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Anandam, Anandam , Anandame


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(This song is a song which can be sung any time during the marriage.)



Raga Bhairavi

Thala aadhi





Anandam, Anandam , Anandame

Paramanandam Anandam, Anandame




Sri Ramanum Mana magan aanaare,

Namma Janaki Mana magal aanale,

Vandavarkum parthavarkkum Anandam,

Seethaikkum Ramanukkum Aanandam,

Naam cheytha pooja phalavum,

Indru palithathamma.


English translation




Joy, joy and only joy

Divine Joy , joy and only joy.




Sri Rama became a bride groom,

Our Sita has  become his bride,

For those who have come and,

To those who have seen there is joy,

Joy for Sita as well as Rama,

And today we have attained,

The fruits of all our worship.