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Thilayai kanda pothe





Gopala Krishna  Bharathi


Translated by



Thillayai kanda pothe theliyuthu yen ullamellam,

Palloozhi kalam cheytha paazh vinai therinthu pochu,

Nallarul nadanam kattumnayarul charchabaikkul,

Chelluvaar magimai cheppachedakal aagathandre.


Andru velaka yangiyil  velvikal thodarnthum,

Kundralaa thava  punniya mamalai kuvithum,

Yendrum yerppavarkku theriyum  varuvaarakkana aki,

Mandruladiyimn  paadathil manam kola varumo?


English translation


My mind is becoming clear as soon as I see  Chidambaram,

And I have understood all the sins I committed in various births,

And even Lord Ad hi sesha  would not be able   to describe,

The greatness  of those who go in to  that divine hall ,

Where  He shows  the good   dance   of the Lord.


During those times  Sacrifices were being done in fire,

The  incredible blessings were stacked like mountains ,

And this was known  to those who do it,

But would all those be able to concentrate their mind ,

To  The great dancer   who dances in our mind.