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Saagaa  Varam arulvaai  Rama



Mahakavi  Bharathiyar


Translated by



Ragam Dharmavathi/Varamu

Thalam  AAdhi



Saagaa varum arulvai, Rama,

Chathur marai nadha, Saroja paadhaa



1.Akasa theekaal  neer man,

Athanai bhoothamum  othu niraindhay,

Yekamrutha  magiya nin thaal,

Inai saran yendral, ithu mudiyatha


2.Vakaar thol veera , dheera,

Manmatha roopa, vanavar bhoopaa,

Pakaaar  mozhi  seethayin men thol,

Pazhagiya maarbha, pada malar sarbhaa,


3.Nithyaa , nirmalaa , Ramaa,

Nishkalanga, sarvaadhara,

SAthyaa, sanathanaa, Ramaa

SAranam  saranam , saranamu thaaraa.


English translation



Oh Rama, give me the boon of deathlessness,

Oh Lord of four Vedas who has lotus like feet



1.You  were the complete mixture of the elements,

Sky , fire , wind , water and fire,

And If   we bow before your  feet ,

Which is the unified mixture of all  the nectar,

Will we not be able  to achieve this.


2.Oh valorous one who had great shoulders, Oh brave one,

Oh God with form of God of love, Oh king of devas,

Oh God whose chest  caressed the soft shoulders,

Of Sita whose words were similar to the concentrated jaggery,

Oh God Who depends on his flower like feet.


3.Oh Forever God, Oh pure one , Oh Rama,

Oh God without any dirt  who bears everything.

Oh God who is truth, who is primeval , Oh Rama,

I surrender, surrender , surrender , Oh merciful one.