornaments   were properly tied together,

And were looking like    a garland of several gems on the chest of the mother earth.


826.Just like   continuous waves of water  , they  tied   the screens one after another,

Just like  the sea has been properly made    and  they   erected   the shopping streets,

Just like   rows of clouds  ,   they arranged     the elephants  in a sequence in the garden,

And just like   arranging the wind properly    they tied the horses in a row.


827.Like the dancing peacocks   when the deer eyed ladies and   the soldiers ,

With sharpened spears   were   wandering  in trance without  knowing where  they were going,

Recognising by the beating of the drums and blaring of the conches,

And by the flags , the residence of the king  , they reached   the quarters of the king.


828.The young lads seeing that the bodies of their wives   were made dull,

By the covering of the dust   raised   by the walking  of elephants,

Cleaned them using   cloth which was as thin as    the foam of the milk,

And  those ladies looked like    the  pretty painting   polished by their painters.


829. The princes riding on elephants   looking  like a big lion   descending   from a mountain,

Got down from their huge elephants  and being fanned on both sides by broad leaf sheaths  ,

Entered in to the  tents made for them   which was  erected well   with plenty of light.


830.In   all those tents   with victory banners    made of white   cloth  , the ladies,

With natural scent  and pretty smile   , with faces like the moon moving about in the sky,

Looked like   the  lustrous shadow of the  faultless moon  in  the white foamy   waters 

 Of the sea  ,  in all the places    that we happen to see.


831.The elephant in rut    falling on the ground so that it is coated with dust,

Standing up as if wanting to join the sky  , Fanning white  perfumed dust on one   side,

So that its black colour    is hidden  and fanning    the   perfumed  dust on the other side,

Looked like   Lord Shiva   who is allowing Lord Vishnu    to be a part of himself.


832.Like the good   people joining with bad people   and later leaving them  ,

When they really understand them  , the good horses   which run speedily  ,

As soon as some dust settles on their body  , get up,

Shake themselves off the dust  and stand up free of dust,


833.The horses  came after cutting off the three  stringed big rope ,

And understanding what they have to do  by the ability of the driver

 And also understanding    the earth on which they travel  ,

Similar to    the great yogis who cut off   the three  big ties of  land, lady and gold,

Due to the power of their yoga  after understanding  the true state of their soul,

And also understand    the nature  of the divine God   and  travel speedily towards good.


834.When the tides of the sea blow to a very great height  , The fat Kayal fishes,

Separate from the sea and  like that when the thin curtains which    are  ,

Like the snow   falling   from the  sky   are blown away by   the wind,

In all the tents  The black eyes   of ladies   which play tricks  appear.


835. Though the rivers with clear water   do not give rise   to  great flow of water always,

When you did and further dig   they give rise to springs of water   and help us,

And they were like the charitable people give riches  without saying no,

When they have wealth and even when the wealth is lost ,

And continue giving whatever they have   to their friends.


836.Those warriors    wearing gem garlands  which look like they move with raging fire,

 And whose hair waves with wind, entered their tents which had the smell of newness,

And were like   the killer  lions  which enters different caves on the mountain.


837.The big war elephants   with sharp tusks which are close by,

Which   have  put suitable mark   on its   forehead with   red hair,

With bells tolling  one by one  differently  , keep on ,

Turning    the water of the lake with waves   and are like  ,

Madhu kaidaba   who   turn and mix  the big black sea.


838.The big black elephants in rut   which do  not obey the signs of the Mahout,

Which are   prevented from both sides by assistant mahouts   from going anywhere,

Which without bothering for any thing  do not get out of water bodies,

Are similar to those lovers    who do not obey the advice   of wise  people  ,

Who are found fault by   relatives   and friends   who gather  as a crowd,

And who are not bothered  about it and who are  interested ,

Only    on the hips of the prostitutes   wearing waist   belts.


839.With men coming near to the ladies   who cover their waists with cloth,

And bring burning   fire from the kitchen  which makes even sun dull,

And  when this  produces smoke   on the Akil logs,

That smoke goes up in the sky  makes clouds    which do not cause rain,

 Which looks like a big ocean and   was like their city.


840 The Vidhyadharas   who live   on that mountain   with splits ,

Who had come to see   that great army  and seeing the pretty lads and lasses,

Who were assembled there  were  terribly confused  as to ,

Which of them  do not belong to their   group   and thus,

That huge army made one doubt  whether the world of devas ,

Have slipped   down and has    fallen there,


841.All those who ladies who woke up earlier than the morn,

Who were pretty  ,and who were angry due to long love tiff,

Talked sweetly with Koels  , made sound  with anklets  that would be echoed  by mountains,

Wore ornaments making their luster  more than that of the sun,

And roamed here and there like   the flock of peacocks.


842. All the valorous males   with both heroic anklets making sound,

With bees making great sound  around   the garlands they  were wearing,

With swords tied to their hip shining   With   their shoulder  amulets,

Shining due to the red gems inlaid in them,

Inspected all the mountains around which were  like their shoulders,

Very  similar   to the  very cruel  roaming in that forest.


Kamba Ramayanam-Bala Kandam  Padalam  15-18

       The following four chapters further describe    the   journey of king Dasaratha    and his army to Mithila. This is in continuation of    the description contained  in the two earlier chapters. These four chapters  do not refer to Rama  or his  parents or his story in any way . Here  the emperor of poets Kamban , using several astonishing similes and metaphors   is trying to  describe   the people of  Ayodhya   with special reference  to their love life  . Those who want to read    the story of Rama   as written by Kamban can  afford   to miss reading these   four chapters but those who want to know   about the poetic genius of  Kamban cannot miss it at all.

15.Varai kakshi  padalam

The chapter on picturesque  description.


  (This  is a  pretty description of  the people of Dasaratha after   they settled   down on  Chandra Saila mountains.  The chapter starts with sun rise and ends   with the sun set and dusk.)


843.Looking  like all the seas of the world have  surrounded the Meru mountain ,

Decorated   by shining gems  , that army   spread  all around that  mountain.

Kings, their queens , the princes , the flower branch like princesses,

And their relations  saw  the Chandra  saila mountain, which we are going to describe.


844.The he elephants with long tusks   would break the  spreading  branches  of Karpaga tree ,

Which had its own luster   and  was surrounded    by   bees of various types  singing Parani pan,

Using its palm tree  like hands   and gave it to the she elephants  who are like their soul.


845.The  ladies of mountain land   with  ,red mouth which   create   great music

With eyes like blue lily   and face like lotus  and who  know the art of foretelling ,

The black bees which do not like    the honey from the Vengai tree ,

Thinking  that  the stars  are the new honey giving Karapunnai flowers,

The bees start  to jump   towards    the stars which are in the sky.


846.The good elephant called moon which lives with the   stars which are she elephants,

Pierced    using its long   white horns   and honey started   flowing torrentially,

Making great   sound,   but the tribals who cultivate  red  grain of Thinai,

Stopped that flow   and  irrigated   using the    waters  of Akasa Ganga,

 And grow   the mountain rice       using this    water.


847,Since the moon was not able   to cross    that very tall mountain  ,

He  preferred to stay  on its slopes  and he being   like  a  looking glass,

On both his sides  , on  one side tribal girls   looking at him  dressed according to their wish,

And the damsels of the sky preferred to do is    seeing  its other side

              (possibly it  was called “Moon mountain” because of this.)


848. The fire that burns in the black smith’s  yard by air pumped by the bellows,

The    very poisonous water  from the mouth and ghee   fed   spears 

 Are capable of eating away the soul  ,  like the    burning spear like eyes  of tribal women,

And their men brought the crescent of the moon  and compared it  to the  forehead  of their ladies.


849.The  sweet to look at elephant calves   born to very pretty she elephants,

Would play with lion cubs which  are  bred as pets   by those tribal men,

And the young moon which is capable of bending  was found  playing with,

The babes born to tribal ladies    who had   crescent shaped   foreheads.


 850.That mountain made   of blue sapphire   had    the  big  steps   of very angry lion,

Which   killed  the black mountain like   elephant whose   cheek is wetted by  rut water,

 And also    the red painted  wet  steps    of ladies   on the heads  ,

Of the Vidhyadhara kings     who had   pretty hair  on their head.


851.With eyes similar to the red Kayal fishes  which extend up to the ears,

With their not visible  teeth when they smile, With large hair which was not falling down,

With eyebrows not arching  , with  lotus like palms  and after   stabilizing their musical voice,

With   playing the strings  , when they sing, even Kinnaras  would be surprised.


852 When .Ladies   with  pretty ears , sword like eyes  to kill males  , wearing honey dripping garland ,

Take bath in   the clear water standing on crystal stone base , the Kukum  they wear ,

Is left out and visible in those waters  and look like a gem studded cup and toddy.


853, When the wives   of devas with    reddish eye   due to love tiff,

Throw away the flower garlands that they wear on their head 

Making their men  sad   those garlands    of opened flowers ,

Are seen here and there   dripping honey and also not fading.


854. The tribal ladies    of that mountain with  body as soft of new mango leaves,

Would  decorate the leaf sheath of Betelnut  using a garland  and compare  it with themselves,

And the deva maidens wearing pretty ornaments  , after removing   their gem studded bangles,

Which shine like fire  wear it on Kanthal flowers    and compare with their hands.


855. When the deva maidens   whose bow like arched eye brows  were not moving,

After singing accompanied  by playing of Yaazh   and also   dancing prettily  , enter in to a   love tiff,

And throw  out their gem studded garlands  , and when  the he monkeys which live on the trees,

Make their she monkeys wear    those garlands   they  become pleased on seeing them.


856.In those mountain slopes where  tall sandal wood trees grow  , all the she elephants,

Which   take red colour due to shine of red stones ,  the shine of the  red Padmaraga    gems  ,

Which look like they are painted with Kumkum paste  merging along with,

The sun’s rays    of the early morn   would paint the sky red.


857.The white   ganges   which   falls on the head of the consort of Goddess  Uma  .

Which goes on sprinkling  pearls on the earth , looking like ornaments for her  ,

And  which   brings measureless  gold    as well as lots   of white pearls ,

Making it  look like the upper shoulder cloth  of God who measured the  world.


858.Those tribals living on the mountain     wearing Karapunnai    and Ilvanga  flowers,

Drove away the honey bees   and went on drinking fresh   honey with good perfume,

And their love tiff   is  solved   by singing of the  Kinnara  couple ,

Accompanied    by the Makara  Yaazh   and also  the  horse faced devas.


859.The chest   of lads   who were similar    to the big elephants  were hit by  her  twin breasts,

Which were matchless  like the flower buds ,   which had flowered on the  flower stem ,

Which resembled   their   thin waists  and both of them saw  that    male bees were  playing    ,

With the female bees on their black heads  and  it looked like they were  getting married.


860.When the ladies with lotus flower like face  , which resembled the  lustrous full moon,

Walked over clear water   under the impression that it was  a  bed made of crystal,

The  cloth they    had tied on their hip as well as    their upper cloth   got wet,

And  the  lads wearing bangles in their hands   as well as anklets clapped    and laughed at them.


861.They saw  very many beds  made of flowers.

They saw many  golden necklaces   which were  thrown out,

They saw    the spit after chewing betel  which were red like Indra kopa insects,

They also  saw  many burnt out beds due   to Vidhyadhara  maids  ,

Who have left their husbands as well as lost their senses by  sleeping there.


862.They saw  there the swings   used by the Deva maidens ,

With their  blue lotus eyes swings  , with smile appearing on their coral  like mouth  ,

With the costly ornaments worn over their big thick breasts swinging,

With honey bees flying around their hair  and with the ear globes  ,

Which    were made of gems and gold swinging   in the air.


863.  Like the men driven away  by the prostitutes  wearing   golden dress

Who were   willing to sell their   hips ,

After stealing all the wealth   and deciding that it is no use any further  ,

They saw many empty honey containers  left there by the  pretty Deva maidens  ,

After drinking the honey and sugar juice which were left there  by honey  bees.


864. In the bed room made by the    crystal rocks    which could make even night  in to day  ,

The Deva maidens   who had foreheads fighting   with the bow  , after being made  love,

By the devas   who had a broad chest   which even would  defeat the wrestlers,

Had thrown away   the garlands  made of Karpaga flowers  ,

Because  they were creating discomfort during love making   and they saw such garlands.


865 There were  Ladies  there who after seeing  the Kanthal flowers which were like the spread out palm,

Fearing that   it is a serpent with a hood   and closing their eyes with their palms,

And others who were seeing the shadow of the real    flower of on the diamond rock bed,

Who saluted   their husbands   and requested them, “Please pluck it for me.”


866.  Pinching the leaf sprouts of Asoka tree  by their nails  and attaching  ,

Those pieces prettily on their breasts , picking   honeyed   flowers,

In the mountain where  many  type of colours  are to be seen, ladies  bathed,

In the   streams where it appears that the  wandering  swans have just entered


867.Similar to the sprout  of mangoes appearing in the middle of mountains ,

The sides   of the mountain   which looked  like sheets of lustrous gold,

And  the   deer, elephants  snakes  and bamboo trees  ,

Karapunna trees which are similar   to the shoulders of ladies were there.


868. The wild boars   which are black like night   due to  the slushy mud,

Formed by the kumkum thrown   out by ladies during love tiff ,

Would rub their bodies against the mango and sandalwood trees,

And  due to the  ladies who are like the  divine maidens in sweet conversation,

Occupying that place  , that mountain   was looking like  heaven.


869.Due  to big snakes moving  away with great desire for food ,

The bamboos are uprooted   and   this made the wild cows  run scared,

And due to this dust spreads   everywhere  and the streams ,

Along   with large number of pearls  making great sounds   run there.


870.When the breasts of  ladies   with lustrous eye of reddish tinge  ,

Joined    with   pretty shoulders of men   who were  like  sword like lions,

The Akil and sandal paste   get  applied on their     shoulders  and they looked pretty,

And in those arms which were  like  mountains   sandal, Kumkuma  and  Kongu  trees were there.


871. In that mountain  , Banana plants grow in a dense manner ,

And they look like the thighs  of the divine ladies who come there ,

And  the ladies there play    the Yaazh   and sing songs,

Similar   to the Kinnara   ladies of the heaven.


872.The   water of rut   of the elephants   went on flowing in that mountain,

And damaged    all the mango trees in that  big  forest, and the Aacha  trees,

And Bamboos  on  the paths of that forest were uprooted   and was shaking.

The animals that  go to drink   water  in the mountain streams were  mountain goats and other animals.


873.  The black tribal woman who live on those mountains, dig the  mountain,

For   getting beautiful tubers  ,  The tigers live there    densely  ,

And  on all sides of the mountain   huge drums blare out making  huge sound .


874.While the very strong elephants   play there in the  lakes,

The banyan trees   which  provide  cold  shade  as well as   the  lotus  flowers,

Are greatly  shaken   and damaged  , the  lions   roared  ,

And the  bees lived happily   on the hair   of Deva maidens,

 Who stay   on those   mountain with   trees  on their side.


875.It is  very proper   to say that this is  the place of Lord Vishnu,

On whose chest the Goddess Lakshmi lives   as  her temple,

For on the top    of that place dense clouds   are there,

And in the bottom    there would lie heaps  and heaps of garlands.


876.Like  the bees  crowding   around flowers   from which honey flows,

In all the places of that mountain  slopes  Ladies and men  lived,

And  with no interest to go from there, played  sweetly with each other.


877.Those men and ladies   who lived on that mountain,

Thinking that getting down would cause them sorrow,

Never thought about it   and became  like the good people,

Who are enjoying the happiness of heaven   ,

And could not forget the wealth of that mountain.


878.That mountain with clouds on its top   was like an elephant,

And the Sun with its hot rays   is like a lion  pouncing on it,

And the red sky was like the blood flow if the lion   hurts the elephant.


879.Due  the red sun light falling on the branches   of very big trees,

Most of the leafs of the tree  looked like just sprouted ones,

And   due to the red light  spreading all   over it , that faultless  mountain,

Looked   like a mountain decorated all over by red gems.


880. Beautified due to the sight which was sweet to the eye  ,

And due to the number of peaks     which were innumerable  ,

That stainless     mountain    looked like   the great  black Vishnu,

Who had applied  coloured  sandal paste    on his chest.


881.Those ladies and gents  who loved each other like the soul and the body,

Like male and female elephants  , Like  stong lions and lionesses,

Like he and she deer  , like the honey bee and other small bees,

Lived on the bottom of the mountain making great sound.


882. When the Sun God who wanders on the sky riding on his one wheel chariot  ,

Like the lion with burning   and cruel eyes  seeking protection from arrows aimed at him,

And   who has   manes on the neck   and anger which can kill,

Entered on the west side   of the mountain  , it  became very dark,

And it spread like   the huge crowd  of black elephants everywhere.


883.The sea like army   of Dasaratha, the king of kings  ,

Who is surrounded by scent of honey dripping    ,

From flower garlands that he wears,

Went on keeping lighted lamps in that sea like place ,

Which booms with sound   without any reduction,

And it looked like    a forest of fully opened red lotus flowers.


884. The moon  Which rose from the  waves of the    sea   ,

Which sprinkles many water drops, and shines in between the stars,

Is like the  white conch      travelling in between the    white sand heaps  ,

Which  has  very many white shining     gems surrounding it.


885.When the   ocean which had the smell of    the fishes ,

Gave birth     to the white coloured moon, not able  to tolerate it,

That ocean of the army  gave  rise to  innumerable  crores,

Of moon like lady faces  which were  like full moons,

And which were also like     the faces of  maids of Deva loka.


886.In all the arenas   where   dancers perform their art,

When  beating drums  produce  sweet sound, ladies who sing  also dance,

And very many musical instruments   also produce pleasing sound,

The stringed instruments properly set    gave rise to good musical tones,

The flute , the holed instrument also accompanied  and all this,

Made the people of Deva loka    very greatly surprised.


887.After removing the  lustrous precious necklaces of gems  ,

And getting a simple   pearl chain from the friend, and later ,

Dried the forest of their hairs by   the smoke   of Akil,

And throwing out the thin faded   jasmine garlands  ,

They wore the garland of Karumugai   which had scented petals.


888.That forest was full of   sounds of the Mahouts  trying to tame,

The caught elephants using tamed elephants   , who were ,

Singing a song which they    had just then composed  like,

The passionate words spoken by drunken men to their sweet hearts,

The sound of bells tied to the hip  belt of the prostitutes when they move about,

And the sound raised   by elephants in rut   due to their great pride.


889. That night  passed   with   the men of the army  having   spent   their time,

By   eating the nectar  like food which was not eaten and which was form of art,

By making efforts to remove the love tiff  of the   difficult to get nectar  like ladies,

And by hearing songs set to music   and seeing the dances  based  on its meaning .


16.Poo Koi padalam 

Chapter on plucking of flowers

( The sun rises again and at that   time the pretty ladies requests    their lovers   as well as mates    to pluck  pretty flowers for them. They go to a forest near  river Sona  and get engaged  in this job. The poet also describes  lot  of occasions when love tiff occurs.)


890.Getting angry  at Hiranya  the night  which had stars  as its teeth,

With  the swinging his thousand hands   which were  thousand rays of the sun,

Emerging from the golden pillar   which can be called as Udayagiri,

That lion man  with great luster like the Sun God came out.


891. After   completing all his morning rituals Dasaratha   started  in his chariot,

With all   the kings saluting him  . The army that was accompanying him,

Making the  places in between rivers   as well as mountains as  gardens ,

Making   all the depressions that they saw  as crowd of red lily flowers,

And making all the water bodies that they saw  as   lotus  tanks,

And they all reached the banks of the Sona river.


892.After   deciding to stay on the banks of river Sona,

Lord Sun rose   up in  the sky   and  kings   and their sons  ,

Along   with their wives   reached   the cool scented   gardens,

Surrounded   by pure lakes as well  as ponds ,

To happily play  by playing plucking  the tender flowers  bored by  bees.


893.Seeing them with bow like eyebrows and reddened black eyes ,

The peacocks  thinking that they may   wound them  went away from there,

Hearing   the sweet songs sung by them , the parrots became ashamed,

AS they were not able to sing  like   that  and went away.

And seeing their walk with sound of anklets  , swans   also went away.


894.With  Ear  studs made of pure   gold  which give out  light  ,

And   with ear globes ,   with   shining  with  bees ,

Flying around  making sound   when those  ladies  ,

Were playing with their friends  , seeing that  ,

Men wearing    garlands made of scented   and opening flowers ,

Over their chest   were not able   to recognize  them,

As different   from the  flowering trees  and stood there  confused.


895.All the koels   in that garden  hearing the   talk of conversation,

Which was with sweet    words    and like  pretty songs,

Between  the ladies with  broad hips decorated   by Gold and gems,

And having    cool hair over which honey had spread  ,

Were jealous  and closed their mouth due to shyness ,

Who can dare to speak  before those   capable of sweet talk?


896.With eyes which were like poison  to those  whom they do not like  ,

When they looked at with desire using lovely nectar   like looks,

And touched  with   their red lotus  flower,  the flowering plants  ,

Which had grown tall, showered the tender  flowers on their feet,

And bent their heads in salutation   , for who can remain  ,

Without saluting those damsels with hips  like vanchi climbers?


897.When those  pretty ladies who are similar to the lady of the lotus,

With their flower like soft hands  , even the lions  who have,

Manes decorated by flowers and   who had   sword like  ,

Terrifying looks were getting   terrified  and  ,

The mountain like shoulders   would also bend before  them,

And so if I said that   the tender flower   branches   bowed ,

Before them  , Is  it  improper    to tell like   that.


898.The   creeper plant    like    ladies with  foreheads   which are like moon’s crescent   

In the ponds and rivers are looking like   a Blue lotus  flowerd on a red lotus,

And seeing that  the bees producing sweet sound  thought   that,

“It is a great wonder to see flower on flowers   and started   crowding their faces,”

And  they did not move away  in spite  of   efforts to drive them away,

Because those    who love to see  new things ,  would not leave  them easily.


899.Towards   the males   who had shoulders as strong as very hard rocks,

Who had properly made lustrous body   and wore   garlands made  of flowers,

The peacock like dames   , some of them like    climbers with fully open flowers .

Were   lying down  fully jaded    and some others,

Were standing straight like    the  unattainable flowering plants.


900.The ladies   seeing that the plants  where all their flowers had been plucked ,

Which had lost    all its prettiness  ,  worried     about how  those  plants,

Would look to their husbands  ,  made those plants  wear   their garlands,

Bangles    as well hip belts  and ear globes  and  seeing them bend ,

And later stared    at those cool flowering branches       with great desire.


901.The crowd of bees which normally   step  on wide open flowers 

And wander drinking honey   started   hovering round  ,

The  decoration less   hairs of ladies   without any honey drenched flowers ,

But  who wore scented flower garlands  which  they did  not like ,

Unlike  the flowers which were liked by   them earlier  , because,

Wherever good qualities are there, people get all pleasures there.


902.One who  is  equal in prettiness   and is an ornament  to  Goddess  Lakshmi  ,
Seeing her own image holding a flower on the white crystal    rock,

Thought , that lady would become like soul to my dear husband,

And stood there with eyes shedding tears   and flower in hand.


903.One lady who was like a creeper having face like moon surrounded  by clouds,

Seeing the garland worn on shoulders  of her king    was being worn by ,  

Another   lady who was  like peacock , rained tears   from her sword like eyes,

On  the tip of  her own breasts  which knew the nature of cloth  tying  her  breasts.


904. When a king who was greatly in love with his wife  , seeing her coming like a peacock,

To find  out her state of mind   hid himself in a creeper  enclosure  of that faultless  garden,

She who is always with her husband    and one who has never  lived away from him,

Struggled like the body in search of the soul  and with great anxiety searched for him all around.


905. One lady having love tiff with her husband who always   used to hold a spear  ,

Developed a tinge of redness  due to anger   in her black eyes   decorated   by Kajal,

Saluted a koel   and pointed to it a flower    which was  not reachable,

And requested   that bird, “ Please pluck that  flower and give it to me.”


906.One hero seeing   the tender coconut on a tall coconut tree  said,

“How great,  these coconuts  are similar    to the breasts of the  ladies”,

Hearing that his wife   asked “ To  the breast of which lady   that   you have seen,,

Are  these   coconuts similar   ”and with a sorrowful mind  and  With,

A face  covered with sweat , let out hot  and painful breaths.


907.When a hero whose   shoulders  increase in size  as soon as he  hears ,

The word “war”, who had shoulders which resembled mountains  ,

Who was similar to love God    was plucking flowers to his wife,

And when she who had cloud like hairs   and who  had  a matchless voice like Koel,

Closed his eyes from behind and when he asked , “who has closed my eyes,”,

She  felt as if burnt  by fire   and suspecting his virtue let out a deep breath.


908.To the several wives   who were extending their palm,

Which were like lotus flower not growing  on    slushy mud,

Requesting    the king to pluck and give them flowers,

He placed  those fresh  flowers which drip honey , on his palm,

And was standing  in between them  without   saying no and also not  giving,

And was standing like a wild miser, because  he was helpless.


909.When the lover who was liked by    her,  mentioned   the name of  another woman,

Before this wife who had  eyes applied with Kajal  ,She stared   at him,

With her spear like eyes  which would hurt him in his heart,

And becoming shy for having stared at him like that before others,

She   moaned  and holding a flower by her    tender hand   she smelt it,

And due to heat of her tortured breath, the flower immediately wilted.


910.That king   who moves round in chariots   use to wander round,

With  the  kajal applied   eyes  of all his   wives  , each born in great families ,

Following him wherever he goes like   the bees  which follow  the   elephant in rut.


911.A man who has a  pretty form beyond reproach  , when he divided  equally the flowers,

Between one of his wives  who had a forehead  similar   to the crescent of moon at dusk,

And the other   who was a very pretty one who was worshipped   by all who see her,

Both of them threw  away all the flowers and not liking to stand before  him went like peacocks.


912.Without bothering to take care    of her with    great fragrance  ,

Without bothering about the dress    getting untied , without  bothering,

To notice that pearls from necklaces   falling down all over the  garden,

Are they searching for their own souls   which is in their  own body,

Or is it some  other important material or is it the   flowers  that drip honey?


913. A lady who was comparable   to  goddess Lakshmi    who speaks with sweetness ,

Of the sound of Yaazh    was not  moved  when  her husband    who is the king,

Who had   incomparable strength saluted her,  but after   he went away  ,

With a melted  mind  she became sad  and  thinking  of a  devious trick  ,

Deep in her mind  , she drove her pet    bird  and followed it to the place where  husband was   there,


914.One who had become greatly thoughtful   when    all the five arrows  of love God,

Pierced on his chest wearing      pretty flower garlands  , without understanding what to do,

Went and weakly stood   before a lady   who had applied   sandal paste on her breasts and had a   long hair ,

And asked  her “Oh Kurukathi  plant   would you flower a Mandhara  flower and give it to  me?”


915.One who wanted to find fault on   her husband  , without any diminished anger  ,

Developing a love tiff   and when it was seen  by her  that her  husband was  becoming happy  ,

Without waiting there  ,   decorated herself with   the  flowers she collected with difficulty  ,

And on seeing her own image  in the  mirror  , felt sad that he was not there to see her.


916. If  my  husband who feeds the God of death using    his  lustrous spear ,

 Does not  come    here to see  my made up form   with decorations,

I Would not  agree   to live  in this world, for how did this make up help me?

Saying this she would give away    all her ornaments to  the  lady who guards the funeral pyre.


917 In case of one lady ,  the waist  was  sorrowing due  to its not able    

To lift  the breasts     which  were coming out of the cloth tied over it  ,

And in case of another   she  was holding a big  golden cup  in her  tender shivering  fingers,

To feed the parrot   which   was hiding  in between     two huge stones.


918.When one lady  was walking like a swan  , she seeing a swan    coming near her ,

Under the impression  that she  was her relation ,  she became    friendly with it   and told the swan,

“You are my friend , if people see you without cloth  they would   find fault with you”

And then she  was agreeable to give    her cloth to that she swan    which  was young.


919. Another lady   with a voice like sugar syrup ,covering her snake hood like hips

With a thin   cloth , got scared  of a peacock which was coming   near to her ,

As it was an enemy of the snake  and hid herself behind a  flowery branch,

Which had bunches of flowers and  closed her eyes    using another flowery branch and got weak.


920.Another lady with matchless  beauty  , with playful  anger told   her   lady friend,

“Oh honey  , Oh daughter of a flower  , I will now hide  myself  ,

And you please find me out, “ and hid herself  behind  the leaves,

Which were ready to harvest  and then hid her  blue lotus like eyes by her hand and then laughed.


921.One very able hero   wearing the   string of his bow on his left hand,

And holding   a tender lotus flower on his     very strong right   hand  ,

And with great pride was wandering  like a sun  in the midst of the big  lotus forest,

Of  the pretty faces   of ladies with hair of   the colour of darkness  of night.


922.When those  pretty men hold a red bow made out   of the sweet fresh sugarcane,

Brought from the field  , even the God  of love became ashamed  hearing  ,

The  lisping voice   of their    pretty  and very innocent  wives,

And thought    that it was   a divine art of   words repeated by them.


923.The cowherd who resembled the God of love  played in their flutes  

Which were decorated  with flower garlands  , a song similar to the sound of bees in the garden,

To signal the time to go back to his herd and like a  big bull  returning   home,

 In between  the herd of cows,Men were returning home  ,

Surrounded by ladies     with eyes  with kajal , looking like blue lotus  in the evening,


924.Though there is a saying that  “ That  those sages  who are  strong,

In penance   are capable     of protecting  themselves  from the bow of love god,”

But    the truth is   that even a simple    glance   from  the  tip of eyebrow,

Of these   ladies who  harvest flowers  is capable   of defeating them.


925. One lady with a  with a scented    hair and a  crescent like  forehead,

Was sitting on the mind   of her husband who had climbed   the Punnai tree to harvest  flowers,

And so  even though one man has wisdom flowing  like a spring from his mind,

 Would they ever be able to win over   those  ladies with huge breasts.


926.One husband   who had climbed on a branch of tree    to pluck flowers,

Was not able to move his mind or his eyes from the god given beauty of his wife  ,

But  was plucking buds of flowers  and leaves and dropping them down.


927.One man who had shoulders   like    a   big   staff weapon  ,

Seeing the face of his wife , whose   hairs are habituated   by bees,

Seeing the vibrations of her mouth of the colour   of the red fruit  ,

Understood  using his mind that she was angry    and trembled.


928.After doing activities like this  for some time  ,

Those men and women   lost interest    in plucking ,

And decorating with flowers  in that   cool garden,

And reached a water front   with a desire,

Of playing   in water with white foam  and flow.


17.Neer Vilayattu  Padalam

Chapter    on water  sports


(After getting bored     by plucking of flowers the men and women   turn their   attention to water sports.)


929.Those faultless men    and goddess like women,

Making even gods  without sorrow  being shamed at seeing them,

With   the bees   with   nature of humming and   rising up   in the sky,

Left those  those gardens   towards the water  fronts,

Like  she elephants coming with he elephants  in the forest.


930.The scene of the males and females    going to play water sports,

Was similar to the scene   of  the  Lord of devas   going along   ,

With his entire wealth and ladies     in to the ocean of milk,

Due  to anger   of sage Durvasa who was similar to  Lord Shiva  ,

With the river ganges    flowing on  his matted hair.


931 . The blue lotus flowers   which desired the blackness of Kajal,

Flowered like the eyes  of those ladies and their eyes which wanted ,

To become big like their palms   looked like fully bloomed  blue lotus flowers.

All the red lotus flowers bloomed like the faces   of those ladies,

And the faces   of those ladies appeared like fully bloomed  lotus flowers.


932-939.Some of them were  standing there hugging   the chests   of their husbands,

Like  The goddess Lakshmi   who lives on the lotus flowers standing on the stalks,

Some standing like victorious  Goddess Lakshmi hugging    the shoulders of their husbands,

Some who are fanning so that   the water spreads like the spreading leaf sheath,

Some who are embracing their husbands   scared due to the jumping of Valai fishes,

Some who are fanning scented powders   so that the bees like to eat  the pollens,

Some who fan the oil of musk   and other scented oils    facing each other  ,

Some who are fanning with flower garlands  , some who take    the pure water,

In their red mouths   and sprinkle  them on the bodies of   their husbands.

Some who take water in their lotus like palms and sprinkle  on the others,

Some with waists like streak of lighting  , some with shoulders like Bamboos,

Who decorate   the front scroll of hair  like that of a peacock,

Who while getting out after  immersing themselves in water ,

Seeing that their hairs   are  hiding their faces  , move them away  by their hands,

Some who request the swimming swans to play with them.

Some   who become sad   when flowers  in the waves dash against their tender breasts,

Some  ladies who were    sweet like sugarcane to their   husbands   appearing   as if,

The corals and red  fruit are  flowers  on the lotus plant  , who have blue lotus like faces,

Some ladies who are as sweet as a cane  about whom we say that they do not  have   any hips  at all,

Some ladies seeing the swimming kayal fish in  water and asking their husbands ,

“Do all these water    bodies also have  eyes?”

Another lady  who wears a garland of flowers  from which bees drink honey  ,

And who had thick hair and   was looking like   a real goddess,

Seeing the   shadow of her own pretty    body   in the waters   of the lake  ,

Said, “This  lady with the pretty forehead  is  always laughing whatever I do,

And so she is my friend, “   and gave  her matchless invaluable pearl necklace   to their image with joy,

Some other ladies   who were wearing   garland of flowers from which the sound   of bees were heard,

Who were   hugging the pretty    diamond like shoulders   of their men, with great passion,

Some were going like  tender peacock groups    living   on the mountains   which touch the sky,

With their valuable necklace of gems    showering  luster and  were seen  reaching those water  bodies,

And one lady   whose red eyes like Kayal wish   was made more red by   her anger,

Hid herself   in an area with a crowd of lotus flowers  and her husband   was in great confusion 

While   searching for her could not find which was  her face and which was the lotus flower

And Whenever some other ladies  who were wearing bangles of conch and gold in their tender hands,

Were dipping themselves in water   their bangles made sound like   bees,

And from their high placed hips   due to being moved several times  , the belts got loose  ,

And fell on their feet and they thinking it  is a snake started shouting for help loudly.


940.Surrounded by divine ladies   who appeared along with nectar   in  the sea ,

And surrounded the   Mandhara mountain which was used     to churn the ocean,

One king   wearing garlands  ,  stood  with his   very strong and pretty  mountain like shoulders 

Surrounded by    a crown of pretty maidens   who were  dipping in water  and were  playing.


941.The king    who stood   in between the crowd   of ladies   who were  wearing bangles,

On their red hands  who had pure laugh  , who had   very  pretty mouth  ,

And who   had hips which used to bend like the climbing creepers,

Looked like  The male elephant in rut   surrounded by several she   elephants,

In the mountain stream   with scented lotus flowers  as  boundary fences.


942.In between the crowd of pretty women who had hair  similar to that of a black cloud,

Who     caused the loss of the pride of all the peacocks living in the forest  ,

One king was standing   and was   looking like   the moon  with spreading luster  ,

Among   the  stars   which were giving light here and there   in the sky.


943.One lady  who had two long eyes   and who was made up by her   servants  ,

Who  besides having the quality of being desired by all  people  ,

And who was having all the arrows that the God of love with a sugarcane bow had  ,

Was standing   out shining    in the crowd of the bevy of pretty   woman there.


944.One lady who was standing like a peacock among the ladies,  who  resembled  ,

The horrifying spear which wounded   the mind of men  , shining  like a sword,

And Who was having two  lustrous eyes    on her   face    with great luster

Was similar to the   Karpaga    climber which came out from    the sea  ,

Surrounded    by very many climbers   capable for producing  flowers with many petals.


945. A lady  with a hipswhich she  received     from the chariot  , with breasts received from coconut tree,

With a prettiness that cannot be matched by any one   ,  dipped in to the water,

With the cloth tightly   tied over her breasts   shaking    here and there  ,

And her pretty face   in that pure water   looked like   the shadow of the moon.


946.When   their  hips   which were not controllable    by the dress that they were  wearing.

And   their  pot like breasts , racing with each other   dashed against   ,

The shoulders of men    which by their valour   beat even the great mountains,

The water    in the water   bodies  lost their balance and started to over flow.


947.Since   the water body   made their   pretty mouth    very red,

Made their eyes further reddish  , destroyed the sandal paste applied on their body,

Loosened their dress  and  was a place   where   the   huge breasts ,

Of those ladies applied with  fragrant pastes  dipped , it was like their husband.


948.Has it not been told   that    “all those   who are with  holy ones,

 Would   become  themselves    holy in due time”  and like that  ,

Those fishes   in the water bodies started   having the scent of  ,

Honey, musk   , Teak wood and Akil  smoke  scent  ,

Is there any need to tell ore similes?


949.Due to  the sandal paste   that  was  used to decorate   the bodies,

The kings in large numbers   and   due to the KUmkum paste  ,

Worn by the ladies who accompanied   those kings,

That sweet water   was similar to the red sky  ,

Where a very huge black    cloud had spread all over.


950.  Due to the Akil  and sandal paste    applied on their body,

Which were scented  being completely dissolved in that   water  ,

Those ladies   who had mouth like   cool red mouth,

Shined like    the Manikka gems which were    cut.


951.Seeing that  the mark  that she has drawn     with sandal paste  ,

On the pure shoulders   of him who  is as strong as as  a jumping lion,

Has been erased  ,  the eyes of  her ,who has tender emotions  ,

Which are normally black    turned  red due to anger  .


952.When    the body of one   who suffers out of the heat of passion ,

Who carries   the  heavy weight   of her hips   and  who wears pretty ornaments,

Became greatly hot by passion   that  lake  with  waves  cool water ,

With scented powders  , with   flowers that  have just  opened scalded  her.


953. Like the  kings of male   elephants   who bathe   the  goddess ,

Who    resides in the lotus   flower, a man who wears   flower garland,

On his   shoulders  , brought and splashed   water .

On the   hair   of a lady who had applied   ghee on it .


954.One very young swan which climbed on a lotus  flower 

Seeing  them walk so nicely that they defeated  them,

Became angry and thinking    that the tender  flower.

Was their small tender feet    stamped  on those    flowers.


955.Would I be able to say    about the number of men,

Whose mind   was agitated  seeing   the breasts of women ,

Which looked like golden pots   tied with    pretty thread 

Showing nail marks as the sandal paste has  been washed away ,

Due to the water sports that they    enjoyed    playing.


956.One king who was capable of ruling   using   his hands,

Which was like the lotus     flower with long petals  asked her,

“When shall we meet again ?”   and that tender   one ,

Who had red mouth  like Veezhi fruit   replied to him,

By sending a message   by her  eye to her friend, who passed   it  on to him.


957.Those red  lotus flowers which go under    water  in the clear water ,

Due   to the water   being pushed away      during the water   sport,

Appeared like   they were   not able to be like the pretty faces  of those ladies,

Who were like deer  and     were   hiding their faces   under   water.


958.After bathing like this    in those  big water  storages   ,

Those men who wear the big armlets   as well as women,

Climbed up from the water leaving it lonely  ,

And started wearing proper dresses   as  well  as ornaments.


959. After they who  played   in them with great desire   went away,

That water   filled water   reserve   was like the sky where ,

The stars  have  crawled away  and felt as   if all the lotus ,

That populated    them earlier   have gone and settled   somewhere else.


960.The  sun who saw   the water sports  played by the deer eyed  ladies,

With men , as if he also had a desire to play    such water  sports,

 Went inside     the western ocean   which was  filled   with wish.


961.Like the king    having faced defeat earlier   and is again,

Coming  with courage  to fight    with another   king  ,

The moon which was defeated   earlier   by the pretty  faces of those ladies,

Again appeared    on the   sky   to again face those  ladies.


18.Undattu Padalam

The chapter  on dancing after  drinking.


( Here is a peculiar chapter   of Ramayana . It describes ladies drinking alchoholic drinks.  As , it is mentioned as “Kallu”,  the fermented flower juice of palm trees , I have translated it as toddy. In few places  the word Madhu (either honey or wine)  also is used. There are few  stanzas  in this chapter which describe love sport , which is called war of love  in some places.The incidents described in this chapter happen at night    after sun set.)


962. The  great moon light which was cool    spread everywhere,

Like the  white liquid of toddy  ebbing out   everywhere ,

Like   the sweet music taking a form and spreading    all over,

And like  The passion in the mind spreading to all sense organs.


963.As per  the request of the God of love  the  full moon opened up  in the sky,

Like the  toddy which increases    the   sweetness   to those engaged in love  play,

Like the poison to those   couples who are forced    to live apart,

And  like an emissary to those with love tiff , to again join together.


964.Due to spread of moon light  , all rivers became like Ganges,

All oceans became like   the ocean of milk ,

Al the hills became like the silvery mountain where  lord Shiva lives,

And what   more can we say    about the spread of moon light?


965,With matchless   directions   ,when all men and all animals,

Became lustrous due    to the pouring moon light   on them,

This world which was surrounded by ocean  appeared  to celebrate  the birthday,

Of the  God of love   who has  a very sharp  sword  and Makara fish on his flag.


966.In the shade  of the pearl tent   created by lustrous  stars ,

In the gardens   where the roof curtain  is  provided by   dark clouds,

In the crystal rooms which were shining  like ponds,

And in   the scented  flower gardens, ladies reached to take rest.


967.Those ladies whose hair had the perfume    of scented flowers,

With an intention of enjoying    the love play  on flower spread  beds,

Started drinking in  pretty  golden goblets  , the newly extracted toddy,

Which was    like   the nectar   which was made only for that purpose.


968.Those ladies of  the heaven   full of stars , The Vidhyadhara ladies  ,

Were not comparable   in prettiness     to these ladies   and they,

Who were  having eyes like deer and honeyed flowers,

Drank toddy like a torrential rain of honey by their mouth.


969.The toddy  that entered   the mouth of one of those ladies,

Went and settled inside her like nectar   and not only her  black eyes became red ,

But  the  white goblet of the    colour of the spilled  milk  ,

Turned red     due to their being touched   by her lustrous red hands.


970. The  pure toddy    drunk by  the  ladies   whose hair has been perfumed

By musk and cool   akil smoke, similar to the ghee poured  in  the Fire pit ,

Which is full of burning  sacred  fire ,  increased   ,

The fire of passion    that was    burning   in their heart.


971. One lady who had a shining    forehead resembling a sword  ,

Seeing her shadow which was as pretty as her  reflected,

In the  toddy with cool smell   in her golden goblet   told,

“Oh friend, please take this along with me and enjoy”,

 Is there  anywhere   the greater  ignorance  to that  of,

Of ladies who have   poison like  very long eyes,

And   who have   voice  like that  of nectar  to our ears.


972.One with a waist   which looks as if it will break  

Having  thick   hair  , black eyes  which appears  to  be coated by poison,

And having a red face with a   smile  , seeing her shadow in the  toddy asked,

“Hey  mad one  , what are you doing, why are  you drinking  my left over toddy,

When  there is a huge  jar full of toddy  ?”  and then she  thinking ,

Her shadow  is another lady  , laughed showing her  jasmine bud like teeth.


973 . Another lady who had eyes like the  horrifying spear which can kill,

Seeing   the crystal gem studded goblet   in which  the white rays of moon fell,

Appearing   that it is full, , kept  that goblet   , thinking it is toddy on her lips,

And when all other people teased her    for    drinking  ,

Out of an empty    goblet  , felt    greatly   ashamed.


974 She ,  the one  who  made one conclude   that  her lisping voice was the  one

 That  gave sweetness to Yaazh and sweet flute and the one who has  a mouth,

Which is as red as   the flowers of Murukka tree  , happened to ,

 See  the shadow of her sword like eyes In  the big jar of  cool toddy 

 In which, the blue lotus with its stalk has been put,

And she thought that they were bees   who have   come to drink  honey from flowers.


975.There  was one lady who wears  the ear globes   made of pure   gold,

Seeing the shadow of the white moon reflected   in the toddy ,

With her  confused and energetic eyes   due to her drinking toddy,

Said, “Oh moon  , scared of the snakes that   come to attack   you,

On the sky , you  seem to be hiding here, do not get scared ,

For I am offering you protection.” In a very sweet voice.


976.A lady with a belly button   which resembled a whirl pool ,

Of  that river that   remains stable at one place , noticing  the great  moon light,

Which pierces the roof made of flowers which dripped  red honey  ,

Either due to her taking toddy , or due to her having  lost her intelligence,

Or  due to the timid nature which ladies have,

Thought  that   it  was toddy that is dripping , tried to catch it in  her  goblet.


977.One lady who had a waist which was  similar  to a streak of lightning  ,

Having a   wavering voice   instead of her sweet voice  like the white nectar,

Took off  her pretty waist belt   and tied a flower  garland there,

And not only that started tying her  golden necklace  on her curved hair.


978.One lady  seeing  the  drunk image of her face    at the bottom   of the goblet,

Containing  toddy , thinking that moon in the sky has   fallen in side   the goblet,

With a wish to drink toddy   said,  “When I have a lover’s tiff    with,

My husband who gives me happiness to the mind  , you would,

Remove my heat   and so I would give this toddy for you to drink.”


979.A lady who had an ornamented    nose like flower of gingely  ,

Without realizing that  she has spilled  all the toddy  she had ,

Due to the shivering of her hand   in to her hips  ,

Due to the stupor  created by toddy  , concluding    that  ,

Toddy would be there  on the back of the goblet   and

Kept the goblet upside down and attached to her  lips.


980. Seeing the bees     which have    spread   up to the sky,

Similar to the  beggars   who have  come to get the great wealth of misers,

One lady  felt    shy to open her red mouth  which was   dripping honey  ,

Thinking that the bees would go inside  her mouth   and  started,

To sip the toddy from the goblet using the stem of a tender plant.


981.One lady who had  made the kayal fishes  in the lotus   tanks,

Run away  since they felt that  they   could never compete with her eyes,

Who  has the  shining eyes  similar to sharp knife  just taken out of its leather case  ,

And who was   wearing thin garland made of honeyed flowers over her thin hair,

And was resembling a young peacock   did  not drink toddy as she  knew,

That the lover   residing in her heart    does  not like to drink toddy.


982.One lady  made both her death like eyes  look  deeply red,

Made her eye brows   bend and  tried to take it   to the top of forehead,

Gnashed  her   lustrous teeth as if  she  was angry      by   drinking    toddy,

And folded  her pretty arms  ,which are   as pretty as the   newly formed leaf.


983.The sweat of the   a lady  with vibrating  red lips  which are like red fruits,

Biting them with lustrous teeth which look like  cut pieces of the moon,

And staring with their deep red eyes  looking like spears   tainted by blood,

Was looking like   the   toddy they have drunk  coming out of their skins.


984.The  excess of redness of their red fruit like cheeks  went to  her  eyes,

The   lustrous eye brows in her lotus like face  looked  more  like a bow ,

And   the crescent like forehead   became wet   because of sweat

Of that   lady who was well ornamented   and was telling something with  thinking   some other  thing,


985.  With the   Red ilavam flower  like lips    becoming deep red,

With the saliva coming in between teeth becoming sweet,

With the cloth tied over their  breasts   getting loosened up,

With her  hair falling     down   slowly sliding like waves ,

And with the   teasing laughter  , The toddy  and love making  by husband appeared   similar.


986.  One  lady wearing a waist belt    studded with invaluable gems ,

Tried to send her friend    to her  husband   who has parted from her ,

Asking her to tell  her faultless husband    that   due to the  God of love,

Who wears the   heroic armlets , she was greatly disturbed ,

And told her , “Would you also stay like my mind with him   or come back.”


987.One lady who had eyes that were desired   by the deer  was  ,

Sending all her close friends one by one    as emissary to  her   very strong husband,

And  when she noticed    that each of them who had gone did not return,

Made herself as her   emissary      and went to meet  him   alone.


988. One lady who had    honey like lisping talk ,  who was ,

Drowned in the sea of love which cannot be stopped by   shores,

Lying down   on a bed of several layers  of scented flowers,

With great love  and joy hugged the parrot  ,

Which was capable of telling all the names of her husband.


989.Sitting in a location which was scented  , one lady ,

Having a  sword  like  forehead , hugged  her companion parrot  and screeched,

“You have    not  gone and brought my  soul like lord  ,

What other  help except this can be done by you,

And you are like  the one who  makes   sad,

Those who have  parted from their lover”


990.When the husband called her by the name  of  wife junior to her,

One lady whose hand is crowded  with bangles  and who was like a peacock,

Initially   smiled   showing her  jasmine bud like teeth  at the mistake  of her husband,

And then, when she thought he is telling the name of junior due to more love towards her,

Tears dropped torrentially   from her eyes which were   like  Kayal fish.


991.One good  lady who thought about the    mistake done by him earlier,

With passion caught    hold of the golden belt which his wife   wears over her hip,

And even before the pearls studded in hip belt    started falling down,

The pearl like   tears of that lady   who wore golden bangles reached   the floor.


992.One lady   who had a hair decorated by   well opened    flowers,

Was  doing  serious thinking   like , “would I have a love tiff with him?”,  or

“Would I  enjoy   love play with him  so that  this sickness melting  my soul will get cured,”

Or “Would I sing about his good qualities  accompanied by the Veena?”


993.Another lady   instead  of telling her friends  about the tiff with her lover,

Touched   with her   flower like   red hands  , the Makara Veena with knobs,

And started   singing  what was in her mind so that her lover would understand.


994. One   lady who was like    a creeper which has  put up new shoots,

Went on  drawing  love lines on the ground with her    feet,

And when they did not meet with  each other  every time,

Became extremely sad due to the arrows shot by the God of love,

And once in a while left deep breath   to prove that   she was still alive.


995.One lady   who has fingers  which made the ball beautiful  , due to sorrow of parting,

Send her friend as an emissary     to  her extremely pretty husband,

And when he came , she  closed the door , preventing  him from coming in,

And since she was not knowing what her thoughts were, her eyes became  red.


996.One lady who wanted to end the love tiff with her husband , lay down on  her flower bed

And when her husband did not understand her wish   acted    as if she   has just woken up,

And  put her hand and legs   on to his body asked, “How much of a  time is over now?”


997.  One lady  becoming worried   due to love tiff   and with her cotton like soft feet,

Kicked him   and due to his  body which was like a field    with a fence ,

Was made wet because   of the flow  of sweet emotions  ,

The seeds of love germinated in him   and his hairs stood up like plants.


998.One hero who had swords   by which he made   enemy king suffer,

Seeing that her breasts    have gone  down in size due to his parting,

Realizing the great measure of love   that she had towards him,

Became very happy   and stood     with  increased size of his shoulders.


999.One person who was blessed with great beauty   reached the place,

Where  his wife was there   and saw  that  the flowers  of her bed,

Were like the troublesome arrows of God of love   and

Noticed that   all those flowers have been  burnt like new twigs,

And  understanding her intensity of sorrow  , was perplexed and became thoughtful.


1000.The heat of breasts of a lady caused   drying of the sandal paste that was applied,

And seem to tell  one hero who worked with  his sword, “please protect our country”,

And looked like    the pots of holy water   kept there  for  crowning   him.


1001.One lady who was not able   to tolerate   the suffering  due to parting,

With her soul like lover , removed the waist belts, golden bells and  diamond necklaces,

Thinking that they would make sound and make others   know her intention,

And saw   with fire like eyes  the moon  which made her suffer at time of parting.


1002.To a valorous one who was suffering like     the sugarcane  in a mill,

Due to parting, and a lady who had the sweet   tender voice of the garden koel,

And was not able   to take out  the  flower garland    that he was wearing on his very strong shoulders,

And  What shall we say   about the strength    of this garland he was wearing?


1003.One lady   who had very long hair , for the sake of telling her sorrow,

First saw the picture   of the God of love  and then she  looked at her friend,

And she understanding her plight   of trouble from God of love,

Started walking towards   the home f her husband who wore honeyed garlands.


1004.One peacock like lady   wearing a golden Kuzhai   went speedily towards .

A very angry hero   who was holding a sword in his hand,

And   was this done   because   the   toddy that makes her heart  melt,

Or  was it   the evening time   or was it    the god of love himself?


1005.When one lady who was   defeated   by the full strength of love  ,

Who was angry and had   a crescent  like forehead,

Shed tears    from her eyes which looked    like rain,

And when her husband smilingly asked “What happened to you?”

She  lost her shyness       and  became laughing and joyous.


1006.One lady    to whom “this is her waist” was a lie,

Though she had  not lost the desire to sports of love,

Took away her hand ,  due to being drunk    from him  , and this  peculiar act,

Made her husband feel    that one sword has entered his chest.


1007.One lady who was tender   hugged   a lady   friend of hers,

And wanted to send her as an emissary to her husband,

And  due to her shyness   preventing her from telling it,

Went on wailing   for   a  measureless   time.


1008. One lady  , from whom  great love   was ebbing out again and again,

Wanting to tell the wrongs done by her lover  for whom she is the only soul,

To another lady     who was   wearing   flower garlands with great scent,

Became shy and went on telling unconcerned things.


1009.One couple  thinking   that their thought process  was alike  .

Their soul was same  and the love that each had to the other   was same,

But not knowing why   their    bodies  only   were   different ,

Hugged tightly with each other   so that their bodies could become one.


1010 One lady who had shoulders like bamboo  , when her husband,

Who had a tiff with her stood before her  , when without her control,

Her mind went towards   him stood up and saluted   him,

And seeing this as a new act of hers, He was scared thinking  that she was angry.


1011.One lady with a curved forehead  who had a love  tiff  ,

Thinking about   the pleasure that it could bring  and later repented,

Seeing her friend  who went as emissary but returned alone  ,

Told her  that  like the breeze and the night   that are yet to come,

Her friend would    trouble her  like her mother..


1012.One lady who was made to love , send her mental feelings  also,

Along with her emissary    whom she sent to bring her husband,

And she was standing   making all those   who saw her tell that,

She was  looking like  one hit by the God in the evening,

But she  became action less  and went on staring at the   direction  of arrival of her husband.


1013.One lady   who was not able to forget her husband  ,

Would always     be waiting     for his arrival and   to her,

Joy and sorrow   used to come alternatively like birth and death,

And  like the streak of lightning appearing between clouds which cannot be moved,

She would come out thinking he has come   and  

Disappear thinking      that   he has not   come.


1014.One lady   who had breasts that can never be drawn in a picture  ,

Had  horrific wounds caused by the arrows of  God of love on them,

And she caressed   them with her   hands wearing bangles ,

She cried and laughed   and saluted   one of her friends,

And requested   her   to tell   about all her sufferings to her lover.


1015.One lady was covered  with sweat , thinking  how she would tell in words ,

The illness  caused by  love  and the problems that    were caused by it,

Which are   to made known by    signs  to  the   wise  people  , as it is useless,

And then she told her friend   her sorrows  with a pained mind  and lied down on a bed,

And then with an eye full of anxiety  looked at her friend,

Thinking  “would   she  keep quiet and not do everything to make him come.”


1016. The God of love   who is inside   all the young men and women,

Would have been thrice more   happy    than young ladies with breasts  ,

For without the knowledge of any one  ,  He would have definitely,

Drunk the clear and pure  toddy drunk by them inside   their bodies. .


1017  . Those men who had  tied up hair   which is scented   due to wearing flower garlands,

After throwing away the cloths worn   by ladies who have not  understood the  love play,

And also after throwing out   the waist belt which  was used to tie their    broad hips,

Because   those  who  can shout and announce should  not be there during  secret  works.


1018.Is it new that   a lady threw away her cloths  as  well as ornaments  and,

A lady with pretty forehead   also forsook the shyness   which is in built in her ,

Like a saint   who with great determination    has forsaken all   attachments,

For only in passion  resides   the capacity   of  forsaking  oneself.


1019.One man  who was like the  matchless god of love  ,

And a lady who was   similar to Goddess Lakshmi living on a lotus flower,

Went on    doing the war of love with both of them not being defeated,

Because if  the  souls of both of them are same   who can  win or who can loose?


1020.One lady   who  was sword like in the war of stealing   the minds  ,

Seeing   her pretty lover who liked like God Muruga   and was  wearing a garland,

Hiding his chest   to prevent her kick by the leg    due to love tiff,

By his flower like hands  ,  became  more angry with him thinking that,

He was trying to protect  another lady  in his  mind  out of deceit.


1021.One lady with a mouth which is red and had a taste  of milk,

Who was wearing several types  of bangles  , who had huge shoulders,

Who had eyes like spear   and who was   looking very tender,

To one  who had a mind full of ocean like love   and  Who had,

Long hands  like that   of a  cloud, gave same  type  of pleasure,

That   made   her   like   the divine lady of heaven.


1022.One lady who  was like a peacock  living in gardens  of mountainous  terrain,

Who got  very angry thinking about the  lies   told    by her husband ,

And in the war of love   with anger   engaged by them,

The love that   rose  in the minds of them only won.


1023. With a cruel eyes  a lady resembling  personification of  murder,

Who had wide   hips   which appears to start from within her dress,

Hugged her husband tightly   and thinking that her breasts  ,

Would have  pierced   the  mountain like chest  of   him, stretched and saw his back.


1024. When the men    were   enjoying the new sweetness  of  ladies,

Kumkum fell down , her hair    became   untied.

The conch bangles made   great sound  , Cloths slipped   down,

And the anklets that they wore  in their legs  produced   great tingling sound.


1025.When love  removed  the  sorrow causing love tiff , like the Sun removing the snow,

One lady  who was like a peacock ,  was pretending   to be asleep in spite of it  ,

With a very anxious mind  , due to the help of a  pretended bad dream,  hug her husband tightly.


1026. One lady   with a round face   , who looked   like   a peacock   and her husband,

When they   happened to come near    hugged   very tightly  ,

And  due to  being not willing to separate   their pasted  bodies,

Never left the hands that embrace   and did not realize even when night got over .


1027.  To the hero who was like an elephant  in a rare  rut,

And to a lady     who had   very black thick hair  ,

Due to the war of love  , that night   went on reducing,

Like their hip   which were unable to carry    her heavy breasts.


1028.Like   those who were not able    to do blessed deeds till the end,

Whose   wealth   slowly  vanishes, the moon vanished from the sky .

And the sun appeared   in the middle of the black sea with spreading waves ,

Like the shining Kausthubha gem    in the black body   of Lord Vishnu.


Kamba Ramayanam –Bala Kandam  Padalam 19-21


19.Yethir kol Padalam

Chapter  on receiving guests)


   (This chapter in detail tells us   how king Janaka along with his army went and received Dasaratha along with army as well as relations. It also indicates   the great arrangements made by the king.. This   is just mentioned in one stanza in the  Valmiki Ramayana)


1029.Not following    those    which have    been prohibited    by the Vedas,

And following without fail those   rules of justice as     told by the Vedas,

The King   Dasaratha    who  is the king of kings  who had the white umbrella and  King’s staff,

Along with ocean like army   in to which    the stream   of the water   of rut,

From those   elephants which     had ornamental     cover of the face,

Reached     the shores    of the river Ganga.


1030.Due to that ocean of army armed with arrows and weapons  drinking  the water,

The clear water  of the ganges    was much reduced    and even   the land of  the serpents,

Which have split toungue   became visible    and  even the ocean with salty water,

Became thirsty because    the stoppage    of the    flow of water   of ganges.


1031.By the time Dasaratha   who owned   very large area   of land  crossed  the river,

And went near  the town of Mithila with broad fields   and which had  large water resources,

And we would start   telling about   activities   of Janaka who was merciful   and

 Who had a cavalry who were expert in jumping.

And who had  shoulders    which were as firm as pillars .


1032.As soon as he heard that king Dasaratha    has arrived, with joy ebbing out of his mind,

King Janaka accompanied  by an ocean like army  with  male elephants capable  

Of breaking   great logs of wood , with chariot army and with   horses   with stirrups ,

Came similar to the  moon  who comes   to meet the sun,  to  receive Dasaratha,

Who had     great wealth which was as much as Indra’s wealth.


1033.Like all other oceans with  their conches   going   on  making   great sound,

And joining the ocean of milk, the armies   of Dasaratha  in whose country,

The river Ganges flows came and joined the  army of  the fertile  country,

Ruled by  The king who had a daughter   and like the milky ocean,

Which has the lady  of the lotus living in it  receiving other  oceans, received them.


1034. To the army   of Dasaratha who were armed with