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Solla vallayo kiliye



Mahakavi  Bharathiar


Translated by



Ragam Raga Malika

Thalam Chathurasra



Solla vallayo kiliye ,

Solla nee vallayo?



Valla Vel murugan thanai –Ingu,

Vandhu kalandhu kulavu endru



1.Thillai ambalathe –nadanam,

Cheyyum amarar piraan –avan,

Chelva thirumaganai –Ingu vandhu,

Chernthu kalanthu magizhnthidu vaa yendru.


2.Alli kulatharuke –oru naal,

Anthi pozhuthunile –angor,

Mullai  chedi yatham par-cheytha vinai,

Muthum maranthida  kathathenne yendru


3.Palai vanathidaye  -thannai kai,

Pathi nadakkayile –than kai,

Velin misayanai –vaithu chonna,

Vindhai mozhikalai  chinthai sey vaa vendru.


English translation



Will you be able to tell bird,

Will you be able to tell



Ask the very able  Muruga himself,

To come and talk with  all of us



1.Ask That darling son of  the divine lord,

Who dances in the temple  at Chidambaram,

To come here , join with us  and become joyous


2.How was it  that he completely  learned  to forget

The deed  done at  dusk , Near  the pond of water lily,

To  the jasmine plant which was there,


3.Ask him to deeply  think about  the wonderful words,

That  he told when he was walking holding my hand,

In the desert after he  took an oath on his Vel.