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Kandum kanathathu pol



Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer


Translated by




Thalam aadhi


Pallavi (Saveri)

Kandum kanathathu pol kadugi nadappathenna,

Kannan chendra vazhi ithuvallave


Anupallavi  (Saveri)

Undendral undendru  ullathai  Cholladi,

Uyir polum Kaadhal vazhiyegamane ,

Unnai naadi   naanum thunai aaguvene.




Thalai chumandhai  thayir kalam-aanaalum,

THalumbi  vazhi yengum  poduthe kolam –Thayir ,

Vilai yenna, yendraalo , vidai ondrom kaanom ,

Vindayilum vindhai , arivene naanum.



Manai konda  therivil andro , makkal iruppar-thayirai,

Manam vandhu  vaangiyum   , vilai unakku alippar,

Vanam konda ingellam  yaar iruppar, unnai,

Vaariyanaikkum  Kannan  thaan iruppar-penne.



Kunjathalam varai chellu-aanaal,

Kuzhal isai  ketkum varai nillu-Ulle,

Konjum kuralil  ketkum chollu-kettu,

Kopiyaathe mathe , athu Radhe yena kollu.



AAnimuthu maalayaadum  Kannan raasam,

AAdi ulagam  purakkum mannan kandu,

Naani odum  kaar mukhilin vannan thannai,

Naadi naadi  odum mathe , naan yaarendru paar ippothe .


English translation



Why having seen me you are walking as if you have not seen,

This is not the way that  Lord Krishna walked.



If it is there , tell the truth , that  it is there,

If you are  in love as if you  it is your soul,

I would come along and be of help to you.



1.Though you are carrying a pot of   curds ,

It ebbs and comes out and puts a rangoli  all along,

Suppose someone asks, “What is the cost of the curd?”,

There seems to be no answer   from you at all,

Magic of magic, I also know about it.


2.It is only in streets with houses  people would be there,

Who would like and buy the curd and give you its cost,

In these places which is a forest , who would be there,

Only your Kanna who would  hug and embrace you would be there-Oh girl.


3.Go till you reach the pergola in the garden,

But you please wait till you hear music of the flute,

Tell me that youi would hear endearing words inside,

Oh lady, do not get angry-Understand that it is Radha.


4.In the rasa dance of Krishna in which the garland of pure pearls swing,

And seeing  that  king whom the  world  does not like,

That boy with  the colour of black cloud becomes shy,

And Oh lady who runs to have him , see  who I am.