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Rathna mani mandapathil


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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom swing for the first time on a decorated swing. )



Ragam Bhairavi

Thalam Ekam




Aadeer oonjal




1.Rathna mani mandapathil , Nalla muthaal alangarithu,

Nava rathnathal izhaitha, Kalgal naati,

Vajra vaidooryathal, palagai cherthu,

Gomedhaga Pushpa raga  Kodungai pooti


2. Gandasaram Makara Gandi padakkam minna,

Kathu thodu kamala saram Palapalanna,

Endisayum pugazh padathil chilambu konja,

Yervayulla  DEviyudane aadeer oonjal





Swing in the swing




1.In the stage built of gem stones,

Decorated  by best quality pearls,

With pillars made  fully of nine precious gems,

With plank made of Diamond and Vaidoorya,

With the hooks made of Gomedhaga and Pushpa Raga.


2. Wearing necklaces  and with shining pendant,

Made in the form of fish , with ear drops,

And lotus garlands  shining greatly,

And the anklets chiming on his feet,

Which are famous in all eight directions,

Swing along with the Goddess who is great.