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Yen indha thamadham Meenakshi




Neelakanta sivan


(Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis,very many people do not know about him.His Disciple Papanasam Sivanis however well known.http://www.carnaticcorner.com/articles/nilakanta_sivan.htmlas well as http://www.carnatica.net/neelakantasivan.htm give a very detailed account of this composerand his Krithis. Though he is said have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.)







Yen indhathamatham Meenakshi , manam,

Irangivandhuthanthu arum thiru kakshi



Nee ninainthalnadavathathum undo,

Nithya Kalyani , yen pethavalekandayi



Sodhanaiyam yendralumnaan manam porukken,

Thurumbenathallinalumini unai verukken,

Nee thanaiaalavayil Neelakandanai mevi,

Niranthara arul purinthu yethum tharum para devi.


English translation



Why this delay Meenakshi , please come,

Take mercyand show meyour divine form.



Is there anything which will not happen as per your wish,

Oh forever holy one, oh my mother , canít you see



Even if it is a test , I cannotcontrol my mind,

Even if you forsake me like a dried grass , I will not hate you,

Oh Goddess, you who have depended on God of Madhurai,

Oh great goddess, please showerand fulfill all my wishes.