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Vara Veena Mrudu pani




Appayya Deekshithar


Translated by




Raga Mohanam

Thala Roopakam




Vara Veena mrudu paa ni

Vana ruha lochana ranee,

Suruchira bhambara veni

Suru nutha kalyani,

Nirupama subha guna lolaa,

Niratha jaya pradha sheela,

Varada Priya ranga nayaki,

Vanchitha phala dhayaki,

Sarasijasana Janani,

Jaya jaya jaya


English translation


She who has the blessed Veena in her soft hands,

Who is the queen with lotus like eyes,

Who has the very tasteful Goddess with bee like braids,

Who is the does only good and is  praised by devas,

Who is the matchless lady with good character,

Who is the Ranga Nayaki who is liked by Varadaraja,

Who blesses every one with fulfillment of their desires,

And who is the mother of Lord Brahma who sits on a lotus

Victory, Victory, Victory.



Notation available here at Shivkumar Kalyanaraman's Krithi Archive.

Meaning: from "Perfecting Carnatic Music" by N.Ravikiran
The geetham is in praise of the Goddess Devi. According to a book on Geethams, it addresses the one who has the great veena, has soft hands, has lotus-petal shaped eyes, queen of Paramatma, has a braid as beautiful as the bees, the one praised by the Devas, has a beautiful form, the one who shines with unparalleled good qualities, giver of victory, granter of wishes and the wife of Ranganathan, giver of strength and mother of Brahma.