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Manmathanukku Malai ittaye


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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom exchange garlands for the first time. )





Manmathanukku Malai ittaye





1.Manmathanukku Malai ittaye,

Mathe manmathanukku Malai ittaye,

Adi Mathe manmathanukku malai ittaye,

Janmam adhil sukithu Neeradi



2.Manmathanukku malai ittu,

Malai thanai kai pidithu,

Kanaka nonbu nothathu pol,

Kidaithathu Bhagyamadi



3.Chen thazhai Odayile ,

Mandharai pothadu pol,

Indirano , Chandirano ,

Sundarano, avar thanadi


English translation




You have married* the  God of love

     *literally “put the garland on”



1.You have married the God o love,

Lass, you have married the God of love ,

Hey lass, you have married the God of love ,

And you have plunged in to happiness by that.


2.By Marrying the God of love ,

By holding the garland in your hand,

Which is similar to the penance of Gold ,

You have attained great luck.


3.Like the pretty Mandara flower blooming

In the stream with pandanus on both sides,

He is Devendra, the moon as we ll as the pretty one.