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Thathwam ariya tharama



Papanasam Sivan


Translated by



Ragam Reethigowla

Talam AAdhi



Thathuvam ariya tharama-nin,

Muladhara ganapathe surapathe undan



Sathva gunamum , jeeva dhayayum,

Janamum chathum illatha kirathanakku



1.Madhura paripporna modhaka karane,

Maha Vighnavana kutara varane,

Nidhi onbathum anbarkku arul parane,

Nikhila charachara beeja poorane.


2.Mathi shekaran magane , Sumukhane,

Mada Varana Mukhane ,

Sruthimudi unarvadhu chithparane ,

Guha sodarane, Ramadasan unadhu


English translation



Is it possible to understand your philosophy ,

Oh Ganapathi who is my basic support , Oh Lord of devas



To this bad man who does not have even a little of,

Sathva qualities , mercy towards beings and wisdom



1.Oh God with completely sweet modhaka in his hand,

Oh blessed one who is destroyer in the forest of obstacles,

Oh God who gives nine type of treasures to his devotees,

Oh root cause of all moving and non moving beings,


2.Oh Son of Lord who has the moon , Oh pleasant faced one,

Oh Lord with exuberant face of an elephant,

Oh Divine one who is known by the end of Vedas,

Oh Brother of Subrahmanya, Would Ramadasa