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Kannunjal aadugindral


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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom swing for the first time on a decorated swing. )




Kannunjal adugindral




1.Kannunjal Aadugindral ,

Mana Magizhndaal

Kanchana malai mana magizhundaal,


2.Ponnunjalil poorithu bhooshangal tharithu,

Easwaranaridathil aasaigal pala vaithu,


3.Uthama kumari , nithya sarvalangari,

Bhakthargal papa samhari,

Padma muga oyyari


4,Asaindu sangiliyadiusandu oorvasi pada,

Isaindhu thalangal poda,

Meenakshi pariyaal kondada.


English translation




She is swinging for the first time




1.She is swinging for the first time,

Her mind is extremely pleased,

Kanana Malaiís mind is well pleased.


2. Becoming happy sitting on the golden swing,

Wearing several ornaments ,keeping lot of desires,

On the great God , she is swinging for the first time.


3.4.Making the chains move due to her movements,

With Urvasi the divine maiden singing,

And all well pleased people keeping beats ,

And With Meenakshi celebrating the occasion,