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Pagaivanukku arulvai



Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiar


Translated by



Ragam  Kanada

Thalam Roopakam



Pagaivanukku arulvai –nannenje,

Pagaivanukku arulvai



1.Pugai naduvile thee iruppathai,

Bhoomiyir kandome, Nannenje,

Bhoomiyir Kandome

Pagai naduvile  anburuvaana nam,

Paraman vazhkinran-Nannanje,

Paraman Vazhkinran.


2.Chippiyile nalla muthu vilainthidum,

Cheythi ariyayo, Nannenje,

Kuppayile malar konjum kurukkathi ,

Kodi valaratho, Nannenje


3.Ulla niraivilor kallam pugunthidil,

Ullam niraivamo-Nannenje,

THelliya thenilor chirithu nanjayum,

Chertha pin thenamo, Nannenje


4.Vazhvai ninaitha pin thazhvai ninaippathu,

Vazhvukku neraamo? Nannenje,

Thazhvu pirarkku yenna , than azhivan yendru,

SAthiram kelayo? Nannenje


5.Porukku vandhu yedhirtha kauravar,

Pola vanthanum avan , Nannenje,

Nerukku archunan  therir kasai kondu,

Nirpathum Kannan andro?Nannanje


6.Thinna varum puli thannayum , anbodu,

Chinthayir pothiduvai, Nannenje,

Annai Parasakthi  av vuruvayinal

Avalai kumbiduvai, Nannenje


English translation



Show kindness to the enemy, Oh good heart,

Show kindness to the enemy.



1.We saw fire in the mid of smoke,

In  this earth, Oh good heart,

Saw in this good earth,

Our God with the form of love,

Lives in side enmity, Oh good heart,

Our God lives.


2.Do’nt you know that  the good pearl,

Is made inside a shell, Oh good heart,

Does not the flowering Kurukathi *,
Grow in the  trash hill -Oh good heart,


3.If deceit enters the contented mind,

Is that heart full , Oh good heart,

If little poison is added to the clear honey,

Will it be still honey, Oh good heart.


4.After thinking of life, if we think of low state,

Is it proper for life, Oh good heart,

If we think of low state for others, Sastras tell,

That we would get destroyed, Oh Good heart


5.He came similar  to the kauravas,

Who came for war, Oh good heart,

 But the one who stood before them,

With a whip  was Lord Krishna, Oh good heart.


6.In  your heart think along with loveabout,

Even the tiger which comes to eat you, Oh good heart,

For our mother the primeval power  took that form,

Worship and salute her, Oh good heart.

           *Neelothphala flower