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Illai, illai amma



Oothkadu Venkade Subba Iyer

Translated by


(This song is the reply by Lord Krishna to the accusations made by the Gopis in the sing “Thaye Yasoda”)


Raga Mohanam





Illai, illai ,amma

Ithanai per solvadellam  athanayum poyye



Thollai ivvargalukku chonnar , innavargal yarum,

Thunivaaga poyyai chaonnar, aanalum kelum,

Allai ninra thozhargalai kettu parum-kettu,

Aana pinnar  dandanigal vena vari tharum



1.Naalu pergal ketka cholla naanam aguthendrar, antha,

Nangayar  perum kootathil cholli nindrar,

Malayittavan pol vayil mutham itten  enrar, antha,

Vazhakkam ariveno Amma, varthyai nambathe chumma


2.Virunthinar vayil poosa vennai kaanuma,

Venni poosum varai  avar thoonga venuma,

Marunthukkum pagalil neyyum vadiyuma-intha,

Vaarthayinai kettu  neeyum nambalaguma


3.Thannillam marantha antha pennai kelu, , etho,

Dayaval  konanthu viiten antha naalum,

Indru ithai maranthu inge vandu chonnalum,

Yen antha pennai kooti vara kanum athai kelum.


4.Pillai killi viten endru chonnar andha paavai,

Venum endral nandrai parum yen kayyai,

Ulla nagam ondru  kooda kayil illai,

Unmai endru nambiinaalo ondrum illai Amma


5.Aarum illa neram parthu innarin veetu,

Amme amme endru kathum kural kettu  , antha

Kaarilam kandru ootta  thavippathai parthu,

Kandrukku koduthenmma , kathayai nambbathe summa


6.Vaayil vennai vaithindal pesa varuma , antha,

Vazhakkam meyyal runthal kovam varuma,

Thaayana unnidam  vanthu solla venuma,

Thavam seythum ivarukku pen illai poduma?


7. Aadina panthai olithu allal cheythaar,

Ariyene endru sathiyam cheythaar,

Thedina pandulku  sari vennai tharum endren , athaith

Thiruttu thanam endru choilli  karuthai maraithare thalli


8.Athai veetu vazhi ketten , athu anaithum mey thaan,

AAthan karai vazhi ketten , athanayum mey thaan , nillaa,

Muthathukku vazhi ketten, Amma aanal ival,

Muthathukku  endru sonnal , Chithathukkul enna thano?


English Translation




No, no, Mummy,

All that these people have told is a lie.




They said that there was trouble for them but,

All of them are lying with courage, but any way listen,

Please enquire with my friends, who stood there,

And if found true, give me all punishments that you want




1. They told they felt shy to tell before four people,

But those girls have told it now before a crowd,

They told that I kissed them in the mouth like a husband,

Please tell mother whether I know about this rule,

And Oh mother do not believe them just like that.


2. Would there be butter to apply in the mouth of guests,

Would the guests sleep till butter is applied,

Would the ghee drop from the moth during day time,

Should you believe in these words?

3.Please ask the girl who forgot herself ,

For obscure mercy I brought her here on that day

Today though she tells here forgetting that,

Why she did not bring the girl with her. Ask?


4.They told that I have pinched a baby,

If you want please examine my hands,

None of my fingers have nails,

If you believe it is true, there is nothing there mummy


5.Seeing that nobody is there in that person’s house,

And hearing the sound “Amme, Amme”  and seeing,

That little calf was having trouble to feed,

I  gave milk to that calf, Please do not believe their story.


6.If we keep the butter in our mouth, would be able to talk?

If that is a practice , would one get angry,

Should this be told to you who is a mother,

And you know , in spite of penance , they do not have a daughter?


7.She hid the ball that I was playing and troubled me,

She hid it and took an oath she does not know,

I ask her equivalent butter for the ball and she,

Told that it is theft and hid its meaning , mother.


8.I did ask way for aunt’s house, that is true,

I asked way to the river bank, that is true,

I asked way to moon light court yard*, But she is,

Telling that is for kissing, Mother I do not know hat is in her mind?

    *Court yard in Tamil  is mutram and kiss in mutham