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Nee Irangayenil

Nee Irangayenil

Papanasam Sivan

Translated by

Ragam attana
Talam aadhi

Nee irangayenil pugal yethu,Amba
Nikhila Jagan nathan Marbil urai

Thai irangavidil chei uyir vaazhumo,
Sakala Uyirkkum nee Thayallavo, amba

Paar kadalil uditha thiru maniye, sou,
Bhagyalakshmi Yennai kadai kanniye,
Naar kaviyum pozhiyum pulavorkkum , mey
Jnaniyakkum Uyarvanavarkkum , Amba

English meaning

Oh mother who stays in the chest of,
The Lord of all places of universe
If you do not take pity on me ,where can I get support.

If theirr mother does not take pity, will the babies survive,
Oh mother are you not mother for all beings.

Oh divine gem who was born out of the ocean of milk,
Oh Bountiful Lakshmi , who takes care by supporting like a chain,,
All the poets who write different types of poems,
As well as those people who have realized the truth.
And to all those people who are great, Oh mother