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Yenna thaan  cholladi



Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer


Translated by



Ragam Yathu kula Khambodhi

Thalam Aadhi



Yenna thaan choladi Kannan piditha ,

Pidikku yethir undo  Cholladi,

Yennnai theythidavum  , ingu vaa yenavumj,

Iru iru varuven  yendru piragu odi,

Kandru ondrai  kayirodu inaithu ,

Ilam kannai kkatti, itharkku ennai thei yendraal



Anname ondru cholven kelaai , ivan,

Adam cheyvathu yellam neraaga paarai,

Mannavan invan vanthu pirantha naalai , vishamam,

Vara vara meeri pochu, oru naalai polai,

Vanthavar ponavar yarai kettalum ,

Vambugal cheythaar yendru cholluvar ,

Vambugal cheytrhaar yendru cholli  innum,

Vaiyathe   , yendru kooda cholluvaar.



Andraikkum , ippadi thaan unna vaa , yendren,

Aagattum   yendru cholli vandhaan,

Annai, kan moodi kayil thara vendum,

Appothu thaan unnuven  yendraan,

Indraikku ninanthalum nanam varuthu,

Yengal Kannan   indha vidham cheythaan,

Yennai ariyaathu  pin nindra thanthayai,

Yenthu karamakki  yengo chendraan,

Ila  malar  vayinil kollathena  potta,

Yen budhiyai  yenna chollavo,

Yetho kannai thirakka  , yengalavar  kai neeti,

Yediuthu  unvathai chollavo.


English translation



Whatever you tell   for the actions  of Krishna,

Is there  any possibility of opposing,

For applying oil to him , I told , “come here”,

Saying “wait , wait , I will come”, he ran away,

And came with a calf along with its rope,

And pointing to that told, “apply oil to it.”


Lady  , please hear what I say  and ,

Please see all his mischief personally,

From the time this king  came over here ,

His mischief kept has reached   the boundary,

When I ask all people who come or go from here,

 They would say that he did lot of mischief,

After saying that he did mischief  they would,

Also request me not to chide   him.




That day also, I told him to come to eat,

He  came saying “yes”,

He saind mother should close her eyes and give,

Then only   I will  eat the   food,

When I think of it, even today I  feel shy,

To think that , Our Krishna    did like this,

Without my knowing   he made his father ,

Who was standing behind to extend his hands and went away,

What shall I tell my6 intelligence,

When I put small quantity thinking it will be too much for his flower like mouth,

When I accidentally opened   my eyes , I saw my husband ,

Extending his hand   and  eating the food.