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Rathna Oonjalil


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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom swing for the first time on a decorated swing. )





Rathna oonjalil aadinaal




1.Rathna oonjalil aadinal,

Padmasuthanai padinaal,

Muthu sarangal kulungida,

Rathna malai asaindhida,

Chuthilum sagigal vilangida,

Methavum Madhurambikai


2.Madhi mukham manda hasamai,

Mannan idathil nesamay,

Bhaskaran pugazh prakasamay,

Para devathai ullasamay


English translation




She swung in the gem studded swing




1.She swung in the gem studded swing,

She sang about the son of the lotus flower,

With her pearl necklaces swinging here and there,

With friends surrounding on all sides,

The Very sweet Goddess.


2. With a gentle smile her moon like face,

With lot of love towards her king,

Whose fame shines like a Sun,

Swung the very happy divine goddess  .