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Nee Than mechi kola venum



Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer


Translated by



Ragam   : Sri ranjani

Talam   : Adhi



Nee than mechi kola Venum –yengal,

Neela nira meni madhavan  seivadhu ,

Nimisham povadhu  , yugamai aavudhu



Kaathaara kuzhal oodhi , kandrodu vilayadi,

Kan munne  vandhu nindrum aattamum aadi,

Yedhedho jalangal seivadhum , odi odi,

Yezhil uru mangayar manai thannil pugundhu,

Kalavu aadidum yen aaruyir maganai




1.Cheyyum dushta thanathirkku oor yellai ilai,

Thedi pidikka  yennal  shakthiyum illai,

Kayyum kalavumaga  kalamum vallai,

Kalam thavaradhu  kol cholla vandhu nindra ,

Matharukku vidai cholla  neramum illai


2.Katta yenni kayithai  thediyum kanom,

Kaikkana kayir yellam alavaga kanom,

Mattam yena ural odu kattida thondrum- aanal,

Mada mada venumoli  sevi puga vandhaal,

Maruda maram  irandu kanave kanum



English translation



Only you alone have to appreciate our,

Madhava  who has a blue body,

For every minute with him becomes in to eons.



He would with ease would play his flute, play with the calf,

Stand before my eyes and   do various dances,

And do various types of tricks,

And he would run and run  to homes of pretty girls,

And  would steal  there , Only you have to appreciate 

My  darling son



1.There are no limits to the mischief that he does,

And I do not have strength to search and catch him,

Along with things he has stolen, and also the time  has not come,

And nor do have  I time to tell reply  to the ladies,

Who flock to tell  complaints about him.


2.If I decide to tie him then I would not get the rope,

And  the rope would not be sufficient to tie his hand,

Then thinking it is bad , I  would think of tying him with the mortar stone,

And when I hear the noise  of breaking “Mada Mada” ,

I would not be able to find the two Maruda trees.