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Yen prana rajare



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(These are  called Pathiyams and are again sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would  try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)



Ragam Aananda Bhairavi

Thala aadhi




1,Yen Prana Rajare , eerezhu ulaga vasare,

Manaivi naan chollum mozhiyai magizhndu kelum


2. Pathiyai deivam yendre enni , bhakthiyai poojai panni,

Nithiyamum naan ummai sevikka vendum


3.Kodi Manmatha roopa , koodi yennal aana mattum,

Nadiye pani vidai naan nadathugiren.


4.Adhile chila apacharam  aayiram naan cheythalum,

Upacharamagave  thaam grahithu


5.Kuthrangal naan yethanai cheytha pothum,

Chithathil vaikamal kshamithu kaarum,

Prana Saka pole yennai anaithu kollum.



English Translation


1.The king of my soul , who lives in all fourteen worlds,

Please hear with joy the words told by me who is your wife.


2,It is necessary that  I should think that my husband is my god,

Worship you with devotion  and serve you well daily.


3. Oh darling who is like billions of love Gods,

I would try to serve you to the best possible extent.


4.In that that I would cause thousands of short comings,

But please understand them as good things done.


5, Even if I do  many, many  wrong things,

Please pardon me by your mind and look after me,

And come and hug me like the very dearest friend.