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Saranam , saranam Gomathi Sankari



Neelakanda Sivan


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(Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis,  very many people do not know about him.  His Disciple Papanasam Sivan  is however well known.  http://www.carnaticcorner.com/articles/nilakanta_sivan.html  as well as http://www.carnatica.net/neelakantasivan.htm give a very detailed account of this composer  and his Krithis. Though he is said have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.)



Ragam  Saveri

Thalam  Misra Chapu



Saranam , saranam Gomathi  Sankari , neeye,

Saranam , saranam Gomathi



Karunai puriya  ithu tharuname, nee yallaathu,

Gathi  ariyen , ila mathi nuthal  sivaye



Aadhi moola prakruthiye  anadhi Veda,Tharum  porut siva nidhiye,

Needhi  suka roopini, nithyananda poorani,

Nin perumai  peru thanbar thozhundhiru,

Neelakandar jaaye , palanam cheyvaye.



English translation



You surrender, surrender  to Gomathi Sankari

Surrender, Surrender to Gomathi



This is the proper time to show mercy ,

As I do not know any other way except you,

Oh Parvathi with a crescent shaped forehead



Oh primeval basic form of nature, Oh Siva treasure ,

Which is given by the beginning less Vedas,

Oh Goddess  of the  form of the very just parrot,

Oh Goddess  full of perennial joy,

Oh wife of Neelakanta , your greatness

Lies  in the  salute by your devotees,

Please look after me.