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Yengal Sambandi


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(These are  called Pathiyams and are againb sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would  try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)





Yengal Sambandi




1.Yengal Sambandi,

Sappidave Mattal.

Vegu Sangojakkari

Idliyile  iru nooru

Thayir Vadayile inooru



Kai Murukkum Boondhi Laddum,

Then kuzhalum,

Vida Vidamaga ,

Oru Kai Parapal



2.Amerikka Badam,

Arabia Pereechai,

Irakkin Pistaa,

Kashmir Akroot,

Kumkuma poo potta,

Karkandu Palai,

Kudam Kudamaga ,

Kudithe Theerpal


English translation




Our daughter’s mother in law





1.Our daughter’s mother in law,

Never takes food, never—

If it is Idlis , she takes but two hundred,

If it is Thair Vadai she takes only five hundred,

She also takes ,

Varieties and Varieties ,

Of Puliyodarai, Ven Pongal,

Kai Murukku, Boondhi , laddu,

And honey kuzhal lots and lot ,


2.She only drinks , poor lady pots and pots of milk,

If mixed nicely  with crystal sugar,

With  Almonds from America

With  dates from Arabia

With Pisthas,from Iran,

With Akroot from Kashmir,

Along with Saffron .