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Karumbhana mozhi thanile


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(These are called Pathiyams and are again sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)



Folk song



Kummi to be song after Paligai


1.Karumbana mozhi thanile,

Kanakam thedi vaaray penne,

Varuvayodi penne Valli


2.Vagayana thiruthanikku,

Thiruthanikku vandhayana


3.Therumundu thiru nalumundu

Arumundu kulamum undu


4.Angeyoru kovil undu,

Kulikka kolangal undu


5.Kumbittu sevikka servai undu,

Kattilundu methai undu


6.Kaal pidikka thathi undu,

Methai undati penne valli


7.Manmathan pol purushan undu,

Pirithu metha pesarandi


8.Parthayodi pangimarrgal,

Padu than chonna soothugalai


9.Kettayodi thozhimargal,

Kizhhavan chonna soothugalai


10.Parthalum Kizhavanodi

Patharai mathu thangamodi


11.Chonnalum kizhavarodi,

Soothu katha kizhavarodi


12.Annan yendru naan irundhen,

Migavum vithai pesurandi


13.Pattanendru naan irundhen,

Parihasangal pannurandi


14.Aalayadi pillayarai ,

Anu dinamum naan maranthen


15.Pathu masam sumanthu petha,

Parvathiyayum naan maranthen


16.Sandhiyanam naan maranthen

Siva poojaikal naan maranthen,


17.Madhyanan naan maranthen,

Maha poojaikal naan maranthen


18.Thottu thali kattiyathoru,

Deivayanayum naan maranthen


19.Unnale ponne valli,

Ulagamengum thedi vanthen


20.Kadu vetti kal porukki,

Kanakamengum chuthi vandhen


21.Modu vetti mul porukki,

Bhuvanamengum chuthi vandhen


22.Aalolam yenbal valli,

Arai nodiyil kadhir odippal


23.Kololum yenbal valli,

Oru nodiyil kadir odippal


24.Odicha kadirayellam,

Ullam kaallal thoothi vital,

Kathu Vakkinele Thothi vital


25.Kalle noralakki,

Kaleppen olakke chathi,


26.Annarukke ezhu urundai

Azhagaka urutti vecha


27.Micha mirundha mavayellam,

Velavarukke thaan thantha,



English Translation


1. In the words as sweet as sugarcane,

Oh girl , come in search of gold,

Will you come Oh girl , Valli


2.To the famous Thiruthani,

If you come to Thiruthani


3.Chariots are there , festivals are there,

River is there , ponds are there


4.There is one temple there,

There are bathing tanks there


5,For saluting and worshipping, God is there,

There are cots, there are beds


6.To massage the legs there are maids,

And there are soft cushions there , Oh Girl


7.There is a man who is like a god of love,

And he talks a lot in a confusing way


8. Have you heard the words of your friends,

About the acts of deception of him.


9.Have you heard from your friends,

The lies told by that old man


10.Does he look like an oldie,

He is the high quality gold.


11. Even if he tell is he an old man,

Is he an oldie who has learned deception


12.I was existing as my elder brother,

Tells he in a confusing manner


13. I was existing as a grandpa,

And then he makes fun of us.


14, I daily forgot the existence,

Of Lord Ganesa below the banyan tree


15. I forgot Goddess Parvathi,

Who gave birth to me after carrying for ten months.


16. I forgot my ablations at dawn ,

I forgot to worship Lord Shiva.


17.I forgot my noon ablations,

And I also forgot all great worships.


18 I also forgot Deivayanani,

Whom I wedded by tying a Thali.


19.Due to you, Oh Girl Valli,

I have searched the whole world.


20. I had cleared forests , removed stones,

And went on searching all forests.


21. I cut the hills , cleared thorns,

And made a round of the whole world.


22. Valli will shout Alolam,

And she will cut the ears of grain within a second.


23. Valli will shout kololam,

And she will cut the ears of grain in a second.


24. All the harvested ears,

She ground with her legs,

And winnowed it before the wind.


25.She will make a stone in to a mortar,

And hit it with the pestle


26. She cooked it and made,

In to seven balls for the God Ganesa himself.


27.And all that is left over,

She gave it to Lord Subramanya.