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Dinamum ninai maname Neelakandanai



Neelakanta Sivan


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(Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis,  very many people do not know about him.  His Disciple Papanasam Sivan  is however well known.  http://www.carnaticcorner.com/articles/nilakanta_sivan.html  as well as http://www.carnatica.net/neelakantasivan.htm give a very detailed account of this composer  and his Krithis. Though he is said have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.)



Ragam   Sourashtram

Thalam  Mishra Chapu



Dinamum ninai maname Neelakantanai

Dinavum ninai maname



Dinamum ninai maname , unathu ullathu irul pome,

Cheytha pavam  agalume , poyyalla  vidhu meyyame




Yengu naam poyinum , avar angellam kooda varuvar,

Yenda apathu vandalum , vandu adanai neekiduvar,

Mangalam yendru udavi  manthinil kudi kollvar,

Maya irulai  ozhithu , Jnana oliyai tharuvar


English translation



Oh mind daily meditate on Lord Neelakanta,

Oh mind , daily meditate



Oh mind  if you daily meditate, the darkness of your mind will vanish,

The sin that you have committed would go away, this is not a lie but truth



Wherever we go, he will follow us there,

Whatever danger comes to us, he will come and remove it

He would say auspiciousness and live in our mind,

He would remove darkness of illusion  and give us the light of wisdom