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Gana Nadha



Gopalakrishna Bharathi


Translated by



Ragam  MOhanam

Thalam  Aadhi



Gana Nadha saranam,  kathu arul,

Gana Nadha saranam



Bana mar chedan thangiya  paar meedinile,

Gunamar Nandan  charithiram  koora krupai kkan parum



Chollum pranava moolaa, thooya vedantha  nadha,

Thulangu munivar  manathugal  aruthu arul bodha,

Nalla modhaka  mudhal  nadi nugar vinodha,

Nayen chollum thamizhai  nadi rakshikkum nada


English translation



I surrender to the chief of Ganas  with a request,

Please protect me and shower your grace,

I surrender to the chief of Ganas



In this earth which is lifted by the great Aadhi sesha,

Please shower your merciful look,

So that I can sing the story of Nandan



He who is the foundation of  the word Pranava,

He who is the Lord  of pure philosophy,

He who is the teacher who cuts off attachments,

In the minds of the  well known sages,

He who searches  for and enjoys  good Modhakas,

He who is the lord who protects the Tamil verses,

Written by me who is inferior to  even a dog.