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Vandhe matharam yenbom



Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar


Translated by



Ragam Nadhanama kriyai/Kanada/amrutha varshini

Thalam Aadhi



Vandhe Matharam enbom –yengal,

Manila thayai vanamguthum enbom



1.Jathi mathangalai paarom-Uyar,

Janmam  iddesathil eithinarayin,

Vedhiyarayinum ondre , andri,

Veru kulathinaraiyinum ondre


2.EEna parayarkalenum –avar,

Emmudan vazhndhu ingiruppavar andro,

Chenatharay viduvaro? Pira,

Desathavar pol  pala thengizhaipparo


3.Aayiram undingu jathi-yenil,

Anniyar vandhu pugal yenna neethi_oar

Thayin vayithil piranthor –thammul,

Chandai cheithalum sahodarar andro?


4.Ondru pattal undu vaazhvu –nammil,

Othumai neengil  anaivarkkum thaazhve,

Nandrithu  thernthidal vendum –indha,

Jnanam vandhar pin nammakku ethu vendum?


5.Eppadam vaythidumenum  nammil,

Yavarkkum  andha nilai podhuvagum,

Muppathu kodiyum vaazhvom-veezhil,

Muppathu kodi muzhuumayum veezhvom.


6.Pulladimai thozhil peni –pandu,

Poyina natkalkkini manam nani ,

Thollai igazhchikal theera- Indha,

Thondu nilamayai  thoo vendru thalli.


English translation



Salute our mother-we will tell and tell ,

We salute the mother who is our country.



1.We will not bother about caste or religion and if,

One takes birth in a higher caste, even if,

He is a Brahmin or any other caste,

We would consider them as not different.


2. If  he is a debased and lowly pariah,

Is he not one who stays with us here?

Would he become a Chinese? Would,

They cause trouble to us like men of other country.


3.There are thousands of castes here but in spiteof it,

How can an outsider come   and teach us justice,

For all those  who are born to the same mother,

Even if they fight with each other , are they not brothers?


4.If we stand united then only we can live, and if,

Unity goes away from us , it is bad for all of us.

This we have to learn  clearly  and once ,

This wisdom comes, what else would we need?


5.Whatever position we get, it would be,

For all of us , for that is common to us,

Either we  as the thirty crores will live or if we fall,

Let all the thirty crores fall.


6.Encouraging the position of slaves, our ,

Olden days passed by and let our mind ,

Become ashamed and let us push out,

This position of bondage for ever.