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Andre naan chonnathu thane



Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer


Translated by



Ragam Madhyamavathi

Thalam roopakam



Andre naan chonnathu thane  -ithil,

Athisayam illaye  , mane,



Ondrai keladi mane –ithai,

OOr ariya cholluvene ,

Yendru naam  pennendru    per konda naalo,

Andre naam kannarkku   adimai, adimai, adimai.



Oonum urakkamum poche –intha,

Ooir yengilum   ithe peche  ,

Nanamum achamum poche  -Rasa,

Nattiyam   aadavum aache,

Venum yendru ganam paadum   venu gana lolan  , yenna,

Vithai kara kallanodi , illai, illai , ilai yendru,


English translation



Oh deer like girl , this is what  I have  told long back,

In this there is no great wonder.



Please hear one thing deer lady,

I will tell this  to the entire village,

 From the day we took the name   of a girl,

From that time we are slave, slave and slave to Lord Krishna.



We lost our sleep and food   and,

This has becoming the talking point of the village  ,

We lost our shame and fear   and we danced,

Along with him the dance of love ,

This  flute playing  one  who willfully plays the flute,

Is he   a thief who is a magician  , no , no , and no.