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Nallam Vaa thava naya vachanam



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Naalam vaa tava naya vachanam

Chelam tyajate chethi bhavaami


1.Chalachala mamanam saskata ne kim

Kulisha hridaya bahuguna vibhavaa

Pulakita tanu sambhrita vedanaya

Malinam vahaami madham tyajami        


2.Bhajabhajate Priya bhaamam satatam

Sujana stvam nija sukhanilaya

Bhuja rekhaa rathi bhoga bhavasi kim

Vijayeebhavaa mad vidhim vadaami        

3..Nayana yama manu nayana vidhante

Priya kaantaayam prema bhavam

Bhaya hara Venkata pathe tvam

Madvilo bhavasi shobhitaa bhavaami    


English Translation


I am sure that  your guiding  words  are sufficient

For by sacrificing  all undesirable things, one would become great.


1.Has not my listless mind become more stronger,

For is not a  heart of a noble man , a feast of  all good things,

And the pain which we get in the mind when we get overjoyed

Would carry away the dirt and sacrifice  of exuberance                


2.I sing and  again sing  always about your darling Bhama,

So that I would be able to control my fate,

Since you are a very noble one , Oh Victorious one,

And  have  attained pleasure by making passionate love with her

3.Her leading  eye  would shake your eye,

As  you have  attitude of love to your darling wife.

Please destroy my  fear , oh Lord of Venkata

And make me shining, as I am attracted by you.