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Sharade Saraschandra Vadane

(Sharada who has the face of the autumn moon)

Ragam :           Hindol                                                  Thalam    :       Adhi


Composed  by


Professor B. Ramamoorthy Rao


Translated by







Sharade saraschandra vadane

Neerajasanadhi sakala devanutha

Suramuni thumburu narada ganaprasanne                                       (Sharade)


Sharada who has the face of the autumn moon,

Sits on the seat of lotus and is praised by all devas,

And she enjoys the music of divine sages Thumburu and Narada.




Sarasija samavadane

Chathur veda sangamam

Samaveda sama sangamam

Sapthaswara mandalam

Swara sangamam                                                                                           (Sharade)


The goddess having a lotus like peaceful face,

Who is the merging of all four Vedas,

Who is the merger equal to Sama Veda,

Who is the orbit of the seven notes,

And She is merger of all swaras.




Sumadura raga malika

Navaraga booshitha navarathna malika

Navarathri poojitham navaraga krutha

Krishnadasa jana ranjitham

Manoranjitham sura gana poojitham veena gana manditham         (Sharade)



She is the sweet mixture of several ragas,

She is decorated by new ragas ,

Wears a garland of nine types of gems,

She is worshipped during Navarathri,

She makes happy the people of Krishnadasa,

Who has composed songs in new ragas,

Which pleases the mind,

She is worshipped by the devas,

And is full of the music emanating from the Veena.