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Cholli thaan  thara venumo,



Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer


Translated by



Ragam Sahaana

Thalam roopakam



Cholli thaan thara venumo ,

Thonathu pogumo



Mella kuzhal oothi  , vindhai mozhi pesi,

Kallum karinthida   kadal nama  pesa



Meni thanil ani thavaniyum yenna,

Vindhai kooru mena kettal,

Yenintha kopam   thanitha chelai,

Unnathu than   yendru chonnargal yendrar,

Kannathil  karai yeno yendral –athu,

Kanpadum yendru   yen annai ittathu  yendrar,

Vannameni yellam   vaatam yen  yendral,

Vazhi yengum unai thedi alainthathal yendrar.


English translation



Should it be taught ,

Will it not come to his mind.



To talk  words of love which will melt the stone,

After slowly playing the flute and after talking sweet nothings   (should it be..)



Why this  woman’s dress on your body,

Please tell the  reason she asked,

Why this anger , They told me,

That  this dress is yours only  ,

Why this marks of Kumkum on your face,

It was put by my mother to prevent evil eye, told he,

Why this tiredness in your colorful body she asked,

Due to my wandering searching for  you all my way , he said.