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Vedam padithathum



Gopala  Krishna Bharathi


Translated   by




Vedam padithahum  , chathiram kathathum , meyyil neeru poosuvathum,

AAdhi Chidambara  desikan thiruvadikal aanal  andru aanandam,

Udane tholayum Bala bandham,

Chonnen chonnen chonnen,


Oon urakka mudalakiya  nangum  unde ulagil yavarukkum.

AAnava malathai  neetarkal  arivaa ragathai churukki kolluvare

Jagathai poyya thalluvare

Chonnen chonnen chonnen,


Arumthava mamuni yakilum  nallar,

Asai  pollatthaar ariveero

Varutha aduthi  manathai mayakki,

Vaithidum anna maya klosam,

Uthu paarthaal   athu nesam ,

 Chonnen chonnen chonnen,



Aravanai Gopalakrishnan  alum pagalum  panithethum,

Thiruvadi  charanakatham merenni,

Thelinthaakandro para bhakthi,

Ozhintharkku andro vara  mukthi,

Chonnen chonnen chonnen.


English translation


In spite of Reading of Vedas, Learning of Sastras, Applying sacred  ash on the body,

It is joy for the day if we bow before the feet of the primeval teacher  oFchidambaram,

For immediately the tie  of birth would go awa,

I told, I told, I Told


For al the people  in the world there are four things like Eating and sleeping,

But only those who remove the dirt of prided would be able to reduce the desires,

And they would push away this world as  a lie,

I told, I told, I Told


Even if he is a great sage, would they know,

That  desire   is very harmful,

For  it  punishes  oneself ,puts  the mind in to illusion,

By the anna maya kosa,

And If we stare at something it is friendship,

I told, I told, I Told


To those   who think that the holy feet  praised always

By Gopalakrishna sleeping  on the snake  is permanent,

And becoming  clear in mind  is the divine devotion,

And to those who get detached  by that is salvation,

I told, I told, I Told