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Kai vidal aagathu



Gopala Krishna Bharathi


Translated by



Ragam  Malahari

Thalam Roopakam



Kai vidal aagathu, Kama Dhenu allavo



Mey vidum pothu nere vandhu, thillai,

Veliyayai  katti nalla vazhiyil  cherum yennai



Aadhi anthamillatha un perumai,

Aararinthu  thuthi cheyya vallavar,

Jothi ma marayum kanda Thillai endru,

Cholla kettathum illaya,

Naadhane un padha kamalangalai,

Nambi vandhavar  bandam  theerave,

Kaadhalodum Gopalakrishnan,

Kaviku arul purintha Natarajane yennai


English translation



Since you are the wish giving cow , please do not leave me out



When I am leaving my body , come personally ,

Show me the  temple of Chidambaram,

And do not leave me,  who am following  a good path



Your greatness has no end or beginning.

And who can know you and sing your praises,

And have we not heard that this  Chidambaram,

Is the light which even the great Vedas have not seen,

And Oh Lord , to   those who have come believing in ,

Your lotus like feet  , cut off their attachments,

And  Oh Nataraja,  you who have with love  helped the poet Gopalakrishnan,

Please  do not leave me out.