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Manasa Pooja Karnarey

(Hey, you have to worship with your mind)


Composed by

Prof B.Ramamurthy Rao


Translated by




Ragam  :               Darbari Kanada                                                 Thalam    :            Adhi




Manasa pooja karnarey manva

Antharayami paramathmako                                                                                      (Manasa)


Hey Man, You have to worship with your mind,

The divine soul who is well within you.




Thanu manu dhanu sabu arapanu karumanu

Dhan daulath bandhu na avey antha kalame                                                       (Manasa)


Oh Man, you offer to him the body, the mind and all others,

For wealth, property and relation, do not come with you at the last moment.




Ramavatharmey mahima dikaya

Krishnavatharmey leela dhikaya

Ramayanmey bhakthi sikaya

Geetha sarame mukthi marga dikaya

Sri krishnadasko darshan paya                                                                                   (Manasa)



You showed your power in the incarnation of Rama,

You showed your sports in incarnation of Krishna,

In Ramayana you taught us devotion,

In the summary of Gita, you showed us the way to salvation,

And Krishna dasa got to see you.