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Krishna nee Begane Baro




Sage Vyasaraya

( He is a great saint belonging to the Dvaitha school of philosophy  and lived between 1460 and 1539. )


Translated by




Raga Yaman Kalyani

Tala Chapu




Krishna nee begane baro




Begane baro, Mukhavannu toro




1.Kallal andhige  gejje  nilada baavuli.

Neelavarnane , natya madutha baro


2.Odiyalli odi gejje , beralalli oongura,

Koralalli  haakitha vaijayanthi male

3.Kasi peethambara kaiyalli kolalu,

Pooshitharigandha  mayyallo lagamma


4. Taayige baayalli jagavannu toritha

Jagadodharaka  namma udupi Sri Krishna

English translation




Krishna, you please come quickly




Come quickly and show your face



1.With anklets in the leg and  blue gem studded bangles in the hand,

Oh blue coloured one , come dancing to me.


2.In the hips you wear belt with bells, rings on your fingers,

And the garland of Vaijayanthi on your neck, please come.


3.Adorned with yellow silk of Benares with flute in your hand,

And with sandal paste applied all over body.


4. You who showed the universe in your mouth to your mother,

Oh God who carried the earth, Oh Our God Udupi Sri Krishna