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Chidambarame Mukthi padaham tharume



Neelakanta Sivan


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(Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis,  very many people do not know about him.  His Disciple Papanasam Sivan  is however well known.  http://www.carnaticcorner.com/articles/nilakanta_sivan.html  as well as http://www.carnatica.net/neelakantasivan.htm give a very detailed account of this composer  and his Krithis. Though he is said have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.)



Ragam Balahamsa

Thalam Aadhi



Chidambarame Mukthi padaham tharume



 Nitham  Shivakami  kana Padham  jalithu aadumana



1.Ari ayanum  kondada , iru munivar koothada,

Peru marai nangum viri chadai aada aadum


2. aadhi anthamil  eka jothi sabhayil  yoga,

Bodha roopan  vaibhoga  ma thidamaka  aadum


3.  Aru uru vay kanda peruman , nadanam konda ,

Peru vala amuthu munda , thiru neelakandanadum


English translation



Chidambaram would give you state of salvation



Daily dancing with movement of feet , with Shivakami witnessing it



1.The dance  which is praised by Vishnu and Brahma,

With two  great sages  dancing together ,

With  the  great four Vedas  dancing with the opened tuft shaking


2.The dance With no beginning or end , in the only  stage lit by light,

Danced  by the God who knows all dances  with festivities


3.The dance  danced by the God who was seen as the rare divine form,

Danced by Neelakanta who swallowed  Ala kala poison in large quantities