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Malayadwaja suthani


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(These are  called Pathiyams and are again sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would  try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)



Ragam Mohanam

Thalam Aadhi




1.Malaya dwaja suthani mangala mrudu vachani,

Senkamala nayaniye , chelvi kelay


2.Yenneramum yen varthai thavaramale ,

Chonna padi nee nadanthayaanaal


3.Chandiranai kanda sagaram pol pongi naan,

Mathu, vegu sathu  vendru manayil vazhven


4.Deva Rambhayanalum  , thedi yinge vandalum,

Devi  yenakku  aavi yendru thirumbi paaren


5. Chandra kantha mandapa manjathil naadi,

Santhoshamay sarasam cheythu koodi,

Panchavarna kiliye , unnai konji vachanippen.


English translation


1,Daughter of Malaya Dwaja pandya, who talks good things softly,

Oh Girl with red lotus like eyes, Please hear what I say.


2.If at all times you obey my words,

And act according to them


3.Like a sea rising at the sight of moon,

I will always be in the house thinking you are a nice , nice girl


4.Even if the Rambhai of heaven  comes in search of me,

Thinking that you are my soul, I will not look at her


5, I will come to the cot which attracts the moon,

Would merge with you in a sweet fashion,

Oh bird of five colours, I will talk sweet nothings to you.