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Nalangida Varum Raja


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(These are sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice.)




Nalangida Varum Raja




1.Nalangida varum Raja,

Nanayam ulla duraye,

Muthizhaitha pandalile,

Rathina komattikku,

Vanda janam kathirukka ,

Varum ayya nalangidave.


2.Pattu Jamakkala methai ,

Pandalile virithirukku,

Nalu vidha vathiyangalum ,

Naggarigamy olikka


3.Yenda ooru, yenda desam,

Yengirundu vandheer,

Mohana param thanile,

Mohiniyai kana vandhen.




Oh King , come  to decorate your darling




1.Oh King , come to decorate your darling,

Oh Lord who is very honest,

Come to this stage decorated with gems,

For decorating your lady who is like pearl,

For all the invitees are waiting,

And so Sir, come to decorate your darling.


2.Silk has been spread over the cushion,

In the stage  which has been made for this,

With the eighteen type of musical accompaniments,

Which are played in civilized manner


3. Where from are you , from which country,

Where from have you come?

Due to being attracted in the pretty world,

I have come here to see the bewitcher.