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Parukkulle nalla Nadu



Mahakavi Bharathiyar


Translated by



Ragam  Hindusthani THodi/Valaj/Jonpuri

Thalam  AAdi



Parukkulle nalla nadu-yengal,

Bharatha Nadu



1.Jnathile, para monathile –uyar,

Manathile , anna danathile,

Gaanathile, amudhaka niraintha,

Kavithayile uyrar Nadu-Indha


2.Dheerathile . padai veerathile, nenjin

Eerathile, upakarathile,

Sarathile, migu chathiram kandu,

Tharuvathile uyar nadu-indha


3.Nanmayile , udal vanmayile –chelva,

Panmayile, marathanmayile,

Pon mayil othidu mathar tham karpin,

Pugazhinile uyar nadu –indha


4.Aakkathile , thozhil ookathile, puya,

Veekathile, uyar nokkathile,

Kakka thiral konda, mallar tham  senai,

Kadalinile  uyar nadu-indha


5.Vanmayile , ula thinmayile, Mana

Thanmayile, mathi nunmayile,

Unmayile  thavaraatha  pulavar

Unarvinile uyar Nadu-indha


6.Yagathile , thava vegathile-thani,

Yogathile pala bhogathile,

Aagathile  deiva bhakthi  kondaar tham,

Arulinile  uyar nadu-indha


7.Aathinile  sunai oothinile –thendral,

Kathinile , malai pathinile ,

Yethinile  payan eenthidum  kali,

Inathinile uyar nadu-indha


8.Thottathile , mara koottathile, kani,

EEtathile, payir ootathile,

Thothathile  adangatha nidhiyin,

Chirappinile uyar nadu-indha


English translation



Among all countries in the world,

India is the best  country.



1.In wisdom, in divine thought ,

In high respectability , In free supply of food,

In music  and in poem drenched with nectar,

It is the best country.



2.In bravery, in valour, in the wetness ,

Of the mind, in wanting to  help to others,

In meaning of life and in discovering of science,

It is the best country.


3.In goodness , in strength of the body, in plurality,

Of wealth, In the valorous attachments to the country,

And in the virtue of ladies who are like golden peacock,

It is the best country.


4.In income , in encouragement for work, In bodily,

Strength  in high ideals  and in the sea like army,

Of wrestlers capable of protecting the country,

It is the best country.


5.In strength , in greatness of mind, in the state,

Of the mind, in the sharpness of intellect,

In truth  and in the feeling which never fails of the poets,

It is the best country.


6.In fire sacrifices, in the speed of penance ,In the art,

Of Yoga , In great many enjoyments , in mind and body,

In the grace of those who are  devotees of God,

It is the best country.


7.In rivers, in springs of streams, in slow breezes,

In being endowed with mountains, in prayers,

In the  animals which give great production ,

It is the best country.


8.In the garden , in the crowds of trees , in fruit harvest,

In the healthy crops  and in great earnings ,

And in the treasure  which does not get exhausted,

It is the best country.
















Our land, BhArath, is a great country in the world!

In wisdom, composure, dignity, (food) charity, nectar-filled poetry and song, our land has it all.

In courage, martial valor, mercy, mutual help, and resplendent scriptures, our land has it all.

In benevolence, physical strength, abundance of wealth, bravery, and the famed chastity of our women (who are like golden peacocks) our land has it all.

In truth, mental stamina, equanimity, sharpness of intellect and the poets who impregnate the truth in their writings, our land has it all.

 Our land, BhArath, is a great country in the world!