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Desa Muthu Mari



Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar


Translated by



Ragam Kavadi Chinthu


1.Thedi yunai saran adainthen , desa Muthu mari,

Kedadanai neekiduvai, Ketta varam tharuvai.


2.Padi  yunnai saranadainthan, pasamellam kalaivai,

Koti nalam cheythiduvai, kuraigal yellam theerpai


3.Yeppozhudum kavalayile inangi nirpaan Pavi,

Oppinatheval  Cheyven , unathu arulaal vaazhven


4.Sakthi yendru neramellam  Thamizh kavithai paadi,

Bhakthiyudan  potthi nindraal Bhayamanaithum theerum.


5.Aadaram Shakthi yendru  aru maraigal koorum,

Yaadanum thozhil purivom , yathum aval thozhilaam.


6.THunbame iyankkai yenum  chollai maranthiduvom,

Inbame vendi nirpom, yavum aval tharuvaal.


7.Nambinor keduvathillai, Naangu marai theerpu,

Ambikayai  saran pugindhaal, adhika varam peralaam.


English translation


1. I searched and surrendered to you, Oh Muthu Mari,

Please remove all blemishes and give all boons that I ask.


2. I sang and then surrendered to you, remove all attachments,

Please do billions of good things and fulfill all my wants.


3. A sinner would be always drowned  in worries,

I would do all service that I like and live in your grace,


4. All the time if I would sing Tamil poems  calling you Shakthi,

And praise you with devotion, all fears  would  get over.


5. The sacred Vedas say that Shakthi is the basis of all,

We would do some work  for all works  belong to her.


6.We  would forget the saying that It is natural to be sad,

And would request for pleasure  and she will give every thing


7.Those who believe never loose is the Judgment of four Vedas,

And if you surrender to the mother we can get more boons.