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Kanden, Kanden, Kanden Seethyai



Arunachala kavi Rayar


Translated by



Ragam Vasantha,

Thalam AAdhi


Kanden, Kanden Sithayai   Kanden, Raghava


I  saw, I Saw , I saw  Sita, OH Raghava.  



Andarum kaanatha  Lanka puriyile

Aravinda Vedhavai tara vandha Mathavai



In the city of Lanka which not even the   devas have seen,

I saw the mother, who was given by   the Goddess SAraswathi,




Panikkala Varijam pola niram poosi,

Pakal oru yugamaga   kazhithale  Preyasi,

Ninaithu ange   Ravanan annal vara,

Che che  nillada endru yesi,

THanithu than uyir thannai   thaan vida Maharasi,

Saarum podhe naanum   samyam ithe vaasi,

Ini thaamatham   seyyal  agathu yendru idar pesi,

Rama Rama, Rama , Rama  yenru ethir pesi.



Looking the like colour of the lotus in the winter

Spend that day like a eon, that lovely one,

At that thining thinking of her when Ravana came there ,

She   chided him saying  Che, CHe”,

 And when the great lady was about to give away her life herself ,

I concluded that   it is not proper to delay further,

And  went on telling her “Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama,”