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Varum , Varum Nalangida


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(These are sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice.)





Varum, Varum Nalangu ida




1.. Vaarum, Vaarum Nalangida, Sri Vamana Avaatharare,

Theerum, Theerum, En Kavalai ,Theertha Ramachandrare,

Azhi Pettha Kayyile- Kanayazhi Modiram Minnave,

Thozhimarudan Koodi- thottathil Vilayadave


2.Atchudanada Moorthiye- Pachai Kavacham Podave.

Atchutarum Lakshmiyum, Ichai udane Koodiye.


English Translation




Please come , come to put Nalangu




1.Please come, please come for putting Nalangu,

He who was born as Vamana,

Put an end, put an end,

To all my worries, Hey Ramachandra.

In the hand that was born to the sea,

The Lustrous ring sparkling bright,

Please come to make merry,

In the garden beautiful,

With my lovely friends all around.


2.Hey God who is Achuytha,

For wearing the shirt of green,

Come with Lakshmi and Achutha,

With lovelorn face.