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Malai chathinaal Kodhai


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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom exchange garlands for the first time. )






Malai Chatthinal, Kothai , Malai Matthinal,




1.Maladainthu Mashila Rangan

Malayavar than marbile, maiyal aai,

Thaiyalal Malarkarathinal Poo


2.Rangarajanai, Anbar thangal nesanai,

Asi koori, bhoosurargal -pesi miga vazhthida,

Anbudan- Inbamai,

Andal karathinal Poo


English translation




Flower garland put on his neck, Kothai

Flower garland exchanged from him, Kothai




1.On him who is lord Vishnu,

On him who is the spotless Ranga,

The winsome lady,

With her flower like hands,

With love filling her heart,


2.When the friends and priests,

Praised and blessed him who is God,

With love and with joy,

With her holy hands