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Kanmani Rugmani


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(These are  called Pathiyams and are again sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would  try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)



Raga Ananda Bhairavi

Thala Aadhi




1.Kanmani Rugmani , yennudaya bhooshani,

Kanaka Oyyari  nee Kamala vadhani


2.Minnal oli pondra nee vinnor paniyum nee,

Vilangave ulagathil vandhavalum nee.


3.Swarna prathimai , jyothi maya roopiniyum nee

Prasanna vadium nee , por kodiyum nee


4.Kannal karumbum nee, Karkandy rasavum nee,

Unnathanamaathoru  utha then nee


5. Chennel vilayndhidum  sukha vasi neeye,

Singamanathor , vachani neeye,

Karunai kadal pondra gunavum neeye

Kalyana guna seela vadani Vaaray.


English translation


1. Darling Rukmani, who is an ornament to me,

Who shines like Gold , you are having a face like lotus


2.You are like the shine of lightning,

You are being saluted by the devas,

And you came to this world to make it great.


3.You are a statue of Gold,

You are the form full of light,

You have pleasing  form,

And you  the golden climber.


4.You are the sweet young sugarcane,

You are the juice of sugar candy,

And you are the very great good honey.


5.You are the pleasure making good rice to grow,

You are  the one who talks dear sweet words of love,

You are the one who is like the sea of mercy,

And Oh come , sweet heart with a good character.