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Alla, Alla, Alla



Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar


(This is possibly the only  song written by Bharathiyar on Alla)


Translated by







Alla, Alla, Alla



1Pallayiram pallayiram koti koti andangal,

Yella disayilu  morellai yilla veli vanile,

Nillaithu chuzhandroda  niyamam cheytharul nayagan,

Sollalum  manathalum thodar onaatha perum jothi


2. Kallathavarayinum  unmai sollathavarayinum ,

Pollathavarayinum , thava millathavarasyinum,

Nallar urai  neethiyin padi nillathavarayinum ,

Yellarum  vandethu malavil  yama bhayam keda cheybhavan.


English Translation



Alla, Alla, Alla



1.He is That Lord   who made  rules  so that

In the space without any boundaries on all sides ,

Billions, billions and trillions of globes,

Stand   , rotate and travel ,and he is,

The great light who cannot be touched by words or the mind.


2. He removes the fear of death from,

The uneducated, those who do not tell the truth,

Those who are very bad people, those who do not do penance,

And those who do not follow the laws as said by good people,

As soon as they come out  and worship him.