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Nahi re, nahi re Shankha


Nahi re, nahi re Shankha



 Sadashiva Brahmendra


 Translated by



Ragam Mohanam

 Talam Aadhi




Nahi re, nahi re , shankha, kachith, Nahi re, nahi re.




1.Ajam aksham madvaitham anantham, Dhyaayami brahma param santham.


2.They thyajanthi bahu thara parithaapam, Ye Bhajanthi sachith sukha roopam.


3.Paramahamsa guru bhanitham geetham, Ye Padanthi nigamartha samedham.


 English meaning



There is never any, never even any little doubt, There is never any, never any.



 1.Unborn, everlasting, no second and endless, Is Brahmam and meditating on it gives divine peace.


 2.Those who forsake it would undergo pitiable state, And those who sing about it attain a form of pleasure.


 3.This song made by the teacher of Paramahamsa, Should be read along with knowledge of inner meaning.