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Yeppadi thaan yennullam




Oothukaadu Venkata Subba iyer


Translated by




Raga Neelambari

Thala Aadhi




Yeppadi thaan yennullam pugundu yennai adimai kondeero,

Isai tarum kuzhal odu kundalam olira

Ivai tharum suvayodu vandhinam arula




Oppuyar illada uthamane-oru,

Uraga nadamaadum vittagane,

Ulagirunda vaay tiranda padiyo,

Uralodu  pinaindhiruppadhiyo




Veliyil cholla manam thulludhe,

Cholla venum, venum  yendra aasai kollude,

Kulir oli mugam  kandu naani naani-un,

Koi malar paadathil vennai thallude,


Ini oru ulagam  unnai thavira yenakkoru sukam illai Vennkadava,

Thani oru mudi mel ila mayilandi  thogai  aniya thandava,

Uriyeri kalavaadai thozhar oodu unakku yenakken tindhrava,

Oor ariym munbu annaiyidam  sendru  ondrum  ariyaadu nindrava.


English translation




By what means did you enter my mind and enslaved me,

Along wit flute giving music and ear studs shining,

And with bees moving around due to the taste given by those.




Oh incomparably great one,

Oh magician who danced on the snake,

Did you appear with the worlds in your mouth,

Or being tied to the mortar




My mind is jumping to tell it outside,

I am having desire to tell and to tell,

Seeing your pleasant face, my shyness,

Is pushing me like a flower on to your feet.


From now , I do not have any world except you, Oh Venkadava,

Oh dancer who kept on your head the feather of peacock,

Oh God who along with friends who stole the butter,

From the rope stand and fought within yourselves,

And before any one knew it went and stood with your mother,

As if you do not know anything at all.