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Kannamma en Kadali (Kannamma my sweetheart)

Mahakavi Bharathi 

     Translated by 

(The great poet Bharathi who lived in Tamilnadu wrote lot of poems addressing Kannamma his sweetheart. “Kan” in Tamil means eye and Kannamma is the darling who is as precious as the eye. Possibly this is one of the very romantic poem he wrote. While translating , I have tried to make the poem readable in English) 

Ragam Aabhoghi

Thalam AAdhi

1.Paayum oli nee enakku paarkum vizhi nan unakku
Thoyum madhu nee enakku thumbiy adi nan unakku
Vaayuraikka varuguvathillai vaalinindran menmai yellam
Thuya sudar vaanoliye suraiyamuthe kannamma

I am the rushing light to you, 
And you are the eyes that see for me. 
I am honey that spreads sweetness to you, 
And you are the honey bee to me, 
Words do not form in my mouth, 
To describe all that is good in you, 
And let all that is good in you flourish for ever

2.Veenaiy adi nee enakku mevum viral naan unakku
Poonum vadam nee enakku puthu vairam naan unakku
Kaanumidam thorum nindran kannin oli veesuthadi
Paanudaya perarase vaalvu nilaiye kannamma

Oh my darling Kannamma, 
Who is the shining light of the sky, 
And who is the brimming nectar of the world, 
You are the musical Veena to me, 
And I am  the fingers that play on it to you, 
You are the golden chain that is worn on me, 
And I am  the new dazzling diamond to you, 
Whichever side I see, I see the light of your eyes, 
Oh Kannamma, who is the great kingdom of life, 
And who is the basis of all my living. 

3.vaana mazhai nee enakku vanna mayil nan unakku

baanamadi nee enakku paandamadi nan unakku
nyaana oli veesuthadi nangai nindran jothimugam
uunamaru nallalaghe uuru suvaiye kannamma

You are the rain that pours from the sky to me, 
And I am the pretty coloured peacock to you, 
You are the drink to me, and I am the cup to you, 
Luster of knowledge shines from your shining face, my darling, 
Oh Kannamma, who is a beauty without any  faults
And who is the taste that drips inside  my mouth. 

4.vennilavu nee enakku mevu kadal nan unakku
pannusuthi nee enakku paattinimai nan unakku
enni enni paarthidilor ennamillai ninsuvaikke
kannin mani pondravale kattiyamuthe kannamma

You are the white full moon to me, 
And I am the spreading sea to you, 
You are the beats of the music to me, 
And I am the taste of music to you, 
There is no limit to your taste , my darling, 
Even when I think and think again, 
Oh darling Kannamma, who is like the pretty eye, 
And who is the nectar that is packed, 

5.veesukamal nee enakku viriyumalar nan unakku
pesuporul nee enakku penumozhi nan unakku
nesamulla vaansudare ninnalaghai yethuraippen
aasai madhuve kaniye allu suvaiye Kannamma

You are the breeze that flows to me. 
I am  the flower that opens to you, 
You are the words that I speak to me,. 
And I am the words that ring in your heart to you  , 
How will I describe your beauty, 
Oh my darling , who is the ray of the sky that loves, 
Oh darling Kannamma who is the wine of love 
And who is the endless taste. 


kaathaladi nee enakku gaanthamadi nan unakku
vethamadi nee enakku vithaiyadi nan unakku
pothamutra pothinile pongivarum theenchuvaiye
naathavadivaanavale nalla uyire kannamma

You are the love to me , 
And I am the magnet to you, 
You are the holy books of Veda to me, 
And I am the blissful knowledge to you, 
Oh my darling Kannamma who is  a great soul, 
Whose taste ebbs when I am in passion, 
And who is of the form of music. 

nallavuyir nee enakku naadiyadi nan unakku
selvamadi nee enakku semanithi nan unakku
ellaiyatra peralaghe enggum nirai potchudare
mullai nigar punnagaiyai moothuminbame kannamma

You are my soul Kannamma, 
And I am your heart beat, Kannamma, 
You are like the wealth to me , Kannamma, 
And I am like the fund that is saved to you, 
Oh beauty which can never be measured, 
Oh rays of gold that spreads everywhere, 
Oh darling whose smile is like a blossom of jasmines, 
Oh Kannamma , who is the pleasure that beats like waves.

taaraiyadi nee enakku thanmathiyam nan unakku
veeramadi nee enakku vetriyadi nan unakku
tharaniyil vaanulaghil saarnthirukkum inbamellam
ooruruvamaai samainthai ullamuthe kannamma


You are the twinkling stars to me, 
And I am the cool full moon to you, 
You are the valour to me, 
And I am your victory, 
Oh Kannamma, nectar of my mind, 
You are the sweetness of the entire world and the heaven, 
Rolled in to one person , Oh darling.., mine.