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Kayile pulippathenna-Kanna perumane



Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathi


Translated by



Ragam Maand Bahar


1.Kayile pulippathenna? Kanna Perumane-nee,

Kaniyile inippathenna ? Kanna perumane.


2.Noyile paduppathenna? Kanna Perumane, nee,

Nonbinil uyirppathenna ? Kanna perumane.


3.Kathile kulirnthathenna , Kanna Perumane –nee,

Kanalile chuduvathenna? Kanna Perumane


4.Chethile kuzhambalenna , Kanna Perumane-nee,

Thikkile thelinthathenna , Kanna perumane


5.Yethi ninnai thozhuvathenne? Kanna perumane-nee,

Yeliyar thammai kappathenne? Kanna Perumane


6.Pothinorai kapathenne? Kanna perumane, nee,

Poyyar  thammai mayppathenne? Kanna perumane



Pothi, Pothi, Pothi, Pothi, Kanna Perumane,

Ponnadi pothi nindren , Kanna Perumane


English translation


1.Why are you sour when Unripe, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why are you sweet when ripe, Oh Lord Kanna.


2.Why   do you fall sick and lie down, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why do you get energetic  when doing penance, Oh Lord Kanna


3.Why are you cold at time of wind, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why are  you hot amidst embers , Oh Lord Krishna


4.Why are you slushy in mud, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why are you clear in all directions, Oh Lord Kanna


5.Why do we install and worship you, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why is it that you protect the weak, Oh Lord Kanna

6.Why do you protect those who pray you, Oh Lord Kanna,

Why do you destroy liars, Oh Lord Kanna


Other type

Salutations, salutations, salutations , Oh  Lord Kanna,

I salute your golden feet , Oh Lord Kanna