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Bhaja Mana Shankara Bhola Natha

(Oh mind sing about Bhola Nath who is Shankara)

Ragam  :               Sohini/ Hamsanandi                                        Thalam    :            Theen


Composed by


Professer B. Ramamoorthy Rao


Translated by







Bhaja Mana Shankara Bhola natha

Ekahi lota Bhar Jal Chahi               

Chavalu Bhelki Haath                                                                                                      (Bhaja)


Oh mind sing about, Bhola Nath who is Shankara,

Only one small pot full of water is needed,

And one handful of rice and Dhal




Ardhangi gauri Jatamey Ganga

Ardha Chandra Dhara Shiva Bhairagi

Hara thripuranthaka Giri Kanya pathi

Mahima Bharanatha Bhola Natha                                                                             (Bhaja)


Gauri occupying half his body and Ganga occupying his tuft,

The Shiva is a medicant who is wearing  a half moon,

The destroyer of the three cities ,

The husband of the daughter of mountain,

The Bhola Nath whose power is completely filled.




Badey Vyagnrmbara Sahi Vishvambara

Trishoola damaru Peharatha Hatha

Anga Vibhootha Smashanumey keelatha

Nadha Brahmma Shiva Krishna Dasa Natha                                                          (Bhaja)


Wears hide of a big tiger but really clothed in universe,

Decorating his hand are the trident and the drum,

Applying ash on his body and living in a cremation ground,

Krisna dasa’s Lord  is Shiva , the lord of music.